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The Sunday Scandal Session 8: Ahmadiyya Jamaat and the 'Suspect' Converts


Ahhh I bet you Ahmadis have been missing your instalments on a Sunday haven't you? Go on, admit it, you guys are gluttons for it, as much as you hate to admit it! Anyways, what shall we put up this week? The thing is guys, I have lots of little documents that will interest many of you, but I think I should go easy on the Jamaat Mafia (Ahmafiyya # Shahid Kamal) for a bit! I think I should let you simmer, because after all, when you are treated to big scoops like AC and the £400,000 that went walk abouts, it didn't quite bother many of you as I had hoped for! Seems like you guys are OK with £400,000 going missing so perhaps you will also be OK when you find out a regional Qaid was a criminal back in the days? Or what about homosexuality within the Jamaat; I think that won't even bother you guys so much and most of you won't sp much as bat an eyelid! Seems like anything goes in this 'true saved sect of Allah: Ahmadiyya-the True Islam'.

So instead, I am going to take teeny weeny baby steps every week; you know, uploading internal memos and what not and see how we go? Let me see if you guys are worth me putting my neck on the line for, if after it I get a gormless reaction like 'they will be dealt with in the hereafter'. So right now, none of you deserve any more than what I am going to put up for the next couple of weeks! BLA BLA “you haven't really got anything you are lying”... yeah, oh-kay-then! ;) C'mon now! I could get in serious trouble with Mas and Raf one day, is it really worth it if every Talha, Dilawar and Haaris reacts with “this is a sign of Ahmadiyya True Islam”. Show me some passion guys, and the paper work and evidence is all yours!

Today I have something nice and light for you, making it easy to digest! It is probably nothing for born Ahmadis, but I am sure 'converts' to the Cult of the Ahmadiyya will be interested to see just what Rafiq Hayat, National President of the Ahmadiyya Association of the United Kingdom, thinks of you and how he treats you with suspicion!

Have a read below:

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Well I never! What do we have here? Rafiq Hayat requesting Jamaat officials run checks on recent converts to the Ahmadiyya Cult in the last 2 years, for 'security' purposes, before they attend Jalsa Salana (this is where Qadianis all gather in a field and mingle)! Oh deary me, and then they say the Ahmadiyya Jamaat isn't a Cult! So Rafiq Hayat, care to worm your way out of this one, Mr 'we are so tolerant'? Oh yes, let me just climb up that tree and bring you down that old chestnut of 'we are persecuted and bullied and terrorists might attempt to infiltrate the Jalsa and thus, it’s for the safety and benefit of our members'. 

Is this how you treat your new converts, with such suspicion and distrust, when they have done you the favor of signing up to your sick little scheme? Do you think anyone will want to sign up this cult, knowing full well that they may be subjected to ‘security checks’ and ‘reference clearances’, through no fault of their own, and that this community is paranoid and obsessed with outsiders and newcomers? Rafiq Hayat, you are deputy to the man of God, your Khalifa Mirza Masroor Ahmad, so we should expect you to act in line, and live up to the highest of Islamic Standards! After all, you work side by side with the Ameerul Momi’neen and Leader of the Muslim Nations, so you should be the epitome of what a good Muslim should be! You are the deputy leader of the Muslim Nations, and you Mister, can’t even live by what is set out in this Hadith:
Do not be suspicious, for suspicion is the height of falsehood, nor bear a grudge or enmity against each other, nor jealous of each other, nor indulge in back-biting, nor pry into the secrets of one another, nor try unreasonably to excel one another, nor turn your faces against each other, but O bondsmen of Allah! Live like brothers as Allah has commanded.”
(Bukhari and Muslim).

Shame on you! Treating your own with disdain and doubt, when all they have done is accept the Promised Messiah, Mahdi, Eisa (as), Krishna, Buddha and Zhul Qurnain! Who are you to question their ‘bait’, when your Promised Messiah came as a Messiah for all of mankind? Who are you to question his Jamaat and therefore, Allah’s Jamaat? Who are you to question the legitimacy and authenticity of their Bait, when this is a matter between themselves and Allah? After all, to be a ‘true Muslim’ you MUST accept the Messiah so that you can become part of Allah’s true Jamaat, the 73rd Sect! So how dare you question their Bait, when it is a matter between them and Allah! Here is what your Promised Messiah said about Jalsa Salana:
“The primary purpose of this Convention is to enable every sincere individual to personally experience religious benefits; They may enhance their knowledge and –due to their being blessed and enabled by Allah, The Exalted- their perception [ of Allah ] may progress. Among its secondary benefits is that this congregational meeting together will promote mutual introduction among all brothers, and it will strengthen the fraternal ties within this Community.”
(Ishtihar 7 Dec. 1892, Majmoo`ah Ishtiharat Vol. I, Page 340).

So Rafiq Hayat, Amir of the Jamaat Ahmadiyya, care to explain to your new converts why they're treated as second-class citizens? Care to explain why born Ahmadi's are obviously more significant and held in higher regard? Once you become 'Muslim' things are an even playing field, there is no distinction between someone who has just converted and someone who has been born into it. In the eyes of Allah they are all equal. The prophet SAAWs knew the names of the hypocrites who were hiding amongst the believers yet he never treated them in this way. So how dare you cast aspersions on these new converts. You are a sick, paranoid, twisted little man. 

Oh and before you Ahmadis start with your predictable babble, yes I know the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia prohibits certain people from performing Hajj/Umrah. Those that are prohibited are NOT Muslim, like Ahmadis, and rightfully so! In fact you shouldn't even be able make a direct comparison between what Saudi does and what Rafiq is doing here because, the situation is entirely different! There is NO comparison between jalsa and Hajj.. so don't even try it! Nonetheless, Ahmadis have a habit of twisting everything and anything to suit their agenda, so I may as well counter it from now because there is no doubt in my mind one of you will bring this up! The Haram ie: Mecca, is only for the Muslims and so they (the Saudis) have every right to ban them from entering Mecca. Furthermore, the Saudis do NOT sit there vetting everyone that comes through or else how have the Ahmadis managed to slip through the net? Rafiq and this Rubina bird on the other hand, are running checks on their OWN (or so you would like to think) people! How despicable! Ahmadis, Islam is NOT an organised religion; there is no place for none of this stupidness in Islam and this is indeed a sign of a Cult!

On a side note, isn't it funny that the South London region only managed to bag a handful of 'converts' in 2 years?! Lol pathetic! And they say they are the 'fastest growing and most dynamic Islamic Organisation in the world'..! The figures speak for themselves! 

I chose not to hide the names of those newly converted Ahmadi ladies in the letter above so they now know exactly how tolerant, welcoming and Islamic the Ahmadiyya Cult really is. As a bonus here's a vid to show them how new converts are treated by Muslims:

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Salaam and Good Morning!

