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Jamaat Ahmadiyya: A Fabricated Hadith, A Challenge and An Epic Failure!!

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Last week, I set Rafiq Hayat, the National President of the Ahmadiyya Community of the UK, a basic challenge that was near impossible for him to fail, if of course his prophet was honest! I was offering the guy a way out of all of this and the condition was nothing out of the ordinary! It is not like I was asking him to remove one of his corrupt colleagues like Nasir Khan or Shabir Bhatti now, was I? I thought that would be most unreasonable of me, considering how much Rafiq Hayat, ‘Ameer’ of the United Kingdom relies on them to ensure he himself stays in office! And we need him in office still because the longer he stays, the more controversial the Jamaat becomes and the more controversial it gets, more people wake up to this fraud that is ‘Ahmadiyya- the ‘true’ Islam’.  So we don’t want any of them standing down, being sacked or resigning just yet, especially seeing as much of my information will be of no use then too! 

I set him this challenge, so that he could prove himself as ‘Ameer’ of the United Kingdom and simultaneously prove he genuinely cared about his Jamaat. In return, I promised I would close this blog down, provided someone, anyone, could bring forth the proof. It was so simple, so so so simple and beyond funny that Rafiq Hayat and his fellow Ahmadis managed to miserably failed the task! I know you are too busy chasing that paper Raf, like a good 'Muslim' man, but couldn't one of your 'engaged and educated' Ahmadi loyalists have sent me something through? What about all these Khuddam boys Fahim Anwer has tried to school on defending the Jamaat recently, where were they? I guess when they can't prove their prophet, best thing to do is to stay quiet eh? Rather believe in the lies, then face up to the possibilty you were born into a CULT? I know guys, I know; when I realised Ahmadiyya was a fraud- it hit me for 6 and I was 'WTF'ing for nearly a year, not knowing what to do with myself! 

Anyways Mirza Ghulam Qadiani; the Prophet, Messiah, Mahdi, Krishna, Buddha and various other personalities he claimed to be, claimed that:
"In many Saheeh Ahadith it is written that the Promised Messiah will arrive at the beginning of a century, and he will be the Reformer of the fourteenth century."
(Ruhani Khazain, Volume 21, page 359; lines 11-12)

I simply requested someone or somebody from the Ahmadiyya Community to get at me with just ONE Sahih Hadith in which this is mentioned, and they had a whole week to do this in too! I wasn’t even being unreasonable because after all, to ask for one Hadith when Mirza Ghulam Qadiani has claimed there to be many, is very reasonable I say!

Mirza Ghulam Qadiani states very clearly that in many Sahih (Authentic) Ahadith (Plural) it is written that the Promised Messiah will arrive at the beginning of a century, and he will be the Reformer of the 14th Century! There is no interpreting it, no second guessing it, no pondering over it and certainly no need to over analyse the quote- it is what it is! 

For those Ahmadis who are not quite sure of what a Hadith is, let me briefly explain: Hadith is the collection of the Prophet Muhammad’s (SAAWS) statements and actions, coupled with the statements and actions of his companions! Is that clear enough for you? It is literally that simple! Would you also like to know what is meant by Sahih Hadith? I can also explain that for you very briefly, in slow-motion-cut-up-in-little-pieces of English. Sahih is Arabic for authentic or genuine and is the highest level of authenticity given to Ahadith. There are, according to Sunni/Orthodox Muslims, 6 major Hadith Collections and they are: Sahih Bukhari,  Sahih Muslim, Sunan al-Sughra, Sunan Abu Dawood, Jami al-Tirmidhi and Sunan ibn Majah. Of course, not a single one of these collections contained any such hadith, this was established many years ago, but few Ahmadis know about this bogus Hadith and claim of Mirza Ghulam Qadiani.

Ahmadis have since emailed in arguing that we cannot be sure what he, their Prophet Mirza Ghulam Qadiani, meant by ‘Sahih’ as not everyone agrees on what is ‘Sahih’ hadith and what is ‘da’eef’ (weak). Wait my Muslim friends, before we raise our eyebrows and smirk as we see the Ahmadis really pushing their luck, desperately trying to prove their Prophet did not make it up and indeed there is Ahadith that states this, let’s give the Ahmadis some leeway, the poor things! After all, they are technically right, not everyone necessarily agrees on what is  classed ‘sahih’ and ‘da’eef’ ahadith anyways..right?!

