Sunday, 11 September 2011

The Sunday (semi) Scandal Session 3: Raf Hayat, Mr 'All for Freedom' and the Banning of Cinema in the UK

Salaam! OK! Before you all get your hopes up and expecting something juicy here today, I am going to have to burst your bubble..I am really tight for time today and can’t manage a full on Sunday Scandal Session! I have a Bangladeshi wedding to go to in Whitechapel which starts at 3, its 12:15pm and I am still not even ready!!! I have decided to wear a blue suit which I had sent over from my cousin in Islamabad, with a nice pair of heels from Nine West, that I got in the sale only the other day and a small clutch bag from a Karen Millen (I got it online in the sale a few years back…its lush). So today, I am keeping it short and sweet, I need to go and get ready and also, I am not in the mood to write today anyways…think I am coming down with something (time to reach for the miraculous homeopathic medicines me thinks! Lol).

Who remembers when our Raf, Ameer of the United Kingdom, banned all Ahmadis from going to the cinema? You know, Mr BBC Spokesman for the Ahmadiyya Jamaat, the one who goes to the Caucasian community and presents himself and the community he works for as if he is the epitome of a liberal Muslim? If you don’t remember, let this be a re-cap for you! This is old news, that’s for sure, but I wanted to put it up because I am sick and tired of Ahmadis accusing me of lying when I have brought it up in the past and also, its great exposure to the Muslims reading out there so they know exactly what goes down in this CULT! Here you have it, bet all you engaged and educated Ahmadis love to be told by Raf whether you can go to the cinema or not… for all you grown guys out there, bet you feel proper manly and that?!? LOOOL!!!!

Not that anyone listens to him and practically everyone ignored the ban! Raf was getting reports on a weekly basis that Ahmadis were seen at the Cinema complexes in Wandsworth, Kingston and of course- Trashy Tuesdays at Feltham Cineworld to watch the latest Bollywood blockbusters! Raf had to famously back track; initially it was a complete ban on all cinemas in October 2008…! After word got out, and people started mocking him, he had to change it to ‘only educational films and those who are minors have to get permission’! (A bit like how they have now backtracked on the Facebook ban when they realised no one actually listens and laughs in the face of their pathetic rules and they can’t be having that now can they!!) I don’t have the original document that detailed the complete ban, but I did find this one lurking about….! Er this guy is off his rocker… what films are educational these days???? Just another way to cease control…and control those under his rule… no other reason! Make common Ahmadis too frightened to go out in case they are spotted by Amoomis and reported back to HQ. "ooh amir sahib, I was accidentally in the cinema watching American Pie, I dont know why I ended up there, I must've been sleep walking and guess what?? I saw Shagufta and Amtul Hae in there too. and they were giggling at rude stuff.UMMMMMMM I am telling"- urgh pathetic qadiani grasses!

Anyways RAFIQ HAYAT, NATIONAL PRESIDENT OF THE AHMADIYYA COMMUNITY OF THE UNITED KINGDOM (should anyone ever Google you, hope this comes up lol), here is your ban on all cinema going besides to see ‘educational films’… proper liberal and open minded you are aren’t you…NOT! Ahmadis will no doubt defend this, I guess you don’t mind being run by a guy who thinks it’s OK to poke fun at God and make a cartoon out of Him for the sake of marketing his own business: MumboJumbo World (here check this out...this really exposed Rafiq Hayat: )! Don’t worry about the cinemas Raf, worry about why your salah centres are empty first yeah or maybe the criminal activities of your big guns? These things don’t bother you though do they? Don’t know what I am talking about? You will soon….

(typed word for word).

Date: 10.02.2009
Dear President Sahib: Assalamoalaikum.
Re: Films and Cinemas.

We refer to our circular dated 14th October 2008, and set below further clarification.

Permission to go to the cinema is granted provided the film being shown is of an educational nature and or depicts a true story or is entertainment that elaborates the Islamic moral value.

In such cases, it is best that youngsters are accompanied by their parents. Where this is not possible, it is the responsibility of the parents to ensure that the content their children will be exposed to fulfils the criteria mentioned above.
Therefore, whilst dependants remain under the care of their parents, they may not go to the cinema without the knowledge and express permission of their parents for all such visits.
Adults who wish to go to the cinema should also ensure that the criteria mentioned above are fulfilled before they pay for the film.

