Friday, 11 November 2011

Ahmadiyya to Islam: Another Cult Girl Confesses! A Letter to Masroor

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Earlier today I received a genuinely heartfelt and moving letter from a waqf-e-nau girl, it almost moved me to tears when I read it. She asked me to publish in on this site so that Mirza Masroor Ahmad can read it for himself. So Rafiq Hayat, Nasser Khan, et al. I know you read this site on the regular so you better pass this message on to Mas. 

I've edited out a small portion of the letter for legal reasons.. apart from that please find the letter reproduced verbatim below:

To Mirza Masroor Ahmed;

I hope you have access to the internet and read this note or perhaps one of your working staff will print this off and show you it. I hope so because it is the only way you might get this message because I know your staff hide letters like this from you.

I am a 22 year old Waqf e Nau female and came across this Blog after a) my family received an email about it and b) when I got a hysterical phone call from my good friend who was the subject of one of these reports.

I must tell you that I have always doubted Ahmadiyya for as long as I can remember; something or nothing did not feel right. I was not shy about admitting I was an Ahmadi but I had very little conviction in my faith or shall we say, the faith I was born in to.

I can't give you the name of my friend who you slandered and accused of pre marital relations and I can't describe the pictures you had stored of her because she does not know I am writing to you. My friend and I go back 15 years and we are very strong. I love her and she loves me. She is my sister and I will do anything to protect her. I was unable to protect her from you or Shabir Bhatti or any of the Jamaat and I am so angry. You hurt her. She did not deserve this. You hurt us. She was so upset but too scared to contact anyone for advice because she did not want to agitate her family or for you people to write more reports on her. She wanted to go to the police but we were scared of the consequences because then it would be a case of Her against Jamaat and her family would be angry.

I am reading comments and I see people attacking the Cult Girl for exposing the documents. I never understand. It's ok for you because it isn't you being 'backstabbed' and lied about but my friend had every right to know. She was clueless. She felt embarrassed and she felt so betrayed that people would spend the time discussing her. She felt violated and that is because her picture was seen by old men and whoever else.

She might not have 'observed' Purdah but this does not mean you had any right to steal her pictures from facebook and distribute them to men within 'the circle of trust'. You violated her body and her face. Is it a case of 'what she doesn't know will not hurt her'? No this is not the case. What she now knows has changed everything for us. She knows she cannot trust you.She hates the administration and now doubts you too.

It sickens me to the pit of my stomach to think you condone this as normal behavior. You have no right and do not have a duty of care towards us; that is the job of our parents and grandparents. You are not men of her family. You are not her teachers. You are just strangers from the Mosque who spy and write sexist reports.

I wish you would all just stop and leave us alone. It scares me to think this girl only managed to expose the top layer and how many other reports and spying activities you have approved. Maybe I am on there too? I guess maybe I will never know.

We are women and not animals. We are not your women but the women of our fathers and brothers and uncles and sons and husbands. You have no right to talk about any woman in such a horrible way. We are not your women and you have no right to ever talk about any of us like this. This might embarrass you but my friend and all the other girls had already started their Periods or 'Menses' and were as per Islamic guidelines not minors. You were spying and writing reports about women. This is gross. What is the difference between my young sister and a girl in her twenties? Islamically you cannot differentiate. I guess you do not act islamicaly in reality do you?

You recently banned Ahmadis from visiting Facebook for 'our own safety'. This was to protect us from 'anti-Ahmadis'. I think you Ahmadis are the biggest threat to Ahmadis. You use Facebook as a weapon against us and try to dig for dirt. You are right Facebook is dangerous and that is because Ahmadis use it. It is dangerous because Shabir Bhatti uses it. It is dangerous because you use it to download pictures of Ahmadis and then backstab us.

In the Metro Newspaper not many weeks ago there was an article that the Cult of Scientology had followed the makers of South Park Animation after they had poked fun at their beliefs. It reminded me of the Cult here. The following of Mosque visitors, the spying on their 'youth'. That gave me the creeps.

I hope and pray to God this girl continues to expose you. I hope the authorities see though you and you lose your ties with the councils and MPs who attend your meetings. You are double faced and backstabbing and immoral. You are freaks and your behaviour is abnormal. It does not marry with how you behave in front of 'ghair ahmadis'. You might deny it all you want but you know when you are alone locked in your mind that this is true. You present a fake image and I cannot put up with it anymore.

I want you to know that although my friend is resigned to her fate in this community and will probably marry within, I will be finding means to escape. I cannot be a part of this anymore and I cannot have my children be a part of this 'sick little scheme'. My friend doesn't want to hurt her parents but I have told her that our parents are wrong for holding this belief in their hearts and we should escape. She will not come with me because she is scared. She said she doesn't want her daddy's name read out in meetings because he is not a healthy man and suffers from Angina attacks. Why do you do this to people? Why do you name and shame people like this when you promote 'love and respect' for all?

You all need psychiatric help or counselling for your behaviour. Dr Shabir Bhatti should be thoroughly ashamed of himself because I have news for you- the 'tarbiyyat' is failing in this jamaat and is beyond your control. Your own daughter is a sorry state of affairs but you write nasty and hurtful things about my friend.

I feel better for getting this off my covered chest. However this is not the reason I emailed the team of Cult Girl Confessions. I emailed because I want to publicly tell you, Mirza Masroor Ahmed that I am no longer an Ahmadi and have reverted to Islam. Shukr Alhumdulilah. This was a very recent decision but I cannot disclose when I took these steps. I had the help of very learned Muslim friends and I credit the Islamic Society at my University for assisting me in my journey. I would like to remove all misconceptions the Jamaat have stated in an email by our Lajna president who suggests they are troublesome and spread hatred. This is a lie.

I bear witness that there is None worthy of Worship except Allah, and I bear witness that Muhammed (SAWS) is the Messenger of Allah.

There is None worthy of worship except Allah, and Muhammed (saws) is the last and final messenger of Allah.

