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Sidelined on a Sunday: Challenge! 23 Names Please!

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There has been a change of plan; I wanted to upload something that would yet again show up Rafiq Hayat’s office but unfortunately, I am having problems with my scanner! It involves Dr Shabir Bhatti, who has assumed role of Chief Ahmadi Superintendent, giving out direct orders to a group of young Ahmadi men, including curfews and ‘restraining orders’. Rafiq Hayat had direct involvement in it too! Naughty Raffy, I wonder what all your MP friends will make of it over the next few weeks ;)  Anyways, I’ve decided against posting it without the evidence. I am not willing to upload anything without scans of the originals, unless of course I have it in digital form, as I do not want to be accused of forging the documents or making up the content. It’s funny right; I am uploading scanned originals and people are still dismissing it as ‘fakes’ or just made up allegations so could you imagine if I typed the information up instead! 

Let’s change direction this week! We are almost at 100,000 hits, and I have a proposal for the Cult Girl community, as my way of saying thank you for when we hit the 100k mark in the next few weeks insha'Allah! I know many of you are impatient and are after the dirt and scandals which you expect here and now, but unfortunately, it doesn’t quite work like that. Each post is calculated, as I need to make sure my safety and the safety of others is not compromised, so a lot of thought goes into the pattern of posting etc! However, for this week and this week only, I want to let go of the steering wheel and offer my readers a chance to get involved! How so, I hear you ask? I am giving one lucky reader the chance to choose the course of the next four Sundays! Keep reading and I will tell you what we propose! I am going to set a challenge, which only requires a single straight forward answer! It will be on a first come, first serve basis, depending on who comes up trumps first! So whoever answers correctly first, wins! The winner will be contacted via an email which will contain three attachments: 

1.    A Nasser Khan document.

2.    Legitimate proof of a regional Qaid’s criminal past.

3.    Three Financial documents exposing Jamaat expenses.

What you do with this information is entirely up to you. You can as a Jamaat, or even as an independent Ahmadi on behalf of the Jamaat, request I do not expose it here. It depends who wins. Whatever you decide, I will go with it. If you want the information up and out, and want it published here, then that’s what I will do, and you can even choose the pictures to suit! If you want to take the information and keep it to yourself, that too is your prerogative! Once you win it, it’s yours! Take it and do with it as you please! I would strongly suggest the Jamaat come together on this, and make sure they come up trumps here as it means your skin will be saved in these matters at least! Seriously, the documents are all yours for the taking, whoever you may be!  And it doesn’t stop there! You will get to choose what I post up for the next 4 Sundays! Ask me and if I have it, you decide how and when it goes up! Maybe the documents won’t be of any interest to you, but perhaps you want me to expose Rafiq Hayat on something I might have? You have everything to gain and nothing to lose! If it’s not the documents that appeal to you, remember you will have complete control of the Blog for the entire month of December!

Here’s how to go about it and it is really easy. According to Mirza Ghulam Qadiani, the Holy Prophet SAAWs had 23 children in total, but this is a matter he was very confused about himself:
"Historians know that in His (Holy Prophet SAAW) house 11 boys were born and all of them died...." (Chashma-e-Ma'arifat p.286, Roohani Khazain vol. 23 p.299).
"See in our Prophet of God's (SAAW) house 12 girls were born, He never said why boy was not born." (Malfoozaat vol.6 p.57).

In total, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad claimed the Prophet had 23 children. In one instance, he claims that the Prophet SAAWs had 11 boys, but then all of them died. And then in the other, he claims that 12 girls were born, and not a single boy was born. However, I want to stick with the number 23, as Mirza Ghulam Qadiani claimed the Prophet SAAWs had 23 children. It is real simple.

If we open any book on Islam or biography of the Prophet SAAWs, it will tell you that the Prophet SAAWs had 7 children, of which 4 were girls and 3 were boys. The boys’ names were Qasim, Abdullah and Ibrahim. The girls were named Zainab, Um Kultham, Ruqayyah and Fatima. I would like someone to name the other 16 children of the Prophet Mohammad. It doesn’t matter if Ahmadis claim they all died at a very young age, because their names would still be recorded somewhere. So I would like all 23 names of the Prophet Mohammad SAAWs children. No fewer than 23 names will be accepted, and the source MUST be provided and it should be verifiable.

23 Names in exchange for three legit documents and partial Blog control! Who is up for it? I know Ahmadis, ‘we don’t care stupid girl, do what you want’ but you have to admit, it is an opportunity and a half! Imagine how much agro you could save the Jamaat if you could just provide me with 23 names?! And not only that, you get the documents too! So maybe you could ask Nasser Khan what his family is playing at and why he thinks it’s acceptable to be an Ameer, once you have seen the document that concerns one of the Khan’s for yourself! Or maybe you are the Qaid with a criminal past and you don’t want everyone finding out how you used to *cough cough* and the police found out and convicted you! Or maybe you Rafiq, don’t want the world to know the finances of the Jamaat, and so would rather I did not publish them here.

Once they are emailed over to you, they are all yours! I won’t do anything with them, not unless you request that I do so. And as promised, you get to choose what comes up next over the next month which means if you are an Ahmadi for example, and are concerned that the Jamaat will look bad if such and such is exposed and want to postpone something going up, then that’s how we will run the show! So in other words, you get the three promised documents but you get to choose what we run for the next month! This will prove favourable for all the devout Ahmadis out there! Consider it ‘Jihad of the Pen’, and that you are doing your bit to protect the Jamaat!

Let’s set the closing date for Friday 2nd December. Answers should be posted below, so that everyone can see the winner for themselves! Comment openly and freely, by all means! The winner of the challenge will then be requested to email in (it can be from a fake account, that is fine) and you will be sent an email with the promised attachments. Also, you will be given the course of entries for the next month, and can decide what you want to pull! And what you might what to add! It is your blog- for the next month!

So, 23 names by 2/12/2011! Deal? Brilliant! Look forward to corresponding with the winner, and to pass on our inside ‘trade’ secrets!

Remember, according to Ahmadis, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was a Prophet of Allah and was Muhammad SAAWs most ardent devotee! If anyone knows about the Prophet Muhammad SAAWs, it is Mirza Ghulam Qadiani, his (SAAWs) most humble servant. Also, according to Mirza Ghulam Qadiani, he claimed that he is flawless and never makes mistakes! He was the perfect human being, so much so, that he probably never had to ask Allah for any kind of forgiveness because he was faultless and thus presumably, sinless too!

Mirza Ghulam Qadiani said:
"Whatever I have said, I have said it with His (God) order and I have not done anything of my own desire and I have not fabricated anything on my Lord.” (Mawahibur Rehman p 3, Roohani Khazain vol.19 p.221)
“Without doubt God never leaves me with a mistake, even for the duration of blink of the eye; and He protects me from every mistake and protects me from the ways of satans.” (Nur ul Haq Last page, Roohani Khazain vol. 8 p 272)
“‘wa maa unteqo unil hawa in howa illa wahun yooha' – he (Mirza Ghulam Qadiani) does not say anything of his own volition, rather whatever you hear it is the revelation of God." (Arba'een No. 3, Roohani Khazain vol.17, p. 426-427)

History seems to suggest otherwise, and for everyone but Ahmadis, it is apparent Mirza Ghulam Qadiani lied and got the number of children the Prophet SAAWs had, completely wrong. He himself was very confused; on one hand claiming he had sons who died but on the other claiming that Nabi SAAWs did not have a single son. Either way, the number totals from the 2 excerpts provided, to a total of 23, and so let us run with 23! Please keep in mind what Mirza Ghulam Qadiani said about making mistakes! If he got this wrong, can you believe anything he said? It is such a simple thing but he got it so very wrong, and he claimed everything he said was from Allah, and so is Allah wrong (Naudobillah!)? He said he never makes mistakes, so can someone provide us with proof to back up what he said, because so far, I have not been able to find a single shred of evidence to back up what he claimed!

Come forward! 23 names for 4 weeks of the Blog and 3 documents! Nasser Khan, this will be particularly important for you, especially if you don’t want your wife’s blood pressure sky rocketing in the New Year! Show her your love this Christmas, and go and find out the names of the 23 Children of the Prophet SAAWs.

What happens if no one comes up with the goods? Nothing much! We will carry on as normal, and hopefully by then, my scanner will be working again or I would have bought a new one! However, if like the previous challenge, no one is able to beat it, then Ahmadis should take the time out to consider what their Prophet Mirza Ghulam Qadiani was really about! You should also question why your leadership is unable to protect the Jamaat, if their founder is truthful? Surely it can’t be that difficult, he is a Prophet of Allah! And you, my Ahmadi friends, are the lucky chosen ones who have accepted his claims! So come on... let’s play!!

23 names. It's that simple.

Tune of the day: Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head.

P.S. I will contact all those that are awaiting replies from me on email. I'm having problems with my computer and I'm using my phone much of the time. For security reasons I will not reply unless I'm using a proxy. So when my computer's back to normal and I'm able to find a proxy that works with hotmail, everyone will recieve a reply- that's especially to you Mr cutlery.. so hang in there buddy!


  1. Let the games begin.......

    hehehehehheehhe I bet Findings wins again.

    Raf looooooooooooooser.
    Nas u better watch out, your past has is catching up with you!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Can you name the 23 children that MGA said the Prophet saaws had? If you do... You can have Nas's doc!

  3. sorry, i only know the same 7 names you know. But if I had those docs I'd tell you put them all up!

  4. But the Messiah said there were 23..why can't we find more than 7? Of course there is the exception of the Nabi saaws adopted soon Zaid (making it a total of 8)... So then 15 names will do!

