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Ahmadiyya Jamaat, Mas and the £40,000+ a year horse breeder

Salam ladies and gents!

Well, well, well.. have you Ahmadis ever wondered where your hard-earned chanda money is spent? Well I can tell you where at least £40,000 worth of it is going! Brother shahzad10 from the forums came across a very interesting job description for a horse breeder/handler, put up by the Ahmadiyya Jamaat on totaljobs:  

So.. looks like Mas is living the good life and ready to splash the cash! In a time of global recession, where even families in London are barely getting by (let alone the rest of the world) Mas thinks it's ok to waste this huge amount of money on a horse breeder! How many hungry mouths can that amount of money feed in a place like Somalia where hundreds of thousands are dying even as we speak? If this isn't rank hypocrisy then I don't know what is.

Have a look at the exact job description below:

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Here's what brother shahzad10 had to say:
£25000 salary + £15000 bonus + accommodation - all of that for Masroor's horses. I guess since Wandsworth Council refused to approve his palace at Gressenhall Road he is now trying to build up a luxurious life in Islamabad. This is £40000 a year of chanda money being wasted on Masroor's horses. £40000 a year! All in the name of Islam of course.

It's time to stop funding Masroor's lavish lifestyle Ahmadis. Chanda is not an islamic obligation. Zakah is the only obligatory payment in Islam and it is not used to fund anyones lifestyle.

Bro Miyyan also raises some interesting questions:
From the British Horse Society:

An average horse cost (to buy) = £5000.00
Cost of keeping a horse in UK = £10,000.00 per Annum
Hiring a Animal Husbandry/Farm Manager = £50,000.00 (£2500 salary + £15000 bonus + fully furnished accommodation)

Building a stable, a horse track, a grazing secure yard, and a shelter warm enough to protect horses from the harsh UK winter are some other considerations which require huge financial commitment in UK.

If Mirza Masroor Ahmad Sahib keeps only three horses, the total cost of acquiring horses, making a shelter and keeping for one year piled up to £100,000.00. The amount for Pakistani readers is after conversion 14,000,000 Rs. This means if a family in Pakistan pays an average 1000 Rs. Chanda to Jamat, it requires 14000 families to pay for the cost for the innocent little hobby of ‘Our Becharay’ Huzoor.

A common Ahmadi’s perception about their Hazoor can be easily viewed in the following article;

Temporal and Spiritual Authority of institution of Khilafat:

“If we glance at the lifestyle of … the khulfa of the Promised Messiahas, it is clear that they lived a simple life which is an important prerequisite to honest governance. Despite the fact that they were chosen for life as the Khalifa, they set the examples of impressive leadership styles.”

On 5th November, 2010, Mirza Masroor Ahmad Sahib delivered the Friday Sermon at Baitul Futūh Mosque, London. ( )

A letter ( ) was sent to every Jamat president to brain washed ever more rigorously to those sincere Ahmadis who were already making financial sacrifices by cutting down their daily necessary basic expenses and saving more money to pay more Chanda to their beloved ‘Hazoor’.

The letter reiterated the message of Mirza Masroor Ahmad Sahib in the following manner.

he (Mirza Mahmood Ahmad Sahib) urged Ahmadīs to adopt a simple lifestyle and reduce their expenses on food and clothing, etc., so as to contribute more in this cause. By the grace of Allāh, Ahmadī men, women and children made tremendous sacrifices and today Allāh is blessing their progeny with abundance. Witnessing these signs of Allāh’s favours, a believer is motivated to make even greater sacrifices and we can see examples of this everywhere in the Jamā‘at.”

For our Ahmadi Brothers/Sisters:

Hazoor is spending thousands of pounds of chanda payers’ money, which you have paid to him with a great trust. Which sort of category do you think this money should be considered for the propagation of Islam?

Please answer, if you can!

Does a role model Ahmadiyyah Khalifa should behave like a spoiled king? Should only an ordinary Ahmadi have to adjust and adopt a simple lifestyle as advised by KII? Why Mirza Masroor Ahmad Sahib is refusing arrogantly to take the advice of the earlier Khalifa, while very hypocritically asking others to follow that advice?

Hit us up at the cult forums and check it out for yourselves:



  2. Hazrat Issa (as) is reported to have had a donkey, of course, purchased from his own money. But the "gaddi nasheen" of the fake Maseeh is fond of expensive horses, purchased from the money of his blind followers.

