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The Sunday Scandal Session 9: Explosive Exposé - Ahmadiyya Jamaat Interferes with Lawyers!

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A big salaam to all my faithful readers!

Well.. today I have something extra special for all of you! It involves the Ahmadi Muslim Lawyers Association (AMLA) and direct interference in how they practise by the Ahmadiyya Jamaat and Mirza Masroor Ahmad! 

Lets get right into it! Have a read of the following two letters; the first written by Adam Walker, the student secretary for the AMLA; and the second by Saleem Ahmad, chairman of the AMLA. Click on the images below to enlarge them:

WOW.. Where do I start? Let me address the issue of why Mas is in a "great deal of distress" about the conduct of Ahmadi lawyers. LOL. The letter states that Ahmadi lawyers are guilty of:
"shoddy, unprofessional work and overcharging on fees. In comparison with non-Ahmadi firms, some of the fees charged by Ahmadi firms seem exorbitantly high. When these are not paid court proceedings are often issued." 

If the above was actually going on, then where is this 'brotherhood' that Ahmadis continuously harp on about? Why are Ahmadi lawyers exploiting their brothers and sisters? Ahmadis always say that they're a divinely guided sect and the proof of that is their sense of community and love for one another. Err.. where is the love here? Why are Ahmadis taking other Ahmadis to court? No wonder Adam Walker said in his letter that this is a "sensitive matter". And if this was such a "pressing matter" why not send this letter to ALL Ahmadis so they can be aware of what these lawyers are getting up to? I mean the Ahmadiyya Jamaat routinely expels people for a lot less.. and announces these expulsions at Friday Prayers. So why the double standard? Why not announce this alleged malpractice as well?

Having said all of the above.. I haven't seen any evidence for what the Jamaat is claiming against these Ahmadi lawyers. In fact in Saleem Ahmed's letter it states that they're basing this on "anecdotal evidence"!!

So.. based on hearsay and what appears to be no tangible proof whatsoever, what does Masroor and the Ahmadiyya Jamaat decide? Read for yourselves:
"However, whether or not you belong to AMLA, certain changes are to be recommended to the Jamaat which will affect your legal practise, whatever field you are in. 

One of the items on the agenda will be a proposed prohibition on any Ahmadi Lawyer issuing court proceedings against a member of the jamaat for the recovery of outstanding fees."

What's the big deal you might say? Well.. let me give you a bit of background info. Lawyers in the UK are regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA). Lawyers must abide by the SRA Code of Conduct. I'd like to draw your attention to Point 3 of the code, namely that lawyers must 'not allow their independence to be compromised'.

Lawyers must be free to practise law in this country independently. As you can see from  Adam Walker's letter, it looks like they're being dictated to Mirza Masroor Ahmad:
"Our beloved Huzur(aba) has recently given AMLA strict guidance regarding the conduct of Ahmadi lawyers in the UK and the role of AMLA."

If this isn't a clear cut case of Ahmadi lawyers letting their independence become compromised, then I don't know what is! Who is Mas to dictate guidance to lawyers in this country? Is he a lawyer himself? Does he have any understanding about how law and its practise works in this country? The answer is a big fat NO! He is no more than a glorified farmer! He has no right to interfere in what lawyers in the UK do. I think it's high time that the SRA gets to hear about what the Ahmadiyya Jamaat have been getting up to!

Instead of sticking his nose in where it doesn't belong, he can very easily tell Ahmadis to go to other law firms. After all "in comparison with non-Ahmadi firms, some of the fees charged by Ahmadi firms seem exorbitantly high." So why not let Ahmadi asylum seekers go to other, more professional and less expensive firms? After all Rafiq Hayat is consulting a non-Ahmadi law firm as we speak, to see if he can take me to court and get this blog shut down. So why not offer common Ahmadis the same alternative?

Mas set up the AMLA in 2004. Let's take a look and see what the AMLA claim to stand for:
Our main aims are as follows:-
  1. To provide legal advice and assistance to the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jam’aat wherever possible and if necessary to act as a liaison with outside legal agencies.
  2. To assist members of the Jam’aat in their legal careers, giving advice and guidance to those who may be thinking of pursuing a legal career or those who have already taken steps to do so.
  3. To assist already qualified lawyers from the Community who would benefit from contact with other individuals, whether within or outside the jamaat.

The AMLA are meant to deal with a very broad range of issues.. as you can see from above. So then ask yourselves why is Mas threatening to close down them down over this one issue? Saying he has "no need for an Association such as the Ahmadi Muslim Lawyers Association" unless they sort out this situation with asylum seekers. 

What Mas seeks to do by interfering with Ahmadi Lawyers in this way is to get as many Ahmadi asylum seekers to live in the UK. Why? One word: money. With more and more of the youth getting disillusioned with the cult of Ahmadiyya.. and with more and more of them returning to Islam.. future chanda revenue is going to dry up soon. It's obvious that trying to convert people in this country isn't working. So what better way to keep the money flowing for this family run business that parades itself as a 'religion'.. than by shipping over more 'loyal' Ahmadis from Pakistan? And for that.. he obviously needs tight control over law firms.. so he's able to dictate policy to them.