Just a humble request to all British readers to please, please, please sign the 'Free Babar Ahmad' petition, if you haven't done so already! His family and friends need 100,000 signatures in order for his case to be taken to Parliament, and now have less than 2 weeks now to reach this goal!

Babar Ahmad has been detained for 7 years without trial, and the US have issued a warrant for his extradition under the controversial 'No Evidence Required' Extradition Act of 2003, so that he stands trial over there. His supporters are rallying together, in a bid to stop the UK Government from extraditing him, so that he may face trial here in the UK, where he is a citizen and where his family resides. They require another 45,000 signatures by 10/11/2011! Please support him and his family. 

Imagine if this was your brother/father/husband/uncle, and you were in desperate need of  help and people were not pulling their weight?! Imagine how frustrated you would feel right about now, and the state of panic his poor family must be in, knowing only 2 weeks remain to get another 45,000 signatures! If the US succeeds in having Babar Ahmad extradited, he will be detained in a supermax prison in solitary confinement! Just imagine how his family must be feeling and the fear and anxiety that must consume them everyday! 

So far, only 55,000 have signed, which is absolutely pitiful considering there are over 2 million Muslims here in the UK! Muslims alone should have reached this target in less than a few days, if they were bothered enough to do so! "A Muslim is the brother of another Muslim. He does not oppress him, nor does he leave him at the mercy of others." [Sahih Muslim].

Muslim, Ahmadi or Atheist...whatever long as you're British...anything goes! Sign up! Its about justice; nothing more and nothing less! 

It only takes 2 minutes of your time! Sign up (1 minute) and then click on the confirmation email (1 minute)... and Babar's (Bobs) your Uncle! Easy Peasy!

To find out more:


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Rafiq Hayat, President Of Ahmadiyya Jamaat UK, Cries Wolf! Boo Hoo!

Salaam and Good Evening...

I had just got home from work, and spied a booklet on the sofa, and guess what it was? THE AHMADIYYA BULLETIN: September Edition! Yayy!! I was informed by someone recently that the Bulletin contained a two page spread with a message from none other than Rafiq 'Raf' Hayat, National President of the Ahmadiyya Community, here in the UK. He also assumes the title of 'Ameer'. LOL, I know! The guy is an 'Ameer' to the 'Ameer Momi'neen'...makes sense right?!

I have been waiting to get my hands on a copy, just so I could read his claptrap for myself! For the Muslims reading, the Ahmadiyya Bulletin is a monthly magazine sent out to Ahmadi subscribers in the UK. It contains the usual recycled nonsense such as 'Sayings of the Promised Messiah' and a load of pictures of Mirza Masroor 'Mas' Ahmad, the humble Ahmadi Khalifa, enjoying himself with white people at a conference on how 'Ahmadis are against Terrorism' and sipping on Evian on the Rocks! Raf, in this 2 page spread (complete with a professional photo of himself) addresses the 'hate campaign' against the Ahmadiyya Jamaat, orchestrated by me (obviously, who else does he mean) and spreading fear amongst the common Ahmadi by making me out to be some criminal!

Anyways, if most Ahmadis are anything like the ones I know, most will not bother flicking through the claptrap in the Bulletin, so I thought I would do Rafiq Hayat a favour and get it up here for him! You know, a bit of free circulation and promotion and what not! (thank me later Raf).
Dear brother
I pray that this message reaches you in good health and with the protection of Allah.
As many members of the Jamaat now know, there has been a campaign by the enemies of the jamaat to target out beloved Hudhur and individuals within the Jamaat through smear and innuendo.
This has been taking place for the last few years, but their activities have recently taken a more sinister and particularly vindictive and vicious turn. This group of individuals have illegally taken confidential jamaat and personal property in an attempt to undertake these vile activities.
This includes the theft of a large number of email addresses of Jamaat members. They used this to recently send an email attacking the jamaat and certain members. They have also obtained jamaats documents and personal items of individual members of the jamaat and their families.
Unfortunately, it is clear that there are members of our own jamaat that are either deliberately or inadvertently breaching the trust placed in them by leaking or disclosing information.
This is no less than an attack on our Jamaat and Promised Messiah and his Khulafa. The stated aim of the people who have committed these despicable acts is the destruction of the Jamaat.
On the other hand it is clear that these attacks are a sign of the truthfulness of the Promised Messiah and the total defeat of the enemies of the Jamaat. They are unable to attack the teachings and philosophy of Promised Messiah and therefore they are left with nothing but to attempt to defame our beloved hudhur and members of the Jamaat in this way with false and misleading information.
This is only an extension of the persecution faced by the believers. Our brothers and sisters in Indonesia, Pakistan and many other countries around the world are sacrificing with their life: we are now facing attacks on our honour. However, we also have to obligation to protect the progress and spread of the true Islam and I feel it necessary for me to inform you about what the Jamaat is doing about this attack and how you can play for part.
Before I do so, I wish to give an opportunity for those who may inadvertedly be involved in this kind of activity or who may have any information to provide. This is the time for you to come forward confidentially and I am always available if you wish to meet or speak with me.
We are working with the relevant authorities in an attempt to prosecute those who have obtained, received or in any way handled stolen information. Our legal teams are also involved in taking any civil action. There will be a tightening of security and other measures relating to all data held concerning the Jamaat.
From time to time. We will try and update Jamaat members of any breaches that may have taken place and what action the jamaat is taking. In the meantime, please can all members ensure that they do the following:
You should not open any attachments to emails of this type. They may contain viruses that will attack your computer and perhaps obtain information held on your computer.
Do not visit these websites or blogs that carry these vile messages.
It will also be appropriate that the members of the Jamaat should increase their religious knowledge for reasonable responses to such attacks.
Ensure you have up to date anti virus software and spam filtering in place on the computers and phones you are using to check email. If you think your email has been hacked please contact me.
Most of all, you should all pray that Allah make clear truth from falsehood.
Finally I will leave you with the words of Allah the Almighty which fits perfectly the condition of these people:
Surah al Baqarah- 2:10-19
May Allah forgive us and have mercy on us always. Amin.
Yours sincerely
Rafiq Ahmed Hayat
Ameer UK. 

There are not enough LOLs in the world to honour this pathetic nonsense! OMG! Is this guy for real? Rafiq, did I read right? Are you trying to say this Blog is an extension of the persecution of Ahmadis? haha! So am I in the same league as a terrorist bomber? Is that what you are trying to suggest? So hold on, by me exposing YOUR CULT for what it is, I am persecuting you guys? Well I have heard it all! Your relation (ooops) wasn't joking when he told me you were running around like a headless chicken telling everyone my Blog was 'a hate crime' against Ahmadis!

