Sunday, 25 September 2011

The Sunday Scandal Session 5: SPY (on) AHMADIYYA KIDS: The Follow Up!

Salaam! It’s Sunday or more like 'Cloud'day here in miserable old England, and it’s that time of the week again! So guys, I have been reading all the feedback I have been getting (mostly insults but hey, it’s to be expected and I love it so keep them coming because you haterators are my motivators!!) and have noted that quite a few of you find my posts way to long! Points have been noted and I am going to try and keep it simple from now on, but do let me know if this is still too long, so I can reach middle ground :)

So last week I went off track somewhat with the £400k fraud scandal and want to take it back to the original theme of the spying by the Ahmadiyya Jamaat on the Waqf e Nau Kids! This post in particular I am dedicating to a very dear friend of mine, whom we shall call  'Frederick Robdal' :) Big Up Babes and thanks for the Sheesha... no reports on me just yet from the 'cabbies'!! ;) Cabbies is Frederick Robdal's code word for Qadis by the way, just incase their were spies about! lol. How pathetic an image the Ahmadiyya Jamaat must have in the outside world, it really is a joke!!

Let’s get the ball rolling then shall we, and wrap this topic up!

This is a follow on from 'SPY (on) KIDS, and the documents that will follow make up part of the reports that featured in the original blog post, which you can find a few scrolls down! This is a more detailed report on some of the kids that were photographed and also some newbies that were not mentioned in the original report. It discusses action that should be taken etc... I will admit to photoshopping these documents after scanning the originals; reason being that there were columns in Urdu and not being able to read Urdu myself, I couldn't risk the names being exposed here as I had no way of having them read through and translated! What you see is what you get for the rest! Below are 4 images, with a total of 10 'reports' that are pretty self-explanatory, so have a good read over....

These reports not only show the backwardness of the Ahmadiyya Jamaat; I mean come on look at report 1 ‘enjoying himself in a limousine’, that is beyond funny, but also, how intrusive the system is! Where does Raf Hayat get off ‘interviewing’ young lads like that I mean, who and what does he think he is? Carrying on like some CID with a qualification for being a social worker too? A ‘state within a state’ is what this is, led by hypocrites who pose in front of the cameras to give off an image of being tolerant and loving ! Shame on you Mr Liberal Rafiq Hayat, you are not their parent, no relation of theirs and have no right to question them on their actions! What would your colleagues make of this backward and intrusive behaviour? And then because he was ‘enjoying himself in a limousine’ you want to ban him from the Waqf e Nau classes? I have no reason to believe that there is genuine concern for their wellbeing but instead, all the Ahmadiyya Jamaat seem concerned with is the reputation of the Wafqs in general and that he might rub off on other kids and they might all end up ‘enjoying themselves in limos’. Anything is better than those awful classes though, right kids?

Take report 2: so people are now sending in pictures of girls are they? Is this the sort of behaviour the Ahmadiyya Jamaat is encouraging and condoning, to spy on your own people and grass them up!? Clearly no ‘loving thy neighbour’ going on here but instead, we have back stabbing spies within the ‘brother/sisterhood’ of the Ahmadiyya Jamaat, snitching on their own like that! So not only is the Ahmadiyya Jamaat guilty of spying, it actively encourages others to tell on members too! One poor girl was almost sent to Pakistan because of the Ahmadiyya Jamaat intruding and poking their jumbo jet noses into their home life! This is worrying because it shows the impact the Ahmadiyya Jamaat can and does have on families, and the extreme steps some parents consider taking because of the Ahmadiyya Jamaat! It’s obvious from some of these reports that the Ahmadiyya Jamaat spies rely heavily on the words and opinions of others too, and people are feeding back what ‘she said, he said’ to the Ahmadiyya Jamaat and they are using this against the young girl! And look at the suggested restrictions, not ‘meeting freely with Huzur’ like the youngsters are lepers! If they are doing something wrong, shouldn’t they pull them in and keep them close NOT force them out like that! For Ahmadis their so-called 'Khalifa' is divine and to be prohibited from meeting with him would cause a great deal of distress! If the kids are not bothered by it, the parents would be horrified to learn of this restriction! One can only imagine the tension in their households at the time! Nice one Ahmadiyya Jamaat UK!