I reject the imposter Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani. I believe in Allah who does not resemble any other creation and nor can He be compared to any being: living or dead. I believe in his AngeIs and I will not see them. I believe in All His Books including the Torah, The Old Testament and the Quran. I believe in all His messengers and accept Muhammad, whatever they say or suggest, is the Final in the line of messengers. I believe in the last day and understand I will be held accountable for all my deeds. I accept my Prophet as Muhammad. I accept my Religion as Islam. I accept Allah/God is One and accept He is the reason I am here and to whom I shall return. I accept all good and bad is from Allah. He is my Lord. Muhammad is my Leader. He is the last in line of all Prophets. There is no one after him. He is my leader. I will follow him to the end.

To the team behind this site: Thank you. It was the final push I needed to confirm this isn't right. Is this a Cult? I am certain of this now.

May you all be rewarded- whoever you all are (the girl thing has never been convincing but hey I don’t mind).

I hope you all get what you finally deserve Jamaatul Ahmadiyya.

This is from me on behalf of all the girls you slandered in your reports. Shame on you. Do you not have mothers or sisters or daughters yourselves?

This site has my full support. I think it is about time the truth was 'unveiled' or should I say the 'faketh unveiled'.

You can try and trace me and have me expelled but I don't care.

Mirza Masroor Ahmed I am no longer an Ahmadi. You are no longer my 'Hudur' and I am only honoring my parents by staying at home.

This is a genuine email and I would ask people to refrain from making any negative comments, as the young sister will be reading. I would ask Ahmadis to refrain from all insults and not to patronise her as she is very young, and we will not have you upsetting her.

So Mas, it seems that Shabs is doing a grand job at keeping the youngsters 'talakat' with the Jamaat in order! For those that were already harbouring misgivings, it seems like these scandals are giving them the nudge in the right direction: ISLAM. No true Islam, no new Islam but the One Islam! So keep it up because you are doing these youngsters the world of good!

I for one am very happy Mirza Masroor and Shabir Bhatti colluded together to authorise these reports on young men and women; if it means they are turning to Islam and rejecting this bogus religion of Ahmadiyyah, then right on! Keep up the good work Shabby Boy!

Yesterday I received another email from an Ahmadi who said that he 'longs for the tranquillity of Islam' so much so that it brings tears to his eyes. It seems this whole sordid cult is beginning to unravel. People are waking up to the irregularities and abnormalities. There is only so long you can cry 'Mullah'.

This right here is the fruit of years of cult tactics! You've only yourself to blame!


  1. Its very sad you have had to go through difficulties to realise this is a cult.
    Nevertheless, we welcome you back to the Ummah of Muhammed (saw), may Allah bless you with a pious muslim husband and keep you strong.
    You will realise it is the greatest thing you ever did, ever!
    Any other ahmadis reading this, dont scared, you have nothing to loose but your chains and prison! and you have your whole sweet life to win!
    It is not scarey and dangerous as the Murrabis have brain washed you to think! Its a sweet sweet world! come join us..........

  2. What a load of Rubbish!!! findings I see have put your photo up again same girl in all photos we get you soon dont worry

  3. rotfl @ the "Anonymous" qadiani threatening to do the same thing that just caused one of your members to apostatize and return to the Truth

    how dumb can u be lol

    anyway this spying thing is not allowed ... Rasoolullah (saw) had strong words for someone who was suspicious of his fellow Muslim ... you are supposed to make 70 excuses for your brother ... and even if you find proof that they are doing something wrong you don't go around exposing their sins or wrongdoings to the world ... this is basic Islam! Only when someone does a crime is when you must let it be known.

    Read Surah an Noor as to what the punishment is for falsely accusing someone of extra marital relations ... and for those who like to see scandals publicized ... if they actually falsely accused her of pre marital relations then the Islamic punishment is 80 lashes.

  4. Findings - you can do your best by all means. their hearts are sealed for giving Mirza G the respect only deserved for our Prophet Muhammad(pbuh). In our Islam, our 100% loyalty is for Rasool ALLAH. In Mirza G religion, not much is left for him after giving much of it to their Hazrat & Khulfa.

    They will not accept any argument as long it does not accommodate Mirza G as prophet in it.

    But keep up. Our efforts are not to make them Muslim if they don't want, but just tell them to show them all facts from Mirza G books and how contrary they are to Islam.

    This is what they call - for Hujjat - for Evidence - that Truth was shown to them - but they willingly rejected it out of bias and prejudice - for worship of a Personality and its descendants - so they can;t say to ALLAH - you made us born in Ahmadis - that is what we learnt from our Hazoors and Murabbis - no one showed us the Truth or highlighted to us - that why Mirza G claim of prophethood was false and Un-Islamic? -

    ALLAH does not want to hear this EXCUSE from them - HE will say, you are Liar - Truth was very well shown to you - but You rejected it out of arrogance - out of bias for Muslims because they rejected your false prophet who tried to compete and downgrade my Prophets - Essa(as) and Muhammad(saw) - you had a deep rooted hatred for all deniers of your false religion which I did not sent and I sent no Angel to this transgressor - and I don't talk to persons who lie and misguide my people - so now go and join your prophet.

    The ones who only followed Prophet Muhammad(saw) will join him.

    Mohsin (Proud to believe only Prophet Muhammad as HIS last prophet, and ALLAH's special blessings on me to give me wisdom so I could reject a Kazab Nabi)

  5. ????????????? The Spiritual Discovery of Australia ?????????????

    "Hadhrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad(ru) on the auspicious occasion of the laying of the Foundation Stone Ceremony of the first Ahmadiyya Muslim Mosque at Richmond Road, Black Town, Sydney, Australia on 30 September, 1983. Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih IV(ru) called this day ‘an important milestone in Australian history’, ......triumph of Islam in Australia."

    (Tahir edition of Review of Religions magazine - April 2008)

    Has Ahmadiyya conquered Australia in last 28 years? How many Australians converted? Not how many "Persecuted Ahmadis" migrated there??????)

    Mohsin (who protests his TJ fund contribution was wasted with no desired results achieved which were mentioned to collect this extra Chanda to spread Ahmadiyyat - zero spread - still mainly among Punjabi/Pakistani born Ahmadis - in fact only they did spread to the green pastures - thanks to persecution exaggerated propaganda)

  6. Rubbish??? If I reverted and others have too, then this is definitely not rubbish!! I know its difficult to come to terms with but people are waking up. SubhanAllah!! There are so many people out there like me! If you saw my'd know what I mean! ;)

    Btw loser this isn't me in the pics! Go to google images you donut!