  3. So, can any Ahmadi explain this? You guys are being taken for a ride by the Mirza family. I'm sorry to say, but useful idtiots is all you are to them.

  4. Application Submitted. Inshallah.

  5. lol.. firstly I love the pic of mr mas!

    more importanly, the add stated that they want to breed horses for 'equestrian sports'. Horse racing falls into that category.

    Now we all know that masoor loves 'cash-money' so maybe the plot is to race in the grandnational? The betting industry in horse racing is worth over $150 BILLION!!!

    Seems like mas wants a slice of the pie or he wants to compete with Aga Khan?

  6. Look at how my Prophet (SAW) lived and look how this fat liar lives

    My Prophet (SAW) used to even give up portions of his food when he had very little himself ... when the Kisra and the Caesar were living in lavish palaces with extreme affluence, my Prophet (SAW) lived in a simple home ... he (SAW) even said if the entire mountain of Uhud was made into gold, by the 3rd day none of it would stay with him ... meaning that he would distribute it all as charity ...

    He (saw) did everything by himself ... he would even help his slaves/servants personally ... while this fat freak just gains weight and has people waiting on him day and night ...

    Last but not least, it is the saying of Rasoolullah (sa) to eat out of 1 stomach and not 7 ... but i think this cow Mas never seems to know anything Nabi (saw) said

  7. Question is, knowing Ahmadis practice little actual Islam, what is he going to do with these horses?

  8. It says in the advert to train for equestrian sports, so I guess the Jamaat will make out its for encouraging sportsmanship amongst the UK qadiani men..maybe for Khuddam at Ijtemas. Whatever. Why doesn't that fraud Masroor use this money to first fix his tajweed up, and then encourage Qadianis to fix theirs up too? Why doesn't Mas spend 40,000 on something worthwhile, like bringing in an atheist Arab (who wouldn't mind educating the Qadianis) to teach Qadianis and himself how to read the Quran properly? After all, if Qadianis lay claim to being the 'real Muslims' following the 'real Islam' then the Quran must be 'their real Quran' too. So why can't Mas read it properly!?? Guys a total fraud and worthless, that's why. Him and his boys back in the days of Lahore and Singlehood would ride motorbikes and horsies; he probably just wants to get back in touch with his youth and bring back a part of those glorious days when he was clean shaven (the fraud grew a beard once he was elected as 'khalifa). Let's hope he falls off it... What a fraud in the name of Islam- Astagfirullah- and these people will still make excuses and think its OK. No doubt the Qadianis will also make out that our beloved Prophet SAAWS also kept horses. Even if he did- MIRZA MASROOR aka MAS is NOT a Prophet and shouldn't be compared to the greatest man to have ever lived! These shameless Qadianis love to make direct comparisons to the Prophet SAAWS, I don't get why they don't compare Mas's complete lack of knowledge to Prophet SAAWS fountain of knowledge. Or how about the loving and forgiving nature of the Prophet SAAWS to Mas's mental torture and public humiliation of common Qadianis??

    Go ride on that 'Ahmadis'....

  9. @ first anonymous- errr... Jzks! Any comment on your khalifa wasting 40,000 hiring a horsie man, instead of commenting on my humour?? Why is your khalifa, 'ameer ul momi'neen' spending 40,000 hiring a horsie man, when pakistanis are dying to typhoid in the flood wrecked regions and somalians are starving to death??

  10. They are dying because of the plague too. The plague that was warned about over 100 years ago.

  11. Yes I agree with you in that we should follow the Holy Prophet (saw) of Islam and live a simplistic lifestyle. Can you explain why Mecca is being converted into Vegas by the Muslim Ummah though. Thanks.

  12. Care to say that clearly, instead of talking in codes? So you are saying, Oh Qadiani, that the reason people are suffering in this world is because they rejected that disgusting, evil clown of a 'prophet' of yours who needed to pee 100 times a day? Are you saying they are suffering because they rejected ahmadiyya and this is their punishment????

  13. And while you are here- can you explain why Masroor is paying out 40,000 to hire a horsie handler?? Is this not a waste of money, when money is something of a luxury to millions in the world these days?

  14. Codes? It's written in good old fashion English. Nope, am saying that the so called "fake" talked about such calamities heading in Pakistans way, it's not a surprise at all. Are you saying that his prophecies aren't being fulfilled?

  15. Amazing you have to respond with abusing the founder of the Ahmadiyya jamaat. So much aggression. Not good for your health. Let's talk about it over chai.