And before those of you who are still deluded by Mas try to claim that he's genuinely worried about these asylum seekers.. then I have the following to say to you: Mas doesn't care about the welfare of these Ahmadis. If he genuinely did care then he wouldn't allow the Jamaat to spy on young Ahmadi men and women. He wouldn't allow a policy of expulsion from the Jamaat that is in effect social boycott and ostracisation from the Ahmadiyya community. He wouldn't waste over £40,000 of chanda money on a horse breeder during one of the greatest economical disasters in living memory. He wouldn't allow the policies of the Jamaat to drive young women to contemplate suicide. He wouldn't allow new converts to be treated with suspicion and have checks run on them. The lists goes on and on.. so don't you dare tell me Mas cares about the welfare of common Ahmadis.

He is interfering where he shouldn't be, its dodgy and I am surprised these lawyers allow themselves to be run by a farmer! Alas, the leader of this CULT has such a strong hold over his members, that they are even willing to compromise the very ethics and principles of their profession! Mas has no right to be doing this; he is a nobody. A so called 'Khalifa' with no rule of land, no real powers and must abide by the laws of this country! So where does he get off dictating what lawyers should and shouldn't be doing? I guess he has to get his power trip fixes from somewhere.. right? Ahmadis have long been attempting to develop their own system of a state-within-a-state! This is a CULT and it's about time they were investigated! It is a cult that has carefully, over many years, hidden its true face behind the facade of 'love for all, hatred for none'. Wake Up Ahmadis! 

I know there are a few Ahmadis out there who are in the legal profession; would any of you care to explain why these lawyers are allowing this to happen? This is quite possibly illegal.. am I right in making this assumption? Maybe you, Mr.Saleem Ahmed, can explain why Mas is interfering like this? And forget all the sugar and cupcakes about 'we care about Ahmadis' for a minute, let's go by the SRA Code of Conduct and how you and your fellow lawyers are actually breaking this Code! I guess that's why you didn't want the email and letter sent out together, as Mas the Farmer's dodgy dictatorship over AMLA might have been exposed. Oooops.

Insha'Allah over the coming weeks I'll explain more about why Mas and the Ahmadiyya Jamaat are so desperate for more money right now. So stay tuned folks.. the games are only just beginning! ;)

P.S. This is a special message to raffy boy. Make sure you show this post to the law firm you're consulting. I'm sure they'd love to hear all about this!


  1. Dont you know it was done to only benefit one firm owned in partnership by mas adopted son raf and son of mas and son inlaw of mas four expulsions were made a claim of £500k libel was initiated read on

  2. @ Anon..

    Can you expand on what you're saying? Can you tell me the names of those who are involved. The more info you give me.. the more I'll be able to help :)

    What's the name of Mas's adopted son and son-in-law?

    Can you also try to be more clear in your comments, as I'm having trouble understanding the way you write.. sorry!

  3. Litigation was funded by raf judge is sued police commisioner dpp is sued neighbours are sued landlords are sued one ahmadi firm was attacjed by raf to close it bogus litigation was funded to make money and share proceeds from jama'at dont you know

  4. iqbal v mansoor and others read at google

  5. Dont be stupid sister findings if you have these two letters you publish you must have all including watford commission report headed by same judge saleem follow up stern onesided action and 3 years continuous litigation against that firm you must have amla constitution concocted tl benefit only that firm ahmads' solicitors

  6. Why is Rafiq Hayat consulting Binder, when a pool of Ahmadi Lawyers is available. Seems he doubts competency of Ahmadi Lawyers. The fact is that he can not face or answer questions from Ahmadi Lawyers. He is also getting a cut from Binder.

  7. findings you cannot have an Ahmadi or indeed a Muslim with these photos God I pray you are humiliated soon and punished ameen

  8. Wow! Whatever happened to 'love for all, hatred for none' ? Aren't I deserving of your love? Oh yeah.. I forgot.. that's just a bogus slogan you parade around for the whiteman.. it's not something you actually practise!

  9. You are deserving of love, we shall protect your honor (and your families) although you are disgracing others. I am an Ahmadi, I'm not blind and my heart is not sealed so don't begin with that. I love Allah, the Holy Prophet, the Promised Messiah and my present Hudur. I have respect for anyone that accepts Allah as their creator (please take note that a lot don't), therefore I still have some respect for you. Your behavior though is a disgrace to Islam. A Muslim does not photoshop pictures like that of anyone for the purpose of ridiculing them. Learn to respect others and their beliefs, your gaining nothing by this and it makes you seem pathetic. Out of respect for your family and their beliefs, find another hobby.
    On a more relevant note, those letters just show that Hudur does not want fellow Ahmadi's troubled due to the inability to pay fee's. This is not something to go crazy about, it's like reducing tuition fees:S Post my comment and REPLY to me since your such a true Muslim..

  10. that slogan is from the whiteman's religion too

  11. Go findings...:)

  12. @ haleena, firstly do NOT make demands around here: 'post this and REPLY to me'- where are your manners, after lecturing me on mine (or
    supposed lack of)?

    And secondly, you just do not seem to get it. **BRICK WALL**. There is no point discussing this further. Proof is in the Pudding.

    @ alithered... Thanks bro!

  13. I've read up on the Iqbal VS Mansoor case as you advised me to do so. Still can't find any direct link between the case and Raf and his sidekick Mas??

  14. This is most certainly illegal. AMLA is playing on the emotions of it's lawyers, allowing them to be put in a compromising position. This must be thoroughly investigated and Salim Ahmad should be brought to account. At the end of the day, Masroor will not be in trouble but it is the lawyers allowing him to dictate that will be.

