Saturday, 15 October 2011

50,000 Hits: Its Time to take 50,000 steps back: Blog Blackout and Shutdown.

Salaam, early this morning my blog reached the 50,000 hits mark- what a milestone for a tiny blog that only been up and running for a few weeks. In celebration I'm writing a personal letter to the Ameer of the Ahmadiyya Jamaat:

Dear Rafiq Hayat AKA Raf, Raffy Boy, Rafster, National President of the UK Ahmadiyya 'Muslim' Association of the United Kingdom and Director of MumboJumbo World...

HI!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

I saw a photo of you recently, and you looked really sick. I saw you again at one of these many funerals we've been attending recently too and its fair to say, you are not looking your perky self. I was overcome with a sense of guilt, and what is normally hatred for you (I unashamedly admit what hundreds feel) turned to pity. I reflected on all the times I have singled you out, shouted at you, scorned you and publicly told people of your corrupt and dirty ways. Not just you Rafiq Hayat, but also that wife of yours, Shakira Hayat, the Jamaat's number 1 veteran and our very own 'Munee'. I realised that despite what the pair of you get up to, what with your cruelty towards common Ahmadis and upsetting so many people out there, does it really warrant you being mentioned so many times? You are clearly a very sick, sick man, I mean look at you in this picture- you poor thing! On top of that, we've all been so worried about you since Munee told everyone you might be having a heart attack and were rushed to A&E, but it only turned out to be 'panic attacks'. Thank goodness Rafiq Hayat, my life would have been turned upside down if anything happened to you. You are my inspiration, more than you could ever imagine. If anything happened to you, Findings would be finished. (BIG HINT). I think I have played a part in your tension these days, and I am here with an olive branch today.....

I have been thinking to myself recently, while sat at my desk doodling on Microsoft Paint, eating Party Rings and Sainsburys Bread Sticks, about how I am getting bored of my blog. This stupid 'Sunday Scandal' deadline I've set myself is starting to become a chore but I know I have to keep it up, but do I really want to? Also I think I am close to exposing my old man, because something was said in passing about one of the documents I put up, by this loser Ahmadi guy, which makes me think my dad might be on the hit list of suspects. So basically what I am trying to say is, I don't want to do this blog anymore and I will be closing it down effective immediately. I will also promise to destroy all the hundreds of documents I have, plus I swear never to disclose the information I have on 3 of you that was sent in by email. Your dirty secrets are safe with me.

I really mean it; I am bored, tired and fed up and I want to close this blog down. If I don't, I've chained myself to it for easily 1 year, because its going to take that many Sundays to be able to get through everything I have. Also, I have been thinking if I do keep the blog running, I have to give it an energy boost so I am going to start uploading a lot of Jamaat filth and perhaps expose the deviants amongst you, but do I really want to do that? I mean, what's the point, right? You know Raf, I think some Ahmadis have mental health problems, what do you think? You know when facts and colourful and pretty photographs are slapped across their faces, they still claim they are not real. I mean, what's the point?? Look at what I am contending with here man!! I don't want to do this anymore. I am packing up shop. I am going back to the forums to be amongst my people for the rest of the week. I miss Rationalist, Hussain and others. What was I thinking, branching out alone? At least over there, I am cushioned and protected by the administration and the brothers there had my back, but here, I get death threats, threats of rape, and all sorts of filth from none other than your Ahmadi followers.

So its time to go. I don't want this responsibilty. If others are bothered by the corruption with the Ahmadi Community, they can do this themselves! Why should I have to take their abuse when they are too scared to accept the truth? What is the point putting my family at risk for these ungrateful nutters? You show these berks the facts and they shrug it off- mashAllah Raf, your Jamaat has got them on lock! Proper subservient brainwashedees of the Ahmadi Cult!

I have had my fun; 50,000 views in less than 2 months means I can afford to retire. I've made some progress and caused you people some considerable embarrassment but its time to give it a rest.

