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The Sunday Scandal Session 4: Ahmadiyya Ameer UK's Jamaat Office and the Mysterious Disappearance of £400,000!


There has been a slight change in plan; after receiving some feedback on what has been said at an official Ahmadiyya function this weekend, I have decided to up my game and really show the Jamaat I mean business. I had another piece in mind today, an extension of the Waqf e Nau spying scandal, but I think this has got to take priority. Good timing too, while all the big guns are in Surrey enjoy the Khuddam Event, I can casually drop this on them! A nice lil sutin sutin to come home too, hey WINK WINK ;)

This piece is dedicated to our friend Nemo over at (check their recent post out ... she/he is kinda cool right?!) and to my dear friend KickAss! KickAss is my Muslim friend who supports my cause and I don’t show my appreciation often enough, so I would like to dedicate this to them too! Nemo expressed their concerns to us over at thecult, worried that the Jamaat is going to call in the authorities, on what grounds I don’t know, so this is to help them understand that the Ahmadiyya Jamaat wouldn't dare go to the authorities and there are plenty of explanations for that. They can't touch us because they have so many discrepancies’ and what have you not, that if they ever called in the police, they are likely to be in the firing line instead! So Nemo et al, don't worry and if they do ever call the 'authorities' in, you remember AhmadiLeaks right? Lol well that was all Child’s Play compared to what I can and will do, if they don't start behaving themselves!

Before we start, let me set the record straight from now, on the comments that will undoubtedly follow (yep man these people are so gotdamn predictable); this might not WOW you or anyone else for that matter because this today, is a matter between ME and THE JAMAAT (its top brass). Read the writ if you want to, but my target audience today isn't anyone besides the top brass of UK Jamaat e Ahmadiyya, so if you want and have better things to do (unlike me), you guys are welcome to close your browser because no one is forcing you to read this! Top Brass are being forced to read this though, because below, they will find a STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL correspondence between Dr Shabir Bhatti (some doctor who holds about 100 different titles in the Jamaat because he has no life) and TOP Jamaati elite. The information therein, is so sensitive, that when I stumbled across it about 3 months ago, it was taped and bound in a file and had some cellophane type wrapping covering it; I spent a good part of 20 minutes trying to scissor my way through the cover. I gathered from the notes in this file that no one, not even Mas, knows about this and not even the PS office is fully aware of what has been going on!

This is TOP SECRET and CLASSIFIED information (you think I’m playing right? If any of you are related to top brass like I am, go check their faces after they have read this…those that don’t know the top brass…don’t talk at me!). You know ages ago the Jamaat were informed there was a leak at the top? Hey, my names Findings and guess what? That leak is me and so now that you all know, the top brass might finally take me seriously and start noting all the damage I have done and the promise of all the damage to come!

Anyhow, you know I said one day I would finish you all off and what not? Consider that a PROMISE if things don't start changing around here, because this now proves I mean business, no messing around! Now I don’t think I should be saying this, but one of you is related to me, so closely in fact, that I am practically immediate family to him! See, I’ve changed my direction from today because as of today, you good for nothing, on a power trip, set of Ameers and Naib Ameers (oh how pathetic with these self made positions that give them a feeling of self worth) will realise there is one man amongst you who they shouldn’t trust and has nicely screwed Raf and Shabir up by letting me get my hands on this! You do realise from today, the game changes right??? You do realise who I could be right?? You do realise for the best part of my life, because of you lot, I have witnessed corruption and filth that means I am technically sitting on a ticking time bomb right?! Yeah! Today, if you catch me out, I don’t care anymore! You know why?? WHEN you throw me out of your sick cult, I will take everything I have with me and that’s including all the evidence stacked up against you, and then nothings holding me back!

Instead, Raf was in a frenzy over some chick in Surrey, and then some model chick from Putney, and then some random guys in random Khuddam pockets; all the while when you could have nabbed me long time back but you failed miserably!! You remember the Jalsa Documents I exposed on thecult? LOL, Nas you are now running around like a headless chicken trying to find out who had access to them, well, today’s scandal might give you a clue! See me, I am not who I seem and you should all be very careful around your families… I don’t think you want to catch me out because once Mas realises which one of you is responsible for me being able to lay my hands on all this information, you are finished for sure!! This is PAYBACK and today I open up your black briefcase for the world to see…starting with this....

Common readers: don’t worry too much, sit back and make sense of it or don’t, I don’t care either way, because like I said, this isn’t for general consumption! You can fuss, fight, say I am blowing it all out of proportion or even accuse me of lying and making this stuff up, but I pay no mind to what little trolls of Fahim Anwer have to say! This today, is between me and the Jamaat top brass, and I am using this platform right here to say what I need to say to them! Me, Raf, Shabz, Nas, Ahmedi Bros and the men mentioned in the documents are all sitting around the big table today...don’t you trolls disturb the vibe mayn!

Any whacko comments will not be authorised and if comments get out of hand, I will disable them. In other words: don’t worry yourself this week yeah, this isn’t even about 'bringing the Jamaat down', its letting them know exactly who I am and what they are up against. Of course you should all be very concerned by what you will read shortly; very concerned actually....this is a huge blow for the internal Nizaam and hopefully it will get some of your minds’ ticking! YES!!!! :D It’s been a long time coming this one, I've wanted to mention this for ages, was going to on the forums ages ago and boy am I glad I held out!

Here are the scanned originals so go ahead, knock yourselves out and hey guys, WELCOME to the inside world of Ahmadiyya 'Muslim' Association UK... I am on the inside and today, I open the doors for you all to be let in! Enjoy, it’s pretty self-explanatory so no introduction necessary.....

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Hey Ahmadis, a quick question and a penny for your thoughts: WHERE THE HELL IS YOUR MONEY GOING??  £400k!!! £400k!!! £400k!!! That's almost half a million English Pounds! £400k of your chanda money, unaccounted for, with an almost definite possibility it was stolen by one of your own people!! What an incompetent Jamaat we have here, whereby they allowed £400,000 GBP to go unaccounted for, and allowed this guy to make ‘payments’ for things with zero evidence as to what exactly he had paid for! So much for an advanced and organised Jamaat, when this sort of thing is going on right beneath their noses and not to mention what I am exposing them for too! They are wasted and so amateur it’s really quite pathetic, but they want you to believe they are a pukka organisation or something? People have access to everything, every damn day, provided you are a member of ‘the administration’ so its hardly 'organised and contained' is it?! What a joke and these people are trying to control us? Don’t be scared of these clowns…they are a joke!

Being a registered charity, benefitting from tax relief through gift aid, you’d expect some transparency right? So why were the authorities not informed about this and called in quicker than they could yelp AHMADIYYA ZINDABAD? lol. They are quick to threaten me with the police and what not for having a Blog (lol ooooh), but why were the police not called on this guy and why was this not formally investigated? I mean I am just someone talking 'foul filth' on the internet, but this duke right here steals £400k from YOU and YOUR JAMAAT and they don't want to call the authorities in then? I tell you why, and I am telling you this because you people are clearly ignorant as to what really goes on in this Jamaat. I am not asking you to trust me and everything I say (I wouldn’t either), but trust my position within the Jamaat and realise I know what many of you don't know! There is no accountability in this Jamaat and to avoid being exposed, and also so that the masses remain oblivious to what really happens within this so called 'saved Jamaat', the Jamaat would rather have some shoddy made up 'committee' investigate and then leave it at that! They can't run the risk of the outside world cottoning on to what really goes on within this cult!

You all, especially those in the UK, need to ask yourselves what sort of characters the Ahmadiyya Jamaat employs, and take a long hard look at who has access to such vast amount of monies! We have this guy here (I can’t, for legal reasons, mention his name personally, but Shabir Bhatti has ;P ) who is reported to have stolen money meant for office equipment for himself, with an aide to assist him in doing so. We have the got-damn shady character of Nasir 'Nas' Khan, Naib ameer and director of Jalsa Salana UK who has in the past, been taken to court over his financial dealings and who wasted in excess of £100,000 GBP catering for VIPs at Jalsa this year. 

