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The Sunday Scandal Session 10: Empty Prayer Centres and the £16,000,000 Demand for More!

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Salaam. It seems that Monday is the new Sunday!

Firstly let me apologise for the blog being somewhat quiet as of late; I have been really busy and have not been able to maintain it for much of this week. Yesterday, there was an unforeseen technical glitch but that has now been resolved. Sorry! I will try to make sure it doesn't happen again! This is going to be a long post, so be prepared and grab some Prozac Pills- you have been warned!!

I was lucky enough (with Allah's help of course) to stumble across a whole heap of financial documents of the Ahmadiyya Community in the UK; my plan is to get them up over the coming months, so outsiders are given an idea of the business within. From my inside understanding of the Ahmadiyya HQ in London, they hate the light shone on their finances as it’s what keeps them going and this is something they prefer only for the top elite to know about. Anything finance related; be it targets for raising funds or budgets for Jalsa Salanas, the Jamaat do not like this information getting out. For example, a few months back I released minutes of a meeting chaired by Ch Waseem Ahmad which discussed various financial targets and they were less than impressed. Now, what I have for you this week might not interest any of you, but for those who are genuinely interested in the financial targets of the Jamaat... read on.

Lets get stuck in then shall we? I have three documents that I want you all to take a look at. I am copying and pasting them, because fortunately for once, I have them in digital form (no scanning-yes!!!) so it saves me a lot of time too.

The first document contains the Tajneed data for the UK Jamaat as of 2010. For those not familiar with what 'Tajneed' means (its usual Ahmadi Jargon) in short its their member database. So for example, when some poor soul 'converts' to this cult, his name, details (such as profession and ethnicity.. because that's REALLY important in Islam/Faith right?!) is added on to this system. He is then supplied with an AIMS number, which is his unique membership code. He must present this if he wants to gain entry to their Jalsa Salanas or if security is tight at their centres. Think Gym Membership Card. Got the picture? Cool. Similarly, when someone is thrown out/expelled from the community, their details are removed off the system and their membership is cancelled (it’s Islamic, stupid!!!!).

Tajneed Data for the Entire UK Jamaat as of 2010:

East Region



Barking & Dagenham




North London

Redbridge North

Redbridge South

Waltham Forest

Regional Totals:

Hertfordshire Region




Milton Keynes



Regional Totals:

London Region



Baitul Futuh



Colliers Wood



Epsom & Ewell

Inner Park

Lower Morden

South Morden



Mosque West

Fazal Mosque

New Malden




Raynes Park



Tooting Bec


Upper Mitcham


Wimbledon Park


West Hill

Worcester Park

Regional Totals:

Islamabad Region









Regional Totals:

Middlesex Region




Hounslow North

Hounslow South

High Wycombe



Regional Totals:

Midlands Region


Birmingham Central

Birmingham East

Birmingham West


Leamington Spa







Regional Totals:

North-East Region


Bradford North

Bradford South


Huddersfield North

Huddersfield South






Spen Valley

Regional Totals:

North-West Region




Manchester North

Manchester South

North Wales


Regional Totals:

South Region


Bexley & Greenwich


Bromley & Lewisham




Thornton Heath

West Croydon

Regional Totals:

Scotland Region




Regional Totals:

South-West Region




Devon & Cornwall


Regional Totals:


Anyways, so how many Ahmadis are there here in the United Kingdom? 22,466 to be precise! There we have it! Ahmadis, the fastest growing Muslim group in the world, and they only make up 22,466 out of the 3 million strong Muslims here in the UK! Surely this can't be true?! I thought Ahmadiyyat was 'the True Islam' and was spreading at the speed of light?! Fun Fact: guess how many Muslims there are alone in the Croydon area of London? Almost 20,000! LOL! Wow Ahmadis, even the Muslims in the London Borough of Croydon have beat you in the numbers game! Funny eh? Local figures out do the Ahmadi National figures.

Yes! I really can see this exponential growth of Ahmadiyyat! It is as clear as day! Whats that, I hear you mutter under your breath Ahmadi reader of mine? Sorry, I didn't quite catch you? Oh, of course, most Ahmadis are all in Africa?
Benin to be precise, right? I know, we are a horrible bunch, laughing at your measly numbers aren't we? We should be considerate and remember it is the largely illiterate Africans who have accepted the claims of this famous promised messiah? I mean, not the all reading and writing British public, right? Stop laughing at the Ahmadis! They are growing... in Africa! There is no proof of this but we have to give them the benefit of the doubt. So you get the idea right? 22,446 Ahmadis here in the UK.....

Moving on. I can't imagine the figures I am about to present below having changed much in recent years, can you? Take a look at their 'Salat Attendance' for the London Region in 2007/2008:

Official  Salat Attendance Figures for 2007/2008:

Jama’ats having Salat Centres: 78 (Total 102 salat centres – some have more than 1)

Jama’ats not having Salat Centres: 22

Total number of salat centres is: 102 (53 are non mosques and non mission houses)

25 are mosques and mission houses.


Masjid Fazal (Inner Park, Mosque West, Peckham, Putney, Wandsworth, Westhill, Wimbledon)

Tajneed estimate for men is 1125 out of which 800 should be attending salat centres for Fajar and Isha.

Fajar attendance is 115 which is equivalent to 115/800= 14.38%

Isha attendance is 353 335/800= 41.87%

In 2007, average Fajar attendance at Masjid Fazal was 80 and at Baitul Futuh was 20, and average attendance was 200 each at both mosques for isha prayers. The tajneed was about 20% less then and we did not have exact figures for the jama’ats around London).

(Unfortunately, the above figures are a bit skewed as it includes all the visitors that come to the mosque as well and also those that often come from other jama’ats). The real figures taken from individual jama’ats is Fajar: 48, which is 6%, and Isha 218, which is 27.25%)

Baitul Futuh (Cheam, Epsom& Ewell, Lower Morden, Morden, New Malden, Raynes Park, South Morden, Surbiton, Worcester Park)

Tajneed estimate for men is 1590 of which 1115 should be attending the mosque for fajar and Isha.

Fajar attendance is 59 which is equivalent to 59/1115= 5.3%

Isha attendance is 219 219/1115= 19.64%

(Unfortunately, the above figures are skewed as it includes all the visitors – but not marriage guests and not attendances taken during jama’at functions. The real figures taken from the jama’ats themselves are: Fajar 40 which is 3.59% and Isha 62 which is 5.56%)

Overall in the UK, the total Tajneed is approximately 19530, and men is 9765 of which 70% should be in the mosque making a baseline of 6835.

For the month of September:

Fajar was 613 which is equivalent to 613/6835= 8.97% (in 2007 it was 5.38%)

Isha was 1310 1310/6835= 19.17% (in 2007 it was 14.08%)

It's interesting to note that the overall Tajneed figures for 2007/2008 stood at 19,530 and it's crept up to a mere 22,466 in 2010! Do you know that last year the UK saw almost 600,000 reverts embrace Islam? SubhanAllah! And the UK Jamaat, home to the Ahmadi Khalifa (Allah's Chosen One) saw through a pathetic increase of 2,936 over a three year period! Now don't be dishonest my Ahmadi readers; lie, by all means in the comment section, but do not lie to yourselves!

You ALL know full well this increase is largely owing to the fact that there was a mass exodus of Ahmadis from Germany, who migrated to the UK after their economy suffered as a result of the economic downturn in 2008. You know this. I know this. So really, the increase on the Tajneed Register has nothing to do with your 'tabligh' efforts, and does not reflect the constant 'tabligh' efforts of the Jamaat, does it now?? Your door-to-door leaflet campaign? Your bumper stickers on the back of cars advertising your website LoveforAllHatredForNone.Org? It has nothing to do with people actually embracing this so called true Islam that was set, according to your founder, to revolutionise the world, does it now? Why is it people are embracing the 'other Islam' and not your 'true Islam'? If after all, Allah was with you and truth was on your side, why are these Brits failing to see it or even hear of your Messiah's mission and are instead accepting orthodox/mainstream Islam in record numbers? What's going wrong here? Logic and Truth always prevails, perhaps??

Hey, didn't Ahmadis twist the prophecy that the Sun will rise from the West to mean that Ahmadiyyat will spread in the West? What an amazing job of spreading Ahmadiyyat. After 100 years or so in the UK there are only 22, 466 (to be precise) of them here!

