Sunday, 28 August 2011

Let The Games Begin....

Asalam o Alaikum, a very warm welcome, and a big up to my readers!

Many of you are probably already familiar with my alter ego 'Findings (I,II,III) from over at, where I've been a regular poster for almost 2 years now. For those of you who are new to all this, and new to my world, let me give you low down on who I am, what it is I do and what I plan to achieve out of all of this. Get some red bull (or red rooster) and take a seat, this is gonna be boring....

So, its August 2011 and I've been a closet Muslim for about 3 years now- alhumdulillah! As the blog header reads, I am 'trapped within the confines of the Ahmadiyya cult' and so far, have not managed to find a way out from the Jamaat. You don't really need an explanation as to why I'm still living as an Ahmadi because for those of you that are familiar with 'The Cult', you'll know the damage these beasts can do, not just to those who leave but those left behind, forced to pick up the pieces. Also I want to say in the position I'm in for a while; what was once a burden on me (a family heavily involved in the cult) is now proving to be a blessing! The longer I remain, the more dirt I can gather and the more I can play a part in bringing this beast down. I've realised that Ahmadiyyat is a scam and I've also come to know, over the years, that the Jamaat is a joke and its high time the 'behind the scenes' Ahmadis finally saw it for what it really is!

So I'm still here, 20 something years old and some call me a hypocrite, saying if 'Islam was so perfect I'd have just come out and proud' but we all know its not as simple as that. So for all my haterators out there, if you've got a problem, well... You know what you can go do!

Anyways my 'mentors' at thecult, ie: Mullahs :P, thought it be a good idea I branch out.. I was becoming far too big for my boots over at thecult and was stealing the limelight! LOL Jokes! No, on a serious note, its time we expanded. Though as brilliant as is, it needs more direction as traffic increases and so, this is our 'Channel U/AKA/BET' sister version of it! In other words, for the young readers, so they can come here for all the latest news, reviews and of course, Jamaat gossip! I will say that I'm still very much over at thecult, but this is a side project, powered by myself and the mentors (they are experts in blogging so will be keeping an eye on things, advise on improvements and security etc)! Cool huh??

What do you all make of my blogpage? I did it all myself! Not bad for someone who once had Brother Hussain give me a 'dummies guide' tutorial on how to upload screenshots on forum! Lol I've come along way and I thank YOUTUBE for that, the tutorials on photoshop were wicked! I am really quite proud of myself **clap clap**. I've got loads of ideas and these are of course, the early days, so there may be lulls and there will be highs until I find my feet and get into the swing of things so don't expect too much... Yet! One thing I will be focusing on is 'The Sunday Scandal Sessions' something that was about to take off over at thecult, but kinda stalled (for whatever reason) and so I'm bringing it over here! I've got a whole heap of scandals coming your way boy!!! So be sure to check in on Sundays, I hope to have lots of treats in store for you all. Make sure you check thecult regularly for updates, everything will be linked there as and when it goes up here!

Right so before you all started huffing and puffing at my blog name 'cult girl' and crying about my gender, this is me.. I am a 'girl' or a wooooman even. I have to throw red herrings to protect my identity and I hope most of you will appreciate and understand that (even the haters out there).

This is it! This is the beginning of something new, bringing all the dramas from over at and setting up shop here! Its going to be urban, considerably less monitored because I am THE BOSS LADY (so I can run wild and say and do as I please), its going to be edgy and its going to be raw (or least so I hope). I've got my own show guys!! And it is here, where I will confess all the dirty, dark secrets of the Jamaat, unofficially, on their behalf.

I'm doing this for everyone out there, in the hope one day, we can all be free from this Jamaat. I want to see the youth break free and live as normal Muslims and enjoy the freedom that comes with it! Who wants to be managed and monitored by random pakis, we get enough of that at work, school and home (sorry Mum!). Forget the likes of Fahim and forget no mans like Raf, they are nothing and the sooner people realise this, the better!

The Jamaat is dirty. Its unclean. Its corrupt. Its secretive. Its 2 faced. Its cruel. I say to hell with all that, and its about time we show the world the true face of Jamaat e Scamadiyya!

Whose with me on this?? We can do this inshaAllah!! One day, we will put this down to a hiccup in our lives and hopefully bury the unfortunate time we were once Ahmadis, somewhere deep in our distant memories. Right now its a one man show but inshallah, one day, I hope to see countless others join me as guests!! I have a couple of people working with me, confirming everything I manage to lay my hands on but we still need more help! So speak out and come forward and be part of the Revolution!

You deserve the right to truth and to know what really goes on behind the scenes. I am going to open the doors for you....... Watch, learn, enjoy and CHANGE!

Jamaat: I warned you, many, many, many months ago! I told you to quit with the games! Quit with the badnaami of Muslims in the UK. I told you to quit harassing ordinary Ahmadis. I told you to quit making innocent peoples lives a misery. I told you to quit the dirty, the filthy internal games. I TOLD YOU TO STOP! I gave you forever to pipe it down, to change your ways, to start being honest and transparent..but you didn't listen! Perhaps you didn't take me seriously, but now, you will!

Ready? Hold on tight... Everything changes and it changes today! This is my game and we play by my rules!

Dice: Rolled.
Game: ON!