They are now in the process of trying to collect £20,000,000 to buy properties, under the guise they are for 'local prayer centres' but hold up, their own are pinching money from their back pockets and the Ahmadiyya Jamaat doesn’t care to inform its shareholders (ie: chanda payers??). You people are coughing up, convinced its spending in the way of Allah, but seems like next mans are using your 'alms' and is spending in the way of Harrods! It’s not like most of you even do it out of your own free will, you pay up because you have to or else you get in trouble, so why bother when you have this sort of fraud and corruption, on such a huge scale?

Take a look at the document: I mean £2700 for a photocopier for his Royal 'High'Ness Rafiq Hayat? You must be kidding me! Bruvs a multi-millionaire...he can fork out for one on his own, it’s for Allah at the end of the day isn’t it? Who gives who the right to determine who has access to the Jamaat's purse?? This guy was paying out for copiers left, right and centre using CA$H, this was no 'pass the plastic' job guys! Where was he withdrawing this money? Jamaat Bank Account maybe or maybe his team is given an allowance or something? Who else has access to these funds? Man, this is what happens when there are too many chiefs...

What’s worrying is that they kept this very hush-hush. OK, so I understand, guilty until proven innocent if the Ahmadiyya Jamaat standards are anything to go by, so we should assume he was dealt with harshly, but why were other 'daftars' not informed? I tell you why, because RAF HAYAT's office is responsible for this huge cock up!

Why was Dr Shabir commissioned to investigate these matters, when he is a doctor by profession and not an auditor nor an accountant? What sort of cowboy show are these punks running? Where is your money going Ahmadi chanda payers???? Why am I hearing ‘It’s ok if its fraud, we paid in good faith and Allah will reward us and deal with him later’…yeah… how many of you are already thinking that? NO it’s not ok, this is NOT ok and this mustn’t be excused! If it took them 6 years to finally cotton onto the fact something wasn't right when photocopiers were being ordered, imagine what other under the table shady deals are going on not just here, but internationally too!

Ok lets just say for arguments sake, Shab and Co got it wrong and their suspicions were unfounded, and the guy hadn’t actually stolen the money but rather, the money just disappeared, is that OK? It might be fine by you, but its certainly not fine by me and I would like to know why such a huge discrepancy is there to begin with in the first place?? Now also consider this; all the accounts they publish for the Charity Commission, you reckon when there are black holes in the accounts they will admit to that? Nah, they will cover it up so it begs the question: how honest and transparent are their accounts?

And all that aside, I am a big fan of telling people what the Ahmadiyya Jamaat says about them behind closed doors so Mr Photocopier Man, this is what your fellow Jamaatis have said about you! So do you see Nemo, this is why they won't call the authorities in, because their offices are so shady that they can't afford to take the chance! Can you imagine the shame and humiliation for the Jamaat if one of their own was carted off to the cop shop?

Yeah-Yeah, I hear the Khuddam Soldier Boys itching to cuss this post, but don't you get it boys? It’s not for’s for THEM! This will cause HUGE DAMAGE to the Nizaam...mark my words, but you are too simple and too brainwashed to understand that! I tell you what this post signifies: 1) No one had access to this apart from a select few, and trust me, if I have this, I have plenty of other information too! 2) Jamaat is now losing control of their internal politics, no thanks to me! 3) There is serious cause for concern when it comes to the finances of this Jamaat- where is your money going?! 4) Why did they not pull in the police? Police are called in to Tesco’s when a boy is caught stealing a can of Stella Artois, so are you telling me the police would not have been interested in a case of £400k fraud? Come on now boys and girls, where is your logic at?

Do you all still insist on paying Chanda to this system? Don’t you mind that there is a chance your loot is being looted? What about another example that this Jamaat, at the very core, is rotten?! I remember my brother once was bragging about how transparent the Ahmadiyya Jamaat is compared to beardos in Birmingham Muslim organisations...LOL...this one's for him to reflect upon! The Ahmadiyya Jamaat is rotten, in ruins and is filthy and it’s high time you people start waking up to this! And you'se all better ask for an explanation, £400k is no joke, not to mention everything he managed to get away with, without them picking up on it! I don’t need to explain the document, it’s in black and white for you all to have a good read.. saved sect? LOL!

Ameers Army, there is a day you made an enemy out of me, and one day, I will explain it to you! One of you did something to me and my family which is unforgiveable and for that, you can consider this payback! You can call it hate, I call it LOVE to hate ;P and boyyyyy am I filled with LOVE right about now....  and I got a whole heap of LOVE to go around!

You are in big trouble Shabz, because your carelessness in dealing with this has meant now the whole world knows about the internal fraud of Jamaat e Ahmadiyya UK! Hopefully Mas will get rid of you now or better still, hopefully Mas will get rid of all of you east Africans and quickly too!

Hope we get an explanation, I would like to know why £400k went missing without any of you wastemen picking up on it and why the police haven’t been called in to investigate this matter further?

There is more to come, but be patient people and don’t expect something huge every Sunday, it’s about pacing and I have to pace myself! All my hits are calculated!

Next week: more kids stuff!

(sorry if it’s all over the place…I am working from my phone today and jheeez it’s been a painful task! little khuddam boy scouts...dont talk about what you dont know :P ) LONG POST I KNOW BUT I DON'T DO NOTHING IN a little!

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  1. Must have taken AGES with the photoshopping of this pic. Seriously you got WAY too much time on your hands. You should spend your time promoting Islam, but then again none of you and your crew do.

    However you could also get a life and get hitched.

  2. Er mate it took 15-20 mins tops! And actually I really enjoying photo shopping and its a recreational thing for me now too, since I self taught myself! Its really cool you should get it! I know I need a life- care to show me where I can get one like yours?

    Ps: nice to see you completely ignore the evidence presented to you! Big props!

  3. Ignoring the content and issuong personql attacks is a sign that you lost.

  4. Most certainly dear misguided sister, you can get a life free of charge at

  5. Ha Lost what exactly? I can't be bothered reading such boring long post.

    However I can show you pages worth of personal attacks from your side if you wish......

  6. O-M-G Findings U A G!!!! Girl hats off to you!!!! You are killing life!!! Killing it!!!

    A secret fan from Slough.

  7. "Findings said...
    EVERY SINGLE COMMENT Mr AK will pass approval provided there is no outright swearing!"

    Hypocrite much? But then again you are a hypocrite for many things as demonstrated by this blog. Why not just leave this "cult" as you say?

    Oh but you must be a hypocrite. Keep doing your thing girl, keep mentioning you loving materialism and Drake's song "Marvin's Room" in which he swears and wishes that some girl would be his girlfriend.

    I can see that there is absolutely no drop of spirituality or fear of God within you.

    But yea you said it yourself right? This blog is not meant to be Islamic in any way.

    Cool story bro! :D

  8. HAHA you don't approve my comments and you delete your own ones. And you say that Ahmadiyyat doesn't allow freedom of speech right?

