Saturday, 31 March 2012

Masroor and Ahmadiyya Marketing...

I was at home for the best part of yesterday, and as usual, my parents switched over from watching Prime TV to tune in for their weekly installment of the Qadiani leader's sermon. I thought I should watch it for research purposes, and it only helps strengthen my belief in orthodox Islam and confirm what I have known for many years and that is Mirza Masroor Qadiani AKA Mas is a religious fraud and this whole man made 'religion' is a farce.

So I had a listen to what this religious fraud had to say and as per usual, he never fails to deliver! He is either an ignorant oaf or he chooses to be a hypocritical despot but one way or another, it deserved a LOL.

Here is an extract from his Friday Sermon yesterday:

These days the ‘enemy’ enters homes in the form of immoral TV channels and the internet. Hudhur Aqdas said if we did not do Jihad against these our practices we will fall in satanic lap. Therefore we need to rise against this problem. We will have to call on God for this, it is not sufficient to simply say that one believes in God.

He must be aware that the Ahmadiyya Community is advertising its Promised Messiah and Mahdi on Zee TV right? Please take a look at this video if you haven't done so already. It is really quite funny. True 'Islam' Ahmadiyya is reaching out to ZEE TV viewers, advertising their empty slogan of 'Love for All, Hatred for None' and the arrival of their Promised Messiah:

Perhaps he doesn't watch ZEE TV, but surely he must be aware of the general content of this channel? Here is a ZEE Production video of a bollywood actress shaking her toned body to some track or another, surrounded by scantily clad women and adoring men, aired in January:

Sorry Mas, what were you saying about immoral/behuda/wahayat TV channels again mate? This dance here is pretty immoral if you ask me, don't you think so too Mas? I wouldn't be comfortable watching this in front of my male relatives! I am not taking the moral highground because I watch music videos and hollywood films which ain't much better but I don't give sermons against them and then advertise my Blog on MTV Base do I? So your administration/marketing team/you think its OK to degrade Allah's so called Promised Messiah and Prophet and parade his face on this channel, in between the bosom shots of bollywood babes but its not OK for Ahmadis to watch them? What's your Messiah's worth Mas? Do you think Allah would be best pleased you associating the 'chosen religion' to this?

Sort your marketing team out! You can't be telling Ahmadis to keep the 'enemy' out of their homes and then advertise their piece on the same channels you are telling Ahmadis to switch off. Have some class and have some shame and most importantly, get your morals and principles in check! You hypocrite!

Come on Ahmadis..think about your practises and weirdness of your won't hurt!

Friday, 30 March 2012

Allah is Sufficient....


that said....

Allah is sufficient enough for those who choose to do the right thing. You sit back and relax why don't you. You sit back and relax. 

Wednesday, 28 March 2012


 لا حول ولاقوة إلا بالله




Saturday, 17 March 2012

To Pass Some Time...


If you have some time then please check these videos if you haven't done so already. If you have, watch them again and provide half decent answers and defend your religion of Ahmadiyya. 

Some of these are videos uploaded by TruthUnveiled on YouTube. His account has a whole heap of videos on the Ahmadi Cult and I would ask Ahmadis to take some time out to have a listen and really think about what is being said. 

Oh and there is also a Poll over there in the right hand corner of the page >>> I would kindly ask AHMADIS ONLY to participate in, in light of what has been published here over the last 6 months. Thanks.

Short Videos by Shahid Kamal:

The Failures of Mirza: Shaykh Mumtaz ul Haq Short Videos

Short Videos by Farhan:

Random Videos:

Urdu Video by Tahir Mansoor Khan (Revert):

Call out Hypocrisy: Shamed Lawyer Abdul Aziz Khalifa, Canada Jamaat!


This is going to be the last post from me for a few weeks now. I have some matters that need my urgent attention and I must take a couple of weeks away from my duties here.  I do not intend to be away for more than a few weeks however, if I have to be away longer than I have planned, I will let you all know. Yes yes before you start, no there are no issues and the Jamaat hasn't scared me off and no one is in trouble, I just have other things that need seeing to. These 'things' are mostly work related. I have slacked off for far too long before and after the Christmas period and as the financial year is coming to an end, the pressure is on to get things in order and wrapped up. I would also advise that I will not be checking emails, so if you do need to contact me, please hold off for a few weeks. That said, I plan to change my email address and find one that works better with proxies as hotmail is an absolute nightmare. When it is set up I will then be able to reply to those that do email more often and more promptly. insha'Allah. Comments for all posts will now be locked to relieve my friend from her moderation duties, but I will allow comments for this particular piece so we can hear from our Canadian readers in particular.

As I don't have the time to scan or censor any documents so in this instance, I will leave you with something that ties in nicely with the post I put up on Sunday RE: Canadian Expulsion Checklist.

A revert to Islam from Ahmadiyya in Canada emailed me a few months back and alerted me to the shady character of the Canadian branch of the Ahmadiyya Cult, Deputy President (Naib Ameer) Khalifa Abdul Aziz. His position within the Cult, for the benefit of those not in Canada and those not familiar with him, can be confirmed by clicking on this link. He requested that I write something up about this Khalifa character, to elucidate the very apparent hypocrisy and mistreatment of ordinary Ahmadis in the Canadian Jamaat.

Khalifa Abdul Aziz is a disbarred and convicted lawyer who lost his license to practise law in Canada due to financial fraud and misconduct, involving mortgages of more than 30 properties in Ontario. On doing some research and on asking around some contacts here in London, I am under the impression that this fraud allegedly involved the Ahamadiyya housing complex in Maple known as 'Peace Village'. However, I must emphasise that I am unable to verify this, but this was told to me by a couple of sources here in London and a cross check with a relative in Canada seemed to confirm this.

