Friday, 13 January 2012

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A few of my readers have got in touch to tell me that the site is not working properly with Blackberry phones. Can anyone with a Blackberry phone see if they're having problems loading pages, or when clicking on topics. If so let me know on the comments (you'll obviously have to use something other than your Blackberry) and I'll try to resolve the problem.

Where Are Your Converts At?


I came across this very interesting video on Youtube. It's a short interview with Lauren Booth, the sister of Cherie Blair. She reverted to Islam in 2010 and gives some very insightful thoughts on what drew her to Islam. Have a watch:

This video also got me thinking. Where are the prominent Ahmadi converts? I mean I can't think of ANY.. not even a single one. Which begs the question.. why aren't more people drawn to Ahmadiyyat? Ahmadis harp on about how they're the fastest growing, most dynamic, blah, blah religious group ever.. yet what do they have to show for it? They claim fake followers in the hundreds of millions, conveniently in places like Africa, where the common Ahmadi can't verify for themselves.

Surely if this was Allah's Jamaat and Mirza was a 'Messiah', Allah would be assisting you in world domination, just like He assisted Islam. What's wrong here? Apply a little logic Ahmadis.. it won't hurt! We know conversions aren't happening in the UK, thanks to recent leaks, so just why is Ahmadiyyat so lacking in attracting people to the 'True Islam'? And yes.. that's a rhetorical question.