    Cult through and through! They need their own country.

  15. 'changes will effect everyone'. So it seems Ahmadis have their own version of the SRA Code of Conduct? This is not legal in the slightest! You should forward this on to the SRA! It's members should all be investigated. Do you have a members list? Pass these details on.

  16. In this cult Mas is judge and jury and he decides the punishment.
    Mas's knowledge has been 'Divinely bestowed' upon him so he doesn't even need to know both sides of the case before he makes his decision.
    Our 'beloved' Mas then makes his decision without having the full info and ruins peoples lives.
    If he makes any mistakes he will NEVER accept it because Mas is not answerable to anyone you can't appeal or do anything about it - your screwed!!!!
    These are Rabwah rules and policies operating in Western democracies. And Mas has no intention to change he's throwing his weight around.

  17. hi findings
    didn't receieve any reply from you this weekend have been checking the e mail impatiently.....

  18. Can anon 22.36 explain the relevance of the
    iqbal v mansoor case.

  19. The ahmadi assylum seeker are amongst the most corrupt people. Even non asylum ahmadis detest them.

    These asylum seekers tell many lies to get into the country and then they continue to lie and cheat the benefit system.

    Mas is well aware of this but doesn't try to stop their behaviour. Instead he goes after the lawyers in this country who are actually working in this country and not living off the state.

  20. one of the ahmadi lawyer companies that Rafiq Hayat talks against a company owned by two Ahmadi brothers in Tooting. I think it's called Thompsons and co. Rafiq Hayat often discourages members to use them because he believes that they operate unethically.

  21. Is Saleem Ahmed a qualified professional or is he a spokes person for the Khalifa?
    Does he not know the code of conduct of his own profession. Why is he prepared to compromise that?

    Is it because he's an office bearer?? the leicester president??? Isn't it shameful that the Khalifa of the time expects their members and especially office bearers to show no regard to rules and regulations. And just follow his commandments.

  22. That picture of your Khalifa is soooooooo funny.

  23. This is another example where by the Jamaat think they're above the law of the land.
    They discourage members from using the country's court system so that they can be judged by Mirza Masroor. And prosecuted by Rafiq Hayat.

    Someone should put a stop to this.
    Infact they need to be prosecuted for the unfair acts they commit in the name of Islam.

  24. Why is RAfiq Hayat wasting jamaat money again and consulting expensive lawyers?
    I thought freedom of speech is allowed in this country (although not if you're part of the Ahmadi community).
    Anyway the information that's been put up has been produced by them.
    Findings is just analysing the content in relation to their policies and practices. Why do they object???

  25. A word of warning to Findings. Rafiq hayat wants to get you and have you publically humiliated. He's consulting expensive lawyers using jamaat monies so that he can shut you up once and for all.

  26. To Findings,

    Ahmadi or not, you do not have the character or qualities which reflect a true muslim. You, yourself; are doing everything that you accuse the Ahmadiyyat Jamaat of (spying, suspicious, bearing a grudge etc), so what makes you different?

    Lets be honest, this is not about guiding people to the true Islam, but more of a personal vendetta that your seeking revenge for.

    Do yourself a favor, and try and spread Islam through your actions and good character, like the Holy Prophet (saw) did. You do follow his teachings don't you?

  27. @ Anon 10:36

    I'm afraid you don't know the first thing about me to decide whether or not I have qualities that reflect a 'true muslim'. So get off your high horse.

    I'm not being suspicious or spying at all. I'm presenting facts that lurk in the dark underbelly of the cult of Ahmadiyya. I'm just telling it like it is.. if you don't like it then stop reading!

    But I'm glad you agree the Jamaat are guilty of such things as spying and suspicion :)

    If the Jamaat have nothing to hide then they themselves should be publishing these documents. After all you pay your chanda.. so you deserve to know what's going on!

  28. @ Findings

    I agree, I don't know anything about you and I'm sorry if I offended you in anyway. But honestly, this site that your running, does it reflect the qualities of a true believer? Ask yourself, did the Holy Prophet (saw) of Islam spread Islam through accusations and rumours against other religious sects? Or did he do it through his actions and character?

    And let me correct you, I did not agree that the Jamaat are guilty of spying and suspicion. I said "You, yourself; are doing everything that you accuse the Ahmadiyyat Jamaat of (spying, suspicious, bearing a grudge etc)". Your accusations are not facts.

    The truth is, I don't know who in the Jamaat is guilty of any of the accusations you have made towards them. God knows best (I hope you agree). I have faith in the almighty to punish anyone who does bad. You claim that money has been stolen, but you don't have the evidence to back it up. When I say evidence, I mean I want to see bank statements showing money transferred to the individuals account and then receipts to show that money was used for his/her personal gain. That is 100% proof. And until you have that along with witnesses, under "true" Islamic rules, you should not accuse anyone of anything. Agreed?

    How do I know that your not producing these documents yourself? It is possible isn't it?

    My main point is that were all answerable to Allah in the end; myself, you, RAF and whoever you mention in your blog. Do you think your going to be rewarded for what your doing now? As a Muslim, I always thought our greatest weapon against anyone or anything was our prayers, do you agree?