  9. yo i feel sorry for the person that would end up marrying this findings chick - as soon as the rings on the finger she'd be snooping through my family records to find out what assets i own just in case

  10. WOW!!! i've always had my doubts about these idiots. so glad i don't belong to this cult any longer. such a freeing feeling, they really should be exposed! You are doing a great job! I'm sending lots of positive energy your way from Vancouver, Canada! :)

  11. Ahmadis have no reply sad situation

    May common ahmadis think about these issue and stop following this family owned business and start following Islam that Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and companion(RA) followed

  12. Errr I'm not telling you again: READ the damn blog piece! I specifically said whack comments wouldn't be approved. This is the last time I'm approving it! Mate seriously you are pathetic- and don't you try act like you don't listen to music! And what's more see my profile? LOOOOOL oh boy what a foolish for actually believing everything I say!!!!!!!! LOOOL!!!! Your hung up about stuff that don't matter LOOOL. You aint getting approved again so don't bother replying. Its good to see your picking on my words BUT you can't answer why A QADI has stolen 400K from YOU and YOUR PEOPLE??????? There is a reason comments are no longer being approved all the time- TOPIC DIVERSION (qadiani speciality). Ok ok if what I wrote was tooooooo long to read- don't read it- I said don't bother didn't I??? BUT then read the 3 images.. What? Sorry? Can't hear you? Oh yes that's right, you got no explanation!!!
    @ vancouver friend... Thanks that's very nice of you! So much for whiter than white sect, spending in the way of Allah right?
    @ the guy who is thinking of marrying me (yeah come on you know you want to..but you better be rich! :P )...yeah damn right you better believe it!!! But don't worry, at least you have a good idea about me now so you can hide your docs, whereas the Jamaat, they've realised too late LOL... They should never have trusted me or my dad... OH-WELL! I did what I needed to do to expose them. Job well done? Naah not just yet.... Nice to see you have got something constructive to say too mashallah!

  13. I'm just waiting for the comment about islamic organisations and fraud...which ahmadi wants to take first prize and say it out already? Go on.... We never said you were easy to predict!

  14. Dear, as a devout Ahmadi Muslim do not agree with much of what you are doing, but I would like to commend you for this article. I am distressed by this and am glad you have brought it to light, because there is one thing I agree with you on and that is there is corruption in the Jamaat. If it does not get exposed, then it can't be fixed so, thank you for helping us better ourselves. I think you have done a good job and from today, I think the Jamaat will most likely improve. So the reality of the situation is, you have only shot yourself in both feet by publishing these private documents! If I am honest, I think you are either an Amir yourself who is begrudged by Rafiq Hayat or the child of an Amir: jealous her father does not give her enough attention. You have a lot of growing up to do but nevertheless, I think you have done the right thing today for once. You are right, we do have a right to know but this doesn't make you right.

  15. You seem very intelligent too, under all that 'yeah man let's rob a bank' talk, you must be to be able to do all of this. You seem creative but unfortunately, you are wasting yourself and your talents by working alongside shaytaan. MTA and Lajna could do with someone creative like you so Sister, come back to Ahmadiyyat and work for God's cause not the devil! You could even be one of those 'reformist' who once strayed and helps combat those who helped you stray, I think you would like that? We could even arrange a show for you on MTA 'Findings Finds Allah'? Come back sister, no one is angry at you we are all worried for you! You can make contact with me and I can even help ease you back into the Jamaat and promise to stand up for you when others might refuse otherwise! Come back. B.Ahmad.

  16. B. Ahmad Masha'Allah you have the correct approach and I urge all readers, Ahmadi or otherwise, that the only 'findings' worth taking away from this site are positive ones.

    If there are any faults in the Ahmadiyya Jama'at then exposing them will only be to our ultimate benefit as it will lead to corrections and improvements being made. The faults of men (in any position) do not take away from the beauty of Islam.

    And to the author Findings, if you truly do secretly live in an Ahmadi family as one who does not believe in Islam-e-Ahmadiyyat, then please do use your intelligence to sniff out Ahmadi individuals like B. Ahmad who would rather help you than crucify you. At the very least you will find somebody who you can discuss with a community which you do not accept as your own, without feeling the need to promote opposition to its nizaam.

  17. Here's my Analysis...

    Even we Muslims have faults, I am sure cases like this exist amongst us too. So, we cannot say 'Ahmadiyya is false because of the fraud/corruption'. That part I think we're in agreement on.

    But, one of the amazing aspects of Islam is the way its financed. A religion, like everything else, needs financing. However, Islam does not explicitly lay out any method- whether by a single rich donor, or a group/tribe/family or the community as a whole.

    If an organization ever becomes corrupt, donors will simply give elsewhere. But if you are mandated by the faith to HAVE to give, even to the corruption. It has no fear or risk of losing payments.

    In short, there's no mechanism to regulate and self-correct.

  18. Ok money has gone missing thats a bad thing to happen we put our hands up and say it was wrong beacuse we are the people of truth. All i have to say on some of the negative comments on Islam Ahmaddiya. Please may i ask what sects you are from? You are more worried about us when there are Sunni and Shia killing each other. Killing other people? Terrorist attacks from 'Islamic' groups. Shouldent you target your blogs at the people who are distroying the face of Islam in violence? Please use your priorities correctly. Islam is in a state of Emergency! and we are not that emergency!!!! Amen.

  19. Bhatti should be ashamed.

  20. This blog and the investigation attached are TESTIMONY that the nizaam is working. There is may not be perfect...but it does catch-up.

    May Allah bless Jamaat Ahmadiyya and may Allah strengthen the hands of Huzur. Ameen.

  21. Where are you Findings19 September 2011 at 19:17

    why are my messages bouncing back Madame Findings?

  22. @ where are you findings...I am not sure what you mean?

    @ b.ahmad...thanks Uncs, but I wont ever come back to the Jamaat ever again... it wont happen.

  23. "very determined to break free and take as many people as I can with me!"

    to Hell? just go alone, allow the innocent.

  24. I knew it! I knew this would mean next to nothing to the average 'A' (wild!) thats why I did say most of you would read, grunt and turn your heads away! BUT it's a major hit to top brass. Not only does it show that strictly top secret brief case stuff is coming out but also the Naib Ameers are stabbing each other in the back. Look at what Shabs has said about Mansoor... he is another Ameer!Mansoor he's gonna go ape...there is so much backstabbing in the Jamaat, its a joke! Anyways Ive got what I wanted! Today I found out from my relative that Raf is under so much pressure to find out who's behind the leaks. This is becoming a real nightmare for him... I am a nightmare for him hehehehehe.

    There's a lot of ahmadis out there who want Raf and his cronies out. The best thing is everyone talking about this site so openly, so job done there too.

    Raf is really disliked by the majority.
    Fact is Raf is incharge of jamaats administration. Any administration that has been exposed with such flaws would be answerable, even govts take responsibility for their actions and leaders step down. Raf needs to go with all his African groupies. Fact: no other Ameer has brought the Jamaat into such disrepute during their tenure at the top and highlighted the incompetencies of the Khalifa. Don't these people realize the longer Raf stays the more Weak Mas looks.... Raf needs to go!! Period!!! If he goes, I will actually give up all this... he is the aim of the game!

    There is so much corruption under Raf and authorized by him he should go.Raf is in it for himselfand doesn't have the jamaats best interest at heart so the quicker he goes, the better!!!

    You Ahmadis seem to be congratulating this fraud, as it shows the Jamaat has 'regulations in place'. OH JHEEZ..... how twisted!

  25. yeah?? dont worry, if I go to hell, half these purse pinchers will be joining me! thank you for defending the fraud by the way!!!

  26. FINDINGs today you have exceeded all our expectations of you and have taken it to a different place altogether! I am worried for you because now you have officially made an enemy out of the Jamaat so pls be careful! They might do anything to shut you up! I would suggest you tell someone who you really are so if khudda na khasta anything happens to you the Jamaat can be investigated! Findings fraud happens everywhere but when everything in this cult is controlled so tightly and at such a top level, this proves how bad the management is! Someone has a lot of explaining to do! Findings mind how you go, you are a special sister to many people now so do not let harm come to you.

  27. "Findings" as your cousin, im very dissapointed that youve found company with hatred obsessed organisations.

    maybe it was a bad thing that we fell out all those years ago, i should have kept a look out for you. im sorry for allowing your hatred to consume you. im sorry your family got the brunt of the injustice. But you're at risk of having your cover blown with the deliberately false and loosely accurate information you're giving about yourself.

    If you get found out, you will humiliate your parents - whom you know don't deserve it, and your siblings and their children will be tainted by association to you for the rest of their lives. for their sakes stop. The so called "muslimah" dont care about you, they are just using you.

    you've made your splash, quit whilst you're ahead.

