Friday, 11 November 2011

Ahmadiyya to Islam: Another Cult Girl Confesses! A Letter to Masroor

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Earlier today I received a genuinely heartfelt and moving letter from a waqf-e-nau girl, it almost moved me to tears when I read it. She asked me to publish in on this site so that Mirza Masroor Ahmad can read it for himself. So Rafiq Hayat, Nasser Khan, et al. I know you read this site on the regular so you better pass this message on to Mas. 

I've edited out a small portion of the letter for legal reasons.. apart from that please find the letter reproduced verbatim below:

To Mirza Masroor Ahmed;

I hope you have access to the internet and read this note or perhaps one of your working staff will print this off and show you it. I hope so because it is the only way you might get this message because I know your staff hide letters like this from you.

I am a 22 year old Waqf e Nau female and came across this Blog after a) my family received an email about it and b) when I got a hysterical phone call from my good friend who was the subject of one of these reports.

I must tell you that I have always doubted Ahmadiyya for as long as I can remember; something or nothing did not feel right. I was not shy about admitting I was an Ahmadi but I had very little conviction in my faith or shall we say, the faith I was born in to.

I can't give you the name of my friend who you slandered and accused of pre marital relations and I can't describe the pictures you had stored of her because she does not know I am writing to you. My friend and I go back 15 years and we are very strong. I love her and she loves me. She is my sister and I will do anything to protect her. I was unable to protect her from you or Shabir Bhatti or any of the Jamaat and I am so angry. You hurt her. She did not deserve this. You hurt us. She was so upset but too scared to contact anyone for advice because she did not want to agitate her family or for you people to write more reports on her. She wanted to go to the police but we were scared of the consequences because then it would be a case of Her against Jamaat and her family would be angry.

I am reading comments and I see people attacking the Cult Girl for exposing the documents. I never understand. It's ok for you because it isn't you being 'backstabbed' and lied about but my friend had every right to know. She was clueless. She felt embarrassed and she felt so betrayed that people would spend the time discussing her. She felt violated and that is because her picture was seen by old men and whoever else.

She might not have 'observed' Purdah but this does not mean you had any right to steal her pictures from facebook and distribute them to men within 'the circle of trust'. You violated her body and her face. Is it a case of 'what she doesn't know will not hurt her'? No this is not the case. What she now knows has changed everything for us. She knows she cannot trust you.She hates the administration and now doubts you too.

It sickens me to the pit of my stomach to think you condone this as normal behavior. You have no right and do not have a duty of care towards us; that is the job of our parents and grandparents. You are not men of her family. You are not her teachers. You are just strangers from the Mosque who spy and write sexist reports.

I wish you would all just stop and leave us alone. It scares me to think this girl only managed to expose the top layer and how many other reports and spying activities you have approved. Maybe I am on there too? I guess maybe I will never know.

We are women and not animals. We are not your women but the women of our fathers and brothers and uncles and sons and husbands. You have no right to talk about any woman in such a horrible way. We are not your women and you have no right to ever talk about any of us like this. This might embarrass you but my friend and all the other girls had already started their Periods or 'Menses' and were as per Islamic guidelines not minors. You were spying and writing reports about women. This is gross. What is the difference between my young sister and a girl in her twenties? Islamically you cannot differentiate. I guess you do not act islamicaly in reality do you?

You recently banned Ahmadis from visiting Facebook for 'our own safety'. This was to protect us from 'anti-Ahmadis'. I think you Ahmadis are the biggest threat to Ahmadis. You use Facebook as a weapon against us and try to dig for dirt. You are right Facebook is dangerous and that is because Ahmadis use it. It is dangerous because Shabir Bhatti uses it. It is dangerous because you use it to download pictures of Ahmadis and then backstab us.

In the Metro Newspaper not many weeks ago there was an article that the Cult of Scientology had followed the makers of South Park Animation after they had poked fun at their beliefs. It reminded me of the Cult here. The following of Mosque visitors, the spying on their 'youth'. That gave me the creeps.

I hope and pray to God this girl continues to expose you. I hope the authorities see though you and you lose your ties with the councils and MPs who attend your meetings. You are double faced and backstabbing and immoral. You are freaks and your behaviour is abnormal. It does not marry with how you behave in front of 'ghair ahmadis'. You might deny it all you want but you know when you are alone locked in your mind that this is true. You present a fake image and I cannot put up with it anymore.

