Tuesday, 6 December 2011

The Sunday Scandal Session 11: Ahmadiyya Jamaat, Shabir Bhatti and Yet Another 'Gang' Report

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It is a long post today, so don’t complain in the comment section that ‘I am being boring’ because I am warning you nit pickers well in advance. This particular post has been a long time coming. It is about a gang called 'The Paki Mafia' and Dr Shabir Bhatti. There is also a list of recommendations from the 'Tarbiyyat' Department on how to control the problem of 'gangs'. I have been meaning to put it up since August, but other matters have taken priority! The documents presented below have been in my possession since the day they were circulated to a few Jamaat officials over a year ago. At the time, I did not think much of them because after all, the Ahmadiyya Jamaat have done and continue to do far worse, but as we have all come a long way and I know a lot of young Ahmadis are reading, I thought they would be interested in this!All names, addresses and other sensitive information have been removed, to protect the identities of those involved.

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Firstly, have a look at the document discussing Gang Culture and Ahmadi children. One of the first things that came to my attention is that yet again, there is clearly a problem with Ahmadis attending the local Jamaat facilities, be they the local hired halls or ‘Mosques’, for congregational prayers. As I showed you in a previous instalment, they are looking to build more centres (not ‘Mosques’) because officials at Ahmadiyya Jamaat HQ claim that they are in urgent need of these to accommodate the high level of worshippers. As their own statistics confirm, as well as for example, concerns highlighted in this document, it is clear few Ahmadis bother attending congregational prayers. Yet they insist on building more, when the ones they do have are vacant and empty for most of the time! FAIL! What is going on here?

Why is it that Mosques of ‘the other non true Islam’ are generally full at prayer times, yet the ‘true Islam’ centres are empty and few bother showing up for Salah? So much for ‘revivalist Islam’, with the Ahmadiyya Jamaat claiming to be forerunners in the Islamic World, taking things back to the Sunnah of our Prophet SAAS, when their followers can’t even stand in line to offer their prayers together! There is a problem, it is clear there is a problem but Ahmadis insist they are the ones leading by example, waving the banner of Islam, but the basics are not even in order! They really expect us to fall for their hype, when their ‘visible merchandising’ is in such a disgraceful state! Use your logic lovely people! It won’t hurt!

I understand that youngsters these days are often up to no good, and Ahmadi children are by no means any exception. The fact that the Ahmadiyya Jamaat has acknowledged this in some ways is a very good thing; no real harm can come from trying to take positive steps to improve the overall behaviour and lifestyle of the young. However, if you note from the recommendations, not once did they discuss taking steps or appropriate action to improve the youngsters’ understanding of Islam. There was not a single mention of the possibility of organising Tafsir classes, or Tajweed classes (heck, if their KhaLIEfa recites verses of the Holy Quran as if he is singing at a Pakistani Mendi, what hope do his young followers have) or even just history of Islam courses?

As Muslims on the other hand, we have popular institutions in the UK, like the Al-Maghrib institute, that offer amazing courses for the Muslims, and local Mosques offering everything from basic Arabic classes to Sister circles to Seerah courses. Instead, these ‘true Muslims’ think the way forward is through “systematic sports programme, social meetings and collective Tarbiyati programmes”. Sports programmes are really going to help these kids, right?! The Ahmadiyya Jamaat has failed its youth! It on one hand proudly claims that they are the true Islam, when the vast majority of Ahmadi youngsters do not even know how to recite the Holy Quran. Instead of, as they claim the title of ‘true Muslims’, teaching them the Quran extensively, they focus on pointless ‘Ijtemas’ with speeches on ‘Chanda’ and ‘financial sacrifices’. Is this really Islam? Are they really Muslims?

I know in the past Ahmadis have said ‘every community has bad examples’ and the way the world is, children are going to stray, be they Ahmadi or not. I agree, 100%. What I have a problem with is this Jamaat’s claims of being the ‘true Islam’, when after only being around for a mere 100 odd years, it is already struggling to keep people on ‘their path’. What good was their ‘Messiah’, when not only did he fail the Muslim world, but the ones who have chosen to follow him can’t even stick on the straight and narrow! Something is wrong here. Use your God given common sense and put 2 and 2 together! God is not with this Jamaat. This is not the Jamaat of Allah. They know it, we know it.

Anyways, moving on, now let us take a quick look at the Gang List, containing the names of some twenty odd young men, together with their AIMS numbers and the names of their fathers. The main concern for the Ahmadiyya Jamaat is the ‘Paki Mafia Group’; which they alleged is a group of young Ahmadi men, who loiter on the streets of South London, drinking, smoking and what have you not. There is also a mention of another ‘gang’, but we do not have its name to hand. The Ahmadiyya Jamaat accuses these men of being part of this ‘gang’, throwing names about, along with the names of their innocent fathers and showing their addresses. Young Ahmadis, does it not freak you out, to think it is considered absolutely normal to compile such lists, hold all this information on you and that it is circulating freely amongst various Jamaat workers? The fact that each young man is identified with an AIMS number says it all; this is not normal and it is creepy. What ‘Islam’ holds such information on its followers like that? There is no room for ‘organisation’ when it comes to the spiritual developments of the Muslim.