Check the report on the girl putting pictures up on ‘the internet’! The backward murrabi who wrote this probably meant ‘Facebook’ but for those who this report was intended for, they could mistake it for her circulating it on random public sites! The Ahmadiyya Jamaat doesn’t stop at just punishing the youngster for their ‘bad behaviour’; they take it to the parents too and make sure they are dealt with too! Threats that they will be denied the right to work for the Ahmadiyya Jamaat at an administration level, if they can’t fix up their children and get their homes in order! How cruel this is, to humiliate them and take what they consider a great blessing away from like that! Imagine the impact this would have on them but also the relationship they share with their child! And the hypocrisy, ohhh it smells so bad! Check NASIR KHAN: why is he still in position after his son married out of the Ahmadiyya Jamaat? You see, ordinary ‘bottom of the barrel’ Ahmadis get it in the neck but the top brass they on the other hand, are on safe ground!

Some reports recommend some children be excluded from the scheme altogether, while it has been proposed that others should be restricted from attending classes for some time, until a Jamaat official decides otherwise. Who are they to determine which ‘crime’ is more serious than the other, and who gets to stay in and who doesn’t? This is pathing the way for discriminative and unjust treatment; some suffer while others get a few taps on the wrist, both of which are highly condemnable and should'nt be happening in the first place!

So Mr Rafiq Hayat, president of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Association of the United Kingdom, care to explain why you permitted and authorised the spying of youngsters and why you yourself, ‘Amir Sahib’ were involved in the questioning of some of those reported? Care to explain why members of your administration are playing with the reputations of young girls like that when writing these reports up? Care to explain why non administrative members are sending in pictures of ordinary members? Care to explain why they think it’s OK to do that? Care to explain why you are even allowing reports to be written on ‘hearsay’? Care to explain why this system of ‘reporting’ even exists? Or care to explain why your youth are behaving the way they do? With a controlling tarbiyyat department, you’d expect top notch ‘make believe Muslims’ to be churned out but even your own Qaids can’t even control themselves! No reports there though, right? No exactly, I thought not! And then you have the cheek to go around calling me a munafiq! 

World there you have it again; the spying and tell tales of the Ahmadiyya Jamaat UK! Creepy ain’t even the word…. my oh my, only if the white man really knew what these Qadiani people were really about! And Ahmadi parents... why are you allowing the Ahmadiyya Jamaat Self Styled Police to force their way into your family lives and talk about your children this way, as well as questioning your parental skills? Sort it out loves and protect your families and tell these punks to go take a running jump!

Tune of the Day:

^ go on sink your teeth into that one! Let’s have the topic diversions! I am making it easy for you all, no need to bring up the old ‘you like red lipstick you are materialistic ummmmmm’. Go on… let’s hear it! Big tune though, reminds me of last few years of High School! Ahhh good times!And yes I smoked some sheesha but Frederick Robdal might have been a girl! You'll never don't start shouting the odds! I can feel you getting angry Anonymous poster!

Check back next week as usual and then again on Sunday! 

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  1. WOW.. the future looks bright for the cult!

    Nothing wrong with stopping these youngsters from getting into wrong things but spying on them? WTH?

    p.s awesome pic!

  2. Sister Findings in all honesty, this should be reported to local authorities, it is not right ethically or morally to spy on children and hand down punishment to both parents and children. It's parent's responsibility to take care of their children and if they felt they needed support only than should they go to this cult and ask for advice and then decide what is right for thier own child and not let this cult decide for them. It's all mind control.