  28. Thanks cousin! I appreciate your concern..make sure you drop me an email, we have a lot to discuss! The irrational thinker.

  29. How can info be deliberately false and loosely accurate at the same time? Do I have MUG written across my forehead? No.

  30. Sister Findings

    Just to let you know I am behind you all the way, if the quadiyanis say "they are the saved sect and true Islam" this fraud should not have happened and believe me it's not the first time either. Allah is for everyone not only for the these quadiyanis who choose to close their eyes when there is clear evidence of fraud and other injustice from this cult, it's also typical that they are actually focusing on your character and morals rather than they own and making you look like someone who is blind and lost. Keep fighting Sister Findings!

  31. Well done Findings for your brave efforts!

    Firstly we can see alot of average ahmadis dont blink at these scandals, this is because of the brain washing they have been exposed to, they have lost the ability to comprehend or feel any sense of harm being inflicted on them.

    The second thing everyone should note very clearly is the veiled threats being made by the murabbis in the comments section. Its amazing how shameless and blatant it is.
    The hyocrisy of this cult never ceases to amaze me, this is what they mean by love for all hate for none,

    and it gets worse, the veiled threats are not just at the owner of this blog but their families.
    This is truly sickening, this cult is basically threatening to humilate, harm, bully and harass the families of the blog owner, even though they have nothing to do with this blog, even though they may be jamat loving, paid up members, it doesnt matter to the cult, because the cult is a low life, low class, cras crimincal gutter outfit which functions and thrives on brainwashing and threats.
    Any ahmadi with sense wake up! Its not the jamat of God its a criminal syndicate run by unqualified fake gangsters thugs and criminals.

  32. Young Ahmadies needs to think that the organization they are following which consider to be divine is not a holy as they think.

    There are more and more sign of it being a business rather than a spiritual organization.

    Thanks alot for the effort sister Findings

  33. By reading the comment on your cousin it clearly shows that Jammat is nothing but a cult who will go at any length to control and silence the ppl.

    like he was talking about ur parents and ur siblings and their children being effect and disgrace just coz ur exposing this cult wow.

    Stay safe and be careful


  34. Rafiq has to resign. Send this all to his real boss the Geofrey, whose email address is on his mumbojumbo site. If not than post all this to him.

    Rafiq is incharge since a long time. When are next elections. It will be good for him to leave.

    No one wants too see Rafiq Incharge. Its time to go work full time for Geofrey.

    Go Rafiq Go.

  35. just wondering...when this injustice happened to your family why didn't you turn to someone, confront the appropriate people personally or write an open letter, why did you wait?

  36. Shabbir,

    Where is the privacy of this person. You have accused this guy of fraud. Which is very bad. How can you say he is a fraud? You area fraud. You are a Munafiq like Rafiq.

    Where is Data Protection.

    Do you make similar reports in your surgery of your patients ? This should be notified to GMC to cancel your license as a doctor, as you can't keep privacy. You should resign immediately and seek forgiveness from the innocent person, you have accused in your false report, which is now all over the world.

    You are incharge of Tarbiyaat of UK, and your own Tarbiyaat needs Tarbiyaat.

    You should not be a member of any committee. A shame on you, who can't even keep his documents safe.

    What will happen to the 5000 patients you have in your surgery. Do you write similar reports about them?

    Under what authority, you are writing reports ?

    Now you should leave medicine and start a career in finance. A pity on you.

    When are you resigning ? Due to you data protection can come into play.

    When will you do your Tarbiyaat ? Also apologise to the innocent guy, whose life you have destroyed? No one is above questioning.

    A Shame on you and your family and Rafiq you should resign immediately.

  37. Salam

    I found this silly blog when you emailed me, no doubt getting another leaked document and spamming Ahmadis. I wonder how the Mullahs would react if ex-Muslims got a personal list of their email addresses and emailed them all directing them to an anti-Islamic site?

    There’s little point in wasting time in addressing all the petty issues on this and the other blog. Just note, that every single ‘allegation’ can be raised to your own Muslim communities. You want to talk about corruption? Have a look at:

    Am I shocked that 7 of the top ten are Muslim countries? And that just 1, just 1 of the least corrupt out of to top 25 is Muslim? And you moan and groan about this one incident in our community? Corruption exists everywhere, but on the scale of your Muslim countries is beyond anything else.

    Your other blog about Ahmadis stopping mosques being built in other councils, based purely on hearsay like 90% of stuff on this blog. What do you rather do? Most of your Muslim countries have banned the creation of our mosques outright, stopped our publications, stopped us from calling the Adhan, stopped us from even saying Salam. And you moan about this silly hearsay? Have you not seen the campaigns you guys have run to stop our mosque buildings?

    You moan about us spying and kicking out members guilty of serious un-Islamic behaviour, of boycotting members who leave, what do you do? The vast majority of Muslims in the world and the version you follow would kill thier apostates, would stone anyone committing adultery. And you moan about us?

    I say it again, and was banned from the Thecult forum for saying it, sort out your back yard before criticizing us, sort out the forced marriages in your Muslim countries, sort out the corruption in your Muslim countries, sort out the stoning of adultery in your Muslim countries, sort out the scandals by your Imams (just type in ‘Muslim imam scandals’ in google) and you’ll see the fraud, murder, sexual abuse, physical abuse, killing, mass-terrorism your Muslim Imams commit. And what immoral activity can you point at our Imams and Missionaries? The list goes on and on.

    Like all Mullahs I have debated and spoken to, you lack the essential and basic skill of putting yourself in others people shoes when conversing with them.


  38. ^^ well said ANON @ 12:09 today! one point of contention though anon; what if he IS guilty, then he deserves this!

    1 thing I am with you on 1000% is that Mister Shabir Bhatti 'I had my family expelled from the Jamaat because I am a son of a' should go! No excuses no hoping it will blow over he needs to go and take Rafiq 'hustler' Hayat with him! Bhatti is a disgrace to his extended family and to all bhattis worldwide, he is a slimey old man who has a serious thirst for power!

    For ya'll reading leave Findings alone!!!!!!!! Pesky Ahmadi flies!! You have no shame threatening her like this!!!! What has she done so wrong, apart from exposing information people have the right to know? A few internal documents and your making it out like she is making out with the devil! You are carrying on like she slated yo big fat mommas! whoops did i say Yo Big Fat Mommas? Guess I did! What is wrong with putting this info up? What is wrong with that? I dont get it what is the crime here you vile little inbreds? The £400k thats been gobbled up or her? Thick as Sin Inbreds! You people are quick to find out the inside 'gupshup gossip' but it seems once you read it you feel dirty, filthy and ashamed and thats why you attack findings! hey instead of attacking her why dont you wash away your sins in the shower instead you frustrated apes! A confused bunch of apes going bonkers over her wanting a rich man lol talk about shouting and wailing over fudge all!