A quick search of 'Khalifa Abdul Aziz Canada' on Google returned this:

Abdul Aziz Khalifa (1971), of the Town of Vaughan, was found guilty of professional misconduct for: participating in a dishonest, fraudulent, criminal or illegal scheme to obtain mortgage financing based on inflated purchase prices concerning 30 properties; failing to serve his mortgagee clients; acting for all the parties, namely the vendors, purchasers/mortgagors and the lenders/mortgagees, to several real estate transactions, where there was a conflicting interest without providing adequate disclosure to or obtaining the consent of his mortgagee clients and without advising all his clients that no information received in connection with these transactions could be treated as confidential vis-à-vis the other parties; and failing to disclose to his mortgagee clients his ongoing relationship with 8 individuals/companies and recommend that they obtain independent legal advice.
By Decision and Order dated June 20, 2006, the Hearing Panel ordered that:

  •  The Member be granted permission to resign his membership in the Law Society within 30 days, failing which he is disbarred.
  •  The Member pay costs of $1,000 within 30 days.
(Counsel for the Society, Naomi Overend/ Member not present and not represented)
(The Member's resignation became effective June 29, 2006)
The Ahmadiyya Jamaat Canada is co-run by a dodgy lawyer found guilty of financial fraud, involving a significant number of properties back in 2006, and he stills holds this position today! If you note from the above extract taken from the LSUC website, it states that 'the member's resignation became effective June 29 2006', and so it seems Abdul Aziz Khalifa accepted his guilt and handed in his resignation. If he was not guilty and it was a misunderstanding, he would have fought the ruling to save his career and reputation but obviously not, because the odds were stacked up against him. For those Ahmadis that will say 'but he wasn't even Vice President in those days but was given the job afterwards, once he had repented' please click here where you will be able to confirm that Abdul Aziz Khalifa held this position at the time of his conviction. He still holds this position today.

It's funny when Ahmadi propagandists swear blindly that no senior member of the Ahmadiyya Cult  has ever had run in with the law, let alone be convicted for fraud, and boast that all AhmadisAziz Khalifa, where it is alleged that the financial fraud in which he was found guilty of involved the world famous Ahmadiyya owned Peace Village. Er Hello, did this not set off alarm bells for the Canadian members?  Why is it that the Canadian Cult Jamaat did not take action against him, and why was he allowed to continue in such a prominent position? His character is questionable but he has been given the authority to lead the Ahmadi people in Canada, how does that figure?

In the UK, we have Nasser Khan for example, whose wife was convicted of Perjury and no action has been taken against him but at least his wife's misdemeanour did not involve the Jamaat as such! Canada is one of the biggest communities of the Ahmadiyya Cult worldwide, yet one of its most senior administrative leaders is a disbarred lawyer, found guilty of fraud and misconduct? Is that the best you can do? Does Mas know about Abdul Aziz Khalifa's case? If so, why is the 'Khalifa' turning a blind eye and letting this man continue to lord it over the Canadian Ahmadis? Does Mas have any principles? Clearly not but you insist on selling him as the 'Man of the Muslims' and expecting people to buy it? Please! What an insult! You Ahmadis need to understand just because Mas 'bhoot pyar karne waley hain' (he is so loving) it doesn't make him a Khalifa. Drop the love and pick up some reality because not only is he the worst leader of any group of people but he isn't as loving as you think....

Abdul Aziz Khalifa, you pathetic hypocrite and nasty little man,  you have absolutely no qualms in participating in the very public expulsion of members from the community for 'participating in a marriage against the teachings of Nizaame Jamaat', but you present a different face to western leaders of the State you live in. Abdul Aziz Khalifa, you are beyond contempt and a man with no integrity and morals, where you participate in the financial fraud involving 30 properties, but you present an image of being one where you are a member of an international community that boasts 'loyalty to State'. Abdul Aziz Khalifa, you were found guilty of misconduct and were banned from practising law but you very proudly stamp your name on letters authorising the expulsion of innocent and law abiding citizens?!

You were banned in 2006 but in 2011 you kindly authorised this:

You should have expelled yourself while you were at it. Why is it that there is one rule for the likes of you whereas for ordinary Ahmadis with absolutely no power, are treated like lepers and are subjected to public expulsions, resulting in social boycotting and the like? Why is it that there is such a system in place in the first place, if it doesn't apply to everyone? Why do you advocate such treatment of your fellow members but no action was taken against you, for a crime that resulted in you losing your job? This is serious! Why are you still in the Jamaat, let alone in such a position? Why was no action taken against you? Why did you not stand down, if you were a man of any principle? You are a disgrace and a hypocritical despot.

It is shocking to see just how many Ahmadis are accepting of such blatant hypocrisy. What is wrong with you? Forget what I believe, but if you believe this is Allah's Jamaat and you love it so dearly, then why do you insist on turning a blind eye? It is up to you to keep your Jamaat clean because you quite clearly cannot rely on your administration to do it, because they need a good wash down themselves!Do the right thing. This is a disgrace. Shame on you all who allowed this man to continue while he shamelessly helps run your Jamaat with an iron fist. And you have the nerve to poke fun at the Muslim world for it's fair share of tyrants and dictators but the difference is that this Muslims don't claim to belong to a divine sect.

For those Canadians who have access to similar Jamaat documents or anything that the Jamaat would rather not go public, I suggest you set up something similar and start exposing these scumbags for what they really are. It is not that difficult and it would be a great shame and an utter injustice against your fellow people if you kept quiet about it. Your State should know exactly what kind of spiritual thugs they are wining and dining with. They are disgusting and Abdul Aziz Khalifa is probably not an exception.

That's all from me for next few weeks. Try not to miss me too much!

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Girls Girls all type of Girls!

What is your favourite make up product girls? This has to be mine! It is a face highlighter by Georgio Armani Beauty. You will find it in Selfridges in Oxford Street, House of Fraser Westfields and the Bentalls Centre in Kingston.

The colour I use is Number.7. Its a really nice iridescent shade of pink that highlights the cheekbones really rather nicely. I also dab a bit on my brow bone, and it really helps to give them that lift so many of us need when we hit the wrong side of our twenties. Obviously I only apply a bit when I am going out because its a total waste taking it all off for Wudhu so there's no point really, but still, might as well from time to time. The Blog gives me sleepless nights. I have terrifying dreams Raf is trying to kidnap me with Mas and all his bodyguards, so sleep deprivation needs to be cleverly masked with this little bottle of beauty!

It is a bit of a crusty bottle but I have had it in my bag for ages now, and I tend not to take care of my things the way I should. Anyone who knows me, knows what a disorganised mess I am. Only Allah knows how I get through life, seriously! Lol.

