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The Sunday Scandal Session 4: Ahmadiyya Ameer UK's Jamaat Office and the Mysterious Disappearance of £400,000!


There has been a slight change in plan; after receiving some feedback on what has been said at an official Ahmadiyya function this weekend, I have decided to up my game and really show the Jamaat I mean business. I had another piece in mind today, an extension of the Waqf e Nau spying scandal, but I think this has got to take priority. Good timing too, while all the big guns are in Surrey enjoy the Khuddam Event, I can casually drop this on them! A nice lil sutin sutin to come home too, hey WINK WINK ;)

This piece is dedicated to our friend Nemo over at (check their recent post out ... she/he is kinda cool right?!) and to my dear friend KickAss! KickAss is my Muslim friend who supports my cause and I don’t show my appreciation often enough, so I would like to dedicate this to them too! Nemo expressed their concerns to us over at thecult, worried that the Jamaat is going to call in the authorities, on what grounds I don’t know, so this is to help them understand that the Ahmadiyya Jamaat wouldn't dare go to the authorities and there are plenty of explanations for that. They can't touch us because they have so many discrepancies’ and what have you not, that if they ever called in the police, they are likely to be in the firing line instead! So Nemo et al, don't worry and if they do ever call the 'authorities' in, you remember AhmadiLeaks right? Lol well that was all Child’s Play compared to what I can and will do, if they don't start behaving themselves!

Before we start, let me set the record straight from now, on the comments that will undoubtedly follow (yep man these people are so gotdamn predictable); this might not WOW you or anyone else for that matter because this today, is a matter between ME and THE JAMAAT (its top brass). Read the writ if you want to, but my target audience today isn't anyone besides the top brass of UK Jamaat e Ahmadiyya, so if you want and have better things to do (unlike me), you guys are welcome to close your browser because no one is forcing you to read this! Top Brass are being forced to read this though, because below, they will find a STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL correspondence between Dr Shabir Bhatti (some doctor who holds about 100 different titles in the Jamaat because he has no life) and TOP Jamaati elite. The information therein, is so sensitive, that when I stumbled across it about 3 months ago, it was taped and bound in a file and had some cellophane type wrapping covering it; I spent a good part of 20 minutes trying to scissor my way through the cover. I gathered from the notes in this file that no one, not even Mas, knows about this and not even the PS office is fully aware of what has been going on!

This is TOP SECRET and CLASSIFIED information (you think I’m playing right? If any of you are related to top brass like I am, go check their faces after they have read this…those that don’t know the top brass…don’t talk at me!). You know ages ago the Jamaat were informed there was a leak at the top? Hey, my names Findings and guess what? That leak is me and so now that you all know, the top brass might finally take me seriously and start noting all the damage I have done and the promise of all the damage to come!

Anyhow, you know I said one day I would finish you all off and what not? Consider that a PROMISE if things don't start changing around here, because this now proves I mean business, no messing around! Now I don’t think I should be saying this, but one of you is related to me, so closely in fact, that I am practically immediate family to him! See, I’ve changed my direction from today because as of today, you good for nothing, on a power trip, set of Ameers and Naib Ameers (oh how pathetic with these self made positions that give them a feeling of self worth) will realise there is one man amongst you who they shouldn’t trust and has nicely screwed Raf and Shabir up by letting me get my hands on this! You do realise from today, the game changes right??? You do realise who I could be right?? You do realise for the best part of my life, because of you lot, I have witnessed corruption and filth that means I am technically sitting on a ticking time bomb right?! Yeah! Today, if you catch me out, I don’t care anymore! You know why?? WHEN you throw me out of your sick cult, I will take everything I have with me and that’s including all the evidence stacked up against you, and then nothings holding me back!

Instead, Raf was in a frenzy over some chick in Surrey, and then some model chick from Putney, and then some random guys in random Khuddam pockets; all the while when you could have nabbed me long time back but you failed miserably!! You remember the Jalsa Documents I exposed on thecult? LOL, Nas you are now running around like a headless chicken trying to find out who had access to them, well, today’s scandal might give you a clue! See me, I am not who I seem and you should all be very careful around your families… I don’t think you want to catch me out because once Mas realises which one of you is responsible for me being able to lay my hands on all this information, you are finished for sure!! This is PAYBACK and today I open up your black briefcase for the world to see…starting with this....