    In due time. As I said its not as simple as uploading everything all at once- there are people in a vulnerable predicament because of these leaks and my duty is to protect them. They are unknowingly part of something and it has to stay that way, especially those in my family. Also, haste is waste! :)

  5. Our group also challenged them in past on FACEBOOK(Awarenss about DAR-UL-QAZA). But cleverly one of their Mariabi from Germany Saqib Butt, reported it to admins of FB. But we know it is back again and group is running.
    This Royal Family only interested in money and destroying the beautiful teachings of Holy Quran, by wrong interpretations.

    For present leadership, our challenge is same from the present leadership and super Dictators Mirza Masroor and Nazar-e-Ellah. Infact, now if any one from this Jamat, RAH-E-HUDA OR any one can answer to these challenges we will be happy.
    Come on Jamat we are calling for PEN JIHAD, WHY YOU ARE RUNNING AWAY


    Mirza Masroor Sahib
    Head of Jamat Ahmadiyya Worldwide

    Janab Mirza Masroor Sahib,

    Further to our challenge to you(which will end on 10th Nov 2011)and your jamat to prove from Quran about your activities to your own members, we muslims like to see your reply in public.

    You and your previous Khalifa sahib both took British Passports by taking OATH on Quran, that you will be faithful to Queen of UK, and same as your members in UK and similarly to other western governments by taking similar oath to their governments.

    Then we see that in legal matters, especially in your time, your administration is forcing people to bring matrimonial matters(specaily) related cases to Dar-ul-Qaza, and this announcements had been made to your members.

    Since then, we see two cases and please explain, what wrong these people did as you punish them and not the culprits.
    1) Mrs Kahloon, seeking finacial help for her and her children, which your Qaza cannot enforce to Mr Kahloon monthly incommings, as the court of country can do.
    2) We see that there was an old case, came to our knowledge, which is Mr Afzaal and his family, and he had stopped the kidnap of his son by taking UK exit order from court, which your Qaza cannot enforce.
    3) Also your jamat expell the son of first Khalifa, but now cannot expell Mr Mirza Fareed.

    Can you explain these three cases, and we do not know, how many others like this are there in your Jamat.

    If you cannot explain yourself, then ask your jamat to post the reply on net on your jamat website main page

    Mujid Salam,

  6. You should dump that phone along with your scanner. There are great deals out at the moment being Christmas and all.

    If you upload these documents which further expose top officials then maybe it's time for some changes in position? I think they know who you are but are keeping hush because of the family related consequences. Don't you think? Imagine if you're a top official and findings happens to be your neice, what options does he have? Just a hypothetical scenario here.

  7. The other job of this Dr Shabbir Bhatti is to burn the FIQA of Islam. He is doing all wrong doing to ISLAM. He is the one to issue orders to dissolve the Nikahs of Ahmedis boys and girls without their consents. Kafir-e-Azam Dr Shabbir Bhatti.
    Jamat Ahmadiyya's maribis go and hide your faces in sand, as you so u are the worst creature on earth. You do not have courage to say anything.

  8. So what were the documents presented before then? Imaginary? I have what I need...I have the documents. Thanks. And the top know this..isn't that right Mr Bhatti- PAKI MAFIA BOYZ? Hey? As long as the top knows..I am content. Who cares what the average, bottom of the barrel Ahmadi thinks of my claims of having documents or not! I believe I have proven myself when it comes to delivering them in the past- u know this and I know this. Hence I refuse to put them up without original scans..nothings ever enough for you ahmadis. You want more. And more.

    As for the niece comment...broken many times has that girl's name been flaunted about the place already?!! I am not the niece of Ch Wasim Ahmad of New Malden!! How many times. Give the girl a break- you guys have ruined enough lives as it is with your accusations! I might make accusations but I bring forward the proofs to back it up! You guys wantonly ruin the reputations of innocent girls on the say so of twisted Jamaat officials. They know they are sniffing in all the wrong places.... Raf and Nas need to look closer to home.

    And sorry..if you were 'just saying' then so was I. As for getting a new phone..tell me about it! And scanner too! Guess who paid for my scanner at home? It came out of the 'daftar's expenses! Loool! Rubbish scanner from a rubbish source!

    Now do you have the 23 names??

  9. And technically speaking- if my uncle does know who I am and doesn't report me to the Khaliefa then he is actually not fulfilling his pledge of sacrificing his everything to ahmadiyya khiliefat. So really- what sort of ahmadis are these people by covering up for me? I say if any of my relatives know who I am then shop me to your khaliefa..

  10. Who mentioned any names? No idea who this NM girl is. You're actually making it worse for her by mentioning some random name, shame on you.

    As for your question. If only you had bothered to answer mine. What's the point diverting topic again and again. I'm actually starting to yawn. Good night. Sleep well because I do.

  11. Oh please don't come about here acting all the innocent. Lol. Nice try. This whole 'its such and such's niece' has been spinning around the Qadi circuit for a whole year now but dodos like you don't seem to get- if it was her- the game would have been up...but its gotten significantly worse. Raf knows this... But this duke and his shameful mrs haven't the decency to put this straight in public!
    Sleep well..I sleep even better! Alhamdulillah because I fall asleep a MUSLIM! Lifes good.

    Instead of counting sheep...try counting the number of children the Prophet saaws had?!

  12. You're quite comical if you think about it. You are trying to make me seem like a liar when I honestly I have noooooooooo idea who NM girl is. You seem to mention it a lot to let people think she is hiding there. If any of the Ahmadi undercover patrol team is online please be aware of this bluff.

  13. …Lol. Ok then @ bluff and lol @ ahmadi patrol.. Lol. Actually I don't live toooo far off New Malden.. Doesn't take more than 15 minutes to drive there on a good day ;) Anyways- 23 names or nothing.

    Come on Ahmadis- Jamaat issues asides...consider your Prophet! Give me the 23 names of my Prophhet's saaws children according to YOUR prophet MGA. Its not too difficult is it?

  14. Ansari_mowghlis_ uncle27 November 2011 at 23:57

    Ok I think it is impossible to get what you ask, because it is quite clear MGA was a liar and his allegiance was to the British government NOT TO ISLAM and the prophet (saw)
    see here

    but I can give you 23 names of MGA and his mates.

    I hope I win :)

    Dont be a maz while collecting chanda in the hood.
    The rafinator
    Raf ventura net detective
    Raf and maz get the munchies
    Rafique and the Chanda Factory
    When raffy met mazzy
    Mirza gump
    Dude, wheres my chanda?
    MGA golf
    MGA vice city
    MGA morden warfare
    Anchorman the legend of Nasser Khan
    Dirty Raffy
    Mirza and the giant peach
    Bend it like mirza
    Uncle Raf
    Raf and maz’s excellent adventure
    Hayats list
    The wizard of maz
    Raffy in chandaland
    Dr. Shabir Butt or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb
    Crouching Tiger, Hidden agenda
    The house of flying chanda

    Just for extra credit
    Invasion of the chanda snatchers

    Lost in Transaction
    kungfu chanda

    and a few for the road

    The muppets xmas carol
    Black hawk down
    Liar liar
    Bride of Frankenstein

  15. Hands down- this is the funniest comment ever!!! LOL @ when raffy met mazzy!! LOL LOL. Genius!!! And Kungfu Chanda.... LOOOOOOL. This is class! Oh Jzks for brightening up my day :) thanks!!! LOVED IT!!

  16. Never say never! They might do the impossible and find the names! Lol. You win in the comedy stakes. That's for sure!

  17. 23 names or nothing? You speak like you run the show but that doesn't seem to be the case.

    I run this blog.

    You just set it up for me.

  18. Me is the bottom of the barrel Ahmadi according to you.

    I recently accepted Ahmadiyyat. I can only thank you for your help.

  19. Looool good for you. Is ur name on the security list :P

    Glad I could be of some help. Looooooooooool.

  20. No but I have a sect now Ms Sect-less. I belong to a community. I was once confused like you. Fear not I will always pray for you.

  21. A whole evening has passed since your post, yet it is just you and me in the comments section. Maybe it's just you and me who read this blog.

  22. Lol please don't. I am not confused.

    Pray for yourself.

    As you are new to your sect- wld u care to do the honours and find us the 23 names?

  23. Haven't had time to actually read your post, I just came to holler at you in the comments section. I tried to discuss this 14th century business with you but you didn't seem interested. I know I'm late on the subject but I'm a busy guy. If you cannot answer a lot of my questions then I need to speak to someone who can help me further in my search for true Islam.

    Glad you took my advice with Mo by the way. He isn't saying much apart for copying and pasting. When it comes to his actual arguments they are extremely weak. Like his human weakness allegation, he deleted my response. It made me smile though.

  24. And regarding my comment about helping me further in my search for true Islam. I don't ever doubt Ahmadiyyat but I mean I need someone smarter than you and your members to show me it's false. No disrespect.

  25. This is true! You know who you need, and who alone guides? Allah. You don't need are right. You need Allah. Why did your Prophet lie? Ask Allah to guide you to the answer and to the truth.

    Anyways. I'm done for the night. It would be nice to wake up tomorrow to find someone has posted all 23 names!

  26. An Excellent blog post to expose the contradictions and confusions in his writings.

    He claimed in his life (before he declared his prophethood) that he is a great lover of Prophet Muhammad(saaw) and wrote poetry in his praise.

    But I believe, he had not read an Islamiyat book of Grade 7.

    He wrote "with authenticity" that Prophet Muhammad's father died after Prophet was born.In all books of world is written, Prophet was born as an orphan.

    So why to "challenge" on his knowledge of Prophet's children.

    He wrote what Maulvi Norruddin (First Khalifa) told him - if one time he said all were girls, he would have written such.(He named Norrudin as one of two angels who are mentioned in Hadith - the two angels which will bring Essa back to earth - he didn't believe in Descending of Essa(as)but "metaphorically" believed "very much" as he built a White Minaret in Qadiyan also where Essa(as) is mentioned in Hadith to land by.

