Tuesday, 10 January 2012

HOW WOULD YOU FEEL? A Fact or a Fictional Scenario?

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Another quick passing post! 

You Ahmadis pay your Chanda in good faith, do you not? You believe the money is going to good use, such as ploughing money into Ahmadiyya literature, or the running of your satellite channel MTA. It’s spending in the way of Allah, according to your Khalifa Mas and all his aides and workers. You yourself sincerely believe you are pleasing Allah by paying ‘chanda aam’, and part with your cash in the hope that you will also reap the benefits in this life. Your Khalifa more often than not gives you examples in your Friday sermons, how one man paid £10,000 and shortly afterwards his business flourished. How one farmer in Burkina Faso wrote to him claiming that he offered the Jamaat a plot of his land and how some time later, he came into some inheritance that was worth a whole heap more than what he had given away. This is a very common tactic deployed by Mas and his team in an attempt to encourage you to part with as much money as possible: give and you will receive. 

What's all this about? Let me put a scenario to you, and I would love to know how you feel about it! This is open to all readers!

SCENARIO: Fact or Fiction?
It’s Friday the 14th October and a Jamaat favourite, Kingston and Surbiton Liberal Democrats MP Edward Davey, has organised a political fundraising dinner.  All the proceeds raised from this dinner would go to the Kingston and Surbiton LibDem Campaign Funds (its not a charitable cause). Edward Davey and his lovely wife Emma who organised and would be hosting this event, thought it would be nice to invite representatives of the Ahmadiyya Community.
The event takes place at the plush 4 Star Copthorne Hotel in Kensington. It would include an hour of drinking starting at about 7.30pm, which would then be followed by a 3 course meal and an auction that includes 5* holidays and bottles of Whiskey/fine wine. Edward Davey invited the Jamaat along to this mixed function, and requested that 10 of its representatives attend at a price of £100 GBP each, at a total cost of £1000 GBP per table. This was not any old fundraiser! Guess who was there? None other than prominent Liberal Democrat Vince Cable!!!! Come on, hip hip hooray! He is the Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills and is a cabinet minister you know!!!
Anyways, how would you feel if Rafiq Hayat authorised that the Ahmadiyya Jamaat be represented at this event? Remember, the event was mixed, think black tie and glitzy dresses, played music and alcohol was served. Bad enough, right? It doesn’t stop there. What if the Jamaat funds were used to pay for this event? I am talking £1000 of your chanda money, meant for the ‘Propagation of Islam’ was used by 10 Jamaat officials to wine and dine in the company of politicians who were sipping on haram juice?

Remember the Ahmadiyya Community claims it has no interest in politics. This is what Mas said about Politics and the Ahmadiyya Community:

“It is the foolish belief of those motivated by material interests that because the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat is a well organised and coherent community it may one day seek to overthrow the government. Let it be clear that we have no interest in seeking to enter the politics of Pakistan or for that matter that politics of any other country.”

"As private citizens every Ahmadi Muslim, in his personal capacity, had the right to take part in local politics or become affiliated to a particular party. However the Jamaat collectively had no interest in the politics of any State." 
LONDON, 13 October 2010

How do you feel about this, if it turns out to be true? I know the deal, but do you? How do you feel that this Jamaat is using money meant for Islam and charity but instead, spending it on fundraising dinners for political parties? How do you feel that last year, 30 Ahmadis were ex-communicated very publicly because there was 'mixing' at the wedding party, yet 10 Jamaat men went to this party that was attended by a number of women in dresses? How do you feel about that? How do you like the hypocrisy? How do you feel about it, my one time brothers and sisters in Ahmadiyyat? How do you feel about the direct contradiction in Mas's words and what the actual community practises? Were the 10 representatives ever expelled or cautioned for their behaviour? Probably not, right? After all, they went as a Jamaat, on behalf of the Jamaat and of course, their Khalifa Mas.

How do you feel about the fact that this 1000 quid was spent during a time of great suffering in Somalia. They suffered the worst famine in living memory, and in fact it's still ongoing. Couldn't this money have been better spent by helping those dying of starvation? Instead the elite of the Jamaat were enjoying themselves at a 4-star hotel. I know how I feel about it.. it makes my blood boil. 

I wonder if Edward Davey could confirm this scenario that I have laid down for you guys this afternoon? Here are his contact details: http://www.edwarddavey.co.uk/web/?q=contactme

Here are the Jamaat people you MUST contact and confirm if this is fact or fiction:

Rafiq ‘Raf’ Hayat- President of the Ahmadiyya Community of the United Kingdom.  
Nasser ‘Nas’ Khan- Deputy President of the Ahmadiyya Community of the United Kingdom.

