Thursday, 18 August 2011

"A Little About Me" (If anyone cares to know)

This was meant to go in 'The Profile' section of the Blog Page, but I over did it and exceeded 1200 characters (argggh stingey or what!!) so I am posting it here instead (dont worry it'll soon disappear when I add more posts):

My name is, my name is, my name is f-f-f-fa-Findings!

So in short, I am a Paki Ahmadi (Qadiani/Mirzai) by birth and reverted to Islam a few years back (by the grace of the Almighty) but this isn't your average revert story. I am not open and out there and there's a simple reason for that: I was born into a CULT and so, my journey ain't an ordinary one! I can't leave the Cult just yet because quite frankly, I have nowhere to go (pull out the violin bruv..let's all go busking!!) It would be just too painful and too awkward to live with my family as an out and proud revert, and all the while, writing out against the Jamaat too. Also if I came out now, I would lose my connection to the Cult and all my inside info would go with it! So I'm biding my time, waiting in the bushes, waiting to jump out and go SURPRISE I am a MUSLIM and have joined the Non Ahmadi Team! Lol! No No, on a serious level, I'm hoping to escape one day and in a civilised fashion (maybe marry a millionaire or run away with the circus or
something..though this Cult I am in is one big freak show of a

I hear some of my Ahmadi readers saying 'but Ahmadiyyat is Islam so how can you revert from Islam to Islam' No. Its not Islam. Its a COMMUNITY, built on heretic beliefs and to break free, you have to break free from the shackles of community. And this is such a difficult thing to do, as the community itself is a CULT but then when your family is tied to the cult, it becomes even more tangled and twisted!! (Am I making sense?? I don't even understand what I'm trying to say!!) We could be here forever going through why the Ahmadiyya Jamaat (Community) is a Cult but to be honest, I can't be bothered lol. Its late, I'm tired, impatient and there's too much to cover, Cults are a complex thing you know! You can find all the information you need here at

Talking of, incase you didn't know, I am username Findings 1, 2 and 3 from the forum over there and guess what? I've got my own show and have gone solo (this blog...!)

A little about me? I love this part! I am a londoner, from durrrty south london, and rub shoulders with ghetto gangsters on the regs! Lol! No. I work full time and graduated in a really crappy degree (not that I'm complaining), that got me absolutely nowhere, except deep in debt.. but I do love my job! I am a huge fan of all things comedy and love my RnB, Hip Hop, Bashment, Reggaeton and UK FUNKAY! (Urgh that sounds so typical init). I am a total you wouldn't believe (I don't believe it either when I see my bank statements every month!) I love to shop till I drop! I love make-up too! Dior blackout Mascara is the one, and MAC lippie in Russian Red too! There's a clue for you Oh Cult Spies! Yikes! I might even set up a fashion thread on this thing... **sighs** one step at a time!

I wanna come out one day, and speak out against the corrupt regime of Jamaat e Scamadiyya (geddit?scam-ahmadiyya), as a Muslimah inshaAllah, and do videos, talks and tour the world! You never know.... :P but for now, I am in hiding, hiding behind an iPhone in this surreal world I've found myself in! I never intended to get myself into all of this, I was just searching for the truth and well, now I've ended up being some sort of celebrity freedom-writer! I started off at thecult as pretty much the only female at the time, and one thing led to another and I became famous (as famous as one can be on a random internet forum!) I love it though and I wouldn't change it for anything!! I'm still learning so much about Islam and am nowhere near even at an intermediate level (like nearly all Ahmadis) but inshallah I will get to a better place one day!

Have I explained myself? I hope so! If not, forget it man, you'll get to know me over time or you can hit me up over at my second home:! I'm no good at all this stuff..its a box that needed filling and now- I've filled it! 

PS: people who've just stumbled across my blog accidentally, the CULT is desperately trying to seek me out and shut me up. You can find them over at, to get to know them a little better (its all a farce by the way, what they present to the outside world is all lies).