Tuesday, 30 August 2011

A Picture speaks a 1000 words! Eid Mubarak Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya!‏

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Read the narration and picture this: Could you ever imagine that the Prophet Mohammad PBUH would touch the head of Non/Ghair Mehram? A young woman, whose hair, arms and bosom are not covered? In front of her own husband, who seems to think nothing of a ghair man touching his new bride's head?

Is this what you would expect from a 'divine' Khalifa? Here is your so called 'Khalifa', a powerless refugee, living under the rule of the British monarch, engaging in an act what is strictly prohibited in Islam: touching a woman who is not a Mehram. This a typical Pakistani custom, pictured here is an 'Islamic' Khalifa. There is no room for Pakistani customs and traditions when you are trying to live by the Muslim rule book, the Quran, and are claiming to be a Khalifa of Islam.

Still, I guess if he can touch the uncovered head of Naib Amir Nasser Khan's daughter, I guess what the ordinary Ahmadi boy gets up to is somewhat excused...right?? After all, if the Khalifa can do it, why can't anyone else?

Wake Up and question his so called position as Khalifa and remember that this is not what a pure/pious/religious man would do! No excuses. No comparisons to Ghair Ahmadis. No nothing. He is Khalifa e Waqt. Period.

Mas- Eid Mubarak from me! Your greatest fan... FINDINGS.


  1. Aoa, Just came across your website. I am also Ahmadi Muslim and am very proud to believe in Ahmadi Beliefs.. But only the beliefs of up to our promised messiah, I believe in him and will always do, I love him, I love our prophet, I love Islam, I love the Quran and as well as Allah. What I don't believe is the khalif's. The people within the jamaat are hypocrites and rude. I have studied Islam, and have also studied all books by hazrat mirza ghulam ahmad and am very happy to accept him and his claim. I am very happy to believe the promised Messiah word to word but the chain after that.. I'm not too sure...

  2. Wasalaam.

    Yep... The Jamaat is full to the brink with dirty, cheap and tacky people. I will be bringing this all to the surface, little by little!

    As for MGA being a Prophet, let's agree to disagree! What we can agree on is the Jamaat is hypocritical! Keep reading!

  3. Al mujam al kabir is not authentic ahadith is it? :-s Further more even if it is genuine I doubt it means to say an elder touching the brides head offering he's blessing would count and Puh-lease it's not Only a Pakistani custom, saying that is ridiculous. I'm sure I can find evidence that almost every if not all Cultures have offered a blessing in this way. You make it seem to be so very offensive.. When i bet the bride, her hubby' and her entire family were Honoured to have had her receive a blessing at he's hand... This blog is a shambles thus far. And I doubt I'll be returning. Ak

  4. As a munafiq and a spy yourself, this anti-ahmadi agenda you have seems to have dawned from something bad that happened to you in your life. Maybe this was as a result of your own actions or that of others.

    Whatever the case, the vast majority of muslims in the jamaat are extremely proud to be a part of it compared to what goes on in the outside world. And when there are millions of members then it is statistically probably that there will be one or two members that defect somehow.

    I guess you are that statistic.

    But surely we should look at the facts of the bigger picture. The jamaat is huge and continues to expand year on year since being defined by its founder over a century ago. I thought it said in the Holy Quran that Allah will not allow an imposter to succeed? So something's not going according to plan there.

    You are right that a bunch of Khuddam are not sufficient to protect the jamaat from those who are hell-bent on destroying it. And you will know of many who have tried to destroy the jamaat but have failed. Such people have been destroyed themselves. President Zia for example.

    But now that you have come along, a 20 something girl who has a degree, perhaps there is some hope yet. Perhaps Allah has sent you for this sole purpose because you are so purely-spoken, have always acted righteously and charitably, and have never committed any punishable sin. In fact you are very confident that Allah has chosen you above all others because of your impeccable character. Right?

    Currently you have slated the jamaat and you have slated the Khalifa.

    I hope that you are very sure about what you are doing. Because if, just on the off-chance, you are wrong then it's not that you have gone against the jamaat. You have gone against Allah.

    And it's what He will do to you that matters.

  5. Once again great work keept it up.

    I hope u will keep contributing on http://thecult.info/blog
    and http://thecult.info/forum

    as well

    I hope ahmadis will realize and get ur self free from slavery of this FAMILY

  6. same thing Mirza Mahmud did when he went to see the bad side of western society :)

    Remember Mirza Mahmud Ahmad visit an opera house to see the bad side of Society :D

  7. MA is imposter cannot succeed then why Jospeh smith, Bahaullah, Gohar Shahi, Rashid Khalifah , Saint Paul etc has so many followers?

    why every thing of ur jammat is in numbers?


    MAY ALLAH Guide you to Islam

  8. hello sister
    are u muslim now? ok i am looking for nice rishta. i also hip-hop. i also ganster style liking. we muslims should all listen to Nas u know he very tru things say. "I display fashions while my lungs engage hashes, guns on my waist past his" so good let's listen together yeh?