And hold on, wait a second, are you also suggesting that because YOUR FILTH is being exposed here, it is a sign of your truthfulness and a sign of the truthfulness of your lying, deceiving charlatan of a 'Prophet'? OK. So I guess when a criminal gets caught, and is exposed by the local papers, he is a good man too right, because he is being exposed? Yeah! What a twisted mind you have!

Rafiq, you are so shameless and this 2 page self promoting spread proves this! Why have you not addressed why your community is sanctioning the spying of innocent young girls? Why are not explaining why young Ahmadi children are being stalked and spied on, with disgusting and damning reports being written up against them? Why don't you explain why 400,000 quid went missing from the Jamaat purse? Why don't you explain why Shabir Bhatti's brother was subjected to mental torture by having his name circulated in a letter, informing Ahmadiyya Jamaat members that he was a restricted member, along with his family? Why don't you explain why you are a bare faced hypocrite? Showing one face to the BBC Cameraman, while banning Cinema for members of your community? Why don't you explain why young Muslim men who innocently stumbled across your weird centre were spied, followed and snapped by another Ahmadi? Why don't you explain why YOU treat your members no better than the dirt beneath your feet? They don't deserve an explanation though do they, they are only your laymen Ahmadis right?

So instead of addressing what is being brought up on this site, you are trying to liken me to a violent thug in Indonesia? Instead of addressing the corruption and shadiness of your so called 'liberal community', you are telling people to keep back? Instead of explaining to your members why £400,000 has gone missing, you are crying wolf and telling everyone I am a criminal? Criminal because I expose your dodgy documents here, but its not criminal when £400,00 goes missing, right?! 

You are constantly crying wolf, making it look like the Ahmadiyya Awareness Team are the crooked ones, yet you are the ones who endorse the spying on little girls? Wolf! Oh Look: Wolf Again! And Wolf again! Well guess what Raf, you have done yourself no favours by telling people not to read my blog! Check my Click-O-Meter- I am almost on 60,000 page views and it hasn't even been 2 months since I formally launched! Who the hell is listening to you, huh? You are deliberately trying to sensationalise things in order to frighten people away. It's no wonder that the weapon of choice you employ is scare-mongering and crying wolf, all the hallmarks of a cult to try to keep your members away from seeing the dark underbelly and true face of your Ahmadiyya Jamaat.

LOL @ calling me a criminal and my activities illegal! You are the shady, shirk-comitting businessman and you dare call me a criminal? Listen MATE, your community is so unbelievably amateur its not even funny! For a Cult, your administration is a JOKE! Maybe you should get some tips from a fellow Cult, like the Scientologists, and ask them how they manage to keep such a tight grip and control on their affairs?! Your paperwork is everywhere! I remember it took one little visit to the Jalsa Office in Mordern to get my hands on the paperwork, and guess what, I was authorised to do so too! You don't seem to realise who I am. Look closer to home, especially you Nas! Its not criminal to see something hanging around and pick it up, or be handed something and put it up here!! Julian Assange did it on Wikileaks and you certainly ain't the American Govt! LOL! And also remember who my father is.... LOL..never ever forget who my father is- ever!

Is it vile to ask for proof of a Hadith, that so far, no Ahmadi has been able to produce? Is it vile to demand a Hadith, to prove that your 'Prophet' did not attribute lies to MY Prophet Muhammad SAAWs? Where were your people then? Where is the Hadith? And you say I am vile, when he lied about Hadith and Quran! Its funny how you say "It will also be appropriate that the members of the Jamaat should increase their religious knowledge for reasonable responses to such attacks". The 'Hadith Challenge' couldn't have come at a better time, Alhumdulillah! Not a single Ahmadi, Murabbi, Jamaat Official or even a Muslim was able to produce a single Hadith that proved what your Mirza had alleged that the Prophet SAAWs had said: SubhanAllah! You fail in the theology stakes and your Jamaat is a failure...this Blog proves that! Mirza Ghulam Qadiani was a MessLIAR and the Ahmadiyya Jamaat is a CULT. End of.

Hey Raf, guess what I have in front of me right now? A 60 page dossier, detailing the so-called 'evidence' you collected regarding the fabricated 'hate campaign'.

Once I figure out how to upload this whole thing for my loyal readers to have a look at, it will be up for all to see! I am sure my Muslim friends at the Khatam Nubuwat Academy would love to take a look at this so called 'Bullying Dossier' of yours! I am sure those that you wrongfully accused of hate crimes against you would love to look at the pathetic evidence you had compiled against them! Alhumdulillah, Muslims were triumphant and your attempts to tarnish them failed and miserably too!  Anyways, do common Ahmadis know it failed to materialise and you were advised that the CPS were unlikely to pursue or look into your allegations because there was not enough evidence? Well common Ahmadis, thats the truth! Anyways here is what legal advisor Jim Sturman QC said:
In reviewing the opinion of Mr Hodivala I have deliberately applied a very critical second opinion, purely on the basis that the CPS will be reluctant to prosecute save in clear cut cases. In assessing the language used by potential defendants I am confident that the CPS will need to be persuaded that the language is clear and not capable of explaining away as a “rhetorical flourish”. Further, freedom of expression arguments will be carefully weighed in assessing whether remarks have crossed the line and amount to prima facie evidence of an offence.
In conclusion, I am of the view that the speech of 18th June crosses the line and discloses prima facie evidence of an offence. Absent further evidence being obtained it is impossible to see how a prosecution against any leader of KN can currently be justified.

N.B. I will upload the so-called 'hate crime' dossier in its entirety in the next few months.

...and you want to try and prosecute me? LOL! Mate, go ahead and try your best! You guys shamelessly put your heart and soul into trying to prosecute the Muslim Brothers at the Khatam Nubuwat Academy and FAILED, yet you want to try and have me prosecuted? For what exactly, 'stealing documents' that I find in my home and expose them here? I am waiting for you and have been for a long, long time! Just remember, that if you EVER try to pull a stunt like that and try and have me arrested, I will go to every damn paper in the country with EVERYTHING I have on your CULT! I will go to every paper in Pakistan and no doubt one of them will publish everything to prove you people are running a CULT!

Imagine that, a Pakistani Newspaper being handed hundreds of your documents, proving that the Ahmadiyya Jamaat is what they believed it to be international CULT! So try your best mate, because remember, if this ever gets to court... I can't see how you guys will ever be able to save face! Imagine Mas taking to the stand! And hey, you want to shut me up? How very 'liberal' of you, especially for a group that claims to be all for 'freedom'. And how are you going to prosecute me, without actually knowing who I am? Oh yes, are you planning to hack my blog and emails, just like your daughter said you were going to hack forums? Go right ahead...and see how I have the authorities on you quicker than you can scream 'Huzoor'. Give it your best shot, because I will bite back twice as hard. And as for hacking emails, errr...NO! I ain't no hacker...thats more your Jamaat's style, isn't it?