  16. Ahmadies are so busy trying to please their Khalifa that they aren't interested in what Islam encourages, nor the example of Holy prophet SAW.
    Every desire, whim and wish of Mirza Masroor MUST be adhered without question becoz he is considered to have divine authority.
    How stupid Ahmadies have become, they believe anything and everything that their leadership tells them. And the leadership knows that the average Ahmadi is not going to question them so they do what they want. So if that means wasting thousands and thousands then so be it! As long as Mirza Masroor is getting what he wants.

  17. Infact many Ahmadies are so busy trying to please the Khalifa they have forgotten the existence of their Creator and trying to please Him.
    Prime example are the likes of Rafiq Hayat, the most duplicitous, malicious, political and hypocritical Ameer the UK has had. If these people had any taqwa their behaviour and attitudes would be completely different. They don't know care about Islam, they are too busy dedicating their lives to Khilafat.

  18. And as for who uses these horses that are paid for by Chandha donations. Is it the Khalifa? his puttar? dhamadjee? navassa? friends? who uses these horses?? average Ahmadi children, jamia students, jamaat voluntary workers??????

  19. Typical ahmadi response to anything bad that's happening in the Muslim world is becoz they rejected MGA. I'd like to know why these people have so little compassion if any for Muslims, followers of the Holy Prophet SAW.

  20. Findings, you bad bad girl, as an 'ahmadi' don't you know that the Khalifa must not be questioned why he wastes so much money on luxuries. After all he has Divine authority and can do as he pleases without question.
    Findings how dare u question him or his precious Rafiq Hayat. You know they are above giving answers or explanations. They are not answerable to ANYONE understand.
    Ahmadies love their Nizaam sooooooo much that they will be angry with you (even if u are telling the truth) not the people incharge.

  21. You know Ahmadies say Love for all Hatred for none. I wonder if they love you too Findings.

  22. What do you think Mas is thinking when he's on his horsie.
    My followers are so good and devoted and selfless that they will provide me all the luxuries I can ask for?
    Life is so good when you get everything for free.
    Chull mera ghora tic tic tic

  23. To hire a professional Horse handler in UK will obviously cost monies if you own horses.

  24. The 'founder' of the Qadiani Jamaat deserves no respect at all- he is the worst, most jahil creation known to man! I don't respect him and I have no shame in saying so! My life, alhamdulillah, is better in many aspects, for rejecting him!!!

    @ anonymous- I'm no 'ahmadi' so I can say what I want, when I want! :P I am of the 'sons of prostitutes' now and 'pukka kafirs' if we go by what Mirza Ghulam said, as well as his potty mouthed children/grandchildren!.... Oh well. I think they hate me, what do you reckon?? I wonder if Qadianis, when 'loving all,hating none' love the Danish cartoonist? And what about the American red neck who wanted to burn the Quran last year? Do you reckon they love them too? What about Ian Huntley who slaughtered the 2 girls from Soham? What about those Qadianis who have been expelled from the Jamaat-do you reckon they still love them? There is no 'unconditional love' in Islam...but they still chant their weird business slogan! If you are a weed smoking, beatles loving hippy..there might be unconditional love in their eyes! Qadianis give John Lennon a run for his money! Maybe Mas is a second coming of him? Why not, MGA claimed to be a second coming of various characters so why not Mas?? Mas can ride off on his 100,00k a year kept horsie into the sunset, in search of some 'cushty' stuff...
    Rafiq hayat knows this is the beginning of what I'm gonna do to him and his administration. He's finished- InshaAllah.

  25. OH the world is suffering because they rejected/said horrible things about your Messiah and about 300 Qadianis were killed in the 100 year history of your Cult? Yeah ok. So the long awaited 'Messiah' has come, and now EVERYONE has to WAIT for EVERYONE to accept him and then the world will be a better place?? But hold on a minute, wasn't the Messiah, according to Hadith, meant to bring GREAT things with him?? Like the abundance of wealth and riches, so much so, that people will refuse the money because there will be so much of it? So where are these things?? Did Mental Ghulam Ahmad forget to pack them into his suitcase when he escaped from the Mental Asylum? OR hold on, is it 'all metaphorical'?? And these things are only conditional, until the world accepts your 'Messih'? In which case- take the prophecy of his death plague as metaphorical too!! You can't have your Qadiani cake and eat it too!! It seems with your 'masih e moud' we are playing one long waiting game! And what's the procedure for everyone accepting him? What numbers need to accept, in order for things to improve??? Please tell us... Mirza Ghulam was a clown. The Messiah will makea huge impact-this guy did bog all!!