  29. Oh yes, your comment regarding about me paying Chandah, therefore I have the right to know what's going on.

    For me, Chandah is a personal sacrifice of my wealth for something I believe to be helping others. If and when I do give charity, whether it be to the Red cross or Humanity first, I do not call and follow up on the whereabouts of my money. I believe that when the money has left my wallet/account, my job is done and my sacrifice has been made. God knows where that money goes afterwards. If it is misused, Allah will know and punish whoever does such evil deeds. Agree? If you don't , please do tell me if I'm wrong.

    Thank you

  30. Isn't it strange how the Ahmadis who respond don't want to address the issues or the misactions of their jamaat. Instead they attack the person presenting the information and jamaat documents.
    If you believe what the jamaat does is right then why can't you provide an argument supporting them rather than attacking the person who has highlighted their misconducts!!!

  31. Dear anon 11:47, do you think your chandha money should be used to provide a lavish and luxurious lifestyle to not only the Khalifa but also his extended family.
    Do you think that your chandha should be wasted on wining and dining politicians and VIP's.
    Do you think it should be spent on private school fees of the grandchildren of the Khalifa and his personal staff members children?
    Or do you think it should be spent on the poor and needy, not in small token quantities but generously.
    Just ask your local murrabbi these questions.

  32. @ Anon 11:47

    I'm not here to argue with you regarding whether my conduct is Islamic or not. I don't need to justify myself to you. I'm speaking out against wrong-doing and oppression.

    This blog isn't just for you. There are thousands of Ahmadis out there who wan't to know what's going on.. if you choose to remain in the dark then so be it!

    Ahamdi's are waking up as a direct result of what's been exposed on this blog. Read the comments for yourself.

    Instead of asking irrelevant questions.. why not focus your attention on the topic at hand. If you wish to dismiss things out of hand.. then fine. But then my advice to you would be to keep sticking your head in the sand and stop reading this blog :)

  33. Also the red cross publish their accounts for you to see where your money has been spent. The red cross do not hound and badger you or persistently and emotionally force you to contribute. The red cross has just one donation. The Ahmadiyya jamaat requests multiple donations. Chandha, TJ, WJ, Jalsa Salana, Lajna membership, Khuddam membership, Ansar membership, Naisrat, Atfal, etc stc - do I need to go on???

  34. Ahmadis read this information and store it in your memory because you never know when the jamaat will treat you unfairly. Then you will understand the double standards that they are committing at every level.
    Then when you have this information you can ask them yourself to explain their actions!

  35. @ Anon 11:58:

    The answer to your questions:

    Do you think your chandha money should be used to provide a lavish and luxurious lifestyle to not only the Khalifa but also his extended family?

    No, I do not believe my money should be used to provide a lavish and luxurious lifestyle;

    However, where is your proof that my money is being spent in this way? For example, do you have any details of bank transfers from the Jamaats account to the individual accounts of the Khalifa's extended family? As a Muslim, before I believe any of your accusations, I need 100% undeniable proof and witnesses. I believe any Muslim would require this before making such an accusation, whether he is Ahmadi or not. Agreed?

    Do you think it should be spent on private school fees of the grandchildren of the Khalifa and his personal staff members children?

    Again, I would have to see bank statements to show transfers from the Jamaat's bank account to these private schools. I would also be willing to see any other undeniable proof you may have. Again, Muslims should not accept anything without 100% undeniable proof and witnesses.

    Or do you think it should be spent on the poor and needy, not in small token quantities but generously.

    Ofcourse it should be spend on the poor and needy! Very generously. Is it not?

    Again, is it not up to God to punish those who misuse the personal sacrifice of wealth made by another. Don't take the responsibility on yourself. If you do believe this money is being misused by another, pray for that person that Allah may guide him on the right path. This is what our Holy Prophet (saw) has instructed us to do.

  36. To Findings,

    I'm not here to argue with you, I'm sorry if it sounds that way. You said

    "if you choose to remain in the dark then so be it!"

    I agree, I do choose to remain in the dark. I call it blind faith, but again, God is my final judge and my faith and yours will only be questioned by him.

    Irrelevant questions? I thought the original purpose of this site was to get people out of this Jamaat and embrace the true Islam? Has your purpose changed? I only gave you examples of how the Holy Prophet (saw) accomplished this mission and hoped that you would follow.

    How many people have left the Jamaat as a result of this blog? It's hard to believe that many have; considering you yourself haven't actually left the Jamaat yet.

  37. @ Anon 12:37

    Stop worrying about me and the purpose of this blog. Both are my concerns.

    "I do choose to remain in the dark".. that says it all really!

  38. @ Anonymous said... 12:37

    I think what Findings is trying to do is to show the double standards that this jamaat shows,I cannot practice Islam properly because of this cult, so just maybe by exposing some of the games they are playing here it will open our families and members eyes. They are playing a very dangerous game with our beliefs here, you simply cannot turn a blind eye when someone is doing wrong, we do have a resposibility to our family. We have many loved ones who would give everything to this cult, even their lives I guess, not everyone might be in a position like you. I too am a blind follower but I don't feel complete because I cannot practice my own faith in the fear of what will happen to my parents and siblings, this is not right at all, where is human rights here. If this cult kept to the boundries of Islam and not use corruption and oppress their members than this would of never been an issue. Maybe you feel ok that they take chanda from your family but I find it extremely difficult to see that everytime they give but which means that my mother won't be able to afford her winter coat this year. And do not say that chanda is not compulsory because it is and also do not say we do not give to charity because we do, the only difference is that I give according to my believes and no need to know where it is being spent and that's because it's a charity that makes a big difference without the fraud and people putting money in their own pockets like this cult does.