You-Are-A-Joke and A-Bully! You do not scare me and you will not shut me up! I have my family to think of, and I love my parents more than the fear of being caught, and this is all for them! inshAllah! The average Ahmadi has a right to know what goes on because after all, it is these people who fund and keep this Cult running! They have a right to know, I have a duty to expose what I have and inshAllah, slowly but surely, people will begin to wake up to this fraud! InshAllah!

I will continue to expose this Cult for what it really is. You have given me that boost I have needed for some time now. Don't you dare try and shut me up ever again. Your bully boy tactics do not scare me and I will not stop! You try and have me prosecuted, and I will have you prosecuted too, for hate crimes against your own people! You just watch me..... this is no joke and I am deadly serious!

Tune of the Day:

its on like..... DONKEY KONG

Muslims, for those that are not aware of the persecution against the Ahmadis, please read their website, dedicated to, and glorifying their persecution (<sarcasm>remember they are suffering worldwide, more than the Palestinians in Gaza and the Pakistanis being killed in Northern Pakistan daily in Drone Attacks</sarcasm>):

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Jamaat Ahmadiyya: A Fabricated Hadith, A Challenge and An Epic Failure!!

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Last week, I set Rafiq Hayat, the National President of the Ahmadiyya Community of the UK, a basic challenge that was near impossible for him to fail, if of course his prophet was honest! I was offering the guy a way out of all of this and the condition was nothing out of the ordinary! It is not like I was asking him to remove one of his corrupt colleagues like Nasir Khan or Shabir Bhatti now, was I? I thought that would be most unreasonable of me, considering how much Rafiq Hayat, ‘Ameer’ of the United Kingdom relies on them to ensure he himself stays in office! And we need him in office still because the longer he stays, the more controversial the Jamaat becomes and the more controversial it gets, more people wake up to this fraud that is ‘Ahmadiyya- the ‘true’ Islam’.  So we don’t want any of them standing down, being sacked or resigning just yet, especially seeing as much of my information will be of no use then too! 

I set him this challenge, so that he could prove himself as ‘Ameer’ of the United Kingdom and simultaneously prove he genuinely cared about his Jamaat. In return, I promised I would close this blog down, provided someone, anyone, could bring forth the proof. It was so simple, so so so simple and beyond funny that Rafiq Hayat and his fellow Ahmadis managed to miserably failed the task! I know you are too busy chasing that paper Raf, like a good 'Muslim' man, but couldn't one of your 'engaged and educated' Ahmadi loyalists have sent me something through? What about all these Khuddam boys Fahim Anwer has tried to school on defending the Jamaat recently, where were they? I guess when they can't prove their prophet, best thing to do is to stay quiet eh? Rather believe in the lies, then face up to the possibilty you were born into a CULT? I know guys, I know; when I realised Ahmadiyya was a fraud- it hit me for 6 and I was 'WTF'ing for nearly a year, not knowing what to do with myself! 

Anyways Mirza Ghulam Qadiani; the Prophet, Messiah, Mahdi, Krishna, Buddha and various other personalities he claimed to be, claimed that:
"In many Saheeh Ahadith it is written that the Promised Messiah will arrive at the beginning of a century, and he will be the Reformer of the fourteenth century."
(Ruhani Khazain, Volume 21, page 359; lines 11-12)

I simply requested someone or somebody from the Ahmadiyya Community to get at me with just ONE Sahih Hadith in which this is mentioned, and they had a whole week to do this in too! I wasn’t even being unreasonable because after all, to ask for one Hadith when Mirza Ghulam Qadiani has claimed there to be many, is very reasonable I say!

Mirza Ghulam Qadiani states very clearly that in many Sahih (Authentic) Ahadith (Plural) it is written that the Promised Messiah will arrive at the beginning of a century, and he will be the Reformer of the 14th Century! There is no interpreting it, no second guessing it, no pondering over it and certainly no need to over analyse the quote- it is what it is! 

For those Ahmadis who are not quite sure of what a Hadith is, let me briefly explain: Hadith is the collection of the Prophet Muhammad’s (SAAWS) statements and actions, coupled with the statements and actions of his companions! Is that clear enough for you? It is literally that simple! Would you also like to know what is meant by Sahih Hadith? I can also explain that for you very briefly, in slow-motion-cut-up-in-little-pieces of English. Sahih is Arabic for authentic or genuine and is the highest level of authenticity given to Ahadith. There are, according to Sunni/Orthodox Muslims, 6 major Hadith Collections and they are: Sahih Bukhari,  Sahih Muslim, Sunan al-Sughra, Sunan Abu Dawood, Jami al-Tirmidhi and Sunan ibn Majah. Of course, not a single one of these collections contained any such hadith, this was established many years ago, but few Ahmadis know about this bogus Hadith and claim of Mirza Ghulam Qadiani.

Ahmadis have since emailed in arguing that we cannot be sure what he, their Prophet Mirza Ghulam Qadiani, meant by ‘Sahih’ as not everyone agrees on what is ‘Sahih’ hadith and what is ‘da’eef’ (weak). Wait my Muslim friends, before we raise our eyebrows and smirk as we see the Ahmadis really pushing their luck, desperately trying to prove their Prophet did not make it up and indeed there is Ahadith that states this, let’s give the Ahmadis some leeway, the poor things! After all, they are technically right, not everyone necessarily agrees on what is  classed ‘sahih’ and ‘da’eef’ ahadith anyways..right?!

Also, my Muslim friends, we have to remember that the entire Ahmadiyya ‘religion’ is based on ‘possibilities’ and ‘metaphors’ and ‘interpretations’, so maybe, just maybe, Mirza Ghulam Qadiani was, according to his interpreting followers, referring to other Ahadith as ‘Sahih’ and not the formally recognized ones. (We know this is BS but OK..we have to play fair with the Ahmadis..let’s not come down too hard on them..they are brainwashed after all!). So OK, maybe Mirz Ghulam Qadiani meant another set of Ahadith, that he considered ‘Sahih’ and all those who have since set out to find these mysterious Ahadith, were probably looking in the wrong place because silly them, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was referring to some other ‘Sahih ahadith’. If only he had been clear and like a good boy, provided footnotes and references! Then again, when you wantonly plagiariseand outright lie, I guess footnotes and references is something you would actually want to avoid, right? That explains why he failed to reference these so called 'Ahadith'.

