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I know its been a while right?! Sorry about the quiet patch, but there are some things that needed seeing to and thus, my time and attention is needed elsewhere. That's not to say I haven't thought about my responsibilities here, I am well aware of what I had taken on, but in all honesty, this Blog had to take a backseat until I sorted things out. I will be writing a post up shortly, probably in the next few weeks, which will explain a lot. Everything is not what it seems, and the Jamaat, well BOI, let's say they are busy with me these days ;) I also have an annoucement that I need to make, but need to consult a few people before I do that.

Anyhow before all of that, I thought I would ask my old time readers to find something for me? Can anyone find me verified proof of the following: 

Hadhrat Ma’i Kako sahiba (may Allah be pleased with her): She recounted that once she went to see the Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) with a few other ladies and asked that some women said that at times due to work etc. they offered their Maghrib Salat with Isha. What were they to do? The Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) replied that he did not think delay could be caused if all effort was made. However, he said if due to some reason this was the case, Isha should be offered with Maghrib, because angels descend at Maghrib as they descend in the morning. Therefore it was better to combine them at the time of Maghrib.

Please can anyone, be they Muslim or Ahmadi, find me proof that in the times of the Noble Prophet Mohammad SAAWs time, there was any mention of women (or even men) offering prayers BEFORE the correct time? Please provide me with the proof, as I am presenting this to someone at my local masjid for discussion on the innovations of the Ahmadiyya Cult. Any help would be much appreciated. I will be going to see the Amirah tomorrow, so I could do with the help, as I am so far, unable to find anything to back this up. Please use authentic Ahadith or proof from the Quran. No mish mash made up stuff please!


  1. I would like to just confirm 100% that this is routinely done by ahmadis when they need to combine prayers for whatever reason. I know this because I have lived amongst them all my life. Im saying this because sometimes ahmadis don't actually follow the teachings of their messiah, in this case they do.


    Sorry for bringing no proof


  2. Salaam

    There is much discussion by our scholars about some of what I will mention. However, generally, I will give you what the majority of the scholars hold (and at the bottom add some of the differences between out scholars).
    If your opinion/madhab differs from this, then, Insha'Allah, there is nothing wrong with this.

    The Islamic prayer times are broken into three ‘sessions’.
    1. The time Fajr starts until Sunrise
    2. The time from Dhur until Magib
    3. The time from Magrib until the next Fajr*

    During these times, we have 5 prayers, two of them sitting in the second session (Dhur & Asr) and two in the third (Magrib & Isha) and of course, Fajr is by itself in its session.

    Now, the prophet (saw) was recorded to have combined between Dhur & Asr and Magrib & Isha as recorded:
    Ibn ‘Abbaas said: The Messenger of Allah (saw) prayed Zuhr and ‘Asr together in madeenah, at a time when there was no fear and he was not travelling.
    Abu’l-Zubayr said: I asked Sa’eed [i.e., ibn Jubayr], Why did he do that? He said, I asked Ibn ‘Abbaas the same question, and he said, He did not want anyone among his ummah to suffer hardship. (Narrated by Muslim)

    The commentaries of this hadith pretty much all say that, the prophet (saw) did this to show that out of necessity it is allowed to combine the prayers if they fall into one session. However, it has to be for a valid reason, not simply because you were late in making one prayer.

    To clarify this - Shaykh al-Islam Ibn Taymiyah (ra) said:
    With regard to joining prayers, the reason for it is if there is a need or an excuse. So if a person needs to do so, he may join prayers whilst travelling, whether he is travelling a long distance or a short one, and he may join prayers because of rain etc., or because of sickness etc., or for any other reason, because the point is to spare the Muslims any difficulty or hardship. (Majmu’ Al-Fataawa)

    Please remember, the only time you can shorten the prayer is whilst travelling. Combing can take place outside of travel, if there is a valid reason (daroora)**

    *Some of the scholars ended Isha time at the middle of the night and some said that the true time of Magrib lasted about 10 mins since the hadith where Gibrael (as) came to the prophet (saw) teaching him the beginning and end of prayer times, showed magrib to be on period
    **The Hanafi mathab does not allow combining of prayers and say that the hadith above (and other hadiths that show combination) was actually the prophet (saw) delaying dhur until the last time possible and then praying asr at its earliest time. The same for magrib & Isha.