Oh and my polish is from Dior and it is called 'Pink Graffiti'. Check it out. While you are there check out there polish in 'Electric Blue' that is a colour of art! I love it! Better change the colour before my parents notice it though!

PS: Jazak'Allah for you visiting the site to read this! I think the click-o-meter now reads something like 200,000 views!!!!!! Alhamdulillah. Allah has made this possible and has given me the opportunity to help the ordinary Ahmadi, in the hope they too might one day realise they are in a CULT. If you are getting bored of the site because not enough 'gossip' is going up, you can go now or return as and when I decide to publish more documents. I currently have a nice one I am reading from Dr Zahid Khan- a nice Qadha board letter.  Dr Shabir Bhatti has also been dressing up as Hitler yet again as it seems from what I have just pulled out of my Lidl Shopper. Bait ul Fatuh seems to be the hub of fights as well. Ahmadi life is like the insidesoap magazine! Oh boy where am I when this all happens?! Oh! Probably at a wonderful and inspiring Revert Class at my Local Masjid! There really is something out there beyond Ahmadiyyat and a world that loves the Prophet SAAWs, not fussing over some fake home made Khalifa! Come along...

Talking of revert classes, I go to a Masjid that happened to have really nice posters of 'the importance of Salaat' painted and drawn by children. They are soooo cute Mash'Allah! I went to the Ahmadi Centre of Worship a few weeks back for a Niqah ceremony of a family friend and I entered that dusty Nusrat Hall. Guess what I saw? Really nice posters, all colorful and bright and nicely drawn too! Of what? The Promised Son aka Musleh Moud.


PPS: Jamaat- no one cares? lol. Oh dear all that free publicity you gave me telling people to stay away from my Blog or IPs will be traced and people will be in trouble really did quite the opposite of what you wanted to achieve. Allah is Great and may His peace and blessings be upon the LAST and FINAL Messenger, the beloved Prophet of the Muslims, Muhammad SAAWs.





Monday, 12 March 2012


Can anyone tell me who said the following please? Answers below and I would particulary welcome Ahmadis to answer this! Also for added effect, whilst reading it through, do picture these beautiful and innocent (mashAllah) children of your Jamaat draped in Ahmadiyya flags reading it to you:

And another resemblance in khushoo (immersion in remembrance of Allah) and sperm is that when a person's sperm enters his wife or some other woman, then entering of the sperm into vulva and movement in the form of ejaculation is exactly like crying. Just like the resultant of khushoo is also crying. And just as sperm jumps uncontrollably to take the form of ejaculation same is the situation with crying at the height of khushoo that the tears jump out of the eye. And just like ecstasy of ejaculation is sometimes permissible when a man makes love to his wife and sometimes impermissible when a man makes love to a prostitute. Same is the case with khushoo and tenderness of heart and weeping, when this khushoo and tendering of heart is just for one and only God without any contamination of bid'at and shirk, then this ecstasy of tenderness is permissible. However, sometimes khushoo and soft heartedness and its delight is found through contamination of bid'aat or in worshiping creation or gods and goddesses but this ecstasy is similar to intercourse of adultery. (???? Vol.5 196)

Was it:

A) Your husband, when he tried to explain the delight of having sex with you and his prayers?

B) Mirza Ghulam Qadiani?

C) Your father, when teaching you about Khushoo and Namaz?

PS: Mirza Ghulam also has a new apprentice who is a new Prophet of Ahmadiyya. Please see  this to meet the latest Ahmadiyya Prophet.

*Apologies to everyone for the sexual content but as the Prophet of God has said it, no one will have a problem. If this causes offence then I am so sorry.

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Oh Canada, Oh Checklist!


Since starting up my Blog, I have only focused on the UK Cult administration and UK readers, but  I often forget that there are thousands of Canadians and Americans reading! Obviously being in the UK, we are not aware of what goes on across the pond in Cult World but I hear in North America, that they are just as mad and bad!

I have visited Canada a number of times during my summer holidays from Uni (that's vacation to you North Americans), as I have a lot of relations who live in Canada. I was (un)fortunate enough to visit the Ahmadiyya Peace Village one year, and boy was that an experience I don't want to relive ever again! For those not familiar with Peace Village, it is an Ahmadi owned housing complex in Maple, Ontario. Picture the eeriness of Wisteria Lane in the opening credits, but more creepy because it's actually real. On entering Peace Village from the main road, there is a big overhead banner type thing which reads 'Ahmadiyya Peace Village' or something of the like. They have streets named after the Ahmadi 'Khalifas', have a central 'Ahmadiyya Avenue' and its mostly, if not only Ahmadis who live there. I don't quite get how the Canadian Govt. allowed for it but they do have a very strong relationship with the Canadian Govt. and have been successful in maintaining it too. Years of sucking up has served the Ahmadi Jamaat well it seems! I went for a cousin's wedding and got lumbered staying at another cousin's house, whose husband is a hard core Ahmadi and holds some kind of poxy position within the Cult administration. He used to tell me how much of a mortgage he had too! LOL! Riba in Peace Village? Vay! Their house is right opposite the prayer centre which I must say, is a pretty impressive building. It was the worst holiday in the history of my entire life to date. There were Ahmadis everywhere, walking around in their uniform Burqas and half covered heads. Their kitchen was facing opposite the prayer centre and oh gosh, the number of slimeball perverts that used to walk by and stare in through the window. Urgh. It was the longest week of my life and I left feeling so unsettled by the whole experience of being in a closed off community in Canada. It was like a Canadian version of Rabwah and a Paki version of the Truman Show.

I wonder if like in the UK, they conceal their Cult behaviour from the Canadians? I bet your bottom dollar they do!! There is no way, if these officials were aware of the internal games and cult culture, that they would come near this sicko Cult with a barge pole! Come to mention it, I have heard that the Canadian Jamaat is more relentless in their marketing and propaganda, more so  than the Rafiq Hayat led one here in the UK and it is run by men who are not the greatest of characters (I will introduce UK readers to a Canadian Cult leader at a later date insh'Allah). The Canadian Cult adminsitration of the Ahmadiyya, like its UK counterpart, also uses public expulsions and ex-communication as a means to control the common Ahmadi. This helps creates a culture of fear amongst the people. It stops people stepping out of line, the line which is blurred according to who you are and who you know but nonetheless, there is a line.