Finally, let’s take a look at the letter from none other than our very own Dr Shabir Bhatti, in which he addresses these gang members! What is the very first thing you notice? Dr Shabir Bhatti is concerned with one thing and one thing only: “jama’at’s name being tarnished”. That is all it is about. It is not about offering help for the spiritual and social development of the young Ahmadis, for the betterment of not only this life, but the life in the hereafter, it is about REPUTATION. This is a ‘sect’ that claims to be reviving Islam, yet when it comes to assisting its youth, there is no Islam and it is all about reputation.
I had a conversation with a very senior Ahmadi not long back and do you know what his explanation was? “We claim to be the best, and our children have Muslim names, so in order for them not to get mixed up with Ghair Ahmadi children, it is important they behave differently to others”. He then went on to say that “if the Jamaat is made to look like it has problems, the Mullahs will jump on it, as we say we are the best”. There you have it. It is not about Islam. It is not about their Deen. It is not about their Emaan. It is not about their Akhira. It is about how the Ahmadiyya Jamaat will look. It is about competition and about competing with the ‘ghair Ahmadis’ in a bid to out do them, so that the AhmadiyyaJamaat comes out gleaming! Sorry to break it to you Jamaat, but we all know now that this is not the case and your not so pretty window dressing is slowly starting to come apart.

It seems that not only is Dr Shabir very concerned with the image of the Jamaat, he has also assumed the role of PC Plod and a Crown Court Judge too! The power has gone to his head in his pathetic role as ‘Naib Ameer’, and he is now enforcing what one might mistake as the conditions of a law enforced ASBO, or perhaps even the conditions of bail!

Let us take a look at them again, shall we?
There is a restriction in place on all members listed below. No more than two of you can be seen together within 10 meters (30 feet) of each other.
  1. This will apply to all areas outside of the mosques and school/educational institutions and at all times. 
  2. You may gather in homes, or within halls where a jama’at or family function is taking place without restriction.
  3. If more than two of you are seen together, all the individuals involved will be reported for consideration of further action.
  4. These restrictions will stay in place until the 9th of January 2011, when they will be reviewed. You may not consider the restrictions have been eased until you are specifically informed so.

Who does Dr Shabir Bhatti, a doctor from Kent, think he is ordering these men around like that? Who does he think he is, giving out direct instructions of where these men should socialise  and how far apart they should stand from one another? And where does he get off, threatening them like that with ‘further action’? Remember, this is a community that on one hand presents an image to its white MP friends as one that is free, open and loving; but reality of it is, is that this is a controlling CULT that threatens its members with ‘social action’ if they do not comply with their demands! There is no way Ahmadi parents would have approached the Jamaat for help in taming these boys, the Ahmadi parent is always fearful of ‘what the Jamaat will say’ and how bad they will look in front of others. All of this is a direct result of the ‘Ahmadi Snitch Culture’, where Ahmadis will ‘grass up’ one another’s short comings to officials in the Jamaat. It is a disgusting habit, and one that is actively encouraged and supported by the heads of the Community!

So Dr Shabir Bhatti, Secretary ‘Tarbiyyat’ of the United Kingdom and Naib Ameer to Big Daddy Ameer Rafiq Hayat, what do you have to say for yourself? As if spying on young girls wasn’t bad enough, we now have this too! What do you think you are playing at, bullying these youngsters, threatening them and their parents with ‘action’, and even going as far as placing restrictions on how they are seen in public? If they had broken conditions of their 'ASBOS' where would this information likely to have come from? You guessed it! On the say so of regular Ahmadis!  Do you think this is normal in today’s day and age, in a modern Britain? Have you ever heard of any 'members only club' that hands out curfews and orders like that??

You admit that these boys might be entirely innocent, and that these measures are precautionary, but you still think its OK to have their names dragged through the mud? You worry about the reputation of the Jamaat, when no one was likely to have known these boys were Ahmadi, but you seem to care very little about the reputation of these young lads and their poor parents! Children are their parents gems, now who the hell are you to tarnish them like that? Imagine if this was your own child! How dare you!

I am not finished with you just yet Shabs! I have another instalment that involves your pathetic make believe department. You might need to seek professional medical help, because it seems to me that you are actually not all there in the head! You are a evil, split personality hypocrite; who cheats the non Ahmadi into thinking all is well and fun within your community, when in actual fact it is nothing short of a creepy CULT!

So much for saved sect of Islam! The entire community is in a mess. I guess it’s expected though, right? You mess with Islam like that, the only way is down! This community is corrupt and spiritually bankrupt. Ooops sorry, have I spoilt your reputation by exposing how your perverse Cult isn't in order? What are you going to do, have my wrists slapped with a ‘social curfew’?

Tune of the day:  Dedicated to Raffy!