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Ahmadiyya Jamaat UK: Lies, Damned Lies & Dr. Basharat Nazir

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Today I'm putting up a story that current readers probably aren't aware of. So I'll start off by giving some background info first. 

Last year the Ahmadiyya Jamaat tried to instigate a 'Hate Crime' case primarily against Khatme Nubuwwat. It ended in abject failure when the CPS ruled that the so-called 'evidence' they were presented with didn't show that any crime had been comitted. As part of their campaign against KN, Rafiq Hayat and co. tried to get the UK media on their side. Part of their twisted efforts involved Basharat Nazir instructing Ahmadis to blatantly lie and deceive the media. This was following a news feature on the so called 'Hate Crimes' against the Ahmadiyya Jamaat, featured last year on the Channel 4 News, presented by Darshna Soni.

Read the email for yourselves below, pay particular attention to the sentences in bold:

Assalmaoalaikum warahmatullah brothers,
Following Sadr sahib’s instructions to Khuddam this afternoon I have some humble requests to make.
1) I have spoken with Dr. Basharat Nazeer sahib (Jamaat’s Press Secretary) regarding the feedback to C4. Dr Nazeer was suggesting that it should not necessarily be made evident that it is only Ahmadis who are writing feedback of support to C4′s website. So please choose the wording which is sort of neutral yet commending the job done by Darshana Soni (who is under serious distress as a result of an unexpected backlash by the mullahs of KN). Can I humbly request that all Khuddam up and down the country should be encouraged to respond to the call by Sadr sahib as it is our moral duty to show support to Darshna Soni for her excellent work. Our support should greatly outnumber the feedback of criticism from KN and its followers.
Please note that KN already have been asking their followers to write to C4 in opposition to the presenter/programme. Dr Nazeer has promised that he will soon send some sort of guideline regarding the type of language that could be used for the support of the programme.
2) Also Basharat Nazeer sahib with the help of his team is going to email a standard response for any potential interview by any of the radio/TV channels. I am waiting on his guidelines which I will forward to you on their receipt.
3) May I also suggest that with sadr sahib’s permission each region can contact their local radio channels and show willingness for being interviewed regarding the hate campagin. This should be done in an organised manner and the interviewee must be well briefed in light of the guidelines. I have also requested Dr Nazeer to send us clear guidelines for the interview. Dr Nazeer is of the view that if we proactively contact the local radio channels for being interviewed in this regard then chances for success are quite bright.
Time is of the essence in this regard, please act swiftly in light of Sadr sahib’s instructions. May Allah bless and protect our jamaat from all sorts of mischief.
Farooq Mahmood
In-Charge Press and Media Committee MKA UK

So Dr. 'Basha' Basharat, why are you asking that Ahmadis lie about their identity, so that it doesn’t seem that emails in support of Ahmadiyya are actually coming from Ahmadis. Why are you asking Ahmadis to deceive the media like this, and suggest they pretend to 'pose' as non-Ahmadis and comment in favour of Ahmadis? If your cause is so right and your on the side of truth, why are you in actual fact trying to subvert the truth?

And why did you lie and make up such allegations against the brothers of the Khatame Nubuwat Academy, claiming they were harrassing the Journalist Darshna Soni after her sympathetic feature of the Ahmadiyya 'Persecution' in the UK? They never harrassed her did they, and the poor 'Darshna in Distress' was never a victim of any backlash, was she? You lied didn't you? You tried to tarnish them, calling them Mullahs; spinning lies about them in the hope your subservient Khuddam would believe you and it would encourage them to flood the website on Channel 4 and 'big up' the Ahmadiyya? Isn't that true, Mr Press Secretary of the Ahmadiyya 'Muslim' Community of the United Kingdom? Oh yes it is!

It is funny because Allah was on their side in the end, wasn't He? He failed you big time in your quest to tarnish them and stopped you all in your tracks! Allah is Great! Your marketing and propaganda in the Media at the time, towards the end of 2010, was in overdrive and you still never quite managed to reap the public sympathy, as you had quite hoped for! In the end, your scandalous ways were exposed when this email was published and even the CPS threw out your desperate attempts to prosecute the brothers at KN, as well as others! So much for 'Allah is with us'.. where was He when your email was exposed? Where was He when Darshna caught wind of what you were plotting and scheming? And where was He when your case was thrown out? Allah exposed you and protected the Muslim brothers, because He is with those who are truthful and despises those who plot against his followers and the Ummah of Mohammad (SAAWS). Truth prevails! It always does!

Imagine! This was just one email that was leaked, imagine what other deceptions have gone on! Think Ahmadis! Why is the Jamaat asking you to lie? Why would a divinely guided sect need to act in this way? If you have the support of Allah, then just tell the truth. Simples! 

And for those Ahmadis that strenuously deny that the Ahmadiyya Jamaat is little more than a publicity hungry cult, have another read of the email! I can't wait for Ahmadis to defend this, come on, let's hear the excuses!

Have a read of the original article on here.
There will be NO Sunday Scandal tomorrow, as I will be celebrating Eid ul Adha and I will be resting up and chilling, away from my Lappy! I wish ALL my Muslim readers Eid Mubarak for tomorrow! May Allah SWT accept your sacrifices and may He shower upon you His love and blessings! Ameen!

Ahmadis, I hope and pray one day you come to your senses and are granted Hidayah! Islam is so simple and is not a complicated maze of "what ifs" and "but's" like Ahmadiyyat! Keep it simple- Keep it Islam!

In the meantime, it seems like the team at are making a beeline for the limelight and are set to release a 'huge scandal' any day now! Why don't you run along over there for a few days, and leave me alone :P Don't get too comfy over there though! I am a jealous sort me, so you guys better come back here straight after! :-D

I have a treat for my Ahmadi readers. Mas and Raf have laid on this 'Eid Milan' special for you! Its dedicated to the 2 babes in their lives, Shakira 'Munee' Hayat, the wife of Rafiq Hayat and Mas's Mrs, who Ahmadis refer to as 'Khala'. They are the subject of this song (which translates as 2 girls dancing or 'there those 2 go').

Tune of the day: Dowain Jaaniya


  1. The reputation of Islam has been tarnished by hardliners groups carrying out atrocities here and abroad.

    (watch 4:50)

    Where ever "these things" are committed by "Muslims" Media tends to highlight these things quite a lot. (Dr. Basharat Nazir)

    This is his job. Malign the real Muslims on media. Present themselves as alternate "good Muslims" and their religion as an "alternate LOYAL Islam"

    The Actions are judged by Intentions. So their "Intentions" while lying to tarnish image of Muslims and Islam are "good". So they don't feel any guilt to run campaigns against Muslims - be it KN or any other group. For them all are Kafirs. No mercy for them and no ethics to harm the enemies.

    They are snakes in the sleeve (aasteen kay saaNp). Muslims world over should get united to expose the wickedness and crookedness of these "pious rascals".

    US and Israel are not their enemy. Their real enemies are these Evils on earth who are using any negative tactic to harm Muslims who have rejected their false prophet and refused to join these Wolves in Sheep skins.

    May ALLAH save Muslims from this Mafia who can go to any extent to harm Muslims. A'ameen!

    Mohsin (Hate hypocrites love Muslims)

  2. All is fair in Love and War. Ahmadis are on War with their Kafirs (Muslims), so all is fair for them to inflict wounds on Kafirs (Muslims). Read what they are taught;

    "Allah has revealed to me that he who does not follow me and does not give me his oath of allegiance and remains in opposition is disobeying the will of Allah and His Rasul and is Jahannami (doomed to Hell)."
    (Collection of Posters, Vol. 3, P. 275; Mirza Ghulam Qadiani)

    "Question: Huzoor-e-aali (Respected Mirza Ghulam) has mentioned in thousands of places that it is not at all right to call Kafir a Kalima-go (someone who recites the Kalima) and an Ahle-Qibla. It is quite obvious that except those Momineen who become Kafir by calling you (Mirza Ghulam) a Kafir, no one becomes a Kafir by merely not accepting you. However, you have now written to Abdul Hakeem Khan that anyone who has received my message and has not accepted me is no longer a Muslim. There is contradiction between this statement and your statements in previous books. Earlier in Tiriaq-ul-Quloob etc you had mentioned that no one becomes Kafir by not accepting you; now you are writing that by rejecting me he becomes a Kafir?!

    Answer: This is strange that you consider the person who rejects me and the person who calls me Kafir as two different persons, whereas in the eyes of God he is the same type; because he who does not accept me is because he considers me a fabricator..."
    (Haqiqat-ul-Wahi, Roohany Khazaen, Vol. 22, P. 167, Mirza Ghulam Qadiani)

    "All those Muslims who do not enter the fold of the Promised Messiah, whether or not they have heard of Messiah (Mirza Ghulam Qadiani) are considered Kafirs and are beyond the pale of Islam."
    (Aeena-e-Sadaqat, P. 9/35, By Bashir-uddin Mahmud)

    "God has revealed it to me that the person who did not believe in me after having heard about me is not a Muslim."
    (Al-Fazl, Qadian, Jan 15, 1935 - Al-Hukum, 4:24, Mirza Ghulam Qadiani)

    "It has been revealed to me that the person who did not follow me and did not enter into my fold, is disobedient and as such, should be thrown into Hell."
    (Miyar-ul-Akhyar, Vol. 9, P. 27, Mirza Ghulam Qadiani)

    So these Snakes of our Sleeves are doing everything to "throw us in to hell". That is why they are so happy when any calamity hits Muslim countries and see it as "their prayers are answered". If Muslims are harmed any where, their "efforts succeeded".


  3. The reality of their "Greetings & Wishes"

    Assalmaoalaikum warahmatullah brothers,(Laa'nat ALLAH on KN "brothers")

    Jazakallah,(May Shaytan reward your for your efforts)

    May Allah bless and protect our jamaat from all sorts of mischief.(That "our Allah" who told our Nabi all the false prophesies - may "he" protects us from all sorts of mischief which backfires on us)

    Wassalam,(Be in the protection and custody of Shaytan who used to talk to our prophet and whispered all the revelations to him)

    Mohsin (May ALLAH of Muhammad Rasool ALLAH (saw) protects us from these icons of evil on earth)

  4. Brother Mohsin are you a revert from Qadianism? And are you still in the 'Jamaat' due to family constraints etc?

    Oi Basha.... You are a rotten liar! Got shown up in front of Darsha big time didn't you :P remember the panic when the email got out? Haha.

  5. Sister Findings - I have reverted from Jamaat, Alhamdolillah. I was engaged and my fiance's parents refused to marry their daughter with a stray person who has "rebel ideas" (that time I had not openly announced) and they feared I could be "Murtid" any time. I was able to convince my parents and my siblings that Qadianiat is Kufr as it is a belief on False nabi who deceptively pretended to be Essa ibn e Marium. Belief on him as prophet or Mujadid (a liar can't be Mujadid) will destroy our faith and we will face ALLAH's wrath when we will go back to HIM.

