Tuesday, 31 January 2012

The Sunday Scandal Session 14: Wife of Nasser Khan Convicted of Perjury!

This is going to be a lengthy post somewhat, so before you moan at me as many of you usually do, if you don’t want to read, please close your browser now. Close it! Oh sorry, you can't bring yourself to close it because you just can't help yourself! I got you ;)

I wasn't going to do this so soon, I planned to come back in a few months and reveal it, but there was a comment made by someone earlier on today that made me change my mind! So thank you for commenting and giving me the push to do this!

I am sure many of you will remember that some weeks back I told readers that I had something that Nasser ‘Nas’ Khan, the deputy president of the Ahmadiyya Association, would hate to see wind up on my blog. Unfortunately for Nasser Khan, but fortunately enough for my readers, I was just delaying putting it up for personal reasons and also as I wasn’t sure of the legal ramifications, I wanted to be extra cautious! However on sound legal advice, I have been told ‘my back is covered’ and now that my personal issues have been resolved, I am free to put this up! Yippee-ki-yay! I had it the whole time! Ahmadis: understand if I say I have something, I have it! That includes a few things that will finish a few officials in your Jamaat but all in good time my friends, all in good time! There is a pattern to my madness! Read carefully and try and figure me out! You might even be able to figure out my identity if you really concentrate!

Fozia, this hasn’t been an easy decision for me to upload this. However, on careful thought and much deliberation, I know this is the right thing to do and it is the best thing to do. I know it’s not nice, but then what happens to people when their kids get kicked out of your Cult for marrying Muslims isn’t nice either. Sorry Fozia, you never had to quite deal with that did you, because your husband’s position meant your son was freely able to marry without your family suffering the consequences. The same cannot be said for many of the innocent Ahmadis who are left hurt, humiliated and cut off from their families! If you throw mud, I will throw mud back at you, on behalf of all those you have hurt and humiliated. You and your husband knowingly and willingly participate in this Cult and for that, I believe you should also be held to account! Cult Officials it seems that the tables are now turning. They call it ‘Power to the People’, don’t they? I feel a bit like Tina Turner all of a sudden! Oooh!

Anyway let us get stuck in! Late last year, I was told by various Ahmadis that Fozia ‘Fozzy Bear’ Khan was charged and convicted of perjury (lying on oath). This information was told to various individuals by the Khans’ themselves and once I had been told, I made it my mission to get the proof, as its NEVER enough just to tell you Ahmadis and expect you to believe it. Funny that, because you happily believe this jargon: 

"Just as the Aryan people are awaiting the coming of Shri Krishna.  I am the same Krishna, and this claim is not only mine but God repeatedly revealed to me that I am the same Krishna, the King of the Aryans to come in the last days of the World."
(Haqiqat-ul-Wahi, Page 45, Mirza Ghulam Qadiani)

You are easy to fool when it comes to your faith but when it comes to ‘gossip’ you people expect the proof! Logic? Anyone?

Here is the crack:
  • In the early part of 2010, Fozia Khan’s BMW was caught speeding in Kingston Upon Thames. No big deal, it happens all the time.
  • Instead of straight points on her licence, Fozia Khan was given the opportunity to attend something known as a ‘Drivers Awareness Course’. She accepted, as it meant she could avoid her licence being laced with points. This was in late 2010. Fozia went ahead and accepted the opportunity.
  • Whilst on the course, Fozia Khan let on to those who were on the course with her that in actual fact, it was not she who was behind the wheel but rather, it was her husband, none other than Nasser ‘Nas’ Khan- Naib Amir of the United Kingdom.
  • This boastful remark was overheard by the course tutors, who demanded that she leave the course. Those that overheard gave witness statements, wherein they gave individuals accounts of what Fozia had said.
  • In November 2010, Fozia and Nasser Khan were interviewed under caution at Bromley Police Station. Fozia was being questioned for perjury. The police officers in charge of her case did not buy her sob story (something stupid like she was confused and joking and didn’t actually mean what the tutor had overheard) and charged her with perjury, and was bailed, pending court appearance.
  • In March 2011, Fozia appeared before Bromley Magistrates Court (in Outer London) to answer charges of Perjury.
  • She was finally convicted in August 2011.

Here's the proof you need, in the form of an official police charge sheet:

Click To Enlarge

She was formally convicted sometime later. Please call Bromley Magistrates Listings for official confirmation! You have all the relevant dates and necessary details in the charge sheet! For more information on how to get in touch with the courts, please click here.

For those of you who want it spelled out for you, Fozia Khan was charged and convicted under section 2(1) of the Perjury Act 1911:

2 False statements on oath made otherwise than in a judicial proceeding. 
If any person— 
(1)being required or authorised by law to make any statement on oath for any purpose, and being lawfully sworn (otherwise than in a judicial proceeding) wilfully makes a statement which is material for that purpose and which he knows to be false or does not believe to be true.

