Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Nasser Khan Must GO! - Part Deux!

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So it's been more than a week since I broke the news of your lying and hypocritical Jamaat officials. And has ANY action been taken whatsoever? Has any official word come from the Jamaat on this extremely important matter? Has Mas and Raf done ANYTHING? The answer is a big fat NO!

The only thing they have done and are still doing is to try their best to find and silence me! I've heard all the different names being bandied about as to my identity. Well guess what? They're ALL wrong. The Jamaat is clueless and will never (insha'Allah) find me. Instead of turning this into a 'findings witch-hunt' why don't all you Ahmadis deal with the real issue at hand? 

This Saturday 11th Feb, there is the Croydon Ahmadi Centre opening event. All the familiar faces are going to be there: Mas, Raf, Shabs, etc... if Nas has the guts to show his face even he might be there! So I have a simple suggestion for any Ahmadi out there who is brave enough. Pop along this Saturday and question your Khalifa and Jamaat officials about what action they are taking regarding Nasser Khan's position in the Jamaat. Let's see how they treat you! I doubt you'll even get close enough to Mas to even ask him, but it's worth a try!

Oh- and keep the votes coming on the poll! So far 75% of you want Nas gone! You think Mas will take the hint? ;)