Monday, 12 March 2012


Can anyone tell me who said the following please? Answers below and I would particulary welcome Ahmadis to answer this! Also for added effect, whilst reading it through, do picture these beautiful and innocent (mashAllah) children of your Jamaat draped in Ahmadiyya flags reading it to you:

And another resemblance in khushoo (immersion in remembrance of Allah) and sperm is that when a person's sperm enters his wife or some other woman, then entering of the sperm into vulva and movement in the form of ejaculation is exactly like crying. Just like the resultant of khushoo is also crying. And just as sperm jumps uncontrollably to take the form of ejaculation same is the situation with crying at the height of khushoo that the tears jump out of the eye. And just like ecstasy of ejaculation is sometimes permissible when a man makes love to his wife and sometimes impermissible when a man makes love to a prostitute. Same is the case with khushoo and tenderness of heart and weeping, when this khushoo and tendering of heart is just for one and only God without any contamination of bid'at and shirk, then this ecstasy of tenderness is permissible. However, sometimes khushoo and soft heartedness and its delight is found through contamination of bid'aat or in worshiping creation or gods and goddesses but this ecstasy is similar to intercourse of adultery. (???? Vol.5 196)

Was it:

A) Your husband, when he tried to explain the delight of having sex with you and his prayers?

B) Mirza Ghulam Qadiani?

C) Your father, when teaching you about Khushoo and Namaz?

PS: Mirza Ghulam also has a new apprentice who is a new Prophet of Ahmadiyya. Please see  this to meet the latest Ahmadiyya Prophet.

*Apologies to everyone for the sexual content but as the Prophet of God has said it, no one will have a problem. If this causes offence then I am so sorry.