Friday, 30 September 2011

Ahmadiyya Girls in the UK advised to Boycott Muslims!

Sometime back, there was a guy, a closet Muslim no doubt, who was posting on the forums as Khalid. Khalid came across the following email, sent by the National President for Lajna (Ahmadi Ladies) in the UK to all local (halqa) presidents, advising them to pass on this message:

Dear Sadr Sahiba
Assalamo alaikum wa Rehmatullah wa Barakatohu
May Allahtallah grant you and your family a long life in good health and happiness. Amen. In the wake of recent opposition by non Ahmadi Muslims, in the UK, against our Jama’at, this is just a reminder for all of us to be aware of the circumstances and to take extreme caution, especially the youth who can be easily targeted by the opposition. Hence, Ahmadi girls, especially those in universities, should not join any Islamic unions or groups on campus, as such groups can also begin to spread hatred against our Jamaat. Young girls should be extremely cautious when making new friends at colleges and universities. They should also not be over confident and trusting with friends they have known for longer. As we all know, the internet can have positive points but we should also keep in our mind the dangers then can arise. A girl’s honour, respect and dignity, is very precious and difficult to get back once lost. Girls should be strongly discouraged from uploading their pictures on the Internet or giving them away otherwise, for example as part of a group picture. Girls should be discouraged from joining any social online network, as anyone can pose as an Ahmadi in order to try and befriend Ahmadi girls with the sole purpose of influencing them negatively against the Jama’at. Please continue to pray that Allah may protect all of us against harm, Ameen. Jazakallah. Wassalam,
Shmaila Nagi
Sadr Lajna Imaillah UK

And then they say they are the ones who are alienated and maligned by mainstream Muslims, when their REVERT president is spewing out this sort of hatred?! Talk about scare mongering and sensationalising the so called 'hatred' against the Ahmadis, discouraging Ahmadi girls from keeping Muslim friends and joining Islamic societies!

This woman's hatred for Muslims speaks volumes and is very clear for all to see! On initial reading someone might be excused if they thought this was written by a member of the BNP! This email clearly shows how much of a cult the Ahmadiyya Jamaat really is. Even before Ahmadi girls start university they are being indocrinated against Muslims. Control.. control.. control.. that's the name of the game for the Jamaat. Heaven forbid an Ahmadi girl mixes with a Muslim girl and catches some terrible anti-Jamaat disease!

The irony in all of this, is that the Ahmadiyya Jamaat themselves go on and on about how Muslims boycott Ahmadis. They cry and shout and scream with little evidence and run to the local papers and try to kick up a fuss: click here. When in reality it is the Ahmadiyya cult that calls for boycotts against innocent Muslims, as evidenced in the above email.

I thought this cult's motto was 'Love for all, hatred for none'?! Where is the love? I think we can all agree that 'Love for tyranny, hatred for Muslims' is much more apt. Shamaila Nagi...SHAME ON YOU!!

World: This is the REAL face of the Ahmadiyya Community: a community that actively encourages boycotting of Muslims, and then goes crying to the white man that all they want is to be accepted! What a joke and this woman, the biggest joker!

Oh and lets hear the 'we were kicked out of our prayer room at uni' comments... go on! It pays no relevance but I know some of you are dying to say it already!

Read it for yourself here:

and here:

P.S. And to all my haaaters, here's my tune of the day: Barbie girl by Aqua! I'm thinking it should be more like: 'I'm a qaadi girl, in a cuuuult woorllddd ooh whoa ooh ahoa'!