Sunday, 22 January 2012

The Sunday Scandal Session 13: Snitches, A Model and Dictator Shabir Bhatti

Salaam and good evening! 

A few years back, when my father was a key worker in the Ahmadi Khalifa’s Private Secretary’s office (also referred to as ‘the dafter’ by Ahmadis), I came across the following 2 documents that really showed just how controlling and perverse this cult is. Unfortunately, the hard copy was then kept out of view until recently, when I found it again. Alhamdulillah. 

Below you will find 2 documents, courtesy of Dr. Shabir Bhatti, Deputy President of the Ahmadiyya Association in the UK. I am sure many in London will be familiar with this story because unfortunately once the Jamaat interfered in this young girl’s life, everyone soon found out about it. 

Have a read:

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In short some few years back, there was an Ahmadi girl who had posed for a few modelling shoots and attended a Zee Carnival (a bit like a Mela) that was filmed and later appeared on YouTube. 

The reason Dr. Shabir Bhatti originally chose to investigate and pull the young girl up about her ‘un-Islamic offences’ is because there were a number of snitches who came forward to complain, after seeing her pictures modelling for Asian bridal companies. Again, this shows the disturbing nature of this cult, where members spy and snitch on the short comings of others. This is actively encouraged and supported by the Cult and members happily rise to the challenge. They fool themselves into thinking they are doing their community a service, when in reality they are simply feeding their own egos. The Cult needs members to spy and snitch on one another as it enables them to keep the community under tight control and also, it serves as a warning to others not to step out of line as the community might find out and if they do, you WILL suffer the consequences. Examples of such consequences are laid clear in this letter: parents are questioned, perpetrator is questioned, officials in the community find out, possible sanctions are discussed and even expulsion! 

So Dr.Shabir ‘Shabs’ Bhatti, again let us have you explain why you are threatening and cornering a young woman and her family like this, when on the other hand you present an image to the caucasian Brits that your Jamaat is all loving and all accepting? Look at the tone you are using when addressing the young girl, imagine how upset and terrified she must have been when she received your letter? Patronising her with your Holier than Thou rhetoric, demanding explanations from her and her family, and making decisions about her based on how remorseful she may have appeared in front of you? What a dictator! And Raf, no getting out of this one and trying to pretend your office largely works independently because your name is on the correspondence!

Shame on you Shabs, calling in an old man like that, showing his daughters pictures to him? Do you have any idea what sort of damage you dictators have done to families over the years? Imagine how utterly devastated he must have been and how humiliated he must have felt, when men he considers to be in a position of authority are exposing his daughter like that in front of him? Shabir you have a daughter don’t you? Think for a second, Get your sick and twisted brain in gear and just imagine that were you and your daughter being exposed like that? Don’t like it do you? Who are you to question her, when your fellow colleagues have children who put teens in America on ‘Girls Gone Wild’ to shame? Do you want me to expose them, because I can easily do that, but only if you promise you take the same actions against them! No, but you cant manage that can you? Why? Because you are all a bunch of hypocrites.

And for those who deny ‘public expulsions’ do not happen within the cult, have a careful read of the letter again, where Dr.Shabir Bhatti asks the girl in question why he shouldn’t have her expelled. It is there in black and white for you all to see. Threats of expulsion are actually what Cults are known for! Look it up!

It’s never enough to apologise (you see, Ahmadis are made to feel they have to apologise to the community and their demi-god, Mirza Masroor when the only being she need apologise to is Allah), you have to live with the stigma of your ‘actions’ for many years to come. In this instance, the girl is still restricted from meeting with her spiritual leader, Mirza Masroor and is prohibited from holding any position in the community. Furthermore, as there is no confidentiality within the Jamaat, everyone soon found out about her shortcomings, no thanks to the wives of the officials and also announcements were made at a local level. This is a disgusting way to treat women. No Muslim organisation in the United Kingdom is so cruel to its people, yet it is the Ahmadis who are constantly belittling UK Muslims in the press at any given opportunity. It’s as good as a public flogging the only difference is, sticks and stones are not used….. and then they point fingers and accuse Muslims of being extremists! If this isn’t extreme and not bullying, I don’t know what is!

