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Ahmadiyya "We aint British Lapdogs" Community Encouraged UK Khuddam to Join the UK Army

This is a genuine picture of Mirza Masroor 'Mas' Ahmad firing a rifle

Right, how many times have we heard the Qadianis defend their leader Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (Mirza Ghulam Average- coined by an undercover Anti Ahmadi)  and that he wasn't a subservient little lapdog to the British Government? Too many times to mention right? Yeah given, there are some wacky stories floating about and I have read some pretty preposterous ones in my time, the funniest being 'Mirza Masroor Ahmad is a Jewish Spy'..LOL.. thats funny for obvious reasons, what with Mas barely able to read, let alone actually spying for the Zionist Entity! Gotta love the conspiracies though...

Anywhos ages ago, there was a 2 page spread in the Tariq Magazine (this is a magazine distributed by the Cult to Khuddam members) advertising the British Army and the perks of joining up! Here are some excerpts:

Tariq: The Voice of Khuddam: Volume 15, Issue 3 June 2010 Pages 26-27

Titled: " London's Community Liaison Officer: Steve Mack"

Steve is a Class 2 Warrant Officer, acting as London's Liasion Officer for the British Army. He is trained to set up lots of different activities and workshops for Schools and community groups for those interested in joining the army.

Steve is currently working with Khuddam from Muqami Region and I am now holding a number of workshops with them before they venture to an on-site programme at an Army base later this year

The following is some info regarding what the Army does, what it is looking for and what to expect when you join up.
British Army is one of the most advanced and highly regarded military organisations in the world because the quality of its people is second to none. It is an equal opportunities employer. It values the inherent qualities of every individual irrespective of religious belief, ethnicity, race, gender or sexual orientation.

if you are thinking about a career in the Army you might be concerned that you will be unable to practise your religious observances or that your culture will not be acceptable. The Army encourages people from all faiths to practise their religious observances. Whenever practicable you will be allowed to do so, provided this does not jeopordise operational effectiveness. fasting is also generally allowed, but there may be some operational circumstances when high physical demands make fasting hazardous. every reasonable effort is made for personnel to have contact with their religious leaders.

Being a soldier is not easy. We are asked to do things not asked of others. We have to be aggressive and strong in battle yet behave properly and show control at all times. To enable us to do this the Army has 6 values its requires us to live by:

All about teamwork: the Army is a team. Trusting each other-even with our lives if necessary.

Physical and Mental courage. Physical courage is about controlling your fear rather than having no fear at all. Mental is about doing the right thing.

Self discipline and confidence as not to let your team down-ever.

About being honest, not lying, cheating or stealing.

It is about looking after and helping those around us- putting needs of team before our own, even when the going gets tough.

No place for harassment or discrimination in an Army that claims to 'BE THE BEST'. It damages teams. We judge on abilities not race, religion or sex. Respect for others, including civilians, detainees and captured enemies, means treating people decently.

ARMY: BE THE BEST. Regular and Territorial. For more info contact Steve Mack.

So what we have here is a 'Muslim' (not really) community actively encouraging its young men to join the heard!! As things stand, anyone in the army or considering joining the army be it back then in 2010 or now, is likely to be posted to 1 of 2 destinations: Iraq (or Eye-Rack as our cousins across the Pond would pronounce it) or Afghanistan..two very MUSLIM countries that have been raped, battered, beaten and invaded by illegal forces. The whole world was dead against the invasion of these countries, be they black or white, Christian or Atheist, Muslim or not and so for a 'Muslim' community to support the forces that are behind these illegal invasions is way out of line! 

We not only had non Muslims begging and pleading with the American Govt and its Allies to stop with plans to invade these 2 countries, the entire Ummah of Mohammad SAAWs was against it, be they Sunni or Shia. Then you have this hypocritical, rotten community that has hijacked the name of Islam for itself, telling its men to join forces with them!!!

And hold up am I missing something when Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (MGAverage) declared the end to all physical Jihad; claimed Allah had told him to tell the world Jihad had been abrogated and instead, that Muslims should fight the enemy with 'pen'. 

...take a look at the advertisement once more and note how it says that 'we have to be aggressive in battle', errr, doesnt that go against what MGAverage claimed Allah had revealed to him? Ok or what about 'detainees' or 'enemies' I thought the community was against all this hate talk and was 'all loving and no hating' cherry on top drivel?! And who do you think these 'detainees' are going to be? Muslims of course!

