Friday, 3 February 2012

Nasser Khan Must GO!

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You've all seen the hard evidence. It's there in black and white. Raf and Mas have seen it too. It's been nearly 4 days, and guess what NOTHING has happened, and nor will it. Your Khalifa is incompetent and the Amir of the UK Ahmadiyya Assoication, Rafiq Hayat, will not get rid of his best buddy Nasser Khan.

Instead of taking decisive action, Mas and co are dithering and burying their heads' in the sand. In fact, they've been trying extra hard to track me down and silence me. Well let me remind them that this is a country that allows freedom of speech. I'm not going to go away and I'm not going to be silenced, this is just the beginning. I have much more ammo and I will use it.

So Mas... instead of worrying about one little girl who is speaking the TRUTH. Worry about the corrupt and hypocritical people that you allow to have full control over Jamaat affairs, while you sit back and do absolutely nothing! Aren't you meant to be Allah's representative on Earth? Hurry up and sort the situation out before you end up looking like an even bigger fool.

I think it's fitting that the news just broke today that MP Chris Huhne and his ex-wife, are going to be charged for perverting the course of justice. He did the decent thing and stood down, knowing that his position was untenable. So I'm calling on Nasser Khan to do the same and stand down from ALL his official and unofficial Jamaat positions.

If he refuses to stand down, then Mas needs to get rid of him. I'm sure in such a 'dynamic' Jamaat it'll be easy to find someone to replace him.

All you Ahmadis who want your voice heard then vote on the POLL that's to the right of this article. If you want Nasser Khan to be removed from his Jamaat positions, then now is the time to let your opinion be known. So be sure to vote!