    These liars have done fraud with us by telling us we are Muslims and a better Muslims since our Kalma and all rituals are like Muslims. I came to know it is a fraud for marketing their religion as Islam. Otherwise, they have everything against Islam and we were taught to hate Muslims as they call our Massih Maoud as Kazab and us as Kafir. So will should not trust Muslims or keep any sincere contacts with them. They can't be sincere with us. I felt isolated among Muslims. I was in college hostel and they used to pray together in a room made mosque next to my room and I used to hide from them. They used to go for Jummah prayers together and I used to pray Zuhar in my room. I used to think when we are also Muslim, why we can't pray with them. My friends used to ask me same thing that you call yourself Ahmadi Muslims but you don't pray with us. I had a lame excuse, we are Muslims but your government has declared us kafir so we can't pray in your mosques. But inside me I knew we were not praying with them even we were not declared Non-Muslims.

    Then I started studying what is difference between their Islam and our Islam. I found out the difference is not the dispute of Mirza Sahib but all our teachings are against the basic beliefs of Islam. I found out Muslims may have also lost their right track but the religion they believe is true and Ahmadiat is a man made religion with all contradictions. I was never influenced by a Mullah preaching but a simple comparative study of my own. I concluded that if I have to be deprived of ALLAH's blessings and HIS prophet Muhammad's blessings, I may continue with this falsehood for my convenience. But if I have a fear of ALLAH and love of our true last Prophet then I should leave this false religion of false prophet.

    This is not a religion but a family business where character of its second Khalifa is so shameful that even Satan must be shying and feeling embarrassed from his sex crimes. And the height of hypocrisy we consider him Promised Reformer. That man should have been prosecuted and hanged for his moral crimes but he was presented as Chosen by ALLAH as Khalifa tul Masih. This is all fraud and total hypocrisy. ALLAH will never forgive us if we didn't repent for what we believed wrong and were supporting these criminals of ALLAH and HIS Rasool. My siblings and my parents now admire me that you saved us from hell fire and displeasure of Muhammad rasool ALLAH (pbuh) - May my life be sacrificed for HIS deen as a Kafara for what we believed wrong all these years and for supporting a clear Kufr. Aa'meen!


  6. continued as the previous post was exceeding HTML limit....

    I honestly tell you I have received so much love and support from Muslim brothers that it is beyond word. They are so sincere and helpful that I feel shame what we were thinking about them in past. The time I spent as a Qadiani, are my lost years. We supported Jamat a lot and we sacrificed a lot by cutting off from the real Muslims. But we were supporting a clan and were chained by a cult and Truth was denied to us all these years. My request to all Ahmadi brothers and sisters, don't convert on someone's suggestion but at least re-asses your faith and know what you are believing and "why all these Billion Muslims" are against us. You will come to the same conclusion - Ahmadiyyat and Islam are two different things and we were illogically claiming our religion as true Islam and ourselves true Muslims.

    There is still time to correct our faith. It will be a big shock when we will close our eyes if we didn't repent. I am not interesting to preach Islam to Ahmadis to convert few to add few in 1.6 billions. That will not Islam in any way. But remember one thing that will change your whole life here and your fate hereafter. I am even ready to admit that most of Muslims are not true Muslims but their Islam is true. And I may also admit character and sincerity of lot of Ahmadis may be better than most of mainstream Muslims but their religion is not true Islam. It is not Islam at all. I swear to ALLAH with all his fear that Ahmadiyat is not Islam but a War against Islam and its sole purpose was to take War (Jahad - Resistance to British Raj) out of Islam. All this religious drama was for that purpose and to prove loyalty to British Raj for some pity interests - land & money.

    Again my request, have a comparative study of both Islams with open mind and ALLAH HIMSELF will guide you to HIS Islam. No compulsion, you decide your own. No one will force you to convert. What hurts Muslims is insult of Prophet Muhammad, they have no fear of your growth or or your financially being strong or the Governments supporting you. They know you are Minority and will always be Minority. Just imagine how much you are hurting a Muslim by disgracing Prophet Muhammad is not the last prophet, but think how much Rasool ALLAH will be unhappy with you. There is no mercy for any one from ALLAH if he has annoyed HIS most loving prophet. Don't stay in dark and under false deception, time to know and chose right faith. All is lost if faith is lost. You can still avoid the biggest Shock awaiting you hereafter.


  7. See how he created things from his own. Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was not sure of his Year of birth but he claims to know what time of the day prophet Adam was born and what day of the week also;

    “Adam was born at the time of Asr on the 6th day. At that time the cycle of Jupiter was ending and the cycle of Saturn was about to begin. The affects of Saturn are that
    of cruelty and bloodshed. The angels thinking that Adam would be born under the affects of Saturn objected and said, ‘Why place on (earth) one who will cause corruption and shed blood.’” (Malfoozat, Volume 1, Page

    Any other "prophet" was so expert in Astrology and had Birth certificates of prophets from Adam to prophet Muhammad? But his own was Missing????

    He was a quack Hakim (not sure of which branch of Doctors - Herbal or Homeopathic? but he used to do self-treatment of his impotence and melancholia) but at the same time he was an Astrologer (Najoomi) also. If Prophethood business had not run, he had some alternate profession choices too.


  8. He did not only experiment with Astrology but jumped all Limits by claiming He himself is second coming of Prophet Muhammad but a better one as his Stars were favoring him.

    “...there are two advents of
    Prophet Muhammad, the Muhammadi advent
    characterised by majesty and awe under the influence of Mars and the second advent in a mantle of beauty, under the influence of Jupiter." (Roohani Khazain,
    Toufah-Golravea, Volume 17, Page 254)

    This is too much of a claim. And ALLAH rightly humiliated him all his life at the hands of Piggot, Abdulla Athom and most of all from Muhammadi Begum. He prayed if I am a liar I should die by either plague or epidemic cholera. The first and last time ALLAH listened this Fasiq & Fajir - he got sick with epidemic cholera - and died with acute diarrhea - his condition miserable when he died that all clothes were full of shit and soaked in his urine as he was so weak to go to toilet - even they put his bed just in front of it - he was vomiting, passing stools and urinating in his bed and his tongue was seized by dehydration so he could not even repent or recite Kalma.

    His son - Mirza Bashir-ud-Din Mahmud Ahmad Khalifatul Sani (but notorious as Khalifatul Zani) and fake Al Musleh Mauod (The Promised Reformer) - had similar miserable and painful death.

    Time to repent and get out of the shackles of Mirzai Islam - a family business in the shade of religion.


  9. Lol thanks for posting this again! This was a huge slap across the face of MKA and Rafiq's administration! I remember they were particularly panicked when they realised how quickly it went out; I think it was put up within an hour of being sent out! Seems like you my friend, are not the only 'munafiq' in the village! I am a munafiq too! Lol I mean, I am no longer an Ahmadi but do not have the means of declaring my acceptance of Islam just yet. I wish you success! You are doing what many of us should have done a long time ago! By the way, you should know there are a lot more of 'you' out there! You are not alone! There are many converted Muslims amongst the Ahmadis, more than you can even begin to comprehend! And hey sister, be careful! Rafiq is consulting a legal team as we speak and he is trying to see if they (AMA) can pursue legal action against you. In other words, and in laymen terms, dot your 'I's and cross your 'T's.

    So far so good, and you do not have much to worry about from what I can see! A few humble words of advice? Avoid accusing Rafiq et al of crimes (fraud/money laundering/dodgy payments for construction etc) because this could land you in hot water. Poking fun, name calling and so on is o-kay, and its nothing less than they all deserve. I have glanced over your posts and comments and I see no real cause for concern. So continuing on with the alphabet, please mind your 'P's and 'Q's.

  10. He wants your guts for garters. You have really pissed him off. He is losing control and his image is in tatters. He will not let you get away with this. He is used to controlling us and now you, a mysterious girl (ahh ahh ahh, mysterious girl, rafiq wants to punch you), is pulling at their puppet strings. He will do everything in his power to find you and exterminate you (from the Jamaat). I am sure you don't necessarily mind that, right? However, you want to win this game of 'IT' and having your identity exposed means you lose! Keep yourself checked. You are doing well and have a lot of secret supporters out there. Do not get disheartened by lack of support or commentary by ex-Ahmadis and assume there are few of us. We are supporting you but are silent in doing so. I am from a big Ahmadi constituency and have worked very closely with Fahim Anwer in the recent past. We put on a front but the reality is, they are losing souls and at a rapid rate. They lost mine sometime back but naturally assume I am still one of them. A few more years and the dynamics will change. Yeah they still get payments from me but for how much longer? It seems they do not mind poor quality Ahmadis or secret Muslims amongst them, provided we still pay.

    Fahim Anwer is guzzumped too. He has no idea who you are. You are safe. Did you ever play 'bamboozled' on Teletext by the way? Just a random question!

    Really and truly, I admire you. I know you probably don't need the compliments but it takes guts to do what you are doing. It takes guts to stand up to 'religious rulers' and speak out and you are risking so much. I can only try and remember you in my prayers and ask Allah to shield you. I would be lying if I said I have prayed for you and that I will pray for you, but I will make an effort to do so. I do pray that Allah shows the Jamaat up and have prayed for this for sometime now. Are you part of the answer to my prayers?

    Most girls want to be the face of Revlon but you are the face of Revolution! You are a woman of great courage and bravery in the midst of what must be the most trying time of your life. I cannot assist you in anyway because I have too much to lose but know you have my support. I will always look back on this time and remember the girl who stormed the internet and showed these bullies up. A very big well done and I think your blog is brilliantly presented and so very unique!

    Stay one step ahead and I hope you take my advice on board. I want you to succeed because if you succeed, we all succeed and I hope you are not taken out by Rafiq. I know this man very well and he is determined to have you shut down as soon as possible. Do not give him any reason to do this. Stay legal so he can't accuse you of being illegal.

    A Fan of yourself and Peter Andre :)

    Rafiq if you are reading- you are scum. You deserve this and few feel little sympathy for you or your obnoxious family. Tariq- it seems you will never become Amir now. ( I have always wanted to say that. How liberating).

  11. LMAO @ 'dowain janniya' what a old skool classic! Lol @ the hip thrusting! Mas and Raf bustin' some serious moves!

  12. Rafiq and co

    It's not against the law to state your opinion, you and Masroor have kept a very grip on all of us we now have a way to voice of concerns through the very brave Sister Findings, you have no morals when you do injustice to others so how long did you and Masroor think that we normal Ahmadis were going to keep quiet, the younger generation are opening their eyes and I strongly suggest to the Ahmadis reading this, is to do your research on the books of Ahmadiyyat, it's so important, remember you will answer to Allah on the day of judgement, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, Mirza Masroor or Rafiq are not going to protect you, you will also be asked why did you follow blindly. In the Holy Quran it mentions seek knowledge.

    [AL-Baqra 2:171] And when it is said to them, ‘Follow that which Allah has sent down,’ they say: ‘Nay, we will follow that wherein we found our fathers.’ What! even if their fathers had no sense at all and no guidance?


  13. Jzks for your story Bro Mohsin! Allah has blessed you and your family: you are the fortunate ones!!! :) This is a great story and a great inspiration for me to strive harder in the hope even just one of my relations senses something is wrong. I am very happy you managed to help pull your family to safety!