I have yet to come across any Muslim community that has told its youth to join up to any Army of the Kuffar let alone bringing in a spokesman on their behalf and then going on to advertise for them!! Its not your bog standard Army recruitment campaign, before any of you try it with that old chesnut! It is crystal clear that the spread is to appeal to the Khuddam, hence the emphasis on race and matters such as fasting and that the officer is working alongside some Muqami Nuqamee! And not only that, they mention 'WHEN YOU JOIN UP' so in other words they are expecting the Khuddam of the Qadiani Ahmadi Jamaat to sign up! Do you people need reminding of the treatment of Iraqis in Abu Ghraib? Or what about the rampant killing of innocent Afghans in Kandahar? Or what about the drone attacks in Pakistan: Home of RABWAH? Dont you people ever once stop and think to yourselves how so far detached from mainstream Muslims you really are? By supporting the Army it means that the Jamaat is in fact, supporting the Wars too and thus, the killing of thousands upon thousands of innocent Muslim men, women and children in what is nothing short of an illegal and greed motivated war! These people are meant to be your brothers and sisters, no? LOL.

Mind, what else can one expect from a community that is convinced that Afghanistan is in the state it’s  in because 2 Qadianis were killed there way back in the day; that Iraq is in the mess its in because it hasn't accepted the Messliar and that Pakistan is now suffering because it bullies Ahmadis! Doesnt that ever get you Ahmadis by the way? Its like this: MGA comes to India as the Promised Messiah (the long awaited one)--> a handful of people accept his claims--> now these handful of people are waiting for everyone to accept him before the world can see a difference!! So awaited one comes but to make a difference, those waiting all have to accept and then and only then, will drastic world changing changes take place?!? Oh My Days where is your logic people!!!!! The Messiah is going to make an impact from the get go...his success won’t be based on others accepting his claims! Jheez!

And again what do you expect from a community that rejoices and is strangely excited when hearing of the pain and suffering of Muslims, believing it to be punishment from Allah for all the damage done to a community of what?? A few Milli? Going to war against the Muslims is therefore, not such a big deal!

Take your Qadiani Pro Jamaati Rose Tinted Specs off for just a second: any other day, as a common citizen of say, the UK, you are dead against what is happening in Iraq and Afghanistan. Today, after reading this, you are going to tell me 'its fighting for the greater good and protecting the rights and democracy of these lands'. Yeah..LOL..  Your Qadiani Pro Jamaati Rose Tinted Specs are back on...

OK so let us forget them supporting an Army responsible for killing Muslims for the sake of seeking out 'Al Qaeda and imaginary WOMD' but what about MGA???? MGA specifically called for an end to the use of physical violence and Jihad in favour of 'Jihad of the Pen'... so how can the Jamaat suggest that any of its members participate (and for money too) in something so violent, so unnecessary and so damn inhumane? HYPOCRITES? I think so!

These people are unbelievable...anything to get in there with the British White Man... Guess what Jamaat? White man doesn’t really care for you and to them, you are just another poxy ethnic group they use for their own propaganda! Bend over why don’t you.... but don’t you throw your toys out of your pram when the Muslim world accuses you of being Lapdogs to the West... because that is exactly what you are!

Muslims... they ARE lapdogs of the British...spread the word across London and the UK!!! Oh and Jamaat...stop telling people to avoid me and not to visit my site thanks... you'll only wind me up more! ;P oh and see you on Sunday Dr Shabir Bhatti ;)

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  1. haha, we do say Eye-Rack!!

    I'm really really glad you wrote this piece. Its actually pretty sad that they have this kind of mentality.

  2. This cant be real?? Wowzers.

  3. lmao the pic! so instead of spending his time teaching Islam and Al Qu'raan, he shoots phesants instead? this guy is an embarrassment to all those named Masroor.Qadianos pls for the love of God wake up to this kaam chor!

  4. I was a reader of this blog but this is the end of my tether. The language you use for Hazrat Promised Messiah peace be upon him and his Khulafa is simply unbearable. I could not even continue after the third line. you have no idea how much we love them.God has himself said to the promised messiah as that He will himself humiliate those who try to denigrate you.
    so from today onwards for you your religion of hypocrisy and for me mine.

  5. Everything aside, I like that picture of Masroor. Looks like he's carrying a scoped 22L? He needs to put his head up, and left arm out a bit more.

  6. This is an act of kufr and irtidad

  7. So much for their slogan "Love For All Hatred For None"

    I am disgusted at how low they can stoop, please ahmadis do your research and see what you are really following, I was a ahmadi and thought I was following Islam but after 1 year of research with an open mind I realized I was following a cult that in fact leads you away from Islam.