    How come spending all his life debating Essa is dead and will not come back and this Chiragh Bini's son is Essa of Hadith but trying to match that portion of Hadith which tells about his Descending from Heaven?

    Any way all his books are full of contradictions, confusions and lies - a living proof - He was a Liar & False prophet.

    Here is what he said of Prophet's father which later his sons also "contradicted" as people pointed out such a major historical mistake in Nabi's "divine knowledge"

    “Take a look at history. His Holiness, the blessings of Allah and peace be on him, was that same orphan boy whose father died a few days after (Muhammad’s) birth and his mother died leaving an infant just a few months old.” (Roohani Khazain, Paigham-i-Sulh, Volume 23, Page 465)

    I see this Maulvi Nooruddin as Script Writer of Mirza's Nabuwat Drama script. This gentleman was Hakim also and treating Mirza's impotence also. So he "helped" Mirza to get "Nabuwat" and "12 Children" while his condition was in his own words

    "This decrepid is suffering from weakness of brain. for long time after I got married. I used to think that Iam impotent."
    (Letter By Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani date: 22/2/1887 in Maktoobate Ahmadiyya Vol. 5, p. 14 copied from Navishta-e-Ghaib By Khalid Wazirabadi)

    "At the time of marriage my heart and brain were very weak and I was suffering with dizziness have been with me for long time;because of these I had bitterness (sadness) of the heart (depression)and the absence of sexual power."
    (Tiryaq-ul-Quloob Roohani Khazain vol.15 p.203 By Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani)

    Writng to Hakeem Nooruddin, Mirza says:

    " I have great improvment with your medicines. Few diseases like lethargy and gastric acidity have been cureed by it. I had one very serious problem that the ===="erection used to subside when I laid down for intercourse"===. Lack of sexual energy was it’s cause. So with your medicines my sexual power have returned."
    (MAKTOOBAT-E-AHMADIYYA, Vol 5, No.2 Collection of letters by Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani)

    "Revelation was sent to me regarding marriage; at that time my heart and brain and body were very weak. Apart from diabetes mellitus and dizziness in the head and sadness of heart (Depression), I was suffering from tuberculosis also."
    (Nuzool-e-Maseeh, Roohani Khazain vo.18 p.587 footnote By Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani)

    3M (The research should be done on this Hakeem Maulvi Nooruddin - he was the "Profit" maker and with his "special efforts" Mirza had 12 children "without erection" - another prophetic feat"

    GO & BURN YOUR BOOKS to avoid being a laughing stock.

  27. Waqar Akbar Cheema28 November 2011 at 03:39

    When I read the word "Challenge" on this blog, I know this cult is hit badly! :)

    Allah be your Guard and Guide!

  28. Ahmadies can never answer it straight. So ahmadies do your thing and start saying all kind of bad things about findings or take the topic elsewhere by saying this and that scholar has said it too. But also remember that no scholar in Muslim history has claimed to receive info from Allah or claimed to be a prophet.
    Keep following Mirza all the way to Jahanam or read his books and save yourself like I did.

  29. ^
    'convert' to ahmadiyyat? as if...LOL

  30. 6 hours later on my way into the City and still no names?

    Time and time again these people fail to come up with any explanation and just bring up unrelated nonsense. They are quick to thank me for strengthening their beliefs, but can't defend them here either! How hard is it? I wanted 23 per what MGA said and still nothing.

    The best thing about this is they can't quote unrelated ayahs/hadith on this one... Lol. Its either 23 or it aint. No interpretation required!

    23.... Tick tock tick tock!

  31. Kick Ass if you are reading- have been locked out of my account :S not sure what's going on. Will try and sort it out when I get home... Have a message for you. Reply in comments if read and understood.

  32. Findings: Please don't put my daughters photos on the website. I agree and accept all your demands. From now on I will treat every girl as my daughter and will never allow, any girl's photograph to be taken. I have done so many bad things in the past. I will seek forgiveness from every one.

  33. Raf have you got the names of the 23 children yet? If not I suggest you go and find them out. Ask munee..she usually thinks she knows everything. And if you are that bothered about forgiveness go and ask the people you have screwed up ovver the years their faces. Be brave raffy. Lol.

  34. And if you care about your daughters and the daughters of others you would not willingly be part of this fraud and conceal the truth from them.

  35. You are a riba dealing deen snatcher.

  36. @ Anon 28 November 2011 06:51
    'convert' to ahmadiyyat? as if...LOL"

    Who mentioned anything about "converts"? stop LOL at your own ASSUMPTIONS. The story of your lives. Durr.

  37. Hello @ above.

    Can you name me the 23 children? Or at the very least show us where what MGA has written can be verified elsewhere?

  38. Hey 'Hitgirl' nearly 100,000 hits, why don't you put up the info once you get to the 100K mark? That should sort out Frank D'amico/Raf.

    LOL Raffy boy your days are numbered.
    Your Mrs needs to join you and beg for forgiveness too. She's been busy slating, maligning and back biting for years. Now you both need to go door to door and apologize otherwise you know what's gonna happen!

    @Ansari and Findings how does Kick Raff sound? or even better Kick ..... you got it?

  39. Message to Findings!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks for wonderful blog. May Allah protect you and all humans from the cult management of khandhan worldwide. Rafiq Hayat is just a child of this cult.
    Although, he is representing them and challenged a LEGAL ACTION against the recent leaks.
    Come on Jamat Ahmadiyya, take legal action, if you have guts.

    Mujid Salam

  40. @ findings since you have failed to achieve anything
    now you are satisfying your personal ego by posting comments in the name of RAF

    You must be day dreaming by posting such comments

    These comments express your inner desire to have such begging for forgiveness it shows whats it all about ,unfortunately you are not doing any good to yourself sorry but you are a lost findings

  41. Stop picking on my mum and dad. You don't know what this is doing to them. So what if they did bad 'illegal'things,it's all part of his job as Ameer. And you're being really mean about uncle Nas. That fraud stuff is all in the past. He paid the money back plus more much more. He's a changed man he says he doesn't do that stuff any more.

    Do you know how difficult it is for us Hayat kids to get rishta's. First of all they're very few in the jamaat like us. We can't marry belwo us. And now no one wants to take us on coz of what people are saying on this site. My brother and sisters are all really worried. It's not our fault that God has blessed us with this high status in the jamaat. People are jealous of us and our home, especially you findings.

    Your a nasty girl. If I find out who you are I'm going to hand you over to my mum. She will sort you out once and for all. You should know she's best friends with Khala Saboohi so my mum can do anything she wants and not get in trouble. You just wait.......

  42. Beti jaan,

    Aap teek ho? I am really really worried about you. All this time you have spent on this blog is worrying me. I do not think you should stay locked up in your bedroom for so long, it's not good for your health and it must be draining you mentally. Please give me back my papers which I left around the house. These are not for your eyes beti jaan.

    Your sister is worried for you too. She wished she hadn't left you alone these last few years.

    Please try and keep in touch with family members. If you do not contact them in months and then suddenly appear on the scene when fingers are pointed, people will start talking.

    If you have met a non Ahmadi Muslim boy at university that you are keen on marrying then please do inform us. We would rather make some kind of arrangement with you, than kick you out and leave our family in tatters.

    Please think carefully.

    Your concerned father.

  43. Reply

  44. Hi I'm an Ahmadi. I can name the the wife and 5 Children of the Promised Messiah, and the names of the 5 Khalifa's and I can name the children of the Khalifa's, and I can name 23 children of the 2nd Khalifa, Hazrat Musleh Maud and all 7 of his wives. Do I win the prize?
    ooops sorry but I didn't know the names of the Holy Prophet's pbuh children.

  45. Lool this Rafiq Hayat character is not me. He is funny though... I don't need to fake comments thanks pal... 100k hits and I need to fake comments? Please!! Put down the haterade..its bitter! You people keep the comments coming!

    Only the 23 names of the Prophet saaws children please @ the funny man.

    Ahmadis reading..aren't you in the least bit concerned that no one has come up trumps yet??

    @ aba jaan... Don't worry, you raised me well enough not to have unfortunately, I haven't got a one way ticket to get out of your cult. Don't worry though Aba Jaan... I willl make you proud one day. My husband will be a muslim and so will my children. Inshallah. So don't feel disappointed that I've let you are the most fortunate ahmadi dad in the world..your daughter was granted hidayat!! Allah has been good to us Aba, you'll realise this one day! If not in this life, then certainly in the next. I love you. Xxxxxxxx your daughter, findings. You are far better off than any of these officials aba jaan. I pray so hard for you everyday that you open your eyes before its too late. I pray so hard that my insides hurt from crying. You don't realise how much you mean to me and how desperate I am for you to wake up before its too late. I pray for you so much everyday and inshallah my husband will pray for you too, and so will our children. You are my dad and I love you. This is for the sake of Allah first. Then for your sake. As for my sister... Don't worry Aba Jaan... I am praying for her and her children too. May Allah guide you all back to Islam and away from your KhaLIEfa.

  46. @ hayat kids.. Remember I promised your family 'an eye for an eye'. Its materialised nicely. BOOM!

  47. Beti jaan, your sister is still at university, how can she be married with kids?

    You really do worry me. I just hope you do not convince her with your version of Islam. That would be double shame on us.

    How much do I really mean to you beti? You have disrespected me again and again for the whole world to see with personal attacks. How can you be following true Islam when you have no respect for your parents? Do I need to remind you what the Quran says about respecting your parents? Cry for forgiveness in your prayers. May Allah guide you back to true Islam before it's too late.

  48. Yes bring on the legal action. I'm waiting. Its been sometime since Raf consulted his team of legal experts. What's taking them long????????????? I am not a very patient person. You are giving me sleepless nights Raf. I'm waiting for the police to come knocking for...exposing your spying activities (coz that makes sense right) looool. Told you last december not to pick a bone with me. This is what happens when you don't listen. It didn't have to be this way. It only required a few apologies on your part..but you couldn't even manage that!! Seriously...I just needed you to put the right your wrongs and apologise to the people you and your people hurt. You are a proud man..but I bet you aint feeling so proud now! Cluck cluck cluck chicccccccken!

