Sunday, 4 September 2011

The Sunday Scandal Session 2: SPY (on) KIDS


So then its Sunday and as promised, the spotlight is on Ahmadiyya ‘so called Muslim’ Community of the UNITED KINGDOM, the community that flaunts itself to the white man, begging acceptance, trying to convince the world of its tolerance, peace, love and freedom of its members. The same community that publicly attempts to discredit and humiliate Muslims, in an attempt to dress its own image up as some tree hugging and all loving new age Muslim organisation! Well I have news for you, avid readers of mine… I am going to slowly and very publicly undress this Jamaat and leave it stark naked in front of the world. I am very slowly, but surely, going to remove every dirty rag of theirs and I am going to show you what really goes on inside.

What I am going to present to you this Sunday is, simply put, absolutely disgusting. It goes way beyond the spying of innocent Muslim men, who had the misfortune of coming across one their creepy centres… The excuses that Ahmadi Jamaat members had for this particular scandal ranged from ‘we are under threat’ and ‘we were attacked in Lahore and 98 people died’… well let’s see what they have to say for this!

Below you will find 16 cases of Waqf E Nau children (for the Muslim readers out there, who don’t understand the Cult’s made up language, it’s a name for a group of children ‘chosen’ by the Jamaat as special ones who are supposed to dedicate their lives to the Jamaat and propagation of Ahmadiyyat). These are reports compiled by the Amoomi (another cult term of the Jamaat, who are basically spies of the Jamaat who sniff out ‘misbehaving’ qadianis and send reports back to the centres) and were passed on to Mirza Masroor Ahmad, the divinely appointed ‘Khalifa’ of the Qadiani Ahmadi Community for his ‘divine’ consideration. The age ranges from 13 to 17, and pictures were also presented for Mas to have a look at. I have removed ALL names, together with their Jamaats (which area they are part of), their parents’ names and any positions they may hold within the organisation. The pictures you will find grouped together at the bottom of the following text, with all faces blurred to protect the children involved and also, I have deliberately grouped the pictures together so should anyone recognise the pictures, they will not be aware of exactly what ‘ACCUSATIONS’ have been levied against each child. Excuses at the ready my former brother and sisters in Ahmadiyyat.... lets get this show on the road……

For Beloved Huzoor’s Attention:

We have noticed a new trend amongst some of the young girls. They deceive their parents and the public by covering their heads with a scarf. However they are still carrying out very un- Islamic acts.

There is also a shisha Bar owned by an Ahmadi family in Tooting (on Tooting Broadway). This is called Punjab Sweet House and is a bar that is regularly visited by Ahmadi Children.  

The Shisha bars that these children have been seen in are:
Punjub Sweet House (Tooting)
Cliffton Shisha (Balham)
Bubbles (Kingston)
Shisha (Edgware Road)

We have found that all these children finish school at 3.30 however do not arrive home until much later.

Case 1
Name: Girl 1 –Waq’fe nau

Father’s Name: (removed: president of Jamaat X)
Mother’s Name: (removed: works @ Lajna)
Jamaat: (removed)

Accusation:  Is reported as having a boyfriend (Pictured below), and spending large amounts of time carrying out un-Islamic acts.
We have warned (name removed) and her parents of this issue, however we have seen that it has made no difference she is still seeing her boyfriend and sneaking out of the house when her parents are unaware. She has been telling her parents she is leaving for revision however has been spotted at Clifton and some other Shisha Bars.

Case 2
Name: Boy 1-  Waq’fe nau

Father’s Name: (removed)
Mother’s Name: (not specified)
Jamaat: (removed)

Accusation:  Is reported to have had several different girlfriends one of which is Girl 5 (also Waqfe Nau). His present girlfriend id pictured below.     

Case 3
Name: Girl 2-  Waq’fe nau

Father’s Name: (removed)
Mother’s Name: (not specified)
Jamaat: (was living in Jamaat X)

Accusation:  Is reported to have had many different boyfriends and regularly seen visiting shisha bars (Below picture is in a shisha bar).   

Case 4
Name: Girl 3  Waq’fe nau

Father’s Name: (not specified)
Mother’s Name: (removed)
Jamaat: (removed)

Accusation:  Is reported to have many different boyfriends (Present boyfriend is pictured below) and is using drugs regularly (weed in particular) and drinking alcohol.  

Case 5
Name: Girl 4 Waq’fe nau
Father’s Name: (removed)
Mother’s Name: (not specified)
Jamaat: (removed)

Accusation:  Is reported to have had several boyfriends and is also thought to have lived with many different boys. She abides by no rules of parda and is said to be out of the control of her parents.
Siblings: Bro XYZ is her brother and also out of control. Jamaat has warned him on many occasions (previously he was caught in the gang: Paki Mafia) and is also said to be heavily involved with drugs.   