Let me draw your attention to this 'Expulsion Checklist', that was leaked sometime ago over at

The gentleman mentioned in this instance was expelled because he had 'participated in a marriage against the teaching of Nizaam Jamaat.' This likely means that he attended a wedding where an Ahmadi married a non-Ahmadi, he was reported by snitches, and was expelled from the community he has known all his life as a result. Not only that, but the Vice President Khalifa Abdul Aziz has advised that his expulsion is announced in public! What a inhumane thing to do to somebody! I didn't realise Nizaam Jamaat which means 'administration', had its own teachings? Wow! Where are these teachings? Can we see the rules and regulations? Does it hold more weight than the Holy Quran, the scripture Ahmadis claim to follow? Where can members of the Canadian community get hold of a definitive guide to Nizaam Jamaat Teachings? What exactly constitutes as 'Immoral Behaviour', anyone? These should be made publicly available because after all, they should have the rules in order in clear written proof to know that they should abide by them? I didn't realise in the Quran it mentions that people can be expelled from this 'Divine Jamaat' because they attended a wedding where perhaps an Ahmadi married a Muslim? Can anyone find an example or something of the like from the Quran for me please?

What a bunch of hypocrites!! They mix with ghair-Mehrams when they throw Jamaat functions IN THE NAME OF TRUE ISLAM in Toronto, but then in the name of Nizaame Jamaat, they are expelling people from the Jamaat for mixing at a union of a man and woman? Here we have punishments and punishments that are made very public, yet they would never admit this to those on the outside. Why? What's there to be ashamed of? Would the Canadian Cult mind if this year, when I pay a visit to Canada in time for Jalsa, I stand on stage and tell their guests about this process of so called 'islah'? It is the truth after all, so I guess they wouldn't mind! This is un-Islamic but this Cult stills insists on raising the banner of 'true Islam', and complain they are being treated badly when they do this to their own people? Why are you all so blind to the hypocrisy? Fine, they want to carry on barbaric with their members, by all means, but then don't show another face to the western world!

Can you believe that this Cult has a checklist on reasons to expel people? Oh of course, they will say it is to help in the process of reformation, because going to a wedding means you are in dire need of reformation, but attending a Jamaat function with free-mixing is OK because it's a Jamaat function? Islamic code and conduct at Jamaat functions should be to the highest standards because after all, it is the True islam but when it comes to canvassing their Cult, they are happy to let that go straight out of the window! Remember, true Islam would not be hypocritical and would certainly treat it's followers with such contempt.

North Americans, from what I am told, you are a very active community and there most certainly is a treasure chest of information that is in the possession of some of you out there, without a doubt! If you are in the same boat as many of us in the UK, I suggest you start up some kind of campaign and  get it out there. I can help if you want, I have some things that may be of some use to you. A double assault from both sides of the Atlantic and it could significantly weaken their foundations, as well as their relationships with the western communities whose support they so desperately seek. Insha'Allah. Just a thought......

Oh and before I go, I would like to leave you with this! It is the funniest thing you have ever seen! Ahmadiyya Jamaat Canada, a Cult that expels and humiliates its members, broke the Guiness World Record for the world's largest human smile! Oh yes because its all Happy Days as far as these hypocrites are concerned! This smile and the Love for All, Hatred for None compliments their expulsion checklist nicely, does it not? Like chalk and cheese. Have a look at their twisted propaganda and LOL @ the commentary:

original link

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Mas is Too Much Funny Yaar!!!

You guys have to check these videos that I was sent by a friend along with the latest Prophet on the Block video!!! Too funny!!!! Where have these jokers been all my life??? A few of them are excellent in pointing out this monster's hypocrisy!!! As most Ahmadis, like their Masroor, are of Pakistani Punjabi origin and Punjabis are known for their humor, I hope you will enjoy the jokes!

Mas and his Shahnawaz Ltd Donated Car! A Bollywood Hero in the Making!

(and he tells you to be humble)

Mas and his Cough!

(Khalifa of a nervous disposition? Yeah, great quality of a leader!)

Mas the Lady Killer! Smooth Operator gets flowers!

(talking to non-Mehram ladies but expels people for going to mixed weddings?)

Mas busting some moves to Daler Mendi! Puppie Shuppie! Billie Shillie!


OMG Ahmadis!!! New Prophet Alert!!!

UPDATE Prophet of Ahmadiyya II has released a few official statements on Youtube for the Ahmadis: 

Khan speech in urdu 
Khan Message to the fifth succsessor 
Khan speech to Ahmadiyya

OMG readers!!!

I have a huge treat for you Ahmadis! I would like to introduce you to Zahid Ali Khan, a new claimant of Prophethood and he is after YOUR support, and your support specifically! Ahmadis please meet your potential new Prophet, who claims to have met Mirza Ghulam Qadiani! I hope you will all consider accepting him, as you have previously accepted Mirza Ghulam Qadiani! You accept Mirza Ghulam Qadiani on his say so because let's face it, all his prophecies failed; and he doesn't live up to anything the Quran relates about the Mahdi and Messiah, so you will have no problem accepting Zahid Ali Khan!! He seems like a good guy and guess what youngsters out there, he even likes Pitbull (the Puerto Rican singer slash rapper)! OMG!!! What a cool Prophet! He has some serious swagger unlike that Mas who can't even read properly, and more easy on the eye than the scary black and white mug shot of Mirza Ghulam Qadiani.

Here is Prophet/Messiah Zahid Ali Khan: 

He makes some valid points about the Ahmadiyya. Despite the Ahmadiyya claiming that they believe in the Finality of Prophethood/ Khatam an Nabiyeen (they claim they do but then contradict this claim by accepting MGA as a 'non law bearing nabi'.) their Prophet Mirza Ghulam Qadiani claimed this:
"It is possible that in future no Messiah may come. It is possible 10,000 more Messiah may come and one of them may descend in Damascus." (Izala-e-Auham, Roohani Khazain vol 3 p.251)
Now Zahid Ali Khan has laid his claim then you Ahmadis should consider it, because Mirza said it may be possible 10,000 could come and he could be one of them!! Quick, make sure you do it in his lifetime, then you can be a Sahabi, just like my paternal grandfather and probably your paternal grandfather was a Sahabi of Mirza Ghulam Qadiani! (I know, I thought it was just my family that was special but it seems everyone has a slice of the pie! Hmmmm...)