Mansoor Shah- Assistant Deputy President of the Ahmadiyya Community of the United Kingdom. He also came under scrutiny when £400,000 went missing from the Community purse, remember?

(If you need their contact details, let me know!)

Ask them out of curiosity if there is any truth in this scenario. Ask them to confirm or deny. Let me know what the common response is.  It is worth mentioning that Ed Davey prides himself on being a ‘transparent and honest MP’ who regularly declares his expenses! He is actually a good chap and is known for his willingness to help and his community spirit. Contact him if you have no joy with the Jamaat and ask him for confirmation and remember, he prides himself on honesty and transparency, so be sure to tell me what response he gives too, so I might inform the local press!

Lets say this did happen and this scenario is real, the cheque was issued in October 2011. Ask the Ahmadiyya Association for the entire financial statement for that month. Go on…do the hard work for me please people, I am tired.

There is a new poll up! In relation to this scenario, could you all take the time out to participate!! The previous poll saw 105 vote in favour of Rafiq Hayat quitting/being sacked and 55 voters saying he should stay put. KAPOW Raf... whose (not) a popular boy then! Trouble sleeping? Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Enjoy the rest of your week. I will be in touch soon, real soon ;-)

Ps: Raf, Nas, Mans..do not lie when the people ask you, as it is un-Islamic and you are leaders of the saved Islamic community (or so you claim)! There is a reason I know about this scenario, I have one too many contacts in the Kingston area who happen to know certain people who Ed is acquainted with  ;)… remember that when you are questioned!

A 4kg heavier Cult Girl.


  1. Make sure you vote. Consider it DID happen....and answer accordingly.

  2. Confidence tricksters religious or not, use the lie of investment growth to con people when infact its all fabricated ponzi scam.
    Ahmadis should google ponzi fraud and see how its done.
    But its not unique to ahmadis some crooks who are orthodox muslims do the same thing.
    when I come across them I bin their invites and ignore their suggestions, but thats whats great about not being in a cult, you can say no to anyone.
    ahmadis are obliged to obey their cult leaders.
    if they dont they get humilated publically,
    what a dignified jamat.
    ahmadis the quran has sanctioned
    and sadaqah only
    nothing else.
    if you believe in anything else show us the proof from the quran.

  3. No way Jamaat do this. We are religious commuity and our focus is allah tallah and we do not need to impress these people and mix with politics.
    If jamaat do this then I think we do it for tarbiyat and for preaching and for showing we are good people and good muslims and because your people make muslims look bad in this country. We show this country we are peaceful people and good and educated and this is the real Islam.

  4. Lol. Your Jamaat never does this?

    Nasser Khan, Rafiq Hayat, Mansoor Shah and Ch.Mubarak (you know who you are)..shame on you!!!! This is what your loyal and blind followers sincerely believe! That you guys wouldn't do such a thing! Don't you feel any guilt Nas? Raf? How do you sleep at night? We all know this isn't true now, is it Raf? You know on your own life this happened on the 14/10/11 and the Jamaat issued a cheque for 1000 pounds. There was no tarbiyyat, no tabligh. It was to maintain relations with your masters.

    Nasser Khan..do you not care about being part of this fraud when you have children? What about the children of innocent men and women?? You know when you look in the mirror each morning you are not the ideal Muslim or even the ideal citizen of this country. You are a fraud. your wife is a convict. You have no knowledge of the Quran. Your son is a known fornicator and drug user. You wouldn't be able to give a khutbah even if you tried yet somehow you are in one of the highest ranks in the country. Don't you ever wonder why such an unholy man is so close to the Khalifa? What does that say about your khalifa!! You lot authorised 1k to spent towards a POLITICAL FUNDRAISER at a time somalia was suffering the worst famine of all time!!! Do you not understand that this isn't a small issue anymore????? People have faith in you guys and look at what you are doing behind their backs!!!! Have some shame and recognise you, in the name of 'Islam, are ruining peoples akhira in the name of this fraud!

    You disgust me. You more than your lead Raf. You should know better Nas.

    Have some shame. See the sincerity in this poster's comment. Honestly..you disgust me.

  5. Anonymouss poster... I am in a precarious situation when it comes to this particular post, that is why I couldn't provide the evidence. Understand my father would be placed in a vulnerable possition. I'm asking you to contact ed davey and all the men listed and ask them to confirm this is true or not...for your sake not mine. I already know... You've ggot the information you needd...work with it.

  6. Where wouldd tarbiyyat come into it in a mixed function, serving haram juice?? Come on my brother...open your eyes. Real eyes realise real lies!!! Come on.

