Tuesday, 10 January 2012

HOW WOULD YOU FEEL? A Fact or a Fictional Scenario?

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Another quick passing post! 

You Ahmadis pay your Chanda in good faith, do you not? You believe the money is going to good use, such as ploughing money into Ahmadiyya literature, or the running of your satellite channel MTA. It’s spending in the way of Allah, according to your Khalifa Mas and all his aides and workers. You yourself sincerely believe you are pleasing Allah by paying ‘chanda aam’, and part with your cash in the hope that you will also reap the benefits in this life. Your Khalifa more often than not gives you examples in your Friday sermons, how one man paid £10,000 and shortly afterwards his business flourished. How one farmer in Burkina Faso wrote to him claiming that he offered the Jamaat a plot of his land and how some time later, he came into some inheritance that was worth a whole heap more than what he had given away. This is a very common tactic deployed by Mas and his team in an attempt to encourage you to part with as much money as possible: give and you will receive. 

What's all this about? Let me put a scenario to you, and I would love to know how you feel about it! This is open to all readers!

SCENARIO: Fact or Fiction?
It’s Friday the 14th October and a Jamaat favourite, Kingston and Surbiton Liberal Democrats MP Edward Davey, has organised a political fundraising dinner.  All the proceeds raised from this dinner would go to the Kingston and Surbiton LibDem Campaign Funds (its not a charitable cause). Edward Davey and his lovely wife Emma who organised and would be hosting this event, thought it would be nice to invite representatives of the Ahmadiyya Community.
The event takes place at the plush 4 Star Copthorne Hotel in Kensington. It would include an hour of drinking starting at about 7.30pm, which would then be followed by a 3 course meal and an auction that includes 5* holidays and bottles of Whiskey/fine wine. Edward Davey invited the Jamaat along to this mixed function, and requested that 10 of its representatives attend at a price of £100 GBP each, at a total cost of £1000 GBP per table. This was not any old fundraiser! Guess who was there? None other than prominent Liberal Democrat Vince Cable!!!! Come on, hip hip hooray! He is the Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills and is a cabinet minister you know!!!
Anyways, how would you feel if Rafiq Hayat authorised that the Ahmadiyya Jamaat be represented at this event? Remember, the event was mixed, think black tie and glitzy dresses, played music and alcohol was served. Bad enough, right? It doesn’t stop there. What if the Jamaat funds were used to pay for this event? I am talking £1000 of your chanda money, meant for the ‘Propagation of Islam’ was used by 10 Jamaat officials to wine and dine in the company of politicians who were sipping on haram juice?

Remember the Ahmadiyya Community claims it has no interest in politics. This is what Mas said about Politics and the Ahmadiyya Community:

“It is the foolish belief of those motivated by material interests that because the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat is a well organised and coherent community it may one day seek to overthrow the government. Let it be clear that we have no interest in seeking to enter the politics of Pakistan or for that matter that politics of any other country.”

"As private citizens every Ahmadi Muslim, in his personal capacity, had the right to take part in local politics or become affiliated to a particular party. However the Jamaat collectively had no interest in the politics of any State." 
LONDON, 13 October 2010

How do you feel about this, if it turns out to be true? I know the deal, but do you? How do you feel that this Jamaat is using money meant for Islam and charity but instead, spending it on fundraising dinners for political parties? How do you feel that last year, 30 Ahmadis were ex-communicated very publicly because there was 'mixing' at the wedding party, yet 10 Jamaat men went to this party that was attended by a number of women in dresses? How do you feel about that? How do you like the hypocrisy? How do you feel about it, my one time brothers and sisters in Ahmadiyyat? How do you feel about the direct contradiction in Mas's words and what the actual community practises? Were the 10 representatives ever expelled or cautioned for their behaviour? Probably not, right? After all, they went as a Jamaat, on behalf of the Jamaat and of course, their Khalifa Mas.

How do you feel about the fact that this 1000 quid was spent during a time of great suffering in Somalia. They suffered the worst famine in living memory, and in fact it's still ongoing. Couldn't this money have been better spent by helping those dying of starvation? Instead the elite of the Jamaat were enjoying themselves at a 4-star hotel. I know how I feel about it.. it makes my blood boil. 

I wonder if Edward Davey could confirm this scenario that I have laid down for you guys this afternoon? Here are his contact details: http://www.edwarddavey.co.uk/web/?q=contactme

Here are the Jamaat people you MUST contact and confirm if this is fact or fiction:

Rafiq ‘Raf’ Hayat- President of the Ahmadiyya Community of the United Kingdom.  
Nasser ‘Nas’ Khan- Deputy President of the Ahmadiyya Community of the United Kingdom.

Mansoor Shah- Assistant Deputy President of the Ahmadiyya Community of the United Kingdom. He also came under scrutiny when £400,000 went missing from the Community purse, remember?

(If you need their contact details, let me know!)

Ask them out of curiosity if there is any truth in this scenario. Ask them to confirm or deny. Let me know what the common response is.  It is worth mentioning that Ed Davey prides himself on being a ‘transparent and honest MP’ who regularly declares his expenses! He is actually a good chap and is known for his willingness to help and his community spirit. Contact him if you have no joy with the Jamaat and ask him for confirmation and remember, he prides himself on honesty and transparency, so be sure to tell me what response he gives too, so I might inform the local press!

Lets say this did happen and this scenario is real, the cheque was issued in October 2011. Ask the Ahmadiyya Association for the entire financial statement for that month. Go on…do the hard work for me please people, I am tired.

There is a new poll up! In relation to this scenario, could you all take the time out to participate!! The previous poll saw 105 vote in favour of Rafiq Hayat quitting/being sacked and 55 voters saying he should stay put. KAPOW Raf... whose (not) a popular boy then! Trouble sleeping? Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Enjoy the rest of your week. I will be in touch soon, real soon ;-)

Ps: Raf, Nas, Mans..do not lie when the people ask you, as it is un-Islamic and you are leaders of the saved Islamic community (or so you claim)! There is a reason I know about this scenario, I have one too many contacts in the Kingston area who happen to know certain people who Ed is acquainted with  ;)… remember that when you are questioned!

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