Case 6
Name: Boy 2  Waq’fe nau

Father’s Name: (removed)
Mother’s Name: (removed)
Jamaat: (removed)

Accusation:  Is reported to have several girlfriends, and is seen regularly at shisha bars.

Case 7
Name: Boy 3  Waq’fe nau

Father’s Name: (removed)
Mother’s Name: (removed)
Jamaat: (removed)

Accusation:  Is reported to have been in a street gang, and due to this police have visited him on several occasions. He also is involved with lots of different girls. 

Case 8
Name: Boy 4  Waq’fe nau

Father’s Name: (removed)
Mother’s Name: (removed)
Jamaat: (removed)

Accusation:  This boy used to be in Jamia however was excluded due to inappropriate acts. He has had several girlfriends and is seen in many different shisha bars regularly. Also believed to drink alcohol. 

Case 9
Name: Boy 5  (Waqfe’ nau?)

Father’s Name: (removed)
Mother’s Name: (not specified)
Jamaat: (removed)

Accusation:  He is believed to have several different girlfriends and performs many other Un- Islamic acts.
Siblings: His younger siblings are Girl X and Boy Y who have been influenced by their older brother. They also are involved with boyfriends and girlfriends.

Case 10
Name: Boy 6 Waq’fe Nau

Father’s Name: (removed)
Mother’s Name: (removed: top position in Lajna Amla)
Jamaat: (removed)

Accusation:  He is believed to have several different girlfriends, and also is heavily using drugs. He also is said to influence other children in bad ways.

Case 11
Name: Girl 5 Waq’fe Nau

Father’s Name: (removed)
Mother’s Name:  (removed: president of Jamaat Y)
Jamaat: (removed) 

Accusation: She is said to have had many boyfriends (one was Boy 1 also Waqfe’nau), and also performs many different Un-Islamic acts.  

Case 12
Name: Girl 6 Waq’fe Nau

Father’s Name: (removed: member of Amla)
Mother’s Name:  (removed)
Jamaat: (removed)

Accusation: She has run away from home- to Germany. She is living in Germany with a young Local German boy without Nikkah. The boy is not Ahmadi.

Case 13
Name: Boy 7 Waq’fe Nau

Father’s Name: (removed: Ansarullah Amla member)
Mother’s Name:  (not specified)
Jamaat: (removed)

Accusation: He is reported to have a girlfriend and is seen hanging around after school and performing un- Islamic acts. Has been warned before by Jamaat members for being violent.

Case 14
Name: Boy 8 Waq’fe Nau

Father’s Name: (removed: works for Raf Hayat’s office)
Mother’s Name:  (removed)
Jamaat: (removed)

Accusation: He is reported to have an Ahmadi girlfriend- Girl XYZ (sister of Girl 3)

Case 15
Name: Girl 7  Waq’fe Nau

Father’s Name: (removed)
Mother’s Name:  (removed)
Jamaat: (removed)

Accusation: She is reported to have had many different boyfriends and is constantly seen hanging around with Ahmadi boys.

Case 16
Name: Girl 8  Waq’fe Nau

Father’s Name: (removed)
Mother’s Name:  (removed)
Jamaat: (removed: full address was supplied)

Accusation: She is reported to have had many different boyfriends and is constantly seen hanging around after school and performing un-Islamic acts. She regularly visits shihsa bars. 

Sickened? It goes on and on and on! There are so many reports here, but this was the easiest to put together by far! The others would have required a serious amount of editing, and I am doing all this from my phone and so, do not have the time to run them here. In the near future, I will bring more to light, for the benefit of my readers. 

I really just don’t know where to begin. What shall I say? What can be said for all of this? Every time I read over the documents, I felt physically sickened and wanted to smack up the faces of those behind this! The poor children…. seriously lost for words, how can anyone even explain this to the outside world, whether justifying or condemning it? I can’t even condemn it because it goes so far beyond everything right that it’s so very difficult to put into words, what I want to say. Uttering profanities seems the easiest option right about now, but I will hold back, it will only add to the ‘oooh look at this spying hypocrite with a potty mouth’ backlash. 

So we not only have another example of spying but this time, they are turning on their own but also, we have here a handful of  no doubt what are many examples of the true and sorry state of the Ahmadiyya youth. Agreed, kids these days are messed up, I was one of them too once, but I mean seriously? Qadianis are meant to be TRUE MUSLIMS, shining examples for the rest of the world and even the Waqf e Nau kids can’t even manage to hold it down! The Waqf e Nau kids are meant to be 'the ones', you know the 'best of the best'; though might I add, there is no such scheme in ISLAM and never has been...its some made up wacky club, so no doubt it wouldn't churn out future world renowned Imams and scholars-right? It’s not even their fault, the poor and sorry souls are followers of a corrupt regime in the name of Islam, following a fraud for a Prophet! They believe they are Muslims but little do they realise that what they are following couldn’t be more far removed from Islam, even if it tried. When there is no real deen, and they are following a fake ass religion, what can anyone expect? They are no better off than atheists in many respects.