You are not growing in numbers- fact. No one is accepting this 'true Islam' and instead Muslim Masjids in London are nearing breaking point trying to accommodate the numbers of worshippers. Its not unusual for Imams' to offer multiple Jummah Jamaats in any one Masjid on any one Friday. Your own Ahmadi fellows, as evident above, can barely make it for Isha Salaat! For a group that supposedly came to reform Islam and be a shining example for mankind, they can barely muster 5% attendance for Isha prayers in Baitul Futuh. And guess what? They've started up a new campaign because they want more of your money to build more empty 'prayer centres' for the London Region which has an overall Tajneed of 10,000 odd! And guess how much they want from you? Have a look:

London Region Official 'Mosque Fund' Targets:


So here we have the Ahmadi Jamaat's top elite attempting to exhort a whopping £15,580,000 from its cash strapped members! And for what exactly, you should ask yourselves? Empty prayer centres? This isn't about prayers is it? This is about expanding their extensive property portfolio! The UK Jamaat, particularly the London Region, boasts that it has the so called largest 'Mosque' in Western Europe, that can handle a capacity of up to 10,000 men, women and children. As their own records clearly show us, they are struggling to fill the centres that are readily available but want your hard earned cash to buy up more?

Do you know Mas, Raf and Nas have started with their campaign to raise this money and fast! This isn't just in London. They are setting targets for pretty much every region in the UK and the targets are more or less the same! I chose to focus however on the London Region, considering it is home to Europe's largest Mosque (apparently) with a capacity for 10,000 worshippers. The London Tajneed is 10,000 but they want more centres do they, even though they are not growing in numbers? Once these properties have been purchased (on mortgage of course), do you know Raf and Mas are likely to become 'Chairman' on these boards? Do you know Raf is currently Chairman for quite a few properties of the Jamaat, which are on mortgage? How very Halal, MashAllah!

Common sense? Use it! Do not part with your hard earned cash for a 'scheme' that is literally scheming money out of you. They are playing on your genuine faith in this so called 'true Islam' to simply add to their property portfolio. You have Bait ul Fatuh in Mordern: there is NO need for anymore 'prayer centres', especially seeing that the ones you currently have are predominantly empty for the best part of the year! As I said, it is about Property Development and not about Prayers! So do not listen to them when they come begging, you are lining all the wrong pockets!!

Have you ever honestly considered why it is that your most active 'Ameers', Raf Hayat and Nas Khan, are both property developers? Does it not concern you that neither are religious scholars or Imams? Question that! And then question your 'khalifa' who chooses to have these men working alongside him! On the topic of Mas and prayers, did any of you come to hear what Mas said in one of his very recent 'sermons' about Salah and the combining of the 5 daily prayers? Did you know, your so called Khalifa, doesn't even know his Ahadith but still insists it is through him that Islam will prosper? Of course he backtracked, but he didn't have a choice did he? Have a quick read here!

Raf, Mas and Nas; I would like to know..DID YOU EVER??

Oh btw.. out of curiousity, how are things going Raf?? Everything ok in the Hayat household?? Lemme know :)


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  2. Even the figures of 2,936 are probably fake, as soon as they get married to an Ahmadi they leave and never show up again, I have experienced this myself with many Ahmadis girls and boys!

  3. As mentioned the figures (let's say 2700) at least represent the migration of germans to London to be near their Masroor (and money).

  4. Why they hide their tajneed worldwide, if they say more and more people are joining, then what a shame they hide the truth.

  5. Their national USA Jalsa Salana takes place in Chantilly VA. All the different masjids in the Northern Virginia area used to jointly rent that same venue for the two Eids. But we out grew it.

    Their national conference fits a place our local community cannot fit into. :-)

    If there really are 200 million Ahmadis, its not in the UK or America.

  6. Can't dispute your figures. It is unfortunate that the now the emphasis is on money and development by way of buildings rather than Spirituality and Piety.

    The Jama'at's foundation stones were cemented with truth and knowledge. However the present set up encourages lie and ignorance. That's why the direction of Jama'at is unknown and both the leadership and followers are confused.
    If Promised Massiah see the Jama'at he would refuse to own this so called Khilafat Minhaje Nabuwat as his successor.
    However one can't ignore the great services of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad who defended Islam against the invasion of Christianity at the time when British Imperialism was helping Church to attack Islam. Mirza Sahib's services were acknowledged with comendation by all his contemporaries including Molvi Muhammed Hussain Batalvi Sahib and Molvi Sana Ullah Amratsari Sahib.

  7. Findings a sterling job!
    Please can you investigate as to whether there have been any financial irregularities concerned with the collection of monies for the north london jamaat. They have been collecting since the early 80's, thats just over 30 years. Whats that I there something fishy going on....?

  8. I for one is very disturbed there are actual 'listings' of each and every ahmadi and it's documented...then an id number for converts? Is this what 'The True Islam' reduced to? A membership in a club?
    Again, if it's 'growing' why are all the mosques the same Punjabi faces, the the Paki-centric culture of Ahmadiyya?

  9. Farhan said...

    I went to Baitul Rehman a few times for Isha.

    @farhan, did you pray their and if so was it in the congregation?

  10. You stupid, the strength is 400 Million. 200 Million is a low number.

  11. Lol. You can't actuallly be serious.

  12. Anonymous @ 22 November 2011 04:09

    I deleted my original comment. I said the wrong thing.

    Yes, I did go during prayer times and no, no one was there. I once waited for 20 minutes but no one showed up for maghrib. No, I did not pray there myself. (not because I think its haraam to or something, just because I didn't feel like it was proper for me to just walk in and do whatever)

    However, on two occasions there were people present for a social function. Good people, honestly!

  13. The real issue with Ahmadies is that they have blind faith and do not question what their leaders are saying. So then these followers are manipulated and used by their leaders for their own gains. Ahmadies themselves are oppressed by their own leadership who have taught to fear the Muslim world.

  14. They want to raise over £15,000,000 on top of all the other chandhas that are being given to them?
    Why don't they use the money people are already donating??

  15. How much is the new 'larger' mosque and it's new offices and 3 new dwellings for MMA going to cost in Putney?? Or is that going to be a separate demand for more money?

  16. 400 million????????? |I think anon 06:50 is taking an illegal substance and is out of his mind.

    The truth is there are LESS THAN 4 million A's worldwide. (and even that a generous figure) They have tajneed figures everywhere and it's easy to calculate the actual no; but they don't want to coz then the Nizaams lies are fully exposed for all to see.

    Many believe that there are nearer 2 million worldwide. 400 million - paagul.

  17. I don't have any information on the north london region...I will ask around and see what I can come up with God willing.

    The leadership of this cult, twisted Holy Quran teachings and sell their ideas. They do not bother about prayers. It is a mess, Please see their changes in shariat in link below!

  19. isn't the above old info?

    PM (as) did mention 300 years until you people wake up!

  20. No they are not old besides salaat figures. The tajneed and fund targets are only in my posession and have not been released before. Lol @ 300 years.

    1. The tajneed figures mentioned are not for London, but for the world. One should care to make visits to East African countries, interiors of India as well as Indonesia and Pakistan to understand the real impact. As regards finance, it would be nice for you to know that there are no fund raising campaigns from the world; all monies are donated by those who believe and willingly. Had you people been alive during the time of PM (sas) you would have found fault with him for collecting the entire savings of his followers many times over. But then, there is faith and there are those who opose it!

  21. what's funny about 300?

    your article reminds me of what he Holy prophet (saw) once said about attendance:

    "their mosques will be full, but empty of guidance".

    guess he wasn't referring to Ahmadi "centres" then :)

  22. My Nabi saaws also said 'there will be no prophet after me'

    And what so your centres are empty but full of guidance are they?? Lool.

    Lol @ 300 years- read into what your messiah actually said and what context he compared it to. Funny stuff. He was a funny guy.

    1. You know, you remind me of the quran verse "woe unto my slaves, there is no prophet sent unto them of whom they had not made mockery of!"

  23. full of guidance yes, not quite full but certainly not empty.

    who could "your" Nabi possibly referring to in this hadith though? the majority of Muslims or a small sect?

  24. "My Nabi saaws also said 'there will be no prophet after me' "

    he also said to accept the imam of the age.

    1. He also said, "La Islama, illa bil Jama'at, wa la jama'ata ila bil imarat, wa la imarata illa bil ita'at"

  25. so who were these batty boys of top officials?

    do tell! am curious to find out!

  26. don't ask again? you ain't my pops to give me any orders! Either answer my comment or don't - simples! They ain't my homo friends, could be yours? If you are referring to the qaid who partied back in the days - whoopee doo, can you tell me any guys who don't have a past? if there were pics of every man's past does that mean no guy can move on in life and hold a positon in jamaat? we are all doomed as humans huh?

    in response to your last Q - yes. "Mosques" cost!look how much is being spent in Mecca right now, we cannot even compare figures.

  27. so we are all doomed i take it?

    somebody help me!!!!!!!!!

  28. LOL you did not just compare whatever expansions are going on in and around Mecca to your shameless Ameer and his cronies demanding 'promises' to the tune of nearly 100million nationally did you?? Lol. That's funny :D fair enough, if you think there is a need for these centres to accommodate your ever growing community, then fair play to you!

    You don't get it about the Qaid do you? You do realise your faultless Khalifa cherry picked him for the job? Regional Qiadat positions are all his personal choice and look what he managed to hand pick! Its not about who has what past..its about Mas and his so callled 'flawless' decisions. We couldn't expect you to understand that. Its asking a little too much!