  49. Aba jaan have you got the right daughter!!?? Lol.

    Whisper my name quietly...

  50. Beti, I know I have the right daughter. I maybe be simple but I remember your name. If you wish I could whisper it down the phone to you. Unfortunatly I do not have iChat but you have my number.

  51. CG can't hate ya gotta lvv ya.
    If those Hayat kids are in a spin coz of what ya sayin then maybe aba ameer should step aside.
    But if he don't then keep it going coz their smug mugs need replacin.
    Marry one of those Hayat kids, NO WAY HOSE don't want the MIL from hell. As for Raffys genes, wouldn't want to reproduce that.
    So CG you still free and single, only prob is me is still Ahmadi. Convert me and I'm all urs.

  52. There was an old man called Raf
    Who was best mates with a fraud called Nas
    One day they got rumbled
    by a cult girl who unravelled
    all the dodgy deals that they were doing for Mas.

  53. Here's another one, dafter whaalay this ones for u

    There was an ameer called Raffy
    who got a married to a lass call munnee
    but alas on their wedding night
    She got a terrible fright
    And cried she'd been married off to a habshi

  54. should be
    who got married to a PAINDU called munnee

  55. So what did Raf accuse you of when everything went downhill? I heard there was major drama! And big accusations were thrown your way which kind of explains everything.

  56. You asked me to pray for you and find you a partner, I did.

    Now I know which mosque they need to be attending in order for you to be happy. I got mates I could hook you up!

    I still got nothing but love for ya.

  57. Typical non-muslim Ahmadis... why are you diverting attention from the truth? Cut out all this beti jaan rubbish and get back to the topic.

    The truth is that you cannot answer the question that Findings has asked so as usual, you start playing games. Heck, she helped you by giving 7 (8 including adopted son) names already!!

    If you messiah is not a fraud, stop messing around and answer the question.

  58. "If you messiah is not a fraud, stop messing around and answer the question."

    there's always two sides to every story. no answer will be enough for you. your heart is sealed.

    cut out all the Raf commenting rubbish too and get back to the previous topic which you diverted from.

  59. Ansari_mowghli's_uncle28 November 2011 at 17:35

    @9.23 kick raff is a good look. This firuan needs to go!!! Now back to the topic how can you believe a man that is said to be receiving wahi from the same illah as muhammed ibn Abdullah saw when he is clearly wrong about the prophets saw children and wrong in so many other substantial areas. Plz I ask all the honest seekers of truth to do wadhu and read surah al Fatiha with sincerity and then read surah al waqiyah in Arabic then a language you understand because If you die on this baatil are you sure mirza will be able to help you? I am sure as a Muslim my nabi the greatest human being of all times, my teacher, my leader my prophet muhammed salallahu alayhi wa salam will be able to help the Muslims I just make dua we are with him. all praise be to Allah
    To all the ansar I urge you to help your newly reverted sisters and brothers in anyway you can. Jzk

  60. Beti jan tune of the day
    you are the black sheep of the family
    I try to teach you right from wrong
    so much wi----
    I wonder how you got along

  61. ^ I think a valid, documented list of names with proper evidence will be sufficient.

  62. Ok my heart is sealed...again trying to divert. Lets get back to the topic. produce the names and prove us wrong!

  63. That's rubbish and you know it. Facts are facts. His statements are very clear and are NOT subject to any can there be 2 sides to what he said??? One answer will be enough... 23 names. How many answers can there possibly be, to the total of 23? Really??? Why are fighting what's so obvious??? Let it go....

    As for the marriage proposal..haha that's funny. tut tut converting for the sake of someone else? Ah- true Ahmadi style! If you have a good relationship with your Khaliefa.. Then you needn't convert... He will brush it under the carpet.

    @ dad.. I'm bored now.

  64. Lol oh here we go! If you know of the so called 'accusations' that were thrown my way, it means you know me. So what's my name??

    Quit yo jibber jabber..fool!

    Ps: there were no accusations. Lol. Bla bla bla.

  65. That's just it! I don't know what the accusations are, I just heard about them through the grapevyne. Think about who your mum's best friend is! Think think think. Try not to start name calling again, you lasted a whole day without it so zip it!

  66. I know who my mum's best friend is. What's that got to do with anything? Lool.

    Get with the times. Get with me!!

  67. ANSWERS:

  68. What's that when its at home then?? Please explain in english here for your chance to win!

  69. Reply

    Get your mullah to translate it for you.
    These are the answers. You will not believe in my translation anyway !

  70. What a waste of time. Is this the best you can do????? EPIC FAIL. Your profit didn't know what he was talking about... And failed the very standards he set himself! 'I am faultless'.. 'I don't make mistakes'. Astagfirallah. Even the Nabi saaws feared Allah. This guy is a disgrace. And shame on you for covering up his lies. These are peoples eternal lives you lot are messing with.

    Any Mullah care to translate?? are the 23 names therein?

  71. Please translate then you will see !

  72. Tell you what..for the benefit of the Ahmadis close to turning away from your beliefs..why don't YOU translate??? If you care about your co-religionists you would translate so they can see the answer for themselves. Go on... We'll wait.

  73. We're talking in english so your answer needs to be in english. Is that so hard for you to comprehend?
    If the 'mullah' translates you'll say out of context. Translate and answer in english - if you can. Bet you you won't!

  74. Plz translate or findings are you looooosing out !

  75. I am giving you the answer, you don't wana take it. That shows what you are

  76. Wth is this circus cycle going on here? Translate it or get gone. Don't waste our time. Don't turn it on are the one posting it so you explain it!! 'Shows what you are'. Idiot. I can't read urdu. So translate it...or don't bother spamming and changing the topic! What is the excuse for his lies???? Go on... We are waiting.

  77. Ahmadiyyat Zindabad

  78. If they had the answer they'd give it to you straight up. They don't have the answer so they're playing games.

  79. 1st one:

    "See in our Prophet of God's (SAAW) house 12 girls were born, He never said why boy was not born." (Malfoozaat vol.6 p.57).

    the number 12 is wrong.



    Malfoozaat is not a book written by the promised messiah. Malfoozaat are the sayings of the promised messiah written by his companions. You have taken the qoute out of context. The original urdu page where you can see it says: The promised messiah was addressing the ladies whilst his companion was outside trying to listen to what he was saying. During the address children were crying. Due to the distance from the promised messiah and the crying of children the companion was not able to properly note down everything the promised messiah had said. SEE THE ORIGINAL URDU PAGE
    ------------------------------------------ ----

  80. Mr Hayat, listen very carefully. Your cronies have done an announcement all over the world about my aged old uncle of Akhraj Az Jumaat.
    Shame on you. You have no morals, you have no code. That guy all his life was and still is a devout Ahmadi. This is not the way how you treat elders. Due to shock, he got a heart attack. Listen Mr Hayat, if any thing happens to him, that will be the end of your self. Do you understand? Even Binder won't save you as we are going to court to launch a case against you. You don;t have courage or guts to tell my uncle what his crime is. He is being told to write letters of forgiveness to you. What has he done to ask forgiveness. You have to ask forgiveness from him. I warn you, any other Akhraj Az Jumaat announcement and you will be sued personally. Tell ya pets Binder of that, who will not be able to save you this time.

  81. Hold on. Wait there. Let me just go and LOOOOOOOOOOOL @ 'children were crying'. I'm good. I'm composed.


  82. @ akhraj.. Any idea on what grounds this evil man Hayat had your uncle expelled from the cult? Give me an idea and I see what I can do. "Eye for an eye".

  83. 2nd one coming tomorrow

  84. By the time the Ameer of Uk retires, you will still be single and lost, preparing your docs for the next victim.

    If Ahmadiyyat didn't exist tomorrow, boredom would drive you to pop some pills. What would be your new hobby?

  85. Look forward to it. It is appreciated. Least you are trying.

  86. Hmmmm. Knitting? That's a hobby, right? :-)

    Lol @ single. Easy cilla don't know about me :P

  87. Findings Please find all the illegal and dispicable Akhraj notices and put them on this website and also send to all MP's to end this satanic practice once end for all. Please do it. I want to see how Rafiq reacts when MP Justine asks him, about these illegal announcements, which are done all over the world without justification. Rafiq usually licks the MP's shoes. Khushamadi Taattoo

  88. Akraj EZ jamat is not illegal in UK where this Idiot is amir. It is legal for the clubs, churches and non-religious cult style organisations. There is no concept of Akraj in Islam. In cults it is common. At the time of Holy Prophet pbuh there was an excommuniction orders to one person on matter related to defence(which is a state issue), see for ref Rah-huda 6th August 2011. Mirza family do not have state, thus they modified the term into religion. It was Masroor's uncle Khalifa 2, who practice it more and rest of sheep following it. They never asked the udday dar who did mistake to say sorry. This shows it is against Quran. On face book in our group(Awarenss about Dar-ul-Qaza) it has been discussed in detail and also in

    In short once you take a wrong direction, then Allah cannot protect you, from there history it shows Curse of ALLAH on them. Since 1974, they have been excommunicated, Hajj is banned in Pakistan, branded as non-muslim, they cannot hold Jalsa in Pakistan, and this notice is announced world wide. This shows ALLAH is with those whom this khadhan do not like, whether their opponent is muslim or their member. Allah is always with innocent. Injustice never prevail. Rafiq is just a child of this cult, main culprits are khadhan.

    Mujid Salam

  89. @ Anon 28 November 2011 06:51
    'convert' to ahmadiyyat? as if...LOL"

    Who mentioned anything about "converts"? stop LOL at your own ASSUMPTIONS. The story of your lives. Durr.

