Thursday, 27 October 2011

Rafiq Hayat, President Of Ahmadiyya Jamaat UK, Cries Wolf! Boo Hoo!

Salaam and Good Evening...

I had just got home from work, and spied a booklet on the sofa, and guess what it was? THE AHMADIYYA BULLETIN: September Edition! Yayy!! I was informed by someone recently that the Bulletin contained a two page spread with a message from none other than Rafiq 'Raf' Hayat, National President of the Ahmadiyya Community, here in the UK. He also assumes the title of 'Ameer'. LOL, I know! The guy is an 'Ameer' to the 'Ameer Momi'neen'...makes sense right?!

I have been waiting to get my hands on a copy, just so I could read his claptrap for myself! For the Muslims reading, the Ahmadiyya Bulletin is a monthly magazine sent out to Ahmadi subscribers in the UK. It contains the usual recycled nonsense such as 'Sayings of the Promised Messiah' and a load of pictures of Mirza Masroor 'Mas' Ahmad, the humble Ahmadi Khalifa, enjoying himself with white people at a conference on how 'Ahmadis are against Terrorism' and sipping on Evian on the Rocks! Raf, in this 2 page spread (complete with a professional photo of himself) addresses the 'hate campaign' against the Ahmadiyya Jamaat, orchestrated by me (obviously, who else does he mean) and spreading fear amongst the common Ahmadi by making me out to be some criminal!

Anyways, if most Ahmadis are anything like the ones I know, most will not bother flicking through the claptrap in the Bulletin, so I thought I would do Rafiq Hayat a favour and get it up here for him! You know, a bit of free circulation and promotion and what not! (thank me later Raf).
Dear brother
I pray that this message reaches you in good health and with the protection of Allah.
As many members of the Jamaat now know, there has been a campaign by the enemies of the jamaat to target out beloved Hudhur and individuals within the Jamaat through smear and innuendo.
This has been taking place for the last few years, but their activities have recently taken a more sinister and particularly vindictive and vicious turn. This group of individuals have illegally taken confidential jamaat and personal property in an attempt to undertake these vile activities.
This includes the theft of a large number of email addresses of Jamaat members. They used this to recently send an email attacking the jamaat and certain members. They have also obtained jamaats documents and personal items of individual members of the jamaat and their families.
Unfortunately, it is clear that there are members of our own jamaat that are either deliberately or inadvertently breaching the trust placed in them by leaking or disclosing information.
This is no less than an attack on our Jamaat and Promised Messiah and his Khulafa. The stated aim of the people who have committed these despicable acts is the destruction of the Jamaat.
On the other hand it is clear that these attacks are a sign of the truthfulness of the Promised Messiah and the total defeat of the enemies of the Jamaat. They are unable to attack the teachings and philosophy of Promised Messiah and therefore they are left with nothing but to attempt to defame our beloved hudhur and members of the Jamaat in this way with false and misleading information.
This is only an extension of the persecution faced by the believers. Our brothers and sisters in Indonesia, Pakistan and many other countries around the world are sacrificing with their life: we are now facing attacks on our honour. However, we also have to obligation to protect the progress and spread of the true Islam and I feel it necessary for me to inform you about what the Jamaat is doing about this attack and how you can play for part.
Before I do so, I wish to give an opportunity for those who may inadvertedly be involved in this kind of activity or who may have any information to provide. This is the time for you to come forward confidentially and I am always available if you wish to meet or speak with me.
We are working with the relevant authorities in an attempt to prosecute those who have obtained, received or in any way handled stolen information. Our legal teams are also involved in taking any civil action. There will be a tightening of security and other measures relating to all data held concerning the Jamaat.
From time to time. We will try and update Jamaat members of any breaches that may have taken place and what action the jamaat is taking. In the meantime, please can all members ensure that they do the following:
You should not open any attachments to emails of this type. They may contain viruses that will attack your computer and perhaps obtain information held on your computer.
Do not visit these websites or blogs that carry these vile messages.
It will also be appropriate that the members of the Jamaat should increase their religious knowledge for reasonable responses to such attacks.
Ensure you have up to date anti virus software and spam filtering in place on the computers and phones you are using to check email. If you think your email has been hacked please contact me.
Most of all, you should all pray that Allah make clear truth from falsehood.
Finally I will leave you with the words of Allah the Almighty which fits perfectly the condition of these people:
Surah al Baqarah- 2:10-19
May Allah forgive us and have mercy on us always. Amin.
Yours sincerely
Rafiq Ahmed Hayat
Ameer UK. 

