Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Girls Girls all type of Girls!

What is your favourite make up product girls? This has to be mine! It is a face highlighter by Georgio Armani Beauty. You will find it in Selfridges in Oxford Street, House of Fraser Westfields and the Bentalls Centre in Kingston.

The colour I use is Number.7. Its a really nice iridescent shade of pink that highlights the cheekbones really rather nicely. I also dab a bit on my brow bone, and it really helps to give them that lift so many of us need when we hit the wrong side of our twenties. Obviously I only apply a bit when I am going out because its a total waste taking it all off for Wudhu so there's no point really, but still, might as well from time to time. The Blog gives me sleepless nights. I have terrifying dreams Raf is trying to kidnap me with Mas and all his bodyguards, so sleep deprivation needs to be cleverly masked with this little bottle of beauty!

It is a bit of a crusty bottle but I have had it in my bag for ages now, and I tend not to take care of my things the way I should. Anyone who knows me, knows what a disorganised mess I am. Only Allah knows how I get through life, seriously! Lol.

Oh and my polish is from Dior and it is called 'Pink Graffiti'. Check it out. While you are there check out there polish in 'Electric Blue' that is a colour of art! I love it! Better change the colour before my parents notice it though!

PS: Jazak'Allah for you visiting the site to read this! I think the click-o-meter now reads something like 200,000 views!!!!!! Alhamdulillah. Allah has made this possible and has given me the opportunity to help the ordinary Ahmadi, in the hope they too might one day realise they are in a CULT. If you are getting bored of the site because not enough 'gossip' is going up, you can go now or return as and when I decide to publish more documents. I currently have a nice one I am reading from Dr Zahid Khan- a nice Qadha board letter.  Dr Shabir Bhatti has also been dressing up as Hitler yet again as it seems from what I have just pulled out of my Lidl Shopper. Bait ul Fatuh seems to be the hub of fights as well. Ahmadi life is like the insidesoap magazine! Oh boy where am I when this all happens?! Oh! Probably at a wonderful and inspiring Revert Class at my Local Masjid! There really is something out there beyond Ahmadiyyat and a world that loves the Prophet SAAWs, not fussing over some fake home made Khalifa! Come along...

Talking of revert classes, I go to a Masjid that happened to have really nice posters of 'the importance of Salaat' painted and drawn by children. They are soooo cute Mash'Allah! I went to the Ahmadi Centre of Worship a few weeks back for a Niqah ceremony of a family friend and I entered that dusty Nusrat Hall. Guess what I saw? Really nice posters, all colorful and bright and nicely drawn too! Of what? The Promised Son aka Musleh Moud.


PPS: Jamaat- no one cares? lol. Oh dear all that free publicity you gave me telling people to stay away from my Blog or IPs will be traced and people will be in trouble really did quite the opposite of what you wanted to achieve. Allah is Great and may His peace and blessings be upon the LAST and FINAL Messenger, the beloved Prophet of the Muslims, Muhammad SAAWs.