  7. Our efforts are for truth and only Truth prevails in the end. They have no basis too defend their falsehood. We need to spread the awareness.

    Even we are not able to convert a single person, but remember, our efforts are to make Hujjat (evidence) for ALLAH, so these culprits have NO EXCUSE that day like - "Truth never reached us. No body showed us we are wrong."

    Keep up the good work to defend Namoos e Rasalat - Reverence of Rasool ALLAH will be the cause of our salvation. Insh'aALLAH


  8. LOL @ Btw loser this isn't me in the pics! Go to google images you donut!

    "you donut" - hahaha- u made me laugh findigs by tossing out this "donut"


  9. This administration (nizaam) are guilty of many things. They need to realize that the young generation will question their two faced attitudes and hypocrisies. Everyone has been observing how the likes of Rafiq Hayat bleat on about persecution yet THEY PERSECUTE AND OPPRESS THEIR OWN MEMBERS. They emotionally bully and blackmail and badger their own people and present a fake, liberal peace loving face to the politicians and media.
    Shabir Bhatti is a GP by day (He should know all about data protection especially where kids are concerned) and part of this mafia group at all other times. Who has given him the right to invade unsuspecting kids privacy?? Rafiq Hayat?? Mirza Masroor??
    @ DR SHABIR BHATTI for a person living in this country why do you NOT abide by the laws of the land which promote the privacy of indiviuals? Why do you promote Unislamic acts and spy on children and young females?
    What you and your bosses are doing is HIGHLY ILLEGAL. Someone in your profession has no excuse and should be reported to the authorities.
    You are responsible for people mistrusting and turning away from the jamaat and the likes of you Raf Nas are the 'mullahs' greatest weapon right now. Your shameful and invasive tactics are coming home to roost.
    I think findings is doing a great job showing everyone the underhand dealings of Rafiq Hayat and his team. Carry on the great work your doing, Ahmadies are grateful for the information your giving them.

    Another Ahmadi Fan of Findings.

  10. Anon 00.38. OMG you're sooooooo thick. You've had more than a year to catch her ----- what's taking you bunch of clowns so long??????

  11. * to mr cutlery who emailed me yesterday.. I will try my best to respond by tomorrow at the latest insha'Allah. Respond here so I know you have read my comments.

  12. Rafiq Hayat - How are you allowing this spying.

    You have daughters - What is your view, when same thing is repeated with your daughter ?

    The way to counter is that when its done to your self. Some one should put his daughters activities with pics on internet, so he should realise what privacy is.

    This activity in the name of Tarbiyat is illegal in UK.

    Your next stop is Jail. Have a close look at Wandsworth Prison, where you belong.

  13. findings,
    thanks for your message. look forward to hearing from you
    mr cutlery

  14. I second that statement

    "Your next stop is Jail. Have a close look at Wandsworth Prison, where you belong."

    Take note Rafiq Hayat.

    1. What I don't understand is why are these people not in jail already? Surely spying on someone without their knowledge is illegal? Why has this information not been given to the police? It would benefit all if these disgusting excuses for human beings are put behind jail! They should be exposed for what they are! A FAKE cult!!!!

  15. I've been reading this blog and forum for a while and what I fail to understand is that Rafiq Hayat is incharge as the National Amir. His reputation is in tatters.
    People refer to him as Kaloo, Pheekay, habshi, Munafiq, Badmaash, Corrupt Politician, Hyocrite etc. If this is the view of the general public
    WHY is he still in office????

  16. His policies appear underhand and outside the laws of land, so why is he allowed to continue?
    Is it possible that Rafiq is merely following instructions of MMA and is the fall guy in all of this. OR Has the power gone to Rafiq 's Head and he thinks he can do what he wants?
    The Jamaat is receiving all this negative exposure and it's dirty laundry has been exposed yet Rafiq Hayat shamelessly continues.

  17. Is Mirza Masroor sleeping?????????? can't he see what's going on???????

  18. Anonymous said...
    Is Mirza Masroor sleeping?????????? can't he see what's going on???????
    11 November 2011 14:48


    He knows what is going on and I bet almost all Ahmadis on net are aware of this Blog and how many hits it receives every day.

    But their attitude is nothing wrong with us. We have cult loyalty. And ALLAH will wreck the life one who left this cult. So they have members surety. They also know these blind followers will never stop for financial sacrifices as their love for ALLAH and HIS salvation factor is very well exploited

    Yes, he is awake but sleeping! And nothing going wrong as long followers stay deaf, dumb and blind but pay Chanda on time. Clear your arrears, year-end is approaching.

    Long live Mirza G cult dynasty - Hail Hazoor!


  19. Their attitude is of arrogance. They refuse to accept the errors of their ways. And Mohsin you're right - they exploit their members, financially and physically - and they continue to fool their members.

  20. Anon 14.41. I heard someone refer to Rafiq Hayat as a Kaala kuttah recently. woof woof.
    Another said he was the Black sheep of the family. baaaaa

  21. Hey findings i've got some pics of his daughter's and sons do you want them?

  22. allahu akbar, may allah swt bless our new sister and keep her safe at all times. ameen

    allah knows best but i have also heard that rafiq hayats daughter has reverted to islam, a imam at a mosque in london told me she approached him and explained her links to the cult after which she took shahadah because she realised qadianism is kufr.

  23. Subhan'Allah! Allahu Akbar!

  24. Whatever we think of Raf please let's refrain from calling him a 'kutta'. Please. That's not cool.

    As for the pictures- email me them. Ill get them up!! Email in contact me box.

  25. Kafir is a relative term in Arabic. Why Christians and jews are kafir of Muslims? Why Ahmadis are kafirs of Muslims? Why Muslims are kafirs of Ahmadis as taught by their prophet and further authinticated by their 2nd Khalifa? same reason -

    But calling someone Kafir in hate is unethical? Even someone is my religions kafir, i should not use this terminology to humiliate him or to spread hate against him. This is not allowed by Islam.

    We are all Kafirs of each other. So what is the difference? You call me or I call you? We should only discuss issues in a polite way to reach Truth. If we can't do that, then better stay each other home and practice what we believe is right. ALLAH will decide on our differences. What Quran says Lakum Deeno kum - For you your Deen - For me my Deen. That is the only way for peaceful co-existence and even to leave door towards Truth open.

