Monday, 9 January 2012

Brother Rasheed Sarpong..not your regular revert!!

Please take 37 minutes and 27 seconds of your time to watch this latest video entry at the blog. Its super duper inspiring and filled my heart with joy! It is a one-on-one talk between Shahid Ahmad (no introduction necessary) and his old friend, a one time Qadiani, who has reverted to Islam! SubhanAllah!!! One day insha'Allah there will be more brothers (and hopefully sisters) just like brothers Rasheed and Shahid who will speak out about their new found beliefs and their new lives outside of the Cult! 

There is one point in this video I can relate to in particular, and thats where he mentions that this is no 'regular reversion'. As a revert myself, I never once had to be convinced of the oneness of Allah, or be convinced of the truthfulness of his FINAL/LAST Messenger, Hadrat Muhammad SAAWS. It went deeper than that; I had to shake off the fraud of Ahmadiyya and dust off the cobwebs and find THE TRUE ISLAM, the ONE ISLAM, the ORIGINAL ISLAM! Its nice to know that others were in the same boat too! There is also a point where he mentions about not mingling with Ahmadis, so not to be a hypocrite and also, as its not fair on them to meet them as if you were one. FOOD FOR THOUGHT??? Hmmmmm....

It's really something extraordinary, that a small comment from someone in a finance meeting (Br.Rasheed was a Qaid once upon a time) that "Zakat isn't that important" is what led him to question his entire faith and rocked his belief system, embedded into him from childhood! This surely proves that Hidayat is from Allah alone! This is truly a blessing from Allah! Like Br.Rasheed, it also took something very small that was to push me towards Islam, Alhamdulillah. It wasn't actually a comment made by anyone as such, I just couldn't get my head around this total and utter filth (sorry to lower the tone, Mirza Ghulam said it, not me):

Thus immersion in remembrance of Allah which is also called khusoo is similar to that state of sperm when it gets a form of ejaculation and drops into female genitals and there is no doubt it is a time of great ecstasy in physical state. However, just falling of that drop of semen inwards does not necessitate a relationship between womb and that sperm so that it is attracted toward the womb. Thus, similarly, spiritual enthusiasm and state of khushoo does not necessitate that such a person will have connection with the kind Lord and will be attracted to Him. Rather as the sperm gets into vulva of a whore through adultery then the person dropping the sperm gets the same delight as he gets with his wife. Thus the state of khushoo and enthusiasm of idol worshipers and creation worshipers is similar to that of adulterers. That is, khushoo of pagans and of the people who remember God for worldly reasons is similar to that sperm which goes into internal genitals of prostitute women and creates delight. (Braheen Ahmadiyya Vol.5 192)

I was told that for questioning it, my mind was dirty and that Mirza Ghulam was trying to reach out to a wider audience, including those who had sex on the brains. Seriously? Khushoo' is like an orgasm? Its like sperm and like vaginal secretions? How could this delusional maniac even compare the humbleness that one stands before Allah to sperm, fluids, and orgasm and harlotry? I never quite managed to stomach the desperate excuses and well, the rest is history as they say!

Have a watch in your lunch break today! Doesn't seem to work on my phone, you guys might have better luck if not, try from your PC! I would ask questioning Ahmadis to make a special effort to watch this. There are some really good points in there that MUST be considered. Please take the time out to view this video, as you may just find another piece of the jigsaw that you have been searching for, insha'Allah.