R A Hayat,
Amir Jama’at Ahmadiyya, UK

Cc:      All Missionaries
            Regional Amirs
            Heads of Auxiliary Organisations
            Majlis e Amila
Private Secretary

(lol Raf your name is on denying..hahaha! I reallllllllllly hope your colleagues see this!)

Lets hear it… WHATS YOUR EXCUSE FOR MR ‘LIBERAFAL’ HAYAT’S BAN ON WHAT YOU CAN GO TO SEE IN THE CINEMAS??????? Who the hell is he to dictate what anyone can and cannot do, all the while shoving his mug into the cameras for the BBC telling otherwise sooo not bothered Brits about how Ahmadis are all for freedom and liberty?? I wonder what your white and rather posh contacts would have to say for all of this. Do your colleagues know you implemented a ban on cinemas? Do they know you put restrictions on what people can watch. They might now hehehe!! so what if the Ahmadi kids are getting up to the hanky panky in the cinemas...Raf aint their dad and has no right to tell them what to do... and not only did he ban kids, he extended the ban to adults too! What? So a husband and wife go on a romantic date to the cinema and thats wrong? Raf dont try it, I know your munee watches Star Plus and what not....'Islamic Values'.. LOL... moronic. Dont you DARE tell people what to do ever again or I will expose your sorry ass here good and proper... how dare you dictate what children AND adults can and cannot do! Cant you see this isnt normal?? Banning people from going to the cinema, then realising that didnt work and then tried to dictate what they can and cannot watch and these are ADULTS too man! What the hell is wrong with you? Its obvious you Ahmadis cant control your hands in the back row right?? Why else would you ban the cinema because if its about the content of the film, you may as well lock them all up and gauge their eyes out mate... because there are hundreds of chinese blokes flogging 'doovds' everywhere..PORNOs included! What about when the films come out on Sky Box Office? Or when they broadcast on Digital TV? Or what about watching them far worse?? Get a are crazy!! Hitler or what!! I tell you what..go ahead and ban the cinema but dont you DARE show your mug on TV again talking about terrorists because YOU Mr Hayat terrorise people in your community with threats and restrictions! .

Gotta dash… 45 minutes to get ready! Ahmadis: Wake are being RUN! And by the way, my blog isn’t an Islamic’s simply to expose the Jamaat coz you see, the Jamaat is SO UNISLAMIC and seeing my posts are focused on the Jamaat it ends up being ‘Unislamic’ too…GEDDIT?… so don’t come at me with ‘errrrr your blog has no Islamic direction’..if you want that…hit up Farhan at: and stop MOANING at the content and start defending it! If you cant… get gone! Im serious…I am not authorising any more whack comments… so don’t bother! Lets focus on this: THE-ACTIVITIES-OF-YOUR-AHMADIYYA-JAMAAT. And again: LETS-FOCUS-ON-THE-ACTIVITIES-OF-YOUR-JAMAAT…. Do you understand now?The purpose of this blog is to EXPOSE-THE-JAMAAT:IF-YOU-WANT-THEOLOGY-GO-TO: lets hope thats drilled into you once and for all. I don’t mess around here and will say it how it is…

By the way, I really like the song ‘Work Out’ by J Cole…. Its my current favourite! Check it out on youtube… its got an old skool vibe to it…"hey, you know we got a good thing, don’t know if I’mma see you again but is that a good thing?"... you WILL... dont worry!

Wasalaam...I am out of here! 


  1. Oh my God. Is this post serious? This is supposed to bring the Jama'at down?

    Seriously. Is that all that is left?

  2. LOL @ hit up Farhan
    If he is the one person you depend on for your scholarly work then it's a shame he has to hide his videos and delete comments. I heard a lot of people have annihilated him in discussions. Farhan we still got love for you, we welcome more videos, bring it on munafiqs!!!

  3. Are you stupid blad? Who said this was going to finish this creepy cult?? Its just a little something..nothing major...but I'm sure PR guru Raf will be embarrassed by it! Care to defend this stupidness? Thought so!

    @ ahmadiyya4life: Br Farhan has extensive experience in dealing with Qadianis and his blog is a great place for people to read, consider and debate! Of course there are loads of other sites but I will always plug his first- loyalty to my brothers!!!! Lol @ munafiqs...whatevs man.

    Got anything to say? Is this healthy? Banning of cinemas? Thought so.