  9. A.o.A Dear Sister or Brother?,

    It is saddening to see how the youth is so quick to follow or believe just what is in front of their eyes. We forget that all teachings have a much deeper meaning and the wiser we get the more layers we tend to peal back of those scriptures and teachings. First, Islam in itself has been wrapped in layers of cultural miss-interpretations and has been diluted over the centuries same as any religion that came before it. Thus, it is very important to listen to the people who are sent here to revive those teachings. I have myself since leaving the teachings of Christianity been through a number of sects of Islam and what I have witnessed I could not accept with a clear mind or conscience. The reason for accepting Ahmadiyya is based purely on the teachings that we received from the promised messiah (a.s.) and the continued guidance to that affect that we receive from our beloved Khalifa on weekly and daily basis.
    I would suggest that you forget what others around you are doing, as worrying about it will drive you mad, as I believe it already has done so to some effect, and pointing this out to others is exactly what is disliked by the all mighty Allah and his beloved holy prophet (s.a.w.). The saying in the holy qur’an is that if you see someone acting in an inappropriate manner, point it out to them in private, if this fails, pray for them to reform their ways, and only if this fails then you may try and correct their mistaken ways.
    The emphasis is always placed on prayer, as our holy prophet (saw) and the promised messiah (as) and our blessed Huzoor keeps teaching. I have myself witnessed this on numerous occasions that Allah will never let a truly heartfelt prayer go to waste. So if you pray with your entire heart and mind I am sure that any wrong doing will be corrected, without you having to lift a finger. You should remember that your anger is towards the cultural behaviours not Islam, of any kind, thus do not get the two aspects confused.
    We should remember that we are all human beings and we are all fallible including those who are sent with the message. But the good that we are able to do, should over-dawn the evils we may have committed, only then we may attain the true pleasure of Allah.
    But we are truly grateful to you for bringing attention to the teachings of Islam and the beliefs of the Ahmadis, for you perhaps are doing a much better job than we Ahmadis who have a duty to spread the teaching of our Holy Prophet (saw). But please firstly try to find the teaching in the Holy Qur’an and only if you are unsuccessful, only then use a Hadith, for this has been prepared many hundreds of years after the teaching was revealed, thus can easily be misinterpreted as I have outlined above.
    May Allah bring light to the beautiful teachings and message of Islam, and overshadow the tarnish that you are putting on his teachings.


  10. Salaam Brother Xia. This is only a side project of mine, I am still active and posting on thecult!

    @ anonymous. Nas said 'I wonder, if this life, will take me under'... You certainly won't!

    Have a nice dayyyy and a drink of ice tea on me!

  11. In this day and age no is trapped or forced to believe something they don't agree with. In that case why would you feel the need to disparage a person or a group of people who follow a certain belief? Also your picture is totally innocuous and has nothing untoward. If you truly want to prove your claim and point, you will have to provide far better evidence than what has been posted here.

  12. Why do Ahmadis always resort to personal attacks? IS it because you cannot defend your divinely appointed Khalifa? He is the one who is supposed to revive Islam, separate religion from culture. So culture really is no excuse for his behaviour.

    The fact is that it is haraam. The rules are pretty clear: a person is not allowed to touch a non-mehram member of the opposite sex. There are certain exceptions, but touching the head of a non-related woman on her wedding day as some sort of blessing does not fall under that category. And also, this spiritual father business does not exist in Islam.

  13. Look who is talking. Why u r in the system still??? Is it a war or u r looking for truth... well u find it then go for it and take ur filth with u. No hypocracy or shall I give u some hadiths on hypocracy. Thanks God you claim to be not ahmadi urself. God Almighty is the Witness of all what u do.

  14. Just for your interest Miss/Mrs

    Narrated ‘Abdullah bin ‘Amr:

    The Prophet said, “Whoever has (the following) four characters will be a hypocrite, and whoever has one of the following four characteristics will have one characteristic of hypocrisy until he gives it up. These are: (1 ) Whenever he talks, he tells a lie; (2) whenever he makes a promise, he breaks it; (3) whenever he makes a covenant he proves treacherous; (4) and whenever he quarrels, he behaves impudently in an evil insulting manner.” (See Hadith No. 33 Vol. 1)

    {Volume 3, Book 43, Number 639: Sahih Bukhari}

    Evrybody is responsible for their own sins and no eception to you and me. You are a thieve as well... as you accepted it... isnt it... look inside ur heart are you not a theive and what Quran says about theives???? Dont you know?? Follow the book you (at least if not we) beleive on and dont you go near to your father's bag. Tell evrybody where did u get this pic from??? Be brave.

  15. Assalam O Alikum

    Sister as an Ahmadi i feel so sorry that for whatever reasons You have chosen to go down this path. I know in your heart something will be telling you this is wrong. May Allah have mercy on you. This is a divine Jammat.

    I suggest, if you are truly trying to find the truth, read surah haqqa. The fate of those who forge lies against Allah is given. The Promised Messiah (as) would have had the same fate IF his message was built on lies.

    I really feel sorry for you, you think you are going to hurt the Jammat whilst in fact you will only hurt yourselve and your family.

    As for those who you think are supporting you as you talk about them, I am so sure you are being played and you don't even realise this.

    This is a blessed Jammat but the way you are, you will never feel the blessings of this Jammat.

    You will be in my prayers, please try to follow true taqwa as even if you don't believe in the Jammat you do not portray yourself as a good Muslim anyway. This blog and what you have written goes against Islam and it's concepts, I am not sure why you cannot see that.

    I also dread for your family the day they find out it was you. Many people leave there families for the Jammat, you seem to be 'staying' in the Jammat to spy only an steal information an display it to others In such a disobedient manner. Like a brat sorry to say.

    If you don't believe The Jammat and you truly believe you are in the right path now you should be open. To spy like this is so sad and any Muslim whoever they are will tell tmyou this is wrong.

    Your poor family are in my prayers. Can I ask what happened to make you this way? Why so much hatred? Why so devious? Why say I an a real Muslim but don't practice it here? This is a divine Jammat, you cannot stop it. Only the people who have little faith, the rude boys or girls who do not take part in the Jammat will listen to you. The lost ones so to speak, as you are too.

  16. To my Ahmadi brothers and sisters please
    Pray for this lady. We can not understand why she is spreading such things. I don't want to call her names as
    We are Ahmadi. I have just looked at the forums from the link, so full of lies and misrepresentations. I am a covert to Ahmadiyya and what is written here and other sites is only from biased eyes from someone who hates the Jammat. Please pray for only Allah is our helper.