  3. ^ In the UK can you get restraining orders?

  4. They're banning people from coming to classes who need it the most. Shouldn't it go the other way around?

  5. This Ahmadi lady

    is proof that young generation of Ahmadis are becoming free.

    Young Ahmadis should learn about Islam and try to see beyond this Jammat which try to hold them as slaves.

    Islam and Ummah is beautiful

  6. Can you believe that this Ameer, Rafiq Hayat is having his minions make applications and recommendations to the honours secretariat for an honours award. He's desperate for the title "SIR".
    And all the time he's authorizing wrongful actions, behaving not only unislamically but unlawfully too!
    Spying and photographing on kids, making reports, authorizing sanctions against ordinary Ahmadis, permitting public humiliation, social boycotting and expulsions.
    Come on Ahmadis open your eyes. Look and think for yourself at what these leaders are doing. How Islamic is their behaviour?

  7. i see that the ahmadi youth are enjoying the freedom that the kuffar have to offer

  8. You author of this blog uses the word 'spying' whereas the author(s) of the pasted reports I assume would use the phrase 'internal affairs investigation'.

    I would like to use a word here - 'sensationalising'

    Muslims are expected to adhere to certain Islamic rules. Muslim children are expected to adhere to the same as preparation for their lives to come insha'Allah. Waqf-e-nau children are expected to be role models to other children in society, and they are aware of this responsibility.

    The suggested course of action for the Waqf-e-nau children who do nott appreciate this responsibility is for them to be excluded from attending further Waqf-e-nau classes and hold positions of administrative responsibility. And this exclusion is temporary until a time where they demonstrate a change in their actions and humbly ask to be reinstated. And no, in response to one comment claiming, "They're banning people from coming to classes who need it the most" - the Islamic education of all those who seek it continues as long as they are open to it. Waqf-e-nau classes are not the only place to learn about Islam, and are certainly not the only classes conducted.

    Now I ask you the reader, what is it exactly that the author of this blog claims? Nobody is being shipped off to Guantanamo Bay. Nobody is being locked up in a prison cell without trial. Would a policeman who breaks the law not be suspended from duty? Would a doctor who neglects his/her patients not be reassesed? There is a code of conduct for certain groups of individuals, and those who go against that code are held accountable.

    Islam places emphasis on rehabilition over punishment. And anyone who looks with a clear conscience at the Islam-e-Ahmadiyya approach to matters will see that this principle is followed.

    To the author Findings: Your blog is failing to shake my belief in Ahmadiyyat. I read this blog as a reminder that all the hateration in the world still can't seem to make me doubt the Jama'at of the Promised Messiah (as). Thank you.
    And please, no beef.

  9. You are a disgusting vile and hypocritical woman,these teens CHOSE to be a part of the Waqf system, they were asked when they reached a certain age and they chose to remain, so being a part of a holy system they're supposed to carry themselves around in a certain way yet don't, so it's compulsory to take actions, either live in accordance to the rules or don't. Don't lead a double life, these teens are under oath to the Jamaat, if they don't want to be a part of this post they're free to resign, really, if this is the best you can pull against the Jamaat, I pity you, your fascination with black music and inability to form a sentence without sounding like a retard only shows your class too. You realize the same would be done if a so-called Islamic society to youngsters to devote themselves to a righteous cause under a Khalifa? but instead of warnings and certain limitations young men and women would have their limbs cut off. "Confess" that. Also assesses your own Sunni youngsters in your next blog post. You cry about free speech but I'm betting you won't allow this criticism to be published.

  10. HA your comment has been published but its ok I don't want to bet and gamble like you do this is the first and last time your comment is to be approved so don't bother with a reply oh and HOMIE you might want to read through everything I have said Herrings herrings herrings and they are all red in colour too your Ahmadiyya Bulletin obviously loved my writs once upon a time Check Ya Laterz Homie and oooops I forgot all my punctuation and grammar silly me but then again I can't string a sentence together can I oh and mr anonymous you forgot to mention that being a waqf e nau isn't something the children have a choice in the parents give the child to the scheme at birth and how many will want to back out under the watchful glare of their parents well then so don't come here with your lies because they are not fooling no one around here Bye mate.

