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The Sunday Scandal Session 1: Scandalous Spies: AMA UK: The Proof!

Afternoon and Salaam! Let’s kick off this first installment of ‘The Sunday Scandal Sessions’ and lets kick it real hard! What I am about to present to you this Sunday, are 2 separate documents that I found in my father’s Jamaat file. Thankfully, I was able to scan the papers, so that you can see the evidence for yourself! The pictures are more than clear for you all to see, despite that misbehaving scanner of mine being pretty shoddy in quality. The written report, I typed up myself, word for word but how you see the reports below is exactly how I found them (positioning of pictures etc). You have my word: this is the real deal and these documents are 100% authentic!

Below are 2 separate reports, written up by Farooq Aftab Mohtamim Muqami (lol: some random made up, pointless title), confirming what many have been saying for ages, and that’s that the Jamaat SPY and FOLLOW innocent non Ahmadis  who so happen to stumble across their any one of their weird and wacky institutions! What am I talking about, what is this girl going on about? What spies? What Non-Ahmadis?

Read below (word for word):


  • 3 individuals of Arab/Pakistani origin.
  • Arrived around 17:20 pm and left around 17:45 pm.
  • Arrived by car BMW 730 LD – RD57 NZU.
  • Were fully searched, scanned and escorted on site.
  • Followed separately afterwards.
  • Their final destination appeared to be the Neuro Hospital, West Hill.
  • Video footage taken of them.


Around 17:20 three men, in their twenties, arrived at Fazl Mosque.  They came by car, BMW Model 730 LD, registration number RD57 NZU.  The car was parked further up on Gressenhall Road, mosque facing side at the top of Gressenhall Road.

The individuals were approached by Farooq Aftab who had a brief general 20 second conversation asking who they were and where they had come from to which the response was Slough.  They said they came to pray.  Farooq escorted them to the scanning area where he informed them that they would need to leave their mobile phones, anything metallic, go through the scanner and would be searched. 

At this point the scanning team took over.  Within this time ordinary Jamaat members were going through the scanning area but were patted down so as not to alert the individuals or to give the impression that the security checks were directed at them. 

The individuals were checked, scanned and patted down.  After this they were escorted into the mosque.  Separately another Khaddim (Ansar Jamil) went in after them and would remain with them undetected.  He also took a recording on his mobile.

After Namaaz they came out and were given their mobiles.  Two came pretty much together with the third arriving later.  At this time Farooq spoke to one of the individuals and general conversation took place. The individual concerned said his name was Ahmed and he was from Slough.  He also asked how long it took from being scanned to the Mosque to which Farooq replied why he was asking and gave a general answer.  Farooq mentioned that this was an Ahmadi mosque to which they said “Alhamdollillah”.

One of the individuals was also questioned by Khalid Saeed (Permanent Security Staff) and stated that they had come to visit the Neuro Disability Office on West Hill and wee from Slough.

Separately arrangements had been made to video these individuals although there were cameras on site.  A recording (not very high quality) can be seen at: (look at the second one).

Two of the individuals had beards with one wearing a flat round black cap and the other nothing.  The third was pretty much clean shaven and wore no cap.  The individuals left the mosque complex and were followed discreetly.  At this time it was noticed that they had left a bunch of keys with a Subaru tag.

We waited to see if they would come back for these keys but they did not.  Accordingly, as their car left Farooq approached them and gave them their keys for which they were thankful.

Two cars separately followed them.  The individuals went to the Neuro Hospital.  One car came back within 15 minutes whilst the other remained.  The other car remained for just over an hour after which they returned.  During this time one Khaddim visited the hospital and confirmed the individuals had signed in at 17:55 under the name of Ahmad Osman.

At all times on site they were escorted, properly checked and under the close watch of the security staff.  For clarity, at no time were they left alone.  Apart from MKA’s security, AMA UK was present (Mudassar Theem personally present) and members of the permanent security staff with at least 1 being present at the main gate.