    Hey Get it Girl............... I am so glad that you got your sense back and woke up to this fudge! Hey if 'Mas' doesnt do anything now and explain this then its proof he is nothing but the hand (lol ;) ) maiden of Rafiq 'Hustler' Hayat! if they let this one slide then Ahmadis should topple mas quick! Ahmadiyyah is a joke and just another break off group just like many others convinced its 'special and selected' and 'the one'. its not. its 'none'. Yo findings, toooo much respect for you! I wish you all the success in the world! You are the name leading the revolution! Be proud 'b' and stand tall! You got 1000 haters but you got 100 true fans to make up for it! you go girl! you ambitious girl! you are killing them like no one has before and I am proud of you! May Allah give, give, give and give you!You will go down in history and you can do this! Do not stop now and do not be afraid and do not succumb to their threats! I know its hard 'b' and deep down you are probably terrified but don't fall now we got you! they dont know you, have no idea and are! get it girl! you are carrying a lot 'closet muslims' on your back now you must not fall now! control your mind and keep it trained to fight off the threats! the Jamaat is wrong not you! this fraud is wrong not you! the cult is kafir and you should never ever ever ever in a trillion years forget that! fight the kafir with your revelations and fight them with your mind! fight! and keep fighting! you CAN do this findings!!! fight it girl, fight it!and hey if its a boy then you are one G to pull this off! Mass confusion bro, Yo Momma Didnt Raise No Fool! Nuff love for your cause! i am 'a closet Muslim' like you and please listen to me when I say you have so many supporters out there girl! if you feel like you wanna give up remember we are waving your flag Findings!WE GOT YOU! Findings you have rocked the office like a torpedo you bad girl! Exposed Shabir BATTY up for badminding Big Time Bad Boy Mansoor Shah! Who to trust? Who not to trust?Bring on the revolution...FINDINGS ZINDABAD!! go go go go go go go go go go and dont stop! keep fighting! fight them! fight for the ummah! fight for your blind family! fight for your future away from ahmadiyyat! fight for us! FIGHT! we love you!

  39. Oh good grief if it aint my old pal Mashood! Seriously? Care to address the £400k fraud in the saved sect, instead of using Muslims as a shield? Typical!

    anonymous loool! Thanks B! I appreciate the words, I feel like listening to Rocky 'Eye of the Tiger' now! I won't give up inshallah! I will keep exposing and fighting them inshallah! :) thankq!!! :) @ Mansoor Shah: We are on his side!!! Go Mansoor get Shabz, Raf and Nas out of office!! Yes Yes!!!

  40. why are you so hard to ignore and so difficult to hate findings!! i am worried.

  41. Fraud is commonplace in many organisations and one person abusing the system does not mean it is all corrupt. At least this report shows it is being properly investigated and not covered up. If you really saw the file as you claim you would know what action was ultimately taken and that every penny which was not properly accounted for was paid back in full. Why have you declined to give your readers the full picture or do you just go for sensationalist headlines ? Also do you think it was acceptable to name the person involved ? That was a cruel thing to do as whether innocent or guilty he has a right to privacy and now has to live with the stigma of being named to thousands of people. By publishing this information you are guilty of libel and if you had the courage to reveal your identity you would have to face the consequences. Although as a coward hiding behind anonomity I guess you will continue to get away with this indecent behaviour. Would appreciate an explanation of these points although I have no confidence of getting any sort of intelligent or coherent response.

  42. Hmmm. I understand where you are coming from sir; I was hesitant to put the document up in its original form and was considering removing his name, but it wasn't for sensationalism..there you are sadly mistaken! If he contacts me personally from a legitimate email I will remove his name (I am not that hard faced, waqf e nau have requested that I remove some pics and I did so within minutes). I put it up because it is what it is... If he has indeed stolen money from the Jamaat, people have the right to know, that's their money! If he's innocent he has nothing to worry about Allah will judge him accordingly.. if it's a cover up from the jamaat then better everything is in the open.. cos if the charity commission gets involved they'll want to question everyone I assume! As for your threats of libel, that's nonsense and you know it! My style of writing is a facade Mr, its a red herring too! Once upon a time, I used to write articles for the Ahmadiyya Bulletin, and if they are able to match my formal style of writing, I'd be done for! Don't be fooled by what you read! Libel is only libel if its false info AND the other party involved can prove it, but all I did was present hard facts and official documentation of the Jamaat! If anyones in trouble..its them!! Shabir Bhatti is in big trouble for letting me get my hands on it the first place! If anyone should feel bad, its him, not me! I'm exposing truth, he and his papa Raf cover it up! Whose wrong here? A.C is welcome to approach me and I will comply with his wishes... Np.
    @ the person who asked why I didn't approach those who had wronged me. Lol..I did..many, many, many times but no one listened! Raf et al always win!

  43. Can I have proof the money was paid back? And also, if there was no wrong doing, why was it paid back? Hmmm...

  44. @Mashhood, if as you say Muslims and Muslim countries are so corrupt and immoral, then why did you and your family spend more than a decade earning a living off such corrupt state in Saudi??
    When you had a house in the UK why did you continue to choose to live in Saudi, was it becoz u they paid more and there were no taxes to pay? You were happy to take their money!!
    If Ahmadies are following True Islam and living under the blessings of Khalifa, then how come over 80% of them are on benefits and the majority of these are also abusing the welfare system? Coz as far as I know lying, thieving and dishonesty are unislamic acts.

    @Shabby - why are you dissing fellow ameer Mr Mansoor Shah with the comments in your conclusion that he has "morally exceeded his authority" and that he has "a loose relationship with MrAC". Innuendo and slander from one Naib Ameer against a fellow Naib Ameer.
    Is this the virtuous example you people are setting at the "top"? Is this how the leaders of true Muslims behave?
    For a man who was happy to shaft his own biological brother for money and have his family kicked out of the jamaat, you Shabby have no shame or morals.

    @ Findings - Thank you for showing us the True Face of the Ahmadiyya Nizaam. These people have a really ugly side to them. You are highlighting what really goes on. These people use God's name to deceive the public and force donations out of us all. At last we can see what is really happening behind the 'love for all hatred for none' slogan.

    @Raf you have a real bunch of idiots under you. Because of you the Jamaat's inadequacies have been exposed. You have placed incompetent people who in the real world are probably unable to hold down a job; and as long as they say 'yes Rafiq' and scratch your back you will put them in positions you see fit. Shame on you Raf Shame, coz no other Ameer has brought the Khalifa and Jamaat into such disrepute. If you had any morals you would step down. But you love ur position as Ameer too much to do that.
    Your sidekick Nas is a guilty man yet your happy to let him waste Jamaat's money. You Raf have made your beloved Khalifa look so incompetent that he looks as if he's scared to let u go.

    @ findings, you've got a strong following sis, keep at it. coz this following either luv u or luv to hate u, but none of them can get enough of what ur saying.

  45. Raf !!!

    You are now history. A headless Chicken

    Resign, Resign, Resign

  46. Salam

    You know your jeopardising your ‘secret’ identity, I’m no big shot in the Jamaat, I've gt no post and well on the contrary I’m quite an unknown and by claiming you know me, it narrows down who you are quite a bit, as I probably know of a handful of Lajna.

    Anyway, I’m not using your Mullahs as a shield ad very much like the above poster said, corruption exists in every community. But when you belong to a community (non-Ahmadi Muslims) who are the MOST corrupt in the world, you have no right to cry out when we have it on a tiny scale. It’s hypocritical isn’t it? But then again, that never bothered you did it?

    My point is this, that every single allegation you have against the Jamaat can be applied to yourself on a much much larger scale. You complain about corruption, but you are the most corrupt in the world. You complain about lack of freedom for Ahmadis, yet you allow least amount of freedom in your own countries. You complain about human rights breaches like reporting on members committing unislamic acts, yet the Muslim countries around the world breach fundamental human rights like freedom of speech, freedom of religion, basically if you Findings, were caught doing the same to your own version of Islam, the Mullahs would no doubt execute you for apostasy and blasphemy, while we Ahmadis would simply remove you from the Jamaat.

    Sort out yourself before criticising us.

    And stop with the saved sect business argument, shows severe lack of insight. Yes we are here to clear up your mess, but that doesn’t mean we’re perfect, instead we are far far far better morally.
    Your ‘you are the saved sect’ argument (like every other argument) can be applied to yourself again, doens’t Allah call Muslims the best of mankind in the Quran? Yet when you look around you non-Ahmadi Muslims are clearly not, are you?

    I’m not expecting any intelligent arguments from you in return to be honest, I’m surprised your allowed my post and haven’t banned me like your buddies on the Cult. In all honestly, I think you’re doing this for the attention your seeking, you haven’t presented any intelligent arguments, and have displayed the typical Mullah trait of criticising others when your own community are guilty of the same thing.

