Wednesday, 2 May 2012



I know its been a while right?! Sorry about the quiet patch, but there are some things that needed seeing to and thus, my time and attention is needed elsewhere. That's not to say I haven't thought about my responsibilities here, I am well aware of what I had taken on, but in all honesty, this Blog had to take a backseat until I sorted things out. I will be writing a post up shortly, probably in the next few weeks, which will explain a lot. Everything is not what it seems, and the Jamaat, well BOI, let's say they are busy with me these days ;) I also have an annoucement that I need to make, but need to consult a few people before I do that.

Anyhow before all of that, I thought I would ask my old time readers to find something for me? Can anyone find me verified proof of the following: 

Hadhrat Ma’i Kako sahiba (may Allah be pleased with her): She recounted that once she went to see the Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) with a few other ladies and asked that some women said that at times due to work etc. they offered their Maghrib Salat with Isha. What were they to do? The Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) replied that he did not think delay could be caused if all effort was made. However, he said if due to some reason this was the case, Isha should be offered with Maghrib, because angels descend at Maghrib as they descend in the morning. Therefore it was better to combine them at the time of Maghrib.

Please can anyone, be they Muslim or Ahmadi, find me proof that in the times of the Noble Prophet Mohammad SAAWs time, there was any mention of women (or even men) offering prayers BEFORE the correct time? Please provide me with the proof, as I am presenting this to someone at my local masjid for discussion on the innovations of the Ahmadiyya Cult. Any help would be much appreciated. I will be going to see the Amirah tomorrow, so I could do with the help, as I am so far, unable to find anything to back this up. Please use authentic Ahadith or proof from the Quran. No mish mash made up stuff please!