There are not enough LOLs in the world to honour this pathetic nonsense! OMG! Is this guy for real? Rafiq, did I read right? Are you trying to say this Blog is an extension of the persecution of Ahmadis? haha! So am I in the same league as a terrorist bomber? Is that what you are trying to suggest? So hold on, by me exposing YOUR CULT for what it is, I am persecuting you guys? Well I have heard it all! Your relation (ooops) wasn't joking when he told me you were running around like a headless chicken telling everyone my Blog was 'a hate crime' against Ahmadis!

And hold on, wait a second, are you also suggesting that because YOUR FILTH is being exposed here, it is a sign of your truthfulness and a sign of the truthfulness of your lying, deceiving charlatan of a 'Prophet'? OK. So I guess when a criminal gets caught, and is exposed by the local papers, he is a good man too right, because he is being exposed? Yeah! What a twisted mind you have!

Rafiq, you are so shameless and this 2 page self promoting spread proves this! Why have you not addressed why your community is sanctioning the spying of innocent young girls? Why are not explaining why young Ahmadi children are being stalked and spied on, with disgusting and damning reports being written up against them? Why don't you explain why 400,000 quid went missing from the Jamaat purse? Why don't you explain why Shabir Bhatti's brother was subjected to mental torture by having his name circulated in a letter, informing Ahmadiyya Jamaat members that he was a restricted member, along with his family? Why don't you explain why you are a bare faced hypocrite? Showing one face to the BBC Cameraman, while banning Cinema for members of your community? Why don't you explain why young Muslim men who innocently stumbled across your weird centre were spied, followed and snapped by another Ahmadi? Why don't you explain why YOU treat your members no better than the dirt beneath your feet? They don't deserve an explanation though do they, they are only your laymen Ahmadis right?

So instead of addressing what is being brought up on this site, you are trying to liken me to a violent thug in Indonesia? Instead of addressing the corruption and shadiness of your so called 'liberal community', you are telling people to keep back? Instead of explaining to your members why £400,000 has gone missing, you are crying wolf and telling everyone I am a criminal? Criminal because I expose your dodgy documents here, but its not criminal when £400,00 goes missing, right?! 

You are constantly crying wolf, making it look like the Ahmadiyya Awareness Team are the crooked ones, yet you are the ones who endorse the spying on little girls? Wolf! Oh Look: Wolf Again! And Wolf again! Well guess what Raf, you have done yourself no favours by telling people not to read my blog! Check my Click-O-Meter- I am almost on 60,000 page views and it hasn't even been 2 months since I formally launched! Who the hell is listening to you, huh? You are deliberately trying to sensationalise things in order to frighten people away. It's no wonder that the weapon of choice you employ is scare-mongering and crying wolf, all the hallmarks of a cult to try to keep your members away from seeing the dark underbelly and true face of your Ahmadiyya Jamaat.

LOL @ calling me a criminal and my activities illegal! You are the shady, shirk-comitting businessman and you dare call me a criminal? Listen MATE, your community is so unbelievably amateur its not even funny! For a Cult, your administration is a JOKE! Maybe you should get some tips from a fellow Cult, like the Scientologists, and ask them how they manage to keep such a tight grip and control on their affairs?! Your paperwork is everywhere! I remember it took one little visit to the Jalsa Office in Mordern to get my hands on the paperwork, and guess what, I was authorised to do so too! You don't seem to realise who I am. Look closer to home, especially you Nas! Its not criminal to see something hanging around and pick it up, or be handed something and put it up here!! Julian Assange did it on Wikileaks and you certainly ain't the American Govt! LOL! And also remember who my father is.... LOL..never ever forget who my father is- ever!

Is it vile to ask for proof of a Hadith, that so far, no Ahmadi has been able to produce? Is it vile to demand a Hadith, to prove that your 'Prophet' did not attribute lies to MY Prophet Muhammad SAAWs? Where were your people then? Where is the Hadith? And you say I am vile, when he lied about Hadith and Quran! Its funny how you say "It will also be appropriate that the members of the Jamaat should increase their religious knowledge for reasonable responses to such attacks". The 'Hadith Challenge' couldn't have come at a better time, Alhumdulillah! Not a single Ahmadi, Murabbi, Jamaat Official or even a Muslim was able to produce a single Hadith that proved what your Mirza had alleged that the Prophet SAAWs had said: SubhanAllah! You fail in the theology stakes and your Jamaat is a failure...this Blog proves that! Mirza Ghulam Qadiani was a MessLIAR and the Ahmadiyya Jamaat is a CULT. End of.

