Saturday, 3 December 2011

I Win, You Lose: 100,000 Views and the 23 Non-Existent Names


Right. First things first. Last weekend I set a challenge for all those reading, full details of which can be found by clicking here. I requested that anybody, be they Ahmadi or otherwise, to bring forward the evidence to back up what the Ahmadi founder, who claimed to be the awaited Messiah for all religions, had said regarding the number of children the Prophet Muhammad SAAWs had. He claimed that the Prophet SAAWs had 11 boys and 12 girls, whereas Islamic history dictates that there were 4 girls and 3 boys. Mirza Ghulam Qadiani claimed to be flawless, and that anything he said was without error. I asked his followers or anyone for that matter, to prove it and in return, I would give them some documents that might be of some interest to them.

Suffice to say, not a single person, not one, was able to produce a shred of evidence to back up Mirza Ghulam Qadiani. Despite all their boasts that he is the Promised Messiah and despite all his boasts of being perfect, it turns out that he got it wrong, proving he is at fault and that he lied. Please revisit the original thread to have a read of the comments for yourself! I would like to share one in particular with you all:

"Malfoozaat is not a book written by the promised messiah. Malfoozaat are the sayings of the promised messiah written by his companions. You have taken the qoute out of context. The original urdu page where you can see it says: The promised messiah was addressing the ladies whilst his companion was outside trying to listen to what he was saying. During the address children were crying. Due to the distance from the promised messiah and the crying of children the companion was not able to properly note down everything the promised messiah had said."

Lol. So apparently what we have here is an admission by some Ahmadi or another, that indeed the number was incorrect and that the Holy Prophet saaws did not have 23 children. Rather, he (the Ahmadi commenting) asserts that Mirza Ghulam Qadiani was incorrectly quoted by the one taking notes of his speech- twice! The reason given for this is quite clear: there were children crying and there was a lot of noise and therefore, he misheard what was really said! If you care to believe this gibberish, then what's funny is that this error was neither corrected before nor after the publication of Malfoozat went to print. What also gets me is how he misheard the total number of 8 and got 12 girls and 11 boys! If you accept this jiggery pokery, you can believe anything! Oh look, did you just see that pig fly over your house just now?! I can safely conclude, and I am sure all the Muslims reading are with me on this, that Mirza Ghulam Qadiani did not know what he was talking about. He was talking complete nonsense and had no idea how many children the Prophet SAAWs had, despite claiming to be his most 'devout follower' and also a second coming of the Prophet SAAWs. Astaghfirallah. So much for 'God leaves me without any error'. Mirza Ghulam Qadiani boasted that everything he said was always from Allah. Who was his 'god' that allowed him to make such a blunder?  I know my Prophet SAAWs would not have made such a mistake. In fact, I know no real and genuine Prophet of Allah would make such a mistake. End of.

Moving on. Guess what everybody?? We hit 100,000 views last night! That's right! One hundred thousand!  Alhamdulillah. Good times! And look! Mirza Masroor aka 'Mas' has put on his glad rags and has decided to join us all in the celebrations, modelling this fashionable little number! Doesn't he look picture perfect? This is a very rare picture of Mas, like you've never seen him before! My little contact in the Private Secretary's office hooked me up with it! So a big thank you to them! What a humble soul our Mas is, accepting beautiful and expensive garments, all the while preaching to the common Ahmadi that they should live humbly and not be extravagant. What's the word for this sort of behaviour? Hypocrisy maybe? And hey, Muslims, take a look at Mas's lavish office! This is where he sits on his grand oak table having 'meetings' with Ahmadis who come to see him.

I went in there once, and even had my picture taken with Mas and even got a pen! If you really concentrate, you'll see the beautiful water feature in the back of his office! Do you know my Prophet SAAWs used to sleep under trees? Enough said.

Rafiq Hayat, property developing president/'ameer' of the Ahmadiyya Association in the UK, it seems that no one was listening when you told people to refrain from visiting my horrendous blog! 100,000 hits didn't appear out of thin air you know! Uh oh! You better get the paperwork ready for Mass Expulsions for all those found disobeying your orders!

Raf how come your followers were unable to prove your Profit in this instance? What does that tell you about your 'Messiah'? And what does that tell you about how much you people actually care about the reputation of 'your beloved Hudhur' and your 'divine Jamaat' that you were unable to win over some of the documents I have? Hmmmm. If he was truthful, the truth would have out!

I've changed the colour scheme again, thought it could do with a bit of a facelift! (No not you Raf, my blog that is). You like? I thought black was a bit boyish, but wanted to keep the theme dark and dangerous, so opted for a blackish purple! It adds a touch of femininity to it all I guess!

Talking of revamps! I don't know if anyone has noticed, but there is a new tab 'Cult Girl Forums' at the very top of the page. I was thinking to myself the other day that we need to keep this blog more organised, as comments are routinely going off course and it makes it harder for those following to keep up. So, after what took almost 5 hours, I've managed to set up a forum page on the blog. Its a pilot, to see how it goes, if it gets on at all that is! Remember Blogger DOES NOT trace IP addresses so you are safe to sign up. The Jamaat has scared people off by saying that if anti-Ahmadiyya sites are taken to court, those contributing will be identified through their IP addresses and could face prosecution. This is complete nonsense and is their way of scaring you off. Either way, there is no way of tracking IP address. That also goes for those that have been told by the Jamaat that accounts are being hacked after visiting anti Ahmadi sites! Its all lies. Besides,  I wouldn't know what to do with an IP address anyway! I just about manage with photoshopping let alone anything else!

You can sign up using any account you want: facebook, gmail, hotmail or even linkedin! You are welcome to use fake accounts, no holds barred and can discuss whatever you want. Go ahead..its your platform! Use it! If you don't, I will take it down and we can try something else! took me forever! (Hint).

Finally, can I ask those visiting to kindly select one of the three options on the Poll in the top right hand corner. This is just for me to get an idea of what's what, to determine how I manage future posts etc! In due time, maybe we can have a poll on what you guys want? Like a poll on whether Raf should stand down etc? Let me know! Remember I might be the boss of the blog, but as its a community discussion, you guys have a say! But don't get too carried away, I am on an almighty power trip :P !!

That'll be all. See you tomorrow (hopefully!).