Sunday, 13 November 2011

The Sunday Scandal Session 9: Explosive Exposé - Ahmadiyya Jamaat Interferes with Lawyers!

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A big salaam to all my faithful readers!

Well.. today I have something extra special for all of you! It involves the Ahmadi Muslim Lawyers Association (AMLA) and direct interference in how they practise by the Ahmadiyya Jamaat and Mirza Masroor Ahmad! 

Lets get right into it! Have a read of the following two letters; the first written by Adam Walker, the student secretary for the AMLA; and the second by Saleem Ahmad, chairman of the AMLA. Click on the images below to enlarge them:

WOW.. Where do I start? Let me address the issue of why Mas is in a "great deal of distress" about the conduct of Ahmadi lawyers. LOL. The letter states that Ahmadi lawyers are guilty of:
"shoddy, unprofessional work and overcharging on fees. In comparison with non-Ahmadi firms, some of the fees charged by Ahmadi firms seem exorbitantly high. When these are not paid court proceedings are often issued." 

If the above was actually going on, then where is this 'brotherhood' that Ahmadis continuously harp on about? Why are Ahmadi lawyers exploiting their brothers and sisters? Ahmadis always say that they're a divinely guided sect and the proof of that is their sense of community and love for one another. Err.. where is the love here? Why are Ahmadis taking other Ahmadis to court? No wonder Adam Walker said in his letter that this is a "sensitive matter". And if this was such a "pressing matter" why not send this letter to ALL Ahmadis so they can be aware of what these lawyers are getting up to? I mean the Ahmadiyya Jamaat routinely expels people for a lot less.. and announces these expulsions at Friday Prayers. So why the double standard? Why not announce this alleged malpractice as well?

Having said all of the above.. I haven't seen any evidence for what the Jamaat is claiming against these Ahmadi lawyers. In fact in Saleem Ahmed's letter it states that they're basing this on "anecdotal evidence"!!

So.. based on hearsay and what appears to be no tangible proof whatsoever, what does Masroor and the Ahmadiyya Jamaat decide? Read for yourselves:
"However, whether or not you belong to AMLA, certain changes are to be recommended to the Jamaat which will affect your legal practise, whatever field you are in. 

One of the items on the agenda will be a proposed prohibition on any Ahmadi Lawyer issuing court proceedings against a member of the jamaat for the recovery of outstanding fees."

What's the big deal you might say? Well.. let me give you a bit of background info. Lawyers in the UK are regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA). Lawyers must abide by the SRA Code of Conduct. I'd like to draw your attention to Point 3 of the code, namely that lawyers must 'not allow their independence to be compromised'.

Lawyers must be free to practise law in this country independently. As you can see from  Adam Walker's letter, it looks like they're being dictated to Mirza Masroor Ahmad:
"Our beloved Huzur(aba) has recently given AMLA strict guidance regarding the conduct of Ahmadi lawyers in the UK and the role of AMLA."

If this isn't a clear cut case of Ahmadi lawyers letting their independence become compromised, then I don't know what is! Who is Mas to dictate guidance to lawyers in this country? Is he a lawyer himself? Does he have any understanding about how law and its practise works in this country? The answer is a big fat NO! He is no more than a glorified farmer! He has no right to interfere in what lawyers in the UK do. I think it's high time that the SRA gets to hear about what the Ahmadiyya Jamaat have been getting up to!

Instead of sticking his nose in where it doesn't belong, he can very easily tell Ahmadis to go to other law firms. After all "in comparison with non-Ahmadi firms, some of the fees charged by Ahmadi firms seem exorbitantly high." So why not let Ahmadi asylum seekers go to other, more professional and less expensive firms? After all Rafiq Hayat is consulting a non-Ahmadi law firm as we speak, to see if he can take me to court and get this blog shut down. So why not offer common Ahmadis the same alternative?

Mas set up the AMLA in 2004. Let's take a look and see what the AMLA claim to stand for:
Our main aims are as follows:-
  1. To provide legal advice and assistance to the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jam’aat wherever possible and if necessary to act as a liaison with outside legal agencies.
  2. To assist members of the Jam’aat in their legal careers, giving advice and guidance to those who may be thinking of pursuing a legal career or those who have already taken steps to do so.
  3. To assist already qualified lawyers from the Community who would benefit from contact with other individuals, whether within or outside the jamaat.

The AMLA are meant to deal with a very broad range of issues.. as you can see from above. So then ask yourselves why is Mas threatening to close down them down over this one issue? Saying he has "no need for an Association such as the Ahmadi Muslim Lawyers Association" unless they sort out this situation with asylum seekers. 

What Mas seeks to do by interfering with Ahmadi Lawyers in this way is to get as many Ahmadi asylum seekers to live in the UK. Why? One word: money. With more and more of the youth getting disillusioned with the cult of Ahmadiyya.. and with more and more of them returning to Islam.. future chanda revenue is going to dry up soon. It's obvious that trying to convert people in this country isn't working. So what better way to keep the money flowing for this family run business that parades itself as a 'religion'.. than by shipping over more 'loyal' Ahmadis from Pakistan? And for that.. he obviously needs tight control over law firms.. so he's able to dictate policy to them.

And before those of you who are still deluded by Mas try to claim that he's genuinely worried about these asylum seekers.. then I have the following to say to you: Mas doesn't care about the welfare of these Ahmadis. If he genuinely did care then he wouldn't allow the Jamaat to spy on young Ahmadi men and women. He wouldn't allow a policy of expulsion from the Jamaat that is in effect social boycott and ostracisation from the Ahmadiyya community. He wouldn't waste over £40,000 of chanda money on a horse breeder during one of the greatest economical disasters in living memory. He wouldn't allow the policies of the Jamaat to drive young women to contemplate suicide. He wouldn't allow new converts to be treated with suspicion and have checks run on them. The lists goes on and on.. so don't you dare tell me Mas cares about the welfare of common Ahmadis.

He is interfering where he shouldn't be, its dodgy and I am surprised these lawyers allow themselves to be run by a farmer! Alas, the leader of this CULT has such a strong hold over his members, that they are even willing to compromise the very ethics and principles of their profession! Mas has no right to be doing this; he is a nobody. A so called 'Khalifa' with no rule of land, no real powers and must abide by the laws of this country! So where does he get off dictating what lawyers should and shouldn't be doing? I guess he has to get his power trip fixes from somewhere.. right? Ahmadis have long been attempting to develop their own system of a state-within-a-state! This is a CULT and it's about time they were investigated! It is a cult that has carefully, over many years, hidden its true face behind the facade of 'love for all, hatred for none'. Wake Up Ahmadis! 

I know there are a few Ahmadis out there who are in the legal profession; would any of you care to explain why these lawyers are allowing this to happen? This is quite possibly illegal.. am I right in making this assumption? Maybe you, Mr.Saleem Ahmed, can explain why Mas is interfering like this? And forget all the sugar and cupcakes about 'we care about Ahmadis' for a minute, let's go by the SRA Code of Conduct and how you and your fellow lawyers are actually breaking this Code! I guess that's why you didn't want the email and letter sent out together, as Mas the Farmer's dodgy dictatorship over AMLA might have been exposed. Oooops.

Insha'Allah over the coming weeks I'll explain more about why Mas and the Ahmadiyya Jamaat are so desperate for more money right now. So stay tuned folks.. the games are only just beginning! ;)

P.S. This is a special message to raffy boy. Make sure you show this post to the law firm you're consulting. I'm sure they'd love to hear all about this!