  17. I love how people are defending Mirza Masroor by citing Pakistani culture :-)
    Had it been a blessing for an older man to go around touching womens' heads, then the Prophet صلى الله عليه و سلم would have done so to random women. But he didn't.

    Check your Desi culture at the door.

  18. Well I guess you have never heard of "Pyarr", elders give Pyarr to people that are younger than them as a remark of respect of to congratulate them on a blissful occasion such as this wedding, it is common in Pakistan.

    I guess being a British Paki, you probably don't know about these cultural traits and probably to busy being seduced by some uneducated group of mullahs.

    Firstly can you stop insulting the creator of this blog for a start and give us some answers. Mirza Masroor said he would kick out any ahmadi woman who does not observe pardah, so can you explain why in this photo he is touching a woman without pardah, and if we accept that by a man touching woman it provides blessings, WHY IS HE BLESSING HER WHEN SHE IS NOT IN PARDAH? HE PROMISED TO EXERCISE HIS POWER AND KICK OUT WOMEN WHO DIDNT OBSERVE PARDAH.
    Or is this rule just for ahmadis who are not part of the ruling families?

  20. AA, I typically never post comments on these websites and this is actually my first (and last) post: To the writer of this blog, I hope and pray that one day you can experience the joy and love I receive from being part of the Ahmadiyya Jamaat. By way of background, I was born and raised in the UK and work in the city; the majority of my friends are middle/upper class Caucasians and find the work our Jamaat does for humanity absolutely outstanding. I am 24 years and very open minded, but your blogs are really immature and personally I don't think differently about my beautiful Jamaat. Well in fact, I feel I am even more committed to Jamaat Ahmadiyaat. In conclusion, I would really welcome the opportunity to have a coffee with you and discuss your thoughts on why you dislike the Jamaat so much.. Perhaps if I share sone of my experiences with, it may (or may not) alter your view. Anyways, I won't be revisiting any of these sites as I don't buy into any of your arguments.. Just like our beloved Hazoor would say in this situation - Love for all hatred for none. WS, M.S

  21. You are a very naive and confused girl. What you have done is so wrong. First you steal information from your father then you send it to the whole Ahmadiyya Community in UK by stealing the email addresses. I cannot describe this anything else than stealing - as this information cannot be obtained by someone offering it to you in the Jamaat.
    You do not seem to understand the love of God within the hearts of the Ahmadi community and our love for the Khalifat. Your attempts at disheartening us cannot do anything at all to lessen this love.
    What you have showed us is what will happen to us if we leave the rope of Allah that is the Khilafat.
    May Allah guide you.

  22. Hey Sister,

    I really wonder what made you go out of your way to put so much effort into creating this blog. Similarly to Mr M.S, I would like to sit down with you and get a better understanding.

    I want to know, if you do believe in Allah and Islam? Do you understand the philosophy of Islam? The meaning of being a Muslim? If yes, you should focus your energy towards achieving a personal relationship with Allah, reach the stage where you can converse with the almighty. Once you reach this level, I will follow you wherever you go.

    Islam is in the middle of a world war. All non-Muslim nations have united themselves to present Islam: a religion of terrorism. A picture has been embroidered into peoples mind associating Islam with evil. You should have realised this when reading the first article with the heading, “Islam means Peace”, or “Islam doesn’t teach terrorism”.

    As a true muslim, why can we not put our differences a side and focus for now defending Islam’s honour against the real threats that we are facing right now?

    Your writings only convoy hate and frustration; they are not your prime issue. You know all of your issues can be justified from various angles through quran, sunnah and hadith and still both of us will not come to an agreement. We will argue because of our own ignorance and superiority complex. Imagine yourself in the girls position, when Hazoor comes in, you stand up, after he shakes hand with the groom, you take a step forward, bow your head in front of him, expecting his blessings....

    Look at Hazoor’s body language, only the tip of his fingers reach the head(probably not even touching), his eyes humbly looking down to the ground, avoiding any eye contact and keeping his distant. All this picture conveys is Hazoor’s pure intentions and his high standards.

    Honestly I know you; my message or anyone else’s will not change your view point at the moment. You come from a family who’s been close to the jamaat for generations, in fact still is. Something happened that pushed you over the edge and now you are on a personal vendetta. I admire you for blurring out the face of the girl and it tells me, there is a beautiful side in you. I pray that it blossoms soon.

    Recently a high calibre Ahmadi scholar told me a dream he saw. He went to Hazoor to complain about some young Ahmadis and hazoor replied along the lines: “not all flowers bloom at the same time, there are those that take their time but outshine all others so don’t worry about them, let them find their way and walk their own path”. I wonder if it was about you.

    Take a deep breath, calm yourself and establish a personal contact with Allah. If you are sincere, you will see something that will forever change your heart.

    Pray for yourself; pray for us.


  23. ok...that looks really photoshopped.

  24. @ MA

    The jammat is already too much hurt and its going to get more of the slaps..

    Bet you havent even studied your own material ever in your life..

    You have been tricked hard..the blog just exposes that..face the truth..respect the authenticity..and stop giving blinded suggestions..

    And whats so divine about your jammat ? Ahmadis drink..ahmadis love to dance in marriages..ahmadis lie...ahmadis r fraudulent...whats exactly the difference of your so called guidence?

    Wake up..the clock is ticking..

  25. Ok I've read all your posted articles so far with an open mind as you requested, and so far there has been nothing of substance, infact it's been utterly stupid and juvenile. Security measures are proactive not reactive. You take any precautions necessary to protect your community before an event happens, especially when your constantly under threath (I know I know there is no threath according to you, but in reality there is otherwise Ahmadis would not have been murdered in Pakistan, Indonesia and elsewhere).