Anyways come on guys, let’s give the so called prophet/mahdi/messih /Krishna/Buddha of the Muslim world a chance, and consider that maybe, just maybe, there are even da'eef ahadith out there that state what he claims....we are even willing to settle for that too! SO WHERE THE HELL ARE THEY? Not a single Ahmadi was able to produce even a da’eef hadith, let alone anything close to ‘sahih’!

I have been bombarded by emails from Ahmadis who, bless them, have at least tried to ‘challenge the challenge’ but not a single Ahmadi produced  a single hadith and instead, I was presented with unrelated Ayahs of the Quran! Do Ahmadis not understand the difference between Ayah and Hadith? If Mirza Ghulam said 'ahadith' why are you all coming at me with Ayahs? I have had Ahmadis email in arguing that the Quran supersedes Ahadith and if an Ayah is presented then that should suffice. The funniest thing is, all the Ayahs that were being sent to me were of absolutely no relevance either! They may as well have quoted something from the Baghavad Gita, that is how irrelevant they were! Its like they deliberately set out to make themselves and their founder look stupid or something?! Its not about what YOU think or what I think now, is it?

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad clearly says that this is mentioned in many AHADITH, so where are they, and how many times do you need to be told? If he had said 'Ayah' then fair enough, but he didn't say that did he! He said Ahadith and if he says its in Ahadith, then care to explain why no one, not a single one you of, anywhere in the Ahmadi Jamaat, was able to find even just the one! I was even willing to let the ‘sahih’ issue slide and make it easy for you, and could even have settled for a da’eef (weak) hadith but you Ahmadis even failed there too! If YOUR Prophet has alleged that such and such is stated in Sahih Ahadith, then I am sticking with that because he was the one who said it after all! How dare you Ahmadis try and bury what he said as nothing, instead trying to patronise me by saying ‘ayah over hadith’ when it was YOUR PROPHET who said it was in Ahadith in the first place! Have you no shame? He was your Prophet! How could you brush off what he said, and start making assumptions like that?? I know Ahmadis have shamelessly done the same with the beloved Mohammad SAAWs, and we expect nothing less but really, to do the same to Mirza Ghulam Qadiani? The guy you have accepted and have been shunned by the entire Ummah for? I mean, seriously? 

So you all failed. Each and every single one of you. No one came at me with a single hadith and that is because not a single one exists! Mirza Ghulam Qadiani shamlessly lied and shamelessly attempted to attribute something to the Prophet SAAWs that was not true! Astaghfirullah! No such hadith exists, be it Sahih or Da’eef, but he was so brazen about it and led his followers to believe there was plenty of Sahih ahadith, in an attempt to back up his claims! There isn’t even a hadith to try and interpret, because no such thing comes even close to what he has claimed. So for all you Ahmadis who have accused me of being 'quick to judge' and 'quick to dismiss', at least give me a hadith to 'judge and dismiss' for the love of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad!! And I learnt something new this week, thanks to some helpful brothers, and I quote: 
When Mirza says that Sahih Ahadith say ".. he will arrive at the beginning of a century, and he will be the Reformer of the fourteenth century." In the other words he is alleging the Prophet (SAW) has said this i.e. the 14th century. This is not possible because the Islamic calendar was decided and put in to motion after the blessed Prophet (SAW) left this world by Hazrat Umar (RA) so how could the Prophet (SAW) have specifically stated 14th century? It was under the blessed caliphate of Hazrat Umar (RA) that the Hijri calendar was agreed upon, which then defined when the Islamic century started and which Islamic century we were in and this is after the Prophet (SAW) left this world.

So what do you Ahmadis have to say about that? The Islamic Calendar wasn't even around in the lifetime of Rasoolullah SAAWs, yet he is meant to have said that a reformer/promised messiah was going to show up in the 14th century, according to the Islamic Calendar? Unless of course you can prove the Prophet SAAWs knew an Islamic Calendar would come into effect? Can you prove that? No, thought not! Still believe Mirza Ghulam Qadiani was telling the truth? Still believe this guy did not lie, in the name of Mohammad SAAWs, the best of all creations? Remember, Allah despises those who disrespect His Messenger and Mirza Ghulam Qadiani disrespected him, by alleging he said these things!

It is crystal clear that Mirza Ghulam Qadiani lied! He told a huge lie, in order for his foolish punjabi followers who had probably never read a hadith in their life, to believe this predicted/prophecised by the Prophet SAAWS and as no other infidel claimed 'mujahid-hood' and 'messiah-hood' at the time, it must apply to him. It’s as simple as that! Use-your-God-given-logic-Ahmadis! 

Let me break it down for you again:

1. Mirza claimed that in Sahih (authentic) Hadith it is said that there would come a reformer/promised messiah in the 14th century (hijri), making that 19th century (gregorian). It was the 19th Century at the time of his blasphemous claims.
2. No Hadith exists. He claimed there were many authentic ahadith which supported this, but guess what? There ain’t even a weak one that supports it.
3. Mirza lied.
4. Mirza lied and attributed these lies to the Prophet SAAWs.
5. Not a single Ahmadi was able to produce a Sahih Hadith, nor a Da’eef one- despite Mirza claiming there were many.

Here is what Mirza said about lies and those who lie:
"Those who are the sons of prostitutes and are the products of adultery - even they feel ashamed when they lie". (Shahna Haq p.60, Roohani khazain,vol.2, p386).
 "To lie is like eating shit" .(Haiqat-ul-wahi page 206, Roohani khazain vol. 22, p. 215)
"If someone is proven a liar; he also becomes unreliable in other affairs." (Roohani Khazain, Volume 23, Page 231; Chashma-e-Mua'arfat, Page 222)

Mirza managed to fail the very standards that he set for others- SubhanAllah!

He claims sons of prostitutes and those born as a result of illegal relationships would even feel some shame lying, so what about him? It is apparent he has lied, so is it fair to say he metaphorically ate shit too? And as he is a proven liar (either that or you Ahmadis failed the poor bloke so miserably by failing to produce these Ahadith), can we safely assume he is also unreliable in all his other affairs, including him laying claim to Prophethood, being Krishna etc?

So, Rafi boy, where does that leave me and you hey? You, my friend, know full well this religion is a fraud. You know and are well aware of the corruption within the organisation and you know Mas is no rightly guided one. You know this. No doubt about it. You must know that your so called Prophet/Messih/Mahdi is a liar, a fraud and an enemy of Allah. I asked you for one thing, and it shouldn’t have been difficult, if it was truthful, but it wasn’t truthful now was it? It was impossible for you really wasn’t it, yet you still are part of something that is based on lies, forgery and deceit in the name of Allah and Islam! Do you not worry about the state of your children in the next life? And you are involved in this all at such a high level! Shame on you! You might not pay for anything in this life, you might not pay for anything in this life... 