  11. FanOfTheOriginalFindings27 September 2011 at 21:21

    Hey Madame Findings, you requested a penny for my thoughts, well how about £400,000 worth? I would love to give you a piece of my mind and I think you should read what I have to say!
    Findings do you want to know something and something that will probably surprise you, if you take into account how much abuse you seem to get? I actually really like you, so much so, that I am willing to even call myself a fan of yours. Yes that’s right Findings, I am YOUR FAN! I was told about you about a year back through some friends of mine, who believe or not, thought you were one cool chick and so, I decided to check you out, visiting your ‘birthplace’of thecult. At first, I remember thinking man this girl doesn’t half talk for England but I actually identified with much of what you were talking about and fell in love with you (hey hey now girl, we are not going to be the next Posh and Becks so don’t you get any ideas, I just loved your character plus I think you would just want me for my money you golddigger you, and sorry to break it to you love, but I’m married too!). I used to look forward to your posts, refreshing the page at work hoping ‘the Godmother of the forum’ had spoken, and then checking again before I went to sleep too, disappointed with your lack of activity for the day! You my dear had flair like no other on that site and your ability to connect with the audience was something quite remarkable. I mean after all, you rambled a lot but even then, despite all of that, there was something special about you. You were only casually posting, but your posts had pizzazz and the ‘oomph’ appeal and I remember trying to picture who this fantastic girl was, what you looked like and even how you dressed (don’t panic Findings, I am no pervert O.K, I just have a vivid imagination who just used to lay awake at night thinking about you, while the Mrs snored like a warthog next to me)! Then everything changed and your posts became malicious, bitchy and your ego went through the roof. You started making up pathetic stories about being caught, then not being caught, and then being caught again. From being a savvy and witty young woman, you turned into a paranoid rude boy and I mean that seriously, ‘no joking tings’! Your posts went from being organised, well thought out and intelligent, to slanging sessions between you and the Jamaat, paranoid waffle about some ‘Shako’ and stories of the Jamaat hacking into your computer! Your writing style, which once subtle, lady like and thought provoking, dramatically took a turn for the worse, and became rude, loud and lad-like! Have you ever watched the ITV2 programme ‘A Ladette to Lady’? That’s what happened but instead, we got subjected to ‘Lady to Ladette’..and oh its been traumatic Findings! The funny thing about you Madame Findings, is that you can still see that savvy woman come through nearly all the time, but it’s almost like you are trying to pretend you are a different writer altogether; to cover your tracks, you began talking like a street rat from South London, not the delicate creature you once were. At first, it was entertaining but now, it’s predictable, it’s tiresome and it’s fake! I have no shame in admitting your content appeals to me and nearly everything you speak of, I can relate to but, I can’t seem to take you seriously anymore because you are not real! The real Findings is the one who was a pop up writer at thecult, with a sense of humour like no other and you were an absolute delight; your posts, highly addictive and your journey, like no other! Unfortunately, like a lot of women I have had relationships with, you changed and oh how I miss that brilliant girl! This half woman/half rude boy that you have been replaced has meant my relationship with you has turned sour and I miss that Findings, You were ‘our findings’, the Findings everyone would secretly talk about at dinner and would love to hate you, and then grow to love you!