    In one of the reports it was noted one of the guys who disembarked from Ford Galaxy said it was good to die in a Mosque. Seriously if that isn't the most moronic statement in the world I don't know what is, obviously a comment like that would be noted and followed up on!

    As far as that picture goes, seriously what the hell is it suppossed to prove? Scandelous!! The prophet (saw) meant your're not allowed to touch another women sexually, the picture is illustrating social convention nothing more. Are you telling me that you don't shake hands with your male colleagues? If you don't who is the real "paki", you're quick to call everyone else a "paki" but your're the one with the mentality of a real one.

    Oh and then in your introduction you talk about how you're a fashionista - and what's that about, deflecting attention from the opposite sex? Yea didn't think so.

    Moron, get a real hobby like kite flying and stamp collecting.

  26. The evidence which you have stolen to try to discredit the Khalifa and the proactive security team is just so ridiculous, childish and petty it’s just laughable. To be quite frank you need to wake up and see your so called friends are using you, once you stop becoming useful in stealing info from your Dad you will be left in the dark with nowhere to go and the thing is your poor family is going to suffer too. YU

  27. You wont be doing this for too long Mr. We are so going to get you... Looks like you have no shame.

  28. Ok. I am waiting. Thanks. ps: So you admit the Jamaat is looking for me ;P but why? what is so wrong with publishing internal documents ;P
    i am waiting. hurry up... you havent got long before i go in hard!!!!!!

  29. @Ibne Khalid

    Another case of Qadianis twisting the Quran to defend their pathetic leaders. Have you no shame? Where does it say that the Prophet (SAW) is the spiritual father of the Ummah?

  30. @shahzad10

    If Hadhrat Khadijah (ra) and Hadhrat Ayesha (ra) are Umahatul Mu'mineen, then who is the father of the Mu'mineen?

    ...no points for guessing that your father is your mother's husband!

  31. The salafis have argued that Prophet Muhammad (saw) prohibited men from shaking hands with women, but their evidence is weak and in fact the majority of the great imams of islamic jurisprudence don't agree with this. Pls read Imam Qaradawi here: http://www.suhaibwebb.com/islam-studies/faqs-and-fatwas/shaking-hands-with-a-non-mahram-dr-yusuf-al-qaradawi/

  32. These Qadianis keep shooting themselves in the foot. Yes, the wives of the Prophet (SAW) were called Mothers of the Believers, but the Prophet (SAW) himself was never explicitly called the Father of the Believers (though it is permissible to name him as such out of respect), especially not in the Sura that Ibne Khalid quoted.

    Being the Mothers of the Believers did not exempt His (SAW) wives from putting on the hijab in front of strangers and following the proper etiquette, a fact which is very well established.

  33. Asalamo Alaikum. 1)image Photoshopped. 2) even if it is real, there is NO proof that the lady is actually a non-Mehram! as her face has been "hidden" 3) i find it HILARIOUS that people would Believe that Khilfat is a family business! okay think about this...If you dont belive in the "Khilfatul Messiah" fine...but as a "muslim" you do belive in the Khilafat of the Holy Prophet (s.a.w) right? then why dont you call that a family business??? as two of the khalifas were Hazur (s.a.w) father in law, and two were His (s.a.w) son-in-law. also Hazrat abu bakar(r.z) and Hazrat Ali (r.z) were the Holy Prophet (s.a.w) cousins. so according to Your reasoning this must too have been a family business?
    And lets not just leave the "Family business" to khalifaat...what about the prophets? Why dont you ask God that why did he gave so many prophets to one family? e.g starting from Hazrat Ibrahim (a.s) and ending to Hazrat Isa(a.s) and not only this but the master of all prophets Hazrat Muhammad (s.a.w) was also born in this family.
    Allah chooses whomever to give His blessings to. we are lucky to have the blessings of khilfat among us today. God has given us this blessings once again Alhamdulilah Don't let it go. pray if you have doubts And Allah will help you.

  34. Mr/Ms Findings, Xia, Farhan, and all other over zealous contributors!
    You come out and defend the Holy Prophet Muhammad Mustafa(saw).
    I would have never given this reference but your audacity has made me do that.
    Narrated by Anas Bin Malik!
    That he Holy Prophet saw would enter the house of Umme Haram bint Malhan while she was in the wedlock with Abada bin Samit. One day he entered and she fed him with her hands and then started to comb his hair with her fingers when he went to sleep…..
    ( Sahih Bukhari)

    Why would the Holy Prophet enter the house of a woman who is not lawful for him and is married to one of his companions?
    Why would he allow a non mehram woman (who is not allowed to him) to touch his head and comb it with her fingers?
    Now go on making comments about the Holiest of All Prophets with the same filthy tongues which can waggle on anything.

    Now I will breach your rules?

  35. The real object of your existence is spiritual evolution from the Animal Stage to the Spiritual Stage. This is a process in which you become a manifestation of God's attributes, including al-Wudood (the most Loving). If you are truly a Muslim then go and fulfil this object of your creation and become al-Wudood. Never heard of this stuff before? Then you obviously haven't read this: http://www.alislam.org/library/books/Philosophy-of-Teachings-of-Islam.pdf

  36. This sums up you and your ring leaders nicely

    Surah al Baqarah 2:15 - 16

    And when they meet those who believe, they say: ‘We believe;’ but when they are alone with their ringleaders they say: ‘We are certainly with you; we are only mocking.’
    Allah will punish their mockery and will let them continue in their transgression, wandering blindly.

    I feel sorry for you. YU

  37. Sister Finding is part of Islamic ummah now.
    All Ahmadis should also stop following person like MIRZA MASROOR :D

    and start follow Prophet (SAW) and Companions (RA) as Prophet Muhammad (SAW) ordered.