Also, my Muslim friends, we have to remember that the entire Ahmadiyya ‘religion’ is based on ‘possibilities’ and ‘metaphors’ and ‘interpretations’, so maybe, just maybe, Mirza Ghulam Qadiani was, according to his interpreting followers, referring to other Ahadith as ‘Sahih’ and not the formally recognized ones. (We know this is BS but OK..we have to play fair with the Ahmadis..let’s not come down too hard on them..they are brainwashed after all!). So OK, maybe Mirz Ghulam Qadiani meant another set of Ahadith, that he considered ‘Sahih’ and all those who have since set out to find these mysterious Ahadith, were probably looking in the wrong place because silly them, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was referring to some other ‘Sahih ahadith’. If only he had been clear and like a good boy, provided footnotes and references! Then again, when you wantonly plagiariseand outright lie, I guess footnotes and references is something you would actually want to avoid, right? That explains why he failed to reference these so called 'Ahadith'.

Anyways come on guys, let’s give the so called prophet/mahdi/messih /Krishna/Buddha of the Muslim world a chance, and consider that maybe, just maybe, there are even da'eef ahadith out there that state what he claims....we are even willing to settle for that too! SO WHERE THE HELL ARE THEY? Not a single Ahmadi was able to produce even a da’eef hadith, let alone anything close to ‘sahih’!

I have been bombarded by emails from Ahmadis who, bless them, have at least tried to ‘challenge the challenge’ but not a single Ahmadi produced  a single hadith and instead, I was presented with unrelated Ayahs of the Quran! Do Ahmadis not understand the difference between Ayah and Hadith? If Mirza Ghulam said 'ahadith' why are you all coming at me with Ayahs? I have had Ahmadis email in arguing that the Quran supersedes Ahadith and if an Ayah is presented then that should suffice. The funniest thing is, all the Ayahs that were being sent to me were of absolutely no relevance either! They may as well have quoted something from the Baghavad Gita, that is how irrelevant they were! Its like they deliberately set out to make themselves and their founder look stupid or something?! Its not about what YOU think or what I think now, is it?

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad clearly says that this is mentioned in many AHADITH, so where are they, and how many times do you need to be told? If he had said 'Ayah' then fair enough, but he didn't say that did he! He said Ahadith and if he says its in Ahadith, then care to explain why no one, not a single one you of, anywhere in the Ahmadi Jamaat, was able to find even just the one! I was even willing to let the ‘sahih’ issue slide and make it easy for you, and could even have settled for a da’eef (weak) hadith but you Ahmadis even failed there too! If YOUR Prophet has alleged that such and such is stated in Sahih Ahadith, then I am sticking with that because he was the one who said it after all! How dare you Ahmadis try and bury what he said as nothing, instead trying to patronise me by saying ‘ayah over hadith’ when it was YOUR PROPHET who said it was in Ahadith in the first place! Have you no shame? He was your Prophet! How could you brush off what he said, and start making assumptions like that?? I know Ahmadis have shamelessly done the same with the beloved Mohammad SAAWs, and we expect nothing less but really, to do the same to Mirza Ghulam Qadiani? The guy you have accepted and have been shunned by the entire Ummah for? I mean, seriously? 

So you all failed. Each and every single one of you. No one came at me with a single hadith and that is because not a single one exists! Mirza Ghulam Qadiani shamlessly lied and shamelessly attempted to attribute something to the Prophet SAAWs that was not true! Astaghfirullah! No such hadith exists, be it Sahih or Da’eef, but he was so brazen about it and led his followers to believe there was plenty of Sahih ahadith, in an attempt to back up his claims! There isn’t even a hadith to try and interpret, because no such thing comes even close to what he has claimed. So for all you Ahmadis who have accused me of being 'quick to judge' and 'quick to dismiss', at least give me a hadith to 'judge and dismiss' for the love of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad!! And I learnt something new this week, thanks to some helpful brothers, and I quote: 
When Mirza says that Sahih Ahadith say ".. he will arrive at the beginning of a century, and he will be the Reformer of the fourteenth century." In the other words he is alleging the Prophet (SAW) has said this i.e. the 14th century. This is not possible because the Islamic calendar was decided and put in to motion after the blessed Prophet (SAW) left this world by Hazrat Umar (RA) so how could the Prophet (SAW) have specifically stated 14th century? It was under the blessed caliphate of Hazrat Umar (RA) that the Hijri calendar was agreed upon, which then defined when the Islamic century started and which Islamic century we were in and this is after the Prophet (SAW) left this world.