Hey Raf, guess what I have in front of me right now? A 60 page dossier, detailing the so-called 'evidence' you collected regarding the fabricated 'hate campaign'.

Once I figure out how to upload this whole thing for my loyal readers to have a look at, it will be up for all to see! I am sure my Muslim friends at the Khatam Nubuwat Academy would love to take a look at this so called 'Bullying Dossier' of yours! I am sure those that you wrongfully accused of hate crimes against you would love to look at the pathetic evidence you had compiled against them! Alhumdulillah, Muslims were triumphant and your attempts to tarnish them failed and miserably too!  Anyways, do common Ahmadis know it failed to materialise and you were advised that the CPS were unlikely to pursue or look into your allegations because there was not enough evidence? Well common Ahmadis, thats the truth! Anyways here is what legal advisor Jim Sturman QC said:
In reviewing the opinion of Mr Hodivala I have deliberately applied a very critical second opinion, purely on the basis that the CPS will be reluctant to prosecute save in clear cut cases. In assessing the language used by potential defendants I am confident that the CPS will need to be persuaded that the language is clear and not capable of explaining away as a “rhetorical flourish”. Further, freedom of expression arguments will be carefully weighed in assessing whether remarks have crossed the line and amount to prima facie evidence of an offence.
In conclusion, I am of the view that the speech of 18th June crosses the line and discloses prima facie evidence of an offence. Absent further evidence being obtained it is impossible to see how a prosecution against any leader of KN can currently be justified.

N.B. I will upload the so-called 'hate crime' dossier in its entirety in the next few months.

...and you want to try and prosecute me? LOL! Mate, go ahead and try your best! You guys shamelessly put your heart and soul into trying to prosecute the Muslim Brothers at the Khatam Nubuwat Academy and FAILED, yet you want to try and have me prosecuted? For what exactly, 'stealing documents' that I find in my home and expose them here? I am waiting for you and have been for a long, long time! Just remember, that if you EVER try to pull a stunt like that and try and have me arrested, I will go to every damn paper in the country with EVERYTHING I have on your CULT! I will go to every paper in Pakistan and no doubt one of them will publish everything to prove you people are running a CULT!

Imagine that, a Pakistani Newspaper being handed hundreds of your documents, proving that the Ahmadiyya Jamaat is what they believed it to be international CULT! So try your best mate, because remember, if this ever gets to court... I can't see how you guys will ever be able to save face! Imagine Mas taking to the stand! And hey, you want to shut me up? How very 'liberal' of you, especially for a group that claims to be all for 'freedom'. And how are you going to prosecute me, without actually knowing who I am? Oh yes, are you planning to hack my blog and emails, just like your daughter said you were going to hack forums? Go right ahead...and see how I have the authorities on you quicker than you can scream 'Huzoor'. Give it your best shot, because I will bite back twice as hard. And as for hacking emails, errr...NO! I ain't no hacker...thats more your Jamaat's style, isn't it?

You-Are-A-Joke and A-Bully! You do not scare me and you will not shut me up! I have my family to think of, and I love my parents more than the fear of being caught, and this is all for them! inshAllah! The average Ahmadi has a right to know what goes on because after all, it is these people who fund and keep this Cult running! They have a right to know, I have a duty to expose what I have and inshAllah, slowly but surely, people will begin to wake up to this fraud! InshAllah!

I will continue to expose this Cult for what it really is. You have given me that boost I have needed for some time now. Don't you dare try and shut me up ever again. Your bully boy tactics do not scare me and I will not stop! You try and have me prosecuted, and I will have you prosecuted too, for hate crimes against your own people! You just watch me..... this is no joke and I am deadly serious!

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Muslims, for those that are not aware of the persecution against the Ahmadis, please read their website, dedicated to, and glorifying their persecution (<sarcasm>remember they are suffering worldwide, more than the Palestinians in Gaza and the Pakistanis being killed in Northern Pakistan daily in Drone Attacks</sarcasm>):