    @ peter andre fan...looool haha! love it! bro thanks for the heads up, I appreciate it! he can try go legal on me, but he won't be ready for what I will do if he does. and yes, it is not illegal to state opinion and publish public docs! it is in the interest of the public and nothing was obtained he has no leg to stand on.. let him try his best...i am ready for him!

  14. @Mohsin Thank you for your story.this is interesting to know that many ahmadies are having the same point of view as you.I am happy to know that some ahmadies are raising this voice.I am agree with you on every single word you have written in your story.I am a born ahmadi and now over 50 Years of age.I was wondering in past years that no one is taking any notice about the unislamic practices.I admire your courage and the knowledge you have.I am happy to have this blog where we can express our concern openly with out any fear.
    @Findings many congratulations, keep good work up we sport you fully.lot of sport for you visible and invisible,people are coming and joining you slowly stay firm please. we ahmadies are behind you.I am a bit concern about you and your families safety.Please stay safe and don't put your self in any trouble.As a gentleman said
    stay within the law and carry on working as at the moment inshaallah you will succeed one day.
    May allah reward you for this.we are not alone now we know many out there who sport you.thanks

  15. ^ JazakAllah Khairun brother :)

    Eid Mubarak to you and your family.

  16. Hahahahah! You are such a deluded princess spitting your dummy out over an email! Wow what an Eid hey? Spending it all alone like a lepar! like those faggoty old witches when no one wants them! why dont you go to the old peoples home and do a real good deed on your so called 'eid'. how pathetic you are! is this how you want to live? alone and pathetic for sake of these mullahs? what so the prayers of your so called muslims brethren are more powerful than your own parents? shameful! what a pathetic princess you really are! go celebrate Eid alone. You are pathetic. Change your name of 'Dot Cotton' because that is what you are in your young age having to do Eid alone! What a CURSE from Allah! That is a curse! Where is Allah with you now huh? huh? huh? huh?


  17. Oh check the hatred spewing out from this comment! Who said I would be alone on Eid? PS: I prefer Pat Butcher myself :P

    Grow up.

  18. Cult Queen ignore the idiotic rants from your ex Qadiani folk! That rascal was unable to defend the email so attacked your personal life! May you have a wonderful Eid, however you choose spend it! Remember Allah is with you so you are never alone! I have a friend who married out of this cult who used to spend her time alone in the local Masjid reading the Qu'ran on Eid day so there is no shame in it because you are Allah's creation and He loves you so much because He showed you light! He is always with you and do not forget that! May Allah grant you a wonderful spouse so you can escape the clutches of the Shayateen forever! May He bless you in everyway! May he grant you righteous children and May He bless your family unit! Eid Mubarak Sister and all Muslims...I will pray for this 'internet' girl this Eid. I request everyone to pray for all Muslims trapped in the Qadiani Cult. May Allah make it easy on them.

  19. Sister Findings & Anonymous 13:57

    Thanks for your encouraging words. I have written on another Blog - that only one incident from Mirza's (I even don't feel like even writing him a Sahib)life would revert a born Qadiani - if he is unbiased and his conscience is still alive and he has fear of ALLAH and not believe in Jannah assured by Qadianis.

    That incident is one of Muhammdi Begum. That was the Decisive factor for me to convert. I have a sister also so I could understand what humiliation Muhammadi Begum went through at the hands of this so called Prophet, Reformer, Mahdi and shadow of Prophet Muhammad (even he claimed to be his second coming - I don't know he forgot that he has already claimed him as second coming of Essa ibne Marium also)I asked myself how such a high profile divine person has such a low bizaree character? How he blackmailed her family? How he made Ishtiar (Ads) publicizing her in public of receiving divine instructions to marry her? How he kept on stalking her even she got married? How he warned curses, death of her father and husband and marrying her as widow? How a prophet of Allah and reformer of Islam can stoop so low? All this when he already had two wives and married sons? He asked his son to divorce his wife as she is relative of that girl and they are refusing. If not done so he warned to disown the son from Inheritance and divorce her mother as punishment.

    I said to myself, this man even does not have a character of a normal human being. How he claims to be God's favorite and does God talk to people of these moral values? I became 100% sure, this man was a big liar and a very mean and cunning person. He was none of what he claimed but a physically, mentally and spiritually a sick person. I gave the same logic to my parents and my brothers - if some "pious" person - say some "peer" - does this with our sister and us, will you still consider him your "peer" (spiritual mentor). My brothers said, no, we will shoot such person where ever we find him. So I said then let us first shoot this fake Massih Maoud and repent for believing him so. All of us called the nearby Imam masjid home and all the family recited Kalima and became Muslims.

    Some of our relatives are also converting one by one as we show all the garbage from Qadiani literature. Believe me they are exploiting the Ignorance of ordinary Qadianis who have not read their books. Even they hear some arguments from Muslims and ask Murrabi or Muntazims, they kill their curiosity saying - This is propganda of Muslims - they hate us - don't listen to them - they annoy us because they are not blessed by Imam al Waqt. I wish they read their own literature to know the reality of their religious elders and what they wrote and what they believe and practice. Only a desire for Guidance from ALLAH will lead you to the right path. Today is a very blessed day, pray for Guidance with all the sincerity. And leave too ALLAH, HE will never leave you lost. Love only HIS prophet Muhammad (saw) and see how HE holds your hand and bring peace and harmony in your life.


  20. Continuation....

    Reach out Muslims, they are not what these liars paint you. They are very loving and good nature people. They will embrace you and you will assimilate in them like you were always one of them. MY sister and two brothers are married in Sunnis and they even tell every one - they were Mirzais before and ALLAH blessed them and they became Muslims. Come out and seek ALLAH's kindness and HIS blessing. I feel I was under a curse while I was Qadiani. I always had fear of people - some guilt of being dubious - socially cut from society. It seems to me I was seeing some mirage and suddenly ALLAH woke me up and took me out of disillusionment.

    I feel like ALLAH and HIS prophet are happy with me and I have no fear of death - like I have to go and receive some award or distinction. Throw away all fears and come in HIS protection and in the obedience of only ONE man - RASOOL ALLAH (saw). That will free you from all other loyalties and especially the slavery of Mirza family.


  21. Hi findings
    I have some info to expose about a certain leader of a certain jamaat in the heart of the midlands. It is claimed that this guy has a child out of wed-lock.

    Now tell me, is he abiding by the 10 conditions of bait? If he does not leave his post he will be exposed, because being a leader what example is he setting?

  22. @mohsin My dear brother mohsin thank you.I am just wondering how similar we are.Mohammedi Begums prophecy,When i have been told is fulfilled.
    Baree shan kay sath poori ho kai.THAT WAS A TURNING POINT IN MY LIFE.I start research on just one prophecy and found lie after another lie.Then start reading other books and found lot of contradictions.We were taught from our child hood,That we ahmadies are well educated and all Mullas are illiterate people they have no knowledge of islam.Now i found in fact ahmadies have no knowledge of islam,they should read there literature.How wrong we were to belief that we are the best muslim on this earth.THIS IS MY REQUEST TO ALL AHMEDI BROTHERS PLEASE READ YOUR BOOKS.

  23. Subhan'Allah Brother Mohsin! May Allah Azzah Wajal reward you and your family, and fill your lives with Barakah and Emaan! Ameen Thuma'meen!

    The story of his lustful pursuit of Muhammadi Begum is an ongoing nightmare for the Qadianyanee Cult and one they are always trying to battle! It is a nightmare that they will never wake from because it will always be there!

    Admin I think you are doing a tremendous job! My best topic has to be when you exposed this Gaddi Nasheen Pugree Wallah Masroor at a wedding! I was so happy and I really felt your card did the trick! Allah gave you that picture and you used it wisely! I picture my daughter in your situation and my heart sinks and my eyes are welling up with tears! Oh Allah, on this day of Arafah, grant this young daughter of the disbeliever a way out of her disbelieving household! Oh Allah, on this day of Arafah, grant this young daughter of the disbeliever a believing Husband and teacher of the Deen. Ameen. I will now explain my reason for calling on Allah on this regard.

    I have a nice words to retell and some advice to pass on to born Muslim male readers. My local Imam in North London told us that there are increasing number of Qadianyees who are reverting in the area (Allahu Akbar)! He said that you reverts are different to all others because you have clambered out of fake soul selling 'Islam' to real Islam and this would have been the biggest test! He encouraged men of Asian/Pakistani origin to come forward and accept Former Qadianyees now Muslim reverts to Islam because they are like us in every way, and we attain the blessing of marrying and educating a revert! He said to take them as wives and educate them as best they can. There is no hatred there. The Imams are encouraging the brothers to embrace the opportunity and marry these sisters! Subhan'Allah! I would strongly advise Muslim sisters to go forward to their Masjid's and Madrassahs and ask them to assist you. I would advise Muslim men, if circumstances permit, to take on honest and genuine seekers of truth and bring them into your homes. We have a duty to protect these women and must act swiftly before they are cornered by Qadianyanee proposals! You can attain the blessings of bringing a young woman from kuffar into an Islamic household and maintain your cultures at the same time. This is a very unusual opportunity and one I urge Pakistani/Asian men to take up. This is the best way for the Muslim sisters to escape the Cult and the pervert Masroor. You will all be doing a great service to Islam and Allah. I am married and this is not a marriage proposal but just a suggestion and gentle encouragement. Before Qadinyanees accuse me of lustful pursuit of the admin of this site, I am a married man who has a grown up teenage daughter. Alhamdolilah. I am just passing on the advice and request of my local Imam. Please encourage your Imams to spread the word and help your sisters out! It is a very rare opportunity to attain such glorious blessings! I will ask them to proceed with caution and insist before marriage proceeds that the young sisters are requested to formally denounce the imposter Mirza and repeat Kalima Shahadat in front of 2 witnesses. This will help ease any doubts families might have.

    You might also be very happy to hear that after the Khutbah yesterday a brother of the Masjid mentioned this site and encouraged Muslims to publicise it and expose the cunning cult. We are lending you our support in your quest to expose the organisation here in the UK. We welcome you to his (saws) Ummah.although they are 'petty' administration mattersn, they are devastating for a Cult that relies on 'body image'

    I love you all for the sake of Allah and his beautiful, most diligent messenger, Hazrat Mohammed Mustafa saws. Eid Mubarek to one and to all.

  24. Jzks for your kind words Brother Javed. It is encouraging to hear the blog is making progress and people are talking about it! Great feedback! Eid Mubarak to you and your family.

    I think Muslim men should be open minded to all reverts not just Qadianis. Also born Muslims are just as worthy and needy of husbands... We shouldn't always necessarily distinguish. However you are right, there are many blessings to be gained, if his intentions are honourable and for the sake of pleasing Allah. No doubt it will please Allah :)

    @ anonymous.. Bring-it-on! Ill have him out of his post in a jiffy! Email me... Contact details on homepage.

  25. This was my personal observation also and it seems a serious issue now as Majlis Khuddamul Ahmadiyya (MKA)USA is conducting a Survey to identify the magnitude of problem and reasons.