  26. "Like the abundance of wealth and riches, so much so, that people will refuse the money because there will be so much of it? So where are these things??"

    I thought it was you who said the jamaat is a profit making organisation, abundant of wealth and riches? You seem to think it is loaded. Well then you've just answered your above question yourself.

    I can have my cake and eat it too, we were told what is metaphorical and what is literal, simples!

    The Messiah must have made a huge impact for organisations like you to exist! They exist all over the world.

  27. Regarding the Ahmadiyya slogan, your argument is lame.

    So as Muslims we should hate one another? Are these the the teachings of the Holy Prophet of Islam (saw). Who did he HATE? Remind me.

  28. Who is saying the world is suffering because they rejected a messiah?

    The Messiah (as) just mentioned the troubles that were coming Pakistans way, like they are EXACTLY happening today in EXACTLY the same CITY he mentioned. Coincidence no. 12,421 :)

  29. "My life, alhamdulillah, is better in many aspects, for rejecting him!!! "

    That's good but you see my life is better in ALL aspects for accepting him. And the difference between me and you is you gotta HATE on me for my belief. I don't need to hate on anyone on a daily,no beef. That's why I live a blessed life Ahumdolillah.

  30. look what happened to Farhan and Nabeel Qureshi.

    maybe arrogance lead them to leave Ahmadiyyat and end up believing what they do. Nabeel believes Jesus is God if I am correct?

    and Farhan has left Islam altogether? these are guys making videos of themselves thinking they are the Shh*, when they really ain't.

    Come back to Islam peoples. We pray for you.

  31. @ Anon @ 18:08: AHMADIYYAH IS NOT ISLAM! You are deluded!

  32. Mirza Masroor Ahmadis is acting like Zordari now he look like horses :)

  33. Wow.. Just Wow ,is this the best response we could come up with?

  34. Extremely disappointed in the above responses to my comments. I'm surprised you even allowed them. Also why allow half my comments and not the rest? Can't answer the rest of my queries?

    As for the challenge post for 20k, alrighty then. If only it was legit. Having a non-believer for a judge in this challenge is already a no win situation for Ahmadis. The reward for accepting the Imam Mehdi (as) will be much greater than 20k in the next lifetime though.

    Tune of the day

  35. Im not even a mukhliz Ahmadi, i just want some answers which cult Info have failed to provide.


    Jumma Mubarak

  36. By Miyyan (not logged on)

    Have you noticed the notorious tactics of the Ahmadi Murabi? The Murabi has successfully diverted the finger raised on the conduct of Mirza Masroor Ahmad Sahib towards the debate of calamities and sufferings of Pakistan.
    The questions remains unanswered by these Ahmadis that if they are the claimant of divinely appointed Khalifa who also claim to be the continuation of the ‘Khufa-e-Rashideen’ then why doesn’t he behave like those Khulfas?
    Hazrat Umar Bin Abdul Aziz, despite of ruling a big Muslim empire used to put off this State lamp light in his chamber if he needs to do any private talk. On other hand this so called self styled Khalifa, Mirza Masroor Ahmad Sahib, who is claimed to be the continuation of the same ‘Khilafat chain’ does not have his own state but loves to live a lifestyle fit for royalty.
    His entire family is living in a nice accommodation having expensive cars for almost every member of his family and ALL THIS IS PAID UP BY THE CHANDA PAYERS AHMADIS. He never travels alone but always in a convoy of luxury cars. He has nothing to pay for any expenses at all. He always travels by air in first class and occasionally in chartered planes. Where ever he goes the luxury life style also travel with him. Occasionally he comes out of this luxury and made speeches to poor and sometimes starving (African public) to cut down even on essential necessities including food items and donate the money to him. The blind followers are handing over their charities to him as a matter of blind trust that he is going to use it to help the poor and needy.
    He acquired a massive land (200+ Acers) in Surrey, England which was off course also bought with the charity money. Due to the local environment and government restrictions, officially Jamat can only use the land for Jamati gathering for maximum of 28 DAYS IN A YEAR. Rest of the eleven months it provides a private ranch for the Khalifa and his royal courteous.
    He would like to enhance his royal life style to further heights. He has already had few animals on his farms included few horses, but require a professional now to look after his horses and other pets. This is by any standard a very expensive hobby to have in UK. Using Chanda money for his own pleasure makes him a religious criminal. Anyone not condemning his crime is also a guilty person. Unfortunately, you are not going to get any simple reply from any Ahmadi, instead of that some of them would try to divert the topic as their ‘Khalifa’ can never do anything wrong as he is divinely appointed and not even capable of doing anything wrong.
    You can lead a blind person but can never guide a blindly flowing person.