Farooq Aftab
Mohtamim Muqami
15 June 2011

Well, Well, Well…. What a surprise! The Jamaat has its very own FBIidot agents, working continuously round the clock to protect the community from outside forces?? ER NO! What we have here is a sickening and twisted example of the suspicious, creepy and the downright weird going-on’s in a Cult that, to the outside world, presents an image of tolerance and love! What lies! What fakery! What deceit! We have 3 innocent Muslim males who just so happened to come across the Fazal Centre in Putney whilst in the local area, wanting to pray! On approaching the Ahmadi Centre they were, from the very moment they pulled up in their car, watched, filmed and every action of theirs noted. You would think that searching them is enough to ensure no bogey man brandishing a machete would gain entry into the Centre, through its heavily guarded gates, and even then that is pushing it, it’s bloody pushing it! It’s really pushing the boundaries, forcing people to be patted down just so they can worship their Lord? **WHO THE HELL DOES THAT??** They could give the international airports a run for their money, the self  obsessed, wolf crying weirdos! There is no security threat, its BS and its lies! They (UK Ahmadis) are fine, they always have been fine and this is just a façade to fool followers into thinking ‘an attack is imminent! It scares people into thinking the outside world is after them but at the same time, gives them a false sense of comfort, that the Jamaat is protecting them and loves them? Love? Meh! Don’t-mek-me-laugh!

It didn’t stop at searches though, did it? It went further than that, way further than that!!

After their number plate was noted, and they were searched at the gates, they were followed into the Mosque and filmed, whilst praying, by a Khuddam (shudder-literally)! Once they had finished, the guys were told it was an Ahmadi Masjid and EVEN THEN politely said ‘Alhamdulillah’. That should have been the end of it, despite being sickening and intrusive as things stood I mean come on, filming people on your phone while they pray? The filming was intentional and it was done so to intentionally spy on these three men and was not just a casual ‘avaay shavaay for jokes to upload on youtube’ filming of them praying! This was suspicious filming, for the purpose of this creepy report!

It cant get any worse, surely?? It sure did!! After they sat back in their car, they were followed all the way up to the Neuro Disability Hospital on West Hill (about 5 minutes away from the Fazal Centre’ and were filmed, driving away from the Centre up until the Neuro Hospital!) The film was uploaded by Rabeel Abdullah (a Khuddam who I know very well) but unfortunately, the link no longer seems to work (you can see the name of the user who uploaded it as Rabeel.S. aka Rabeel Abdullah). Once they arrived at their destination, they were followed in by a Khuddam, who then had the nerve to go up to the front reception and have their names confirmed! WHAT THE!!!!!!!!

This is a form of harassment and they had absolutely no right to film them, let alone go in after them, to make enquiries and to confirm their names!

I am so mad right now, that I can feel my bloody literally boiling right about dare they!

Anyways let’s move on…. Here’s a report from the following Friday.


  • 4 individuals of Pakistani origin.
  • Arrived at Juma time in Ford Galaxy - DA08 BWV.
  • Were fully searched, scanned and escorted on site.
  • From Birmingham – 1 went into mosque whilst others did not
  • Followed separately afterwards.
  • 1 African gentleman who has been coming for last 2 years got confrontational.
  • Later apologized and gave his full details.


At Juma today a number of non-Ahmadis came, most notably:

       1. Group of 4 youth in their twenties of Pakistani descent. Were approached by Ahmad Sirfaraz (Nazim Amoomi Muqami), were checked and scanned.  3 of them did not go through to mosque due to being scanned and returned to their car. The other (4 one) went through scanning and was patted down for a security check by our security staff. 

Farooq Aftab approached the ones that went to the car. Originally they had told security staff they would leave their valuables in the car and then return.

Farooq spoke to them and they said they were from Birmingham. They worked for BMG, a marketing company and traveled around the UK doing research.  Currently they were working for Wandsworth Council from Tuesday to today.  Their car had a BMG sign on front passenger seat.

One of the individuals said he was shocked that they were getting scanned as if they were terrorists.  Farooq explained this was an Ahmadi mosque and there were certain precautions which needed to be taken. They understood but said people “should be happy if they were bombed in a mosque”.  Farooq engaged in small talk with them and suggested they went to another mosque on Merton Road as they enquired about other mosques. Fazl Mosque came up in the Sat Nav which is why they were here. 