    Wa allahu Alam

  3. -
    Praise be to Allaah.


    Yes, in your situation it is permissible to combine Maghrib and ‘Isha’ prayers. It is narrated in the Sunnah that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) used to join Maghrib and ‘Isha’ prayers because of rain. Muslim (705) narrated from Sa’eed ibn Jubayr that Ibn ‘Abbaas (may Allaah be pleased with him) said: The Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) joined Zuhr and ‘Asr, and Maghrib and ‘Isha’ in Madeenah at times other than times of fear or rain. I said to Ibn ‘Abbaas: Why did he do that? He said: So that his ummah would not be faced with hardship.

    The fact that Ibn ‘Abbaas (may Allaah be pleased with him) stated that it was not because of fear or rain indicates that these are two of the reasons for joining prayers.

    Shaykh al-Islam [Ibn Taymiyah] said:

    It is permissible to combine the two evening prayers because of rain, strong cold winds or muddy conditions and the like, and this is the more correct scholarly view. This is the view of the madhhabs of Ahmad, Maalik and others.

    And he said: It is permissible to combine prayers in the case of severely muddy conditions or severe cold wind on a dark night, etc, even if rain is not actually falling, according to the more sound of the two scholarly opinions. That is better than praying in one's home, because not joining the prayers in the mosque and praying at home instead is an innovation that is contrary to the Sunnah. The Sunnah is to offer the five daily prayers in the mosque in congregation, and that is better than praying at home, according to the consensus of the Muslims. Joining the prayers in the mosque is better than praying them separately at home according to the consensus of those imams who regard joining the prayers as permissible, such as Maalik and al-Shaafa’i. End quote.

    Majmoo’ al-Fataawa, 24/30

    In your situation, the reason for joining the prayers is undoubtedly more pressing than rain.


    Joining the prayers in this case applies to those who are required to pray in congregation. As for sick people who pray at home, or women who pray at home, it is not permissible for them to join their prayers.

    Shaykh Ibn ‘Uthaymeen said in al-Sharh al-Mumti’, 4/288

    But if a person prays at home because of sickness and does not attend the mosque, then it is not permissible for him to join the prayers, because that will not benefit him. Similarly a woman is not permitted to join her prayers because of rain, because she will not benefit from doing so, as she is not one of those who are required to pray in congregation. End quote. -
    Joining two prayers is not permissible unless there is a reason such as travelling, rain or hardship. If the time for ‘Isha’ is very late and the time for Fajr is early, such that it will cause hardship to offer ‘Isha’ on time, in that case there is nothing wrong with joining it to Maghrib at the time of the earlier prayer.

    The Prophet pbuh combined his Zuhr and Asr and Maghrib and Isha without any reason(i.e.travelling, rainfalll, danger, illness etc.) and Ibn Abbas was asked why he did that and the reply was "so that his nation should not be put to unnecessary hardship". i.e. just showing the ummah that this is a legal option. (Muslim 54/704)

  4. jjazakakallah for all the above feedbacks.

    Joing prayers has nothing o do with ahmadiyya cult etc. it's th sun ah and we see this in occasions of hajj etc as well.

