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The Sunday Scandal Session 12: Shabir Bhatti- Who Do You Think You Are?

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Sorry for the delay but I am now on my travels, so please be advised that there will be an inevitable delay in posts going up. This is pretty basic stuff here today, but it is all you guys are getting for the time being! Go on ardent devotees of Mirza Ghulam Qadiani, have a moan, but I am too busy sunning it up to listen or even care for that matter! Not like on any other given day you would be able to read these sort of documents, unless you are Raf's daughter (ooooops).
Below you will find 6 brief reports on 6 young Ahmadi men, written by Shirjeel Tahir, the then Qaid of the Hounslow region. This formed a part of an on going and intrusive investigation into a group of about 15 Ahmadi boys, whom the Jamaat accused of being in a ‘gang’ called the ‘The Paki Mafia’. These reports were conducted back in 2008, when the ‘gang’ first came to light, and under the authority of Dr Shabir ‘Shab’ Bhatti, many of the young men were investigated, threatened with action and even had their movements restricted.

Here you go, in no particular order (click on the images to enlarge them): 

Report 1:

Report 2:

Report 3:

Report 4:

Report 5:

Report 6:

My problem isn’t with the youth, it never has and never will be. Given, it always makes me laugh when I read about matters concerning the sorry state of affairs the Ahmadiyya Jamaat, as it blows their boasts out of the water about being ‘the best of the best’. Through my year and a half of researching the Ahmadiyya Jamaat at a very close level, after infiltrating the top circles and having had access to a lot of files/reports/documents, I have also realised that these so called divine schemes of 'Wassiyat' and 'Waqfe Nau' are nothing but a farce. They claim that those that are members of such schemes are exemplary Ahmadis, but as just one report I managed to get my hands on shows (See report 6), it is far from the truth!

Back to the point..who do these people think they are, demanding explanations into what these youngsters get up to? Who do they think they are, pointing fingers, when their own families are far from perfect? Why is it that unconnected children are pulled in for questioning about 'socialising with girls', when it is a known fact that the son of the 2nd Amir of Jamaat e Ahmadiyya is a drug user and married a 'ghair Ahmadi', whom he later divorced? Why do their children get away with it, but common Ahmadis are made to feel like social villains? Who are they to question and interfere, then on the other hand proclaim to be a community that is free and equal, brandishing mainstream Muslims as extremists who interfere in the religion/lives of others? Where does Shirjeel Tahir get off  demanding answers from a married father, and also try to suggest that his 'Sunni' friends are a bad influence! Hey Huzoor, it seems like your Jamaat youngsters are doing a blinding job of 'messing around'!

So what exactly has your 'Promised Messiah' done for your community exactly, where the youth are so far detached from this 'revived and true Islam', that after only 100 years of Mirza Ghulam Qadiani's 'Prophetic claims', things are so messed up that there is even talk of prostitutes being hired by young Ahmadi men? So much so, that you are having to spy, investigate and report on your youth? You are already witnessing your Jamaat succumb to the fitnah of the 'outside world'! Did you not recently claim in your Friday 'Sermon' that Ahmadis were the only ones holding the banner of Islam? Really? What makes you so different? Nothing! Absolutely nothing! It is all lies and fabrication. What really disgusted me about all this is how they (Shirjeel and this Tarbiyyat Department of Shabir Bhatti) were encouraging the young men to grass each other up and fess up dirt about the other! So much for 'Brotherhood'. LOL. Is this your Jamaat Huzoor? Wow! I really want to stay a part of it! Full of snakes, grasses and what's the polite word for female dogs? 

This is not Islam, this is a Cult! This Jamaat fools its followers into thinking it is one and the same thing! The way they have auto-tuned this community is something like this: No Khalifa- No Nizaam-No Jamaat- No Islam! How about…no! I really hope the younger generation take a stand and refuse to be pushed around by Dr Shabir Bhatti and his thugs. They only have this social power because people are willing to take what rubbish comes their way. If Shabir Bhatti or any member of this make believe 'Department of Tarbiyyat' ever tries to investigate any of you, politely tell him where to go. How dare he commission investigations on youngsters, when their parents have not requested their help? Oh and pull the other one if you think this jiggery pokery about 'at least the jamaat cares'! Do you really think these youngsters are going to take kindly to someone like Shirjeel Tahir prodding them for information on their 'sins'? No! it will only push them away! 

Shabir Bhatti, as evident from these reports where Shirjeel says 'to show regards towards the Jamaat'. This is all it is about! Where was there any mention of their 'Emaan'? You seem to care a lot about the reputation of the Ahmadiyya Jamaat, so how about organising twice weekly intensive Quran classes in centres throughout your country? Oh yes, of course, because this isn't about Islam.

Ahmadiyya Youth…The Lost Generation. What a shame! They are force fed a fake 'Islam', so isnt it any wonder that they turn away from it altogether. Shame on you Rafiq, Masroor and all your helpers. Shame on you! Remember you people are not immortal! How long do you have left hey, Shabir? 10 years? What about you Rafiq? 5-10 years? Nasser? 15-20 years? The years pass by real quickly. One of the signs of the hour is that time will pass quickly. It's happening, isn't it? Soon there will come a time when you will not be sat at a computer reading this! Instead, you will be wrapped in a white sheet, buried in a box, 6ft deep! We have ourselves to answer for but you guys, participating in this fraud, will have the lost generation to answer for too! SHAME ON YOU for stealing their deen from them..shame on you all!

I would like to end with this Ayah:
And conceal not the evidence, for he who hides it, surely, his heart is sinful. 
Surah Al-Baqarah 2:283.

^ Pay attention Rafiq Hayat et al.

Hope you are OK Raf. ;) Don't stress too much, remember what the doctor said! ;)