    Jazak Allah


  47. Raf,

    These are 20 Questions for your puppy Nasir Khan. Do reply them. As Huzoor has said to reply to allegations on the website.

    Is Mr Khan a Moosi; lf yes, did he complete his wasiyyat application form correctly and honestly?
    Who witnessed Mr Khan’s wasiyyat application form?
    Did the Amir himself verify Mr Khan‘s wasiyyat form? lf not, then who verified it?
    lf Mr Khan is a Moosi, then why has he not disposed off the mortgaged properties as directed by the Khalifa?
    Has Mr Khan got any other mortgaged properties which he should have disposed off too as directed by the Khalifa?
    ls Mr Khan paying his Chanda Wasiyyat on the Gross Rents (£137,347 for 2009) without deduction of interest as required by the Wasiyyat Rules?
    Who checks that Mr Khan is paying his chanda wasiyyat on income correctly?
    Mr Khan has no income from these companies; where does he get funds to maintain his lavish living style?
    Where did Mr Khan get the money (£219,330) to invest in these companies?
    Has Mr Khan got any other private income? From where?
    Has Mr Khan declared all income in these companies accounts?
    Have these accounts been prepared properly?
    Who has prepared these accounts?
    Who are the accountants? Are they close friends or associates of Mr Hayat and/or Mr Khan?
    As you can see above, Mr Khan has a female business partner. Why has he been allowed to have this female as a business partner when others in the Jamaat have been expelled for similar instances?
    Mr Khan was sued for fraud by a client a few years ago. If there was no wrong doing, why did he settle out of court?
    Mr Hayat is aware of all this. Why has he not advised the Khalifa of these facts?
    Why is Mr Hayat covering up Mr Khan?
    Is it a case of you scratch my back…..?
    Why is Mr Khan still a Naib Amir of the UK Jamaat?

    Come on Raf, Reply

  48. This is not just about the UK jamaat ... congrats it sent shock waves here in the 'holy land' of Punjab as well, at least to one family I know and relay things to ...

    keep up the good work

    Allah be with you!

  49. againstjamaatcorruption21 September 2011 at 14:11


  50. Well, what can you expect from a group that claims to be the saved sect of Islam and at the same time wages war against Allah (SWT) and the Holy Prophet (SAW)? Allah (SWT) and His Messenger (SAW) have declared war on those who consume interest (2:279), but the Ahmadiyya community happily continues consuming interest.

    I'm not making this up Ahmadis, this is not a mullah lie or some trick. You can check the Ahmadiyya accounts on the website of the Charity Commission and see for youselves. So much for "real Islam".

    But even so... £400,000.. wow. And that's only one case, who knows how many others exist.

  51. I am from the Ahmadi community. I was born and bred here and happily took part in Saturday and Sunday schools, Ijtemas, duties at Jalsa etc. I loved my community and that is what it was a close knit, hardworking, supportive, and on the whole, honest community. Times have changed.
    The AMA's objectives have moved from focusing on religious education, tarbiyyat and taleem to 1. concentrating on raising the Jamaat's media profile and 2. collecting funds to build masjids and wine/dine and impress the western world. This change in direction has coincided with the rise of Rafiq Hayat, who is excessively materialistic and political. People are openly discussing his failures; his poor choice of non-elected Naib Amirs, his manipulation of our Huzur, the double standards, the lack of transparency. There is a lack of confidence in Rafiq Hayat and he needs to step down, in the interests of our Jamaat.

    One comment to Anon @ 8.57. The problem is cases are NOT properly investigated. Shabir Bhatti is not the correct person to conduct an investigation but he is a yes man and that is why he holds the position he does. Anjum's case was one of suspected theft/fraud and therefore this matter should have been referred to the police - full stop. Shabir Bhatti is one of the Qazar Board members. They often fail to properly investigate matters and then people are expelled (often others are not punished at all for the same offence) - what about that stigma of being named to thousands of people? People receive no explanation of how the Board arrive at their conclusions, no decision is given in writing and there is no right of appeal. And why? Because Rafiq Hayat has specifically told his team not to put anything in writing for fear of legal action. Enough lawyers have advised him that there are human rights breaches happening so instead of stopping the breaches he makes sure nothing is in writing. Is this the right way to treat people?? If Rafiq goes perhaps we can start to get things back on track.

  52. @Mashood

    Typical Qadiani tactics. When they're stuck and unable to defend their thievish leaders they start lashing out against Muslims. Do you know what we do with corrupt leaders? Just open the newspaper and you will see. Four corrupt leaders have already been swept away and more will be brought down in future insha'Allah.

    What can you do? Can you openly speak out against Rafiq Hayat? Can you openly demand his resignation and form protests? No, because you are stuck in a cult where leaders are not accountable to anyone. Your (fake) khalifa is divine and so is your nizaam, they must not be questioned. That is the hallmark of cults.

  53. @Raf you've lost complete control of your people and cabinet oops amla members.
    You're disliked, no body believes a word ur sayin, no body trusts you, and dishonesty seems to be running through ur key members. You've brought shame on this jamaat and ur beloved Khalifa. Tut tut tut.
    Findings is ur nightmare come true, coz she's speaking the truth and nobody has done that b4. Jamaat people are all fed up with ur politics, and the way u try to ruin peoples lives.
    If you had any decency u wouldn't do this but no one believes u are decent, just a player and politician desperate to stay on as Ameer.

  54. Salam

    Ahhh as expected, when unable to answer basic points; resort to personal attacks. Well unlike you guys, I don’t hide behind the anonymity of the net, and disagree with anyone who does. I personally think your all cowards.

    But I’ve made my point, and to be honest dislike discussing gossip and petty issues, particularly with kids.

    I’ll leave it at that.

    Jazak Allah


  55. You provide me with some good entertainment you know. I have to give it to you. Talking rubbish is your forte. Maybe you can go on 'Live at The Apollo' or maybe something more small, maybe something on the Ummah Channel or even Peace TV with your bestest buds

    Cheers Blud!

  56. Salaam sister or brother

    Firstly i like to say being an Ahmadi myself i know what you are talking about...Secondly im sorry to hear about the injustice done to you and your family by jamaaths higher ups been done to me as well...All i wanted to say is yes these people need to be kicked off and there are many others who are like butt kissers sorry about my lingo...Secondly not forgetting need to learn about this so called Mirza clans habits and this certain hazoors dad who was also a corrupt man...Ahmadis we all do need to investigate the jamaath further...

  57. Findings I just want to say as a Muslim elder I am so proud of you! I would like to inform you that local Muslims here in my city of Birmingham have even picked up on your wonderful blog and so many people are cheering you on! I will encourage my resident Imam to inform people of the Quadani Jamaat exposure! Subhan'Allah He has been kind to us for blessing our Ummah with a child like you! Young Findings never be afraid of them, fear only Allah my dear child! What you are doing is a service to Islam, quadianis are a threat to Islam and are anti Islam and one day inshallah you will join the ranks of those who have defended the name of Islam against these men! May Allah help you my dear, never be afraid and never give up your war and never give up hope of a way out! Everything is for the sake of Allah! I pray you find a way out soon as you deserve to live as a Muslim! Very proud of you! Very proud indeed! For many years people have exposed the flaws in their religious beliefs that they pass off as 'Islam' and 'true Islam' (naoudubillah) and they cover up with 'metaphorical context'. They can't cover this up and they can't pretend anymore! Mirza Masroor Ahmad, woe the day a Qadiani gave birth to this blessed child for exposing you and your Pakistani practises as a 'Caliph'. God bless you wonderful child of Islam. Allah has not only given you Islam and your sight back but he has chosen you out of thousands of women and men to do this! How special you should feel and how honoured we should be to witness 'findings'. You are the chosen one not their 'home made' Messiah or Caliphate! Ameen.

    Iftikhar Gul, Birmingham, UK.

  58. Raf is going to resign. But his Chamchaas are begging him not to do it.

    Raf resign so this disrepute is over.