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  13. FanOfTheOriginalFindings27 September 2011 at 21:22

    Lets also not forget how cunning, manipulative and intelligent you really are to have re-branded yourself as this ‘legend’, causing havoc and unrest throughout the Jamaat. I mean girl, for you to be on the list of topics at the National Khuddam Ijtema is pretty wow-tastic! You are no ordinary specimen and people should take you seriously that’s for sure, and that’s why I am still a fan, despite you giving me plenty of reasons to ditch you right now! You are not some ‘thick as ish’ rude boy but instead, you are a marketing genius, a very organised and clever woman who has managed to send emails out to goodness how many households? A ‘get it girl’ who has managed to go unnoticed, grabbing documents from goodness knows who and where and having people go ‘crazy’ over them! You’ve turned Rafiq Hayat into a mess, you’ve pissed Nasir Khan off and you have got an international witch hunt going on! This isn’t the work of an ordinary girl, this is the work of a genius! Your Mamma Didn’t Raise No Fool Findings, she raised one hell of a woman, one who could probably be anything or anyone but instead, you are letting yourself down big time so much so, that I am surprised a clever girl like you hasn’t self reflected and self evaluated on your behaviour in recent months!
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    Stop using nicknames! This Mas Mas Mas business you have got going on is disrespectful to many Ahmadis, so please, if you want to reach them, stop doing that! I know it’s hard to swallow your pride, being ‘a legend’ but try it, it might help your cause! Try Masroor instead of Mas, what do you reckon? I know ‘Mirza Masroor Ahmad’ is asking for a bit too much from a drama queen like you, so try Masroor? The rest of them, carry on if you want, Raf was a name already used before you jumped on it right but calling his wife ‘wacko shacko’ is really pushing it girl! Start afresh and call them by their real names, its more damaging that way too.When I said you had become ‘malicious’ I meant in the way you were referring to people, not necessarily what you were saying! This ‘Shako Wacko’ business for one was really stupid of you and hey, if she is the monster you say she is (I don’t doubt you) then don’t you think its more damaging to her to refer to her by her formal name of ‘Shakira Hayat’? I don’t get that about you Findings, I really don’t…

  14. FanOfTheOriginalFindings27 September 2011 at 21:22

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    4) Keep doing what you are doing! Madame Findings, I support nearly everything you are doing and I myself am teetering on the edge of Ahmadiyyat and something else! And do you know what Madame? You have had a big part to play in that! So please, don’t take my criticisms to heart, I am just trying to give you an honest opinion in the hope you will take some suggestions on board! (you better, or I will come over there and slap you one. Ha ha only joking).
    5) Set up your own company because with an intelligence level like yours, you could be very rich and well off one day!
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  15. FanOfTheOriginalFindings27 September 2011 at 21:22

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    Ride or Die Chick is what you are, not no Down and Out Chick!
    A sincere fan, a hopeful supporter and an Ahmadi, trapped in a cupboard somewhere between here and Narnia! You don’t know me but I represent plenty of your fans out there! We are FINDINGS FC! You were once a premier league club, but you relegated yourself to 3rd division! Sort it out or you will lose us for good!

  16. FanOfTheOriginalFindings27 September 2011 at 21:25

    I think everyone who keeps hurling insults out at Findings should reconsider. I am sorry to say but this girl is very dangerous and dangerously clever! This is no idiot but we are looking at the best of our generation but whether she is using her intelligence wisely, is another issue altogether! She has the power to pull in thousands of readers and that my Ahmadi friends, is no thick bitch! (sorry Findings)

  17. Thanks for the constructive comments (i think)!!! Thing is My Fan, things have had to change... I have to change my style up else I could be busted! Let me give you an example: my essays for Uni are floating about the Jamaat double take of my writing and someone with half a brain could suss me out and very quickly WHY you people dont seem to understand that is beyond me! As for this 'bad man talk' you are seriously over exaggerating man and you know it! its only for a bit of a laugh and it doesnt make up all of my posts. I dont know what emails you are talking about.... you must have me mistaken for someone else. sorry.

