Saturday, 11 February 2012



You Ahmadis have abused this section beyond belief; I am amazed at how you have managed to drag Fozia's perjury into a completely different domain and you are now discussing potential findings suspects. Today I received an email by an actual stark raving lunatic, who because of YOUR comments implicating innocent Ahmadis, wrote a thesis/break down annotation on why he thinks it is Girl A because of all the comments on this website! Look at what you have started!

He even took the time to fish out her address on the net, along with randoms posts and also, went through her public facebook page. These are the sort of psychos you have in your Jamaat! I would advise all Ahmadi women to check your privacy settings, especially if you have switched to timeline. Shame on you for putting these girls in such a vulnerable situation! Look at what you people are doing! These are innocent Ahmadis! I cannot regulate or monitor this Blog all the time; I have Muslim friends of mine who I have entrusted to mind the Blog. They will pass comments without understanding what you people are getting at and understandably so, Cult Jargon is only understood by those who know.

For those of you who are leaving comments, calling girls sluts and slags and tarts you need to take a step back and understand that the girls you are referring to are NOT me, but are probably loyal Ahmadis! Is this how you talk about your own? Believers of your Messiah? Members of your Jamaat? Do you take joy, like the wife of your Ameer in the UK, in ruining the reputation of young and unmarried women??? For this reason, comments are not going to be allowed for a while on future posts until you people learn to control your tongues.

I don't think you understand the ramifications and as a result, the grief that families have to suffer, for being accused of talking out against your Cult. This is NOT a joke! You are even putting people at risk of ill health due to the stress and are playing with relationships that once broken, can NEVER be repaired to their original glory! You people are shameful and as much as I cannot stand Ahmadiyyat and as much as I am praying for your Cult to crumble, I do not take joy in the pain and hurt of innocent and very ordinary/base level Ahmadis grief and pain! It is for these people I am trying to open your eyes to the injustice and hypocrisy!

How dare you come here and curse and insult women like that without any proof, on the say so of a few below the belt hints on this Blog made by Ahmadi trolls!! Women of YOUR Jamaat and this is how you treat them?? Is it any wonder more and more of them are either marrying 'fake converts' or are leaving altogether because who in their right mind would want you as husbands / brother-in-laws / sister-in-laws etc... By throwing names into the air like you are, what is that achieving? Without proof, what can your Cult do? Nothing! So it's innocent until proved guilty... remember that! If you are going on the say so of others, without any supporting hard facts and evidence, then you are playing a very dangerous game. So stop it.

If this kind of behaviour continues, this Blog will close down and then good luck remaining in the dark about your Cult Administration! DO NOT ABUSE THIS BLOG for personal grudges! If you have proof, please present it to me or then, just do the right thing and control your waspish tongues! I do not want to see emails from old men who are very evidently stalking young girls from the South London region to try and piece the puzzle together! DON'T YOU PEOPLE UNDERSTAND THE CONCEPT OF RED HERRINGS?????????????? I suggest you look it up. I also cannot sit back and watch you people consistently insult my brothers and sisters in Islam; you are so rude and so catty and I for one cannot tolerate it! Mullah this and Mullah that- your Cult has taught you well!

If you are OK with your Naib Amir having a convicted wife, good for you. If he is the best man for the job, and there are no other able and qualified Ahmadis out there, then boy oh boy! There is only so much anyone can do to show you the hypocrisy. There is no need to divert the topic and bring innocent people into this; if your OK with it, say it once and leave it alone!

Leave innocent people out of this. If this behaviour does not stop, I will close this Blog down and you can find somewhere else to vent and cat and fuss and fight. Remember, the closet Muslims wont be amongst you forever insha'Allah! So relax...

If you have something to say to me, email me. I do NOT want to see idiotic rants and emails sent to me with a 'who dunnit' take! If you have PROOF, bring it, or just keep it to yourself! You can find my contact details above. Email me from a proxy if you prefer. Whatever goes.