    We should always attempt to emphasize Ahmadis why their religion is Not Islam so they are not mistaken -majority of them are.

    Muslims should not close this door for Ahmadis to reach the Truth.

  26. Anonymous said...
    Their attitude is of arrogance. They refuse to accept the errors of their ways. And Mohsin you're right - they exploit their members, financially and physically - and they continue to fool their members.
    11 November 2011 17:26

    how they exploit "physically"?

    May be You meant Hazoor asking them to fast if they are not mentally prepared for donations to jamat.

    Keep on fasting until the willingness arises inside you, than contact the Chanda Inspector right away before the Fast effect evaporates.

    ==========>>>>>C C C - Chanda Collection Cult


  27. Gali Gali mein shoor hay KK wadda chore hay wahayatkalia I tell you it is God's wreth on him let him enjoy

  28. We can't say Mirza Masroor's heart is sealed. Look at the "Nation of Islam", their top leader's son became a Muslim and led them away from Nation'ism into Islam.

    May Allah forgive Mirza Masroor and make him a role model for his community by rejecting Ahmadiyya and embracing Islam.

    And if not, him then his children.

  29. Ahmadis must demand ikhraj of RAF and his entire family who brought shame bad name reputation never happened before

  30. Anyone with a functional brain functioning the way it should would realize that mirza ghulam ahmad was a liar, a dajjal, a shaytaan and is bound to the hellfire! May Allah curse him.

    There is no God except Allah and Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) is his slave and FINAL messenger.

  31. Are you guys blind your Islam spies on everyone in Saudi Muslims are being spied upon all the time!!! so get a life!!!

    And findings all those letters claim to have, they are from all munifiq who got found out doing un-islamic things, don't you many Muslims during the life time of the Holy Prophet (saw) reported to him about the actions of Muslims who drank,fornicated ect ect please get a life!

    All your left with is your childish photos other wise you have no substance in your blog,

  32. the letter is not real!! it is finding who is writing them! everybody knows that Huzur (aba) does not spell his name " Ahmed" this proves it is an non-Muslim (seen you guys are not Muslims) who has wrote it or Findings

  33. Dear Findings & Friends,

    I would like to thank you and all of your friends for all your comments about the jamaat and the promised messiah, with the grace of Allah you have made my belief so much stronger in the jamaat and the promised messiah and my khalifa. I am truly blessed to be able to give chanda towards my jamaat and pray I can double what I give in the near future.

    I was very hesitant to comment on your site initially but thought I would inform you that your comments are making people like me believe with even greater conviction in our jamaat. I pray that Allah guide you to the right path and remove your hatred so you can see and recognise the truth. I request you all to please not write disrespectful things about the promised messiah or my khalifa. No one can force you to believe something you do not believe but please stop the abuse of whom I believe in.

    My last comment to everyone is why make any comments if you are not willing to stand up for what you believe, you don't even use a name or when you do you make one up. May Allah have mercy on us all.

  34. It is in Quran -

    ‘Allah (SWT) and His angels send blessings (and salutations) on Prophet Mohammad (SAWS) : O’ you who believe! Send your salutations and reverence on him, and salute him with all respect. (Al-Ahazab – 56).

    (Allahumma salle ala mohammadin wa ala ale mohammadin wa barik wo sallim).

    But listen to any Juma Khutba of Huzoor - and decide yourself who receives more mention ,salutations and reverence?

    YOU to decide - pick any Khutba - how many times our Prophet Muhammad's name is mentioned and how many of this man called - Massih Maoud?

    Where is the "true" allegiance of the "true" followers of this "true" islam?- your heart and conscious will tell you.

    May ALLAH let you say this TRUTH and not the "truth" you say out of the allegiance for this 3C Jamat - (3C stands for Chanda Collection Cult) - Amen!

    3M (I am forced to post as Anonymous as out of your "Love for All, Hatred for None", my Google account was Disabled on your complain for misuse - alleging I am spreading Hatred against AMJ - that is proof of your True love for me & No Hate for me and that is sign of your understanding the meaning of "True" - may ALLAH get you out of this state - SUMMUN, BUKMUN, UMYUN - FAHUM LA YARJEOON - Amen!)

  35. May ALLAH guide these followers of Mirza G - creating a religion other than prescribed by ALLAH where he is Rasool and like Rasool ALLAH, he received Wahi, the people who witnessed him became his Sahaba, he has Khulfa like Rasool ALLAH had, his wives are Ummat e Momineen.

    His parents named him Ghulam(slave) Ahmad - he stayed Ghulam until 1880, then started robbing his master Ahmad and finally in 1901 - wrote Aik Ghalti ka Azala - announcing his Nabuwat so Ghulam became Ahmad himself - and blaming the Ghalti on his followers that they did not understand him before and actually he was appointed Nabi in 1880 - what a prophet who stayed dormant for 21 years and then made Clarification (Azala) of that Ghalti -

    He is transgressor of ALLAH and tried to rob the Reverence of Rasool ALLAH and plagiarized Quranic verses to tell as his revelations - with little distortion of the original verse - but ALLAH humiliated him all his life when all his prophesies failed (they claim some filled or present some excuse why they could not be fulfilled) -

    the biggest was of Muhammadi Begum - you must be aware of his numerous "God told me this......" revelations about MB until 1 year before his death - from 1888 to 1907 - he stalked that poor girl - harassed, blackmailed and humilated her and her family when she got married some one else and kept on publishing Ishtiar (Ads) of her revelations about her - that her father will die if she will not get divorce and marry me - she will be widow and marry me - and all claiming God has told him so -

    the saga that started with his first revelation in 1888- saying God told me - your Nikah has been solemnized with Muhammadi Begum in Heavens - only died with his miserable death in May 2008 - for 20 years this "Prophet" made the poor woman's life hell - lying this is on God's instructions - this can be the character of only a false liar "Prophet" - mentioned to us by Rasool Allah(saw)

    how they can deny - it is all stated word by word in Brahin Ahmadiyya - seerat ul Mehdi - all the Ads published in Majmooa i ishtiarat

    they can have only some excuse - o'no this was to bring her family to right path - otherwise word by word is documented and any one can see himself in books available on

    their hearts are sealed and brains completely brainwashed - he was one of false nabi which Rassol ALALH said - 30 of them will come after me

    any way - all i am concerned - is only about u - keep ur faith right and strong - u will be only asked for yourself


