Thursday, 8 December 2011

Poll: Should Rafiq Hayat Go? And a Quick Message!


There's a new poll up.. which you should be able to see just to the right of this post. If you're viewing the blog from a mobile device/iPhone etc.. you may need to select 'View web version' at the bottom of the page before you can see it.

So.. should raf stay or should he go? Please make every effort to vote especially all Ahmadis, ex-Ahmadis and closet muslims.. as raf keeps an eye on this blog very closely this is your chance to let your opinion be known. So be honest. If you don't want him as ameer anymore then just say!

P.S. I've managed to answer a few emails. Anyone waiting for a reply please check your account. Spoon you have finally been replied to! Will get through as many of the remaining emails as I can over the next few weeks, insha'Allah.

Thanks for your patience.