    Instead of this punjabi organization headed by a guy like Masroor JUST HAVE A LOOK AT THIS GUY IN THIS IMAGE AND OTHER WISE :)


  38. Also People remember Mirza Masroor is not even a Prophet so please dont try to compare him with Prophet Muhammad (SAW)


  39. @Anonymous 31 August 2011 19:48:

    Qadianis are not even ashamed to slander the Messenger of Allah (SAW) in order to defend their pervert of a Khalifa. Umm Haraam was a mahram of the Prophet (SAW).


    But Masroor was at least decent enough not to publicize his lust for women unlike Mirza Ghulam Ahmad.

  40. AoA Sister
    I will be praying for you and your family, you are not medalling with
    something manmade, this Jamaat and it's Khulafa exists through Allah's
    will and it is Divine.
    I am an Ahmadi convert, I was previously a sunni; and I found the
    truth in Ahmadiyyat.
    When I opened my heart, prayed and looked for the truth I did my research and I found
    these websites..Islamqa.com and I also found this cult website that
    you love. Sister, all these websites are full of hate and lies. These
    people are saying that they're unveiling the truth, but they are just
    backbiting, gossiping, stealing, this is unlawful and unislamic. These
    people can't admit when have done something wrong, so instead they are
    trying to slate the Jamaat.

    Why can't you see that you are being used?
    What ever has happened to you in the past Allah will help you, ask for
    Allah's guidance. Allah is all merciful. Like the other sister said we
    can meet for a coffee and help you through whatever you are struggling
    with or why you dislike the Jamaat.
    I do not say this to you because of the "information" that you may
    have about the Jamaat. I say this out of love for Allah's creation, it
    is basic humanity; it's our obligation as fellow humans (Haqooqul
    People fall in to wrong crowds when they are young, and right now you
    are making a really big mistake; not for anyone, but yourself. You do
    not need a millionaire, fame, people, blog...these are worldly things; you just
    need Allah.
    Allah provides everything. You say you have a Degree, put it to use,
    put your time and energy in to something useful and good. If you are
    struggling with your faith use this time you have to find out about
    religion, not through these tabloid websites. If you are so interested
    in faith, do a short course in theology. Open your mind and heart.
    Please pray for yourself, I hope and pray you find peace one day.

  41. This is clearly angst at personal vendetta.

  42. Thanks for not allowing my comment to be published, however I hope you took it to heart insha'Allah

  43. Sahih Bukhari Volume 4, Book 52, Number 305:
    Narrated Um Khalid:

    (the daughter of Khalid bin Said) I went to Allah's Apostle with my father and I was Nearing a yellow shirt. Allah's Apostle said, "Sanah, Sanah!" ('Abdullah, the narrator, said that 'Sanah' meant 'good' in the Ethiopian language). I then started playing with the seal of Prophethood (in between the Prophet's shoulders) and my father rebuked me harshly for that. Allah's Apostle said. "Leave her,"

  44. One justification given for the khaleefah’s free interaction with Ahmadee women is that he is their “spiritual father” and so he can treat them as daughters. Firstly, this argument is not valid according to Islaamic jurisprudence;
    the women are still eligible for marriage with him. The invalidity of the argument was demonstrated by the fact that the third khaleefah actually did marry, after his first wife died, one of the young Ahmadee women who used to visit him. Secondly, even if the khaleefah has to take an interest in the women’s affairs and well being, he does not have
    to abandon the decorum and restraint of Islaamic modesty to do so. In case an argument is made that the khaleefah looks at the women with pure intent and not with lust, I would like to present the following quotation from Mirza
    Ghulam Ahmad in which he is commenting upon the Quraanic verse I quoted:

    "God Almighty has not instructed us that we might freely gaze at women outside the prohibited degrees … but that we should do so with pure looks. … We have been positively commanded not to look at their beauty, whether with pure intent or otherwise" … [Ruhani Khuzain, v. 10, p. 343; Islaamee Usool kee Filaasafee]

  45. I took time to go through the comments above.. my comment is the same as other Ahmadi Muslims - Love for All; Hatred for None.

    If I were you sister and I sincerely thought Ahmadiyyat was wrong, I'd leave it right away! I wonder how you could live a life of hypocrisy. Allah loves not the hypocrites Sister and please pray for yourself. These 'revelations' will do NO harm to Ahmadiyyat at all. It will continue to flourish and prosper. Even the vilest of oppositions could not halt its progress, Alhamdolillah. This is Allah's will. anyone that came in the way was annihilated, pray and I pray for you too. May God forgive you and help you.

    I do not ask you to become a true Ahmadi, but become a true human. Stick with whatever belief you think is right, use your common sense and God-given abilities. If you think Ahmadiyyat is wrong, feel free to adopt Sunni/Shia/Wahhabi whatever sect pleases you. But beware of hypocrisy, Allah loves not the hypocrites. Allah bless you and guide you and me to Himself, amen.


  46. These Ahmadis got no answer for the points u rasied and the points that have been raised on thecult.info/blog and forum

    They cannot defend Mirza Ghulam
    They cannot defend the Jammat
    They cannot defend the so called Khalifah


  47. Mirza claimed are against Islam and truth seeking Ahmadis know that. and has been proven fake over n over again. through Quran, Sunnah, Saalf and his own writings.

    May ALLAH guide Ahmadis back to Islam the path of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and Companions. Remember they didnt believe in Prophet name Mirza Ghulam.