  36. Ahmadiyat Zindabad

    Rafiq Hayat Murdabad

  37. Abbass Shah don't even use a name or when you do you make one up. May Allah have mercy on us all.

    Amen! what is in the name? You use Islam name same way. Please choose some real name for your Mirza G religion. Stop posing as Muslims with your own Nabi. Islam does not allow a new nabi after Muhammad(pbuh) and Muslims don't believe so. You believe so, then it is a different faith that Islam. Choose names for your religion from this - Ghulamiyat - Mirzayat - Qadianiat - Ahmadiyat - Hazariat - Hazooriat - Chandaism - Mussi-ism - Tajdiat - Murrabiat - Mahdiat - Massihat - Moaudiat - Mamooriat(mamoor min Allah)- Sufaid Minariat (people of White Minaret) - Choose one or tell me to propose you more.

    What a FAKE religion - believing ESSA died - not ascended - how he can descend back - but Mirza G made White Minaret in Qadian to "deny" his own claim to match the signs of these two AHadith (more but not quoting for brevity).

    Allah's Apostle(SAW) said:

    Allah will send Maseeh ibne Maryam (Messiah son of Mary). Thus he will descend near the White Eastern Minaret of Damascus, clad in two yellow sheets, leaning on the shoulders of two angels.
    (Sahih Muslim, Vol. 8, P. 192-193)

    It is reported by Aws Ibn Aws al-Thaqafi(RA) that hazrat Muhammad(SAW)said:

    Jesus, son of Mary, will descend near the white minaret towards the east of Damascus.

    And see how ALLAH satires, he made the same White Minaret as their insignia - Icon of Self-Denial.

    And see how they twist, fabricate and formulate their excuses for their own conflicting belief and to hide Mirz G fallacies.

    “He will come from east of Damascus” - One of the signs prophesized by The Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) of Islam regarding the identity of the Imam Mahdi that was to come in the latter days.

    The following is from:

    Minara-tul-Masih (Minaret of the Promised Messiah)

    One of the signs of the advent of the Promised Messiah as described by The Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) was that he will be raised near a white minaret east of Damascus. Although the real meaning of the minaret is symbolic. It was the practice of Promised Messiah to endeavour to fulfill every prophecy in its literal form as well. For this reason and in accordance with Divine Instructions he laid the foundation stone of this minaret on Friday 13th, March 1903."

    3M (Falsehood exposes herself her own - no need for any Logic or any Effort)

  38. The following is from:

    Minara-tul-Masih (Minaret of the Promised Messiah)

    One of the signs of the advent of the Promised Messiah as described by The Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) was that he will be raised near a white minaret east of Damascus. Although the real meaning of the minaret is symbolic. It was the practice of Promised Messiah to endeavour to fulfill every prophecy in its literal form as well.

    ====>That is why he tried to fulfill the Prophesy of Muhammadi Begum also but Chanda money didn't help like in White Minaret Case. Her father was main obstacle in the way of this Divine Marriage so according to my other Prophesy, his father died (victim of Miza's nuisance - mental torture but still died of his old age and natural death) - now their was another Prophesy of her husband death (since he was on WW1 front) and Muhammadi Begum marrying me and become "Umme Momineen" - since husband did not die according to script I wrote - so MB missed the chance to be UM - her bad luck - but all my Prophesies were to correct the faith of family and bring them on right path. That "purpose" was achieved for these series of Prophesies regarding Muhammadi Begum - the unfortunate soul who missed the honor to be "Umme Momineen" - 3C "momineen" .

    3M (he read all the Scripts of Mirza G wrote for this "Heavenly Nikah" and "Chanda" extortion dramas)

  39. I was born an Ahmadi and reverted to Islam too. Ahmadis are so lame they can never get their out of their arrogant asses and actually consider people do reject/leave Ahmadiyyat. It is becoming very common, especially here in Canada! That is why many of them will take this letter as fake! News Flash:- Ahmadis are reverting to Islam and this is a real time real fact! It is happening and this letter is the voice of many silent reverts.

    subhan Allah!

  40. It's not very nice to rafiq hayat a kaala kutta. You know dogs are very loyal animals and trustworthy, they're a man's best friend. Calling rafiq a kutta is an insult to all dogs.

  41. Anonymous said...
    I was born an Ahmadi and reverted to Islam too. Ahmadis are so lame they can never get their out of their arrogant asses and actually consider people do reject/leave Ahmadiyyat. It is becoming very common, especially here in Canada! That is why many of them will take this letter as fake! News Flash:- Ahmadis are reverting to Islam and this is a real time real fact! It is happening and this letter is the voice of many silent reverts.

    subhan Allah!


    Subnah Allah! Brother/Sister

    That's so true, they are arrogant and cannot except that born Ahmadis leave this cult, I am a fellow born Ahmadi who has left this cult and the reason for this is that I did my homework on their so called Islam and whilst doing my homework I found the real Islam, for your deen you should not have time for arrogance, your time can be up anytime and there are no second chances.

    Return to Islam and follow The Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) not Mirza Ghulam he was no prophet but an imposter.


  42. Even this letter is "made" one, I would have written same. It is my voice. We need to break Cult shackles.We live in fear."Big Brother" watching.They harass us in the name of religion, divine wrath and curse, if we not followed their dictation.Please help us.God!Please help us.Give some Hidaya to my parents.They fear they will be sent to hell if they ever move out.I said one time hell is better than daily hell.Is this happening in 21st century and we are slaves and being exploited in the name of religion?What is this true Islam and who made them Custodian of true Islam?Why jamat goondas chase us?

  43. Rafiq Hayat

    I have a daughter. Just to let you know, if you do any hanky panky with her, you will be buried in your Traps Lane Palace.

    Shame on you.

  44. Jamaat accepts all in the name of system. They fail to protect honor of their daughters and sisters. Jamaat E Baighairitiyya.