    MKA is conducting a Marriage Survey to find out why there is increase of marital conflicts and divorces in community?

    A scenario where your action/statement causes a conflict with your spouse: (*)

    How do you resolve such a conflict? (*)

    A scenario where your spouse’s action/statement causes a conflict with you: (*)

    How do you resolve such a conflict? (*)

    I believe Qadiani religion has no solution and they want to find the Solution from ones who are already conducting spousal abuse and the victim herself.

    How they will have some solution of marital abuses? This is the Sunnah of False Messiah and his Promised Reformer son. Mirza himself ignored the first wife as she and her sons refused to believe him as prophet. Who knows a husband more than his wife? She knew he urinates 100 times a day then what time he receives revelation from the Angel as he claims. Anyway, he even refused to pray funeral pray of his son as "he was not Muslim" and died without doing Bait (allegiance) to Father Messiah. He even warned his wife to give her divorce if she did not help him in marrying Mohammadi Begum - his Prophetic Love.

    His son Khalifa Sani (called Khalifa Zani for conducting numerous rapes - and one such rape I can't even mention as Satan also feels shy from that act) was a husband which all women pray to stay single all life than have one like him. He was even suspected to have poisoned his wife who died in mysterious conditions as stated by her brother AbdulManan, son of Khalifa Awal - Hakim Nooruddin.

    So these Surveys will not help when the people you are following were worst marital abusers and have nothing which can be presented to world as - lead by example.

    Mohsin whom ALLAH blessed to abandon Qadianiat

  26. It's The Money, Stupid.


    The whole Prophet Prophet game was for Maal from British Raj and when were forced to leave India against the will and advises of Fake Messiah - the only source of Maal is "YOU" - Ghulams of Mirza - slaves of Mirza.

    Fool them in the name of religion and keep them chained in Cult - Ghulams of Mirza - slaves of Mirza - being fooled - Your money is being spent in ALLAH's way - not knowing it is spent on those crooks who are also selling you "Heavenly Graves".

    A lot in Community - even the community is picture of - Dances of Wolves and Silence of Lambs - these Ghulams want to know where the Millions go - for them the MKA site says;

    Have you ever wondered where your MKA Chanda goes? If so, you need to get more involved in local MKA activities or ask your Qaid to conduct more activities. The truth is that almost all MKA activities are conducted with the sole support of MKA Chanda.

    Keep in mind that 30% of all Majlis Chanda (Khuddam/Atfal) is sent to London for Markaz share. 22% of all Majlis Chanda is kept at the local Majlis. That leaves 48% of Majlis Chanda for National MKA (plus 100% of Ijtema Fund).
    At the local level activities like sleepovers (a Tarbiyyat event that is meant to remind members of the significance of Tahajud prayers, salat, and brotherhood), local Ijtemat, social activities (ski trips, paintball activities, hiking, sporting events, etc.), and others are held using local funds. The purpose of MKA is to train the youth of the Jamaat and all these activities help fulfill this very important demand.

    So Raffy boy - his Master's voice receives 22% of Chanda - I am sure not at his disposal - final and sole authority is Fake Messiah's grandson - it goes in the family for Maal security - the only religion in the world which runs in the family - some will question - First Khalifa was not from the family but a Friend - ask me than I will tell you - how he was also Family of Mirza tribe and why he stayed all his life in his home - and why Mirza used to share his Impotency Majoon with Hakim Saab?

    Life of each one of this Mirza Dynasty is - more you know, more you hide your face in shame - that is why First Edition of "Seerat ul Mehdi" was confiscated and all copies were burnt as it carried - "Salwar" sniffing ritual of Fake Messiah - confirmed by AbdulManan - that word "Salwar" was used by Qadiani historian - not "Shalwar" when Interviewer questioned him - and not ask whose "Salwar"? Muhammadi Begum burst the Bubble of this Fake religion - how he used to bribe his "Maid" to bring "Salwar" was also from "Chanda" - it is in their blood and actually they have tasted this blood. All the crimes of this Mirza Dynasty were thanks to this Chanda - and the Chanda payers are shown Mosque pictures as whitewash. See the link below - how to satisfy you where Chanda is spent - sleepovers for preparing you for Tahujad (late night pray) - so you think Khalifa Zani was praying Tahujjad or the Fake Messiah - the Lovebird - was praying Tahujjads during his sleepless nights - No, he used to write Ishtiars (Ads) for Muhammdi Begum or sniff "Salwars.

    But all the Piety and righteousness is for Chanda payer - to keep the Lamb silent.

    Mohsin who was Blessed to abandon these Chanda Khors (aka Rishwat Khor - Haram Khor - Adam Khor)

  27. As the Blog is about to hit 70,000 - a double celebration - with the happy occasion of Eid ul Azha.

    Eid Mubarak to all. May ALLAH bless you all and keep us on HIS right path and under the banner of ONLY one Nabi - MUHAMMAD Rasool ALLAH (saw). Aa'meen!

    Mohsin - whom ALLAH blessed to abandon Qadianiat - which was religion of Mirza ibne Chiragh Bibi

  28. @ mohsin thanks for a big thesis, I will again ask you give me a better ISLAM and i will consider,

    If you think are offering your so called ISLAM than sorry mate look at your filthy language, how can I ever think that could be any form of ISLAM,you know the urdu saying " dhobhi ka kuta na ghar ka na ghat ka" tha is what you ending up with

    You have already accepted defeat by not allowing comments from ahmadis

  29. Raf has so many chamchas around him including bashir akhtar mansoor shah etc all liers because they coverup lies of raf. They are equally involved. None oc raf's cabinet member either G8 or G10 are corrupt have tiffins in kitchen take zarda home every day noori bamborded them. None of them are muttaqi they are politicians like zardari and first class crooks why mas cannot see with his spiritual eyes rubbish around him at one meter only

  30. Mohsin and others

    what a load of rubbish!!!! turning point Muhammadi begum I have sent post but Findings has not allowed it, about Muhammadi Begum, can you guys not read!!! it was Muhammadi begumi was for me one the turning points of the truth of the Promised Messiah, and Findings is allowing Moshin to post so much but not allowing True Muslims to Answer, now that is sign of cult.

  31. findings you don't get it do you! you had us on stand by but now we see you were only lying you have no evidence against Rafiq and now you are allowing what can be termed as theological debate on your blog, which you said was not the aim of your blog well, well Liar liar, and we are really enjoying your stupidity lol lol soon you will finished

  32. Mohsin wake up take a good look at all the Islamic channels demanding money!! loook at Imam Qasim ( who I know) requesting ( demanding) to pay quickly Zakat, Sadaqa, come on all the Islamic using Eid Hajj to reap in the money you and finding a munafiq!!!!

  33. Anonymous said...
    Mohsin wake up take a good look at all the Islamic channels demanding money!!

    Even I believe you, they "ask" (request) but there is no compulsion to any Muslim to give. There is a big difference if you open your Cult locked mind.

    And they may be asking donations (no fixed amount - no Monthly must)

    You like forbidden Interest - fixed rate - and no one in Islam sell (Bahishti Muqbras) Graves ensuring Jannah.

    This is a big FRAUD in name of Islam.

  34. Anonymous said...
    Mohsin and others

    about Muhammadi Begum, can you guys not read!!! it was Muhammadi begumi was for me one the turning points of the truth of the Promised Messiah,
    6 November 2011 01:29

    "Prophet" publishing Ads of marrying a married girl and claiming "God told him to do so" - keep on believing such prophet. Neither he saw the truth nor you will as long you will believe him. As far "turning points of the truth of the Promised Messiah" - can you count how many times he "turned points of the truth"? How many times he twisted "interpretations" of his "divine revelations"? Go and read about his historical humiliation at the hands of Abdulla Athom & Piggot "for making divine prophesies" about them which were no more than "whispers of Satan". ALLAH humiliated him all his life and finally he had a miserable death as he prayed to "test his nabuwat" - if I am a liar and false as they claim, let me die - not a simple death - but a death from plague or epidemic cholers - This is the first and last time ALLAH listened his prayer and fulfilled it as he wished to prove he was mere a Kazab Nabi - and his last words before ALLAH seized his tongue - "Mir Sahib! meinon wabai Hiza ho gia jay" - (last words addressing his father in law) His last Prophesy to live 40 years after announcing Nabuwat - since he read the Hadith saying Essa ibne Marium will live 40 years after his descending back to Earth - also proved False as all previous ones. He died at the age of 70 or 71. (not sure when he was born but claim to know Adam was born after Asr on 6th day of week)

    I feel shame believing such a prophet who spoke all his life - nothing but Lies - Falsehood.

    Now be more "truthful" and tell us about the "Promised Reformer" - Khalifa Zani - "Chosen One's" character.

    Verily you can't see the Truth as long as you will defend the falsehood.


  35. Anonymous said...
    @ mohsin thanks for a big thesis, I will again ask you give me a better ISLAM and i will know the urdu saying " dhobhi ka kuta na ghar ka na ghat ka" tha is what you ending up with

    I have to give you Islam? ALLAH's Rasool gave us Islam and Mirza Messih is not in that Islam. If I am "kutta" believing only ONE prophet - Rasool e Arbi - I am proud of being the "kutta" who denied and rejected the "Punjabi Prophet" - In true Islam, there is no prophet after the Last prophet and look at the life and Characters of your false prophet and his fake self-claimed God Chosen Khalifas, a "kutta" will feel proud to be a "kutta" than a "Dajjali Nabi" or a "Khalifa Zani".


  36. As taught by our Murabis, we Ahmadis always ask Muslim as a Challenge - tell us Who was Mujadid of 13th and 14th century (Hijrah calendar centuries)?

    Now I got a clue whom they mean after reading this Quote of 13th & 14th Century.

    "a "kutta" will feel proud to be a "kutta" than a "Dajjali Nabi" or a "Khalifa Zani"." (Mohsin)

    If a Dog is feeling proud to be a Dog than becoming a "Dajjal Nabi" and "Khalifa Zani" - than I salute that Dog - I wish I was that Dog.

  37. Anonymous said...6 November 2011 01:29
    Mohsin wake up take a good look at all the Islamic channels demanding money!!

    Why don't you "wake up take a good look"?

    Chanda is "compulsory" and donations are "optional"?

    Chanda is "fixed amount on Net Income" and donations are "charity if and as much you will and can afford".

    I hope you will use your mind and not repeat like a parrot what you listened from the mouth of "a paid Murabi on MTA".

    He is also not speaking his mind but Chanda is speaking as his salary and lifelong expenses depends on this Chanda collection.

    So year long he gives sermons and references from Quran and Sunnah to justify this Chanda. He is not doing a propagation of Qadiani religion but out of "job security".


  38. Brother mohsin I am sorry I have a friend who doesn't speak urdu who helps manage comments else it would not have been published. Please accept my apologies.

  39. Dear Findings - Cool down - calling someone Kutta out of enmity is a very polite remark by the benchmark of Ethics set by their Punjabi Messih.

    I didn't mind at all. Please let them show all their hatred and let their spill out all their venom. As a brother, I request you as Eid gift to allow their comments.