Muslims on the other hand, ahhh we need not worry about his claims because our religion dictates that we do not accept anyone who claims to be a Prophet/Nabi, because our Prophet SAAWs warned us about them. So we are dilemma free while Ahmadis have to consider every claimant to Prophethood because their Prophet said another 10,000 might make their debut! You see, wouldn't it just be easier if you accepted Prophet Muhammad SAAWs as the last (actual last, not Ahmadi interpretation of last) and forget all the 'bolt on' Prophets? It saves you the hassle of making a terrible mistake and anyway, imagine if 10,000 come in your lifetime, how many times are you going to jump religions/sects? Also, now there is a new Prophet on the Block, what will become of Masroor's position? You can't have a Khalifa and Prophet at the same time! 'Ah but that Zahid isn't a Prophet' you will say, but why not? Why? Mirza said 10,000 could possibly come so why are you denying him the position? If he is a Prophet, what should Masroor do? Accept the Prophet and go back to being a normal 'follower' because a Prophet cannot have a Khalifa! Oh my word, Masroor might just be a normal person and no longer a 'Man of God'.

By the way Ahmadi critics, please read the above quote again, where Mirza Ghulam Qadiani says one (Messiah) may descend in Damascus! Do you want to go and ask him how the Messiah will get his visa when he descends from the Heavens???  It seems that Mirza Ghulam Qadiani also supports this yet you choose to mock Muslims for it??? Uh Oh, it seems like you have plonked your Prophet in the same category as us because it seems like even he thinks it may well happen!! So next time you mock my 'Mullah' brothers and 'Mullahess' sisters for believing in such an 'absurd concept', check yourself, because your home made Prophet known to you as Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (as), The Promised Messiah and Mahdi and Krishna and Budda believed in it too! If it is such a ridiculous concept, why is your Prophet Mirza acknowledging it as a possibilty? Anybody? Explain? It seems like Mirza was covering his tracks so when it does happen insh'Allah, at least he could say 'I told you so, I never said it wouldn't happen'.

Come to Islam please and stay clear of these nutjob claimants! Just as this one seems like a total looney toon to you, that is exactly how Muslims feel about Mirza Ghulam Qadiani!

I will leave you with the following Ahadith:

The Prophet (Peace be upon him) said: There will arise 30 grand Liars (Dajjal) from my Ummah, each of them will claim that he is the Prophet whereas “I AM KHATAM AN NABIYEEN AND THERE IS NO PROPHET AFTER ME” [Sunnan Tirimdhi , Hadith # 2202]

Abu Huraira reported Allah's Messenger (may peace be upon him) as saying: The Last Hour would not come “UNTIL THERE WOULD ARISE ABOUT THIRTY IMPOSTERS, LIARS, AND EACH ONE OF THEM WOULD CLAIM THAT HE IS A MESSENGER OF ALLAH” [Book 041, Number 6988: (Sahih Muslim), Sahih Bukhari, Volume 9, Book 88, Number 237]

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Office Bearers in UK Cult Administration forced to join 'Will' Scam.


Ahhh you lucky so and so's, a double whammy from me today, with two entries! Don't worry, you won't be hearing from me for a few days after this so as a extra special treat, I am making this post extra long! I know how you all love my long posts, oh yes you do! I am on holiday from work these days you see, because I had to take my annual leave before I lost it to the system, explaining why I have so much free time on my hands! So, in between watching Kings of Queens, Bulging Brides (I thought I was slim until I started watching this daytime junk, stupid diets), I Used To Be Fat (one day, Insh'Allah) and re-runs of Desperate Housewives, I thought I should probably do as many posts as I can! It's not possible to blog while I am at work, because they restrict a lot of sites and that includes my Blog and to post anonymously while the family is roaming about isn't always easy! Plus, I am a very hard worker and I would never be on the Internet at work, besides when I am browsing,, and do also visit CBBC to play those stupid addictive games! Have a go, I would recommend Alien Athletics and Aqua Pigs, they make for great time pass between 16:25 and 17:00.

I know many of you have only recently started tuning into sites that are raising awareness about the Cult of Ahmadiyya, and you probably are not aware that there is a wealth of information out there that has been posted in the past. I wouldn't want you to miss out on it all, so I am going to try and bring out some old gems from the Cult Closet as a special treat!

This one is one of my favourites that I am borrowing from, because it shows this Cult is all about the ££ MONEY $$. It also serves as firm proof Masroor is changing the laws of Ahmadiyya, set by his great grandad Mirza Ghulam Qadiani, the Prophet of Ahmadiyya.

Below you will find a letter from none other than Rafiq Hayat, the President of the Ahmadiyya Association, that was circulated back in 2010 to office bearers (people who hold positions within the administration of the Cult). Have a read, but before you do, take  note of what Mirza Ghulam Qadiani, the Prophet of Ahmadiyya, said regarding 'Wassiyat':

 "Wassiyat is the making of a will in the favor of the Community, pledging 1/10 to 1/3 of one's total assets to the Jamaat at the time of one's death. A person who has pledged Wassiyat is known as a Moosi and must also donate 1/10 to 1/3 of his earnings yearly instead of chanda aam. This scheme was set up by the Promised Messiah under Divine Revelation. This is a VOLUNTARY pledge and carries other conditions with it."

This is shocking! Ahmadis claim to whole heartedly follow Mirza Ghulam Qadiani, the so called 'Promised Messiah' but it seems that Rafiq Hayat and their Khalifa Masroor are changing the rules and regulations he set out, for monetary gain! Shocking! How can they just change the ruling of what their Prophet said? The Prophet of Ahmadiyya ( I like to call it Scamadiyya) has made it very clear it is voluntary, but Mas is now demanding that people, if they want to stay in their positions, must sign up to the scheme. There is nothing in the 'Wassiyat' guidelines that says 'to be an office bearer, you must be a Moosi' so why is Mas trying to force people to sign up? Hardly 'voluntary' is it? Hey Ahmadis, as your Prophet Mirza said this scheme was set up under 'divine revelation', I am guessing he wrote the conditions of Wassiyat on these grounds? So what does Mas think he is playing at changing what was revealed to your Prophet Mirza by 'God'? Where do they get off forcing people to sign up to something like this? This isn't a joke, one's will is a big, big, big deal! You can't just expect people to sign over 1/10 of their estate just to keep their positions! What kind of monsters are you Mas and Raf?