    As for hacking- that's a serious allegation you have just made! I suggest you report it to the police so they can look into it! Ohh boy, imagine if I had access to the Jamaat's emails..I would have finished them off long ago. Imagine what kind of filth these people must get up to! Thing is, everything I have ever presented is as a result of networking and careful association. Nothing was ever obtained illegally-EVER. So I suggest if you are not going to go to the police about it, please do not come here making such serious allegations without proof in future. Hacking is illegal and we are dead against illegal practises... Your Jamaat makes it dead easy for us/me to get all the information we need. If you worked closely enough on the inside like I do, you'd know this. You obviously do not know anything. See even your Khuddam Chief Fahim is in the dark about a lot of what goes on. The place to be is in the Ameer's circle and that's where I am. Documents are in the hands of many- no matter how clever your leaders think they are. Second hand jobs. As for your Qaid..he has friends he has peeved off over the years- the same friends who had access to his pics! Its that simple! Ahmadileaks will be back soon.. In the meantime...its me for now.

    No more smart alec comments from you will be approved in future as above.

    1. Findings, your reverence for mecca is amusing. Is this the same mecca which Prophet Mohamed (sas) refused to stay back in, and went to Madina from, that you are referring to? And are the rulers there, retained by the bris and americans the best of islam that you lok up to? No wonder you are blind to real islam. I suggest you read the holy quran more. Letnot your enmity towards a people make you do injustice towards them.

  29. I compared the costings of mosques in Saudi to costings of mosques in UK, big deal. Everything costs in this day and age - get with the program!

    No he did not cherry pick him, this is where you are in dreamland. He does not personally know everyone who holds a position does he - get serious!We couldn't expect you to understand that. Its asking a little too much!

    Hacking isn't an allegation, it's the reality of what's going down these days. The police will be informed no doubt.

    You need smart alec comments on here, it will keep this blog alive!

  30. Ok are the 'mosques' actually a necessity when your brethren are barely filling out what you already have?

    LOOOL listen please- do not tell me how the Qaid is picked. I know the game..a lot more than you do! 'Don't you know who I am?!!'...lool. Seriously don't... I could put you in your place in a minute about the organisation of your Jamaat. YOU are in dreamworld.

    Ok cool..let me know what the police say...what's taking you so long going to the police? Hacking is quite easy to prove..IP runs etc!Besides raf going to them crying as per usual, why has no one been brought to account? No hacking is going on that's why. Hacking is a despicable invasion of privacy. Much like the Jamaat and digging around on facebook getting pics of young women too!

    We don't get down like that here. There's no need..when idiots in Jalsa Salana office leave things around for everyone to see! And that father of mine... Ohh mas would be most annoyed with him! Bringing home sensitive Jamaat material like that!

  31. Lets get back to the blog points. We have:

    UK Ameer Rafiq Hayat = works for a property developing co, non religious person,lacking religious knowledge and education

    Secretary Jaidad Nasser Khan = incharge of property and mosque construction, been sued for financial fraud and has had to pay substantial damages to the tune of £300,000. Dodgy reputation and BEST FRIEND OF Rafiq Hayat. Owns construction and property developing company.

    Why has Rafiq Hayat appointed someone incharge of million pound projects who has a fraudulent past????
    So Ahmadis are you happy letting these people play with potentially £15 million Plus of your money???
    How do we know that these two men don't have personal interests in the acquisition and construction of these future mosques????
    Think for yourselves and ask questions!

  32. so amusing ahmaids cherry pick which hadith they want to use, yet ignore others that doesn't suit them. Yeah, there are a lot of problems in Muslim mosques, but at least they have a small amouth of iman to actually attend mosque. What does this even say about Ahmadis? I've been to Ahmadi mosques and i was astonished how unislamic it felt...

  33. Anonymous said...
    "My Nabi saaws also said 'there will be no prophet after me' "

    he also said to accept the imam of the age.
    22 November 2011 15:04

    IMAM OF THE AGE - the man who spent the "best" part of his pre-Nabuwat and post-Nabuwat time in stalking a girl, harassing and blackmailing the family and cursing them with his god told FALSE revelations with the intention of "bringing the family on RIGHT PATH" - I am better without following such characterless IMAM.

    I am better "Imamless" but with EMAAN than having such a fake IMAM - who wants 10% of my whole life income for granting me a Grave in his barren piece of land - turned in to Bahishti Muqbra - Heavenly Graveyard - which will ensure me a berth in Heaven - even Shaddad had a heaven but he promised that just for believing him - not an additional life long "money extortion package"

    I am better "Imamless" but with EMAAN than having such a fake IMAM - who himself was DIRECTIONLESS all his life - who kept on changing his positions - who had all of his Revelations failed - but MTA chanda paid Missionaries will "prove" you how all of them were fulfilled - "metaphorically" and by "twisting truth"

    I am better "Imamless" but with EMAAN than having such a fake IMAM - who was born as "Ghulam" (slave) of AHMAD(pbuh) and later claimed to be Ahmad himself - who plagiarized Quran verses to "be his own revelations" - who robbed the Sanctity and Reverence of the last Prophet - and IMAM OF ALL TIMES - Muhammad (saw)to become a Prophet and Imam himself and any one not believing in his falsehood - was declared a Kafir and a Jahanmi - one deserving hell of Massih Dajal

    I am better "Imamless" but with EMAAN than having such a fake IMAM - who in fact was a Kazab Nabi - a Massih Dajjal - whose HELL is in fact Jannah for Muslims

    I am better "Imamless" but with EMAAN than having such a fake IMAM - who was in fact Prophet of Doom & Gloom - cursing all and heralding Earthquakes and Floods for his non-believers - who cursed his non-believers all his life with the most vulgar abuses - which can't be even mentioned in any religious book - except their religious books - where one CURSE - LAANAT - was literally repeated 1,000 times - to send thousand curse - from IMAM of THE TIME - to his denier

    What an Imam and what a followers!

    I am better "Imamless" but with EMAAN than having such a fake IMAM


    1. So much for your knowledge of the teachings of PM (sas) who was emphatic that one should be with the Imam to be a true muslim!!

  34. In my opinion if Rafiq Hyat and Nasser Khan had any ounce of dignity and honesty they would both step down, obviously they can see what the general Ahamdi feels about them and I think Masroor Ahmad is too weak without Rafiq Hyat to carry on in a Western society. I think that they know some how that the jamaat is declining, not many new baits are coming unless of course they are fake so they are building on their future to make sure to take as much money as possible from the gullible Ahmadi who still don't open their eyes, so they are faking this idea of building new Mosques that clearly are not needed. Ahmadis have made Rafiq, Nasser, Masoor and their families VERY RICH indeed while you have been giving these people your hard earned money, you could of saving that money for your children and for your future. The future looks quite bleak at the moment and was it not Masroor in his last sermon that you should be frugal but yet when it comes to them you have to donate regardless and before an Ahmadi comes along and slates me, yes I do believe in charity and I donate just not to make Rafiq and Co to make them more richer.
    The reason I guess they won't step down, they will lose financially.

  35. What they will get in Salat or fasting or in financial sacrifices when their faith is impure and rotten one? Read at below Link - how they misquote Hadith or even translate it wrong from Arabic - here in this case - a short Hadith

    - أبو بكر خير الناس إلا أن يكون نبي.

    If you ask any Arab about its meaning, he will say - AbuBakar is the best among men with the exception of Prophet (means after Prophet, Abubakr is the best among men)

    And an Ahmadi missionary wants us to believe - by this Hadith - Mirza is better than Abu Bakr - without knowing that "ila nabi" is for a single Prophet which is Prophet Muhammad(saw)himself - it is not "ila Nabiyeen" which could be Prophet Muhammad or any other Nabi - these laughing stocks - paid from Chanda - missionaries - are totally Jahil and MTA "Rae Huda" program should be named as "Rae Gumrah"


  36. @ 22.23... I think that's just it! Mas needs Raf, its not the other way round. He needs someone to manage the community for him in the UK because he himself, is an incompetent farmer. Rafs a shrewd businessman. Mas has had him by his side from the very beginning. It would be near impossible for mas to ask him to stand down.

  37. Findings,

    You said:

    "So here we have the Ahmadi Jamaat's top elite attempting to exhort a whopping £15,580,000 from its cash strapped members! "

    So when you say cash strapped members, are you referring to yourself, or have you actually conducted a survey to ask all Ahmadi's about their financial situation?

    Also, a mosque is a house of God, if they want to build more mosques, isn't that suppose to be a good thing? It's a place of worship, even if one person goes to pray in that Mosque to his/her God, then the purpose of that mosque being built has been fulfilled.

  38. Why does MMA need Raf so desperately??????? Reading all these comments, the longer he stays the more incompetent and weak the Khalifa seems.
    Raf's reputation has sunk to an all time low and he's bringing the Khalifa down with him.
    If MMA has God by his side Guiding him then what's the need for a dodgy and corrupt business man like Raf?
    At least replace him with someone with a bit of integrity to represent the Saved sect.