    I want to answer all the "logic" they bring from "MTA Rae Huda". They will always fail to defend the falsehood.

    A very Happy Eid Mubarik to you.


  40. Sister of this Site, you are doing a fantastic job! These wretched people are so brainwashed and have been drip fed so much garbage over the years, that you could show, for arguments sake, Rafiq Hayaat to be having an affair and they would still accept him as 'Amir'. Nothing phases them and so they wait for filthy information because matters of common sense and principle does not seem to affect them in the slighest. I have seen your ratings steadily climb and these people are coming back for more. It reminds me of a child who runs in, shouts 'peek a boo' and then scurries off. They cannot help themselves. Do not mind their language, they are doing their Jamaat a brilliant service!

    Sister on behalf of the Ummah, I would like to wish you a very, very happy Eid and I pray one day you will be able to enjoy the festivities as part of the 1.4 billion strong Ummah. I request that everyone remember those struggling to break free of this Cult in their prayers on this special day. All Praise belongs to Allah, Lord of All the Worlds! I extend Eid greetings to all Muslims and invite Ahmedis to join us one day.

  41. Eid Mubarak Cult Girl and to all Muslims!

    Your Loyal Fan from Hartlepool!

    ps: you are an artist and have captured the audience! that is 'skill'!

    pps: why are Ahmadis celebrating Eid tomorrow when Eid is to mark the end of Hajj (which was yesterday?)

    ppps: I am secretly celebrating-alone-and I am proud of that!



    ^100 Million Ahmadis?

  44. you are all celebrating eid a day too early :p

    remember you guys got eid ul adha all wrong too.

  45. Eid Mubarak Sister Findings :)

    another person celebrating Eid in private but one day Insha'allah I shall be celebrating with my Muslim brothers and sisters.

  46. Khair Mubarak! Inshallah one day you will celebrate with the Muslims. :)

    @northern star- khair mubarak. Lol undercover celebrations like me too! Yay! There's no shame in it! Imagine reverts from different religions altogether like sikhism hard it must be for them! Alhamdulillah we have it relatively easy!

    About Eid ul Adha and qadis doing it tomorrow. That's coz they follow they're own calendar.. the moon applies to every month.. so qadis say we got the start of the month wrong.. like they do's so silly.. if qadis were in Makkah doing hajj.. they would have to have finished hajj yesterday and do eid today. Basically Dhul-hijjah is the month we're in right now.. The start and end of Islamic months are all determined by the moon. According to the Saudis the month started 10 days ago. So we're now on 10th of Dhul-hijjah.. whereas ahmadis think the month started 9 days ago(based on scientific calculation).Eid is on the 10th.. so ahmadis are gonna do it tmrw (which is their '10th'). But the whole point of hajj and eid(which marks the end of hajj) is that it has to be done with the ummah all together..and everyone is doing it together Alhamdulillah. but bottom line is ahmadis are doing it on a different day cos of the same reason they start Ramadan on a diff day! They argue that Muslims do it that way too. Fair enough. But Muslims in this country today are united. Anyways its best they do..the more apart from the Ummah, the better! Let them be.. They should do an Eid to celebrate end of Jalsa instead.. Not like Hajj even matters to the 'true muslims'.


    Another aspect of this question is: How far were the charges made by the Promised Messiah, peace be on him, against the Jesus of the Gospels in fact justified?

    He pointed out that the Jesus of the Gospels indulged in liquor;

    With regard to the first charge the Promised Messiah states:

    The damage that liquor has done to the people of the West is due to the fact that Jesus indulged in liquor, possibly on account of some disease or on account of habit. (Kishti Nuh, p. 65)

    And now see the explanation of this

    " cannot be said that the Promised Messiah charged Jesus falsely. He attributed the drinking of wine to him according to the statements of the Gospels."

    Some one ask this fake Punjabi Messiah why he assumed the real Jesus son of Mary was sick like him and indulged in liquor - as he himself was using Tonic Brandy with Opium for his numerous ailments. "On account of bad habit" - mind you fake Punjabi Messiah - Jesus was true Prophet of God - and a true Prophet of God "having bad habits" - but you have a point - as you had delusion of being prophet and "having bad habits" - so you assumed your Version #1 - Bait Laham's Messiah was one like Qadiani Messiah - so you were finding "Similarities" between you two to justify your false claim.

    And now the paid from Chanda Murabbis are justifying - "He attributed the drinking of wine to him according to the statements of the Gospels."

    Did Mirza believe Quranic concept of prophets or he believed the Gospels written by narrators?

    And he did not limit to say this about Jesus or Mary - they never discuss the writings of Mirza for which they can't find some twisted excuses.

    If Mirza and now his Murabbis want to prove Jesus a Drinker based on Gospels, than why don't they read this from Bible which will prove Mirza was a Deceiver.

    “Watch out that no one deceives you. For many will come in my name, claiming, ’I am the Christ,’ and will deceive many...”
    - The Holy Bible, (Matthew 24:4-5), New International Version


  48. @Anonymous 01:29 Please open your mind,and read actual prophecy about muhammadi Begum.Do some research about it read all the information is available in ahmadiyya books,take some time to give realistic thoughts and then come back.Listen the both side argument and please make your own decision.thanks
    @findings please allow them to comment,keep calm,and just remind them in polite manners they should mind the language. Because this is there real face and teaching of islam what they have learnt from there true islam.This is a prove of there defeat.They can't defend lies any more.
    Eid mubarak Dear findings i second mohsins opinion, Please lift the ban.Eids Gift for them.
    @mohsin you are a great person.You showed them the real teaching of islam.Forgiveness not getting angry after abuse.THEIR MESIAH TAUGHT THEM "qalian sun key dua doo" even this gentleman is not practising his own teaching.
    Please read the books from MGA there are many abusive words are used in his language.Keep good
    work up we are with you.EID MUBARAK


    While glancing the attached Review of Religion pages out of curiosity, I noted this Prophesy - I was shocked - I said OMG, I have read exactly the same wording in Verses of Quran - how come he is copying same as his Prophesy - whereas it was ALLAH's prophesy for some event 1400 years back.

    Note the Plagiarism in this file - He is copying Surah Ar-Rum verses as his prophesy and referring this Fall of Ottoman Caliphate. (he wrote Turkish Empire)

    that verses are

    The Romans have been defeated (30.2)in the neighbouring land; but after their defeat they shall gain victory in a few years. (30.3)

    see how cleverly Mirza make these verses as his Prophesy and related it to fall of Turkish Caliphate.

    "The Room have been defeated in a land hard by, but after their defeat they will be again victorious"

    read here to know the background of Quran's prophesy

    More Divine Revelation OR Plagiarism?

    Mirza Sahib’s “revelations” are published in the book Tadhkirah.

    “When it is said to them: Believe as other people have believed, they say: Shall we believe as the foolish have believed? Beware! It is surely they that are foolish but they do not know... Say: O ye disbelievers, I worship
    not that which you worship.” (Tadhkirah, Page 54)
    The interesting thing to note in regards to the above “revelations” was that our beloved Prophet
    Muhammad(peace be upon him) also received these same revelations around 1400 years ago.

    “When it is said to them: ’Believe as other people have believed,’ they say: ’Shall we believe as the fools have believed?’ Verily, it is surely they that are the fools but they do not know.”
    - The Holy Quran, (2:13)

    “Say: O ye disbelievers, I worship not that which you worship.”
    - The Holy Quran, (109:1,2)

    So what was his "effort" to receive the "Revelation"? Just "combine two Quranic verses in one"? Then it became "Mirza Revelation".

    To me he was a "Prophet of Plagiarism"? Just add/delete/change some word/s in Quranic Verses or Prophet's Ahadith and present as "His Revelations"

    Some of his "Original Revelations" were in English and like this;









    I believe this is proof that Mirza was "making revelations" in his "poor English Grammar/syntax" or through Plagiarism.

  50. :D :D :D

    findings keep striving. get rafiq out.

  51. Another example to Plagiarize Quranic veses by combining different Verses in to one "Mirza revelation"

    Here he has combined one whole Surah with two other verses from Quran from different Surahs.

    بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
    We have given you abundance. (1) Pray to your Lord and sacrifice to Him alone. (2) It is the one who hates you who has been cut off. (3)

    "If any one of the polytheists seeks asylum with you, grant him asylum" so that he may hear the word of God; then convey him to a place of safety. That is because they are a people who have no knowledge. (9.6)

    As for those who are bent on denying the truth, "it makes no difference to them whether you warn them or not, they will not believe." (6)

    Now see Mirza's Revelation by combining all three in a cleverly way

    “We have bestowed upon thee abundance of every kind of good. So observe Prayer to thy Lord and offer Him sacrifice. Surely, it is thine enemy whose line will be cut off.

    If anyone from among the pagans should seek
    asylum with thee, grant him asylum.

    It is the same for them, whether you warn them or warn them not, they will not believe.

    (Tadhkirah, Page 343)

    So you have noticed the "prophetic plagiarism" - one complete Surah and portion of two other Surahs - combine to make one "My Own Revelation" - as a proof - God talks to me.

    O' biggest Liar and Fraud of 14th Century - God last talked to Prophet Muhammad (saw) through Angel Jibrill - who brought above verses - and you just "cut & paste from here & there off Quran" - you were not Prophet but a "Copy Right Violator" whom they now call Plagiarizer.

    Total fraud - Your "real" revelations were like of Muhammadi Begum and Abdulla Athom - and who was "conveying" you these "Revelations" - Satan - and you were under full spell of him - mislead and to mislead others. That is why ALLAH humiliated you all your life - not one time - every time "you made such Satan conveyed prophesy".

    Come in the Dream of Mirza Masroor and tell him how you are being treated over there so Masroor can repent and disband this family jamaat.


  52. Ahmadis are so sure that Jesus spent 80+ years in India;something that has absolutely no basis in the Bible, Quran, or any reliable Ahadith, yet you cannot tell us where he was from ages 13 - 29!

    Anwer Mahmood Khan Sahib is a very well respected Ahmadi. So well respected, he convinced Amir Sahib(the Late M.M. Ahmad Sahib) to cancel our Ijtema(Camp) a few years ago so he could have a better turnout at his Messiah 2000 Conference.

    Recently, he wrote an article in "The Muslim Sunrise" called "Christian Theology and Modern Scholarship." To support his thesis, he presents a quote from Dr. Paul Pappas’s 1991 book Jesus’ Tomb in India.

    “Dr. Paul C. Pappas... reviewed Hadhrat Ahmad’s book Jesus in India and agreed with a number of arguments presented therein. Commenting on the Sign...”
    (The Muslim Sunrise, Issues 1-2, 2004, Pages 39-40)

    He quotes Dr. Pappas again on Pages 74-75 and 80 of the same issue to support his arguments.

    What was Khan thinking???!!! What Khan conveniently forgot to tell you(or deceptively tried to fool you) is that the same author who is a Professor of History, concluded that the Ahmadi theory had serious flaws in the same book.

