Sunday, 9 October 2011

The Sunday Scandal Session 7: Shabir Bhatti, Ahmadiyya Jamaat, a 'Girl Gang' and yet another report.

Salam. It's Sunday once again! 

Dr Shabir Bhatti, private doctor to Mirza Masroor Ahmad and Secretary to Rafiq Hayat is at it again- authorizing and participating in the spying on young girls in the Ahmadiyya Community, here in London. This time its slightly different and isn’t the random selection of young girls that he chooses to write reports up on and intrude in their lives but reportedly; there is a ‘girl gang’ of Ahmadi teenagers that are a ‘cause for his concern’..
Have a read:

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Shabir Bhatti has instructed a girl by the name of Mubaraka to go to deliberate and great lengths to befriend these girls, so that she can feed back information to him (Shabir Bhatti) and his team. Wow! The Ahmadiyyat Brother/Sisterhood is a great one, huh?! What a great culture the Jamaat has, whereby people are instructed to befriend others in the hope they can get ‘damning information’, which is then fed back to the top.

What is up with this culture of snitching within the Ahmadiyya Jamaat and that too, which is actively supported and encouraged by its leadership?! People are encouraged to report those who still have active Facebook accounts, send in ‘incriminating photos’ so that reports can be compiled AND spying/taking live photos of Ahmadis in shisha cafes etc. And doesn’t Islam teach you to cover the sins of your brothers/sisters? Yeah Yeah, Ahmadis are NOT my brothers or sisters thanks, much like Hindus are not and I am under no obligation to them, whereas Muslims are my brothers/sisters! So for those deluded/confused Qadianis out there who insist on making direct comparisons to what I am doing here to that what Shabir Bhatti has commisioned and all previous exposes here, don' bother because the 'brother/sister rule doesn't apply to me! However, these Ahmadis are brothers/sisters to Shabir Bhatti are they not? And what about the girl Mubaraka; were those girls she was backbiting and feeding reports to Shabir Bhatti about not her sisters in so called 'Ahmadiyyat Islam'? Go direct your 'OMG Ghiba, OMG Slander, OMG Findings is a Munafiq' comments over in Shabir Bhatti's direction, eh?

The detail in these reports although not as thorough as previous reports that have been presented here, are more than enough for anyone to form an opinion on a man and his family, and can and has easily damaged the reputation of men within the community. This report is in the hands of quite a few office bearers, many of whom are familiar with the fathers mentioned, so just imagine how they would feel, knowing their daughters are being slated across the board! They are playing with the reputations of very young girls, and then they wail and cry in private that there is a marriage crisis within the community!

I mean seriously, can you blame anyone in the community for being hesistant in wanting to marry some of the girls/guys, when the Nizaam e Jamaat of this community is often responsible for tarnishing the kids names? And what sort of business is this, relying on the hearsay of others to write up these reports, how utterly shameful and shallow of Dr Shabir Bhatti! How dare he! Would he like information on his own daughter because that too, can be easily provided and can be circulated throughout the Jamaat? Yes? Ok then… if he can play with the reputation of another man’s child, he won’t mind someone doing the same with his own! It’s only fair Shabs! No? You don’t want me to do that? Don’t do it to others than you cruel hypocrite! Do your patients know you behave like this during your extra curricular activities with the Jamaat?

The Jamaat has cleverly created an unquestionable state within a state that is not accountable to anyone for its actions! If you don’t like it, they will simply give you the same recycled response of ‘there is no compulsion in religion’ as if to say: ‘if you don’t like it, shove it and get out’- they have no respect for their members! And they claim to be an Islamic Organisation- is this the sort of behavior that one would expect the leadership of the saved sect to be condoning AND participating in?

Shabir Bhatti also carelessly provides telephone numbers of the girls fathers’ in this report, so you should also consider and question just how safe your data is with these amateurs! I know at least 2 others’ who have this report, we could have a right old time prank calling these people if we felt the urge to!