    This is nothing but Family operated organization so Ahmadis get free from the SLAVERY OF THIS FAMILY

  48. Anonymous 1 September 2011 10:35:

    Another Ahmadi trying to slander the Prophet (SAW). Don't you even stop for a second and think what you are about to post? Are you so desperate to defend your leaders that you would resort to slandering the Prophet (SAW) and (nauzubillah) suggest that the Prophet (SAW) touched non-mahram women? I mean what does it say about the true Islam, the saved sect, if you have to resort to these kind of tactics in order to defend your prophet and khalifa. Slandering the Prophet (SAW) to defend Mirza Ghulam Ahmad and his followers. Astaghfirullah!

    The simple explanation of this hadith is: Umm Khalid was a child then...

    This hadith is often quoted in stories about the Prophet's (SAW) love for children.

  49. george of the jungle2 September 2011 at 18:59

    some qadiani complained about the source of the hadith used well here is a hadith from the sahih sitta on how Rasulullah SAW dealt with non-mahram women

    Sahih Muslim book 20 hadith no.4603
    It has been narrated on the authority of 'Urwa that 'A'isha described to him the way the Prophet (sallAllaahu alayhi wa sallam) took the oath of fealty from women. She said: The Messenger of Allaah (sallAllaahu alayhi wa sallam) never touched a woman with his hand. He would only take a vow from her and when he had taken the (verbal) vow, he would say: You may go. I have accepted your fealty.

    what soora done is a typical paki custom and he should know (yeh right!) that customs that contradict with the teachings of Islam have no place with a persons life.

    what can one really expect from the bloodline of mirza qadiani?

  50. disgusting person you are. self-evaluate yourself ms. hypocrite, fashionista that wants to marry a millionaire (materialistic), thief, slanderer, gossiper, and backbiter.

    If Masroor has said something against you go and tell him for yourself. That is the Islamic way.

  51. Only One of two persons are playing "Many people" to defend the jamat.. play well :)
    Can not he resist to touch her head?? Why he didnt touch the groom's head instead?? Lustful shameless scumbag aka THE MAS...

  52. that picture of Huzoor looks like its been cut from an Al Fazl or something. I have met Huzoor many times and have not once been touched by him nor have i ever heard of any woman being touched like that. You are trying way too hard.

  53. u deleted my comment in which I mentioned a Hadith from Sahih Bukhari. When you feel you are being outsmarted you censor it. Way to go cult girl! You are part of a cult of hatred and ignorance, something completely different from the Ahmadiyya Jama'ah. Go back to your materialistic "fashionista running off with a millionaire" ways. This blog is strengthening Ahmadis' faith. Nothing more than that, so thanks a lot may Allah reward you. :) oh and fyi Islam is not just listening to a bunch of nasheeds and hearing nice Qira'ah as you think it is.

  54. You are a hypocrite.

  55. Keep up the great work! Can't wait for more posts! All these people stuck in the cult are so arrogant may Allah open their eyes and guide them to the right path. May Allah guide us all to the right path.

  56. Aslamo'Alaikum Madam Findings,

    First of all, Subhan'Allah! This blog's long overdue. I'm exactly in the same situation as you. I was born and raised in this cult; however, I was never really settled with its confines. I had a fortunate experience to live and work away form home, where I had exposure to true Muslims and gained an understand of the twisted nature of the cult.

    I credit you for posting this blog and exposing this organization for what it is, a nepotistic-punjabi-centric-money-maker.

    Furthermore, I suggest the jamaatis on this site pray for themselves that Allah SWT provides them with guidance to the true path of Islam.

    "Mr. Findings" ;)

  57. I still havent seen as answer to this post by an Ahmadi

    Mr/Ms Findings, Xia, Farhan, and all other over zealous contributors!
    You come out and defend the Holy Prophet Muhammad Mustafa(saw).
    I would have never given this reference but your audacity has made me do that.
    Narrated by Anas Bin Malik!
    That he Holy Prophet saw would enter the house of Umme Haram bint Malhan while she was in the wedlock with Abada bin Samit. One day he entered and she fed him with her hands and then started to comb his hair with her fingers when he went to sleep…..
    ( Sahih Bukhari)

    one brother tried to say that they were mahram and gave a reference to some website but that website doesnt prove anything. it only says that based on these Ahadith some scholars say they were Mahram. Thas no argument

    I think this is a wonderful response.

    Plus Khalifah like a Prophet is a spiritual father for the followers


  58. @Luqman

    LOL. It was not "some" scholar but Al-Nawawi (ra) the author of Riyad-us-Saliheen (Gardens of the Righteous). A book held in such high esteem that even Ahmadiyya translated it!

    Qadianis are hilarious... running around like headless chickens, trying to find something to defend Mirza Masroor. Pathetic.

  59. "Plus Khalifah like a Prophet is a spiritual father for the followers"

    Prove it. So far all arguments by qadianis have been refuted.

  60. Umm Haram was the prophets's maternal aunt, mum's sister and so she was mehrem for Him!
    Ahmadis you need to stop trying to be so decietful and accuse the Prophet of any unlawful actions!!!
    Get your facts right and this is what u call "the art of misinformation"!!!!!

  61. Umm Haram was the mehram of Nabi saw, daughter of Nas khan as pictured in this pic is NOT the mehram of Mas!!! How dare you compare this girl to Umm Haram (may Allah be pleased with her) and Mas to our precious and beloved Nabi saw?????? You brought it up knowing it was malicious else you wouldn't have said 'I was forced to'... Disgusting and shame on you defending Mas by using the name of Nabi saw!!! Shame on you.

  62. Rather Nabi saw was her mehram. Doh. **

  63. Sister Findings, great blog and please continue on the cause about the truth about this cult who took away our Islam, brainwashed its followers spritually, I just wish that they would look into this cult with a neutral aspect to see for themselves what it is Ahmadiyyat and true Islam!