  18. FanOfTheOriginalFindings27 September 2011 at 21:47

    You are joking me right? Are you trying to deny you sent out thousands of emails to half of the UK Jamaat, requesting that we visit your blog? Who did it then? The Fairy Godmother? The Tooth Fairy? 'Puhlese' as you would say My Mama Raised No Fool! Everyone knows you sent out emails! You are the talk of the town and you are certainly a force to be reckoned with, I will give you that and will give you it over until I am blue in the face! Your fans are on your side so don't play us fools please! Some 'realness' from you wouldn't go amiss!

  19. I dont know what emails you are referring to. Sorry. hey you are funny though lol @ findings the pre op trannie! made me LOL!

  20. and to be frank I aint here to make either agree with me or you hate me! stay a fan or dont...seriously no skin off my nose! i aint doing this to strike friendships but i am doing this for YOU!!!!!!!! in the faint hope you people wake up to what you are actually following and not what you THINK you are following. goodnight. salaam.

  21. What's the proof that the above scanned documents are real? It's hard to believe a lot of things you post.

  22. Allah is 'Lord of all the worlds'. Ahmadiyyat extends far beyond the boundaries of the UK. I wonder if you Findings have woken up to what you are actually opposing rather than what you THINK you are.

    Sky channel 787 - Muslim Television Ahmadiyya. I recall an image of Hazrat Khalifat-ul-Masih standing on the top of a building waving at what seems like an endless sea of Ghanaian Ahmadis wearing white. That's just one example. I would like to see you present your 'anti-Ahmadi' arguments as they are to someone in that crowd. Islam is a universal religion, if Ahmadiyyat is as bad as you claim it is then your arguments should be universal too.

  23. Who is the author of this report ?

  24. The author of this report is none other that DR SHABIR BHATTI- UK Secretary for Tarbiyyat AND Naib Ameer! If you doubt the authenticity, you are welcome to email him directly and ask him whether this is true or not! Let me know what he says....

  25. Interesting to note that you didn't allow my comment about waqfe nau kids.

    There will come a time when you wont allow any comments from Ahmadis, because they are making you guys look stupid on your own damn pages.

  26. Found, please provide an exact number how many Ahmadis there are in Ghana. Not just what you saw on MTA. They keep very precise records of their membership, so this should not be too hard.

  27. As God has promised to look after and protect Jammat then no worries that will happen .personal grudes have nothing to do with Jammat if there are black sheeps in the jammat which I believe will be then God will sooner or later take care of them.
    Its your will which matters rather than someone misusing tha eg chanda If you dont have such kind of faith then it is better to be have your own life and freedom which you believe in

  28. If you are overspeeding you will get a ticket no matter how corrupt is the police officer. You cannot justify you acts by objecting on other morals be that x y z . All religion teaches you a way of life.
    It is about your belief and deeds you should only follow what you believe if you are a true believer than you should not get dishearted by indivual acts pray to ALLAH get yourself sorted other wise you end up in no mans land

  29. Anything plugging that shambles of a blog will not be approved. Don't link it here again. We have our reasons... Stop using this space to advertise your nonsense! Do your own hard work and pull your readers in...

  30. Farhan, with all due respect, I request that you do not pose any such questions to me on this blog as I am not sanctioned by the Ahmadiyya Jama'at to make statements on its behalf. I'm just here presenting my personal opinions.

    My post(s) was directed to the owner of this blog who claims to be 'undercover' as an Ahmadi (and anyone else who may be in the same boat). From what I understand, you are not a part of that group. Nevertheless, since you asked, I will share with you what I think.

    I FEEL the answer to your question about exact numbers will not help further the point I was trying to make. I'm sure you agree that Islam is about quality not quantity. Then again, I agree that quality will manifest itself as quantity in the end. If somebody quoted to you a small or large number of non-Muslims in a particular area, would that impact your belief in the Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw)? I hope not. Khalifat-ul-Masih announces the figures of new Ahmadis around the world so as to share with Ahmadis the joy of, and to appreciate, what we consider blessed progress.