  7. This cult has stolen my deen and my family, I just wished that I was never born into this cult!!!!!!!!

  8. Salamz Cult Girl. I just wanted to let you know that I believe in you sis! I am a young Muslim revert to Islam from Ahmadiyyat. I am from a small town called Dublin in San Francisco, Cali. I believe in all your evidence and believe in what you say without the evidence too! You are very specific and back up your claims in a confident manner. I would encourage those in England to chase this claim as this shatters yet another piece of their ideology. I only wish people stateside had something similar going on. You are tearing it to shreds out there. This is your legacy Sis. I am proud to say I witnessed the beginning of the end of this cult through you. This is your legacy. Long may you continue. Your family are blessed to have you one day you will make them proud. live out your legacy sister...I got you!

  9. Are you not aware that lobbying with political parties is something that all religious groups have done for years? How else can our persecuted community obtain backing to repeal the horrendous ordinance XX in Pakistan? They may not have been preaching Quran there but their intentions were for the good of the ahmadiyya community, especially vulnerable members who live in countries that does not allow them their basic human rights. Furthermore, why are you just attacking ahmadis? If you think so low of all non Muslims why not dedicate a site to other sects, or other religions even since other religions don't even accept the holy prophet(saw), yet we ahmadis still do.

  10. Shame Shame Shame

  11. Ahmadis have used ordinance XX to its full advantage.
    With one tongue they cry to western govts foul and cruel law that was passed during Zia's rule, and with their other tongue they say that it was Allah's will as it allowed tens of thousands to flee Pakistan and obtain asylum in the west from which the Jamaat is financially gaining.
    Ahmadis have always tried to get into bed with politicians they tried and failed with Bhutto/Zia in Pakistan. Now they're doing the same with western govts. They wine and dine these 'VIP' politicians from David Mellor to Tom Cox to present day Ed Davey and Justine Greening. WHY?? If they are no political why do they go to so much effort?

  12. Ansari_mowghlis_uncle10 January 2012 at 22:52

    @ you knew 10 Jan 22:01
    Subhanallah Alhumdulillah wa allahu akbar. Glory be to the one who showered you with his mercy and gave you hidayyat (guidance). I encourage you to learn about islam. It is truly the most beautiful thing in the world. When you learn about Muhammed (saw), the sahaba(ra) the majesty of the quran and the seerah(biography) you will fall in love. YOU have to take responsibility now, This post shows us that YOU have a part to play WE ALL DO. When Musa (as) was told to strike the sea with his stick, it wasn't the stick that split the sea it was Allah the exalted, but what we learn from that event is WE HAVE TO DO OUR PART and then put our faith in the most high, Allah the all powerful will surely do his part, he will never let you down.

    Allah will be with you if you are sincere. You should consider it your responsibility now, to help your family and friends see the truth and enjoin good and forbid this falsehood and munkar, so start in DUBLIN san fran :) May Allah guide you always, bless you in this life and give you firdoss in the next :) Ameen




  13. Anon 10 January 2012 20:04 is a classic cult victim. Typical response first denial and accusation of fabrication and then justification. This is what this cult does to its victims.

    Anon 10 January 2012 22:23 is also justifying this..

    While one can debate if it was a good way to lobby or as Anon justified this as "preaching", "show you are good 'muslims'" and "tarbiyat"... What is NOT debatable is the fact that there is NO transparency whatsoever in jamaat on where funds are spent. I am not saying there is no control.. its all controlled by the chosen few. They want your money and spend it however they like. Questions are not allowed.

  14. Thank you for sharing with global community, about what this jamat is doing in London, with the permission of Masroor and his family.
    £100=13,500 Pakistani ruppees.
    The families of Lahore incident May 2010 have lost their earning mens, sons, brothers, and husbands.
    These families within Jamat need money to feed the poor family members.
    This 13,500 Rs is enough for a average family to live for a month.
    What a shame, this khandan and Jamat showed to these families, and many more in world.

  15. I am begining to like this blog, love to be here


  16. "Typical response first denial and accusation of fabrication and then justification. This is what this cult does to its victims."

    Wow, that's a wonderful crystallization.

    * First denial and accusations of fabrication
    * Then justification

    The same thing happened when Br. Shahid showed Mirza's English "revelation from Allah" that contained grammatical mistakes. At first people flat-out denied it, then when he showed the reference, they justified it.

  17. I think everyone is missing the point! Please read the Qadiani Khalifa's statement where he clearly states that his community has 'no interest in Politics'. There is no room for ifs and buts. You are also forgetting this was not for lobbying and nor was it for preaching and teaching of any whacko sicko cult ideas. They were there as they were invited to a PARTY. There was drink, haram food and women there. They paid 1000k for the pleasure.

    Stop defending them when they are clearly in the wrong.