    Do any ahmadis have an answer??

  39. @ anon 22 November 2011 22:13

    what's unislamic about Ahmadi Muslim Mosques? share your feelings.....

  40. It's not Mas and Raf running the show. It's their wives. Shakira and Saboohi. Best Friends for life. Shakira is glued to the Khalifa's mrs to ensure hubby Raf stays on for ever and ever and ever and ever......................



  42. Anonymous said...
    @ anon 22 November 2011 22:13

    what's unislamic about Ahmadi Muslim Mosques? share your feelings.....
    23 November 2011 11:21

    just one word - Masjid-e-Zarar

    Read here - very simple & brief - how Hypocrites of Medina built it with the support of Jews and "what for"

  43. Anonymous said...
    It's not Mas and Raf running the show. It's their wives. Shakira and Saboohi. Best Friends for life. Shakira is glued to the Khalifa's mrs to ensure hubby Raf stays on for ever and ever and ever and ever......................
    23 November 2011 11:28

    that ever and ever and ever and ever.........................every ever ends in never................again!

    And that end has arrived! The Masjid-e-Zarars of Fake Messiah will be demolished soon by the real Messiah - Jesus son of Mary - the original Essa ibne Marium


  44. @ anon 24 November 2011 01:29

    your one word doesn't answer the question. you are mentioning a mosque that was built by munafiqs, that's funny because this blog is run by them. if you are implying that Ahmadiyya Muslim mosques are like those, how many of them has Allah destroyed? none.

  45. I doubt it 3M. You are not even waiting for his arrival. There will come a time when you will lose all hope of his arrival.

  46. So Ahmadi mosques are to be demolished along with crosses and swine? Is there any mention of mosques being demolished?

  47. Miyyan, Mohsin 3M interesting usernames!

    Why is it that when fingers are pointed certain individuals appear out of the woodwork all of a sudden. Interesting.

    Do you know what lightroom is? Not that many people do. Do you know anyone who can get it for me on the cheap?

  48. keep your friends close but your enemies closer....

  49. Explore explore do you know all ahmadis coming from eea contries especially Germany are 100% benefit fraudusters burden on state and shame for ahmadi jamaat but no leader takes any action because leadership is c .......................................................upt

  50. Anonymous said...
    @ anon 24 November 2011 01:29

    your one word doesn't answer the question. you are mentioning a mosque that was built by munafiqs, that's funny because this blog is run by them. if you are implying that Ahmadiyya Muslim mosques are like those, how many of them has Allah destroyed? none.
    24 November 2011 11:39

    Excellent Challenge! I like that. Don't lose patience. How many Muslims are like Momineen of Rasool ALLAH time? Did Muslims have a Khalifa like AbuBakr to kill Mirza like false prophet Musailma Kazab? You are lucky my friend - don't boast on weaknesses of Muslims - and count those as your strength - I say by conviction - without making any nonsense claims your Mirza made by his melancholic revelations - your time is running out. Insha'ALLAH it will happen in your life time. May ALLAH give you health and life to see it by your eyes. Amen!


  51. Anonymous said...
    So Ahmadi mosques are to be demolished along with crosses and swine? Is there any mention of mosques being demolished?
    24 November 2011 17:01

    Why demolish concrete structures? you will repent and pray their as obedient Muslims.


  52. Anonymous said...
    Miyyan, Mohsin 3M interesting usernames!

    Why is it that when fingers are pointed certain individuals appear out of the woodwork all of a sudden. Interesting.

    Do you know what lightroom is? Not that many people do. Do you know anyone who can get it for me on the cheap?
    24 November 2011 18:49

    What is in a

    ....woodwork...all of a all of a sudden...enough toleration was shown while you were attempting to "pollute the pond" are not facing KN or a are facing some one whom you deny...of whom you have no fear...HE will catch you from where you will have never thought to be caught...and HE will catch you when you will be "enjoying Barakat of Chanda"...little more more of your arrogance, stubbornness, transgression and rejection of truth...justify your written fate....little more!

    Light-room? for the sinking ship?


  53. brother Farhan has a very good article on Zakat vs Chanda as Financial Sacrifice

    Worth reading. In the end, he has suggested to those Ahmadis who feel the Chanda extortion is wrong and being misused,how they can avoid it.(read on above link)

    My Comments:Thanks for mentioning “Ways you can push back” – that was very much needed at the end. In fact, all these steps will work. I advised my friend to follow these (before this article) She wrote to local leader (not sure it is addressed for Hudoor for his final approval) that she has a loss in the business and no more in a position to pay any Chanda. That was like a “Good-Bye” – “Don’t bother me again” note. She does not care if they expel her as she and her husband has converted to Islam but not publicly announced in fear of losing parents and other dear ones. But they are practicing Muslims and not attending any Ahmadiyya activity and their close ones have started noticing the change but don’t bother much as they belong to that elite class of society where religion is the least priority and rarely discussed. The old generation was die-hard Ahmadis but the new generation is above this affiliation and even baffles the elders by questions which they have no answer – even the one they have are MTA’s Rae Huda stale answers which satisfies none and confuse the issue more.

    3M (who wasted his time watching MTA's Rae Gumrah)

  54. Anonymous said...
    I doubt it 3M. You are not even waiting for his arrival. There will come a time when you will lose all hope of his arrival.
    24 November 2011 16:59

    I am not impatient for Mahdi and Essa(as) coming, if they come in my lifetime, fine. Otherwise, it has no impact on my Emaan or my actions. Islam is a complete Deen given by Rasool ALLAH(saw)and no Muslim needs both of these gentlemen to come and teach them something new. We can practice Islam in all perfection even they don't come in our life time. But they will surely come as Prophet(saw) said and he said the same about Mirza also and it happened - 30 liar prophets - false claimers of prophethood will come.

    Mirza thought berth is empty - let's grab it - not just Mahdi's but Essa's also.

    Even Mirza, despite his melancholic mental state, realized while dying - HE WAS THE FALSE ONE = as his pray for dying with cholera was fulfilled if he was liar - his last words - to his father-in-law "Mir sahib, meinon wabai Haiza ho gia j" - dying with all the disappointment - and in the most miserable condition - while filth was flowing out from his both ends - and compare the death with the death of real Prophet - in Wudu - took Miswak softened by Ayesha(ra) with her teeth - and he used it while reciting Kalima and talking to ALLAH - while Mirza's tongue was seized - out of dehydration from vomiting and "releasing near the bed(later on the bed)" - could only utter - mur mur mur sounds - which no one could understand what he was trying to say - the Drama was over - but some fools mostly Punjabis still watching it.

    3M (“Fa’tabiru ya Ulil Absar ” (Ponder O people of intelligence)

  55. Anonymous said...
    Explore explore do you know all ahmadis coming from eea contries especially Germany are 100% benefit fraudusters burden on state and shame for ahmadi jamaat but no leader takes any action because leadership is c .......................................................upt
    24 November 2011 22:14

    The persecution drama being orchestrated in Pakistan by this Cult Mafis is also to have more Ahmadis "exported" to these Western countries to become "100% benefit fraudusters" - a rich source of "financial sacrifices" for Mirza dynasty and its RAF & NAS type beneficiaries.


  56. Prophet Muhammad's Saying in Sahih Bukhari

    (O Allah! I seek refuge with You from laziness and old age, and from debts and sins; from the torment of the Fire and from the tribulation of the Fire, =======and from the tribulation of the grave and the torment of the grave===========, and from the evil of the tribulation of wealth, and from the evil of the tribulation of poverty, and from the evil of the tribulation of the Dajjaal (Antichrist) . O Allah! Wash away my sins with the water of snow and hail, and cleanse my heart from sin as a white garment is cleansed from filth, and put a great distance between me and my sins, as great as the distance You have made between the East and the West).”
    (Narrated by al-Bukhaari, 6014).

    What is "the tribulation of the grave"?

    Ibn Hajar said:
    The phrase “from the tribulation of the grave” means the questioning of the two angels.
    Fath al-Baari, 11/177.

    And al-Mubaarakfoori said:
    “The tribulation of the grave” means confusion when answering the two angels.
    Tuhfat al-Ahwadhi, 9/328

    O'Qadianis - U will have real CONFUSION answering the question about Prophet - like U have here -no Zilli Bazoori terminology will help U

    two angels who make him sit up and they say to him, ‘Who is your Lord?’
    He says, ‘Allaah.’

    They say, ‘What is your religion?’
    He says, ‘My religion is Islam.’

    They say, ‘Who is this man who was sent among you?’
    He says, ‘He is the Prophet Muhammed (pbuh),Messenger of Allaah.’

    (Narrated by Abu Dawood, 4753; Ahmad, 18063 – this version was narrated by him. Classed as saheeh by al-Albaani in Saheeh al-Jaami’, 1676.)