  45. Anonymous said...12 November 2011 16:29

    Be brave sister. Contact Findings and make a group of like-minded victims. Their fake system will not last long. People are getting more and more aware of their Hypocrisy. Seek Allah's help and strengthen your Emaan by reading Quran for steadfastness. This mafia has to stop this. Otherwise, soon they will be taken to courts by this young generation who has no fear of their God gifted Curse. They are not favorites of God like jews claim. They are criminals and need no respect or allegiance. They are exploiting peoples weakness so they stay trapped always and continue being source of their Chanda.They are doing crimes against humanity under the mask of piousness.They are fake and liar and violating this country's law. This game of theirs will not last long.May God be with you and protect you from these evils. Rafiq Hayat! You have some shame.This is the way you will run jammat.You will wreck and destroy it.Why they are still keeping you there?But I wish they keep you long.This jammat needs self-destruction.

  46. Subhan'Allah, may Allah SWT bless the sister for leaving the cult of Qadianiat to accept Islam, May Allah SWT keep her and her Imaan safe at all times, may he give her family & friends hidayah, and make her a means for other Qadianis to leave the cult. Aameen

  47. The billboard along the Shahrah-e-Faisal in Karachi carries a picture of a man and his message in which he is apologising to “Princess” for being a “dirty, sneaky, immoral, poorly-endowed slimeball” and wants to “make things right”.

    We need a similar apology from Rafiq Hayat & Nasser Khan.

    Disban Lajna Imaillah. Fire RAH & NAS.Stop spying us. We have self-respect and self-integrity.Watch your own morals.

    You Losers! I hate your hypocrisy.

  48. Is there any way you can spy back on these people, and write your own reports?

    Or is that exactly what this site represents?

  49. Dajjal of the time is KK, wahayatkalia need mesiah who can finidh him up

  50. We don't spy on them. We have no time to waste on them. There are lot in Jamat who are sick and tired of people at helm. They spill out. There are more heinous crimes but can't be shared here for lack of legal evidence available.This jamat is being operated more like an Italian underworld mafia.
    The time will come when films will be made on them and bestsellers will be written on this Free Masonry type organization.

  51. Hey Cult Girl. I want to say that I really feel like you were meant to come to us. I have been feeling so low for so many years about my religion. I felt sick, tired and drained all the time. I felt no connection with Allah. I had no fear of Allah. I had no love for Islam. I hated it because I hated the Islam of the Jamaat. I used to read what you would say about 'logic' and forget religion for 'a min' and take a step back and look at 'Mas' and compare him to current day Imams. His hypocrisy of showing humility but then driving in a Mercedes s500? ETC ETC. I realised this is a lie and fraud, using people's belief in religion to keep them in line. I just don't know where to go now? Did you ever feel anxious and lost? I want to break free too like this girl but I am now married to a very staunch Ahmadi. I don't know what I should do. I just want to say that I don't know if I believe in Allah right now but I will make prayers for you to break free forever. I hope you do not end up where I am. Be strong. You are a very special girl. I am sending you much positive energy your way. Keep exposing these liars. You have more support than you could ever even begin to imagine. I love you x

  52. The girl who wrote this letter, anon 12.22, you are not alone in feeling this way about the jamaat and its readers. In the past there has been no outlet for us guys to say how we feel about the way people at the top say one thing and do another.

    The people commenting on this blog are tip of the iceberg.

    Thanks to findings we can say exactly what we want without fear of punishment. Thank you findings what you've started is truly liberating for Ahmadis.

    Ahmadis take advantage of this opportunity.

  53. No one can expel any Muslim from Islam or Ummah. But an Ahmadi "muslim" can receive a Letter from jammat office saying;

    "I regret to inform that as per the instructions of Respected Amir Sahib, the following individuals are no longer considered the members of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community:"

    and lo' ur name is there. Why? Violated some cult rule(keeping relatioship with Muslims and attending their marriages or your Ahmadi Muslim daughter married her own a Muslim boy). So you are thrown out of their Community. What you are now? A fish out of water. An Ahmadi but not belonging to Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. You are totally cut-off from your relatives and friends. You can't have marriages of your children with Ahmadis. You can't go to any of jammat functions. Other Ahmadis will be penalized for keeping any contact with you. It is a complete social boycott.

    As some one said here, it is not a jammat of muslims but a cult. Chanda Collection Cult and nothing less nothing more.

    No need to discuss any thing on Islam with them. It is just their weapon to distract you from their Cult structure and its activities.

    The community(cult) are so mesmerized that no logic will effect on them. And they will always present what they are programmed to say by this Cult. Ahmadis are like robots, with no mind of their own. They will just repeat "arguments" to you like a recorded tape.

    So don't waste time on making discussions with them. You are talking to robots with no brain of their own. Even walls hear but they can't hear you.

    =================Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamat====NO===>>>Chanda Collect Cult<<<========YES

    From now on call them 3C Cult, not AMJ.


  54. I'm an Ahmadi from Canada. Me and my friends read this blog regularly. What we don't understand if all this is going on what is Huzoor doing about?

    Huzoor got rid of Nassem Mehdi so why can't he replace your Ameer?? Huzzor is looking really lame.

  55. Does the UK Ameer have a special hold over Huzoor who is letting all these wrongful actions take place right in front of him. Does Huzoor not mind this negative impression that people in Canada are developing of him.

  56. If you observe the way the leader and people like Rafiq Hayat behave you will see there is NO humility. Only ARROGANCE. Talk to them and watch their behaviour, see and judge for yourself.
    As they say actions speak louder than words.

  57. Cult girl you've got a real following from us up North. We look forward to your next revelation. We can't get enough of you and your blogs. LOL

  58. I'm an Ahmadi from Canada. Me and my friends read this blog regularly. What we don't understand if all this is going on what is Huzoor doing about?

    Huzoor got rid of Nassem Mehdi so why can't he replace your Ameer?? Huzzor is looking really lame.

    Because this Ahmadiyyat was a fraud from the very beginning, he is not divinely appointed at all, we keep on stressing that read their books, do your research and you will come to the truth.

    Mirza Masroor should address and get rid of this ameer but instead he gives khutbas on chanda, it's all about the MONEY with them. This administration is keeping quiet thinking that maybe this will all dissapear but as this is only the beginning, I am a born Ahmadi too and trapped with this cult, I have more inspiration khutbas from the Muslims than this Mirza Masroor.

