Saturday, 17 September 2011

Qadianis attempt to block build of New Masjid in London!

I was contacted by a Muslimah from Croydon called Madeeya (I will leave out her surname to protect her from the Qadianis) who said she was told about my blog from another Muslim friend of hers (seems like word is spreading amongst London Muslims!). Madeeya requested that I post her email:

Dear Sister Cult Girl,

Asalaamo Alaikum Warahmatullahe Warbarakatahu and  may this email reach you safe and sound.
A friend of mine linked your blog on her Facebook and since then, I feel like I have been catapulted into a world so dark and scary, that I am hooked like a book of Harry Potter! I must admit, I only heard of Qadianis and that they believed in another Prophet besides Prophet Mohammad (saw) but I was completely unaware that there was a 'Jamaat' and just how tight knit and highly organised it is! I have noticed that your Click-o-Meter is now in the 20,000s and would appreciate it if you could publish this on your Blog, because insha'Allah it will reach a wide audience!
The reason I write in to you today is to help raise awareness of the campaign against the Muslim community by the Qadianis in recent weeks. The Qadianis are trying to block the planning permission of a Masjid to be built in Mordern, situated in the London Borough of Merton. A few brothers have managed to get planning permission to convert an old building in Morden into a Masjid, subhan'Allah. This will insha'Allah be a multi-million pound project by the civic centre, next to the HSBC, and will include not only a Masjid but a centre for education classes (Quran classes/Tajweed classes/Talks/Seminars).
These people (the Qadianis) have protested to Merton council about the project, saying why is there a need for a new masjid, when they have their biggest 'Mosque' in Europe, a few hundred meters down the road. Astarghfirallah!!! They are attempting to block the planning permission of the Masjid, and are upping their campaign against the new build.

Unfortunately Sister Cult Girl, it is not just the Masjid in Mordern they are trying to block; they are deploying the use of underhand tactics to prevent another Masjid from being built in nearby Sutton as well.  The local Masjid there has identified a church, approximately a 5 minute walk from our current masjid, to purchase and convert into a a larger Masjid and community centre, insha'Allah. Insh'Allah the new Masjid will accommodate over 1000 worshipers and provide plenty of parking, something that is near impossible in the current location! The price to buy the building is currently at £900K. The Qadianis have come in and are trying to raise the price of the building to £2million, bidding ridiculous figures to secure the sale for themselves and trying to force the Muslims out! This is really upsetting :'(

Sister Cult Girl, I am not quite sure how you can help the Muslim community in South London, but please let the Ummah know of their plans and please encourage people to share this story. Of course, we will rely on Allah's help alone, because it is quite apparent that our Masjids do not have as much money as the Qadianis so we may well lose the bid, but please spread the word so Muslims are aware of the plans! I would like to also encourage Muslims to share this blog and possibly send the link of the 'Spying Scandal' to Merton Council, so they know just how closed off the 'largest Mosque in Europe' is and how it is not for anyone and everyone to use! Please help us if you can, these people are causing our Imams a lot of distress and we desperately need the expansions  in Masjids; many Masjids can no longer accommodate the capacity of worshippers, Subhan'Allah, where Qadiani centres remain empty at most prayer times.
I would like to request that Muslims send the link to both Sutton and Merton council of the 'Spying Scandal', from the brief research I have done recently, the Qadiani community is slick and well marketed and perhaps the councils are unaware of the reality of the Qadianis.
Sister Cult Girl, we are praying for all the Muslims trapped in the Qadiani Community who are unable to break free because of the jahil behaviour of the Community! I myself would like to apologise to all the Qadianis in this situation, because many of us do not understand your plight and perhaps have not done enough to help you all. I hope the Muslim community understands the severity of the situation and provisions are put in place to help you all out and away from the clutches of the Qadiani Jamaat. This situation is very real and I will help to raise awareness for you all insha'Allah.

Peace and Prayers,
Walaikum Salaam,

Madeeya (removed), Croydon, Surrey.