    3M (Today is blessed day of Friday, think about your Questioning moment- no Moussi Chanda - no Bahishti Muqbra - no Hazrat - no Khalifa will come to your rescue - ONLY YOURSELF BY RIGHT FAITH WHICH WILL PREPARE U TO GIVE RIGHT ANSWERS)

  57. So what was so unislamic about the Ahmadi mosque you mentioned? I'm sill waiting to hear your feelings.

    It wasn't really a challenge. It's how it is. Nobody is losing patience except for the non Ahmadi Muslims of the world. Like I say look at the mayhem in the Muslim world. There is desperate need for Khilafat. Did you see the posters Muslims were carrying during the recent up-rise regarding this? They were begging for it.

    I have nothing to boast about, nor am I being arrogant.I'm just telling it like it is.I choose to stick to the jamaat which Allah protects and helps. The ship is far from sinking from what I can see. It keeps well afloat mash'Allah. I have a feeling big things will happen in our life time, may Allah give us long healthy lives Ameen.

    Yes today is a blessed day. Jummah Mubarak.

  58. Ok so there were 30 false prophets. Who are the other 29? Why was "Mirza" sahib the only one who made a name for himself? How was he the only one who managed to create Khilafat?

  59. And what so they are crying out for khilafat and it validates your so called khilafat does it?? That's whack and weak dude. Real weak. Your 'khalifa' isn't even a learned Muslim. Can't even get his knowledge of hadith in check and you think he is here to lead the world? He is so uninspiring that his 'mosques' are empty- such is his impact! LOL. People 'cry out' for a lot of things. Doesn't make it a necessity, doesn't make it right and it CERTAINLY doesn't make YOU or YOUR 'khalifa' right. Weak.

  60. Weak? Show me something stronger? Show me any other type of Khilafat that exists today. So mocking the only one that exists is WEAK in my eyes. Only mock it if you have something better to offer! Shame you don't dude.

    He is so uninspiring that the mosque he leads jummah at is overflowing?! Such is his impact. Ahmadi Mosques aren't empty at all as you seem to suggest. Jamaat wouldn't feel the need to construct hundreds of moqsues around the world every year then. This according to you is a waste of money. Good one.

  61. Findings,

    When you finally leave the jamaat which group or sect of muslims will you belong to? Or will you remain sect-less LOL

  62. Anon 09:39. 'Like I say look at the mayhem in the Muslim world. There is a desperate need for a Khilafat...... They were begging for it'

    Yeah right, they're sooooooo desperate yet they're still NOT prepared to accept Mirza Masroor. That should tell you something.
    Wake up and smell the coffee. Your rhetoric doesn't work on people with a brain.

    And what's more HE IS uninspiring. People nod off when they try to listen to him. Ahmadis themselves talk how disappointed they are with this Khalifa. The Bait ul futuh mosque is virtually empty except during Jumma.

    Where are you getting your misinformation from anon 09:39 and 10:11??????

    Open your eyes and ears and judge for yourself.

  63. Empty mosques? Local councils are allowing planning permissions for EXPANSIONS of Ahmadi mosques in the UK as we speak. Do your research, you may already have the facts at hand. Why would jamaat need to expand their mosques if they are empty? Go figure.

  64. I am already a Muslim and don't follow a sect now. You don't need a sect- you need the Quran. Simple. In terms of Masjids I visit- they are regular Sunni masjids. Orthodox/mainstream..whatever you want to call it. When I leave it will stay the same. Its so simple. Anyways..please do not ask personal questions as a way to start off a new topic.

  65. "And what's more HE IS uninspiring"

    These are your personal bias opinions. Show me something better than the Khilafat you mock! Show me a group or sect of Muslims who are preaching beautiful Islam and leading the way! LOL there is nothing else to search for, not even on google.

    What misinformation are you talking about? You didn't asnwer the Q's of 5 November 2011 09:39

  66. Right so the Holy Prophet (saw) was just wasting his time mentioning the doom of 72 sects if we are to be sect-less and just call ourselves "Muslim". Have fun with your "not following a sect".

    This isn't off topic, the discussion is mosques and the need for new ones.

  67. LOL yes its very funny remaining 'sect-less'. LOL LOL LOL LMAO ROTFL LOL LOL LOL.


  68. Don't you dare disrespect the Prophet of Allah, Mohammad SAAWs by making such sarcastic comments. Don't you dare. We'll tolerate a lot but never that...never that!! If you have something to say, say it, but don't you dare disrespect him like that.

    As for this whole 72 sects issue you Qadianis are so hung up on..have a read here:

  69. The sarcastic comment was for you. My intention is far from disrespecting the Holy Prophet (saw) of Islam. May Allah forgive me if I disrespect anyone. However stop moaning with your exaggeration and just give one good response.

    I don't need your forum links thanks. It's a waste of my time reading comments of abuse and mocking of people.

    Yes it's not very funny remaining sect-less, my bad for LOL, it's actually quite sad. May Allah help you find true Islam.

  70. @anon 10:59
    WE have mosques for prayers but they remain wholly unused. The centres they're demanding money for are for local social events, meetings, classes etc. They use the word mosque to get people to donate, but infact they want to halls for gatherings. These centres are not going to have 5 daily prayers and an imam leading them.

    And as for the EXPANSION you talk about . LOOK at the plans they've drawn up - the prayer areas have been reduced from the previous application. BUT New INCREASED DWEllings for his whole family and and More Office Space.

    Don't be such a dumbo. I've told you, use your eyes and brain to see what's really happening. Do dome research clever clogs and check out the application for yourself.

    @Findings, another eg of brainwashed bachara - don't you think?

  71. anon 11 33

    Another one bites the dust!

  72. Anyhoo, gotta dash, gotta get ready for Jummah, have a blessed day!


  73. The sarcastic comment might have been aimed at me but YOU used THE Rasool saaws in doing so! You disrespected Allah's last and final messenger. Without a doubt. In all seriousness, May Allah forgive you.

  74. Moaning and exaggerating because YOU insulted the Prophet of Allah? Checked.

  75. yes may Allah forgive me. He is aware of my intentions. Ta Ta.

  76. @ 25 November 2011 11:39

    Who was mentioning the expansion of Fazl Mosque? Not me.

  77. @ 25 November 2011 11:39

    in fact that makes you the "dumbo" ASSUMING that I'm talking about Fazl mosque. Checked!

  78. You said you were off to get ready for jumma, hurry up don't be late I wouldn't want to keep you. No school/college/uni/job today? Join your 'mates' at BF the ones who are cheating the benefit system. Who are so inspired by their leader the Khalifa of the True Islam that they continue to lie, cheat and abuse the state. You're not one of them are u??

    Hurry hurry hurry now don't be late.....

  79. @ No school/college/uni/job today?

    Is that the excuse required to not attend Jumma? Everyone should take the time out to go Jumma at least. Are you sitting at home? Tut tut.

    Mates? They should be referred to as brothers in Islam Ahmadiyya.

    Nope am not one to lie cheat or abuse any state Alhumdollilah. Allah provides for me.

    We should always "hurry Hurry Hurry" for Jumma. Don't you know it's a special day for us Muslims?

  80. Anonymous said...
    So what was so unislamic about the Ahmadi mosque you mentioned? I'm sill waiting to hear your feelings.

    Ur Nabi declared Muslims Kafir - We declared U kafir some 73 yrs late - Now having ur own Nabi - Ur own Mothers of Ahmadi Momineen - Khalifa of Ahmadis - U may still call Ur Prayer centres as Mosques - but not in Pakistan or Malaysia - not sure about Indonesia where they r chasing U to smash Ur heads


    Weak? Show me something stronger? Show me any other type of Khilafat that exists today.

    Yes, Khilafa of Punjabi Qadianis (mostly)- U construct mosques by few hundred thousands pounds so U can scam Millions in mosques name - all the Cronies of Mirza dynasty are in Construction business - biggest fraud on earth and all in the name of religion - No shame at all and come here to defend their heinous crimes - with the argument - Ahmadis have no objection - why U object? They are Lambs - Silence of Lambs while Wolves are dancing - but not for long - Fall of Mirza Dynasty is eminent - Long Live RAF & NAS - may ALLAH give them more power and influence in Cult to destruct it in-house.


  81. Anonymous said...
    Right so the Holy Prophet (saw) was just wasting his time mentioning the doom of 72 sects if we are to be sect-less and just call ourselves "Muslim". Have fun with your "not following a sect".

    U seem 2 be a New here - all discussed here many times on different blog entries - and same stale argument - is MTA not teaching U some new Hadith and some twisted interpretation of it?

    How about this Hadith where Mirza is clearly mentioned?

    "...Verily by God, the Last Hour will not come until 30 liars of prophecy will appear and the final one will be the One-eyed False Messiah."

    According to this Hadith, MIRZA KAZAB seemed to be the second last FAKSE MESSIAH.