I wouldn’t trust any of my Ahmadi friends/acquaintances as far as I could throw them after reading this! Just picture having an open and frank conversation with an Ahmadi girl only for her to go and report her ‘findings’ to a sleaze like Shabir Bhatti! What is evident from this is that these young girls are actually SNOOPING through mobile phones for ‘incriminating’ pictures and texts messages, so Ahmadis beware, keep your belongings with you at all times and do not let your loving Ahmadis near them! Word: do not leave your phones in the possession of girls at the check points at the Qadiani centres when visiting them; I have information to also suggest they are going through your phones taking screen shots etc!

This report and the others presented here are just the tip of the iceberg; just imagine how many others there are out there that you are not being exposed to! If you think this is bad, just think about how much more proof of their corruption is out there somewhere, that even I have no way of getting my hands on! I have some more information on Shabir Bhatti’s ‘State within a State’ that will go up eventually, and that will prove to be a VERY interesting read! This right here is nothing….
So Rafiq Hayat, National President of the Ahmadiyya ‘Muslim’ Community of the United Kingdom care to explain what YOUR deputy is playing at here? Have you an explanation or at the very least, a justification for this? No, of course not, because you cannot possibly justify such disturbing intrusion into young girls’ lives! Who are you to question anyone’s parenting skills, when your own deputies have messed up batty boys for kids and druggies too? Don’t know what I am talking about? One day…you WILL know and you will do well to remember that 'one day'! So how about you stop crying wolf about my alleged ‘hate crimes’ against your measly little community and start thinking of what you will say when the media/authorities get their report on YOU and YOUR people!

Love for all, Hatred for None? Or Love for White-Man, Hatred for Members! Yes, that sounds about right!

Come on Ahmadis; you are in a CULT and the sooner you realize this, the better! How are you going to allow for this to happen right under your nose, in liberal and relatively Free State, and then all the while, claim to be engaged and intelligent? That ain’t engaging and this ain’t clever!

Note: If you suspect you or your family are victims of the Jamaat’s spying and tarnishing in this report, please get in contact and I can provide you with the original documents, so long as you can satisfy a few questions I have to ensure you are who you say you are.


  1. Most of Ahmadis are still using facebook and on their official page there are still many many users and with their personal pics :)

  2. I only know of 1 hardcore Ahmadi who closed his facebook. The other few hardcore ones left them open. The more moderate ones probably didn't even care.

  3. Good work sister! Keep exposing them! Keep hurting them! You mention in an old piece that this will have no impact on the common Qadianyee but remember, this is hugely embarrassing for the Jamaat of the Qadianyees! They work very hard to maintain a 'holier than thou' image against the Muslims and a 'whiter than white' image to the 'whites' so this will cause the adminsitration considerable embarrassment! Let's just hope the average Qadianyee can see that this is a CULT and then find the time/effort to question the beliefs! Islam is NOT a Cult!

    Sister, a lot of Muslims are behind you! Keep fighting! May Allah release your family from Shaytan's grip! Ameen. All Praise to Allah, Lord of ALL the Worlds!

  4. Can any Ahmadi give us an islamic justification for this kind of intrusion into other people's private lives? This kind of intrusion also constitutes a breach of human rights. Think about that the next time your leaders talk about human rights.

  5. You can do any damn nonsensical thing in the name of nizam. nizam is the weapon often used by socalled office bearers against ordinary Ahmadis only corrupts survive now adays they are big punished connections work like adopted son of Mian family relative of merodabba Amir sahib and bla bla corruption is too much in jamat nowadays No insaf innocents are crushed abc then asked to seek forgiveness to be pardoned damn miscarriage of justice not a single time mas apologised for wrong decision only innocents to apologised a funny true Islam claims by leaders not seen iota of it

  6. what the flip ,, illegal tailing of young girls ,,, shabir bhatti sound likes a pervy sage

  7. Nothing is illegal for Cult - we make our laws - change them to suit our Survival needs - Long live Cult - Hail Prohat Mirza

  8. More please... :)

  9. Selam sis, I would like to know what you think about the founder of the Ahmadiyya.

    1. Wasalaam,

      He is a lying, cheating, filthy mouthed charlatan.

      Need I say more.

      May Allah punish him.