    “Not only the works used by Ahmadis, but also their scholarship is questionable. They seem to have selected passages and to have presented them inaccurately and out of context in order to prove that Jesus went to Kashmir.” (Pappas 97)

    “The Ahmadi contention that Jesus was present with Thomas in India as Yuz Asaf is not in anyway supported by The Acts of Thomas. Therefore, the Ahmadi thesis can rest only on eastern legends recorded in oriental works, which for the most part are not reliable, not only because they were written long after the facts, but also because their stories of Yuz Asaf are different and in contradiction.” (Pappas 100)

    This shows how many Ahmadis blindly put their faith in their leadership without ever reading the whole story.

    Your intellectuals tell you Half Truth to defend the falsehood.

  53. your helplessness is now gradually turning into hopelessness as it is narrowing down to indivivuals rather than jummat
    so it is pretty clear that there is some personnal scores to settle but unfortunately in doing so you for got that you have come out all gun blazing against God's will ,I dont know if there is still time for "toba"

  54. That's it- focus on me rather than the email. Thanks! Bye!

  55. Why dont you suggest raf and his corrupt allued to repent accept theif lies and step down in remorse

  56. ^ Its called an Ad Hominem :-)

  57. The false Promised Messiah is not God's will and Jamat is not a Statue of Liberty but group of corrupt people. So these people will be discussed for their immoral characters. When people discuss Jamat, they look at the character of the man who founded it and who run it later. Go and see character of these men with an "out of cult" curiosity. You yourself will say "toba toba". And you match these full of sins persons with Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and his Khalifas.

    You are inviting God's wrath which all your Cult leaders from Mirza Messih to Mirza Tahir "tasted" and you will not be also "deprived" of that unless you made real "toba" and stopped defending ALLAH and HIS Rasool's rebels.

    Findings is a shining example of - "Pasban mil gaye Kaabe ko sanam khane sey"

    So stop scaring her from typical Qadiani Azab & don't preach Mirza Qadiani's "Will" as God's Will.


  58. The best way to approach an open mind Ahmadi is to show him proofs where MGAQ played with the wordings of Quran's verses and Hadith wordings - plagiarized Quran's verses to show as his Revelations - how his Prophesies failed - wrong interpretation of Seal of Prophet which is contrary to many Ahadith where Rasool ALLAH repeatedly said - with the common message - I am the last prophet and there is no prophet after me - character of Mirza and his Promised Reformer son - question fixed compulsory Chanda's justification from Quran or Sunnah - surety of Jannah to Moussis - how some one can go to Jannah by just paying more money to Jamat - last but not the least - your listener should have a desire to know the Truth and seek HIS guidance - but I have found most of Ahmadis with locked mind - brainwashed and programmed to reject and logic or fact - and a fear to lose community is losing comfort zone and cut-off from Roots and all the near and dear ones - some realize the Reality of Mirza's falsehood but don't want to break off from the family and community - and spend the rest of life in confusion and guilt.

    ALLAH needs test of Loyality to HIM and HIS Rasool - some sacrifice is needed - hypocrites had many excuses to stay back from Jihad - now a days there are no Jihad for ordinary Muslim - where his Emaan can be tested by risking his life and sacrifice of wealth - today's Jihad is giving Sacrifices to be Righteous - conversion - rejecting loot and plunder chances in fear of ALLAH - give sacrifice to be honest - these are few examples of Jihad of this era - as ALLAH said - I will test your claim of Faith (Emaan - loyality) by loss of life and loss of wealth - no easy way to ALLAH's forever blessing - Jannah.

    The conversion also require some sacrifices. Only a strong conviction can make some one ready for sacrifice. The scholarly debates are good if they lead to strong passion to seek and join the Truth - otherwise, they are good pastime. May ALLAH let us recognize our Creator and give us honor to be thankful to HIM and loyal to only one NABI who gave us awareness of all this by the Final Message given to him. We have to reject the one try to steal or share the loyalty of Rasool ALLAH. This transgressor Mirza Qadiani attempted to do that but miserably failed and was able to mislead only few unfortunate ones. May ALLAH save us from the path of hell on which Mirza Qadiani traveled and bring us all on only One Straight Path - the path leading to ALLAH - the Path on which Rasool ALLAH (saw). The choice is Ours - Mirza way or Rasool ALLAH way. Rasool ALLAH is a non-stop straight flight to ALLAH - no stop at Mirza stopover - Mirza ways stops you going to ALLAH. Those on Mirza path are stuck and will never reach their destination - ALLAH. They all will be dispatched to their Mirza - in Hell - en masse.


  59. This should be sufficient to realize that Mirza Saga was a poorly written Script.

    In BUROOZI form (translated by Qadianis as Image/Alter-ego/Counter-type) I am the same prophet, the KHATUM-UL-ANBIYA (Last of the Prophets).And twenty years ago God named me Muhammad and Ahmad in Braheen-e-Qadianism, and declared that I am the Holy Prophet's incarnation. Thus my prophethood in no way clashes with the status of Holy Prophet as the Last of Prophets, because shadow is inseparable from the original. Since I am Muhammad in a 'shadowy way', thus this way the Seal of the Last of the Prophets is not broken, because the prophethood of Muhammad remained with Muhammad." (Mirza Qadiani in Ek Ghalti Ka Izala, Roohani Khazain vol.18, p.212)

    Mirza's "Aik Ghalti Ka Izala" book was admission of his Mistake to "Stay a Dormant Prophet for 20 years - Made prophet but went for Hibernation - and when some "Warmth was provided" - the Prophet woke up and Heralded Advent of his Prophethood" - any one can question - Why God did not shake you during all these 20 years saying -O'Mirza - Why you "went in the hole" after I made you "Buroozi Prophet" - come out and Guide my people? Only a False Prophet can make such "technical mistake" for which there is no "Izala"? His script was poorly written and that is why it was a Box Office failure.


  60. The above 20 years Puzzle is his claim of prophethood in November 1901 - and saying he was appointed by God 20 years back.

    But all these 20 years he was writing arguments supporting Seal of Prophet and last prophethood of Muhammad(saw). He even called the claimant of prophethood as a Kafir.

    Then after 20 years he blamed his followers saying that it is his followers mistake and they misunderstood him. So to clear this "misunderstanding", he wrote Ayk Ghalati Ka Izala, ‘A Misunderstanding Removed’.

    Actually the book name should have been - "“Change in My belief” as his son Khalifa Zani - Mirza Mahmud Ahmad also writes in the same place:

    “The issue of prophethood became clear to him in 1900 or 1901, and as Ayk Ghalati Ka Izala was published in 1901, in which he has proclaimed his prophethood most forcefully, it shows that he made a change in his belief in 1901″

    That is a Big Proof of his Lie that he was appointed as a Prophet in 1880 - but from 1880 to 1900 - he was writing against the possibility of such prophethood - and suddenly in 1900 he realised the "mistake of his followers" and declared Prophethood - His son clearly says - "Change in his Belief in 1901".

    Now this Belief change is a mistake or what he preached all this 20 years is a mistake - you to judge based on which side of the wall you are.

    I would have simply Slapped such "Prophet" who would tell me I was a Prophet for last 20 years but I didn't know and just realized.

    It is interesting to note that MGAQ almost died in 1890 while he was living with his Mirza Sultan Ahmad in Lahore. (Dard page 216)

    How about if he had died in 1890 without announcing the Prophethood given to him in 1880?

    In that case he would have really made an "unbreakable" record - a Prophet died without knowing he was Prophet and "it is all because of his followers' mistake".

    Just give you an idea what prophet was doing from 1880 to 1900 - just pick "activities" of one year from his timeline;

    Start taking oath of allegiance (Peeri-Mureedi) by the people.
    Asks for the hand of Mohammadi Begum for his 3rd Marriage.
    Advertises that his 3rd Marriage with Mohammadi Begum is a divinely inspired proposal and that any hinderance from any quarter will result in Tragic Consequences for the girl, her family and the person to whom she is married.
    Mirza Ghulam announced: This should be clear to people that there can be no better criterion to judge my truth or falsehood than my prophecy."(Aina-e-Kamalate Islam, Roohani Khazain vol 5 p.288, by Mirza Ghulam)
    Mirza threatens his 1st wife and her sons of dire consequences for not helping in the marriage with Mohammadi Begum.

    So a God designated Prophet was busy in "making money through Peeri Mureedi" and stalking Muhammdi Begum and "forgetting he was a Prophet" - but he rightly said - mistake of my followers.

    What a "Prophet" and what a people believing "such Prophet"!


  61. When the Ahmadis are thrown into Hell, they will wish that they had obeyed the Messenger.

    Instead, Qadianis have flat out rejected the explicit instructions of 2 Messengers of Allah(SWT).

    “Watch out that no one deceives you. For many will come in my name, claiming, ’I am the Christ,’ and will deceive many... For false Christs and false prophets will appear and perform great signs and miracles to deceive even the elect - if that were possible. See, I have told you ahead of time. So if anyone
    tells you, ’There he is, out in the desert,’ do not go out; or, ’Here he is, in the inner rooms,’ do not believe it. For as lightning that comes from the east is visible even in the west, so will the coming of the Son of Man.”
    - The Holy Bible, (Matthew 24:4-5, Matthew 24:24-27), New International Version

    “In My Ummah there shall be born 30 Grand Liars, each of who will claim to be prophet, But I am the Last Prophet; there is No Prophet after Me.”
    (Abu Dawood Volume 2, Page 228; Tirmidhi Volume 2, Page 45)

    Ahmadis will give the excuse that they obeyed their Khalifas, Mirzas, and Missionaries who they thought were righteous and pious people. But this will not save them from the Hell-Fire.

    “And they would say: ’Our Lord! We obeyed our chiefs and our great ones, and they misled us as to the (right) path.’ ”
    - The Holy Quran, (33:67)

    Instead, the Qadianis will ask for their leaders who misled them to be doubly punished.

    “ ’Our Lord! Give them Double Penalty and curse them with a very great Curse!’ ”
    - The Holy Quran, (33:68)

  62. Mohsin stated from the Site which is to clear the disinformation spread by Non-Ahmadis for Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Sahib.

    Another aspect of this question is: How far were the charges made by the Promised Messiah, peace be on him, against the Jesus of the Gospels in fact justified?

    He pointed out that the Jesus of the Gospels indulged in liquor;

    With regard to the first charge the Promised Messiah states:

    The damage that liquor has done to the people of the West is due to the fact that Jesus indulged in liquor, possibly on account of some disease or on account of habit. (Kishti Nuh, p. 65)

    And now see the explanation of this

    " cannot be said that the Promised Messiah charged Jesus falsely. He attributed the drinking of wine to him according to the statements of the Gospels."