  82. @ Anon 12.46

    Did you make it in time to Jumma as u were so busy responding to me.
    There's plenty in 'Islam Ahmadiyya' who cheat the state and then say 'we came here becoz Huzoor is here and Allah provides for us' so your one of them!
    Those who work full time and pay taxes can only come when they take a day off from work or during leave, but it sounds like you wouldn't know much about that.
    Yeah I am at home today what's it to you? and I don't have to claim housing benefit to live here, Alhamdolillah Allah provides for me too NOT THE STATE like your bros in Islam AHMADIYYA sponge off!

    Where did this Islam Ahmadiyya term come from?
    You don't hear Islam sunni or Islam shea or Islam wahabi etc etc etc. Everyone else just says Islam.

  83. and anon 12.46 tell me why your bros in Islam Ahmadiyya aren't inspired by the Khalifa in his khutbahs to not abuse the system and earn an honest living for themselves and their families???

  84. So where are the 29 others is what I'm asking. Also why was he the only one who made a name for himself and created Khilafat? Why did/can nobody else? Name the other 29, who are they?????

    I'll ask again, what is so unislamic about Ahmadi mosques? Your answer has nothing to do with the question being asked. Ypu said you felt unislamic in the mosque did you not? How? What came over you?

    So you can't show me anything stronger either? No other such concept of Khilafat is there.

    I'm surprised you don't take the above hadith you mentioned literally like 99% of muslims all over the world. The One-eyed Monster story. Classic.

  85. Yes made it in good time for Jumma, jazak'Allah for asking. Smart phones are a wonderful invention, I can check your comments whenever I please.

    Whoever cheats the state will be answerable to God. Yes I'm pretty sure not everyone in jamaat is perfect. Who is? Let's not discuss the corruption in the Muslim world shall we, it's on a much much larger scale and we wouldn't know where to begin. So allow topic diversion.

    As for taking a whole day off for jumma? I guess you've never heard of a lunch break, even for those who pay their taxes. There are arrangements for prayer all over London, get with the program.

    It means nothing to me that you're at home today. In fact it's quite shameful that you are not at the mosque when you have a day off on Friday. Out of all the days. Tut Tut. Isn't there hadith regarding missing Jummah? Somebody remind him! And you claim to be a better Muslim. Check you out.

    Findings where do you find these followers from :p They make you look bad. Make sure he gets to read my response if you don't allow my comment for all to see. Toodles.

  86. @3M

    By the way, the remark about the "woodwork" wasn't relating to you. Was something completely different and random, but still ... weird! Pointing fingers can be a good tool to find answers sometimes.

  87. When did I claim to be a better Muslim - never ever have I done this. And don't tut tut me. Who are you to judge?
    Your Ameer doesn't turn up at every Jumma in his lunch break does he? Just every now and then. Go and tell him of this hadith.

    You exude arrogance in your comments. There are plenty of Ahmadis who look down on the Muslim world and believe they're superior. Are you one of those?
    Look are your own mentality, so what if I agree with Findings. It's a free country. A lot of the stuff she says is valid but instead of addressing the issues you divert the topic. Aren't you a clever boy!!!

  88. To be cussing Ahmadis every day, you have to be thinking you are better than us. And if you want us to leave the jamaat it has to be for something better, no? I am not judging you. You are the one laughing at me for going to the mosque for jummah and giving it preference over worldly affairs! Is that true Islam for you?

    The hadith goes that a man who misses 3 Jummahs in a row, God prints a stain on his heart for life. Don't quote me on this! Instead of mocking me go attend Jummah. Who are you to judge the jamaat's Ameer when you are sitting at home mocking those that are attending the mosque.

    Arrogance is coming from you not me, for not attending the mosque for jummah.

    May Allah truly guide you all to the right path.
    And help you realise that hypocrisy is worse than Kufr.

    Have a good weekend partying even though you didn't have the time for Jummah.

    Jummah mubarak.

  89. Anon 18.04
    Can't you read? nobody mocked anyone for going to Jumma. Are you for real?
    You really are desperate making personal attacks. This is typical of someone of your ilk, and talking to someone with your mentality is a waste of time. You twist words and make assumptions and accusations. You've referred to me as a he 3 times, guess what, wrong again.

    Carry on getting it wrong, it's what you do best when you don't have any answers.
    And as for partying don't judge others by your own standards, I've never been the partying type.
    I could make personal attacks on you too but I won't fall to your level.
    May Allah truly Guide us ALL.

  90. Hi Findings, is anon 18.04 for real? Did you read anyone mocking people for attending jumma? Look at the way he twists words.
    Don't know how you deal with these (for want of a better word) muppets day in day out.

  91. A Constant Reminder to Ahmadiyya Cult members;

    You belong to a "jamaat" following one of these "Thirty Grand Liars" - "Mirza Massih Dajjal"

    Prophet Mohammed said: "In My Ummah, there shall be born Thirty Grand Liars (Dajjals), each of whom will claim to be a prophet, But I am the Last Prophet; there is No Prophet after Me." (Abu Dawood Vol 2 p. 228; Tirmidhi Vol 2 p.45)


  92. 3M how dissapointing. You were unable to answer a lot of questions mentioned above, and just responded with hadith when you know Ahmadis Muslims translate seal of the prophets the way it was meant to be translated. I assume you cannot name 29 fake prophets. And if Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmed (as) was (God forbid) not sent by God then why would He help him and his jamaat. He would have ended him there and then. Oh well...

  93. Anonymous said...
    So where are the 29 others is what I'm asking. Also why was he the only one who made a name for himself and created Khilafat? Why did/can nobody else? Name the other 29, who are they?????

    I am not posting Link since U guys don't bother to read it - no pursuit to see the truth - these are well known ones so far and till Qiyamat more may appear or have already appeared but unknown to us so far.

    1 - Musailama al-Kazzab: Among the first false claimants to Prophecy was Musailama al-Kazzab, who appeared during the time of Prophet Muhammad (upon whom be blessings and peace) and his Companions and caused numerous troubles among Muslims and had many followers. He eventually surrendered along with his supporters in Al-Yamam battle, led by the first Caliph Abu Bakr, and was killed.

    2 - Sajah al-Kahenah: Along with Musailama in falsely claiming Prophethood, was his wife, Sajah al-Kahenah, although she later reversed her position after her husband, Musailama, had been killed.

    3 - Saf son of Sayyad: Another False claimant to Prophethood that appeared during the time of the Prophet and his companions, was Saf son of Sayyad. He claimed he was a Prophet when he was on the threshold of adolescence, and was initially believed to be the False Messiah, as his characteristics were the same as those of the False Messiah. He later repented and embraced Islam.

    4 - Tulayha son of Khwailid: Tulayha was another of the false Prophets who appeared during the time of the Prophet and his companions, but later repented and returned to the fold of Islam.

    5 - Aswad al-Ansi: Also during the time of the Prophet and his companions was another false Prophet, named Aswad al-Ansi. He was based in Yemen and was killed by the Companions of the Prophet.

    see next post for continuity...


  94. 6 - Al-Mukhtar Al-Thaqafi: A Shi’ite rebel, al-Mukhtar son of Abi Ubayd is also accused of being a False Prophet. He claimed to be a representative of the Mahdi. Millennialist connotations surfaced after Mukhtar's rebellion, following his announcement to the people of Kufa that he was a representative of the Mahdi.

    7 - Mahmud son of al-Faraj: In Samara, a false Prophet by the name of Mahmud son of al-Faraj appeared in 849-850 CE with a claim that a Quran was revealed to him through the angel Gabriel. He is reported to have some followers in Samara and Baghdad. He was executed on the orders of caliph, al-Mutawakkil.

    8 - "Bab": Another liar/false claimant to prophecy, and the predecessor of Bahaullah, was Mizra Ali Muhammad, who initially declared himself the "Bab" (Gate) to the Shi'ite's Mahdi, and eventually progressed into other claims. He was embraced by the Shaykhis sect of Shi'a , who were then renamed "Babis". Subsequently, he declared himself to be the Shi'ite's hidden Mahdi. After declaring himself the Mahdi, he moved on to call himself Nuqtiyiula and declared that the Quran and Muslim Shari'a were now abrogated. Shi'a and Sunni scholars condemned him and Bab faced a series of imprisonment, trials, and indignities before being shot dead by a firing squad in 1850.

    9 - "Bahaullah": The self-proclaimed successor to the Bab, and another liar/false claimant to prophecy was Mizra Hussein Ali Nuri. In 1863 Hussein Ali, a prominent member of the Babi group, declared himself to be the person whom God will make manifest, whom the Bab had foretold. He also took the name Bahaullah (Glory of God) and formed a new religion, the Bahai faith. Bahaullah was banished from Persia and was eventually imprisoned in Akka-Palestine. There he wrote his main work, his Kitab-ul-Aqdas (Most Holy Book), and developed the doctrine of the Bahai faith into a comprehensive teaching.

