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Ahmadiyya Jamaat: Business or Religion?


I kid you not people, these are actual pics from a Jamaat brochure from three years back to 'celebrate' the Khilafat centenary!! Loooooool! Is the Ahmadiyya Cult a business or religion? I say... Business!!!

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Might I remind you Ahmadi readers, what Mirza Ghulam Ahmad himself said about photographs:
(Somebody got the photograph of the Holy Founder of the Ahmadiyya Jamaat printed on Post Card and intended to sell the card to the people on them thus showing the picture of the Holy Founder to the addressees. When this matter was brought to the notice of Hazrat Aqdas, Huzur said): 

According to me, it is not good (to print the photographs like this). This is the first step towards innovation. When I allowed my photograph to be taken, the idea was that the European who are very far from us - and they can assess the character of a man by looking at his picture - should be shown this photograph so that they can be benefited by doing so; it would have been a spiritual gain for them. The photograph is such a thing that its being forbidden is not like the things that are unlawful (haram); he who can take a decision about this kind of affairs (the one who is a Mujtahid) can assess the value of the occasion and give permission for its use. The permission that I have given to use my photograph is based on the need of the Europeans. I have received some letters from Europe and America wherein it is mentioned that having seen the photograph they have arrived at the conclusion that this is just the same Messiah. The photograph, at times helps the physician diagnose the disease. So far as the Shariat is concerned it preserves all such things for a longer period of time as are useful to the people. 

The photographs that have been printed on the Post Card should not be purchased. Picture is the basis of idol worship. When a man has faith in some one he definitely gives more of respect to his photograph. One must guard against these things and stay away from them lest our Jamaat may become the victim of a calamity at the very initial stage. I have mentioned this fact in a book of mine that it is not permitted; this book is under print. I am very much annoyed with the members of the Jamaat who deal in this kind of things; God is also unhappy with them.
Of course, if there is anything that can benefit the soul of a person, that would be an exceptional case.
(A postcard with photograph was shown to the Holy Founder of the Jamaat. He remarked that this was not permitted). 

(Another person brought a bundle of postcards of this kind and showed it to Hazrat Aqdas and told him that he had bought these cards to sell. He asked as to what should he do to them. Hazrat Aqdas said: ) 

Burn them; destroy them. It tantamount to disgrace of the religion and disgrace of the Sharia. Do not keep them at home. They are of no use at all, rather, this kind of things lead to idol worship. Had you printed a sentence or two for preaching purpose, in place of this photograph, it would have been better for you

Here's the link if you doubt me:

Why are the Ahmadiyya Jamaat going against the orders of their own prophet? Can't you see the irony of having this quote up on their official website that's littered with pics of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad and his so-called Khalifas? And all these self made Jamaat officials like Rafiq and Nasser... I smell something..what is that? Oh yeah- HYPOCRISY! Mr Rahmatullah, Mr Head of IT of Jamaat Ahmadiyya can you explain this, seeing the rest of your colleagues are playing silly beggars and pretending to be deaf and dumb?!

So..Business OR Religion? Marketing or Muslim?

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  1. George of the Jungle8 October 2011 at 00:23

    some of the stuff looks like it's been bought from the 99p shop and had a sticker put over it!

  2. Findings (not logged in)8 October 2011 at 00:44

    George, Imagine rocking a 'Khilafat Centenary Bag'. Forget hate crimes against the Ahmadiyya, they are criminals in the name of fashion! How could they!!!! Gok Wan would be less than impressed....

  3. The contradictions within this cult are so huge that it is an embarassment.
    This is a very good article and shows these people dont even care about their own messiah's teachings.
    I remember hearing their messiah criticise people for shaving beards and wearing christian (european) clothes, yet all of them including their leaders do this.
    well done.

  4. Exactly! And what's really funny is that the Ahmadiyya Jamaat PROFITS from pictures of their so called 'PROPHET'. They don't call him 'Profit Prophet' for nothing you know ;) pics on calenders, glass ornaments etc etc! Mirza Ghulam Average, the original loony toon of India would be real mad right now! Jzks. :)

  5. So I call on all Qadianis to light a bonfire this coming november and burn these pics and smash these souvenirs to pieces! How can you defy what he, MGA, has ordered?? Tut tut tut... No respect for him!!

  6. You gotta admit, this is kinda funny.

  7. All conferences arranged by RAF are for money over invoicing either the peace price or the parliament UK or eu his conduct is not noble at all what has he done to aslam Javed Iftikhar ayaz anyone he thinks stand against him he cleverly gets him out of his way he commissions business from flowers to banners to buses to marquees buying land fake companies two asylum seeker brother who were not allowed to do business nas khan was doing all contracts of mosques in UK on their name quasai company

  8. Kenya mafia = Ks
    Asylum seekers = slaves = Ss
    Mirzaz = royals = Rs
    Employees missionaries of jamaat = knights = Ns
    Mashrooms = members = Ms

  9. I remember some 3/4 years ago during a jalsa salana. my qaid gave me 10 plasticized poster picture of caliph 5 and i was told to only to return with the money.

    The none plasticized version were cheaper but weren't advertised much.

    I walked to people trying to persuade them to buy. But they either refused or already bought one. Those who refused were regretting ans were very much embarrassed. They felt sooo morally obliged to buy it. It was their imaan in play. They just couldn't tell me to gtfo as they would do with some other "worldly" businessman.

    Anyways, other guys managed to sell theirs as they didn't lose hope fast and were much more charismatic than me

  10. Do you more than 75% of the income of Ahmadis is taken by the jamaat in various mandatory chandas tehriks which ate so many and charity walk Ahmadis do it even taken loans leaders enjoy with money have tiffin careers take raw and cooked food from ziafat daily prob sec ziafat who buys necks from butchers 5 kg and takes receipt for 20 kg do you do you alley talalley in the name of VIP tents do you know deepak complaint to 4th supremo

  11. Do you supremo's own clothes are sent to Rabwah for washing kalfing and pressing Abdul majid tabsheer makes his beards And hair cutting

  12. The dress the qadiani khalifas wear are unislamic- they are dressed like tribal landlords! He should leave his clothes in pakistan and dress like a 'muslim'..oh sorry..he isn't one.. He is shaytan's little helper.

  13. RAF Wahayatkalia has run away from UK when MAS entered UK

  14. RAF and his agent lost his fake libel case of £500k interesting do you know?

  15. Are you sure he was silent share holder of 500k?

  16. Yes he financed the whole litigation Behind check with Mubarak Chaudhry qarze hasna is the term used for such bla bla he wad silent partner of Ahmad's

  17. Just read about one Mashood Iqbal who was he his links his cases in courts who sponsored him and his litigations and why you will know clear collaboration and links also ask saleem Of amla

  18. Do you know why Shazia Bhatti of MTA was punished alongwith her colleagues by RAF wahayatkalia who never speaks truth investigate this interesting blunder of RAF & Co who coverup his lies all are corrupt