They were phoning their 4 friend who was inside and he arrived back.  They said they would try another mosque and left.  At all times they were escorted and under surveillance. 

They were not initially aware that outside members were part of the security team but at the end remarked that some of those outside were on security.

They were followed by one our cars up until Merton Road but pulled over.  Our Khaddim driving said he felt they had noticed that they were being followed which is why they pulled over.

They arrived in a Ford Galaxy, DA08 BWV.  Photos were taken of them.

       2. African gentleman who has been coming to our Fazl Mosque and Baitul Futuh Mosque got agitated when he was being scanned and patted down.  He kicked off and said we were targeting him as he was a “black man”.  Staff tried to explain to him but he was in an aggressive and agitated mood.

Farooq approached him outside the mosque and tried to calm him down.  After a while he did and came back to the mosque with Farooq but as he was getting scanned he decided to turn back because of the way he felt security staff spoke to him.

Again Farooq spoke to him outside and explained and got further details from him.  This gentleman explained he had lived here before and came to our mosque and then went to Baitul Futuh when he left.  As he had now moved to Kingston he came back to Fazl Mosque as he felt it was welcoming mosque. 

He was not aware of our beliefs despite coming for the last 2 years.

After calming down Farooq brought him back to the mosque and this time he co-operated with staff and said his prayers outside.

After prayers Farooq spoke to him in detail and explained who we were and got further details from him.  This gentleman is from Ghana with his father being Muslim and his mother Christian.  He is a property dealer by profession.  He normally donates around 10/20 pounds every week through our charity box outside scanning. 

He apologized to the staff and was made aware what to expect in future.

Farooq gave him a pack with some material re Jamaat.

His name is Ismail Attah, 0777-removed,

Farooq Aftab
Mohtamim Muqami
17 June 2011

Yet again, more filming, taking snaps and the following of 4 innocent young men who happened to stumble across the Centre which might I add, is actually listed in SatNav searches..(I tested it out on my own just now). This time, the guys refused to go in, frustrated by their treatment at the gates and the freaky attitude of the security. Their car was snapped by some random paki on his phone (this will explain why there are these FBIdiots lurking about on the various roads surrounding the Centre in Putney) and fed back for the purpose of this report. The report itself clearly states ‘under surveillance’ an outright admission that they were spying and watching the men ‘at all times’.

The Jamaat and its security are so shameless, that they followed this car knowing full well they could have been clocked, and they were! They have no shame, no humility or no fear. It’s almost as if Ahmadis are above the law, and the Jamaat, a state within a state!

The second case is of a man who has been a regular face at the Centre who rightfully, at the time of being searched, felt offended and couldn’t understand why he was being searched, is also a victim of the Jamaat’s weird and creepy actions. They wrote a full written report on his behavior, despite being a regular there and them being familiar with him, the poor guy! He regularly donates to goodness knows what charity box of theirs, with the money generated used probably to fund some sick little meeting between the top guns and feed their stomachs, but oh no, they still decided to put him on report!

What the hell is this all about? What is with the spying and suspicion, when the Ahmadiyya Jamaat UK constantly tells the world ‘love for all’ and that it is a tolerant community? Oh and don’t try it and bring up ‘security’.. Security my foot! If any of you even try and defend it and say there have been incidences in the past, and Jamaat simply make reports so that if anything was to kick off, they could go to the police with all this info- NO! Do not defend this! They have security cameras everywhere, as admitted by Farooq in the report, so if need be and anything did happen, they had the evidence. This is crossing the line and taking it to an extreme level of paranoia, hatred, suspicion, fear mongering and it’s just so wrong, on so many levels!

They have the nerve to send these weirdo little spies, with absolutely no shame and clearly nothing better to do, into OUR Masjids (Muslim Mosques I mean) with no problems? No one writes reports on them! These beasts sit there, with recorders and tape the khutbahs, in the hope the ‘Mullah’ says something ‘anti Ahmadi’ (they never do: they only tell the blunt truth about their deviant beliefs) and then they go back and report it! So not only do you spy on our Muslim brothers when they come to your cultural Centre, you go into their Masjids and spy on them there too!!!!! These guys are unbelievable!!!!