    10 - Elijah Muhammad: Elijah Muhammad, succeeding Wallace Dodd Ford, was another in the line of False Prophets. He founded the convoluted belief system based on ideas extracted from everything from Christanity to Masonry to Islam in Detroit, Michigan in the 1930s. He referred to it as the "Nation of Islam".

    see next post for continuity...


  95. 11 - Kareem Agha Khan: In the early 1970s, another false-claimant to prophecy appeared within the Ismaili sect of Shi'ism, who proclaims himself to be a manifestation of God on Earth and a spokesman for Allah.

    12 - Rashid Khalifa: Then we have another False Prophet, Rashid Khalifa, who came from Egypt, and claimed there to be an intricate numerical pattern to the Qur'an revolving around the number 19 in 1974. Because of this, he claimed to be a Messenger of God, alongside Prophets Ibraheem (Abraham) and Muhammad, and founded the group called "United Submitters International", rejecting the hadeeths of the Prophet, and denounced ayats 9:128-129 of the Qur'an. For many years he was the Imam at the Tuscon Mosque in Arizona, where he was later stabbed to death in 1990.

    13 - Al Mizra Abbas: Another liar, Al-Mizra Abbas, in 1233 AH/1818 CE, appeared in Tehran, Iran and died in Palestine.

    14 - Shabbatai Zevi: Shabbatai Zevi was one of the False Prophets who appeared during a desperate period of Ashkenazi Jewish history in the 16th and 17th centuries, promising to lead his compatriots out of tzuresdike golus (painful exile) to dwell with the Lord in Eretz Yisroel (the land of Israel). It neither turned out as prophesised, nor did the high hopes of the Jewish colonies in Brazil.

    15 - Saleh son of Tarif Burghwati: Saleh claimed prophethood and Mahdihood in 125 AH. After ruling over his people for 47 years, in 174 AH he abdicated the throne in favour of his son.

    see next post for continuity....


  96. 16 - Abu Mansoor 'Eessa: Abu Mansoor 'Eessa claimed prophethood and Mahdihood in 341 AH and ruled over his people for 28 years.

    17 - Al-Harith son of Sa'id: Al-Harith son of Said claimed prophethood during the reign of the Umayyad caliph, Abd al-Malik son of Marwan. A number of royal soldiers were suspected of supporting him. He was executed in 698-699 CE.

    18 - Mizra Ghulam Ahmad: Mizra Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian is a British-engineered false Prophet who appeared in India to quell resistance against the British colonialists. He claimed to be the Messiah as the similitude of Prophet 'Eessa, the Mahdi, a Prophet, a Messenger, and the second advent of Prophet Muhammad simultaneously. He invited his fiercest oppenent, Molvi Sanaullah Amratsari, to a prayer duel. He advertised his supplication to Allah pleading Him to annihilate the liar amongst the two in the lifetime of the truthful one, by Cholera or by Plague. He considered them to be the sign of Divine Anger and Punishment. Mirza subsequently died of cholera a year later.

    3M - still want to see more after your Mirza Kazab?

  97. 19 - Muhammad son of Sa'id: Muhammad son of Sa’id is considered as one of the four infamous forgers of hadith. He distorted the hadith: "I am the seal of prophets and there is no prophet after me" by adding: "unless Allah wills {otherwise}". He is reported to have drawn his own conclusions from this addition and claimed prophethood for himself. He was executed on the orders of Abbasid caliph, Abu Jafar al-Mansoor.

    20 - Mahmood Muhammad Taha: Mahmood Muhammad Taha was also a false claimant to prophecy who was based in Sudan, and he tried with maximum endeavor to mislead normal people from their Islamic way of life until he was beheaded in 1985.

    21 - Jasmin?: A more recent individual who has appeared, and could potentially be a False Claimant to Prophecy is Jasmin. He appeared in 1998 in Bosnia, claiming the War of Bosnia and Herzegovina was the Battle of Armageddon, and claims that he is the Messiah, tasked by God to introduce the human community into the "golden age", and claims that his destiny has been described under the symbol and notion of a lamb.

    22 - Dr. Dwight York: Another fairly recent false claimant to prophecy was Dr. York. In the late 1960s York, started calling himself "Amunnnubi Rooakhptah," and founded various quasi-Muslim black-nationalist movements (among these was the Ansaarullah Community) based on something called the "Science of Nuwaubu". In the 1990s, he changed his community from worshipping Allah to worshipping pagan idols. Soon thereafter, he claimed to receive divine revelation, forming his own cult of Nuwaubians, following, what they call, "The Holy Tablets", with beliefs, based on pantheism, with an anthropomorphic view of Allah. In 2002, he was arrested and charged with child molestation. In 2004, he was convicted, and sentenced to 135 years in prison.

    One more and I will explain you why Mirza survived the fate of early Islamic days false prophets? And what is the reality of your so called Khalifas of Mirza Kazab?


  98. 23 - Riyaz Ahmad Gohar Shahi: Another claimant to Mahdihood and prophecy, is Gohar Shahi. He was born in 1941 in the Indian sub-continent. He had a traditional Sufi upbringing, and at age 34 he went on a 3 year spiritual retreat (which he says to have been under the guidance of a "divine spirit") into the mountains of Sehwan Sharif. Afterwards, he returned (claiming it to have been commanded by God), and started to preach his message of "Remembrance and Love of God", disregarding religion and its practices, also claiming that his image is implanted on the moon, gaining a significant number of followers.


  99. And now if Mirza Kazab had not fate of Musailma Kazab,you all should be thankful to British Raj who are still sponsoring you. Had there been a Khilafa or if Mirza was born in Saudi Arabia or even he had traveled their (with that fear, he never went for Umrah or Haj) - you would had Mirza in 2 pieces - each sect of your Jamaat could have one - may be head for you Qadianis and his sick lower part for Lahoris.

    Now go and read life history of Mirza Mahmud, this Khalifa Zani's character and then feel "proud" of having a Khalifa of a Kazab Nabi.

    You are just a few Punjabis and bragging to have a Khilafah like Muslims had.

    Ii said yesterday, yes, Muslims have lot of weaknesses, but don't count them as your strength.

    You are a total falsehood but Muslims have at least their Emaan intact. And only they will succeed, here and there. You have no future here and over there you will see yourself. You may be glittering at the moment with Chanda Extortion money but you are not the Gold.

    I don't know why you fail to understand, there is major fault in your faith and you are asking me what is wrong with our mosques. All ALLAH's earth is mosque for Muslims - they never brag on "spreading Islam with mere building mosques". Islam is not the construction of mosques only. Prayer saves you from Fuash & Munkir. And you are Munkir of Finality of Muhammad's prophethood and how much it saves Mirzais from Fuash, don't ask me, I know their real life characters very well. Chanda is their salvation and rest all is Halal for these Punjabi Mirzais (fools dreaming to conquer the world with their laughing stock -Mirza Kazab the stalker of Muhammdi Begum.


  100. Anonymous said...
    3M how dissapointing. You were unable to answer a lot of questions mentioned above

    I can answer all of your questions, but No reply will satisfy your intellectual curiosity - all break the Myth - Mirza was a Prophet.

    Your hearts are sealed by Kufar, no intellectual discussion, no Quran or Sunnah reference will help you.

    Repent and seek Truth - otherwise you will be lost in "Hujjaten Hazar" - hunderds of excuses to disagree.

    I am not also to convert 1 or 2 of U. I am doing to make an HUJJAT (evidence) for ALLAH so HE can say you all on Day of Judgement - Truth was told you again and again but you knowingly declined.

    That's all. have fun - You deserve Ahmadiyya and a Kazab Nabi and his "pious" Khalifas. And they also deserve Money Extortion from you for fooling you so smartly in the name of religion.You are slaves of Mirza dynasty and you will always be unless you repent and prepare yourself to give 100% loyalty to Prophet Muhammad(saw) - No share for Mirza Kazab and his Khalifas.If not "feel great" by staying lost.


  101. Clearly Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmed (as) is the odd one out in this list, especially if you are having to explain to me how he "survived the fate of Islamic days false prophets". Don't make life so difficult for yourself.

    Jazak'Allah for making my belief even stronger today as I had never heard of these names ever before. Now that I have, I'm even more sure that Mirza Ghulam Ahmed Qadiani (as) was not a fake prophet unlike all of these people. He is the only one with a jamaat that progresses and prospers every single day in front of our eyes under a divine leader Alhumdillilah. Cannot thank God enough for that. You guys are missing out big time.

  102. I know very well all about your Mirza's interpretation of Seal of Prophets and how he resembled it to post office stamp and how any one can be a new prophet if this impostor is stamped by this stamp. This is an attempt to break the Seal. Now stay lost and keep believing this man who himself said before his prophethood days what we are telling you and then he took 360 degree turn and became a Wahi receiver himself.