    I know Ahmadis and you guys lie lie lie, 200 million members? I really doubt this person who said he is a 'convert' is real, but just another pathetic ploy to act as if their numbers are really growing.

    And children crying? Really? You really expect us to belive that utter rubbish?

  90. First time I'm posting here - As this is clearly not an intelligent place to hold an intellectual debate - so to simplify things for the dumbo's lets make this name finding even more interesting - firstly talking about false prophet - Name One Prophet, that's right, just ONE Prophet of Allah that wasn't labelled FALSE! Then let's move onto the next stage...put this up Lostings LOOOL!!!

  91. How can you have an intellligent debate with anyone or any group that follows someone who couldn't even get the number of children the Prophet saaws had right, and then try and defend it by saying 'children were crying so the writer made a mistake'.

    Your religion is a joke. So discussion is a joke. Jokes are childish. Love and live.

  92. Whyyy are weeee waiting we are suffocatiiiiing. All I want for Christmas is 23 names :( is it that too much to ask!? I'm willing to hand over quite a bit of can the Jamaat not rise up to this challenge, when it will help them in the long run? Or maybe they want their business splattered across the blog then? Come on! Your resident youth speaker, the newly wedded Mansoor Clarke usually loves to blabber on and defend this community- can he come here and give us the 23 names???

    Ahmadis... Where are the 23 names? And why was your Profit soo confused?? I thought he didn't make mistakes? Or maybe he didn't. There might be 23!

  93. Hey hitgirl let these people be, they're so brainwashed that they don't do logic. Most young Ahmadis wouldn't even be able to name 7 of the Holy Prophet saw children.
    Keep having fun with them though it's fun reading the comments!

  94. Thanks friend! Its funny how we used to be just like them! Ohh I remember the tears and tantrums I used to have with my muslim friends if they so much as said 'ahhh you believe in another prophet after Muhammad saaws'. 'How dare you' I used to scream. Alas, they were right, I just never saw it at the time. So friend, what do you reckon Raffy Boy will do with this one? Pass it off as persecution :P even though we only want an explanation and a few names?? 'You hate ahmadis' is what they will say. No but we don't, we just want to know about their Profit that's all! And hey..they have an excuse 'children were crying and the note taker misheard'. Funny that, couldn't his Profit, before or after it went to press, check for the mistakes and correct it? 'You son of a prostitute..harami... I said '8' where did you get 11 and 12 from' and maybe dashed some hot scalding water at him, like he did with that maid? Nah. He didn't. Coz he said it.he believed it. He didn't know what he was talking about. He was a fraud.

    Don't worry friend, our time is soon.

  95. Friend...would you like the documents? Maybe you can try and have a stab at the challenge??

    Go on..I dare ya! I will throw in a few pictures of a certain few individuals just for good measure too!

  96. I have full faith in that your not gonna get those 23 names so I'm banking on great Sunday Scandals through out December. I'd give Raf a few days off and start with dodgy Nas. Why is it everything he does goes over budget?? Is it coz ..... mmmmmmm a leopard never changes his spots.

  97. So do the challenge! Pssssht like I'm going to part with my trade secrets! But still... You never know. I'm going to hold my breath... Stranger things have happened!

    Still waiting. Impatiently.

  98. Lol how pathetic that they still follow a man whose a proven liar.

    Stop defending him and join Islam and defend ISLAM!

  99. What Islam???????????? go celebrate christmas as findings is waiting 23 names for christmas

  100. I was waiting for someone to use that as a topic diversion! It was a JOKE!!! WHERE ARE THE 23 names???????????

  101. that was me btw ^ not logged in.


  102. what a great joke hahahahah I cant stop myself laughing at these jokers of Islam

    your Islam is reflective in your posts

    oh and obviously I mean for those who dont know your aamaal

  103. Come again??

    Don't laugh. Bring the 23 names. You are the laughing stock around here.

  104. sunbathing, clubbing, nightouts, boyfriends, christmas celebrations

    what a glorious ISLAM you are portaying and fighting for

  105. Watch it. Yeah keep making stuff up. Ps: I'm asian and brown who the hell sunbathes when they are asian and brown!!!! seriously. Fail.

  106. well said that in one of the comment yourself few weeks back
    "nice sunny day I am off sunbathing and you RAF boy bla bla"

    well do you want me to search that comment
    Go on run and remove that comment before I search

  107. Ok. Your a stalker. And obsessed. Lol. Cool go find the comment like a good boy. Go....FETCH! Lol. There's a good boy.

  108. Anonymous said...
    sunbathing, clubbing, nightouts, boyfriends, christmas celebrations

    what a glorious ISLAM you are portaying and fighting for
    29 November 2011 23:21

    HaHaHa - you believe Findings "over this" - if so YOU R REALLY A FOOL - She is fooling U all - to hide her identity - SHE is so close to UR Hadhur circle - and U know how far U r allowed to see Ur Hadhur and how the Security Guards are watching even the blinks of your eyes when U r watching Hadhur from a "safe distance".

    Findings - Mansoor has to open his Chanda Treasure closet to find you. :)


    It will be SHOCK TO CULT whenever "FINDINGS FOUND" news will flash as an Headline on first page of Al-Fazl with a short note in the end - FINDINGS & Family has been expelled from Jamaat -but it will be by that time CHECK "MAAT" - this is what Punjabis say on the final move on Chess Board.


  109. 3m.. These weirdos hang on to my every word. I get some funny emails from some complete and utter nutters who bring up the most oddest things as a means to get at me. Its soooo funny. Then I get some amazing emails too. There are sooo many reverts out there like you wouldn't believe. Mashallah. Which reminds me I must start replying to my emailers.

    The weirdos really don't understand the concept of 'red herrings'. Bicharay actually want to believe in it all. I think I make a convincing actress don't you think?? They focus on me instead of the issues at hand. That's really odd. Quite creepy if you ask me.

    I suppose if they ever catch me they will want to throw my whole family out. But I don't think they will be able to. They would be throwing out their own nearest and dearest. ;-)

  110. Dear findings what religion do you profess?

  111. Islam. I am a muslim revert.

    This has already been discussed.

    Do you have the 23 names?

  112. when will excommuncate notice for findings+family read out all over the world by the blacky

  113. Hitgirl still waiting need to ka

  114. I'm gonna sort it by today ka.

    Blacky can expel me but I will be gone before then ;)

  115. your "stalkers" are your own FIRST blood cousins.

    whether they are smart enough to realise who you are is another question. come on boys and girls.

    when you realise, make sure to recognise ALL the missing pieces to the puzzle.

  116. WRONG! I don't have any first cousins in this country from my paternal side. And the 5 that I do have from my maternal side are very, very young. So get it right.

    And I LOVE how you are so sure I am a girl. Lol.

  117. Tell you what- email me who you think I am so I can warn that poor sod of a cousin of yours.

  118. 23 names please! Seems your more worried about who I am than actually worrying about that your profit was a messliar? Worrying about me won't save/condemn you in the next life. Following a fraud will though... 23 names...go! Scram.

  119. I think that the Ahmadis are to scared to read MGA books, afraid as to what they made counter. Ahmadis you can't just sweep it under the carpet and hoping this will all go away one way or another you are going to answer to Allah(swt) you can't run away there and start marking personal attacks on Findings or even your prophet, on the Day of Judgement it is all about YOU.

    If you think the MGA is true and without any contradictions than anwser the question what Sister Findings asked you.

  120. Anon 12;50 well is she even worth answering any question let alone on faith and religious matters?

    If a person is not sure of his her or its on religion and faith how can you expect to convince them

    keep on joking amongst youself ,
    keep comments to yourself dont allow them but the truth is not going to change

    You are playing with faith and ALLAH so ask for ALLAHs mercy than anything else you JOKERS OF ISLAM

  121. @ Anon 14:26.. Instead of calling people 'JOKERS' why don't you answer the simple question she posed you Ahmadis?

    Why are you refusing to take up the mantle of defending your prophet?

    One guy tried, by saying children were crying so Mirza was misquoted! LOL

    He still didn't get back about the claim of 11 sons. Which is VERY telling.

    If I was an Ahmadi I would be jumping at the chance to defend my prophet, and take the opportunity for 'Jihad of the Pen'.

    So again.. I ask you.. why don't you answer the challenge? Hmmm?

  122. let's all refresh the page so we can get 100,000 fake hits lol

    anyone notice it ticking away with nobody commenting! just thousands and thousands of ahamdis reading? yeh right.


  123. @ Anon 15:00

    Aww.. sour grapes much?

    You do realise people are allowed to view and read the blog wihout necessarily commenting?

    You're obviously here.. so what makes it so hard to believe other Ahmadis are here as well?

    Also.. instead of diverting the topic.. why not try to defend your prohpet.. come up with the 23 names! Do your bit for Ahmadiyyat!!

  124. LOL @ fake hits. Lol. Ok. Have you ever thought no one comments because they can't answer the questions?? Or defend your sick, twisted cult??

    And how about instead of worrying about my 'fake hits', tell us about the fake numbers of MGA..all 23 of them! Does it not bother you that no one is able to put this right, proving your profit was a liar and false claimant?? Prophets DO NOT LIE! hits are fake. Yes. That's all that matters- the hits- not your deen or that there is a strong possibility that the man in the pictures you've seen growing up all your life is a FAKE PROPHET! Don't worry about that though...

    If you are reading, why wouldn't others be? Logic?