    Raf what has happened when you do illegal ex communicate announcements all over the world ?

    Raf go home to your mother, who is on benefits.

    Go Raf go. This will be a blessing to UK Ahmadies

  59. With people like Nas Khan what are the chances that more money hasn't gone missing. Some one should investigate him again. But he's Rafs righthand man, and Raf will always protect Nas.

    Raf will be trying every trick in the book NOT to resign. His chamchaas are begging him to stay put because they don't want to loose their 'titles'.

    Raf is a man who is purely political and self serving. He has no taqwa and is not working in the interest of the jamaat. His policies and his
    methods have resulted ordinary Ahmadies from turning away and talking against the jamaat.

    People are fed up with looking at his smug face on every other page of the jamaat publiations. Page after page we see his photos. No other Ameer has behaved in such a way or been so self promoting.

    This man and his incompetent bunch of cronies need to go sooner rather than later.

    Chances are while the ordinary Ahmadi is reading this, Raf will be working on how to manipulate the Khalifa in keeping him on as the Ameer.

  60. Shabbir Bhatti Practice is

    Its name is Parkars Row Family Practice

    2 Wade House
    London SE1 2DN

    Telephone: 020 7237 1517
    Fax: 020 7231 4275

    Parkers Row Family Practice and Alfred Salter Medical Centre will be closing on Friday 23rd September 2011 and will reopen as the Bermondsey Spa Medical Practice on Monday 26th September 2011 in the new purpose-built health centre at the address below.
    Bermondsey Spa Medical Practice
    Spa Medical Centre
    50 Old Jamaica Road
    London SE16 4BN

    Go Anjum, get him. Complain to GMC about invasion of privacy. This is your chance to settle with him, who has defamed you all over the world.

    Branch Surgery
    6 Drummond Road, London SE16 4BU

    Telephone: 020 7237 1857
    Fax: 020 7394 7050

  61. ^ Get him and finish him off as an Ameer! Guy is a joke as is the entire Nizaam! Batty boy screwed his own brother over now its payback!

  62. People in Canada, Pakistan,US,UK and Germany are all reading these blogs. Everyone is talking about it. Everyone wants to know why the Khalifa hasn't removed Rafiq hayat, someone who has internationally badnaamed the UK jamaat where the Khalifa lives full time.
    Perhaps the jamaat does not have many members who can speak english or are educated for a replacement of this Ameer. Or maybe Khalifa is waiting for Mirza Fakhar to return from Holland so he can be made the new Ameer of UK. The longer Rafiq Hayat stays, more badnaami for UK Jamaat and Khalifa apppears more weak and incompetent.
    PS Munir Javaid maybe you should show these reports to the Khalifa and not keep him in the dark. I'm sure he will be interested in what is happening on his homeground while he is on tour.

  63. Injustices and the way we try to tackle them is an important part in who we are as human. Remember in alll that is good and pure there can be mistakes which in all organisations are present but what you have to feel in your heart thats this method is the right method and the one adopted by The Holy Prophet (saw). Islam is what you make of it in your OWN actions not what others may or may have done be that right or wrong. Always remember that each one of us will answer for all our own sins and actions this is alwsy inevitable my friend. There is always a way back to sincerety and being able to say on that day i did everything right by my own methods.

    Do not also think that the world that loves you now will be there for you when you are in your own personal anguish and pains as for them it is only a present story which once its ends will be over. The end result will not come and it will just cause you much damage which i pray is avoided. Take a step back turn your phone off and take some time out for yourself and look deeply at what you find and turn towards it .

  64. Well, congratulations, Findings! You seem to have made new friends „The Birmingham Mullahs“ !! who curse the Promised Messiah and murder innocent Ahmadis! Do you find that soothing and cosy?

  65. Inna lillahe wa inna alayhe rajioon

  66. I do want to know where all our money is going..and if most of the money we pay as chanda is going into Raf's pocket then we have the right to know because its our hard earned cash.

  67. I don't remember a Qadiani getting killed in Birmingham...

  68. It must be metaphor then

  69. To Ahmadis: You always liken yourself to what has happened in the past to religions and how they were rejected and what not. But what happened in the end? The followers went astray, look at Jews, Christians, and obviously muslims. So your jamat and nizam isn't necessarily going to be perfect forever, accept that there are flaws, without bringing up the state of non-ahmadis. In fact, read the conditions of bait, and you'll realise that most ahmadis you know, or even yourself, aren't adhering to them.

    To non-ahmadis: Ahmadis run their mouths as if their followers are immune to non-islamic behaviour. Well shame because they're not, but we're all human beings after all and we make mistakes. What will be the state of muslims when they've accepted whoever is to come, will they be perfect as you expect ahmadis to be?

    Findings: You've put a lot of effort into saying that ahmadis aren't Muslims, and are very unislamic. Well that's abit unfair, because after all, where have your beliefs of the oneness of God, the prophet of Islam, e.t.c come from? So if you've been brought up in such an unislamic 'cult', how come you have islamic beliefs?

  70. On the Fence,
    Thanks for your fair comment.

    You mentioned how Muslims will be once we accept whoever is to come for us.

    The conception of Imam Mahdi between Islam and Ahmadiyya is very very different, almost as if we're talking about two separate persons who merely share a name.

    Muslims do believe that Imam Mahdi will come towards the end of days. But Islam is not based around Imam Mahdi, his coming and his acceptance. Its not even something we should focus on. Imam Mahdi will not come to establish a new faith or break-away jamaat, nor will he be involved in writing books and debating other Muslims.

    Instead, Muslims focus on performing their prayers, purifying their hearts, rectifying their communities, etc. We are not even supposed to concern ourselves with when he comes, but with our own impending deaths.
    But when he does, he will be an international leader with wide-scale acceptance, charged with guiding the world's Muslims in what seems like a tumultuous time. He will be a political AND religious figure (in reality the two are not separate), not just a regional figure tucked away in rural India. He will be above trivial debates or minute fiqh issues, because his responsibilities will be far above and removed.

    A lot of Ahmadis have been taught absurdities about what we believe and I don't know how to correct them...

  71. Farhan, you're welcome.

    I understand that Islam is not based upon an Imam Mahdi, but ahmadis believe he has come, so of course they're going to put more emphasis on him, though unfortunately this has had a partial negative effect, leaving some ahmadis ill-equipped about other islamic teachings, like what practices take place during Hajj/Umrah, and jannat ul baqi e.t.c.

    Don't ahmadis focus on prayers, purifying their hearts e.t.c? Yes they emphasise on their chanda system, but, where would they be without all of it? Also, when whoever is to come comes, will him and his followers lead internationally with empty pockets? Yes if he is the One, God will back him, but things aren't the same as they were back in the day. As crude as it sounds, you need money these days, although maybe thats just my view.

    With regards to what will happen when he comes; realistically, what are the chances of wide-scale acceptance to anyone in todays muslim world. Anyone who has claimed that seat has been mocked and ridiculed left right and centre. I'm not trying to have a go at your belief, I just want to know what will be so eminent about this person that he will achieve wide-scale acceptance, and be given a political position.

    I agree with your last point, ahmadis use the case of Jesus and his ascension to heaven all the time, but if they were to actually go and talk to non-ahmadis, ones which aint no tom dick or harry, and find out what exactly the belief is they'll realise that they've not been informed correctly.

    But, it works both ways, wouldn't you say? I've heard a lot of things about ahmadis belief sysytem which are false.