Now, before you Ahmadis try to spin this and/or tuck it under the carpet, this is a VERY serious offence. I'd like to remind you of a very similar case that is a hot topic in the news right now. It involves Eastleigh MP Chris Huhne and his ex-wife. It's alleged that he got his ex-wife to lie on his behalf and say she was driving in order for him to avoid points on his license for speeding. Notice any similarities? The CPS are coming to a decision soon to charge Chris Huhne. If he is charged then it's very likely he'll have to step down. Now, why is it that MPs in this country do the decent thing and step aside when their position is compromised, yet Top Officials in the Jamaat get away with it time and time again? You should also take note that MPs are working for a man-made government, while Nasser Khan and co. are working for a 'Divine Jamaat'. Don't you think that the standards he should be held to should be far higher? Food for thought maybe? 

So to all those Ahmadis who said I was a liar, well your leaders are the convicted liars. You wanted proof and I have given you proof but what are you going do with it???? Let me take a few wild guesses….
  • You are going to dismiss it and say ‘oh well it's no big deal it's not as if anyone's been murdered’.
  • You might ask yourself why people with no integrity and no regard for truthfulness or honesty are given positions of authority and feel that they've got the right to strut their stuff at Jamaat functions. These are the same people who are invited to the round table functions, are authorised to handle millions of pounds and also stand by watching people expelled left, right and centre, knowing full well they have skeletons in their closets. However, you won’t do anything about it and will try to defend them.
  • You will ask yourself why does Rafiq Hayat and your Khalifa keep giving these positions to such dishonest people. Her husband is Deputy Amir, Officer in Charge of Jalsa and is also in charge of Jamaat property development. However, you won’t do anything about it. 
  • Or, more than likely, you will comment and say ‘Findings you've made this up and we want more proof as you are an expert in Photoshopping. LOL! If that makes you feel better! Take it out on me why don’t you, just because you can’t accept your top officials aren’t what they seem!

    Let me remind you before you decide what option to go with, that when in the past I have spoken out against the hypocrisy, favouritism and against the system of excommunications within the Jamaat, countless of you reminded me that it was fair and fine to expel people if they were guilty of wrong doing! Now choose carefully, should you choose from this list at all!

    Here we have 'True Islam' representatives and audehdhars (administrative officials) convicted of perjury. To those who need it spelt out LYING even under oath - that's True Islam is it? What did Mirza Ghulam Qadiani, your so called ‘Promised Messiah’ say about lying? I will not remind you, as I am sure all you Ahmadis have read most of his books! Shabaash!

    SO Fozia Convicted Khan, do you think you are the right person to give premarital advice and counselling to young girls so that their Nikah's can be read by the jamaat. Are you ???? 

    SO Fozia Convicted Khan, what sort of advice will you be giving your young Ahmadi girls?? It's OK to lie? It's OK if you flirt with guys as long as your husband doesn’t know? It's OK to be dishonest and then turn up in the jamaat doing 'full purdah'. It's OK as long as you don't get caught… because don't worry girls, we are the True Muslims of the True Islam ???? 

    SO Fozia Convicted Khan, with your track record do you feel that you are the right person to give advice to anyone? After all your family and your son partook in a fake conversion of a young single mother, then you and your equally fraudulent husband went to Huzoor and asked for permission for him to get married coz she's 'CONverting' and now your son's divorced her and left her a single mother. You're a bunch of CONS aren't you ???

    And Nas Khan, don’t even get me started on you…! You should be called the Con rather than the Khan family. 

    Just your antics alone have made your beloved Huzoor look like the biggest FOOL around for all the positions he's being advised to give you and your husband. And this advisor who Huzoor listens to so readily is none other than Rafiq Hayat! Rafiq Hayat I am now going to be watching you very carefully. This is now in black and white for the world to see. Your co-worker and partner in crime, Nasser Khan, is married to a convict! Nasser Khan, working for the Divine Nizaam, let his convicted wife lie on his behalf! How very pious and noble of him! You allowed for Shabir Bhatti’s brother to have sanctions slapped on him because he disagreed with a Qadha Board decision so now what are YOU going to do now there is hard proof the wife of your closest aide broke the law and lied on oath?? And the fact this man continues to hold top positions knowing full well his wife is a convict? He couldn’t possibly do the right thing and stand down now, could he? No, because he is far too proud and arrogant to do that! Are you going to keep him and his Mrs in the Jamaat, just like you didn’t keep the brother of Shabir Bhatti and his wife and young son in? I hope you play fair! I am looking forward to the circular with her name on it, announcing that she is now under sanctions!

    To the readers who keep demanding the evidence, now is the time to stop questioning me and start questioning your leadership. There was a reason I had to backtrack on my promise to expose Fozzy Bear, reasons that I cannot disclose here. However, I thought if I exposed this, there would be two things you might walk away with: 1) that I am serious and I mean business! If I say I have something, you best believe it! I have no reason to lie. So all you TOP UK officials with skeletons in your closet, you best start worrying! ;) 2) I am NOT your enemy but the Jamaat is. These are the liars, the hypocrites and the bigots. Come on, now is the time to question this so called ‘Allah’s Jamaat’! Everything is here for you in black and white! We have hypocrites, liars, frauds, spies and an Amir who very openly, in the name of business, committed Shirk (something Allah NEVER forgives…). This is all going on under the nose of your divine Khalifa leading this divine community. And to top it off, your Messiah doesn’t fulfil any of the criteria, is a proven liar (accept it or deny it, facts speak volumes). Besides from the community ties, what exactly is this so called religion good for? 