  5. Good to see you back sis

    1. Brother Zia

      It will be good to see you back on the cult forums, I enjoyed your posts :)

  6. You know... if you wanted to go off the tracks and have your freedom you shoulda just gone completely off the tracks rather than to trap yourself in this spiraling never ending debate filled doom... you are obviously the child of probably a well respected individual of the jamaat because the documents you've stolen would only be in the hands of someone who has a high authoritative position... and if you are soo into being a good muslim the first rules you should be respecting is to fulfill your duties towards your parents but clearly you've already damaged the reputation of your family like real bad and i guess if i were your parent i would have the thought 'i woulda been better off childless'

    to take such extreme measures to rebel against your family.. either they treated you extremely badly or ur trying ur hardest to impress someone... or you could be plain psycho coz nobody goes through such extreme measures just to rebel against their family.. by this website i can as somebody who has studied psychology confirm you are 100% psycho, have major anger management problems, you are probably violent in nature both verbally and physically judging by the way you talk (write), you are very disconnected from reality as you spend all your time in a self-created cult of your own in which your one and only ultimate goal is to defame ahmadiyyat...

    the word islam means peace and obedience and if you are extremely into islam this should be the first thing you consider because by creating this website, stealing important security info and revealing it (and threatening the lives of others by making available to the wrong people info which they could potentially use and end up killing innocent people who have gone to worship at the mosque) you are only fueling disharmony among the world..

    basically you need to chill out.. go do something else.. i feel like i'm wasting my time by even trying to fix someone who is kinda in a state of blindness right now and can't be fixed even by 100 laser eye surgeries

    i came across that weird cult website by mistake n then came by ur website and i just think u people need to get a life, get an education, get rich and spend it all on poor people coz they need all the money they can get to build houses, grow crops and vegetables etc

    spend your time on something useful, life is too short to spend it on conspiring against your own family.. you need to like take a break.. go sky diving, bungee jumping, travel the world (its a beautiful place seriously i would recommend croatia, fiji, new zealand, japan; kyoto, and lots of other countries including kashmir coz its sooo amazing)

    after you've done that you will seriously see how much time you have wasted you may feel regretful but just forget about it as long as you move on at the right time its all cool... i mean can you imagine what it would feel like if you spend your whole life on the net writing these blogs n then look back n think omg all i ever did was create all this weirdness and nothing positive came out of it

    even a smile makes others happy.. seriously.. just a smile..
    if you live with your parents in the morning say salam to them with a smiling face and for them they will probably feel ecstatic and for you.. well u should feel really happy too seeing that your one smile made them happy... it sounds cheesy but its really not... it is actually that simple to make people happy

    so seriously get a visa to whatever country n go take a break, volunteer n help people its the best feeling in the world.. theres stuff like volunteering in orphanges or u could volunteer as an english teacher.. theres seriously so many options and ways of ACTUALLY making a difference to lots of peoples live who actually need help...

    so just be happy and let others around you be happy..

    you should start a new travel blog.. and take super cool photos and post them and then you could like win awards for 'best travel blog of the year' and win prizes which you could use to go on more holidays...

    good luck!!!

    1. This sounds more like an advice to be given to Mirza MAS the cult leader........

    2. He isn't the one going around slandering people.

      I give this advice to you too. :P

      Unless you're one of the ones who aren't allowed to go out and help people?

  7. someone you're obsessed with3 May 2012 at 19:09

    hey cult girl. hows your search for dirt on me going? crap im guessing. you know the mountain of stuff i've got on you my dear sister

  8. Nice to see you back and still fighting

    Keep it up

  9. how convenient that cult girl missed out the immediately following part of the juma address from the quoted paragraph above....i guess that actaully didnt suit the 'twist the truth' agenda!...just so you all know it was that the ladies of asked the question to the PM then decided to organise their lives in such a way that they then went on to regularly offer the Maghrib and Ishaa prayers at the correct times without combining them!


    Watch this video for the reality of this cult!


    Please read the above post, the deception of the quadianis and then they go and cry to British parliament about this case on how much persecution they are suffering in Rabwah, this is all lies, seriously there are not people persecuted from other Muslims but from their very own ahmadis.
    There are a lot of people in the world who suffer far more than the quadianis please open your eyes a little with an open heart and understand what your jamaat and Masroor are not telling you and what you do not know.