  39. Anon. 12.28 These are precisely the questions you should be asking of your leaders to whom you give your money and ask them to be accountable and transparent. ASK them and see what answer they give you, if any. ASK the jamaat to show the Khalifa's bank account and transfers if you want proof. I am not using chandha money to pay
    for my lifestyle nor expenses.

    They are not going to answer you or give you any proof because they don't believe they are answerable to you or to any one.

    By the same token of your advice to me, when you 'freely and happily' give your money to the jamaat you should pray it is not misused and only benefits the poor and needy. To give blindly and wishing to remain ingnorant is not a virtue.

  40. I don't think the purpose of this blog is to get people out of the jamaat.
    It's more like to allow the ordinary members to see the double standards and hypocrisies by those in charge. And what's really going on by the people incharge.
    But then you have people like anon 12:37 who wish to remain ignorant and 'in the dark' and call this 'blind faith'.
    I call it foolishness, others would call the stupid - each to their own. Some people can't be helped.

  41. A caustic disposition has its place. Its not for everyone, but it works.

    * Some Ahmadis are affected by the arguments for Islam
    * Some Ahmadis are affected by the Islamic community and environment
    * And yet others are moved by the brazen challenge someone can issue against the Cult.

    I say, keep up your work, Sr Findings. Expose them, show the evils of their cult, be the anger many young Ahmadis certainly feel. Just know your limits and remember this verse:

  42. Hey good work! Keep it up! Raf is reeling. He looks sick, tired and fed up! Keep hurting them because this is hurting them! You have nothing to fear. Fear Allah. This chump cannot touch you and he knows it. He is using Jamaat funds to pay for all consultations with a top London Law Firm! I guess our families will see it as 'service to Islam' closing you down so money well spent? Good work. You are making them look absolutely stupid.

  43. you are clearly one smart alec! we will hand it to you; you are certainly not stupid but are probably a genius! shame you are wasting your talents fighting Allah! how pathetic you really are! ever thought of turning to digital online marketing instead of this? try it, you could become a very wealthy girl! why waste your energy fighting Allah? and bugger off.

  44. Salaam to all those who follow guidance.

    I implore every single one of you to protect sister findings. I especially urge every solicitor, barrister and legal professional to conceal her like a pearl in the ocean. She is exposing the truth and we ALL deserve to know. Although some may not agree with her methods, the underlying message is the TRUTH.
    It is quite clear cut the level of corruption that the ahmadiyyah jamaat is facing. So in order to put things right we need to know the TRUTH. I am in no position to judge, but we know how a Khalifah should behave according to the quran and the teaching of the messenger of Allah (saw).

    The Prophet (saw) lived by Allah's commands, even with really arrogant and difficult people, and never made any concessions in his implementation of justice. He became an example for all times living by the words, "My Lord has commanded justice…" (Surat al-A‘raf: 29).

    I would like to leave you with a story from the Khalifaat of Umar Ibn Khatab (ra)

    "A fine cloth came to Madina and Umar (RA) Distributed the cloth to the people giving everyone an equal share. One Friday Umar(RA) took to the pulpit and after praising Allah said "listen and obey",
    Salman Al farsi (RA)(the seeker of truth) Said "we will NOT listen and we will NOT obey!"
    Umar(RA) asked "Why?"
    Salman Al farsi(RA) " You gave everybody one piece of cloth and you are wearing two!!!"
    Umar(ra) did not admonish Salman al Faris, rather he in great humility told his son to explain.
    His son Abdullah Ibn Umar(RA) said "My father is very tall and one cloth doesn't cover him completely so I gave him my cloth"
    Salman Al fasi(ra) then said "Now we will listen and now we will obey"
    [life and times of umar Ibn Khataab by sr ali as sallabi]

    This is the Justice of islam! our leaders are accountable for what they do and no one can escape justice. The slogan from George Orwell's animal farm "All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others." does not fit with islam.

    Just a Reminder of where we come from.


  45. @findings, you must be a very sad woman. no offence. you should get some good friends and maybe get out of the house a little more. get some purpose to your life, spend more time worshipping Allah. i wish you all the best. dont let your life revolve around something you claim to hate so much.

    a message for all ahmadis, this so-called closet muslimah isnt in any way portraying Islam or the way a Muslim should behave. If you have any worries or questions after viewing this anti-Islam blog then please contact me on


    Oh i just want to add Huzoor is so beautiful mashAllah, Allah has blessed him with such a bright noor on his face. :D mashallah.
    haters can hate all they want.

  46. mr finding i like ur style

    ahmadi bro

  47. @anon 19:52 - sunshine

    hahahahahahahahahahah 'huzoor is so beautiful.....such a bright noor on his face....'
    deaf, dumb and blind follower

    please post again. you're sooooooooo funny

  48. Hey sunshine get your eyes tested!!

  49. And sunshine are you our Ameer who wants to answer our questions and put our mind at ease.

  50. Mashood iqbal is friend to mian waqas and dahri sahib son in law of mas partners of raf see link four ahmadi lawyers including a lajna member was punished by raf to please mashiqbal

  51. Ansari_mowgli's_Hench_uncle14 November 2011 at 23:43

    @anon 12.37
    if you are stumbling around going bump in the dark, you have to ask your self why? If you believe fire is huqq, and junnah is huqq and the quran is huqq then read what it says about the kafir, which in one sense means - "to cover up" i.e. disbelieve, the one who has been shown the truth with clear EVIDENCE but still doesn't accept.