  59. The advent of this Chanda Fraud goes back to the founder's time. Watch this clip to know how his own "Chief Sahabi" Dr. Abdul Hakim Surgeon - author of Quran Tafseer -describes him @ 4:40 min


  60. Don't people ever question why their amir is a property developer? Why isn't he an imam or a religious scholar?

    Think people...

  61. Ahmadis always object on Pakistan declaring them non-muslims in 1974. See what they consider their so-called "non-Ahmadi Muslims"?

    their objection is how Muslims can declare a kalima-go Ahmadi as non-Muslim - read why they declared Muslims as kafir - only for not believing Mirza as nabi.

    So each of their logic denies their own logic.

    (In light of Qadiani own Writings)

    1-Muslims declared Kafir (Non-Muslim)
    2-Marriage with non-Qadiani declared Haram
    3-Praying Behind Muslims declared Haram
    4-Funeral Prayer for Muslims declared Haram

    Muslims were declared Kafir by Mirza G, 100 years ago, why so much hue and cry if Muslims have paid back in their own coin only recently?


  62. Findings said...
    Don't people ever question why their amir is a property developer? Why isn't he an imam or a religious scholar?

    Think people...


    That's true Sister Findings,there are nothing. If we look at Islamic scholers like Tariq Ramadan and Hamza Yusuf, both serve the Islamic teachings in their khutbas and have a significant influence in the West internationally. Mirza Masroor and Rafiq Hyat are still stuck with sucking up to the British like their founder and the funny thing is that the UK is not bothered about them. So embarrasing on how they behave.

  63. Anonymous at 13 November 2011 17:57 said it best:

    "If we look at Islamic scholers like Tariq Ramadan and Hamza Yusuf, both serve the Islamic teachings in their khutbas and have a significant influence in the West internationally. Mirza Masroor and Rafiq Hyat are still stuck with sucking up to the British like their founder"

    That's exactly it!!

    Also, we can refrain from cursing at Rafiq uncle. Its not from the character of a Muslim.

  64. Anonymous said...13 November 2011 17:57
    Findings said...
    Don't people ever question why their amir is a property developer? Why isn't he an imam or a religious scholar?

    Think people...


    Think.....? Do you THINK we cult slaves are allowed to THINK? I am THINKING b'cas I did repent for Shirk & Mirza-Parasti by special Grace of ALLAH. Pray to ALLAH...Pray HE let you be true follower of ONLY Prophet Muhammad(saw) and there is no Mirza Kazab in Islam. Once your Prayers are accepted....You will start THINKING...then Repent and Leave MIRZA-PARASTI even you have to give all your world as a Sacrifice...The second question in Grave will be ...WHO IS YOUR NABI....Think what will be your answer....Pray ALLAH release you from "Triple C" you can Think your ONE answer for 1st question...the answer for 2nd question is also..............ONE NABI................think...............Who is the ONE? Choice is YOURS and you will be treated as you will answer.....but only ONE TWO NABIs....and no lame explanations will be allpwed there....ONLY RIGHT ANSWERS....ONE NABI...which ONE....choice is YOURS....

    Think people...

    3M - "Still" your best wisher

  65. @farhan, i request you read the Quran more often, there is nothing wrong with cursing such zalims as rafiq hayat,

    3:86/87 - How shall Allah guide a people who disbelieved after their belief and had witnessed that the Messenger is true and clear signs had come to them? And Allah does not guide the wrongdoing people. Those - their recompense will be that upon them is the curse of Allah and the angels AND THE PEOPLE, all together,

    3:61 - Then whoever argues with you about it after [this] knowledge has come to you - say, "Come, let us call our sons and your sons, our women and your women, ourselves and yourselves, then supplicate earnestly [together] and invoke the curse of Allah upon the liars [among us]."

    2:159 - Indeed, those who conceal what We sent down of clear proofs and guidance after We made it clear for the people in the Scripture - those are cursed by Allah and cursed by those who curse,

    2:161 - Indeed, those who disbelieve and die while they are disbelievers - upon them will be the curse of Allah and of the angels and the people, all together,

  66. The Three Questions which will be asked while you will be hearing the footsteps sound of those came to bury you;

    Prophets sayings from "Sahih Bukhari":

    Narrated Anas bin Malik: Allah's Apostle said, "When (Allah's) slave is put in his grave and his companions return and he even hears their footsteps, two angels come to him and make him sit and ask, 'What did you use to say about this man (i.e. Muhammad)?' The faithful Believer will say, 'I testify that he is Allah's slave and His Apostle.' Then they will say to him, 'Look at your place in the Hell Fire; Allah has given you a place in Paradise instead of it.' So he will see both his places." (Qatada said, "We were informed that his grave would be made spacious." Then Qatada went back to the narration of Anas who said;) Whereas a hypocrite or a non-believer will be asked, "What did you use to say about this man." He will reply, "I do not know; but I used to say what the people used to say." So they will say to him, "Neither did you know nor did you take the guidance (by reciting the Quran)." Then he will be hit with iron hammers once, that he will send such a cry as everything near to him will hear, except Jinns and human beings. (See Hadith No. 422). (Book #23, Hadith #456)
    Narrated Al-Bara' bin 'Azib : The Prophet (p.b.u.h) said, "When a faithful believer is made to sit in his grave, then (the angels) come to him and he testifies that none has the right to be worshipped but Allah and Muhammad is Allah's Apostle. And that corresponds to Allah's statement: Allah will keep firm those who believe with the word that stands firm . . . (14.27). (Book #23, Hadith #450)

    Narrated Al-Bara bin Azib: Allah's Apostle said, "When a Muslim is questioned in his grave, he will testify that none has the right to be worshipped but Allah and that Muhammad is Allah's Apostle, and that is what is meant by Allah's Statement:-- "Allah will keep firm those who believe with a Word that stands firm in this world and in the Hereafter." (14.27) (Book #60, Hadith #221)


    Think people.... Don't BREAK the "Seal of the Prophets"....break the "Seal of your Heart"....

