Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Salaam! There has been a slight problem with blog entries recently! They seem to be mysteriously chopping and changing after they have been saved. Not sure what's causing it, but a paragraph will go missing at random for some unbeknown reason. It's definitely not malicious as far as I can tell; I think its got something to do with my phone. So be sure to check for any post changes- just in case!

On another note, I will be travelling in the next few weeks, so blog entries might be somewhat delayed here and there..time zones and all that! Please be patient over the next month or so! Don't worry my trapped Muslims, I'm not deserting you and will continue to expose this dirty little cult for what it really is! Now there's a clue for you Raffy Boy... I am leaving the country for a whole 3 weeks.... go do your research! It's a lot closer to home than you think ;)

Also, I think now is a good time to ask something of my readers: if you guys have ANY information that would be helpful to the cause, please send it in to me! No matter how big or small, even the most menial letter from a local official about Chanda collections will be helpful! Now, now, don't get too excited Ahmadi readers of mine! This request is by no means an indication that I am struggling and have nothing left to offer...you know this isn't the case! Ever heard of 'the more the merrier'?? 

JazakAllah Khair.