    Then I found his following comments bit harsh 'accusing' Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was using Opium and had numerous diseases,

    "Some one ask this fake Punjabi Messiah why he assumed the real Jesus son of Mary was sick like him and indulged in liquor - as he himself was using Tonic Brandy with Opium for his numerous ailments"

    so I decided to explore the authenticity of it and found this:

    I remember an incident and which is that I have diabetes for several years. I urinate fifteen to twenty times daily and sometimes I urinate one hundred times per day. Due to sugar in urine, I also get infection in urine and due to excessive urination I become very weak. Once a friend suggested that opium is beneficial in diabetes, therefore there is no harm if I use it as medicine. I answered: “It is very nice of you to sympathise with me but if I form a habit of taking opium than I am afraid that people will joke that the first Messiah was an alcoholic and the second one an opium addict.” (Naseem Da'awat, Roohani Khazain vol.19 p.434-435)

    This is something new to me. I always thought Mirza Sahib to be a healthy and clean person. The pictures I have seen of Mirza Sahib were of a healthy and graceful man especially one standing holding stick like a Mahraja and standing besides his son Mirza Sharif Ahmad. We had that hanging in our drawing room.

    This is the first time I have come to know Mirza Sahib has ridiculed Prophet Jesus and was a sick person using opium. I like to know more on this.

  63. Findings who do you pay to keep clicking on your blog? What looser Mullah friend have you manipulated to sit there clicking all day?

    men are stupid. women are dangerous. this girl is the biggest munafiq in the world. shabaash girl!

  64. @ Anonymous said... 12:03

    Please read this!

    Hazrat Sb explains the details of Biblical story about Jesus Christ

    However, who would be wise and pious if would would consider such a person as pious hearted who does not refrain from touching young women. A beautiful prostitute is sitting so close to him, almost embracing him. Sometimes she massages his head with perfume or holds his feet, at other times she lays her beautiful black hair on his feet and plays in his lap. In that condition, Mr. Messiah is sitting in ecstasy. If someone rises to object, he is scolded. In addition to his youth, dependency on alcoholic beverages, and being a bachelor, a beautiful prostitute is lying in front of him touching her body against his. Is this the behavior of a virtuous person? And what evidence or proof is there that Jesus did not get sexually provoked by the prostitute? ... The sexual excitement and arousal had done its work to the fullest. This is the reason why Jesus could not even open his mouth to say 'Oh adulteress! Keep away from me'. (Noor-ul-Quran 74, RK 449)


    There are more references which I will have to find but maybe Brother Mohsin may shed more light or someone else who may have some references.


  65. I think Ahmedies are following the known Islamic practice called Taqiyya i.e. to lie/decieve/fabricate for the cause of Islam.

  66. Hahaha on Anonymous :)

    I had the same envious feeling; how she got so many visitors...hehehe

    but she may have real visitors, no one pay some one to click as long as some Blogger has Ads on her/his page and Findings so far does not have that money making feature.

    But not a bad idea....this site seems very popular among KN Mullaha....Ahmadiyya haters

    But i am also afraid what if our sister/brother Ahmadis are reading all this stuff.

    Some of the points brought up by this Mullah scholar Mohsin are very challenging and make sense....even I don't to believe they are true...I asked papa for the veracity of references and he checked...they are authentic..may be jamat will arrange to answer them. BTW, papa advised me not to read them. We believe what we are told and now this man is telling us all is wrong. All can't be wrong...otherwise we would know it before..Ahmadiyya is a over 100 years Mohsin found is all baseless. But what if he is true..that scares me.

    findings...same question like Anonymous...where you get this he a volunteer...or are you paying him....hehehe....bad girl....this money should go to RAF....someone was telling...collection boxes out side fazl mosque are not full like in past...bad sign :)

  67. Anon @ 13.11
    Who paid you to visit and comment on this site. The biggest munafiq is actually a lot closer to you than findings. Just open the Ahmadiyya Bulletin and you'll see his 'beautiful' black face staring right at you. Don't blame the mullahs, they're not behind this site, it's more like homegrown Ahmadis who don't trust a morally corrupt man like Hayat!!!!

    Anon Ahmadi

  68. Taqiyya is shia special to hide their beliefs. That was in past when they were minorities in Sunni governments. It was not to harm Islam. Sunni and Shia Islam is same - same Prophet. Only big difference is political. Ali should have been Khalifa no.1 and not no.4. On that dispute they made a different Fiqah also but that is allowed in Islam as Sunnis also has more than one Fiqah - follower of each Imam has a little different Fiqah - but no has dispute on Finalhood of prophethood. And both Sunni Shias declare Qadianis as kafir for not believing Khatm e Nabuwat and believing MGAQ as a prophet.

    Qadianis are Zindiq ---heretics (google to know who are Zindiq?)

  69. Anon Ahmadi....I had a fear....lot of Ahmadis...visiting this place.....hehe...Gotcha! will report to Zaim halqa....what is your AIMS ID...horror :(

  70. Anonymous 13:29 & Anonymous 12:03

    More sacrilegious stuff from the Punjabi Messih ibne Chiragh Bibi ridiculing the real Esaa ibne Mariuim (as)

    Mirza says:

    "It appears from the Gospel of Matthew, that he was hard of understanding and had a coarse brain. He did not consider epilepsy to be a disease just like the illiterate women and commoners; rather he thought it was the spell of a jinn. Of course, he was in the habit of using filthy and abusive language. He was short tempered who lost his temper in very trivial matters and he could not restrain himself from being carried away by his sentiments. But personally I do not regret these actions of his because while he swore and used abusive language, the Jews compensated themselves by using their physical force (used to beat him). It should also be remembered that he was in the habit of telling lies. The predictions about which he claimed to be found in the Old Testament about his own appearance are not traceable in that book. These predictions merely refer to others and had already come true even before his birth." (Zamima Anjuman-e-Atham, Qadian, 1922, pp. 5-6.)

    "It is strange that Jesus, peace be upon him, did not act in accordance with his own teachings. He cursed the fig tree even before seeing it while he taught others to pray for others. He asked others not to call people idiots but he himself exceeded in using abusive language to the extent that he called Jewish saints as bastards and called names of Jewish scholars in all his sermons and assigned to them bad epithets. It is the duty of a normal teacher to display excellent moral behaviour. Can this imperfect teaching, on which he himself did never act, be from God?"

    (Chashmah-I-Masihi, p.346 Qadian, 9th March, 1906).

    "Christians have attributed a large number of miracles to him(Jesus Christ). But the fact is that he could perform no miracle. Ever since the day he abused those who demanded miracles from him and called them scoundrels and bastards the respectable and noble people parted with him for they did not want to become scoundrels and bastards by asking him to produce miracles."
    (Zamimah Anjame Atham, Qadian, 1922.p6)

    To be Continued....


  71. The claimer of being "second coming" of Jesus son of Mary ridiculing his "first coming" personality.

    Mirza made many other accusations about the character of Jesus to improve his own image as the Promised Messiah.

    "Jesus had the habit of uttering obscenities and frequently using foul language."
    (Zamimah Anjuman-i-Atham, Ruhani Khaza’in, Vol. 11, p. 289)

    It should be remembered that he (Jesus) had also to some extent the habit of lying.
    (Zamimah Anjuman-i-AthamRuhani Khaza’in, Vol. 11, p. 289)

    A cunning and wicked (person) who had the soul of the Messiah from head to toe.
    (Zamimah Anjuman-i-Atham, Ruhani Khaza’in, Vol. 11, p. 289 )

    "What is your opinion about the character of the Messiah? (It is that Jesus) was an alcoholic and gluttonous person, neither abstinent nor a pious worshipper, nor a reality seeker. He was a proud and self-conceited claimant of Divinity."
    (Nurul-Quran, Ruhani Khaza’in, Vol. 9, p. 387)

    And he himself was "self-conceited claimant of Prophethood"?

    To be Mirza was a sheer slanderer...and he crossed all limits!


  72. Some more from this Sick Punjabi prove that Jesus was worthless because he viewed Jesus as the one competing with him for Messiahship. fool forget he is second coming of same man - if the first was as he claim to extract from Gospels - then his own track record is no better in reality.

    "Jesus could not portray himself as a pious man because people knew that he was a gluttonous alcoholic."
    (Satt BachanRuhani Khaza’in, Vol. 10, p. 296)

    In the next two accusations, Mirza’s slanderous imagination has really passed beyond the limit of decency. These atrocious and blasphemous remarks clearly demonstrate Mirza’s shameful distortion of the Biblical episodes as a way to deride our beloved Jesus:

    Jesus had an inclination for prostitutes perhaps due to his ancestral relationship with them, otherwise no pious man could allow a young prostitute to touch his head with her filthy hands, and massage his head with the unclean perfume purchased with the earnings of adultery, and rub his feet with her hair. Let the intelligent judge what sort of character such a person must possess.
    (Zamimah Anjuman-i-Atham, Ruhani Khaza’in, Vol. 11, p. 291)

    A beautiful prostitute is sitting so close to him as though she is embracing him. Sometimes she massages his head with perfume or holds his feet, and sometimes she lays her beautiful black hair on his feet and plays in his lap. In this situation Mr. Messiah is sitting in ecstasy. If someone rises to object, he is scolded. Besides his young age, the habit of alcoholism, and being a bachelor, a beautiful prostitute is lying in front of him touching her body with his. Is this the behavior of a virtuous person? And what evidence or proof is there that Jesus did not get sexually provoked by the touch of the prostitute. Alas Jesus could not even have the facility of sexual intercourse with any wife of his own after passing his glance upon that adulteress. What sexual excitement would have been provoked by the touching of that wretched adulteress and her playfulness! The sexual excitement and arousal would have done its work to the full. This is the reason why Jesus could not open his mouth to say, "Oh adulteress! keep away from me." It is well established in the Bible that that woman was one of the prostitutes, notorious for adultery in the entire city.
    (Nur al-Quran, Ruhani Khaza’in, Vol. 9, p. 449)

    Shame on you Mirza Qadiani for uttering all this trash and feel sorry for your believers and their faith.

    To be continued...


  73. Look at this one who is judging Jesus son of Mary miracles with "his science knowledge".

    "It is no wonder that God Almighty may have given Jesus some knowhow so that by pressing a trigger of blowing on it, the clay-toy took flight or, if it did not fly, walked. Because the Messiah, son of Mary, had worked as a carpenter with his father Joseph for twenty two years, we know that he was able to invent different sorts of machines and instruments."
    "Besides, it is also possible that such miracles may have taken place by mesmerism (magic) and for play and amusement, rather than in reality. Since in mesmerism, there are such marvels which come about by the expert practitioner casting his own spirit on objects to make them appear alive... However, Jesus was inferior to Elisha, because even the corpse of Elisha performed that miracle of reviving the dead person who touched him bones. But Jesus's dead body could not revive the thieves crucified along with Jesus despite their bodies being in contact with Jesus's body."

    (Azalah-i-Auham, Roohany Khazaen, Vol. 3, P. 254-255)

    He is lucky he claimed his prophethood under the patronage of Brotish Raj and he should also appreciate tolerance of Christians and Muslims. But I wonder how British tolerated this insult of Jesus? But they were extension of East India company who were ruling India for their Imperialism, not to defend sacredness of Jesus.

    To be continued........


  74. Mirza insults of Jesus [continues]

    "Let it be known that this practice (of mesmerism) is not as honorable as it is deemed by the public. If I had not regarded this practice as detestable and hateful, I would hope that, by the grace of God Almighty, this humble one (me) would not have been inferior to Messiah, the son of Mary, in showing wonderful acts (of mesmerism)."