I want you to know that although my friend is resigned to her fate in this community and will probably marry within, I will be finding means to escape. I cannot be a part of this anymore and I cannot have my children be a part of this 'sick little scheme'. My friend doesn't want to hurt her parents but I have told her that our parents are wrong for holding this belief in their hearts and we should escape. She will not come with me because she is scared. She said she doesn't want her daddy's name read out in meetings because he is not a healthy man and suffers from Angina attacks. Why do you do this to people? Why do you name and shame people like this when you promote 'love and respect' for all?

You all need psychiatric help or counselling for your behaviour. Dr Shabir Bhatti should be thoroughly ashamed of himself because I have news for you- the 'tarbiyyat' is failing in this jamaat and is beyond your control. Your own daughter is a sorry state of affairs but you write nasty and hurtful things about my friend.

I feel better for getting this off my covered chest. However this is not the reason I emailed the team of Cult Girl Confessions. I emailed because I want to publicly tell you, Mirza Masroor Ahmed that I am no longer an Ahmadi and have reverted to Islam. Shukr Alhumdulilah. This was a very recent decision but I cannot disclose when I took these steps. I had the help of very learned Muslim friends and I credit the Islamic Society at my University for assisting me in my journey. I would like to remove all misconceptions the Jamaat have stated in an email by our Lajna president who suggests they are troublesome and spread hatred. This is a lie.

I bear witness that there is None worthy of Worship except Allah, and I bear witness that Muhammed (SAWS) is the Messenger of Allah.

There is None worthy of worship except Allah, and Muhammed (saws) is the last and final messenger of Allah.

I reject the imposter Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani. I believe in Allah who does not resemble any other creation and nor can He be compared to any being: living or dead. I believe in his AngeIs and I will not see them. I believe in All His Books including the Torah, The Old Testament and the Quran. I believe in all His messengers and accept Muhammad, whatever they say or suggest, is the Final in the line of messengers. I believe in the last day and understand I will be held accountable for all my deeds. I accept my Prophet as Muhammad. I accept my Religion as Islam. I accept Allah/God is One and accept He is the reason I am here and to whom I shall return. I accept all good and bad is from Allah. He is my Lord. Muhammad is my Leader. He is the last in line of all Prophets. There is no one after him. He is my leader. I will follow him to the end.

To the team behind this site: Thank you. It was the final push I needed to confirm this isn't right. Is this a Cult? I am certain of this now.

May you all be rewarded- whoever you all are (the girl thing has never been convincing but hey I don’t mind).

I hope you all get what you finally deserve Jamaatul Ahmadiyya.

This is from me on behalf of all the girls you slandered in your reports. Shame on you. Do you not have mothers or sisters or daughters yourselves?

This site has my full support. I think it is about time the truth was 'unveiled' or should I say the 'faketh unveiled'.

You can try and trace me and have me expelled but I don't care.

Mirza Masroor Ahmed I am no longer an Ahmadi. You are no longer my 'Hudur' and I am only honoring my parents by staying at home.

This is a genuine email and I would ask people to refrain from making any negative comments, as the young sister will be reading. I would ask Ahmadis to refrain from all insults and not to patronise her as she is very young, and we will not have you upsetting her.

So Mas, it seems that Shabs is doing a grand job at keeping the youngsters 'talakat' with the Jamaat in order! For those that were already harbouring misgivings, it seems like these scandals are giving them the nudge in the right direction: ISLAM. No true Islam, no new Islam but the One Islam! So keep it up because you are doing these youngsters the world of good!

I for one am very happy Mirza Masroor and Shabir Bhatti colluded together to authorise these reports on young men and women; if it means they are turning to Islam and rejecting this bogus religion of Ahmadiyyah, then right on! Keep up the good work Shabby Boy!

Yesterday I received another email from an Ahmadi who said that he 'longs for the tranquillity of Islam' so much so that it brings tears to his eyes. It seems this whole sordid cult is beginning to unravel. People are waking up to the irregularities and abnormalities. There is only so long you can cry 'Mullah'.

This right here is the fruit of years of cult tactics! You've only yourself to blame!