For those who are not familiar with what Wassiyat is, Wassiyat means 'Will', as in a a Will that one would have prepared for when they die. Members of the Ahmadiyya Cult are encouraged to sign up to the scheme, where it is claimed by the Cult that you will go to Heaven if you become a member of the 'Wassiyat' Scheme. In short, when you die, the Cult will inherit 1/10 of your estate. When you do eventually kick the bucket, you are then buried in something known as the 'Heavenly Graveyard', where grave plots are reserved for members of the 'Wassiyat Scheme'. According to the official Ahmadiyya website "every Ahmadi firmly believes that only those members destined for Paradise are buried in this heavenly cemetery." The 'Heavenly Graveyards' are segregated sections of Ahmadiyya owned graveyards, that are gated off, reserved especially for those who in their lifetime, signed up for the 'Wassiyat' scheme. When a Cult member signs up for 'Wassiyat', they are known as 'Moosi'. This is considered a great honour within the Community, as it shows dedication to the cause, great self sacrifice and that you are also going to Heaven! Sign up, and you are fast tracked into Heaven but if you don't sign up, you are not going to Heaven.

1/10 is a lot to ask of someone, especially when parents have always thought of leaving what they have for their children. So the Cult emotionally blackmails people into signing up. Those who are not 'Moosis' are made to feel inferior and pride/status is very important within the Cult. This letter is a prime example; office bearers are told that if they do not sign up, they will be removed from their positions and be replaced with Moosis. Ahmadis bless em' consider it a great blessing to work for the community of God, and if their title is withdrawn, it can be a deeply distressing and upsetting time, as they would feel that their Khalifa is displeased with them. Many office bearers are elderly men who have retired and spend time volunteering for the community. That is a horrid thing to do to an old man. Unfortunately, my own father fell victim to this kind of trap and signed up to this sick scheme! Yep, that's just great, considering me and my siblings pay the mortgage (financial circumstances meant we had to) but as it's in my father's name, there isn't much we can do to stop the money grabbing, blood sucking Cult getting its mucky paws on it. So we pay the mortgage, and Mas will get 1/10 of it and there is nothing we can do. Unless insh'Allah by some miracle, my father realises what a sham this heaven scam is and cuts the Cult out of his Will. On that note, I would strongly advise Ahmadis whose parents have not yet been suckered into this scheme to do your level best to stop them from signing over what is YOURS to them. We were not consulted but if your parents do discuss it with you, protect them and protect what is rightfully yours from them. There is nothing worse than looking at your old and frail father and knowing he has been conned by spiritual thieves.

A few questions Ahmadis need to ask themselves:

  • Firstly, if Wassiyat is a voluntary type of chanda (as shown from the definition above) then why are office bearers being threatened with removal if they don't cough-up? Why is Mas changing the rules that were set by the Prophet of Ahmadiyya. What right does he have to do that or rather, does he have a right to do that?
  • Secondly, why must they "earn the prayers of Hudhur Aqdas by becoming Moosi"? Are the prayers of the Khalifa something to be bought and sold? Seems that way!
  • If this scheme was really set up under "Divine Revelation" then why aren't office bearers already part of it. Indeed, why aren't ALL Ahmadis part of the scheme of Wassiyat? Is it because deep-down they realise that it's just another way the Ahmadiyya Movement is stealing their money?
  • Is there any evidence in Quran and Ahadith to support this Scheme? Is there any evidence to suggest in the Quran that provided you are of 'good character' and are a 'Moosi' you are going to go to Heaven? If so, where is the evidence?  I don't want proof that 'charity' in the cause of 'Islam', I would like evidence from the Quran to show that my dad is going to go to Heaven after signing up to 'Wassiyat'. Can you provide that?
  • Is this letter anything but clear evidence that this cult is nothing more than a money-grabbing business?

Have a think about it....

Oh and before I go, if anyone is remotely interested in knowing what an actual Wassiyat/Will application form looks like, take a look:

Creepy Culty Crawlies Coming for your Cash! I won't tell you why they ask for a thumb impression, it will creep you right out! It's something to do with the dead body and the family contesting the Will. A signature can be forged right? Not a thumb print! Urgh. These people are beyond contempt! Notice anything on the first page? Caste? How very hindu-like and how utterly un-Islamic! Bla Bla Bla True Muslims my foot!

A 'Leper' and His Wife.. Ahmadiyya Cult Loves to Hate!

courtesy of MirzaBiz

Before I begin, I would like to make it very clear that I am not against the Hijab and believe it is the duty of every Muslim woman to cover as per Islam and the Quran, and in light of the teachings of our Prophet Muhammad SAAWs. In Surah al Noor in the Holy Quran, Allah instructs us that: 

"And say to the believing women that they should lower their gaze and guard their modesty; that they should not display their beauty and ornaments except what (must ordinarily) appear thereof; that they should draw their khimār over their bosoms and not display their beauty except to their husbands, their fathers, their husband's fathers, their sons, their husbands' sons, their brothers or their brothers' sons, or their sisters' sons, or their women, or the slaves whom their right hands possess, or male servants free of physical needs, or small children who have no sense of the shame of sex; and that they should not strike their feet in order to draw attention to their hidden ornaments." Quran 24:31.

The Hijab is not oppressive as some claim it to be but rather, it is to protect the Muslim woman from unwanted glares and stares. That aside, the matter of 'Purdah' is between the Muslim woman and her Lord. If a woman chooses not to wear the Hijab or observe 'Purdah' then that is between her and Allah, she and she alone is answerable for her actions. 

The Ahmadiyya Community claims to be, and I quote directly from their official website:

"an advocate for universal human rights and protections for religious and other minorities. It champions the empowerment and education of women. Its members are among the most law-abiding, educated, and engaged Muslims in the world." 