Rafiq Hayat, I will definitely shut up shop and I swear in front of all those present reading that I, Cult Girl AKA Findings, will no longer write out against the Ahmadiyya Jamaat / Ahmadi Cult. I, Cult Girl AKA Findings, solemnly swear that I will no longer write out against its leadership or their godfather Mirza Masroor Qadiani. I promise never to upload sensitive Jamaat material ever again, for as long as I live. I will remove all comments I have made about you on the forums, and all your friends and family too. I will refer to Mas as 'Masroor' and you as Rafiq, and no longer 'Raf', and make sure these changes are made before my account is deleted. I will delete my account from and never write there again. I will go as far as sending ALL the documents I have to your home address in New Malden, Surrey. I will never ever upload anything ever again, and I will ask admin on to issue a formal apology on my behalf to everyone I have peeved off. I will never show my face again. I will promise never to upset any Ahmadi with my comments, and I will stop working alongside the Ahmadiyya Awareness Team. I will neither pass my material on to them to use, as all originals will be sent to your home at the end of the week. This will be effective as of Sunday the 23rd of October: 23/10/2011.

There is just ONE CONDITION, and I can formally close this blog down. I need you to push me out, and this can be done very easily. If this condition is not met, you will not only prove MGAQ to be a liar, but also prove you are not willing to protect the reputation of the Jamaat and its members by letting me continue. All you have to do is find me the AUTHENTIC HADITH where this is mentioned: 

"In many Saheeh Ahadith it is written that the Promised Messiah will arrive at the beginning of a century, and he will be the Reformer of the fourteenth century."
(Ruhani Khazain, Volume 21, page 359; lines 11-12)

See the quote for yourself below:

Click To Enlarge

I am specifically looking for 'Promised Messiah' 'Beginning of a Century' and 'He (Promised Messiah) will be the Reformer of the 14th Century' (Thats 14th Century Islamic / 19th Century Gregorian). You have the means to do this. You can send me an email, one of your loyal workers can email me, or even a random Khuddam can, from a fake email account. You have the Rah E Huda website that can publish the Hadith; or even that Mr Blog man who is tirelessly working to promote the Jamaat. I want the proof, and once I have the proof, I will publish it here as soon as I get it, on this site..even if that means promoting/advertising Pro-Ahmadi sites, then so be it!!! The Blog will then close down on Sunday at 21:00 hours and immediate efforts will be made to close my account on

If you can't meet this one condition then in essence, it's a win win situation for you, because not only will you prove your prophet, you finally get shot of me too! You need to get me the Hadith before 21:00 hours on 23/10/11 and shutdown will commence! 

Tonight, all comments are going to be turned off. There will be NO Sunday Scandal Session and there will be NO Mid Week Post. The Blog will officially close at 21:00 hours next Sunday, without any prior warning or post, if they bring forward the authentic Hadith in good time. The Hadith will be published here before closure, and will be left up until I shut the Blog down at 21:00 hours. All my posts will be deleted, so if anyone wants the documents presented here, I suggest you save them to your computers now. I am giving the Ahmadiyya Jamaat some breathing space, so that means a blog 'blackout' for a whole week. There will be NO posts, while we await the outcome of them producing the Hadith. Its simple- I just want the one! It wont take more than an hour to sift out, and as MGAQ has claimed there are 'many', to find even just the one will not be a problem at all! 

IF you can't do this, and my website is still running come next sunday 21:00 hours onwards next week, consider it proof your Prophet is a big, fat liar and you failed to prove him right. Ahmadis should also consider WHY they failed to prove this! If it's truthful, and Mirza did not lie on Hadith, it won't be a problem. But that aside, to ensure I get another 50,000 hits, I am going to hit out so hard, that you will all be left reeling. No pleasantaries, no nothing- I am going to start exposing the hypocrisy of the Ahmadiyya Jamaat in full force. Homosexual batty sons of top UK officials, Criminal name are all getting it!

So the ball's in your court. Don't make me do this anymore. I just want the hadith and I will pack up. If you can't produce it, and I am still running, its proof he lied, and the Jamaat know he lied.

I would like to leave everyone with this video for those Ahmadis in genuine search of the truth, so please have a listen to Shaykh Mumtaz Ul Haq of London, concerning this 14th Century malarky. He kills it, but maybe Rafiq Hayat, Ameer of the UK, can prove him wrong and prove he is not just a businessman, and kill Shaykh Mumtaz's claims?

Mirza lied on the Quran and Ahadeeth

Tune of the Day:

Ya Adheeman

Maybe I will see you all again, or maybe I won't: The Ball is in the UK Ahmadiyya Jamaat's Court.



  1. These Koffiron will not answer this, if they do, they will do so with lies.

  2. I don't think they can even worm their way out of this one with lies...