I think its safe to assume, that my blog will NOT be closing down, and that you failed to prove your prophet! Thanks a bunch....

See the blog changes? Dark and Shady? It represents the turn around on this blog. Say No More! Lets play a game of IT. I am the lead and you are IT! 

All in good time. Let's not run before we can walk. You are all good...for now! 

Tune of the Day:
Overnight Celebrity

Saturday, 15 October 2011

50,000 Hits: Its Time to take 50,000 steps back: Blog Blackout and Shutdown.

Salaam, early this morning my blog reached the 50,000 hits mark- what a milestone for a tiny blog that only been up and running for a few weeks. In celebration I'm writing a personal letter to the Ameer of the Ahmadiyya Jamaat:

Dear Rafiq Hayat AKA Raf, Raffy Boy, Rafster, National President of the UK Ahmadiyya 'Muslim' Association of the United Kingdom and Director of MumboJumbo World...

HI!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

I saw a photo of you recently, and you looked really sick. I saw you again at one of these many funerals we've been attending recently too and its fair to say, you are not looking your perky self. I was overcome with a sense of guilt, and what is normally hatred for you (I unashamedly admit what hundreds feel) turned to pity. I reflected on all the times I have singled you out, shouted at you, scorned you and publicly told people of your corrupt and dirty ways. Not just you Rafiq Hayat, but also that wife of yours, Shakira Hayat, the Jamaat's number 1 veteran and our very own 'Munee'. I realised that despite what the pair of you get up to, what with your cruelty towards common Ahmadis and upsetting so many people out there, does it really warrant you being mentioned so many times? You are clearly a very sick, sick man, I mean look at you in this picture- you poor thing! On top of that, we've all been so worried about you since Munee told everyone you might be having a heart attack and were rushed to A&E, but it only turned out to be 'panic attacks'. Thank goodness Rafiq Hayat, my life would have been turned upside down if anything happened to you. You are my inspiration, more than you could ever imagine. If anything happened to you, Findings would be finished. (BIG HINT). I think I have played a part in your tension these days, and I am here with an olive branch today.....

I have been thinking to myself recently, while sat at my desk doodling on Microsoft Paint, eating Party Rings and Sainsburys Bread Sticks, about how I am getting bored of my blog. This stupid 'Sunday Scandal' deadline I've set myself is starting to become a chore but I know I have to keep it up, but do I really want to? Also I think I am close to exposing my old man, because something was said in passing about one of the documents I put up, by this loser Ahmadi guy, which makes me think my dad might be on the hit list of suspects. So basically what I am trying to say is, I don't want to do this blog anymore and I will be closing it down effective immediately. I will also promise to destroy all the hundreds of documents I have, plus I swear never to disclose the information I have on 3 of you that was sent in by email. Your dirty secrets are safe with me.

I really mean it; I am bored, tired and fed up and I want to close this blog down. If I don't, I've chained myself to it for easily 1 year, because its going to take that many Sundays to be able to get through everything I have. Also, I have been thinking if I do keep the blog running, I have to give it an energy boost so I am going to start uploading a lot of Jamaat filth and perhaps expose the deviants amongst you, but do I really want to do that? I mean, what's the point, right? You know Raf, I think some Ahmadis have mental health problems, what do you think? You know when facts and colourful and pretty photographs are slapped across their faces, they still claim they are not real. I mean, what's the point?? Look at what I am contending with here man!! I don't want to do this anymore. I am packing up shop. I am going back to the forums to be amongst my people for the rest of the week. I miss Rationalist, Hussain and others. What was I thinking, branching out alone? At least over there, I am cushioned and protected by the administration and the brothers there had my back, but here, I get death threats, threats of rape, and all sorts of filth from none other than your Ahmadi followers.

So its time to go. I don't want this responsibilty. If others are bothered by the corruption with the Ahmadi Community, they can do this themselves! Why should I have to take their abuse when they are too scared to accept the truth? What is the point putting my family at risk for these ungrateful nutters? You show these berks the facts and they shrug it off- mashAllah Raf, your Jamaat has got them on lock! Proper subservient brainwashedees of the Ahmadi Cult!

I have had my fun; 50,000 views in less than 2 months means I can afford to retire. I've made some progress and caused you people some considerable embarrassment but its time to give it a rest.

Rafiq Hayat, I will definitely shut up shop and I swear in front of all those present reading that I, Cult Girl AKA Findings, will no longer write out against the Ahmadiyya Jamaat / Ahmadi Cult. I, Cult Girl AKA Findings, solemnly swear that I will no longer write out against its leadership or their godfather Mirza Masroor Qadiani. I promise never to upload sensitive Jamaat material ever again, for as long as I live. I will remove all comments I have made about you on the forums, and all your friends and family too. I will refer to Mas as 'Masroor' and you as Rafiq, and no longer 'Raf', and make sure these changes are made before my account is deleted. I will delete my account from and never write there again. I will go as far as sending ALL the documents I have to your home address in New Malden, Surrey. I will never ever upload anything ever again, and I will ask admin on to issue a formal apology on my behalf to everyone I have peeved off. I will never show my face again. I will promise never to upset any Ahmadi with my comments, and I will stop working alongside the Ahmadiyya Awareness Team. I will neither pass my material on to them to use, as all originals will be sent to your home at the end of the week. This will be effective as of Sunday the 23rd of October: 23/10/2011.

There is just ONE CONDITION, and I can formally close this blog down. I need you to push me out, and this can be done very easily. If this condition is not met, you will not only prove MGAQ to be a liar, but also prove you are not willing to protect the reputation of the Jamaat and its members by letting me continue. All you have to do is find me the AUTHENTIC HADITH where this is mentioned: 

"In many Saheeh Ahadith it is written that the Promised Messiah will arrive at the beginning of a century, and he will be the Reformer of the fourteenth century."
(Ruhani Khazain, Volume 21, page 359; lines 11-12)

See the quote for yourself below:

Click To Enlarge

I am specifically looking for 'Promised Messiah' 'Beginning of a Century' and 'He (Promised Messiah) will be the Reformer of the 14th Century' (Thats 14th Century Islamic / 19th Century Gregorian). You have the means to do this. You can send me an email, one of your loyal workers can email me, or even a random Khuddam can, from a fake email account. You have the Rah E Huda website that can publish the Hadith; or even that Mr Blog man who is tirelessly working to promote the Jamaat. I want the proof, and once I have the proof, I will publish it here as soon as I get it, on this site..even if that means promoting/advertising Pro-Ahmadi sites, then so be it!!! The Blog will then close down on Sunday at 21:00 hours and immediate efforts will be made to close my account on

If you can't meet this one condition then in essence, it's a win win situation for you, because not only will you prove your prophet, you finally get shot of me too! You need to get me the Hadith before 21:00 hours on 23/10/11 and shutdown will commence! 