  64. I dun know why you guys (non-ahmadis) keep saying not to use the examples of The Holy Prophet (saw) to justify the actions of Khulafah or The Promised Messiah (as). The Holy Prophet (saw) is a standard and everyone is supposed to follow him so if we are to justify anyone's actions, we would have to bring something from the life of The Holy Prophet (saw). That's the only method of justifying any Muslim's actions. I hope you get the point !!!

    It's like saying that if hypothetically a non-Muslim was to say that such and such action of any of the first four Khulafa of Prophet (saw) was unislamic (Naoozu Billah) what would be the response of a Muslim - he would try to justify it from The Holy Quran and the life of Prophet (saw) right? Get the point

    So in the same manner we try to use to life of The Holy Prophet (saw) when you guys bring forward these allegations against The Promised Messiah (as) and his Khulafah. It doesn't mean we are trying to compare them to him - we are simply trying to prove that their actions aren't unislamic. I hope you get the point

    Again no proof yet that Umme Haraam was a Mehram. Bring your proofs

    You just have a website saying that scholars think they might be mehram based on these ahadith that have been quoted here

  65. @Luqman

    Not everything that is permissible for Prophets is also permissible for his followers. The Prophet (SAW) was allowed to marry more than four women, ordinary Muslims are not.

    The rules regarding non-mahrams are well established as is the lineage of Umm Haraam. You choosing to ignore the proof does not negate it.

  66. hypocrite, thief, spy, materialistic, gossiper, slanderer, backbiter, and you cuss.

    How many more Islamic rules do you choose to break?

  67. So much hype about exposing pictures of the Khalifa on your website and this is the pic you were on about? LOL

    You need to get yourself hitched girl. Maybe find a new hobby too, I heard cooking comes in handy.

    Your no.1 fan

  68. Boooorriiingggg Blog .. half of my comments never reach the Blog :( .. hate you miss fiindingz

  69. 1:
    Narrated by Anas raz:
    The Holy Prophet saw, apart from the houses of his wives, would regularly go to the house of Umm e Saleem. When inquired the reason of that he replied that her brother was martyred with me. (Bukhari)
    In Sahih Muslim we find that the Holy Prophet saw and after him Hazrat Abu Bakr raz and Hazrat Umar raz would regularly go to Umm e Aiman’s home to meet her.
    (She was the wife of Zaid bin Sabit raz)
    Why would they go to the house of Umme Aiman? They were the caliphs after the Holy Prophet saw. Is it allowed to enter the house of a non mehram? Had there been a scholar like you in that time, he would have pointed his dirty fingers at them as well.
    Be ware of hypocrites! They were the ones who even hurled their filth at Hazrat Aisha raz.
    Relation with Umm e Haram is yet to be established.
    Happy reading!
    Inni Maaka Ya Masroor!

  70. Well said Anonymous 3 September 2011 14:29
    hypocrite, thief, spy, materialistic, gossiper, slanderer, backbiter, and you cuss.

    How many more Islamic rules do you choose to break?
    She is here to teach real Islam to Ahmadies!

  71. Please read this - found it in a link from this blog


    Quite interesting - what's your opinion? (if you're wondering - I'm not ahmadi, just taking part in the discussion, and it should be a discussion to the find the truth - not tit for tat name calling)

  72. @Anonymous 3 September 2011 16:39:

    Another headless chicken.

    1. Umm Sulaym (ra) was the sister of Umm Haraam (ra) and therefore a mahram of the Prophet (SAW).

    2. Where does it state that they visited her when she was alone?

    What's wrong with your filthy qadiani mind? If anyone ever had any doubts about how low Ahmadis could sink in order to defend their oaf of an leader, here's the proof. Hardcore blind and brainwashed times three.

  73. Read this and it refutes alot of what is said about Prophet Mohammad (saw) and Mehram Ladies/Girls:


  74. One of the unique characteristics of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) was that it was permissible for him to be alone with a non-mahram woman and look at her.

    see link below:


  75. that same idiotic website says that Ahmadis are allowed to drink alcohol and think God has sex. lmao a load of rubbish.

  76. Goodness me! The website is also in it! Great! It can issue a fatwa in your favour when you need it.
    It shows how deep this dirt is going. Well planned!

  77. ZA

    I am looking forward to you 'going in hard'. Allah's Jamaat, Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya has the mechanisms in place to deal with you and your kind.

    Those Holy Qur'an repeatedly warns against the wrongdoers and those who cause mischief in the world.

    The name calling is childish and I would request my Ahmadi brothers and sisters to refrain from name-calling.

    Please pray for this misguided child and Insha'Allah He will do as He wills.
    Viz: Sum'on, Book'mon, Um'yon (al Baqarah)

    If you are looking for a rishta, Rishta Naata isnt ideal. Try match.com or even Iloveginger beards.com or even Iwearmy trousersabovemyankles.com

  78. May Allah guide us all- ameen

  79. wow talk about about control freak....ive posted numerous comments and none of them are up there. I thought this blog was to supposedly liberate Ahmadis..lmao...and you guys go on about how Facebook is banned for us. Grow up..dont you have bills to pay, or a job?!?

  80. When I came across the picture, my first reaction was, "astaghfirullah"
    Not because naoozubillah hazoor is god forbid doing something wrong but because of the sheer shallowness of the mind frame of the person who put it up and what they are trying to prove.
    Seriously, is this what all the hype was about?
    This is what you call a scandal?
    For those who don't know what's going on or think may be some unislamic secret ritual is going on,
    Our spiritual father is BLESSING a couple who are being wed. (yes, not very difficult to guess)
    And you say a picture speaks 1000 words, yeh exactly, just look at hazoor's body language, his lowered modest eyes, his distance, his finger tips barely touching the head etc.