Common readers: don’t worry too much, sit back and make sense of it or don’t, I don’t care either way, because like I said, this isn’t for general consumption! You can fuss, fight, say I am blowing it all out of proportion or even accuse me of lying and making this stuff up, but I pay no mind to what little trolls of Fahim Anwer have to say! This today, is between me and the Jamaat top brass, and I am using this platform right here to say what I need to say to them! Me, Raf, Shabz, Nas, Ahmedi Bros and the men mentioned in the documents are all sitting around the big table today...don’t you trolls disturb the vibe mayn!

Any whacko comments will not be authorised and if comments get out of hand, I will disable them. In other words: don’t worry yourself this week yeah, this isn’t even about 'bringing the Jamaat down', its letting them know exactly who I am and what they are up against. Of course you should all be very concerned by what you will read shortly; very concerned actually....this is a huge blow for the internal Nizaam and hopefully it will get some of your minds’ ticking! YES!!!! :D It’s been a long time coming this one, I've wanted to mention this for ages, was going to on the forums ages ago and boy am I glad I held out!

Here are the scanned originals so go ahead, knock yourselves out and hey guys, WELCOME to the inside world of Ahmadiyya 'Muslim' Association UK... I am on the inside and today, I open the doors for you all to be let in! Enjoy, it’s pretty self-explanatory so no introduction necessary.....

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Hey Ahmadis, a quick question and a penny for your thoughts: WHERE THE HELL IS YOUR MONEY GOING??  £400k!!! £400k!!! £400k!!! That's almost half a million English Pounds! £400k of your chanda money, unaccounted for, with an almost definite possibility it was stolen by one of your own people!! What an incompetent Jamaat we have here, whereby they allowed £400,000 GBP to go unaccounted for, and allowed this guy to make ‘payments’ for things with zero evidence as to what exactly he had paid for! So much for an advanced and organised Jamaat, when this sort of thing is going on right beneath their noses and not to mention what I am exposing them for too! They are wasted and so amateur it’s really quite pathetic, but they want you to believe they are a pukka organisation or something? People have access to everything, every damn day, provided you are a member of ‘the administration’ so its hardly 'organised and contained' is it?! What a joke and these people are trying to control us? Don’t be scared of these clowns…they are a joke!

Being a registered charity, benefitting from tax relief through gift aid, you’d expect some transparency right? So why were the authorities not informed about this and called in quicker than they could yelp AHMADIYYA ZINDABAD? lol. They are quick to threaten me with the police and what not for having a Blog (lol ooooh), but why were the police not called on this guy and why was this not formally investigated? I mean I am just someone talking 'foul filth' on the internet, but this duke right here steals £400k from YOU and YOUR JAMAAT and they don't want to call the authorities in then? I tell you why, and I am telling you this because you people are clearly ignorant as to what really goes on in this Jamaat. I am not asking you to trust me and everything I say (I wouldn’t either), but trust my position within the Jamaat and realise I know what many of you don't know! There is no accountability in this Jamaat and to avoid being exposed, and also so that the masses remain oblivious to what really happens within this so called 'saved Jamaat', the Jamaat would rather have some shoddy made up 'committee' investigate and then leave it at that! They can't run the risk of the outside world cottoning on to what really goes on within this cult!

You all, especially those in the UK, need to ask yourselves what sort of characters the Ahmadiyya Jamaat employs, and take a long hard look at who has access to such vast amount of monies! We have this guy here (I can’t, for legal reasons, mention his name personally, but Shabir Bhatti has ;P ) who is reported to have stolen money meant for office equipment for himself, with an aide to assist him in doing so. We have the got-damn shady character of Nasir 'Nas' Khan, Naib ameer and director of Jalsa Salana UK who has in the past, been taken to court over his financial dealings and who wasted in excess of £100,000 GBP catering for VIPs at Jalsa this year. 

They are now in the process of trying to collect £20,000,000 to buy properties, under the guise they are for 'local prayer centres' but hold up, their own are pinching money from their back pockets and the Ahmadiyya Jamaat doesn’t care to inform its shareholders (ie: chanda payers??). You people are coughing up, convinced its spending in the way of Allah, but seems like next mans are using your 'alms' and is spending in the way of Harrods! It’s not like most of you even do it out of your own free will, you pay up because you have to or else you get in trouble, so why bother when you have this sort of fraud and corruption, on such a huge scale?

Take a look at the document: I mean £2700 for a photocopier for his Royal 'High'Ness Rafiq Hayat? You must be kidding me! Bruvs a multi-millionaire...he can fork out for one on his own, it’s for Allah at the end of the day isn’t it? Who gives who the right to determine who has access to the Jamaat's purse?? This guy was paying out for copiers left, right and centre using CA$H, this was no 'pass the plastic' job guys! Where was he withdrawing this money? Jamaat Bank Account maybe or maybe his team is given an allowance or something? Who else has access to these funds? Man, this is what happens when there are too many chiefs...