Tonight, all comments are going to be turned off. There will be NO Sunday Scandal Session and there will be NO Mid Week Post. The Blog will officially close at 21:00 hours next Sunday, without any prior warning or post, if they bring forward the authentic Hadith in good time. The Hadith will be published here before closure, and will be left up until I shut the Blog down at 21:00 hours. All my posts will be deleted, so if anyone wants the documents presented here, I suggest you save them to your computers now. I am giving the Ahmadiyya Jamaat some breathing space, so that means a blog 'blackout' for a whole week. There will be NO posts, while we await the outcome of them producing the Hadith. Its simple- I just want the one! It wont take more than an hour to sift out, and as MGAQ has claimed there are 'many', to find even just the one will not be a problem at all! 

IF you can't do this, and my website is still running come next sunday 21:00 hours onwards next week, consider it proof your Prophet is a big, fat liar and you failed to prove him right. Ahmadis should also consider WHY they failed to prove this! If it's truthful, and Mirza did not lie on Hadith, it won't be a problem. But that aside, to ensure I get another 50,000 hits, I am going to hit out so hard, that you will all be left reeling. No pleasantaries, no nothing- I am going to start exposing the hypocrisy of the Ahmadiyya Jamaat in full force. Homosexual batty sons of top UK officials, Criminal name are all getting it!

So the ball's in your court. Don't make me do this anymore. I just want the hadith and I will pack up. If you can't produce it, and I am still running, its proof he lied, and the Jamaat know he lied.

I would like to leave everyone with this video for those Ahmadis in genuine search of the truth, so please have a listen to Shaykh Mumtaz Ul Haq of London, concerning this 14th Century malarky. He kills it, but maybe Rafiq Hayat, Ameer of the UK, can prove him wrong and prove he is not just a businessman, and kill Shaykh Mumtaz's claims?

Mirza lied on the Quran and Ahadeeth

Tune of the Day:

Ya Adheeman

Maybe I will see you all again, or maybe I won't: The Ball is in the UK Ahmadiyya Jamaat's Court.


Thursday, 13 October 2011

Calling all Ahmadis: Who wants to earn some Fa$t Ca$h? The Great £20,000 giveaway!

Salaam to my Muslim brothers and sisters, and hello to the Ahmadis/Lahoris reading..

We all know money is a bit tight these days, what with the financial armageddon and meltdown of the international markets in recent years! I would hope, while Ahmadis love to tuck into Haram food, they would refrain from gambling and playing the lottery, and so, a windfall of serious cash seems unlikely for most, unless your boss gives you a substantial payrise and what not! (if he does, tell him to employ me too)

Money Worries? Final Demands? Debt Collectors Knocking? Chanda Arrears? That could all change, and it could all change today! Would you like to know how to become an overnight thousand-naire? There is a website called 'secondhandislam' thats just surfaced, and they are literally willing to throw cash at 5 lucky Ahmadis! There is almost £30,000 GBP in total up for grabs...but terms and conditions apply!

All you have to do is PROVE your PROPHET for a PROFIT! YAYYYYYYY! Its that simple!

For your chance to be in for a win, all you have to do is respond to the challenges on the brand new website!!

Check it out here:


Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Ahmadiyya Jamaat, Mas and the £40,000+ a year horse breeder

Salam ladies and gents!

Well, well, well.. have you Ahmadis ever wondered where your hard-earned chanda money is spent? Well I can tell you where at least £40,000 worth of it is going! Brother shahzad10 from the forums came across a very interesting job description for a horse breeder/handler, put up by the Ahmadiyya Jamaat on totaljobs:  

So.. looks like Mas is living the good life and ready to splash the cash! In a time of global recession, where even families in London are barely getting by (let alone the rest of the world) Mas thinks it's ok to waste this huge amount of money on a horse breeder! How many hungry mouths can that amount of money feed in a place like Somalia where hundreds of thousands are dying even as we speak? If this isn't rank hypocrisy then I don't know what is.

Have a look at the exact job description below:

Click To Enlarge

Here's what brother shahzad10 had to say:
£25000 salary + £15000 bonus + accommodation - all of that for Masroor's horses. I guess since Wandsworth Council refused to approve his palace at Gressenhall Road he is now trying to build up a luxurious life in Islamabad. This is £40000 a year of chanda money being wasted on Masroor's horses. £40000 a year! All in the name of Islam of course.

It's time to stop funding Masroor's lavish lifestyle Ahmadis. Chanda is not an islamic obligation. Zakah is the only obligatory payment in Islam and it is not used to fund anyones lifestyle.

Bro Miyyan also raises some interesting questions:
From the British Horse Society:

An average horse cost (to buy) = £5000.00
Cost of keeping a horse in UK = £10,000.00 per Annum
Hiring a Animal Husbandry/Farm Manager = £50,000.00 (£2500 salary + £15000 bonus + fully furnished accommodation)

Building a stable, a horse track, a grazing secure yard, and a shelter warm enough to protect horses from the harsh UK winter are some other considerations which require huge financial commitment in UK.

If Mirza Masroor Ahmad Sahib keeps only three horses, the total cost of acquiring horses, making a shelter and keeping for one year piled up to £100,000.00. The amount for Pakistani readers is after conversion 14,000,000 Rs. This means if a family in Pakistan pays an average 1000 Rs. Chanda to Jamat, it requires 14000 families to pay for the cost for the innocent little hobby of ‘Our Becharay’ Huzoor.

A common Ahmadi’s perception about their Hazoor can be easily viewed in the following article;

Temporal and Spiritual Authority of institution of Khilafat:

“If we glance at the lifestyle of … the khulfa of the Promised Messiahas, it is clear that they lived a simple life which is an important prerequisite to honest governance. Despite the fact that they were chosen for life as the Khalifa, they set the examples of impressive leadership styles.”

On 5th November, 2010, Mirza Masroor Ahmad Sahib delivered the Friday Sermon at Baitul Futūh Mosque, London. ( )

A letter ( ) was sent to every Jamat president to brain washed ever more rigorously to those sincere Ahmadis who were already making financial sacrifices by cutting down their daily necessary basic expenses and saving more money to pay more Chanda to their beloved ‘Hazoor’.

The letter reiterated the message of Mirza Masroor Ahmad Sahib in the following manner.

he (Mirza Mahmood Ahmad Sahib) urged Ahmadīs to adopt a simple lifestyle and reduce their expenses on food and clothing, etc., so as to contribute more in this cause. By the grace of Allāh, Ahmadī men, women and children made tremendous sacrifices and today Allāh is blessing their progeny with abundance. Witnessing these signs of Allāh’s favours, a believer is motivated to make even greater sacrifices and we can see examples of this everywhere in the Jamā‘at.”