What really gets me is the hypocrisy of the Jamaat! The amount of abuse myself and others have received by publicly exposing the corruption with the Jamaat, and this Jamaat spies on its own (oh those who accused me of being a spy, least I don’t spy on my own- the Jamaat is NOT my own) and then circulates the misdeeds of the youth on their precious Waqf e Nau scheme amongst various officials.How do you think I managed to get hold of this, all those months back and so darn easily too?! They shamelessly circulated the names of these kids, with pictures of many young girls to go with it, to various 'daftar' (office/administration) officials ! These girls are certainly of ‘an age’ and their pictures are being circulated amongst goodness knows how many men and boys! How utterly disgusting and dead against the concept of ‘Purdah’ that this Jamaat prides itself on (or least it seems to think it does **ahem ahem Mas’s hand**

So defenders of the Jamaat, are these unsuspecting Ahmadi youngsters a security threat too, just like the Muslim men who wanted to pray at your centres? Go on, let us here it, how can you possibly explain this? Why the need to spy and write up reports on them, huh? And no…don’t come at me with ‘oh its to help them, its for their betterment’..NO! It isn’t! No one has the right to parent a child, besides the parents themselves and no one has the right to follow these kids, take pictures, hunt for pictures, write up reports full of nothing but ACCUSATIONS and pass them on to various officials! I might add that it’s usually the officials with messed up families, but are the ones endorsing the spying of unsuspecting children?! 

Some of these kids belong to families of active/top Jamaat members and with all that time dedicated to the 'community' is it any wonder their poor kids are running wild (that's IF they were) Why don’t they get their own houses in order, before chasing innocent children around with undercover mobile phones and writing up such horrendous statements about them? I mean, take a look at every single case, the accusations are so, so bad! ‘Reported to have had several boyfriends’…they are 15 years for crying out loud!!!!! How many boyfriends were they going to get through by the age of 15?? Either it’s a lie or these girls started off at a really young age! Weed? Alcohol? So what, were your spies there, when these kids were enjoying some of the ‘good stuff’? Did they dabble in it too? Sickos. Who the hell was the ‘reporter’, it sounds like some seedy paki ahmadi version of the National Enquirer! Who were their sources? 

The idiot behind this report constantly goes on about ‘non Islamic activities’ er hello?! Mate, wasn’t the very fact you were writing up these reports and then going on to circulate them unilsmaic?? Imagine how many proposals could well be written off for these girls if for example, word got out to the wives of the officials who had access to these reports! My mother has seen them, and has sons, imagine if one of the girl’s was a potential we had in mind for one of my brothers? Instant write off! And then Mas has the audacity to moan and complain about the pathetic rates of marriages within the community! Girls are the IZAAT (honour) of their families and you evil and twisted people are killing that! How dare you and really young girls too, snooping and spying on young women- perverts!

The Jamaat thinks nothing of ‘accusing’ innocent young men and women. We had a recent example where 2 girls were blamed for being members of thecult based on ‘suspicions’ and their reputations too, have been left in tatters and it is the Jamaat that is responsible for all of this! People are expelled because of accusations going around in the Jamaat and no one can comprehend the damage this can do to people, the sickening psychological damage this can have on people! Then they squeal with delight when ‘dead leaves’ fall away… talk about BAD people management! Idiots. What makes it worse is, that you send these idiot spies into various ‘shisha bars’ looking to find faults and errors and taking pictures of underage girls!!! Why look for their faults? If you don’t go looking, you won’t find them! You have no right to snoop on people in their private lives! Just because they are Ahmadi, it does NOT give you an ‘Access all Areas’ pass into their lives! They attend your centres and that’s it, asides from that, they have NOTHING to do with you sickos and EVERYTHING to do with their parents! Leave them be for goodness sake! Most kids grow out of it and what you are doing is just pushing them further and further away! They look at their Muslim friends no doubt and see they ‘normality’ and look at their situation and see ‘weird and messed up’. And hey, Jamaat e Ahmadiyya UK, isn’t it YOU that is attempting to raise almost £20,000,000 to set up prayer centres for the sake of the youth? When your current centres did F all for the.... stupid money grabbers!!! You will not reach your target if I have anything to do with it ;P

We are constantly told how great a sect you are, how Ahmadis are shining examples and the perfect embodiment of what Muslims should be and then, we see this! Mas, in your recent sermon you bragged about ‘CON-verts’ who were into smoking and alcohol and then changed on ‘accepting’ Ahmadiyyat but born and bred Ahmadis, on the ‘chosen one scheme’ are just as bad, if not worse according to this reports! That is why no one should believe a word that comes out of your mouth! You constantly lie and try to put Muslims down, when your own community is messed up to the max (Qaid Scandal/These reports). Parents have the right to know about their children and what they may/may not get up to but Mas does not! He is not a MEHRAM to these girls! He is not a family friend!! He should not be passed on such damning and distasteful reports, and these are passed through various office bearers to get to him! Oh and by the way Jamaat, I am getting in contact with the above named Shisha companies to warn them of your antics, its best they know so they can protect other customers from your creepy culty conduct!