    His first Revelation(wahi) was

    "When I received the revelation fortelling the death of my father, human weakness made me think that since some of the sources of the income of our family would cease with my father's death, we might be put in trouble" (Mirza Ghulam quoted in "The Founder of the Ahmadiyya Movement", by Muhammad Ali, p. 7; also see Roohani Khazain vol.13 p.194)

    This is suppose to be the first address of God to Mirza, and what is he worried about? Money! God is informing him of the impending death of his father, and what is worrying Mirza? Shortage of money!!

    So this religion of Chanda Money was founded this way.

    Stay fooled!


  103. That was the most childish conclusion I have ever read in my entire life with your foul language and disrespectful words. YOUR comments have become a laughing stock, NOT this divine jamaat, as instead of answering the questions I put forward this is your answer ??????????? Who on Earth are you to tell me what the hereafter has in store for me? Don't call for God's wrath upon yourself because you well know this is in God's hands.

    Shows your dignity and how low you are. Shabash puttar. May God be with you.

  104. Yes, I will get reward for "making your belief more stronger" and for increasing your knowledge to know the companions of Mirza's trade.

    Prosper more and thank God but check who was Mirza's god - he had Yalash - not Krishna as he was Krishna himself.

    What a creatures and what a Illusion!


  105. Go and read Mirza Kazab's and Khalifa Zani's wraths - harami & jahanmi & laanti

    You follow a prphet who lied all his life who abused all his life and who cursed all his life and you are giving lecture on morals and ethics?

    What a Self Denial! Follow sunnah of your kazab nabi who had such a filthy language - calling his non-believers as bastards and sons of prostitutes.

    Feel shame and go and burn his books.


  106. Ansari_muwghlis_uncle26 November 2011 at 02:02

    Respect to 3m a soldier of Allah keep enjoining good and forbidding evil. Glory be to Allah. Be patient and outdo them in patience"

  107. Today is start of New Islamic Year - May ALLAH brings more power to Muslims this year, bless them to practice Islam and establish a just order based on Quran & Sunnah - A'amen!

    The first ten days of Muharram - 1st month of Hijrah are also mourned for incident and martyrdom of Imam Hussain at Karbala. Ahmadis on twitter are showing sympathies with Shias, Hindus and Christians against their so called atrocities of Sunnis.

    let's see what their Kazab Nabi has said about Shias and Imam Hussain.

    Mirza Ghulam A Qadiani #Fake #Hindi #Messiah writes with great pride:
    "O #Shia nation! Don't insist that (Syedna Imam) Hussein is your savior because I tell you truthfully that today there is one among you who is greater than Hussein." (Dafe alBala P.13, Roohani Khazain Vol.18 P.233)

    3M #Ahmadiyyat is not #Islam #Ahmadiyya is a #Cult of #MirzaQadiani family

  108. Mirza Ghulam A Qadiani #Fake #Hindi #Messiah expresses his glory:

    "I am touring Karbala every moment, 100 Husseins are always in my pocket."
    (Durre Sameen Persian P.136)

    3M #Ahmadiyyat is not #Islam #Ahmadiyya is a #Cult of #MirzaQadiani family #Shia

  109. Mirza Ghulam A Qadiani #Fake #Hindi #Messiah writes in his book, Aijaz-e-Ahmadi:

    "There is great difference between me and your Hussein Because I am getting every moment help from God But Hussein? Just recall the plains of Karbala Till now you are crying, so just ponder!"
    (Aijaz-e-Ahmadi, Roohani Khazain Vol.19 P.181)

    3M #Ahmadiyyat is not #Islam #Ahmadiyya is a #Cult of #MirzaQadiani family #Shia

  110. Mirza Ghulam A Qadiani #Fake #Hindi #Messiah writes further:

    "I am the victim of Love but your Hussein was murdered by the enemies. The difference is quite clear and obvious." (Aijaz-e-Ahmadi P.81, Roohani Khazain Vol.19 P.193)

    Just look at the unfair explanations of Mirza, in what ugly words and arrogant manners he had been claiming superiority over Hazrat Imam Hussein RA. Even the non Muslim nations have been praising the character, great sacrifice and martyrdom of Hazrat Imam Hussein. The display of determination, patience, perseverance and bravery by Hazrat Imam Hussein in the Karbala battle of truth and falsehood, is unparalleled. In front of such a magnificent martyrdom to present Mirza Qadiani is as if presenting a bat in front of Sun! Cheh nisbat khaak raa ba 'aalam-e-pak!

    Where is the sacrifice, patience and dedication to the faith and where is the cowardly act of Mirza Qadiani that with the slightest intimidation of the city magistrate he gave in writing that he will not publish any intimidatory prophecies about death or punishments against his opponents without their permission. Despite being so coward and petrified, claiming boastfully that 100 Husseins are in his pocket? If it is not the height of falsity than what it is?

    O Mirzais! What your Mirza Sahib said 'I am the victim of Love'. Tell me whose love was it that killed him? While answering do remember not to take the name of Mohammadi Begum!O was it love of Chanda or love of Money by selling Heavenly Graves?

    This ZINDEEQ ridiculed all- from Prophets to Imams - considering them as their "business" competitors.

    3M #Ahmadiyyat is not #Islam #Ahmadiyya is a #Cult of #MirzaQadiani family #Shia

  111. Hey Mo you never allowed my last comment. I guess I made you look a fool.

    Key words of the day HUMAN WEAKNESS.

    Findings on a serious note where do you find these characters from? Ahmadis will be having a good ol' chuckle at this convo.


    First name Smart

  112. I think Ahmadis are helping me improve my patience and tolerance! :-) and breatheeee!

    What on earth has been going on here whilst I've been off for the evening?????????

    @ smart alec if you are the same guy who insulted The Rasool saaws..I should be asking myself why I let CHARACTERS like YOU continue and why on earth you wind up on my blog!! If you are referring to Mohsin ..he is a humble servant of the Almighty Allah. He has shown you guys over and over why Mirza was a Ghulam to shaytan and not OUR (the muslims) Nabi saaws.

  113. 3M
    yuo insanity has driven you to an extent where your belief in holy quran is also lost ,

    who are you to explain "the fate of false prophet" when it is clearly mentioned in holy quran

    go and read quran then quote books of other sects
    you have no knowledge of islam if you think a false prohet can survive the fate by what ever way you are totally wrong because quran describes the fate of false prohet not your rubbish explanations

  114. Ansari_muwghlis_uncle said...Findings said...
    Jazak uncle and sister, we all are indeed servants and soldiers of our Creator - ALLAH - whom we will return.

    Anon 17:18 - my friend please wish and pray, you have the same fate of your "true prophet" and may be in your "true islam", Mirza is a "true nabi". In Islam of 2 Billion Muslims, he was brother of Musailma Kazab and our last & final Messenger of ALLAH was Prophet Muhammad(pbuh). You may believe what ever you like to believe, as long you will present Mirzayyat as Ahmadiyya Islam, I will keep on exposing its falsehood.

    I never mind your insults and even abuses/curses of your brothers and sisters on Twitter as they are following sunnah of their "profit"(findings TM)

    بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
    Ya Sin. (1) By the wise Qur'an, (2) Lo! thou art of those sent (3) On a straight path, (4) A revelation of the Mighty, the Merciful, (5) That thou mayst warn a folk whose fathers were not warned, so they are heedless. (6) Already hath the judgment, (for their infidelity) proved true of most of them, for they believe not. (7) Lo! We have put on their necks carcans reaching unto the chins, so that they are made stiff-necked. (8) And We have set a bar before them and a bar behind them, and (thus) have covered them so that they see not. (9) Whether thou warn them or thou warn them not, it is alike for them, for they believe not. (10) Thou warnest only him who followeth the Reminder and feareth the Beneficent in secret. To him bear tidings of forgiveness and a rich reward. (11) Lo! We it is Who bring the dead to life. We record that which they send before (them), and their footprints. And all things We have kept in a clear Register. (12)


  115. lol follow a man who never set foot in mecca, medina or jerusalem...the 3 holiest of places! utterly ridiculous!

  116. They (the qadianis) just don't get it though. They never seem to apply logic or any form of basic reasoning when it comes to their Profit and Messliar. Even a non Muslim, given the hard facts, would come to the same conclusion. I am sure they have some explanation for him not performinng Hajj ie: he would have been killed. Though I have heard some say in my family that Nabi saaws performed Hajj so this has been done on behalf of MGA. Sick.

  117. *same conclusion being he is a fake.

  118. Don't ever underestimate somebody because you "assume" they are slow. I could name and shame a lot of peeps if I really wanted to but who am I to judge?

    I do not wish to talk to anyone in private, leave it out here in the public. God continues to show me signs, who wants to hear who I saw in my dream last night?

  119. Damn.. across those figures you gave for London. That's nearly £16k per member!

    That cant be right.

  120. The accusations which you have made on this website are purely FALSE & BASELESS.....Jamaat Ahmadiyya will continue to grow and is continuing(inshallah) without people like you who are filled with nothing but hatred...Ahmadiyya is the true Islam but unfortunately you cannot see it.

    1. I BACK UP EVERYTHING I SAY!!! So leave it.