  125. well, to be honest its not only people from uk that read this blog

  126. Well that shows the popularity of jummat
    not only that but it is already back firing people are laughing at this bunch who is not sure what is the aim is it something against this particular sect and doing some service to Islam well if that is the case than you should define what your ISLAM is.
    And i cannot understand if this blog is red throughout the world then it makes you think what is so special about this jummat?

    the only thing I can see on this blog is filth being thrown at this jummat

  127. Findings it is people like you that believe Issa(AS) (passed) will somehow fly down to earth from heaven....... which is apparently at the boundary of our very vast universe as you have assumed immaturely. Did you know that a human being in space without a space suit.... will explode due to pressure differences between the inside of the body and the vacuum in space.
    Oh and when people die they do not comeback for a second life... it has never happened, never will. Imagine that a person having two lives here- in the world of sin-away from God... is there a greater punishment? (only hell)

    And you say Ahmadis are crazy. Logically we are not. Any educated person knows that...

    There are about 1.2 billion Sunnis on the planet.... and they have failed to produce the slightest proportion of contributions to mankinds heritage that millions did under the guidance of Khalifas 1100 years ago. The golden era came and went with the kalifat system.

    Now Insha'Allah the latter day revival will be done as it was written to occur. Right after the darkest point of the night the sky begins to lightup slowly and all the creatures of the night begin to vanish.

  128. @ Anon 07:04

    Please read this by Brother Farhan:

    And what exactly has Mirza Ghulam Ahmad and Co contributed exactly to society, NOTHING!

    Just think!!!!

  129. @anon 30 November 2011 21:12
    its definitely not doing any service to Islam, i don't agree with everything here, but for many ahmadis it is a way of expressing their anger concerning the state of administration which is pretty much the same in every country i would even say in some its worse than in uk but people keep silent and maybe thats why this blog is so popular,
    iam not so sure about ahmadi youngsters challenging their beliefs maybe some do, but if youre too much involved within a system you wouldnt question its fundamentals no matter what

  130. Right after the darkest point of the night the sky begins to lightup slowly and all the creatures of the night begin to vanish

    ...sounds like a fairy tale

  131. @Anon 07:04 - Wow - I knew you guys were non-muslims but wow, you think Isa (AS) is going to need a spacesuit? What do you think about the powers of Allah? Can Allah not send someone back to earth? What has this imposter MGA been teaching you people? You doubt the powers of Allah?

    If you dont believe that, ask your "logic" how did Adam(AS) and Hawa (AS) come down to Earth from heaven? Or do you not believe that happened either? Maybe it was a special mission from NASA with MGA as the pilot?

    And as far people dying and being brought back to life - Isa (AS) was known to have that power granted to him by Allah, we muslims says that, and so do the christians.

    I am shocked at how far your corruption has taken you, doubting prophecy is one level, but what you have said here is far far worse!

  132. @ finding you call yourself MUSLIM REVERT , I agree with the REVERT bit but not MUSLIM what proof you have given to us that you are a muslim ,
    If you think throwing filth at jummat ahmmadiyya and discussing its administrative problems makes you a MUSLIM than that is not enough

    You are an obligatory liar, you confessedthat many things you posted might not be true for one reason or the other,
    You dont have the courage to come out open and do some service to ISLAM from
    than decide who is kazzab?

  133. @ anon 1 Dec 08:57
    You're spot on with your comment. I agree!

  134. What will LATER DAYS Khalifat do?

    In reply to above post and Jamat Ahamdiyya claim that they are last nation, we have dicussed this claim on

    The concept of last nation is to bring mankind on one hand and justice will rule.

    The Jamat A has been divided in 19 sects within 125 years, although 6 or 7 are active.

    Their justice system is a joke, Mirza Masroor, Rah-Huda team, any Maraibi and a common Ahmedi had failed to answer that they are not following Holy Quran. The are beliver of there 'nafas'. Mirza MASROOR himself has don serious mistakes which were against the Quran(in 2004 or 2005 he made the policy that if any girl come to QAZA and give statement that her husband is cruel, without checking the claim, just expell the husband - ref AL-FAZAL or please check

    In courts, normally check with defendent and applicant both. But in Jamat A, the uddar dars decide from divine guidence(same as Masroor is receiving) without questioning the applicant and defendent.
    Even in most cases they issue Khula without the consent of husband(Rabwah and all over the world it is common). Rabwah do not listen to appeals. They only a money making machine, corrupt and unislamic bunch. But they critise all system of world, but not khadan.

    Does any one call this Islam?

    Mujid Salam

  135. @ anon 8;57& 9;58
    Man is a social animal that i think every one wouls agree if you are living in your own home you will need to abide by what ever rule principles set by

    same goes for town county country and so on
    religion is exactly the same if you are in a community which have it set of principle regardless they are right or wrong no body arguing that, than unfortunately you need to abide by them or you have the choice to separate yourself from that community
    rather than expecting that everything should change to your liking .
    If every individual is allowed to mold the principle to there own liking than you can imagine what will be the result ,it does not work that way

    I think the basic problem with this blog is not that you dont agree with some people or community

    it is the way they are trying to prove and I strongly believe that it is doing more good to jummat than harm as they administratively ,

    If you see a broad picture than many findings will come has come and disappeared even in holy prophet time that was the case

    You can only object to things when your backyard is clean
    People openly believe ahmadis being better muslims than the rest but they dont have the right faith about holy prophet etc,that does not necessarily means that every single Ahmadi is angel so many videos on utube non ahmadis scholars admiring ahmadis
    TOLERANCE is one thing which is lacking
    this bunch of people can talk alot about GOD, holy prophet, Quran but when it comes to applying on themselves they have no answer ask them a simple question without going into minor details of it WHICH ISLAM YOU ARE following they will come with one answer QURAN and sunnah well great true but who is going to interpret that. the language used on this blog which Quran and sunnah endorse that.
    So its not about right and wrong its about settling scores , if findings had kept it to that than she might have had some chance of success but she is playing in hands of INTOLERANT individuals who are taking full advantage of her him or whatever

  136. @Anonymous 11:19 - Yawn.. ok, now name the 23 names.

  137. @ Anon 7:04

    You have trouble grasping that Allah can do anything.. as He says in the Quran:

    "The Initiator of the heavens and the earth: to have anything done, He simply says to it, "Be," and it is." 2:117

    If you still deny the power of Allah.. then explain the following:

    "In my vision I presented the document containing divine decrees to the form which was a manifestation of an attribute of beauty of God Almighty for His attestation. He was in the form of a Ruler. He dipped His pen in red ink and first flicked it in my direction and with the rest of the red ink which remained at the point of the pen He put His signature to the document. Thereupon the vision came to an end and when I opened my eyes I saw several red drops falling on my clothes and two or three of them also fell on the cap of one Abdullah of Sannaur in Patiala State who was at the time sitting close to me. Thus the red ink which was part of the vision materialized externally and became visible. Many other such manifestations have been witnessed which it would be too long to relate." Tadhkirah p.168

    How was it that the red ink from Mirza's vision "materialzed externally and became visible"?

    The vision was that Allah flicked the red ink (Na'udhobilah). How did the red ink travel from heaven down to earth?? Did it pass through space? How did this ink land in Mirza's clothes?

    Looking forward to yor answer :)

  138. anon 14;01
    thats all you can come up with prove yourself right and Iwill come with the names

  139. there are no 23 children PERIOD!!

  140. @Anon 15:54 All I could come up with? I'm sick of excuse for not being able to bring the names.

    Anyway, I'd like to see you try and bring them @15:56 said, there are no names.

    You can't defend the imposter so you throw counter challenges. The truth is that you lot have had so many chances to answer allegations about the imposter but you instead choose to play games. Why can't you answer the simple question of the 23 names? Because they do not exist.

    Now if someone wrote a blog about my religion like this, I would go all out to bring forward the names (unless of course they did not exist).

    Read the post from your "brother", who reckons that Allah cannot bring things back to life or send them down from heaven! Says it all about your teachings.

  141. @ anon 8;57& 9;58

    Which rules and regulation you are talking about. On one hand Jamat A is claiming same as 1st Era, then do Ghair Islamic practices and lies and lies a lot.
    In 6 August 2011 Marabi Mubashar Khallon also mentioned the Rules and regulation(see on you tube) of Jamat A, and QAZA.
    They have habit to run away, which Jamat A did this time, we asked the copy of rules and regulations, and they failed to provide.

    Then on asking they refuse to talk, for details about their rules and regulations please paste this link on web!!!!

    Mujid Salam

  142. These Qadianis are JOKERS!! What kind of nonsense is this about space/space suits???? Firstly, DO NOT take that sort of tone around here when mentioning Hadrat Isa (as)... Your sarcasm is disrespectful, much like the FILTH of Qadianis on other forums when asking what Sat Nav Hadrat Isa will use when he descends. Astagfirallah. Disrespectful FILTH! That is FILTH! He is a proven and true Prophet of Allah, unlike this fraudee fake who no one has recognised besides a few pakis, africans and bosnians. Ohhh so its OK to reject resurrection (concept of) but believe in the theory of reincarnation (hindu beliefs) and believe your Profit was Mary, was pregnant as Mary (with Jesus) and then gave birth to a baby Jesus and then become adult Jesus? Even that's pushing it as far as reincarnation is concerned! So its stupid to believe that Hadrat Isa is alive as per Allah's will but its ok to believe that this Punjabi gave birth to the spirit of Jesus? Wtf is a 'metaphorical' pregnancy???? Pray, tell!!!!!!! I would love to know!!! Maybe the IVF clinics throughout the world could lend their research to this???? What do you reckon?? Mirza denied the miracles of other Prophets but claimed many for himself!!! What a horrible man. What a horrible, horrible man. And how many times, if Isa is alive or not, that's no fundamental to being a Muslim. What is fundamental is NOT accepting any fake profit after my Nabi saaws and rejecting the seal of Prophets. That is core to being a MUSLIM!!!! And don't sit here telling me I'm not a 'good' muslim- you know nothing about who or what I am in my private life. You don't know how I live, day by day, according to Islam. you don't know how much effort I do or do not put in! So shove your idiotic attempts to divert the topic! And YES MY BLOG IS FILTHY. ITS DISGUSTING. ITS DIRTY. ITS REVOLTING. ITS REPULSIVE. ITS ROTTEN. DAMN RIGHT IT IS! And do you know why that is?? Because its about the Jamaat!! Anything concerning it is FILTHY! My language, my this, my that! Stop over exaggerating! A few pet names for Raffy Boy et Al and its 'filth' is it????? Funny coz Raf actually orginated from the man himself via his own company website! Believe you me, I am being polite here. The words that many people have for these guys, even I have blocked from being published. stop crying wolf about filth.