For our Ahmadi Brothers/Sisters:

Hazoor is spending thousands of pounds of chanda payers’ money, which you have paid to him with a great trust. Which sort of category do you think this money should be considered for the propagation of Islam?

Please answer, if you can!

Does a role model Ahmadiyyah Khalifa should behave like a spoiled king? Should only an ordinary Ahmadi have to adjust and adopt a simple lifestyle as advised by KII? Why Mirza Masroor Ahmad Sahib is refusing arrogantly to take the advice of the earlier Khalifa, while very hypocritically asking others to follow that advice?

Hit us up at the cult forums and check it out for yourselves:

Sunday, 9 October 2011

The Sunday Scandal Session 7: Shabir Bhatti, Ahmadiyya Jamaat, a 'Girl Gang' and yet another report.

Salam. It's Sunday once again! 

Dr Shabir Bhatti, private doctor to Mirza Masroor Ahmad and Secretary to Rafiq Hayat is at it again- authorizing and participating in the spying on young girls in the Ahmadiyya Community, here in London. This time its slightly different and isn’t the random selection of young girls that he chooses to write reports up on and intrude in their lives but reportedly; there is a ‘girl gang’ of Ahmadi teenagers that are a ‘cause for his concern’..
Have a read:

Click To Enlarge

Shabir Bhatti has instructed a girl by the name of Mubaraka to go to deliberate and great lengths to befriend these girls, so that she can feed back information to him (Shabir Bhatti) and his team. Wow! The Ahmadiyyat Brother/Sisterhood is a great one, huh?! What a great culture the Jamaat has, whereby people are instructed to befriend others in the hope they can get ‘damning information’, which is then fed back to the top.

What is up with this culture of snitching within the Ahmadiyya Jamaat and that too, which is actively supported and encouraged by its leadership?! People are encouraged to report those who still have active Facebook accounts, send in ‘incriminating photos’ so that reports can be compiled AND spying/taking live photos of Ahmadis in shisha cafes etc. And doesn’t Islam teach you to cover the sins of your brothers/sisters? Yeah Yeah, Ahmadis are NOT my brothers or sisters thanks, much like Hindus are not and I am under no obligation to them, whereas Muslims are my brothers/sisters! So for those deluded/confused Qadianis out there who insist on making direct comparisons to what I am doing here to that what Shabir Bhatti has commisioned and all previous exposes here, don' bother because the 'brother/sister rule doesn't apply to me! However, these Ahmadis are brothers/sisters to Shabir Bhatti are they not? And what about the girl Mubaraka; were those girls she was backbiting and feeding reports to Shabir Bhatti about not her sisters in so called 'Ahmadiyyat Islam'? Go direct your 'OMG Ghiba, OMG Slander, OMG Findings is a Munafiq' comments over in Shabir Bhatti's direction, eh?

The detail in these reports although not as thorough as previous reports that have been presented here, are more than enough for anyone to form an opinion on a man and his family, and can and has easily damaged the reputation of men within the community. This report is in the hands of quite a few office bearers, many of whom are familiar with the fathers mentioned, so just imagine how they would feel, knowing their daughters are being slated across the board! They are playing with the reputations of very young girls, and then they wail and cry in private that there is a marriage crisis within the community!

I mean seriously, can you blame anyone in the community for being hesistant in wanting to marry some of the girls/guys, when the Nizaam e Jamaat of this community is often responsible for tarnishing the kids names? And what sort of business is this, relying on the hearsay of others to write up these reports, how utterly shameful and shallow of Dr Shabir Bhatti! How dare he! Would he like information on his own daughter because that too, can be easily provided and can be circulated throughout the Jamaat? Yes? Ok then… if he can play with the reputation of another man’s child, he won’t mind someone doing the same with his own! It’s only fair Shabs! No? You don’t want me to do that? Don’t do it to others than you cruel hypocrite! Do your patients know you behave like this during your extra curricular activities with the Jamaat?

The Jamaat has cleverly created an unquestionable state within a state that is not accountable to anyone for its actions! If you don’t like it, they will simply give you the same recycled response of ‘there is no compulsion in religion’ as if to say: ‘if you don’t like it, shove it and get out’- they have no respect for their members! And they claim to be an Islamic Organisation- is this the sort of behavior that one would expect the leadership of the saved sect to be condoning AND participating in?

Shabir Bhatti also carelessly provides telephone numbers of the girls fathers’ in this report, so you should also consider and question just how safe your data is with these amateurs! I know at least 2 others’ who have this report, we could have a right old time prank calling these people if we felt the urge to!

I wouldn’t trust any of my Ahmadi friends/acquaintances as far as I could throw them after reading this! Just picture having an open and frank conversation with an Ahmadi girl only for her to go and report her ‘findings’ to a sleaze like Shabir Bhatti! What is evident from this is that these young girls are actually SNOOPING through mobile phones for ‘incriminating’ pictures and texts messages, so Ahmadis beware, keep your belongings with you at all times and do not let your loving Ahmadis near them! Word: do not leave your phones in the possession of girls at the check points at the Qadiani centres when visiting them; I have information to also suggest they are going through your phones taking screen shots etc!

This report and the others presented here are just the tip of the iceberg; just imagine how many others there are out there that you are not being exposed to! If you think this is bad, just think about how much more proof of their corruption is out there somewhere, that even I have no way of getting my hands on! I have some more information on Shabir Bhatti’s ‘State within a State’ that will go up eventually, and that will prove to be a VERY interesting read! This right here is nothing….
So Rafiq Hayat, National President of the Ahmadiyya ‘Muslim’ Community of the United Kingdom care to explain what YOUR deputy is playing at here? Have you an explanation or at the very least, a justification for this? No, of course not, because you cannot possibly justify such disturbing intrusion into young girls’ lives! Who are you to question anyone’s parenting skills, when your own deputies have messed up batty boys for kids and druggies too? Don’t know what I am talking about? One day…you WILL know and you will do well to remember that 'one day'! So how about you stop crying wolf about my alleged ‘hate crimes’ against your measly little community and start thinking of what you will say when the media/authorities get their report on YOU and YOUR people!

Love for all, Hatred for None? Or Love for White-Man, Hatred for Members! Yes, that sounds about right!

Come on Ahmadis; you are in a CULT and the sooner you realize this, the better! How are you going to allow for this to happen right under your nose, in liberal and relatively Free State, and then all the while, claim to be engaged and intelligent? That ain’t engaging and this ain’t clever!

Note: If you suspect you or your family are victims of the Jamaat’s spying and tarnishing in this report, please get in contact and I can provide you with the original documents, so long as you can satisfy a few questions I have to ensure you are who you say you are.