  72. Ahmadiyya argument is like:

    Just coz there is corruption at some other place then in their so called divine Jammat corruption is justified :)

    think please

  73. Qadiyanis are Bunch of idiots , the more i talk to them the more i think that they have no brain to think..... btw do you have any documents regarding the markaz in Calgary Canada ,,, if yes let me know

  74. On The Fence,

    In the Islamic conception of Imam Mahdi, Imam Mahdi will come, and then will die. Before he comes, Muslims should focus on the crux of the deen, during his lifetime they should focus on the crux of the deen, and long after his death, they should also focus on the crux of the Deen. Islam does not change after he comes, and we suddenly will not be making "follow Imam Mahdi" a new tenant of our faith. Its possible that many won't even realize he is Imam Mahdi, but will instead follow him as the leader of the Muslims. People who didn't explicitly give him Bay'ah won't be part of some "non-Mahdi" sect or anything of that sort.Again, Islam doesn't change or form new break-away sects.

    Towards the end of time, there is supposed to be a reunification of the Muslim nations and peoples, and a religious revival. Undoubtedly many will oppose him, but the idea is that the vast majority will recognize him, if not as Imam Mahdi, then as the leader of the Muslims in some capacity. And, it can only be that, because the world will be a different place than now - a time of war between Muslims and kufaar. Its not going to be like "lets debate this out, and see if his arguments make sense" sorta nonsense

    The vast vast majority of Muslims are not familiar with a single hadith about Imam Mahdi, and many haven't even heard of this obscure belief. They are not necessarily blameworthy and will not suddenly become disbelievers when Imam Mahdi comes (which is exactly what Ahmadiyya teaches). But they love Allah and his Messenger, so in sha Allah, even they will be on the side of Truth.

    When I was studying Shi'ism, I learned that there's a lot of straight lies and ignorance against their beliefs. But with Ahmadiyya, ironically, its the Ahmadis themselves who are ignorant of their own beliefs. (granted, the same thing can be said about Muslims) Most of them are only taught "Jesus" died and MGA was a hybrid of Messiah and Mahdi. This makes you Ahmadi. That, and the culture. But, most Ahmadis don't know of the strange things MGA wrote in his books. For example, its an established fact that Ahmadiyya considers Muslims to be kaafir, or his grammatical mistakes in his alleged English revelations from God. But they don't know this and will actually deny it

    I want to stress two things:
    A) When Imam Mahdi comes, its not going to be during a political and global situation like it now. We cannot use our experiences now as a map to understand the world. If you told me about the Arab Spring just 1 year ago, I would not have believed you. But look at it now! Before these "end of times" events occur, the Muslims will be unified (by Imam Mahdi, in fact), and there will be a worldwide religious revival.
    B) People aren't going to establish formal debates and dialogues over whether or not this guy is really Imam Mahdi. It won't be like that.

    And again....I'm not concerned with he comes...I concerned with my own impending death. Anyone who shifts to Imam Mahdi is getting distracted.

  75. listen u all fucked up muslim and u cunty bitch finding.u guys got balls come face to face.m gna fuck u all guyz so hard so u cant imagine
    i am wat u call real paki qadiani.u coward pussies.m gna fuck till u love me fagots

  76. Again Sunnis pretending to be Ahmadis... sigh.

    And you allow comments with swearing? Oh yea you do that yourself right.

    It seems you have this strange kind of disturbing propensity towards evil and dirty things.

  77. usman you didnt need to tell us you are qadiyani , your wear words and empty challenges were enough .... btw where do you live tell me the name of your city i will get some Muslims to face you and let me know if you wanna box , street fight or kick boxing ,,,

  78. Well done Findings for exposing this crap!These crooks are shaking in their boots!Get that Runt Raf out!

  79. Well the 400k black hole? Every religious organisation has people misusing money, what is the difference here? Some guy walked off 400k to buy equipment, yes I agree with you that this should be aired in the open but I don't agree with your blatant disrespect for "these higher ups".

    Also about the Jamaat not being able to touch you, well they can prosecute due to you breaching the Data Protection Act 1998.

    Well if you don't get caught in this life than you will be tried by the Allmighty Allah who will judge your actions. Have you no fear of Allah, has your arrogance and naivety taken you off the path of Islam.

    You may not fear the jamaat but do you fear Allah, do you even believe in Allah? Are you one of those mentioned in Al Baqara Verse 15

    "And when they meet those who believe they say, We believe but when they are with their ring leaders, they say we are certainly with you, we were only mocking"

    This is partly attributed to you, you pretend you are with one faith and then on this blog you write that you hate this faith and seek out to destroy this faith.

    Do your worst and then feel it in the afterlife!

  80. I do not go into the discussion if right if wrong here but can comment that there is corruption in jamaat rampant with involvement of supremo's own son his son inlaw his Amir UK, rajo rocket, his ps, his connections with Corrupt murderer haji ramta tunda there is no justice system in jamaat not transparent at all there is more persecution of Ahmadis internally than alleged external you have no right to breath protest is talkless internally mr wahayatkalia is the most corrupt on the earth his associates who see him doing wrong and did not raise voice are equally complicity because of their posts the system if election and complaints is crap in jamaat great job you did expose defects Unless they discuss their faults openly they cannot reform

  81. Anjum chowdhary is Raju Rocket Is brother in law of Mansoor shah wahayatkalia was chairman of mta his own cousins jaswals under his nose acted Morden mosque theft he employs unlawful and ghost employees in collaboration with Zaheer Chaudhry share proceeds in every property he buys snd sells of jamaat with Nasir khan commission agents have an inhouse lawyer in Morden who helps them he manipulate accounts humanity first to him and his family kenyian mafia makes false allegations on innocent people by charter assassination recently funded series of litigation against a business because one us adopted son of supremo

  82. Litigation funded by jamaat against a judge police commissioner and director of public prosecution is a story worth to follow finance if funding by way of Qarze hasna a fraud way of corrupt practices take investigation on this story raja massed can help

  83. Yes you are right. I forgot to mention AC aka Raju is family to Mansoor Shah. The fraud, if there was one, runs a lot deeper than it seems then huh?

    Tell us about this adoption?? Which surpremo?

    And can you confirm whether the MTA chairman has remarried a girl aged 20 something, almost 40 years his junior whilst still being married to his current Mrs?? Let me know...

  84. Email me... You can find the link to my email in my profile. Seems you know quite a bit... Let's talk! And who is raja massed? Can you put me in contact with him?

  85. My email is

  86. I warn you RAF is very powerful he has a tiger bulldog fighter lawyer mashood Iqbal Can sue you for libel he sues air has sued his landlords neighbours well wishers he has sued lajna members including Shazia Bhatti Munir Javed and Shajar farooqi knows supremo knows Munir Javed is corrupt too he has used haji tunda ramta bring nonahmadis from Pakistan issue them Ahmadi certificate for asylum and shares proceeds with ramta all are kanas corrupt all cannot needs to be excummincated brought shame to Ahmadis

  87. RAF often tells lies to supremo and supremo believes his lies or keeps his eyes shut knowingly protecting him and his frauds it is my wish may God make him worst of examples in fame that he regrets shat hd has done with innocent people for false ego centricness

  88. I have not seen a person so shameless with all this humiliation with allegations of corruption nepotism he still lingers on he should resign with his corrupt team to release the entire community of his sinful shabby Unholy shadow

  89. RAF will not go until he is dragged out people throw shoes on him like bush, zardari, arbab raheem.

  90. Previous khalifs were assisted by zafrullahs salams atas
    Maliks qazis sufis but now a days We have bashiras ramtas muniras rajus rafiqas Ariund khalifa none I'd talented with taqwa like thing that's why corruption is rampant

  91. RAF do not stop people from corruption because he has involved in with them so much so that he fears them he sets up commissions of his choice and gets or amends reports of his taste he can go to any extent how shameless he is no comparison may god make him a worst example on the earth for others to fear.

  92. Rafiq Hayat has published a letter about the enquiries in September Issue of Ahmadiyya Bulletin.

  93. Look into why RAF keeps such people around him like his assistant who sits next to him in ameer office his son was jailed recently for several robberies including Babk cash van murdered like ramtas tundas and goondals bashiras and muniras

  94. Do you know RAF son in-law was receiving salary at Morden mosque staying in VIP room free of costs his father Bashir Hayat's legacy