    Now. Do you have those 23 names or not? If you don't, just keep quiet. The more you talk, the more apparent it is no one is able to come up with the names! Its best to stay quiet... And pretend you haven't read the challenge.

    23 names- prove it or lose it. Its that simple. Remember MY NABI SAAWS was an illiterate man and was the most knowledgeable also know about the miracle of the Quran too, yeah??? Or do you need to be told about that too? Your profit wrote hundreds of books and couldn't even get the basics right? And you are trying to sell him as a Prophet, one who said he was faultless? Yeah. Good one.

  143. Everything is stacked up against this guy, but you would rather stick with him than believe Isa as is in the heavens?? Heaven forbid you accept that 'sick sunni' concept eh??? Don't accept it but it doesn't make this LIAR a prophet! Geddit? Is it that difficult to get through that head of yours. You wanna talk atoms and space but can't see this guy was a failure. No. Course not. Pride is hard to swallow isn't it????????

    Ridiculous. Give me the names or get gone. Remember you have till tomorrow or the 5000 readers this week will only be exposed to this epic fail. Once again.

  144. Anonymous said...
    anon 14;01
    thats all you can come up with prove yourself right and Iwill come with the names
    1 December 2011 15:54


    We wait. We are patient.

  145. Sister Findings

    I am a middle aged person and all I can say this cult has ruined lives, I am a non-ahmadi ahmadi, I would leave this jamaat but then at a cost of my entire family, I can't leave little children behind. I have read MGA books and did my research myself and was quite shocked what I was reading, only time will tell but I am in the process of explaining to my family, I just wish and pray they will listen that this is not Islam they are following but a cult.

  146. May Allah guide your family and grant them Hidayat, so that you may join the Ummah of the LAST and FINAL Messenger of Allah, Nabi SAAWs. So that you may join your brothers and sisters and not have to live in limbo. May Allah make it easy for you. It is hard I know, they are blind and ignorant, and their arrogance and fear of Muslim (mullahs) does not help. May Allah grant open their hearts before its too late. In the meantime, keep struggling! Its not impossible but is not probable (in most cases..). Inshallah. Allah knows best.

  147. who is stopping you from go and start another blog like findings he she or it or whatever your a free man

  148. Ansari_mowghlis_uncle1 December 2011 at 19:00

    Typical animal farm tactics!!! Divert the focus off the real issues!!! Seems like George Orwell got his inspiration from MGA because now the cult is like big brother and you all double think!!! Ohhh and you have the two minutes of hate you take out on sister findings too!!! But every time you curse her you are taking away from ur hasanaat and taking away from her sins. Stop trying to divert attention away from the lies and come up with the names

  149. @ ansari who is cursing findings
    but tell me if I am told what makes you sure that findings is female so I am only wondering who is a LIAR and what else is true or false about him? her? it?
    bye the way "it" is for neither male or female

  150. BLAST FROM YOUR PAST1 December 2011 at 20:52

    Hi Cult Girl. This message isn't meant to scare you so don't be nervous. I am not sure if this is you, but if it is you then you have my full support. I heard on the vicious rumour circuit that you were findings. I know your cousins and through local talk/gupshup/baqwas I came to know you were findings. I heard the daughter of Salman Khan mention it was you and also the daughters of Raf Hayat have said it is you. I can't be sure it is you because it seems so far fetched and it doesn't make sense but then so is this radical blog too! I live in Surrey, not very far from you. I grew up with you and we used to play and learn together. I always liked you and remember thinking you were a really nice girl mashALLAH. I thought you were different. You had a chip on your shoulder but it suited your feisty personality. I remember once we were in Sunday School together and you were told off with your cousins for laughing. You said 'don't shout at us that's rude' to the teacher and I remember thinking 'OMG she's so bad'. Looking back maybe you were destined for this .You were not 'fake' like the others and were detached from everyone despite knowing everyone. I admired that about you. You had a lovely face with a lovely smile but at the same time you very sulky too. Cute! You look a lot like your Mum. She is a nice woman and very polite and speaks with humility not like that 'Shako'. I often ask after you when I see your Mum. She says you are busy with work.

  151. BLAST FROM YOUR PAST1 December 2011 at 20:55

    We used to be in the same Halaqa for sometime before they split the regions up in the late 1990s. I never quite saw you after that. I saw you a few times in Kingston and you used to smile but never said hello. Maybe you were shy or maybe you were trying to distance yourself from Ahmadis. I see your cousins regularly at weddings and ijtemas but haven't seen you in maybe 8-10 years now. You've probably changed so much. When I heard you were 'findings' initially I was shocked because I heard you had converted and through time had broken away from the Jamaat but didn't think much of it afterwards. I felt quite sorry for you because I heard your cousins didn't talk to you anymore but I understand Ahmadi families would not want you in contact with their children in any case that you might poison them. You always seemed so close and you were a happy bunch. That's a shame but life is a shame sometimes. I think Allah will reward you for your sacrifices on that end for the sake of exposing the truth. Anyhoo what I'm trying to say, if anything at all, is that I am just like you. You are not alone. I really wish we could be friends once more so I could confide in you and explain how I feel and how I am like you in so many ways. I long to see you again just so I could approach you and talk. I am just like you and am yearning to escape. I hate this community just like you and am desperate for the Muslimah life. I wish so much that we had stayed friends and maybe embarked on this journey together.

  152. BLAST FROM YOUR PAST1 December 2011 at 20:56

    Continued:I honestly hope this doesn't scare you believe me I am cheering for you. I just want to tell you that you are doing an amazing job and you are right. Just remember you are not alone. I will defend your cause and defend your name because you are protecting us from 'them'. MashAllah. I pray we meet again so I can say hello and look you in your eyes and feel your passion. You always had a twinkle in your eyes. If I have got it wrong then forgive me. I am only going on hearsay. Please don't be frightened. I am not here to intimidate or scare you like these other people have but just wanted to offer you words of encouragement. One day I hope and pray you finally escape and find a nice husband because for us girls that is the only way to finally become 'official' Muslimahs :') if I am wrong I apologise. Sorry for talking too much but I have been meaning to say this for a while. I am proud to have known you once. I mean that. Really and truly. I am proud to think someone I once knew is behind this and is also just like me. At the same time how could it be you? Its impossible and it doesn't add up. You are not in the community but yet you are spearheading a campaign that only someone who was heavily involved could. But as you said just now in the comments 'nothing is impossible'. :-) and you are impossible! I am here and am willing you on. Don't give up. You will be in a Muslim family soon. I hope one day I can be with 'the Ummah' of Rasool e Pak Saws. Good luck and happy hunting! Your old childhood friend. X ps: I have enrolled on Islamic Courses and have been taught so much. I realise now we were robbed of the truth. Thank you for everything you have done and I am sorry your family has suffered so you can tell the truth but you did do a few things that were wrong. May they be rewarded for their patience and may Allah guide all our loved ones. Ameen. X

  153. SHAHID this sounds like you. Have you taken over this blog now? People were wondering why you have been so quiet lately.

    I don't think you belong here though, Ansar are a bit old for the layout of this blog.

  154. findings, would you agree that the reason for all of this hate towards Ahmadis is because something really bad happened to you at which got you REAL mad? if that is the case then why is it that it is only those who are punished (rightly or wrongly) become aware of this so called cult and fake prophet? why is it that i have NEVER heard of an Ahmadi who just woke up one day and felt like doing a 180 and go the complete opposite way?

  155. and please stop throwing names in the mix on this blog. it's totally wrong to mention ANY names. leave it in Allah's hands.

  156. No. I rejected this filth long before anything 'happened to me'. Oh that age old excuse for ex-ahmadis! 'They must have been expelled'. 'They are upset with the Jamaat'. Seriously????

    Would you agree, anonymous, that your Profit made a huge error in the case of the 23 children? Yes or no will do.

  157. Yes mentioning of names is not good. Thank you. Point taken. The original comment had been deleted however I will also delete mine.

  158. thanks.

    you sound like you are still highly annoyed with jamaat and their beliefs. do you think you could ever talk to ahmadis without showing any malice towards them? so do you admit that "something did happen" to you, be it before or after you realized?

  159. Lol its complicated. Not me as such, more so a close relative of mine. Its not a driving force though..believe you me. Annoyed at their beliefs: absolutely!!!!!

    Now kindly answer my question. Thanks.

  160. Ansari_mowghlis_uncle1 December 2011 at 22:48

    @ anon 19:45
    If you read through the comments on this blog you will find sly personal attacks all over .e.g.

    "@ finding you call yourself MUSLIM REVERT , I agree with the REVERT bit but not MUSLIM..." December 2011 09:38

    calling a muslim a kafir is a momentous curse.

    People who have run out of ideas and who are desperate, try and attack the individual.

    I am just taking findings as she has shown herself to be because in ISLAM you take people at face value as only ALLAH knows what’s in their hearts.
    SO It doesn't really matter at all about her, it is the message of tawheed and khatum an-nabiyeen and the Exposure of FALSEHOOD she brings. So I would recommend you read the posts then look at your MGA's teachings then look at the Magnificent Quran and the Hadith of the Seal of the prophets Muhammaed SalAllahu alayhi wasalam and maybe read some George Orwell to see what references I was making ;)

  161. is the close relative the person you are doing all this for then? and do they appreciate your efforts?

