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The Sunday Scandal Session 5: SPY (on) AHMADIYYA KIDS: The Follow Up!

Salaam! It’s Sunday or more like 'Cloud'day here in miserable old England, and it’s that time of the week again! So guys, I have been reading all the feedback I have been getting (mostly insults but hey, it’s to be expected and I love it so keep them coming because you haterators are my motivators!!) and have noted that quite a few of you find my posts way to long! Points have been noted and I am going to try and keep it simple from now on, but do let me know if this is still too long, so I can reach middle ground :)

So last week I went off track somewhat with the £400k fraud scandal and want to take it back to the original theme of the spying by the Ahmadiyya Jamaat on the Waqf e Nau Kids! This post in particular I am dedicating to a very dear friend of mine, whom we shall call  'Frederick Robdal' :) Big Up Babes and thanks for the Sheesha... no reports on me just yet from the 'cabbies'!! ;) Cabbies is Frederick Robdal's code word for Qadis by the way, just incase their were spies about! lol. How pathetic an image the Ahmadiyya Jamaat must have in the outside world, it really is a joke!!

Let’s get the ball rolling then shall we, and wrap this topic up!

This is a follow on from 'SPY (on) KIDS, and the documents that will follow make up part of the reports that featured in the original blog post, which you can find a few scrolls down! This is a more detailed report on some of the kids that were photographed and also some newbies that were not mentioned in the original report. It discusses action that should be taken etc... I will admit to photoshopping these documents after scanning the originals; reason being that there were columns in Urdu and not being able to read Urdu myself, I couldn't risk the names being exposed here as I had no way of having them read through and translated! What you see is what you get for the rest! Below are 4 images, with a total of 10 'reports' that are pretty self-explanatory, so have a good read over....

These reports not only show the backwardness of the Ahmadiyya Jamaat; I mean come on look at report 1 ‘enjoying himself in a limousine’, that is beyond funny, but also, how intrusive the system is! Where does Raf Hayat get off ‘interviewing’ young lads like that I mean, who and what does he think he is? Carrying on like some CID with a qualification for being a social worker too? A ‘state within a state’ is what this is, led by hypocrites who pose in front of the cameras to give off an image of being tolerant and loving ! Shame on you Mr Liberal Rafiq Hayat, you are not their parent, no relation of theirs and have no right to question them on their actions! What would your colleagues make of this backward and intrusive behaviour? And then because he was ‘enjoying himself in a limousine’ you want to ban him from the Waqf e Nau classes? I have no reason to believe that there is genuine concern for their wellbeing but instead, all the Ahmadiyya Jamaat seem concerned with is the reputation of the Wafqs in general and that he might rub off on other kids and they might all end up ‘enjoying themselves in limos’. Anything is better than those awful classes though, right kids?

Take report 2: so people are now sending in pictures of girls are they? Is this the sort of behaviour the Ahmadiyya Jamaat is encouraging and condoning, to spy on your own people and grass them up!? Clearly no ‘loving thy neighbour’ going on here but instead, we have back stabbing spies within the ‘brother/sisterhood’ of the Ahmadiyya Jamaat, snitching on their own like that! So not only is the Ahmadiyya Jamaat guilty of spying, it actively encourages others to tell on members too! One poor girl was almost sent to Pakistan because of the Ahmadiyya Jamaat intruding and poking their jumbo jet noses into their home life! This is worrying because it shows the impact the Ahmadiyya Jamaat can and does have on families, and the extreme steps some parents consider taking because of the Ahmadiyya Jamaat! It’s obvious from some of these reports that the Ahmadiyya Jamaat spies rely heavily on the words and opinions of others too, and people are feeding back what ‘she said, he said’ to the Ahmadiyya Jamaat and they are using this against the young girl! And look at the suggested restrictions, not ‘meeting freely with Huzur’ like the youngsters are lepers! If they are doing something wrong, shouldn’t they pull them in and keep them close NOT force them out like that! For Ahmadis their so-called 'Khalifa' is divine and to be prohibited from meeting with him would cause a great deal of distress! If the kids are not bothered by it, the parents would be horrified to learn of this restriction! One can only imagine the tension in their households at the time! Nice one Ahmadiyya Jamaat UK!

Check the report on the girl putting pictures up on ‘the internet’! The backward murrabi who wrote this probably meant ‘Facebook’ but for those who this report was intended for, they could mistake it for her circulating it on random public sites! The Ahmadiyya Jamaat doesn’t stop at just punishing the youngster for their ‘bad behaviour’; they take it to the parents too and make sure they are dealt with too! Threats that they will be denied the right to work for the Ahmadiyya Jamaat at an administration level, if they can’t fix up their children and get their homes in order! How cruel this is, to humiliate them and take what they consider a great blessing away from like that! Imagine the impact this would have on them but also the relationship they share with their child! And the hypocrisy, ohhh it smells so bad! Check NASIR KHAN: why is he still in position after his son married out of the Ahmadiyya Jamaat? You see, ordinary ‘bottom of the barrel’ Ahmadis get it in the neck but the top brass they on the other hand, are on safe ground!

Some reports recommend some children be excluded from the scheme altogether, while it has been proposed that others should be restricted from attending classes for some time, until a Jamaat official decides otherwise. Who are they to determine which ‘crime’ is more serious than the other, and who gets to stay in and who doesn’t? This is pathing the way for discriminative and unjust treatment; some suffer while others get a few taps on the wrist, both of which are highly condemnable and should'nt be happening in the first place!

So Mr Rafiq Hayat, president of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Association of the United Kingdom, care to explain why you permitted and authorised the spying of youngsters and why you yourself, ‘Amir Sahib’ were involved in the questioning of some of those reported? Care to explain why members of your administration are playing with the reputations of young girls like that when writing these reports up? Care to explain why non administrative members are sending in pictures of ordinary members? Care to explain why they think it’s OK to do that? Care to explain why you are even allowing reports to be written on ‘hearsay’? Care to explain why this system of ‘reporting’ even exists? Or care to explain why your youth are behaving the way they do? With a controlling tarbiyyat department, you’d expect top notch ‘make believe Muslims’ to be churned out but even your own Qaids can’t even control themselves! No reports there though, right? No exactly, I thought not! And then you have the cheek to go around calling me a munafiq! 

World there you have it again; the spying and tell tales of the Ahmadiyya Jamaat UK! Creepy ain’t even the word…. my oh my, only if the white man really knew what these Qadiani people were really about! And Ahmadi parents... why are you allowing the Ahmadiyya Jamaat Self Styled Police to force their way into your family lives and talk about your children this way, as well as questioning your parental skills? Sort it out loves and protect your families and tell these punks to go take a running jump!

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