Seems all very fluffy and very Care Bear like, doesn't it? Well let me introduce you to Mirza Bashir Uddin Ahmad, a now deceased Khalifa of the Ahmadiyya Community, who was clearly all for the 'empowerment of women':

‘Those who take their wives in public without proper regard for parda, attend mixed gatherings, if they are Ahmadi then it is your responsibility that you should break all relationships with them. Do not shake their hand, exchange greetings neither accept their invitations nor invite them, so they realise that their nation disapproves of them because of their actions.” (Booklet ‘Parda’ Page 16)

He further said: “Going forward, you will neither shake hand, nor extend salution, neither accept their invitations, nor invite them, neither offer congregational Prayers behind them, nor give them any position in the Jamaat. In fact if possible do not even offer their funeral prayers.” (Booklet ‘Parda’ Page 18)

Shocked? Oh please, don't be, this is the reality of this sick and perverse Cult. A Cult that under the guise of registered charity no. 1102949 , treats its members with such hate and disdain. A Cult that pretends that it is all for human rights, but when the curtains are drawn and the lights go out, it treats its members with such hatred and contempt. Many ardent Ahmadis will defend this, and use the Taliban as an example as say 'what about the Muslim women who are stoned to death for showing their feet in Afghanistan'. What goes on in many of these Muslim countries is wrong and doesn't represent Islam and how on earth does that justify this nonsense? The Muslim countries at least do not hide their mistreatment of women whereas the Ahmadiyya Cult does. The world is well aware of what goes on in Afghanistan, but no one is aware of what happens in this Cult, because it conceals its true teachings and practises from the outside world. Cults hate light, as Shahid Ahmad once told me, and this couldn't be more true when it comes to the Ahmadiyya. So much so, that they are trying to very desperately to find out my identity and shut me down. They are very upset that their true face is being exposed on the world wide web! What a cult!

Here we have a 'Man of God' encouraging Ahmadis to completely boycott the man whose wife does not cover. Here we have a 'Man of God', whose profile can be found on the official Ahmadiyya website , demanding that the Ahmadi not shake the hand of the man whose wife does not cover. Here we have a 'Man of God' who is the late Uncle of Mirza Masroor Ahmad, encouraging the Ahmadi from not attending the funeral of the man whose wife does not cover, and the funeral of the wife. This is totally un-Islamic and this is not representative of Islam. In Islam, when someone passes away, we pray for them and pray for their forgiveness, not practically spit on their graves because they did not 'cover'!! This is a form cruelty and mistreatment, if only the members of this Cult would finally wake up out of their brainwashed states and understand! People in the UK treat their dogs better than this!

The leadership of this Cult actively and openly preaches this kind of hatred, as evident in their official publications. Need I remind you that Mirza Masroor Ahmad not so many years back,threatened young Ahmadi with ex-communication if they did not 'observe Purdah' This is what kind of treatment we, as women, have to put up with. Indeed, there is no denying that in Islam a woman is expected to cover, but as I have already said, this is a matter between woman and God. In this cruel Cult however, we are either threatened with expulsions  or our husbands will be punished for the women not covering. Of course, they will be quick to deny this, but how do they explain this hatred on their official website? Then, to counter what I have said, many will comment and say 'you know where the door is, every organisation has rules and regulations so leave if you don't like it'. Yes, this is true to an extent but not every organisation lies about what really lurks beneath and is as hypocritical as the Ahmadiyya Cult! They accuse my Muslim brothers and sisters of inciting hatred against them, but how will they explain their website, quoting their Khalifa who is clearly inciting hatred against its own members? This happens and it actively happens today! This is torture  and its torture that is inflicted on it's members, members who are unable to speak out against this oppression, for fear of the dreadful repercussions. 

Why do you, supporters of this Cult, insist on entertaining these Cult tyrants? Why do you insist on accepting their invitations to their 'peace conferences' without actually spending a bit of time researching who and what you are associating yourselves with? I understand it is not entirely your fault, you are impressed with their talk about 'freedom and loyalty' and the constant 'terrorist' bashing and of course, the delicious Pakistani food they serve up when you do attend their functions. But come on, please, for love of what is right , read up on them before being used by them as a free endorsement! Would you associate yourselves to Mormonism? What about Scientology? No, I thought not, so why are you associating yourselves to the Ahmadiyya? Do you know how disheartening it is to see an MP stand there and gush about how much peace work the Ahmadiyya Community does, while its members are too afraid to speak out, in case they are thrown out of their homes? How can you support these people? 

This is a 21st Century a modern day Britain! We are not in Saudi Arabia, where it is incumbent on a woman to cover but are in a liberal Great Britain where the choice should be ours, and covering because its part of our faith, not because some psychotic despot tells us to do so! Again, Hijab is part of the Islamic faith, and I believe it is the right thing for a woman to do, but I strongly condemn a community forcing it upon its members, members who have no choice but to comply with their demands. I am also very disappointed that you are helping this Cult and thus, in some way, you are legitimising this appalling treatment of both men and women in the 21st Century. You may not have been aware, but a quick search on Google would have returned thousands of results, detailing why the Ahmadiyya is a Cult! Why do you not research beforehand, instead of focusing so desperately on on 'inter racial ties'? By associating yourselves to a Cult, that insults the beliefs of the mainstream Muslim, who might I add, outnumber the Ahmadi by 2 million in the UK alone, you are alienating the mainstream Muslims. If its support you are after, whose support do you really need? A Cult group of 20,000 or Muslims who come in at more than 2 million? A Cult of Oppression, where if the woman doesn't cover, her husband is punished and treated like some kind of leper! When if a woman doesn't cover, she is threatened with public ex-communication and potentially being cut off from her family! This is a Cult and this is the hatred that their leaders, both past and present, actively preach! A Cult that on one hand presents itself as all loving and all liberal Islamic movement but behind closed doors, it is run by hypocritical tyrants who rule with an iron fist.

Ahmadis..don't you dare tell me that this is lies. Don't you dare tell me you are a peaceful organisation. Don't you dare use the words of MY Prophet Muhammad SAAWs as a means to justify this hatred, spewed out by your precious leaders. There is nothing Islamic about what your religion preaches because Islam is peace, Ahmadiyya is hate. Wake up and smell the coffee, your leaders are NOT Muslim and are NOT Men of God and certainly are NOT reviving the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad SAAWs because this is NOT how the Prophet SAAWs behaved or treated his people!