What’s worrying is that they kept this very hush-hush. OK, so I understand, guilty until proven innocent if the Ahmadiyya Jamaat standards are anything to go by, so we should assume he was dealt with harshly, but why were other 'daftars' not informed? I tell you why, because RAF HAYAT's office is responsible for this huge cock up!

Why was Dr Shabir commissioned to investigate these matters, when he is a doctor by profession and not an auditor nor an accountant? What sort of cowboy show are these punks running? Where is your money going Ahmadi chanda payers???? Why am I hearing ‘It’s ok if its fraud, we paid in good faith and Allah will reward us and deal with him later’…yeah… how many of you are already thinking that? NO it’s not ok, this is NOT ok and this mustn’t be excused! If it took them 6 years to finally cotton onto the fact something wasn't right when photocopiers were being ordered, imagine what other under the table shady deals are going on not just here, but internationally too!

Ok lets just say for arguments sake, Shab and Co got it wrong and their suspicions were unfounded, and the guy hadn’t actually stolen the money but rather, the money just disappeared, is that OK? It might be fine by you, but its certainly not fine by me and I would like to know why such a huge discrepancy is there to begin with in the first place?? Now also consider this; all the accounts they publish for the Charity Commission, you reckon when there are black holes in the accounts they will admit to that? Nah, they will cover it up so it begs the question: how honest and transparent are their accounts?

And all that aside, I am a big fan of telling people what the Ahmadiyya Jamaat says about them behind closed doors so Mr Photocopier Man, this is what your fellow Jamaatis have said about you! So do you see Nemo, this is why they won't call the authorities in, because their offices are so shady that they can't afford to take the chance! Can you imagine the shame and humiliation for the Jamaat if one of their own was carted off to the cop shop?

Yeah-Yeah, I hear the Khuddam Soldier Boys itching to cuss this post, but don't you get it boys? It’s not for’s for THEM! This will cause HUGE DAMAGE to the Nizaam...mark my words, but you are too simple and too brainwashed to understand that! I tell you what this post signifies: 1) No one had access to this apart from a select few, and trust me, if I have this, I have plenty of other information too! 2) Jamaat is now losing control of their internal politics, no thanks to me! 3) There is serious cause for concern when it comes to the finances of this Jamaat- where is your money going?! 4) Why did they not pull in the police? Police are called in to Tesco’s when a boy is caught stealing a can of Stella Artois, so are you telling me the police would not have been interested in a case of £400k fraud? Come on now boys and girls, where is your logic at?

Do you all still insist on paying Chanda to this system? Don’t you mind that there is a chance your loot is being looted? What about another example that this Jamaat, at the very core, is rotten?! I remember my brother once was bragging about how transparent the Ahmadiyya Jamaat is compared to beardos in Birmingham Muslim organisations...LOL...this one's for him to reflect upon! The Ahmadiyya Jamaat is rotten, in ruins and is filthy and it’s high time you people start waking up to this! And you'se all better ask for an explanation, £400k is no joke, not to mention everything he managed to get away with, without them picking up on it! I don’t need to explain the document, it’s in black and white for you all to have a good read.. saved sect? LOL!

Ameers Army, there is a day you made an enemy out of me, and one day, I will explain it to you! One of you did something to me and my family which is unforgiveable and for that, you can consider this payback! You can call it hate, I call it LOVE to hate ;P and boyyyyy am I filled with LOVE right about now....  and I got a whole heap of LOVE to go around!

You are in big trouble Shabz, because your carelessness in dealing with this has meant now the whole world knows about the internal fraud of Jamaat e Ahmadiyya UK! Hopefully Mas will get rid of you now or better still, hopefully Mas will get rid of all of you east Africans and quickly too!

Hope we get an explanation, I would like to know why £400k went missing without any of you wastemen picking up on it and why the police haven’t been called in to investigate this matter further?

There is more to come, but be patient people and don’t expect something huge every Sunday, it’s about pacing and I have to pace myself! All my hits are calculated!

Next week: more kids stuff!

(sorry if it’s all over the place…I am working from my phone today and jheeez it’s been a painful task! little khuddam boy scouts...dont talk about what you dont know :P ) LONG POST I KNOW BUT I DON'T DO NOTHING IN a little!

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