  162. I am doing this for the sake of expose this Cult. Not for the pleasure of any individual/s.

    And That's enough from you sunny jim.

    I LOVE how you couldn't answer my you see this Ahmadis??

    That is all.


  163. Oh one more day has gone, Mr MASROOR where are you, please ask your men to name the 23,

    lets finish this game of names!

    Mujid Salam

  164. Hitgirl what's going on?

  165. Ka I need to reset etc and I haven't had the chance to sit on the laptop and do it. Been using my phone all week and it doesn't allow me to do it on the phone. Have been on training @ work so not had chance to use there. It was my fault. Capslock- locked it :P DUH! Will sort it when I do the sunday scandal. You are patient :)

    23 names- no sign! IS THAT SWEET VICTORY I SMELL? Hmmmmmmmmm its so fragrant.

  166. @ blast from your past- sorry I did address you in an earlier comment but had to delete it as it mentioned the name of someone, in addressing another comment.

    Sorry but again you are totally wrong. Although your words are very touching, you have got the wrong person. Actually loll you couldn't be further from the truth. Don't listen to rumours on their winevine- unless there is proof or some sort of documentation to back up these claims. It was a nasty rumour started by a callous woman and not the only one who has been accused. It would be nice if you are able to get back in touch again because if she is a revert as you say then you would have a lot in common as young women. I suggest you put an end to this sorry saga and not listen to the crap via the ahmadi winevine. Its not her. So let it go. The same goes for everyone else who are hung up over her and the other accused. Its impossible. Exactly.

    Thank you anyways, your words are encouraging. Glory to Allah who has granted you hidayat :D and mashallah its very good to hear you are studying. I need to get on to some of these courses too when time permits.

  167. i think anon28 November 2011 21:42 tried to state that there are no 23 children and that it's a misunderstanding...

  168. No names!! tick tock
    o oh you're in trouble,
    CG's come along and's gonna burst your bubble.

  169. It always is some excuse or another! Its always a misunderstanding or somethings been taken out of context. Its the same old excuses, turning on the same broken record player.

    Why didn't the Profit Mirza Ghulam correct this error before or after it went to print? Actually what sort of islamic knowledge did the one taking the notes have? Why didn't he realise he had noted it wrong because if he knew about the history of the Nabi saaws, he would know there were only 8 children.

    Mirza claimed he didn't make mistakes and that would include any mistakes at time of publication? Allah showed him up.

    Pathetic excuses... Children were crying.

  170. let's be honest,no excuse will ever be good enough for you, you have made your decision and will NEVER budge. i am the same, however we are on separate boats.

    yours is overloaded though, it has to sink one day.

  171. Lol. You just don't get it do you? Good luck on your rubber dingy IE ahmadiyyat. Good luck to you.

    Ps: boat prophecies too? Wow. Your profit taught you well ;)

  172. the Holy Quran clearly mentions "boat prophecies" relating to the days of Noah, non believers and disasters ie. floods. maybe you think these prophecies are yet to be fulfilled but i see them being fulfilled all over the world, just like the Holy Quran mentions. only the blind cannot see.

    my Prophet has taught me well indeed.

  173. BLAST FROM YOUR PAST2 December 2011 at 13:48

    REF: comment in answer to mine.

    Thank you Cult Girl for replying it is appreciated. Please forgive me. It was not an attempt to cause trouble; I just wanted to offer my support to the person I thought might be behind your alter ego. I apologise and hope this has not offended anyone. Yes. It was a rumour. Thanks for putting it right. Maybe I will make contact with her. She probably feels very shut out because of unfair accusations. I apologise if I ever contributed to these. It was never my intention. My sincere wishes still extend to you in every way. I pray you continue. I can imagine this is an almighty task you have taken must be somewhat of a burden. Remain strong. People are reading. I am reading. Above all else I don't care who you are anymore. This is not important. What is important is that people know the truth. Shall I tell you something? The other day a group of women were at Number 75 Gressenhall Road, the Jamaat owned Guesthouse, adjacent to Fazal. There, a well known Jamaat woman condemned you and said you were shameful for stealing and exposing Jamaat secrets. Then, a woman who I thought would have joined in rebutted her. She said "Islam isn't a secret. If Jamaat proclaim and claim the title of Islam then it should have no secrets and this exposure should not worry them. The fact you have said they are 'secrets' says something. If they are worried then we should be worried". Findings you are causing commotion and people are confused. Keep showing them. MashALLAH. I am jealous. I wish I could be the one who was contributing to their troubles. Sit back and reap the rewards. You are special. Your friends must be so proud of you. Its an honour. You are a secret household name now. Best Wishes, sincere hope and the deepest of love and respect for your work. You are us and we are you! The voice of the voiceless! May Allah be pleaed with you but be mindful of your boundaries. Don't let them snatch your rewards from you by dragging you down to their pitiful level. From another 'ex Ahmadi and Closet Muslimah'. :-)

  174. Findings is no longer a secret name. Many Ahmadis are openly discussing this blog, exposes and indeed Findings. She is the voice of Ahmadis who feel repressed and are disgusted by the hypocrisies they can see but can't speak out against.
    WELL DONE FINDINGS whoever you are, what you have achieved in such a short period of time is remarkable.
    Don't get discouraged by any negative comments, you have many Ahmadi as well as non Ahmadi supporters! Rafiq Hayat and his team have been exposed and are nervous of what's gonna come out next.

  175. Jzks for your words but this is all with Allah's help and His alone. None of this would have been possible otherwise. I can't take credit for it. It was Allah that opened my eyes and helped me use my position to help others. He guided me to everything, including this material. Keep praying I continue to find more stuff on these disgraceful deen snatchers, so we can continue to weaken this Nizaam. I don't have much time left to do this in...if you catch my drift... Time is ticking for me too. I won't be an 'ahmadi' for much longer inshAllah and then once I'm out there is only so much I can do on the outside. So step up people..this is OUR project!!!! :)

  176. And how very true about 'secrecy'! They have too many secrets and are very paranoid about information getting out. If they were all above board they wouldn't be trying whittle out who I was because they need to put a stop to the source of 'leaks'. Some Qadianis say 'but its an organisation and it has rights to privacy' as 'with any other organisation/members club'. Difference is, this 'organisation' claims without it your 'islam' is incomplete.

    Duh. There is no organisation in Islam. Its a belief and a way of living. These idiots have sold their Jamaat cleverly as just that but the hypocrisy and contradictions in 'their organisation' is clear for those who want to see it.

  177. Face it Findings your not gonna get those names! so which exposee is it gonna be?

  178. Well it seems to me that they could not provide you with the names, oh dear!

    S4T :)

  179. Binder come on save Hayat you are the only one to protect him and save his job as the biggest munafiq

  180. God will make him more zalil and ruswa along with his family he will not be able to show his face to anyone he has donr so much zulm to innocent people because of his kamm i kameen nature he is not from a good family of morals his faith is how to make money by hook and crook and stsy in power for long to suck blood of innocent ahmadis he has all three signs of munafiq in him he telks lies fabricate stories is dishonest and fights back using dirty malicious ways

  181. He is trying to find safe exit like zardari now he is shadow ov zardari mr 100%

  182. What do you mean by kammi kameen KK

  183. It is not that people are angery people feel real disgust having him their leader a unholy face full of greed anc power lust is obvious from his face and family character his munie also

  184. He is very connected with MAS son his son i-law and adopted son an intelligent lawyer mashqbal

  185. Is he or MAS reads your blog??

  186. The reason I can't allow the names of people you accuse as me, is because this sort of name throwing damages lives without concrete proof! You do realise what the Jamaat will do once they find me? So why would you put a whole family through that? The Jamaat are desperate for answers and will listen to any silly suggestions. So I'm asking you to stop throwing his name about. If you have it on paper like I do with the names presented here- then that's different! You shouldn't do 'blame mr X as findings' otherwise. Did you not learn from the story of the other young ahmadis unfairly accused? I'm sure their fathers were your friends too! These are bottom of the barrel people who have been hurt. Its not fair. I won't allow it to happen again. I'm sorry. Think what you want..but you have got it totally wrong.

    Mas doesn't know how to read. He is an oaf. He is kept informed by his aides.

  187. Hazrat Rafiq Hayat khalifa das nubmri

  188. Ever heard Mas giving a speech in English reading from a piece of paper. He can't. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    Hazrat Rafiq KK Hayat is actually noe numbri. He's the one pulling Mas' strings.

  189. I have seen RAF since aftab khan preparing manuplating struggling convessing to become ameer of uk he conspired against dr wali and dr ayaz with the help of waseem chaudhry without any land who staged carpet case conspiracy all dedicated working experienced ahmadus have been cornered by RAF to clear his way he initiates false complaints using his influence on poor asylum seekers

  190. Aftab Khan Sahib was a genuine great chap. With Iman Rashid and 4th Khalifa...

    They were different days. Happy days.

  191. Lahoris, qadianis and excumminicated are three groups But excumminicated are worst lahris are better at least they donot excummincate condemn their own people and creat nonahmadi minority to persecute intra persecution is worst than inter persecution internally ahmadis have no rights their stupid RAF type leaders do whatever unholy things to them and then still ask them to seek forgiveness RAF will hide his lies everytime bevause see his face is written on LIAR KK

  192. But KK never liked aftab khan and imam rashed

  193. Do you investigate waseem ch mueen shah and nasim ch scandle do you investigste munir javed haji tunda ramta colloboration on visa sale and bringing nonahmadis into uk as asylum seekers and sharing proceeds how many people ramta cheated and yet he is right hand man of RAF munira and MAS

  194. Successful nations do not hide their Weeknesses but open and reform unlikd close community ahmadis keep their rubbish secrets and make RAF type binmen to bin the bins

  195. Ramta tunda haji is considered as new Ameer Sahib to replace RAF a Breaking News

  196. Munirajaved has given his clearance and ready to sign baiat on his hand