    By Miyyan (not logged on)

  37. findings ( Shahid Kamal}

    may Almighty Allah (swt) punish you for your lies ameen

  38. Charming! LOVE FOR ALL, HATRED FOR NONE yeah????

    I am NOT Shahid Ahmad- I am a former Qadiani revert to Islam who is a chick thanks! And what lies????? Its a total job advert and is all very legit and proper! Grip? Get one!

    May Allah bless you.

  39. @ Miyaan

    Murabi???? LOL I'm not even a mukliz Ahmadi, I do not hold a post, I'm just expressing my views on what I SEE.

    But I'll take that as a compliment because I honestly believe I have very little knowledge, but it seems to be enough to have no come backs. This is the reason why real Murabis don't even need to deal with you.

    Miyaan why is Mecca being transformed into Vegas with 7 star hotels? This is the most sacred place on Earth, why do you not argue about the lavish lifestyles of the Muslim Ummah
    during pilgrimage? I thought they would know better as they are on the right path because they don't follow an "imposter" ?

  40. @ Murrabi

    It’s a pity if you have taken as a complement for me calling you a Murrabi! Khalifa Sani has considered Murrabi’s likeness to a pig. Anyway what I meant to call you a Murrabi was your nature of not answering the question but twisting the argument away from the point where Ahmadis can answer.

    Anyway, Mecca was once a dusty desert town struggling to cope with the ever-increasing number of pilgrims arriving for the annual Hajj, the city now soars above its surroundings with a glittering array of skyscrapers, shopping malls and luxury hotels. I admit that the consumerism has got hold on to make profits out of the pilgrimage.

    But are you suggesting that because Mecca has become a commercial hub, this gives a perfect excuse to Mirza Masroor Ahmad Sahib to start splashing ordinary Chanda payer’s donations for his own luxury.

    Don’t forget that Muslims in your opinion have been corrupted, but Ahmadiyyat is the real Islam. Are you suggesting your Khalifa is following the common corruption of some Muslims? If that is the case then Shame on you and yours divinely appointed Khalifa.

    By Miyyan (not logged on)

  41. Its fascinating to see, that all the people who are objecting, criticising do not have the courage to show their names.
    Second, more time is being spent on throwing stones at someone rather tahn seeing if they are themselves following Muhammad (SAW).
    Do me a favor, find one instance in the life of the Holy Prophet (SAW) where he made such accusations or blamed someone for anything. Yet to find any myself. And are we all following that example? Please be honest rather than just mocking the question.

  42. Have a khalifa ever declared his assets, personal savings or his investments? They want all followers to declare that. I have read the Will form. It is like filing tax statement to IRS. Did any Khalifa filled this will form and declared all his incomes, savings and properties? Did he give part of his wife Haq mehr to Jamat as recommended for a follower?

    Someone should read this Will form to know how these scavengers want to grab all from you.

  43. findings good work keep it up. I admire your courage to bring these issues within the jamaat.
    Anonymous said people who are criticising hiding
    there names. You are hiding your name, I am hiding
    my name as well. WHY? because we are scared of
    nizame jamaat and office bearers,and the people are around us. we are not sacred from God.if the people are in this situation I thing they are in a cult. It proves to me that we ahmadies are hypocrites. I thing a 90% are in this category.If in a group of people majority are
    Munafiqeen. How you will call there Religious
    leader? NOT AMEER UL MOMENEEN. He should be called AMEER UL MUNAFIQEEN.
    A Khalifa should follow the example of hadarat
    Umer. In his khalift time ordinary people were
    allowed to raise any allegations they have publicly against him and he used to answer these
    allegations in public. He should answer these allegations to all of us in public.Where are missing £400,000.00 from chanda money.Please sport to sister findings and stop her abusing in your e mails. Is this real teaching of islam?
    She has right to ask these questions.Please give
    answers don't heart her.Be a good man and show her true islam you are preaching for on MTA.

    with name of, AMEERUL

  44. Findings don,t be sacred of these guys,but be care
    full. I am a ahmady but agree with you on all issues you brought on your blog. I read them regularly.carry on good work.this is our right to
    know these things.In future i will share some other issues from MGA books.