    So please THINK about the claims of mga and read the quran and judge for yourself.

    “Surely, the disbelievers will be in the torment of Hell to abide therein forever. (The torment) will not be lightened for them, and they will be plunged into destruction with deep regrets, sorrows and in despair therein. We wronged them not, but they were the wrongdoers. And they will cry: ‘O Malik! Let your Lord make an end of us’ He will say: ‘Surely, you shall abide forever.’ Indeed We have brought the truth to you, but most of you have a hatred for the truth” (Quran 43:74-78)

  52. Ansari_mowgli's_Hench_uncle15 November 2011 at 00:24

    @anonymous 18:38
    "You could become a very wealthy girl"
    How do you know sister findings ain't ballin? More to the point pathetic is trying to bribe someone on a blog about corruption LOL. You sound like one of rafster's mates, maybe the digital marketing secretary, tell your boy to fix up his website maybe put some pop up adds and maybe some of those online surveys where you are always the millionth customer and all you need to do is put your account number and sort code in to collect the monies :)

  53. haleena.p said...14 November 2011 02:54
    I am an Ahmadi, I'm not blind and my heart is not sealed so don't begin with that. I love Allah, the Holy Prophet, the Promised Messiah and my present Hudur.

    Ya ALLAH keep me "blind" and keep my heart "sealed" for not believing a Fake Promised Messiah & and any Hudur of Mirza G dynasty who fooled people by false Nabuwat claims to make money out of their Religious Industry. Keep me deprived of Mirza's Bahisht which comes through purchase of a Bahishti Muqbra grave.(Amen!)

    I want only YOU and your last and final Prophet - Muhammad (pbuh) - not prophet of Yalash whose main "unsuccessful" mission after receiving prophethood was to stalk and harass Muhammadi Begum.

    3M (who was also once fooled and robbed by Triple C (Chanda Collection Cult) jamat)

  54. Ansari_mowgli's_Hench_uncle said...

    So please THINK about the claims of mga and read the quran and judge for yourself.

    “Surely, the disbelievers will be in the torment of Hell to abide therein forever. (The torment) will not be lightened for them, and they will be plunged into destruction with deep regrets, sorrows and in despair therein. We wronged them not, but they were the wrongdoers. And they will cry: ‘O Malik! Let your Lord make an end of us’ He will say: ‘Surely, you shall abide forever.’ Indeed We have brought the truth to you, but most of you have a hatred for the truth” (Quran 43:74-78)
    14 November 2011 23:43


    This is how you read Quran and want us to believe that way. The "Disbelievers" here are disbelievers of ALLAH and HIS Rasool - last and final Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) - the one on which DEEN was completed and who was declared Seal of Prophets. Not the disbelievers of 1 of 30 false prophets who ridiculed ALLAH and his true prophets and thought he can break Seal - No my dear Ansari - you were misled by this Fake Promised Messiah - who did all to prove himself from Krishna to Essa(as).

    So please use Quran for seeking Guidance and not as a tool for cursing the "disbelievers" of a fake prophet - which Rasool ALLAH clearly mentioned to us - 30 will come - Mirza G was mere one of them.

    But still we respect what you want to believe لَكُمْ دِينُكُمْ وَلِيَ دِينِ

    3M (For you is your religion, and for me is my religion." (109.6)

  55. Findings said...
    Wow! Whatever happened to 'love for all, hatred for none' ? Aren't I deserving of your love? Oh yeah.. I forgot.. that's just a bogus slogan you parade around for the whiteman.. it's not something you actually practise!
    14 November 2011 02:06


    Their slogan should be "Love all Ahmadis, Hatred for Sunni Muslims"

    My sincere advice to them;

    Try to control your hatred, you are burning in your own fire of hatred for all Muslims who have rejected false prophethood of Mirza G.

    3M (O' Real Estate Agents of Heaven - Selling Heavenly Graves for propagation of "islam" can't be Islam -it is purely a Scam)

  56. Last I checked it is Sunnis that persecute Ahmadis. Ahmadis embrace their neighbour irrespective of faith/belief... Thats just last i checked.. however im sure regular computer-internet-blogger users... should know more about reality....

  57. RAF is at war with ahmai law firm in tooting usibg his might jama'at money to finish dean manson four ahmadi lawyers were innocent but punished draconian hitler and feroh style of RAF or aka KK or wahayatkalia

  58. Ansari_Mowgli's_Hench_uncle15 November 2011 at 10:02

    @anon 01:05

    Firstly Please forgive me I am Muslim, I testify there is no god worthy of worship in truth, except Allah, and muhammed (saw) is his slave and messenger. And I believe Mga is an Imposter and one of the Dijalleen. Secondly I intended the comment to provoke some thought on Mga's claims and the fibres of Ahmadi society, whose people are being oppressed and lied to. Those Ayaat were revealed as a stark warning to those who know the truth i.e. khutum al-nabiyyin and still CHOOSE to disbelieve. If you read the Quran (in a language you understand)with sincerity and THEN you read
    for example:

    "The Quran mentions the names of three cities with great respect: Mecca, Medina, and Qadian."
    (Roohany Khazaen, Vol. 3, P. 140, footnote; Footnote of Izala-ul-Autham, P. 34/77)

    like where is Qadian?


