Thursday, 13 October 2011

Calling all Ahmadis: Who wants to earn some Fa$t Ca$h? The Great £20,000 giveaway!

Salaam to my Muslim brothers and sisters, and hello to the Ahmadis/Lahoris reading..

We all know money is a bit tight these days, what with the financial armageddon and meltdown of the international markets in recent years! I would hope, while Ahmadis love to tuck into Haram food, they would refrain from gambling and playing the lottery, and so, a windfall of serious cash seems unlikely for most, unless your boss gives you a substantial payrise and what not! (if he does, tell him to employ me too)

Money Worries? Final Demands? Debt Collectors Knocking? Chanda Arrears? That could all change, and it could all change today! Would you like to know how to become an overnight thousand-naire? There is a website called 'secondhandislam' thats just surfaced, and they are literally willing to throw cash at 5 lucky Ahmadis! There is almost £30,000 GBP in total up for grabs...but terms and conditions apply!

All you have to do is PROVE your PROPHET for a PROFIT! YAYYYYYYY! Its that simple!

For your chance to be in for a win, all you have to do is respond to the challenges on the brand new website!!

Check it out here: