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Expuslions/Restrictions in the Ahmadiyya UK Jamaat: Courtesy of Shabir Bhatti!


We all know about the mass expulsion of 30 members of the American Jamaat: right? Let's keep it local on this Saturday afternoon and let me give you an example of a fairly recent case here in the UK; this one is a case different from most, because it involves the brother of Shabir Bhatti, his (brother's) wife and his eldest son.

Would you like some background to the case? Oh ok then, you nosey parkers you! :P

Here is the dealio:

Basically, like a lot of Pakistanis (and Shabir Bhatti not being an exception), he fought his brother over money and land. Well actually, the original dispute was actually between Shabir Bhatti's father and his brother but when unfortunately, the father passed away, Shabir Bhatti decided to take lead and the whole family ganged up against Shab's poor brother.

It went something like: Dad Vs Shabir Bhatti's brother. Dad dies, Shabir Bhatti et al considered that to be his father's money, therefore inheritance money, so wanted Shabir Bhatti's brother to cough up, turning it into a Shabir Bhatti et al Vs Shabir Bhatti's brother. Anyways, so Shabir Bhatti's brother was practically cornered and forced up against the wall. Shab's brother turned to the Jamaat for assistance, but it fell on deaf ears. He asked Mas to help him, pleading his case but unfortunately for Shabir Bhatti's brother, Shab is a Naib Ameer/Secretary of Tarbiyyat for the UK and also private family doctor to Mirza Masroor Ahmad so you can imagine the compromising position Mirza Masroor, the fair and compassionate 'Khalifah' was put in (awwww..NOT).

Anyways, his pleas didnt work, where he asked Mas to basically tell his greedy brother to back off and Shab persisted with legal action to get his brother to cough up! Shab's brother wasn't standing for this and continued to fight, not letting them get their hands on his land and business because of course, he had a family to support! It then went to 'Qadha Board', which is the Ahmadiyya Jamaat's version of the Royal Courts of Justice (loooool OMG get me out of this self contained state already!!) but the problem here is that Dr Shabir Bhatti is also on the Qadha board too, so every avenue his brother tried to take, Shab blocked him with his 'priority in order of preference' connections. Qadha 'mediated' and of course, it went in favour of Shab et al and his brother was very unhappy with the results. They continued to fight it out, and Shab's brother wanted to take it further than that and it went to the courts. And BECAUSE Shab's brother rejected what the Qadha had ruled, he was subsequently punished by the Ahmadiyya Jamaat for trying to go to the courts and had heavy restrictions placed against him, together with his innocent wife and eldest son.

Once they were expelled, both father and son were forced to write to Mas, begging forgiveness if 'any wrong doing had been done on their part' even though all the wrong doing was on the Jamaat's head!

Check the letter detailing their 'sanctions'.... so much for being a TOLERANT > FAIR > LOVING > PEACEFUL > COMMUNI-CULT!!! lol. One face for the media/the western world and another for it's members! There's a word for this sort of behaviour but let's not over do it hey!

The Ahmadiyya Jamaat's slogan is 'Love for all, hatred for none'.. where is the love in publicly humiliating this guy and his innocent family?! This cult has the audacity to run advertising campains with this slogan plastered across buses while secretly they treat their own innocent members with injustice, disdain and hate!!

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Muslims and Non Muslims alike if you are reading, please take a look at what happens within the UK Jamaat, at the hands of Mirza Masroor Ahmad and his team of 'Ameers'. People are being humiliated! Names are being circulated throughout local Jamaats. with people being told of the restrictions placed against those that have been punished. These names are often read out at Jummah and are mentioned in meetings/local committee meetings.

Imagine for an elderly man, the Ahmadiyya Jamaat being all he has ever known and all his social ties being within the Jamaat, to be ostracised and punished like this! Pakistanis are also very proud people; imagine being punished like this so publicly, imagine what that must have done to his self esteem and state of mind! How he must have felt and the thought of the stress this guy must have gone through! Imagine also having to deal with the fact that his wife and son are now being penalised for a dispute that was between himself and his brother, and had nothing to do with them!

What's very worrying here, punishment and violation of human rights aside, is what the cronies of the Jamaat are capable of doing! Do you guys think its some coincidence that Shabir Bhatti, Naib Ameer/Privately paid doctor to Mirza Masroor AND Tarbiyyat Secretary came out on top, while his brother was left to hang dry?? This thuggery has GOT to stop! Mirza Masroor is not a fair leader and what happened here is proof of that! If they have a personal vendetta, they can flex their muscles and can have you done for!

I wonder what the Ahmadiyya Jamaat's It Girl Justine Greening MP would make of all of this? Or how about Lord BT, Jamaat's new celebrity, I wonder if he would care to stand up in the House of Lords and tell everyone just what really goes on in the 'persecuted' sect! Persecuted? The persecutors more like!

So what, you guys are willing to put up with crap all because those 'mullah non Ahmadis' have no alternative system of 'Khilafat', Nizaam, Jamaat and Qadha to offer? Puhlese! I was accused of violating the privacy of AC for exposing the £400k fraud in the Jamaat; well here's news for you: the Jamaat is just as guilty of the same crime but they had no grounds besides someone rejecting the decision of the Qadha! I on the other hand, exposed fraud and I hear crying about 'violation of privacy and human rights'...go whinge in the Jamaat's ear instead.... I have no time for your blatant hypocrisy and flat refusal to accept Jamaat is in the wrong!

I would also like to ask WHY the Ahmadiyya Jamaat is refusing the chanda of an individual when in actual fact, ALL chanda collected is collected as a charity with tax relief! Is a charity allowed to refuse donations?? That's a serious question not a rhetorical one....

First prize to the first Ahmadi to comment 'oooh see Mashallah look at our system it even rejects the Chanda of those with sanctions..see we are not money grabbing Mashallah'. LOL. They've only got millions coming in worldwide, they can afford to restrict the chanda of a few but only to humiliate them! And did you know that once they are given permission and sanctions are lifted, they are then in arrears and have to pay it all back anyways? LOL coz that makes sense!

Also, for those who did not know about this shocking case, please read here about the treatment of Tommy Kallon's (former President of Khuddam UK) wife; at the hands of the Qadha Board and Rafiq Hayat who was also penalised and punished by the Jamaat! You can read about Tayabba's plight here:

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