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Ahmadiyya Jamaat UK: Lies, Damned Lies & Dr. Basharat Nazir

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Today I'm putting up a story that current readers probably aren't aware of. So I'll start off by giving some background info first. 

Last year the Ahmadiyya Jamaat tried to instigate a 'Hate Crime' case primarily against Khatme Nubuwwat. It ended in abject failure when the CPS ruled that the so-called 'evidence' they were presented with didn't show that any crime had been comitted. As part of their campaign against KN, Rafiq Hayat and co. tried to get the UK media on their side. Part of their twisted efforts involved Basharat Nazir instructing Ahmadis to blatantly lie and deceive the media. This was following a news feature on the so called 'Hate Crimes' against the Ahmadiyya Jamaat, featured last year on the Channel 4 News, presented by Darshna Soni.

Read the email for yourselves below, pay particular attention to the sentences in bold:

Assalmaoalaikum warahmatullah brothers,
Following Sadr sahib’s instructions to Khuddam this afternoon I have some humble requests to make.
1) I have spoken with Dr. Basharat Nazeer sahib (Jamaat’s Press Secretary) regarding the feedback to C4. Dr Nazeer was suggesting that it should not necessarily be made evident that it is only Ahmadis who are writing feedback of support to C4′s website. So please choose the wording which is sort of neutral yet commending the job done by Darshana Soni (who is under serious distress as a result of an unexpected backlash by the mullahs of KN). Can I humbly request that all Khuddam up and down the country should be encouraged to respond to the call by Sadr sahib as it is our moral duty to show support to Darshna Soni for her excellent work. Our support should greatly outnumber the feedback of criticism from KN and its followers.
Please note that KN already have been asking their followers to write to C4 in opposition to the presenter/programme. Dr Nazeer has promised that he will soon send some sort of guideline regarding the type of language that could be used for the support of the programme.
2) Also Basharat Nazeer sahib with the help of his team is going to email a standard response for any potential interview by any of the radio/TV channels. I am waiting on his guidelines which I will forward to you on their receipt.
3) May I also suggest that with sadr sahib’s permission each region can contact their local radio channels and show willingness for being interviewed regarding the hate campagin. This should be done in an organised manner and the interviewee must be well briefed in light of the guidelines. I have also requested Dr Nazeer to send us clear guidelines for the interview. Dr Nazeer is of the view that if we proactively contact the local radio channels for being interviewed in this regard then chances for success are quite bright.
Time is of the essence in this regard, please act swiftly in light of Sadr sahib’s instructions. May Allah bless and protect our jamaat from all sorts of mischief.
Farooq Mahmood
In-Charge Press and Media Committee MKA UK

So Dr. 'Basha' Basharat, why are you asking that Ahmadis lie about their identity, so that it doesn’t seem that emails in support of Ahmadiyya are actually coming from Ahmadis. Why are you asking Ahmadis to deceive the media like this, and suggest they pretend to 'pose' as non-Ahmadis and comment in favour of Ahmadis? If your cause is so right and your on the side of truth, why are you in actual fact trying to subvert the truth?

And why did you lie and make up such allegations against the brothers of the Khatame Nubuwat Academy, claiming they were harrassing the Journalist Darshna Soni after her sympathetic feature of the Ahmadiyya 'Persecution' in the UK? They never harrassed her did they, and the poor 'Darshna in Distress' was never a victim of any backlash, was she? You lied didn't you? You tried to tarnish them, calling them Mullahs; spinning lies about them in the hope your subservient Khuddam would believe you and it would encourage them to flood the website on Channel 4 and 'big up' the Ahmadiyya? Isn't that true, Mr Press Secretary of the Ahmadiyya 'Muslim' Community of the United Kingdom? Oh yes it is!

It is funny because Allah was on their side in the end, wasn't He? He failed you big time in your quest to tarnish them and stopped you all in your tracks! Allah is Great! Your marketing and propaganda in the Media at the time, towards the end of 2010, was in overdrive and you still never quite managed to reap the public sympathy, as you had quite hoped for! In the end, your scandalous ways were exposed when this email was published and even the CPS threw out your desperate attempts to prosecute the brothers at KN, as well as others! So much for 'Allah is with us'.. where was He when your email was exposed? Where was He when Darshna caught wind of what you were plotting and scheming? And where was He when your case was thrown out? Allah exposed you and protected the Muslim brothers, because He is with those who are truthful and despises those who plot against his followers and the Ummah of Mohammad (SAAWS). Truth prevails! It always does!

Imagine! This was just one email that was leaked, imagine what other deceptions have gone on! Think Ahmadis! Why is the Jamaat asking you to lie? Why would a divinely guided sect need to act in this way? If you have the support of Allah, then just tell the truth. Simples! 

And for those Ahmadis that strenuously deny that the Ahmadiyya Jamaat is little more than a publicity hungry cult, have another read of the email! I can't wait for Ahmadis to defend this, come on, let's hear the excuses!

Have a read of the original article on here.
There will be NO Sunday Scandal tomorrow, as I will be celebrating Eid ul Adha and I will be resting up and chilling, away from my Lappy! I wish ALL my Muslim readers Eid Mubarak for tomorrow! May Allah SWT accept your sacrifices and may He shower upon you His love and blessings! Ameen!

Ahmadis, I hope and pray one day you come to your senses and are granted Hidayah! Islam is so simple and is not a complicated maze of "what ifs" and "but's" like Ahmadiyyat! Keep it simple- Keep it Islam!

In the meantime, it seems like the team at are making a beeline for the limelight and are set to release a 'huge scandal' any day now! Why don't you run along over there for a few days, and leave me alone :P Don't get too comfy over there though! I am a jealous sort me, so you guys better come back here straight after! :-D

I have a treat for my Ahmadi readers. Mas and Raf have laid on this 'Eid Milan' special for you! Its dedicated to the 2 babes in their lives, Shakira 'Munee' Hayat, the wife of Rafiq Hayat and Mas's Mrs, who Ahmadis refer to as 'Khala'. They are the subject of this song (which translates as 2 girls dancing or 'there those 2 go').

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