    I think this picture tells us more about the mind frame of the person who posted it with such shallow intentions than anything else.

    And you have posted the picture of a girl where 1000's can see her. And you've mentioned who it might be. How islamic izzat?

    And those who say that why doesn't hazoor chuck her out from the jamaat because she is not doing purdah, what do you think will she wear a burqah on her wedding ceremony? Come on, will you make your wife wear a plain burqah on your wedding ceremony? I hope not.

    Alaisallahu bikafin abdahu

  81. DEAR CULT GIRL - this is a pretty pathetic article

  82. "Our spiritual father is BLESSING a couple who are being wed. (yes, not very difficult to guess)"

    There is no such thing as a "spiritual father" in Islam! It's something you Ahmadis have invented to justify the behaviour your peverted leaders. The rules regarding non-mahram apply to all.

  83. And can i pleas make a request to those who run this site, could you please refer to hazoor with his proper name if not title and every one else rather, because Allah ta'ala clearly mentions that DO NOT CALL ONE ANOTHER WITH NICK NAMES(49:13)
    So please make ammendments.

    But I guess may be it would be too much hassle for you to follow the quran as you might have to change your whole back ground. But I'm sure you agree that what's the point of a website which goes totally against Allah's teachings and you will do whatever you can in your means to correct your ways. Or will you???

    Alaisallahu bikafin abdahu

  84. I can't believe some one has said that "spiritual father" is a term invented by Ahmadis. Why do you ignore the verses of the Holiest book Quran?
    Every prophet is a spiritual father to his ummah. Allah reminded of this fact to hadhrat noah (as) when Noah prayed to allah to save his son and allah said
    "O Noah, he is surely not of thy family; he is indeed a man of unrighteous conduct. So ask not of Me that of which thou hast no knowledge."(11:47)
    So here Allah is clearly giving the message that Noah, those who follow on your example ie are of righteous conduct are your real sons. Physical relations is not of importance if the spiritual relation is not there.
    People of allah are not of this world, everything of their's is to do with Allah and those who obey Allah. That's it. That's why promised messiah says "This world here will not accept me. For, I am not of this world. But those, whose souls are akin to the next world, do and will accept me." he's saying here that the chosen people of God, be they anbiyaa, khulafaa or auliyaa are all such who care not about the worldly things but spiritual things, that's why Allah said to Noah(as) that your son is not actually your son because your real children are your followers.
    That's why the wives of the holiest of the prophets are also referred to as Ummahaatul mumineen (mothers of the believers-physically? Ofcourse not) in the holy Quran.
    Therefore the holy prophet(saw) is also our spiritual father- and we Ahmadis are very proud of that- I dont know about the others because apparently they don't even belive in spiritual fatherhood.
    Surah al kauthar also points to the fact that Holy prophet (saw) is the spiritual father, because Allah says that the enemy of The prophet are the ones who are without a son. Did abu Jahl not have a physical son? Of course he did. Did the Holy prophet(saw) have a physical son? No.
    So what kind of a son and fatherhood is Allah speaking about here? Cant be physical can it? So obviously Allah is saying that o muhammad you are the one with the true progeny ie spiritual. So Holy Prophet(saw) is the Spiritual father of the Muslims.
    Al hamdulillah.
    So you see, "spiritual father" is not a term invented by Ahmadis, it is supported by the Holliest of Books- The Holy Quran.

    Alaisallahu bikaafin abdahu

  85. 1. The Prophet (SAW) was never explictly called the spiritual father of the Ummah. But it is allowed to call him that out of respect.

    2. The Mother of the Believers, being the spiritual mothers of the Ummah, were not exempt from the rules regarding non-mahrams. They always covered themselves up when a non-mahram was present and never touched them. These fatcs are well established.

    You Qadianis are trying to justify Mirza Masroor's behaviour by saying that he is the spiritual father, but a spiritual father does not have the same rights as an actual father. A spiritual father still has to follow the rules regarding non-mahrams.

    And please, don't insult the Prophet (SAW) by comparing him to Mirza Masroor. Some things are allowed for Prophets only. He (SAW) for example was allowed to marry more than four women, ordinary Muslims are not.

    You qadianis have again failed to defend your leaders.

  86. Its sickening to see the Qadianis comparing this dull brained pervert to Hazrat Muhammad (sallallahu alayhi wa sallam)

    Yeah your "khalifa" is nothing more than a pope like figure ... a "spiritual father" or whatever other garbage christian epithet you'd like to bestow upon him ... this only proves you are closer to christianity than Islam ...

  87. AllahKnows&SeesAll22 September 2011 at 22:39

    Hello, by the way, I need to explain one thing to you.
    All of you, when you were younger, and say an 'auntie' or 'uncle' would meet you, whether it be for the first time, they would touch your head lightly, as a sign of pyaar. Now, this is ok right?
    So if Hadhrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad gives a girl on her wedding day, whom may be a good 40 years younger then him pyaar, then why is this wrong. He hasnt done anything unislamic, and how do you know that he hasnt known her from childhood and watched her grown up. I for one know that in the Holy Quran it says that you love and respect your youngers.

    See, lets talk realistically here yeah, you have gotten a photo, and taken it TOTALLY out of context. Now I think you pretty much are doing this with every piece of information that you STRATEGICALLY accumulate through your VAST NETWORK of nobody.

    So really, I'd say your just someone who failed the A2 levels, and is really down and bored because you didnt get into Uni to do a degree and bought shame to your family and this is your way of rebelling.

    DONT WORRY, it can be ok, you should speak to someone rather than go crazy on photoshop with the paint tool. If you need help, we can all pray for you, because hardship comes upon many people.

    Allah knows best and maybe if you read your namaz instead of drinking diet coke and watching eastenders you would not be feeling so down.