    Would you believe I am not just making conclusions on the spiritual strenghts shown by the Ghanaian people based on a nice camera shot I saw on TV? I suggest that if your means allow you should go check out the beauty of West Africa insha'Allah, and if you are so inclined feel free to visit any Ahmadi mosque. Anybody with pure intentions is always welcome. While you're there, grab a student from the Jamia school and show them the report pasted above. Do you honestly think they will give up their faith? Or is the point of this blog to get people to give up respect for Jama'at nizaam only and for them to continue to pray to Allah? I'm not sure.

    Let us (me included) not act spoiled. Stop for a second and imagine you lived in the time of the Holy Prophet (saw). Should our actions be warranting the need for such reports to even exist? Like I said before, this is an internal affairs investigation. INTERNAL until it was published on this site. Anybody shocked at hearing about this particular report should realise that the reason they are shocked is becuase it is brand new information to them. Brand new because these matters are handled discreetly. And rightly so. Not for the benefit of the report makers, but for the benefit of the people in the reports. Now that we have seen this report it is not anybody's place to judge any of the people within it.

    And all of the above fits in with the Islam I know. The Islam I learnt as an Ahmadi. So you have proven nothing.

  31. I agree to my colleague ANNONYMOUS you cant bear criticism I feel sorry for you I hope this gets through

  32. Yo findings, fancy a date at a local sheesha joint? My dad know's the owner (we can go for free), hence all the piccies. Sure you seen me around, I am short, dark and stumpy. I am finally single, looking for a nice local girl. My mum says I should marry someone who works closely with the Jamaat, you is me woman. Shaadi, yes? Inshalla.

  33. ^ ahah! sorry mate, I aint rich enough for your liking! Mummy Munee wouldnt approve! Try the khandaan lot instead...its her dreeaaaaam!

  34. No one in the history save RAF has been named as he is in the media anywhere any country no head of Ahmadi was ever called corrupt only during and because of RAF of UK because of his deeds

  35. these qadiyanis are as digusting as pigs. seriously. in my life i hv seen too many qadiyanis who ultimatly run away saying they are busy or any other damn excuses but do not come for face to face debates.
    they dnt even knwo how to use quran. their damned mirza qadiyani wrote the most pathetic tafsir of quran, he wrote disgutinf books contradicting with quran but still these blinf loosers dnt understand that they are following kufr. and now this spyign kids, there cnt be any thign more disguting then these filths.

  36. What a load of rubbish.

    I converted to become an Ahmadi Muslim in 1995 from Christianity and I have to say, jealously will get you no where. Let's see if you are honest enough to publish what I say. If you don't publish it, you just prove that you are liars.

    I have one child who is a Waqfe Nau and two sons who are gifted. This is what Allah does for those who pray and follow the Caliph of the time.

    The other Muslim children we see go out for Halloween, and don't even know the kalima or the prayer times.

    Ahmadi Muslims are so organized that I can understand your jealousy. If you take Lachasis 1000x it will help get rid of the jealousy.

    Caliphatul Masih IV looks beautiful as does Imam Sahib. Despite the fact that you applied the ugliest background you could find, you could not change the clean beauty of their spiritual light. Mashallah!

    Long live Ahmadiyyat! Zindabad!

  37. Looooooooooool. Don't get me started on ahmadi children. I will name names if you want me too. Lol.

    Imam sahib. Lol. Everyone I think she means raf. Raf you are beautiful.

    And now I have published your comment will you give me the names. Twenty three will do.

  38. One of my cousins snitched on my sister for having a bf. I had no idea there could be official documentation, though. WTF kind of crap was I raised in?! I'm glad I was born into this cult so I could experience firsthand what utter rubbish religion, all religion, is.

    My mother got mad and said something not nice about my cousin and my dad called her backwards for not being thankful that my cousin was letting them know what was going on. I have a close family friend who is a regular Muslim (in name only). He's surprised by how strict this community is.