So what do you Ahmadis have to say about that? The Islamic Calendar wasn't even around in the lifetime of Rasoolullah SAAWs, yet he is meant to have said that a reformer/promised messiah was going to show up in the 14th century, according to the Islamic Calendar? Unless of course you can prove the Prophet SAAWs knew an Islamic Calendar would come into effect? Can you prove that? No, thought not! Still believe Mirza Ghulam Qadiani was telling the truth? Still believe this guy did not lie, in the name of Mohammad SAAWs, the best of all creations? Remember, Allah despises those who disrespect His Messenger and Mirza Ghulam Qadiani disrespected him, by alleging he said these things!

It is crystal clear that Mirza Ghulam Qadiani lied! He told a huge lie, in order for his foolish punjabi followers who had probably never read a hadith in their life, to believe this predicted/prophecised by the Prophet SAAWS and as no other infidel claimed 'mujahid-hood' and 'messiah-hood' at the time, it must apply to him. It’s as simple as that! Use-your-God-given-logic-Ahmadis! 

Let me break it down for you again:

1. Mirza claimed that in Sahih (authentic) Hadith it is said that there would come a reformer/promised messiah in the 14th century (hijri), making that 19th century (gregorian). It was the 19th Century at the time of his blasphemous claims.
2. No Hadith exists. He claimed there were many authentic ahadith which supported this, but guess what? There ain’t even a weak one that supports it.
3. Mirza lied.
4. Mirza lied and attributed these lies to the Prophet SAAWs.
5. Not a single Ahmadi was able to produce a Sahih Hadith, nor a Da’eef one- despite Mirza claiming there were many.

Here is what Mirza said about lies and those who lie:
"Those who are the sons of prostitutes and are the products of adultery - even they feel ashamed when they lie". (Shahna Haq p.60, Roohani khazain,vol.2, p386).
 "To lie is like eating shit" .(Haiqat-ul-wahi page 206, Roohani khazain vol. 22, p. 215)
"If someone is proven a liar; he also becomes unreliable in other affairs." (Roohani Khazain, Volume 23, Page 231; Chashma-e-Mua'arfat, Page 222)

Mirza managed to fail the very standards that he set for others- SubhanAllah!

He claims sons of prostitutes and those born as a result of illegal relationships would even feel some shame lying, so what about him? It is apparent he has lied, so is it fair to say he metaphorically ate shit too? And as he is a proven liar (either that or you Ahmadis failed the poor bloke so miserably by failing to produce these Ahadith), can we safely assume he is also unreliable in all his other affairs, including him laying claim to Prophethood, being Krishna etc?

So, Rafi boy, where does that leave me and you hey? You, my friend, know full well this religion is a fraud. You know and are well aware of the corruption within the organisation and you know Mas is no rightly guided one. You know this. No doubt about it. You must know that your so called Prophet/Messih/Mahdi is a liar, a fraud and an enemy of Allah. I asked you for one thing, and it shouldn’t have been difficult, if it was truthful, but it wasn’t truthful now was it? It was impossible for you really wasn’t it, yet you still are part of something that is based on lies, forgery and deceit in the name of Allah and Islam! Do you not worry about the state of your children in the next life? And you are involved in this all at such a high level! Shame on you! You might not pay for anything in this life, you might not pay for anything in this life... 

I think its safe to assume, that my blog will NOT be closing down, and that you failed to prove your prophet! Thanks a bunch....

See the blog changes? Dark and Shady? It represents the turn around on this blog. Say No More! Lets play a game of IT. I am the lead and you are IT! 

All in good time. Let's not run before we can walk. You are all good...for now! 

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