    I win! Na na nee na na! Sorry..I CANT HEAR YOU! :P

  4. Ps: don't use God's name in vain thanks please oh anonymous qadiani... I know your Amir shows complete disrespect towards God..but no need for you to! Thankus.

  5. @Ahmadiyya4Life

    No Ahmadi has so far been able to refute a single argument. You haven't even been able to defend your pervert of a Khalifa on this blog!

    You guys always boast about the superiority of your arguments but when push comes to shove and we actually invite you for a discussion you guys run away as fast as you can.

    I invite you to join the forum on and defend your beliefs if you can.

    Let's start with this:

    Ribaa is one of the biggest sins in Islam but your so called real Islam happily indulges in it. This is not some mullah trick. This information was taken from official accounts and links to the charity comission website are provided. If you can defend it head over there and defend it.

    What's up with these control freaks? Why do they think that they have to control the lives of their members down to the last detail? Making a recommendation is one thing but who does he think he is that he can FORBID people from going to cinemas?

    "Permission to go to the cinema is granted"... permission and Doesn't get any more cultish.

  6. I love your blog. It gives me great entertainment and a good laugh every week.

    Nice impression you're showing to non-Muslims, how Muslims are always fighting and arguing against each other.

    Mr. Rafiq Hayat and the Jamaat have a duty to protect the members of the Jamaat from bad influences, if this means advising Jamaat members to avoid going to the cinema then he is doing nothing wrong. But the point is, what brought the glory and great Islamic empire down?

    It was because of things like this, going to cinemas, wasting time in vain, materialistic things and not paying any attention to religion or eduction. Muslims had become diverted and distracted from the true purpose of their lives and were living in luxury and enjoying themselves too much. This gave way to evil trends to be started and outside forces to start seeing how weak the Muslims had become. This eventually lead to the decline and fall of the Muslim empire and now it is how we see it today, disunited and fighting amongst each other.

    So Rafiq Hayat has a point and a reason why people should try and avoid going to cinema unless it will give them some intellectual or educational or religious benefit. Otherwise it is a waste of time and may have detrimental effects on some youths. Plus if the youth see adults going, they would also want to go.

    All in all you have no basis for your argument or in fact your childish blog. How funny would it be if your father walked in and saw you writing this Hypocritical blog.

    Yes we know what you are, you cannot do anything. Enjoy your temporary fun.

  7. WOW. this is a waste of my time. materialistic much? get a life man seriously.

  8. For the record, I took down my videos for personal purely reasons. With few exceptions, the arguments were solid.

    Whereas, the Ahmadiyya leadership ordered one of their top missionaries who debated me to take down his videos :-)

  9. LoL @ no ahmadi has been able to refute you, are you serious? Lol let's see if your answer is the same on the day of judgement!

    There's even dedicated articles to you guys on the ahmadi blog you promote, I DO NOT SEE you responding but as findings says " I cannot hear u", yes you won't, this is why you remain a munafiq!

  10. Mirza himself use to watch the so called theater :)

  11. @ Farhan

    I'm glad you admit there were a few exceptions in your arguments.

    Not sure if the guy you were debating was a "top missionary" back then though? He was just a jamia kid back then :)

  12. Anonymous

    with respect any credable argument that is posted on this site or the cult. is not allowed. I have tried so many times Fahran knows me. but dont worry site coming soon which those posts that are not allowed by the cult!!!! and perhaps this site to.

    Br Farhan the top Missionary was and still is a Jamia student!!!! not does not show you have lied!!!!! and indeed he will a top scholar that we are sure of in the future. I hope finding will allow this.


  13. Leave my dad alone! He has been embarrassed enough already.

  14. Sis you da bess! lol I just wanted to say that .. but this is the common habit of the "A" ... Mirza 2 even went to watch naked European at operas with Ch. Zafrullah Khan ...

  15. Thanks Bro ;)

    @ Tariq Hayat... looool tell your 'dad' to stand down...its all so simple! he insists on staying so i will insist on exposing his rogue ways!

  16. Findings you are so sad, stand down from what, only person that should be standing down is you. The only thing that should be going down is you!

  17. Sister ma still w8ing on paki mafia Who are they ?

  18. Sorry Bro I know I promised it a few weeks back but it will be up soon! Paki Mafia post will be another slap in the face of our Tzar Shabir Bhatti! It won't be up tomorrow I just haven't the time this week and I still have to scan the documents. Couple of weeks max! :)