Saturday, 31 March 2012

Masroor and Ahmadiyya Marketing...

I was at home for the best part of yesterday, and as usual, my parents switched over from watching Prime TV to tune in for their weekly installment of the Qadiani leader's sermon. I thought I should watch it for research purposes, and it only helps strengthen my belief in orthodox Islam and confirm what I have known for many years and that is Mirza Masroor Qadiani AKA Mas is a religious fraud and this whole man made 'religion' is a farce.

So I had a listen to what this religious fraud had to say and as per usual, he never fails to deliver! He is either an ignorant oaf or he chooses to be a hypocritical despot but one way or another, it deserved a LOL.

Here is an extract from his Friday Sermon yesterday:

These days the ‘enemy’ enters homes in the form of immoral TV channels and the internet. Hudhur Aqdas said if we did not do Jihad against these our practices we will fall in satanic lap. Therefore we need to rise against this problem. We will have to call on God for this, it is not sufficient to simply say that one believes in God.

He must be aware that the Ahmadiyya Community is advertising its Promised Messiah and Mahdi on Zee TV right? Please take a look at this video if you haven't done so already. It is really quite funny. True 'Islam' Ahmadiyya is reaching out to ZEE TV viewers, advertising their empty slogan of 'Love for All, Hatred for None' and the arrival of their Promised Messiah:

Perhaps he doesn't watch ZEE TV, but surely he must be aware of the general content of this channel? Here is a ZEE Production video of a bollywood actress shaking her toned body to some track or another, surrounded by scantily clad women and adoring men, aired in January:

Sorry Mas, what were you saying about immoral/behuda/wahayat TV channels again mate? This dance here is pretty immoral if you ask me, don't you think so too Mas? I wouldn't be comfortable watching this in front of my male relatives! I am not taking the moral highground because I watch music videos and hollywood films which ain't much better but I don't give sermons against them and then advertise my Blog on MTV Base do I? So your administration/marketing team/you think its OK to degrade Allah's so called Promised Messiah and Prophet and parade his face on this channel, in between the bosom shots of bollywood babes but its not OK for Ahmadis to watch them? What's your Messiah's worth Mas? Do you think Allah would be best pleased you associating the 'chosen religion' to this?

Sort your marketing team out! You can't be telling Ahmadis to keep the 'enemy' out of their homes and then advertise their piece on the same channels you are telling Ahmadis to switch off. Have some class and have some shame and most importantly, get your morals and principles in check! You hypocrite!

Come on Ahmadis..think about your practises and weirdness of your won't hurt!