Let’s just hope the MPs and the like eventually realise they have been duped by the Ahmadi community and that when you strip away all the talks, peace conferences and what not, we are left with a hypocritical and cruel dictatorship that preys on its followers and causes them a great deal of pain and heartache. MPs if you are reading, perhaps it’s about time you stop dilly dallying with this group and make an effort with Muslims not the Mormons of Islam (Ahmadiyya). Would you normally support Mormonism? What about Scientology? No, I thought not! So why would you support the Mormons/Scientologists of ‘Islam’? It is a cult for crying out loud! Take a look at these documents and seriously reconsider your ties with this community!


I have a very stern message to give to the Cult leaders here at the London HQ, especially Rafiq and Shabir and their wives. If for a second I find out that as a result of these 2 documents going up, the family involved are yet again blamed for being ‘me’, I will come down very hard on you all. Don’t for a second think that it is only the people you have publicly scorned, disgraced and humiliated that might be capable of doing this because believe you me Rafiq, if you knew just how many face value ‘hello hi’ Muslims there were working against you right now, you would probably never have a restful night’s sleep again (Big Pun intended). You have caused this family more than enough damage, humiliating her elderly parents and ruining the young girl’s reputation for your own sick kicks and you will NOT do it again. Alas Kla? Just realise and understand that I know a lot and have a lot of documents in my possession and this is just another. If I can get hold of what has gone up in the past, it’s a piece of cake to get hold of this, so just bear that in mind when your minds go into overdrive, trying to connect the dots. It’s no big deal when you compare it to some of the hard stuff I have against you dictators, so try not to make a song and dance about how I got hold of it and then convince yourselves it is her! Do NOT drag her name through the mud again, or we may need to start really throwing some mud about. You all have daughters, don’t you? Well then…… just know I know a lot about them too. Got it? Understand what I am getting at? I have done it before and I will do it again. Got it ;) Go figure…..

Ahmadiyyat's International Anthem: It's Me Snitches

X-Rated Man of God?


Let me apologise for publishing this on an easy Sunday morning, I am sure it's the last thing you want to read while tucking into a bowl of Shreddies!

A young Ahmadi girl emailed me this morning, requesting that I explain this X-rated filth/Verbal Pornography of the Self-Certified 'Promised Messiah' and 'Imam Mahdi'.

She asked if I could explain it, as she was having difficulty finding any Ahmadi to justify this and satisfy her concerns. She was told not to read it unless she had read the whole book, and to have trust in Allah that he is the right one and not allow his words, which are difficult for the stupid person to understand, to confuse her.

I am unable to provide any explanation and she clearly came to the wrong person, so perhaps Ahmadis out there can help their young, questioning sister in 'True Islam Ahmadiyyat'.

Please explain this authentic quote of Mirza Ghulam Qadiani:

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“and another symbolic mutuality is of humility and sperm and that is when a Sperm enters in the private-part (vagina) of a wife or any other woman; so sperm’s entering into the vagina and when the ejaculation flowing is just like crying because result of humility is crying too and like this when ejaculation of sperm occurs uncontrolled sperm bursts out in a flow. Same great situation is when in humility when tears burst into a uncontrolled flow from eyes and as the pleasure of ejaculation is halaal kind of whereas a man contacts(rujoo’) his wife and sometimes haraam kind when a man contacts(rujoo’) an unlawful woman"
 (Roohani Khazain, Volume 21, Braheen Ahmadiyya Vol.5 196)

She will be reading your comments no doubt! Where are the Ahmadi Sultan-ul-Qalams at? Now is the time to rise to the challenge and preach to your own.... she seems like she is about to tip over the edge. Save her!!! Can any Ahmadi explain this to the questioning Ahmadi reader? Rafiq Hayat, I think you should read this to your daughter as a bedtime story! And you too Nas, you have one daughter living with you, please read this to her before she sleeps! Actually, why don't all of you Ahmadis out there read this to your daughters today? Please do! It is truly a beautiful excerpt, is it not?


PS: He's not the Messiah, he's a very naughty boy!