A mental health hospital, where privacy is crucial in the way in which they are run, and a Khaddim (ahmadiman) deceitfully went in, got the gentleman's name from reception just so you could confirm if he matched with what you had. There is no way the hospital receptionist would have blurted out their names, unless this Khuddam went in and told some fibs to get the information he was after! Tell me- what was the point??? What if his name didn’t match??? What would you have done then huh, Oh you whimp of a Khuddam?? Gone crying to the police, like you pathetic people always do? ‘Oh PC Plod, that Muslim is a threat, he gave us a different name to the hospital down the road… arrest him?????’ what the hell do you people think you are playing at?

Imagine how much of a stink you people would kick up if you found out if say ,that Mosque down Merton road carried on like this? Imagine how you would kick, scream and at the same time, in your twisted world, rejoice in the fact that these Muslims mistreated you in such a way! Who do these poor, innocent guys have standing up for them? No one because they let it be, they didn’t kick up much of a fuss because do you know what? You people are scum and are not worth it! They acted admirably, each and every one of them and then then we have you…. They don’t have a cult running them, sending out complaints on their behalf to local MPs and writing in to the local Newspapers about this shocking behavior! So that is why I decided to put this up! This is going to circulate all over Facebook! As many Muslim groups out there will be linked to this blog; I am going to get as many people to tweet this outrageous story. I am going to get someone to set up a group on my behalf on Facebook, requesting if that if people recognize the faces or the number plates, to let these guys know! You are not getting away with this! I am sick to death of the regime and sick to the pit of my stomach with this twisted, money obsessed cult! We are fed up and want you all gone!!!!!!! I am sick of all these chiefs and not enough Indians. Sick of these made up, pathetic little posts you people have going on, to fill some sort of void in your lives! I tell you what that void is? Allah and Islam! This is abnormal, it’s disgusting, its border-line criminal and it will repulse nearly everyone who reads this! Rafiq Hayat, Mr ‘BBC’ Vala, how are you going to explain this one? Mr ‘Oh we are so tolerant and accepting’? Go on.. wriggle your way out of this one! You know full well this goes on and it goes on with your full authority and dont you dare deny it! What about you Mr Ch Wasim Ahmad, Mr handing over cheques to the white man at Charity events? Got anything to say? And what about YOU Mr Nasser Khan, Mr well spoken and the first to go forward and shake the white man’s hand at one of your events? What have you 2 faced hypocrites got to say for yourselves? One face for the West and the white people, and another for everyone else! These are not the first reports and incidents of spying, there are hundreds upon hundreds but it just so happens that I only managed to find these! This is a regular practise of the Jamaat, and probably even after this, they will not stop! They will simply occupy their time with trying to find out how I got this information and get to the bottom of it! They aren't going to be embarrassed by their actions rather, they are going to be embarrassed it got out and they have been EXPOSED! Shameful spies!

Your local council and neighbors’ will also be notified of this! SPYING ENDORSED BY A DEVIANT CULT! CULT! CULT! CULT! I will be forwarding this on to the Neuro Disability Hospital too...

I am also seeking advice on whether this is actually a criminal offense, what with invasion of privacy and the unwarranted filming and photographing of unsuspecting and innocent civilians. Its well worth looking into.

I wonder what Justine Greening and Lord Ave will think of all this, your supporters, the ones you love to dance for and would do anything to keep them sweet? What do you think they will make of all of this? If I was them, I'd soon realise I had been duped by the Ahmadiyya UK's propaganda campaign!

Mr Attah, the ‘African man’ in this report has now been notified. A link to this blog piece has been sent to his email, telling him exactly what to look for. Good luck trying to save face on that one…..

If anyone is reading who is not Ahmadi, please spread the word and help us expose this cult for what it is! Many upon many Ahmadis are mistreated and trapped (including myself), at the hands of this evil regime and we need your help in breaking it down! Please support us and let every Muslim and Non Muslim know just what these people are about. They are crooks, dangerous and evil. They are the oppressors and this is a Cult!