    This is not Allah’s Jamaat, this is a Mirza Made Jamaat. It’s only a matter of time before it crumbles... insha'Allah! In Allah’s Jamaat, hypocrisy wouldn’t be so rife and this hypocrisy is something your Khalifa is well aware of. Ahmadis believe they are here to perform ‘Jihad of the Pen’ well did you know that the Holy Prophet SAAWs (who you people claim to be the true followers of) said that "The greatest jihad is to speak a word of truth in the face of a tyrant"!

    Your leaders are social tyrants! Now put your pens down for moment because I know all you Ahmadis are very busy fighting Jihad out there against goodness knows who or what, and stand up and tell your leaders to fix up! Do not be scared! What is the worst they can do? Give you a telling off? There are my brothers and sisters out there being killed in Syria for standing up against injustice! You people are well aware that your Jamaat is riddled with corruption and hypocrisy yet choose to do nothing about it? True Muslims stand up against injustice! 

    Think. Question your Nizaam! Question your Khalifa! Question your Messiah! Question your religion! Surely if Mirza Masroor ‘Mas’ Ahmad was the real McCoy and was Allah’s Khalifa, then hypocrisy and injustice wouldn’t be so rife within your Jamaat would it now? Hypocrisy isn’t just allowing a certain set of people to get away with some things, while others are led to the slaughter house! It is about practising what you preach too! Mirza Masroor for example is constantly telling Ahmadis to lead simple lives and steer clear of material goods, yet he is chauffeur driven in a Mercdes S Class! What does Islam (original Islam before your Messiah) say about hypocrisy? 

    "Verily, the hypocrites will be in the lowest depth (grade) of the Fire; no helper will you find for them." (al-Nisaa' 4:145)

    "Most hateful it is with Allah that you say that which you do not do." (al- Saff 61:3)

    "Enjoin you Al-Birr (piety and righteousness and each and every act of obedience to Allah) on the people and you forget (to practise it) yourselves, while you recite the Scripture! Have you then no sense?" (al- Baqarah 2:44)

    "And when you look at them, their bodies please you; and when they speak, you listen to their words. They are as blocks of wood propped up. They think that every cry is against them. They are the enemies, so beware of them. May Allah curse them! How are they denying (or deviating from) the Right Path?" (al-Munaafiqoon 63:4)

      It's question time and is the perfect time to start firing question after question at your leadership and demand some answers. I am not saying it's going to change anything but you have to remember one thing, if you have no choice but to remain and Ahmadi or for whatever strange reason, the claims of your alleged Messiah satisfy your spiritual needs then remember it is up to you to call for change! If you believe yourself to be Muslim, then you would do well to remember this Hadith:
      Allah does not punish the individuals for the sins of the community until they see the evil spreading among themselves, and while they have the power to stop it, do not do so." (Ahmad)

       And Rafiq et al, as you claim to be Muslim, then this should also apply to you: 
      Allah's Messenger SAAWs said, "If any ruler having the authority to rule Muslim subjects dies while he is deceiving them, Allah will forbid Paradise for him." (Bukhari)
      I heard the Prophet (saaws) saying, "Any man whom Allah has given the authority of ruling some people and he does not look after them in an honest manner, will never feel even the smell of Paradise." (Muslim)

      If you are a Muslim as you claim and not just an ordinary Muslim, you claim to be the true Momins and the followers of the True Islam, then you will do good to remember these Ahadith!

      Let us see what happens now they have this to hand! I am certain nothing will get done about it because they will of course say that she has already been punished by the courts so there is no point punishing her again! Hope you Ahmadis are OK with that? If so, why so? And if not, then why not?

      Rafiiq you know what to do!
      1) Get rid of Nasser Khan and remove him from EVERY SINGLE POSITION he holds in your Jamaat. That includes any invovlement he has with Jamaat property portfolios, including the latest planning for the extension of Fazal Centre HQ in Putney. Get rid of him and while you are doing that, please follow him out of the door! I sincerely mean that!

      2) Sanctions against Fozia as of immediate effect. You do not need an explanation from her, she is a convicted liar-END OF! If you can threaten a young women with expulsion because she modelled for an asian bridal company and if you allowed Shabir Bhatti to abuse his power and have his own brother humiliated in front of the Jamaat, then you most certainly will act on this. Remove her from her position as Marriage Counsellor for the Jamaat TODAY. No ifs and No buts. You play fair now! Don't you dare try and bury your heads in the sand with this one!
      If you don't comply with what I ask of you, then well, I guess you like to play dangerously!

      PS: Do you expect to see Nasser Khan stand down and no longer hold any position in the Jamaat? Let me know! There is a new poll up! Be sure to participate!