    (Azalah-i-Auham, Roohany Khazaen, Vol. 3, P.257)
    "The Messiah's miracles were worthless and insignificant due to the pond which was a source of wonders even before the Messiah's birth. All kinds of sick, lepers, cripples, etc., used to be cured by one dip in this pond."
    (Azalah-i-Auham, Roohany Khazaen, Vol. 3, P. 263, addenda)

    "It is also possible that the Messiah used to bring the clay of the pond which had the spiritual effect of the Holy Spirit. Anyhow, this miracle (of creating birds and making them fly) was merely a kind of play."

    (Azalah-i-Auham, Roohany Khazaen, Vol. 3, P. 263)

    "Jesus, peace be upon him, repented for his sins at the hands of John the Baptist and became one of his select disciples. This decides the superiority of John the Baptist over Jesus, since it is not proven that John the Baptist ever repented at the hands of anyone."

    "Jesus was not any more righteous than other righteous ones of his time. Indeed, the prophet John the Baptist was superior to him, because he did not consume alcohol, nor allowed any prostitute to massage his head with perfume purchased from her earnings or touch his body with her hands and hair, or that any unchaste woman should serve him. This is the very reason that God named John the Baptist as 'Circumspect' (Quran 3:39). But He did not give the Messiah such a title due to these kind of episodes."

    (Dafi-ul-Bala, Roohany Khazaen, Vol. 18, P. 220)

    Mirza Insults the Family of Jesus(pbuh)
    "Jesus's three paternal and maternal grandmothers were fornicators and prostitutes, from whose blood Jesus came into existence."

    "Jesus had an inclination for prostitutes perhaps due to his ancestral relationship with them..."

    (Anjam-i-Atham, Roohany Khazaen, Vol. 11, P. 291, addenda)

    To be continued...


  75. Mirza Claims himself Superior to Jesus(pbuh)

    "To this community, God sent the promised Messiah (Mirza) who is better in all glory that the first Messiah (Jesus) and calls this new Messiah Ghulam Ahmad."

    (Dafi-ul-Bala, Roohany Khazaen, Vol. 18, P. 233; Dafi-ul-Bala P. 27)

    Stop mentioning Hadrat Esa, As Mirza Ghulam Ahmed is better than him (Jesus Christ)

    (Roohani khizayen Vol 18 Page 240)

    "To this nation, God sent His promised Messiah (Mirza), who is better than the first Messiah (Jesus) in all regards. I swear by God in whose hands my soul rests that if the Messiah, son of Mary, were my contemporary, he could not have done the works that I can do. Nor would he be able to match the signs (miracles) which I am bringing."
    (Haqiqat-ul-Wahi, Roohany Khazaen, Vol. 22, P. 152; Haqiqat-ul-Wahi, P. 148)

    "After all, when God and His Apostle (Muhammad(SAW)) and all the Prophets have declared the supremacy of the second Messiah (Mirza) of this period due to his great achievements; then, it is a satanic act to question me 'Why do you proclaim yourself superior to the first Messiah, the son of Mary?'."

    (Haqiqat-ul-Wahi, Roohany Khazaen, Vol. 22, P. 159)

    To be Mirza continued blasphemy without any pause!


  76. Mirza Accuses Jesus(pbuh) of False Prophecies

    "To whom can we express our mourning that three prophecies of the Messiah proved to be false?"
    (Ajaz-i-Ahmadi, Roohany Khazaen, Vol. 19, P. 121)

    Another Lie : Mirza says Jesus Christ has 4 real brothers and 2 real sisters..

    "Jesus, The Messiah, had four brothers and two sisters; all of them were his real brothers and sisters. I mean that they all were the offspring of Joseph and Mary."
    (Kashti-i-Nuh, Roohany Khazaen, Vol. 19, P. 18)

    Mirza again Claims himself Superior to Jesus(pbuh)but HAVE A VERY INTERESTING QUESTION in the end:

    "After all, when God and His Apostle (Muhammad(SAW)) and all the Prophets have declared the supremacy of the second Messiah (Mirza) of this period due to his great achievements; then, it is a satanic act to question me 'Why do you proclaim yourself superior to the first Messiah, the son of Mary?'."

    (Haqiqat-ul-Wahi, Roohany Khazaen, Vol. 22, P. 159)

    " is a satanic act to question me 'Why do you proclaim yourself superior to the first Messiah, the son of Mary?'."

    O' Icon of Falsehood - We are asking you this "Satanic question" because you were "Satan's Disciple"?

    And you reached where your master will soon join you and all who believed you;You all will have same fate - which ALLAH has reserved for Transgressors on earth;

    “The Day that their faces will be turned upside down in the Fire, they will say: ’Woe to us! would that we had obeyed Allah and obeyed the Messenger!’ ”
    - The Holy Quran, (33:66)


  77. Anonymous 15:10 said

    "BTW, papa advised me not to read them. We believe what we are told and now this man is telling us all is wrong. All can't be wrong...otherwise we would know it before..Ahmadiyya is a over 100 years Mohsin found is all baseless. But what if he is true..that scares me."

    Your scare is fortunately true. This was known to Mullahs from day one. We never believed them as we never read our own religious literature. Now ALLAH has shown light to some of us and the truth is is never too late;

    Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.

    There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth; not going all the way, and not starting.(Buddha)

    In a controversy the instant we feel anger we have already ceased striving for the truth, and have begun striving for ourselves. (Buddha)

    The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is.(Winston Churchill)

    Shun the Malice and Ignorance as in the End - Only Truth will Prevail - and Mirza Qadiani is the icon of Falsehood.

    Choice is YOURS! As Buddha advised... Start striving for truth!

    May ALLAH guide you to HIS straight path - the Path of Rasool ALLAH which takes you Mecca and Medinah - not Qadian & Rabwah - For your own sake - COME BACK!


  78. Sister of this splendid site! Although I cannot and will not agree with your religious beliefs, I STRONGLY CONDONE you exposing the Admin of this Jamaat. It has certainly put things into perspective. I condone you putting these files up, and I thank you. Goodluck and I hope you finally get to where you want to be. Mind how you go, and I wish you the best. You are a brilliant writer and have this sensational ability to connect, although in a casual way! I condone it and am happy to admit it.

    An Ahmadi who is willing to listen and cooperate with you.

  79. Disrespect of Jesus (Ahmadiyya view)

    Ahmadiyya Muslims believe that this allegation is wrong, and that this allegation is raised without properly considering the context. Mirza Ghulam Ahmad said We inform our readers that our belief concerning Jesus is extremely noble. We most sincerely believe that he was a true prophet of Allah, and He loved him. As the Holy Qur’an tells us, we hold firm faith that he most sincerely believed in our lord and master prophet Muhammad Mustafa (may peace and blessings of Allah be on him) for his salvation, and that he was one of the hundreds of obedient servants of the Law of Moses. Therefore, we hold a great esteem for him in accordance with his exalted status.
    (Nur-ul-Qur’an, Part 2, Ruhani Khaza’in, Vol. 9, p. 374.)

    Mirza Ghulam Ahmad responded to allegations as follows:

    “You say that I have, as if, insulted Hadrat Masih (the Messiah) to some extent by using an abusive word with reference to him. This is a misunderstanding of yours. I believe Hadrat Masih to be a true prophet, a chosen one and beloved servant of God. What I said in retaliation was in keeping with your own faith. Hence it is you, not me, who stand accused of the accusation
    that you level at me
    (Jange Muqadas page 170)

    Mirza Ghulam Ahmad also said

    “When we are deeply hurt and unjustified attacks of all kinds are made on our Holy Prophet Muhammad, only then,as a warning, we retaliate in kind on the basis of their (Christians’) own authentic books. … they aught to point out in my writings any thing which I have written
    as a retaliatory response and it is not found in the Gospels. After all it is not possible for me, that on hearing the insult of the Holy Prophet, I remain silent.
    (Malfuzat, Vol. 9, page 479, edition 1961)

    Mirza Ghulam Ahmad published a poster on December 20, 1895, and explained his position as follows:

    “Everywhere in my writing I (referring to Christ)have meant suppositions Jesus of Christians; and the humble servant of God, ‘Isa bin Maryam , who was a prophet of God and who is mentioned in the Holy Qur’an is certainly never intended in my harsh comments. I adopted this path after constantly listening to the abuses of padres for the last forty years. Some ignorant mullahs—who should better be called blind and sightless— excuse the padres and say that they, the poor, helpless fellows, do not utter a word (against the Holy Prophet), nor are they in the least disrespectful to him. But it must be borne in mind that in reality it is the padres who are in the forefront in displaying contempt, hurling insults and shouting abuses. I have a
    stockpile of books by those padres who have filled their writings with hundreds of abuses. Any mullah who wishes should come and see for himself. And let it be remembered that if in future any padre, shunning the ways of abuse, speaks politely, I, too, shall be polite with him. At present they themselves are responsible for the attacks on their Jesus for under no circumstances they refrain from abuse and vituperation. We are sick of listening to them.”
    (Nur-ul-Qur’an, Part 2, Ruhani Khaza’in, Vol. 9, page 375)

    Mohsin (my comments on next post)

  80. I leave it to Reader to decide how "valid" are these explanations? - how justifiable is "attacking Jesus" in retaliation to "attack on Prophet Muhamad(pbuh)"?

    And since when we started believing "Jesus of Christians" and "Isa bin Maryam of Quran" are two different persons? And it is acceptable to ridicule and abuse "Jesus of Christians"? Which Islam is this? Not the one taught by Rassol e Arabi(saw).

    ALLAH's curse on you for presenting this Qadiani Taweel (twisted explanation to justify wrong)

    "“Everywhere in my writing I (referring to Christ) have meant suppositions "Jesus of Christians"; and the humble servant of God, "Isa bin Maryam" , who was a prophet of God and who is mentioned in the Holy Qur’an is certainly never intended in my harsh comments."

    Shame on your Hypocrisy and pity on the intellect of your blind followers!


  81. Uncovering corrupt conduct and embazelment is not persecution or sny other offence at all

  82. assalamoalykom

    alhamdulileh our jamaat is without you. u think that belief in god and his messengers are easy or comfortable. no even relatives of Mohammad (pbuh) denyed him and fighted him.pus many of companions quit islam althaugh they saw his spiritual glory. so we are humans like they were but exeption is they were brave not like u like hypocries.
    ahamdulileh all ur allegation are very stupid. but as ulema say..lack of knowledge is a big problem...

    i'm new arab ahmadi from Tunisia i know and i lived ur thaughts and exeriences in other jamaat. but ahmadiyya jamaat is a divine jammaaat so we have to know why we are in this place. u have o look take in mind the 10 conditions of baiat. and take a decision of a tre beiver. if u want Allah and hereafer go in jamaat and give advices sincerly face to ace not behind him. or if u want to please and satisfy people donnt take it please. no compulsion.
    in religion.
    hadhrat mirza ghulam ahmad as is a true beliver and servat f islam.

    u know our real brother is the person who dedicates toward our jamaat its negative points not lies or misconceptions unfortunately after mis understanding sthings.

    may Allah all mighty guide to right path.