Allah says in Surah Al-Hujuraat:
O you who believe! Avoid much suspicion, Indeed some suspicions are sins. And spy not, neither backbite one another. Would one of you like to eat the flesh of his dead brother? You would hate it, and fear Allah. Verily Allah is the one who forgives and accepts repentance, most merciful.

^^ Yes. Read above Oh Jamaat e Ahmadiyya, revivalist Islamic Sect, True Sect, Sect of the Promised One (dont twist it on me, I do this  and expose you people for the greater good but what about you??)! 


  1. Well done Girl! This is truly outrageous and I am mortified that they would even do such a callous and cowardly act! May Allah reward your efforts! I really admire your work and I am supporting you silently! From a Fellow Trapped Muslimah from Hartlepool. :-]

  2. Thanks Hartlepool Muslimah! :) keep checking back...

  3. @ Findings

    Do your thing thing!!! Lets get em!

    The Rash

  4. I read your take on the first report and I feel you've been unfare in your writings. The Jamat is being cautious on Yes an extreme level, but within reason. Have you forgot the killings in Lahore, Bangladesh, Indonesia? If security measures are not taken who's to say your father, brother or cousin won't be shot in there back while prostrating??? All it takes is a misguided drone to come along, knowing the layout of the mosque, knowing the weaknesses in security and somehow penetrating it in order to carry out something sinister... I am having issues understanding what to believe which is why I visited your blog but this article is irrelevant IMO.

  5. Well the security has been tighten since the attacks have happened on a ahmadi mosque in Pakistan! And for your kind of information the council recommended to tighten up the security at our mosques since the 28th may 2010

  6. im sure this blog wouldnt exist for any other courrput muslim sect

  7. hmm..I really don't see where the issue's called security isn't it?..I agree this blog is totally irrelevant.

  8. Avoid suspicion! Spy not! And go on spying all the time,
    stealing news/gossips/rumours/documents ,whatever you can 'find' and from whereever possible......

  9. Shameless.

    Qadiani temples have NOT been attacked. Muslim mosques have been attacked all over Britain.

    Qadiani graveyards have NOT been desecrated. Muslim graveyards have been desecrated all over Britain.

    Qadiani preachers have NOT been assaulted. An imam at the Regents Park Mosque was attacked savagely amongst many others.

    Qadianis have NOT been run over and killed. Muslims have.

    Muslims have NOT installed airport scanners and body searches and all that garbage at their mosques in the UK despite horrendous increases in Islamophobia.

    Qadianis are a tiny cult, nobody is attacking them in this country. They keep crying wolf and smearing and demonising Muslims. They're as scummy as the EDL.

    These people are fear mongering and cynically intimidating Muslims. Security? It's easier to get into Israel FFS!!!!!!

    Af Riend

  10. ...and this comes from a spy?

  11. lolz!!! is it islam which you talking about by the very way... and even if they are pretending to be muslims then you been muslims should practice tolerance which i can definitely see none of you have... spreading hate is the only thing you can do.. and if they are wrong the things you guys are doing can you justify it in accordance with the rules taught by Islam... look at yourself and then talk about others.. and about Qadianies crying wolf or something like that... what MUSLIMS are being doing across the world... killing Qadianies and in the most brutal way they can.... and yet you have the guts to call yourself Muslims and point fingers on others.. Islam is not someones owned property and according to my knowledge every one who recites Kalima is a Muslim and we cant go and call them non-muslims its only Allah to decide what is their reality not us..

  12. O ye who believe! if an unrighteous person brings you any news, ascertain the correctness of the report fully, lest you harm a people in ignorance, and then become repentant for what you have done. (49:7)

    Your blog reminds me of the following quote "hum to dobain hain sanam.....tum ko bhi lay dobain gay" :) awwww you dont understand urdu. Well it means you are going down baby.....why drag us down with you.

    Or shall I call you a dude. I am really beginning to think this is a muslimah trapped inside a muslims body :D Btw I am a 100% confirmed muslim. And you can check to make sure anytime ;)

    Its a nice game you are playing. Trying to win the heads and minds of other guys as I doubt any female will fall into your trap.

    What was it with you then? Mommy daddy didnt pay much attention to you? Got seduced by some hot looking non ahmadi brother (I hope you are not into that stuff as in some countries they chop your willy off for being in love with same sex). I am really curious as I love cases such as yours.