I would love for Rafiq Hayat, the official President of AMA UK to explain this! Go on Rafiq Hayat, explain this to Justine Greening, Edward Davey and whoever else, whether knowingly or not, supports your Cult! Please, read these loving quotes out at the next peace gathering held in your Cult HQ! Go on.... I dare you! Watch how the hall empties quicker than you can say Masrude!

PS: I have taken screen shots of the quoted page, should it be taken down by the Cult.

Monday, 5 March 2012

Obey the Administration and Obey Mas.... 100% CULTIFIED!

Hello! For the benefit of the non Muslims and non Asians reading this Blog as requested, I have provided below a few quotes from the official Ahmadiyya Community website, for your reading. Do make of them as you please, but I hope it will to help give you an insight into the psyche of the Ahmadiyya:

Once Upon a Time Mas said this:

"Some people claim that such and such office-holder is a flawed person therefore they can only obey the Khalifa; Huzuraba remarked that unless the entire Nizaam is obeyed one cannot obey the Khalifa in spirit."

Here, Mas is suggesting that if we disobey his men (e.g: the likes of Rafiq Hayat, Nasser Khan, Shabir Bhatti etc) we are disobeying him. As Ahmadis are led to believe that the Khalifa is Man of God, this is almost a grave sin and something Ahmadis fear. Nizaam means administration in Urdu and Huzuraba is another term for Mas. So when they mistreat people, we cannot do or say anything and we must obey them. How very hypocritical of a community that presents itself as one that is all for freedom and equality. This is a smoke screen to cover up what really goes on.

Once Upon a Time Mas claimed that: 

"If we do not appreciate our Community and do not pay heed to the word of the Khalifa of the time, we will we be distancing ourselves as well as our children from God."

Here, Mas is suggesting that if we do not listen to what he says, Allah (God) will be displeased with us, as well as with our children.

Once Upon a Time Mas also threatened that:
You have to be obedient without grumbling. You never have the right to say that such and such cannot be done or that you cannot do such and such at this time.
                     Page 3/8 of the PDF File. Hadhrat Khalifatul Masihil Khamis is an official term for Mas. 

Here, Mas is  demanding that we put up and shut up, and that we never have the right to question him or his administration. He expects blind obedience. Can you get anymore Cult like than that? Of course, in Islam, as in Christianity, there is obedience to your Lord and in Islam there is obedience to the Prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him). This Cult uses that as a means to gain and maintain control. Islam allows us to question, Ahmadiyya doesn't yet it claims to be Islam? Perhaps this will give you a better understanding of just one of the differences between Ahmadis and Mainstream Muslims.

The official community stance on a Khalifa is that they are appointed by Allah. It means you cannot question them, as they are Allah's representative on earth and if you question/disobey the Khalifa, you disobey/question your Lord. This is a big deal for those who have a firm belief in God; you do not want to upset Him or do anything that He will not be pleased with. This is why Ahmadis follow blindly, because this Cult tells them that if they don't, they are going against their Lord.

They claim that any mistakes a Khalifa makes is the same thing as a Prophet making a mistake. This to me, is blasphemy in every sense of the word, but the Ahmadiyya will claim everything and anything to stop the masses questioning any mistakes he/his administration makes. So for example, Mas frequently makes a cock up of administrative issues, he makes more mistakes than he does good. However, if you question him, its as good as someone questioning a Prophet in his time (such as the Prophet Moses (as) because there is no differentiating the mistakes an Ahmadi Khalifa makes and any mistakes made in the time of a Prophet. Mind games and scare tactics are what the Ahmadiyya Cult are known for.They use the Bible and the Quran to defend their sick Cult but the reality is, they are so far fetched from Islam and Christianity, that their arguments do not stand.

By the way, you might be interested in what kind of man they are following who said the following about Jesus (as), that Muslims consider a great Prophet of Allah. They follow a man known as Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani, who preached hatred but the modern day community present itself to the world, particulary the Christian world, as being a loving sect of Islam:

Don't you know that Manliness and Virility are praiseworthy attributes of men. Being eunuch is not a commendable quality just as being deaf and dumb are not commendable. Yes, this objection is indeed very great, that Hazrat Maseeh alaihis-salam being completely deprived of manhood could not leave a practical example of a perfect and upright social life with his wives. (Nur-ul-Quran 17-18, RK 392-393)

Then such birth of Hazrat Issa (pbuh) does not prove any respectability rather being born without father proves that he was deprived of some physical abilities.  (Chashma Masihi 28, RK 356)

The root cause of all the damage that alcohol consumption has had on the Europeans was that Issa alaihis-salam used to drink alcohol, perhaps because of some disease or an old habit. (Kashti-e-Nooh 66, RK 71)

Although Hazrat Maseeh kept healing physical ailments by this practice of mesmerism, in terms of instilling firm belief and guidance in the hearts regarding the Oneness of God and in establishing religious steadfastness, his achivements were so poor that he was almost a failure..  (Izala-e-Auham 310, RK 258)

He came to a particular nation and Alas! the world did not get any spiritual benefit from him. He left an example of such a prophet-hood whose harm proved to be greater than its good. Sufferings and Conflicts increased due to his coming. (Ittmam-al-Hujjat 28, RK 308)

Show us any faction of morals of Hazrat Maseeh - he is totally deprived of morals. Even a yogi can claim to tame the desires but without proofs. Maseeh (pbuh) did not show even the courage equivalent to Imam Hussain alaihissalam. (Mulfoozat Vol4 107)

 * Hazrat Maseeh/ Issa refers to Jesus.

 Please take the time out to consider what we have been force fed all our lives, and what continues to govern the lives of our elders and in turn, our lives. The ardent members of this community often taunt people like myself, saying if I hate the community so much, I know where the door is. If only it were the easy because it is not as black and white as that. I have ties here, and ties that will be broken forever once I do leave. So please, at least think twice before supporting such a Cult and do not be fooled by their charity work and the like. It is all a facade.