    "If someone is proven a liar; he also becomes unreliable in other affairs."
    (Roohany Khazaen, Vol. 23, P. 231; Chashma-e-Mua'arfat, P. 222)

    Things start to get messy.

    jazakallah khairun

  59. Raf's unethical ways have been exposed. And there's more to come.
    Obviously he has no shame in the way he's leading the jamaat into disrepute.
    The biggest damage is to Mirza Masroor who looks 100% incompetent.
    Rafiq hayat's best mate, Nasser Khan a man with a shady past and has financial fraud in his history. He's been given multiple jobs by R H and has the use of hundreds and thousands of chandha money.
    Everyone is waiting for the Khalifa to wake up.

  60. why would you allow such a comment from anon 14 November 2011 21:25 ?

    goes to show how abusive you all are, won't help your cause at all.

    so how's twitter going for you? you said you followed beyonce? lol that's nice considering she doesn't even tweet. maybe lying has become a habit and you don't even realise?

  61. OMG OMG OMG!!!! OMG OMG OMG!!! *STALKER ALERT*!!!! *STALKER ALERT*!!! Loooool! Love it! So you follow me around like a twitter eh?! Well done for noticing that! It was said deliberately and you know why?? So you stalkers would pick up on it! I am Beyonce's biggest fan bruv!! She famously spoke out about why she wouldn't use Twitter- I know this and knew this :P

    Quit stalking me and start replying to why Mas is illegally interfering with how lawyers conduct their cases/business! Unable to do so? Don't bother commenting! Simples.

  62. calm down mate, point i was making is that you are full of BS.

    as for commenting on the post, honestly i have not read a single word, it doesn't interest me. i just came here to say hello.

  63. Anonymous said...
    Last I checked it is Sunnis that persecute Ahmadis. Ahmadis embrace their neighbour irrespective of faith/belief... Thats just last i checked.. however im sure regular computer-internet-blogger users... should know more about reality....
    15 November 2011 04:38


    I don't know persecutes whom. But my Google account was Disabled on the complain out of Love by someone from Ahmadiyya Cult. I don't call it persecution. I feel like I have made a little sacrifice for calling Fake Messiah a Fake Messiah.

    Ahmadis embrace their neighbor if he is not a Muslim whom they consider Kafir according to their teachings.They may call them Non-Ahmadi Muslims or Sunni Muslims but inside their heart they consider them as kafir. They should leave this hypocrisy. But they should leave many things which they are not ready.


  64. LOL! the contents of this blog (and therefore the post) obviously do interest you. As you say yourself, you came here to try to discredit me and my blog. So you didn't just come here to say hello.

    Logic.. how does it work?

  65. It seems to me Sister Findings that there are a lot of sick Ahmadis around who come on this blog and leave comments that are so childish but without actually commenting on the main bases of this new subject. The jamaat should not dictate how Ahmadi lawyers should conduct their profession and in all honesty they should be reported as this is quite serious to me. I guess next they will be dictating to the Ahmadi medical profession next!!!

  66. I tell you all those in the helm of affairs ahmadi uk are of kenya returned they wirk in colloboration i covet you you cover me all are corrupt dishonest starting from n butt m shah n khan ahmadi etc etc etc

  67. I remember when caseworker in 2006-08 in an ahmadi law firm in tooting dealt with relative of RAF wife £30k was bill RAF dud not pay the firm more than £7K I felt bill was actually received by RAF but did not pay lawyers

  68. Lol none of them can comment because they know Jamaat is breaking the rules and regulations set for lawyers/solicitors to follow. They screwed up big time letting an ex-Ahmadi (the lawyer) get his hands on this! Good find huh?!! It went out to a lot of people! Never thought much of it until I did my research. Pow pow pow!!! Not bad for a random shoddy email eh?!

    @ spoon..please give me a few days..I promise I will reply soon. I have NOT forgotten :-)

  69. Findings, what is Islam? Is it not a religion that stands for peace and love? Why are you spreading hatred? Why are your fellow Muslim brothers/sisters suggesting Ahmadi's should be prosecuted? Will you then prosecute the Jews, Christians due to difference beliefs? When one claims to be a Muslim, there is no one that can say he/she is not. In fact a person that you think is horrible can be closer to God then oneself, you never know which is why you should refrain from spreading hate and intolerance. No one will ever stop you from preaching, its your right. But that is not what you are doing here, if the Islam you have found is real then you will be able to preach it without degrading or defaming other religions, that is all. Hope you have a good journey and I very sincerely hope that you are able to come out of Ahmadiyyat and be able to express your religious views openly, its only your right. But if you do carry on with this blog, as I believe you may, please do consider showing some respect when you write about our Khalifa, or who we believe to be the Promised Messiah. You may not have love for them, but others do. It's as if one would be attacking a father figure and I'm sure you know how horrible that is to read so please consider it. Thank you