  8. Salam to all lets not forget the Furqan force that k2 sent in to Afghanistan oooops...

  9. Salam to the Muslims reading and warm regards to the Qadianiyees. This is painful to read. How many have died and suffered at the hands of the Kuffar, and so for a religious organisation to advise its blind members to sign up to the Army is desperately sad. Sister its not just Muslims who would never encourage the joining of the UK/US Army but I'm sure other groups would neither suggest such a thing! What is funny is in the past, the Qadianiyees have protested at their blacklisting from organisations such as The Muslim Council of Britain and like for like Islamic Organisations in the UK and that they have not been recognised as Muslim. These organisations were very active in speaking out against the Wars and their main heads were seen at marches and protests, and then picture an affiliated group selling the Army to members?! Its not just their beliefs that conflict with ours, but also their actions too! I agree with what you are saying and your suggestion that Qadianiyees apply logic when considering their beliefs and the actions of their community, because logic always prevails! May Allah guide them and protect everyone from this community. May Allah help you out of this Cult sister, you are in my prayers and for every criticism you face, may Allah reward you. Keep struggling and we will keep on supporting you! I will encourage Muslim brothers and sisters to share this blog as the mask has now been removed and the gloves it seems are finally off and we should all be made aware of the 'Deception of the Qadianiyees'. Wasalam.

  10. Please follow the link & you see what your dealing with these people are shameful...

  11. can i pleas make a request to those who run this site, could you please refer to hazoor with his proper name if not title and every one else rather because Allah ta'ala clearly mentions that DO NOT CALL ONE ANOTHER WITH NICK NAMES(49:13)
    So please make ammendments.

    But I guess may be it would be too much hassle for you to follow the quran as you might have to change your whole back ground. But I'm sure you agree that what's the point of a website which goes totally against Allah's teachings and you will do whatever you can in your means to correct your ways. right????

  12. So you are willing to be a citizen of britain and to take advantage from it, be a part of it's education system, take advantage from the secure livelihood (relatively), take advantage from the many services provided- yet you hate the british? It's biting the hand that feeds you. Isn't it ungratefulness what you are trying to encourage?

    If britain was attacked, it would be these same souldiers you would rely on to fight for you. Yet you hate them? Proper munafiqat.

    A typical post- nothing convincing. Just alot of foul talk.

  13. @ Findings

    I have no issue with your story and you can speak your mind about anything you like.

    But the picture of the murdered/ dead people is so disrespectful! Why would you put a picture up like that? You should take it off.

    If you knew people who were murdered or had family members who had died you wouldn't feel good about their pictures being splashed on the web would you?

    Have some respect please.

    Also, so what if the Khalifa is holding a rifle? If he goes shooting for recreation, so what? Your picture is just so wrong because your picture of the khalifa and the dead people have no relation.

    You can put a picture of the khalifa with a rifle but don't make up a fake story with your photoshop skills.


  14. Think the picture is disrespectful for those who have been killed/ murdered.

    You wouldn't like murdered friends and family on here would you?

    You should take it down

    Have the khalifa with the rifle if you want as long as its real.

    Not dead people!

  15. Excellent article sister! Please keep them coming, I always look forward to what you're going to post next :-)

  16. Has that Gun got a License. How much Chanda money was wasted on that ?

  17. @alterego with all due respect I don't see the problem with the pictures. This is the reality of what the US/UK forces have done to the people of Iraq and Afghanistan...

    I think the picture of Masroor is fitting too, for his Jamaat to promote the army like that, he is essentially pointing the rifle at these people too! Its just about getting the point across and this story isn't a fake. I won't be taking them down, but thanks for your input, it is always appreciated.

    @ anonymous: who said I hate the british? Check yourself, what are you talking about???? I never once said anything of the sort!!! Don't you come here trying to turn this into something it isn't. This is about the ARMED forces and the illegal invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan! I am very ANTI ARMY but am not against Britain and you know this very well! I know thorough bred english people who wouldn't even think to join up because of what the army is involved with! You chat crap... I can be against what the Govt stands.. This is a democracy! So anyone who was involved in the anti war demonstrations is a British hater? Talk sense mate..... Your Jamaat leaders are the MUNAFIQ not me thanks. And a typical brainwashed response 'FOUL TALK' lol. Yeah *rolls eyes*

  18. Typical Ahmedi tactics: metaphorically assume you said something you didn't!

  19. @Anonymous 16 September 2011 17:27

    You can serve the country by joining the Police or other services, you don't have to join the Army! As citizens of this country we have the right to diagree with the actions and policies of the government. But what do Qadianis know about difference of opinion? They are taught blind following since birth.

    As a Muslim you can absolutely not fight against your Muslim brothers and sisters, especially in illegal wars of agression like Afghanistan and Iraq. But then, what do Qadianis know about Muslim brotherhood?

  20. Please let me know where I can get the original copy of Hazur's pic holding that rifle?

    I want to have it made into a huge poster and put it on my wall, it's AWESOME.

    Not so sure about the photoshopping of dead bodies etc, bad taste or what!

  21. why do u photoshop everything to get your point across?