    3M (May ALLAH guide you and save you from Mirza-worship)

  67. Similar Hadith from Saih Muslim:

    Al-Bara' b. 'Azib reported Allah's Apostle (may peace be upon him) as saying: This verse:" Allah grants steadfastness to those who believe with firm word," was rereaied in connection with the torment of the grave. It would be said to him: who is your Lord? And he would say: Allah is my Lord and Muhammad is my Apostle (may peace be upon him), and that is (what is implied) by the words of Allah, the Exalted:" Allah keeps steadfast those who believe with firm word in this world and in the Hereafter." (Book #040, Hadith #6865)


  68. Simple Test which will decide your fate

    The 3 Questions of the GRAVE:

    These are the answers to the following questions:

    Who is Your Lord?

    Allah is my Lord.

    What is Your Religion?

    My religion is Islam.

    What did You Say about this Man?

    I testify that he is Allah's Messenger and Slave.


  69. Findings said...
    Don't people ever question why their amir is a property developer? Why isn't he an imam or a religious scholar?

    Think people...


    What is the surprise? If the Prophet was a Stalker of a girl/woman for 21 years (1886 to 1907-the year he had his last prophesy about Muhammadi Begum), then what values and ethics we expect from the rest of them? In their prophet life, his close associates started "accusing" him of Chanda fraud.

    And they distract their own followers and others on death issue of Jesus son of Mary, so no one can notice the death of their own conscience.

    3M (Beware! You are dealing with the Miscreants)

  70. Ok since this site has nothing but mud-slinging...... just a reminder to sunnis.....

    Sunni muslims are a major demographic for porno viewership.

    Sunni Muslims have monopoly on the heroin drug game. Afghanistan lives on the drug trade.

    The most transpartent-ly corrupt political structure is found in Pakistan (by far sunni muslim)

    The list goes on and is endless of the fractures of justice/peace that exist in Islamic World. ALL OF WHICH I KNOW MUSLIMS HAVE RATIONALIZED.

    -we all on in the same........ this whole blame game is lame. and a lie.

  71. remember your ahmadi motto - love for all.........
    Actually it should be Love for Mas only and fool the Whiteman.

  72. Anon 14 November 2011 07:12

    Your slogan should be "Love all Ahmadis, Hatred for Sunni Muslims"

    Try to control your hatred, you are burning in your own fire of hatred for all Muslims who have rejected false prophethood of Mirza G.

    3M (O' Real Estate Agents of Heaven - Selling Heavenly Graves for propagation of "islam" can't be Islam -it is purely a Scam)

  73. Basically, the non-Ahmadis come along and take whatever turd that comes out of the Jamaat and spread it on their walls.

    If people commit unislamic acts, get caught, and then leave the Jamaat, good riddance. Feel free to join the Mullahs who'd either beat you, or lock you in their homes for the rest of your lives if caught doing the same thing.

  74. this site is a joke

  75. Interference is too much. Ahmadi Top Management should not get involved in every thing. Solicitors have their own laws. Rather than dictating Ahmadi Solicitors, the Top Management should link with SRA to make a local code of conduct in Asylum Appeal cases. If this can not be done, than simply they should complain to SRA, rather than getting themselves involved. As they have no resources to investigate or look into the conduct of any Solicitor. Its not their Job. The problem, is no one listens.

  76. I know. Loooool.

    Can you explain why your sicko khalifa authorised the spying of kids? Joke init.

  77. mira GULAAM qadyan died on a toilet man how can people follow this reigion? love for all hatred for none my ass, they spy on their own members, name and shame plus his books call ALL ahmadis BASTRADS! this guy was an ignorant village dweller looking to maike a raise from the UK imperialists as they are now.

  78. What I would like to know, is where are all these ex-Ahmadis who leave the Jamaat? How come we only hear of it on these sites? I've never met one in person, or heard of anyone besides your Shahid. Where are the rest?

    If you compare the treatment of apostates in the two faiths...

    If an Ahmadi converts to Sunni Muslim, then no more payments are accepted from that member and they are left alone by the Jamaat. And before you lot start telling me 'Oh they say this and that, they hurt our feelings...' Read below on what you Sunni-Muslims do to members who leave Sunni-Islam and join us.

    If a Sunni becomes an Ahmadi, they are apostates and face the death penalty, and will face violent opposition, as numerous examples across the Muslim world shows.

    So, how is it that we hear of so many ex-sunnis accepting Ahmadiyyat and none the other way round? Are the ex-Ahmadis chicken that they must hide? Hide from what? We're in the west, and not your so-called Muslim states and no religious group can harm you, just go to the police.

    So a small message to ex-Ahmadis, be brave, be sincere, get out if you disagree. Be like your brethren who convert to Ahmadiyyat and then face death with open arms for their real faith.

    Until then, all those saying their Ahmadis on this site, and insulting the Jamaat, we Ahmadis have no option but to consider you fakes.

  79. Dear Friends
    If qadianis are not muslims, then where is muslims. I know qadianis very well, they are the true followers of Rasoolullah. Can anyone name any sect/jamath in the whole world that this sect is true islam?. Actually is there any Al-jamath in the world other than ahmadiyya jamath. Every local/national sect in islam declare other sect as kafir and they all get together to make Ahmadiyya as kafir. This should happen because Rasoolullah foretold about this, that Jew devided in to .... and my ukkah devide..... only 1 sect(jamath resembles me and my sahabas) will go to heaven other sects will be hell bound. Khalifa safe guard every member of the jamath as parents safeguard children through admonition.

  80. assalamualikum miss bloger. i am noor ul huda. i got the link of this blog from a person from a comunity to protect khatame nabuwat. we are muslims alhumdulillah and want and wish and pray that you also gt rid of these qadiyani people soon inshallah and lead life like a true muslim amin.
    though this is no shock to see what is happening to the females in qadiyaniat. but the shocking thing is, people justify these acts. the islam i hv learnt told me that i am free to chose between good and bad. but in qadiyaniat, i see people forcing to keep people in qadiyaniat. which is a clear cut show that qadiyaniat is not only false but also a moraly degraded cult. keep up with the good you are doing. may ALLAH help you in the good you are doing amin.

    assalamualikum wr wb.

  81. Questions: what name will you give to a person who commits crime
    what name you give to a person who lie
    what name you will give to a dog
    why people gave names like KK,KALO, etc etc
    answer honestly