  12. lol these qadis were so hoping that you're gone.

  13. We are waiting for latest scandal. When is it coming?

    1. you need to go out more :S

  14. Oh dear cult girl. Texting me from a random number to try and lure dirt out of me. Amature

  15. Hey cult girl how about a few words on your sunni brothers convicted of rape up north today? one of them is a wholesome religious teacher at the mosque. If these people were qadianis you would be shouting from all the rooftops but because they are sunnis just like the largest stakeholder in FOX news I guess its no problemo! - SHAMEFUL

    1. It is indeed shameful what these men did no doubt and thank god all convicted too.

      The thing is that when ahmadis have committed a crime including rape your cult leader do the upmost to hide those facts whether the member is an elite member or a normal member and you do not expel him from your cult but rather people who have not committed a crime like an ahmadi marrying a Muslim which is Islamically is allowed, as soon as he/she marries a Muslim they are thrown out.

      By the way, ahmadis do also commit rape, and other criminal acts.
      I know one particular ahmadi, a waft-e-nau living in Germany who has spent some time in prison, he did not commit rape but he was charged with kidnapping, credit card fraud, theft and other crimes, the jamaat did not expel him at all!

    2. Was Mirza GAQ's son not a rapist??????

    3. Do these things have any thing to do with the religions being promoted?

      Islam has some terrible Muslims and on the other hand, it has produced the best of people, including scholars and warriors.

      The Ahmediyya has corruption amongst its followers – and I have met some nice people amongst them.

      However, neither of these speak on behalf of the religion. It is the theology that speaks for the religion. We follow Islam (the Muslims that is) because its theology is what is correct and what Allah (swt) has asked us to follow. We reject the Ahmadiyya faith as we believe that it is falsehood and that the theology has many mistakes that do not fit with a Godly religion.

      Finally remember - Allah (swt) gives us examples of wives and children of prophets who betrayed them, or didn’t believe in them... And these were prophets (swt) Allah (swt) chose to mention in the Qur’an – being recited every day to show us that our lineage will not save us, it is rather our practices and our beliefs.

      Wa Allahu Alam

    4. Farhan why are you writing under another username and are you really living in Egypt now?

    5. I am not Farhan (If you are mentioning me)
      And, I currently am studying in Egypt.

      I believe Farhan lives in the USA

  16. Everytime I read comments on this site from Qadianis, I truly understand the meaning of the word 'hate'. Rather than love for all hatred for none, their truthful statement should be 'Hatred for Islam and Love for None'

    1. We love you too! And unlike you, we even pray for you! That my friend is true love for all. To my understanding you guys only pray the worst for us. Whereas we pray only good things for all humankind.

    2. Ya, we know what is right!

      Actions of A cult speak louder than words........I have first hand experience of how they hate M community and their countries. Their cult leaders are a bunch of liars and hypocrites who have no shame or any remorse whatsoever. The gullible masses blindly follow them like sheep.

  17. you should really check up on that. I got my answers. All my saudi friends in western countries combine prayers. Theres nothing wrong with it

  18. Didst thou enjoyest listening to music on the train today?

  19. Qadiani rats are running scared of a gril

    Batman why are you scared


  20. @Batman why are you scared
    Basically Batman is a ‘Nafsiyati Mareez’ he cant talk here so he created a new blog where he fool himself that he is defeating findings, he lives in his own imaginary world and if you think he is scared then you are wrong he is bravely fighting with findings and MULLAHs in his imagination and defeat them every day but the reality is very different.

    Batman & Co is bunch of idiots they post imaginary stories about me and also copy and paste my comments on their blog and then they talk about me they are mentally sick people they need psychiatrist.

    Baygharto if you really want to defeat findings then come to the reality and this blog is a reality talk here about Pigot or other disputed issues and tell the world you are right and we are wrong. The way you choosed that creating a separate blog only proves that you are all ‘Nafsiyati Mareez’ you don’t want to see the reality you are fooling yourself.