So OK, bring it, lets here the Sunni slander, the Mullah bashing and the ‘all muslims are messed up’ come backs! Bring it to my table, lets hear what you have to say for yourselves but remember this: If a sunni sleeps around, it doesn’t make Qadiani Ahmadiyya Jamaat International any LESS of a cult. (Just thought I would slip that in coz you see, I am ready for you!). And whats that I hear, Mr and Mrs Anonymous'?? What? Did I hear you just say 'not all Ahmadis are rapists, fornicators and frauds'? No, of course not, just like not all Muslims are terrorists. Touche! :P (hurts doesn't it? yeah...thought so).

Kids, if you are reading and recognise yourselves in any of the pictures, you need to make contact with me! I will only give you the information personal to you, and will do so at your request and confirmation of your name, Jamaat and parents’ names. I think you have a right to know what has been written about you, and exactly what sort of information the Jamaat ‘thinks’ it has on you. I don’t know what you can do with it, maybe you can go to the police or more than likely, you will choose to do nothing. This Jamaat has brainwashed its people into thinking it’s OK to carry on like this and those that do not agree with their actions just won’t say anything because it will fall on deaf ears. Let it be known that this won’t stop them because as I said previously, it is embarrassing they have been exposed, rather than them being embarrassed by their actions. This will continue but they will simply up their security and close in on how many people will have access to these documents and their spying operations will certainly intensify only, this time, it will go more underground and fewer people will be involved. 

My advice to all of you: do NOT give them anything to go on, protect yourselves and your reputations…please! For those brave enough, I would report this to the police, it’s perverted, creepy and most certainly illegal if you were under the age of 16. I am sorry if it seems like we are picking on your faults, by highlighting that you guys reportedly ‘messed’ up to show Mas he talks shiz! That’s not the aim of this game; it is to show the world the underworld and creepy tactics of a cult that presents a deceitful and misleading image of itself to the world! See me, I don’t care what you have done because the chances are, most are just ACCUSATIONS as the report clearly states. And even if you did all that plus more, I still don’t care because at one point, I wasn’t the greatest example of how a kid should be either. I was lost too and needed direction; and Alhumdulillah I realised the error of my ways and managed to stagger over to the right side (Islam: Normal Islam: Islam of the Prophet saw). I always used to ask myself this: ‘can my parents be wrong, I am in the wrong religion??…nah they cant be’ but then I would take a look at an image on Islam Channel of millions circling the Kabah and would ask myself ‘surely they ALL cant be on the wrong path..?’

Stick to the majority and you cannot and will not go wrong! Allah will never fail the followers of the Prophet SAW! Regardless of what Ahmadis say, Muslims (non ahmadis) are the followers of the Prophet SAW and Allah SWT will NOT fail them on them not accepting this so called Messiah!! To be or not to be a Muslim is NOT based on accepting/rejecting a Messiah, this is not a fundamental of the Muslim faith and does not determine your status as a Muslim. Please Wake up and check yourselves before you wreck yourselves, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was a fraud!! Check your friends going to the Masjids in South London and ask yourselves, how can they ALL be wrong in their beliefs? You are better off with them than the Ahmadis…I promise you that! Spend time with them, improve with them, enjoy with them and develop your Deen with them! 

The Jamaat markets itself as the best of the best, creme de la creme of the ‘Muslim’ world but have nicely shot themselves in the foot with this one! You know if you want, I can publicly prove it to you Mas, if you insist on slating my Muslim brothers and sisters out there..what do you say? Tit for tat I think they call it, right? We can flip the scripts too you know! 

And in the Tariq Magazine, Mr Bhatti tried to convince the readers of the June edition Ahmadiyyat wasn’t a cult! HA. Try again….

Next week… another scandal for you! Spread the word amongst the boys of London, they might be very familiar with this story!!!! (or it might be the Sunday after, I have a wedding to go to on Sunday so I might not be able to get a new piece up on time…).
Let me leave you with this: Imam Suhaib Webb Tearing It Up!!! (no spying involved).

think about it. Islam Vs Ahmadiyya. Imam Webb Vs Mas. etc Vs etc.