    Dude have you forgotten the saying....Live and let live. Just relax and forget whats going around you. Why are you giving yourself such a heart attack. You are just one "nanhi see jaan" and no one to help you.

    And also, why are you so worried about being caught that you have to pretend to be a girl. I mean you said it yourself you are living in LONDONNNNNNNNNN and its a free country baby. No one can even lay a finger on you. But I guess you just like the effect of attracting other guys ;)

    Anyways dude peace out and just about what I said.

  13. FYI- This site is about informing people and dispelling misinformation....not about hatred.
    @ "Thatsnotmyname said..."- you foolishly quote the Quran, and under the same breath make threats in order to intimidate, truly shameful. Ahmadiyya is a insular cult.

  14. chill out anonymous. When exactly did I threaten anyone. Is this your paranoia playing up? Better call bedlam as I think we need to get a head count :D It seems making pointless blogs is so easy any loony can do it within seconds.

    what are you informing people about? And what misinformation are you dispelling? I would love to see that.

    Also, by putting this report online you are putting the live of those people in danger who came to visit the mosque. Putting car reg online so that anyone can find out the information on those innocent people.

    Plus giving their location and where they went. It takes just one nut case to get this info. And one to put this information online.

    Next time you put any such information online just remember to put a *** somewhere in there ;)

  15. Shahid U have decided to quit your full of imaginative & fools forum after getting dishearted that U lost precious 7 years of life in backbiting & spreading lies agaist Ahmadiyyat but badly badly failed. Can U let us how many Ahmadies U converted to Mullah's faith & Belif in this period.

  16. I'm an young woman, in the Jamaat too, are you seriously an Ahmadi girl?? How old are you?

  17. I am a former Ahmadi. This objection on security issues, though, is ridiculous. When I was an Ahmadi, MY objection was that therew was NOT ENOUGH security.

    This has ZERO to do with lack of piety, or "spying." It's security. You got a world FULL of idiots. Ahmadis ARE targeted.

    Now, on OTHER things, there is plenty to bash Ahmadiyyat about, such as its claims that an Ahmadi's prayers won't be answered if that Ahmadi prayes behind a non-Ahmadi Imam; or the ANTI-QUR'ANIC rule that Ahmadis cannot marry non-Ahmadis, when the Qur'an itself says that Ahmadi men can marry the People of the Book--even Christians; or the fact that Ahmadsi have to PAY to see their leader at the annual conventions [is that still practiced?]

    Or there's the fact that if you're not "paid up" on your chanda, you can't be elected for office, although ISLAM says that the qualifications for office are,

    1. Righteousness
    2. Knowledge of Qur'an
    3. Whether you were an ansar or muhajireen (during Rasoolulah's time)
    etc., etc.,

    Then there's the calling of their leader, "His Holiness," when, in fact, THERE IS NO SUCH CONCEPT IN THE ARABIC LANGUAGE AS 'HOLY.'

    Now, the spying that IS bad is the spying on EACH OTHER that Ahmadis do, such as reporting that an Ahmadi couple, at their OWN Walima, allowed their guests to mix. That's nobody's business but that couple's.

    There's plenty to talk about without being unrealistic about security. Ahmadis got BIG enemies. Maybe most of them won't physically harm Ahmadis. But even in the U.S., many years ago, an Ahmadi was murdered in Detroit, bymembers of a group called the Furqan.

    It's up to Ahmadis to decide how to have their security. But, if they continue with other bad practices, there won't be any need for security, because Ahmadiyyat won't exist--because no one will join.

  18. I can't believe you could even think that the beautiful jama'at of our beloved Messiah is a cult. Just pathetic

  19. LOL think? We *know* it is beta.

  20. To demand perfection is intellectual suicidal.

  21. haha, typical... by day they are taxi man (claiming benefits too) and by night they are mr super amoomi detective saab (with tits)

    and please dont compare them to airport security, they are nowhere near as professional as that. If they knew anything about security they a) wouldnt let this leak b) would let the guys know its an ahmadi mosque and c) wouldnt write a report like that. Plus, I bet they shat themselves too. haha