    1. These ahmadis are running away as usual and never really give answers to the posts here, most arrogant people I have ever come across in my entire life!!!

  21. Please read this post, is this what you ahmadis think Islam, is then think again. Open your eyes and see the falsehood of this cult!

  22. Cult girl I wonder how your meeting went ?
    Best wishes

  23. Please read this, it's in German, it's regarding a Pakistani ahmadi living in Germany who is in court for the murder of his daughter and son-in-law. His daughter got married to this man without telling her parents.

    1. this is true Muslims practising Islam

    2. The point of the first comment regarding the German trial is to show that quadianis are not exempt from committing crimes, you quadianis have an awful habit of putting the Muslims down at every given chance, not all Muslims are like that and most quadianis are not like that either but I wish you quadianis will refrain from always pointing fingers at the Muslims when your own commit crimes of rape, murder, theft, probably even sex-slave activities, fraud, kidnapping and many more, do not say that quadianis are the best of all in their religion and good, fearful of Allah people because that is not the case.

      Your khalifa and your administration are acting like love sick puppies to make sure that the Queen knows just how loyal you are to the UK, that has nothing to do with Islam and is spending the chanda money on that and only then it is the elite who get to dine in luxury but what about your khalifa paying attention to the 3 murders committed in Rabwah and also look at the state of this jamaat.

      Also stop this nonsense talk also that goes around the quadiyanis that Muslims are jealous of us, what utter nonsense, are you totally blind that you don't read other media as what Muslims do good as well, I know what you quadiyanis talk about as I am unfortunately still stuck with you lot but once I am able to I shall leave for good!!!!

    3. love sick Saudis

  24. Volume 2, Book 20, Number 197 :

    Narrated by 'Abdullah bin 'Umar

    "I saw Allah's Apostle delaying the maghrib prayer till he offered it along with the 'Isha' prayer whenever he was in a hurry during the journey." Salim narrated, "Ibn 'Umar used to do the same whenever he was in a hurry during the journey." And Salim added, "Ibn 'Umar used to pray the maghrib and 'Isha' prayers together in Al-Muzdalifa." Salim said, "Ibn 'Umar delayed the maghrib prayer because at that time he heard the news of the death of his wife Safiya bint Abi 'Ubaid. I said to him, 'The prayer (is due).' He said, 'Go on.' Again I said, 'The prayer (is due).' He said, 'Go on,' till we covered two or three miles. Then he got down, prayed and said, 'I saw the Prophet praying in this way, whenever he was in a hurry during the journey.' 'Abdullah (bin 'Umar) added, "Whenever the Prophet was in a hurry, he used to delay the maghrib prayer and then offer three Rakat (of the maghrib) and perform Taslim, and after waiting for a short while, Iqama used to be pronounced for the 'Isha' prayer when he would offer two Rakat and perform Taslim. He would never offer any optional prayer till the middle of the night (when he used to pray the Tahajjud)."
    one of your muslim brother from Tx usa

  25. i think your boyfriend should have converted to ahmadiyyat...if he really loved you....

    1. is that the ahmedi way of doing things?! :D oh lets go and slate/slander the woman! i guess Mirza, your leader did the same to our dear prophet, ISA as so comes as no surprise!

  26. Oh please can you Ahmadi's/blind people not see this is a hatchling of the organisation....there is no Cult Girl/Boy it is just the organisation stirring things up to pivet office bearers to stardam and also to spy upon Muslims or ahmadi's who actually are starting to question this bogus leaders authority on Islam.

    Ahmadyiatt is just created by the British to infect Islam by spreading their cancerous cells in each and every walk of life but don't you worry God will bring it all crashing down like he promised to in the Quaran. Inshallah.

  27. lol. Didn't take long for this joke of a blog to go kaput!

    1. really? lol. tell that to rafiq and his lawyers.

    2. Any updates?

  28. I hope everything is ok?

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