  18. @ 22.23... Totally missed the point. Wow.

  19. This is not the first time when they've made 'contributions' to political parties.

  20. Let me get this straight:
    So guests at a mixed wedding where there is no alcohol is punishable by being 'kicked out' and humiliated by these jamaat office bearers BUT
    office bearers can spend chandha collected from ahmadis on attending mixed political functions where alcohol is being served.
    Well well well another large dollop of hypocrisy by Rafiq Hayat and his guys.
    What a farce and a complete bunch of liars we have representing True Islam.
    I think I'll give Ed Davey a call and find out some more details. Maybe he should be informed of these double standards that this jamaat carries out.

  21. Findings, Farhan and team

    Please can you remind us what happen to one of the Ahmedi wedding in USA, then Chaudry Masroor sahib expelled 40 members as wedding gift.
    They were celebrating a joyful moments in their lives.
    But they said it was unIslamic.

    Then how come a Political party fund raising event for lobbying, with wine and dine become Halal. How much the Lord Ahmed BT played role in it behind the secenes?

    Punjabi Chaudry Masroor do you have an answer?

  22. IF Ahmadis not interested in politics why do they parade zlist politicians and unknown foreign politicians and pay all their expenses (from transport to accommodation to VIP meals) for them to attend their jalsas? HUH any one care to deny/justify?

    FORK tongues is a term that could apply yet again to these munafiqs

  23. Lord BT Ahmed had his own mixed wedding do with 'goray' and 'gorees' and also separate segregated desi do with khalifa.
    They're all playing these hypocritical games and BT is no exception.

  24. This was a party political fundraising event and we had no business being there. We are a charity set up for charitable purposes. How was attending this event in any way necessary? The problem is there is no control on expenditure so they spend on whatever they want.

    What annoys me the most is that we shouldn't have to suck up to these people to get our message about persercution heard. Persecution is persection. We're paying these guys to get heard. That's like cash for questions!

    I'm furious. I want to know who the 10 attendees were and who authorised this.

    1. I'd like to know who the attendees were too!!
      Normally they publish dinners and do's and parliamentary events in the Ahmadiyya Bulletin.
      Are they gonna publish pictures from this event and tell us the details?
      No -? why's that I wonder.........
      Who were the 10 who attended we should demand to know

  25. http://thecult.info/blog/2010/12/31/ahmadiyya-wedding-nazis-mass-public-expulsions/

  26. Disgusting. Raf should be ashamed.

    1. Raf/Kaaloo/KK?/Pheekhay/WahayatKalia Whatever his name is nowadays has NO SHAME.

    2. He will ignore ignore and ignore. He is so arrogant he doesn't think he is answerable to anyone.
      The guy is guilty of so much but carries on shamelessly - Baysharam wahayat insaan. Choor theynal pukki dhosti or jamaat dhe baistee kurran whaala.

  27. Findings keep up the work. The only true Islam is the Bahai faith. May Allah Guide mankind to the Truth Ameen.

    1. Hi Bahai and Qadanni friends,

      Can you prove your claims and actions form Quran?

    2. Is the Bahai faith the True Islam???

    3. No its not, there's only one true Islam. Which one???

  28. I think that Raf, Nas, Mas and others don't feel any shame and I think that they will carry on as usual without any regard because they know they have the gullible, blind followers who do not question anything and they will keep giving their money to them.
    They take money from children, widows, disabled, I agree charity is most commendable but this is not charity, chanda is not charity, charity is given of free will but this jamat demands this money or they humilate you in front of everyone, maybe this should be known to the MP too. I am also going to call DWP regarding this.

  29. Hey Mr Rafiq Hayat - have you ever discussed the excommunications, restrictions and public humiliation YOU authorize, with your politician chums.
    Do you tell them about the way you are constantly calling and harassing members for numerous 'donations' to your 'charity'.
    and then waste this money on Dinners and VIP's.

    Maybe someone should fill them in on the AMA duplicitous nature. There nothing 'true' about what you people say or do.
    You Rafiq Hayat are nothing short of a MUNAFIQ and a liar.

    1. Please do not waste time, and take him to court, there was cases were Jamat in Europe lost the cases of EXPULSION, it is ones right to live their life. For details
      go to this link

  30. RAF is the devil.

  31. We should all boycott RAF.

  32. is chanda voluntary?
    What about people who don't have any income? do they tell you where youre money is spent?

  33. The facts presented in this post are inaccurate

  34. ^ care to correct the facts then? what really happened?? actually don't bother answering that, you have just confirmed the above scenario did happen.

  35. Post the full list of attendees from jamaat

  36. Yeah tell us who went!!

    Xoxo cult girl fan

  37. No list cult girl?