  1. Well well, who spying lol, you accuse the Jamaat of spying have ever studied the history of Islam, and how the Holy Prophet used to collect important information about those who wish to harm Islam, ' just like' shame on you spying on your own father and taking confidential material and copying it and scanning it thats called spying wow your a spy!! and a munafiq, Almighty is all seeing.


  2. To Owner of this blog !!!

    I accepted Islam Ahmadiyyat in 2003 (Former Sunni) , and trust me Ahmadis are the true Muslim who are following the true teaching of Muhammad (saw) !!!

    May Allah give you Haddayat !!!

  3. Read about the type of security Muslims had in Madina when The Holy Prophet (saw) was the head of state. Muslims had many enemies and they had to take every measure to protect themselves.

    You clearly do less reading/reshearch and more venting. If you only look into the security aspect of Islamic history you perhaps wouldn't take these incidence reports as satanic as you do now. You would no doubt have something else to point fingers at because people like you do just that... point fingers, complain about one thing or makes you feel good about yourself... but you would certainly not point fingers at the Jamaat following the example of the Holy Prophet (saw) to protect themselve....... errrr.. I think.

  4. Ahmadiyya community is 120 years old. During these 120 years many people opposed, but end result was always in favour of Jamat Ahmadiyya.Remember what Gen Zia said, "He will remove this cancer from Pakistan" Now you know what happened to Zia. And as a direct result of Zia's actions against Ahmadiyya Community in Pakistan, this community became more established through out the world. As a result of your efforts inshah Allah Ahmadiyyat will become more strong than it is today.You have every right to point out all those wrongs you consider wrong. I have read your objections and still consider that Ahmadiyyat is the true Islam. You name any other sect or organization within Islam performing better than Ahmadiyyat in the service of Islam. Who has done more work to translate The Holy Quran into other languages. Which other sect can claim that people are joining them as a result of Dreems shown to them by God.Which sect has the ability to stop fight between Shia & Suni. It is through the blessings of Ahmadiyyat and Ahmadiyyat alone that this fight can come to an end. And thousands of Muslims from both Shia & Suni are witness to this fact that when they joined Ahmadiyyat their fight stopped for ever. However, If you have any better alternative then present it otherwise your end would not be different from those in the past 120 years Indeed your efforts would work like a fertilizer and garden of Ahmadiyyat would bloom in front of your eyes Inshallah

  5. Sister your time would be better spent in helping our sunni sisters trapped in heera mandi lahore. they are also deserving of your time, they also need help and someone as articulate as you could hopefully make a difference

  6. JOKA! ten tips for the bad girl gangsta
    Tip 1: stop talkin lyk dis, ur making urslf sound lyk a mugg, even if it is jus for ur "cover".
    Tip 2: if u r actually a girl fair enough, but if your a brudda pretending to be a girl "throwing re herrings", thats just straight haram and really odd to be honest. You could pretend to be a freshy or even an african brudda, but you want to be a girl? :/
    Tip 3: channel aka/u/bet?! Youve been mugged off with this 50 cent lifestyle you think your living, get a grip "sista"
    Tip 4: if you have accusations agaianst the jamaat produce some real evidence some shoddy looking emails etc aint enough. Im sure yoy can put something together, adding your own fun little twisted narrarion on top of it, you and your "boy" shahid lol
    Tip 5: if you have some misconceptions about the jamaat i Would suggesT mabye trying to arrange meetings with imam saab, or iyaz mahmood or many of the knowledgable people in the jamaat, but im sure you wont because you know you cant go up againt people with hard studied in depth knowledge of the beliefs of the jamaat. All you do is try and throw stones at a brick wall whilst sittings in your glass house.
    Tip...i cant b bothered lol go read the Quran mabye it will drive that anger out of your system. The way you talk is like you think your in a movie "its my game now and my rules" and "dice:rolled, game:on" what is up with the punch line, what are you like 10? I dont know what wikileaks crack (excuse the analogy) youve been smoking but its got you buzzing, your all confused thinking your some mi5 agent. If you truly believe you have found the truth then why do you not announce it, show who you really are, because you know of your deceptive intentions, if i believed something as "strongly" as you claim to i would never hide, but you choose to stay hidden in the grass of the jamaat like a snake. I truely pray that Allah(swt) guides you back to the truth and shows yoy thr error of your ways, hundreds have tried to
    Destroy the jamaat before you, each claiming they will be the ones to do it, where they at now? Gone! My knowldge is not the caliber that it shoupd be but i hope i have pointed you in the right direction. Instead of spending yoyr day playing gangsta on the internet and spreading gossip/rumor and lies your time would be better spent reading the Quran and working on yourself. If you are so confident that Islam Ahmadiyya cannot answer you questions, why dont you go, in person and ask someone knowledgable in the jamaat for an answerS(i have suggested two). Anyway i only stumble across you site because you have somehow got a hold of my email address and are sending me this dodo gossip. If i dnt gossip i think ill subscibe to ok magazine thanks. Nyways may allah guide you "sista" or brother or whateva you are, because right now you seem very lost

  7. We are proud of you sister you represent emotions of so many other people stuck in this jammat who get oppressed by this organization

    Keep doing the great work

  8. Keep it up sister don't let these ahmadis deceive you

  9. Jazak Allah sister. May Allah keep you on right path and keep you strong. May Allah help you get out of the Ahmadia Cult and join Islam openly.