  70. Haleena

    No Muslim wants to persecute any Ahmadi. There is no persecution in Pakistan as such as your crying wolf to make it a basis for asylum abroad and malign Pakistan and Muslims. We don't see you and your religion any worth to even pay attention to it like we have no concern for Bhais or any Atheist if you stop calling your religion as true Islam and yourself better Muslims. Here you creating now hatred and prejudice. I will give you an example of Basmati rice patent issue. India claims it is their patent and US had it in their name. Now India will make attempts to show the world their Basmati is the real one and US is a fake and inferior quality. We are doing same. You tried to rob our Islam and now hurting reverence of our Last and Final Prophet by bringing your own Nabi and trying to tell world you are the real Muslims and your religion is the true Islam. By exposing Mirza who ridiculed all the prophets and even ALLAH, we wish you had said same for him - "consider showing some respect when you write about " Muslims ALLAH and HIS Messengers.
    We will expose this Fake Messiah as he is denying our Prophet's saying or real Essa son of Mary's coming. We will deny his false prophethood as ALLAH has made our Prophet Muhammad as Seal of Prophets. Your Mirza and all of you his misled attempted to break this Seal. We will not let you and we will face you and counter you by staying within Law of the States. You and Your Khalifa were lucky, they were not in an Islamic state like of the real Khalifas of Islam like of AbuBakr Siddiq and Umar bin Khattab. You would have same fate like Musailma Kazab and his followers and then you would have been dispatched to face ALLAH's everlasting Persecution. Have some fear of ALLAH, there no US and UK or Israel will be there to protect you in the name of human rights - of which you are the biggest Violators. You had no respect for Rights of ALLAH's messengers and their followers. I would request all of you to stay in your skins and stop warning all who are disbelievers of fake Messiah for God's wrath and herald curses. ALLAH's wrath and curse was on your hazrat and hudoors. And it is not final. You will see it firsthand after "closing your eyes". Still some grace period "to open them" and repent for believing an Impostor and False Nabi - 1 of 30 foretold by Prophet Muhammad(pbuh).


  71. This disclosure of AMLA document and the letter proves one more time - Ahmadiyya is indeed a CULT - controlling the personal and professional lives of Cult members.

    One of my old acquaintance is a young promising lawyer - and unfortunately - a born Ahmadi - he is so scared of Cult and its "discipline" that every now and then - he has to seek opinion/assurance from Ahmadiyya watchdogs - that he is serving jamat cause well by his professional activities. The poor fellow has admitted to me OUR BELIEFS are total farce and I can't defend them at any forum. He says I pacify my conscience by believing I am protecting Ahmadis for human right violations - which again he could not justify from statistics.

    The only exception was Lahore incident and that was purely a terrorist activity - like on many Sunni - Shia mosques and other government and Armed forces centers. If the case of Ahmadis is taken to even an International Court, they can't prove they are being persecuted in Pakistan. yes, they have been stopped from preaching their Islam as true Islam - this is telling someone - you are fake but don't call me fake. If you will call me fake or even you will stop me from calling you fake - I will cry - Persecution - Persecution.

    Stop this Drama, dear Ahmadis - you and your agenda is well exposed. Have a fear of "ALLAH's persecution" - stop crying Wolf - it will really come and you will have no savior.

    3M ("still" your well-wisher but time is running out - findings tick tock :)

  72. Okay relax, just cause Findings used the term "crying wolf" does not mean you should throw it in anywhere and everywhere. There is no prosecution in Pakistan? Tell me why my uncle was murdered during the Holy month of Ramadhan because preachers said killing a kaafir would help them obtain Jannah? Don't act like you don't know we are killed for our beliefs, if it's true, admit it. Lying is sin also.

    Honestly, I didn't even read all of your post, just skimmed through it and all I can say is keep wishing Allah's wrath on me and my people. It's not like your gonna be able to bring that wrath upon us. Allah is the judge and let it be upto him. I will not wish that for any Muslim from any sect, or any human whatsoever. Anyways that comment was for Findings and I realize now that I should have private messaged her. I was just hoping the approach could be different and a bit more respectful. I really don't care though what anyone says.
    I am a Muslim, I read all 5 prayers on time even if Im at school or work, I recite the Holy Quran with translation everyday, I believe there is NO God but Allah and Mohammad is his Messenger. I believe in the Books of Allah, the Angels of Allah and the Last day. I refrain from hate and focus on prayer. With all of this, can you say I am not a Muslim? You can't. (I know these are not the only things that make a Muslim, just the basics) anyways, God bless.

  73. Haleena - One or two incidents are not called Persecution. This intolerance is every where but this is not in a scale, we call it persecution. these are isolated cases. There are more deaths for resisting robbers in a single day than Ahmadis killed in a year. Ulema of KN were murdered, did we blame Ahmadis murdered them or run a hate campaign. Even an old Ex-Qadiani was killed only last month in Rabwah for conversion and vocal against Jamat. The case was registered but his son who is Advocate and still Ahmadi withdrew it on Jamat's pressure. So Ahmadis are not as innocent and peace loving as they believe.

    I am not wishing ALLAH's wrath on you - that is not our TOOL - this is used by you people to harass your opponents. ALLAH's wrath is and will be on the Fake prophets and off-course its followers also. That is logical and no need to say or object. Even Mirza G early teachings said a new nabi will be a kafir and believing him will be kufr.

    You need to read than skim my posts if you really want to get something out of them.

    All you said you do are rituals and reading Quran and still believing a Prophet? after Quran and several Hadith deny and declare Prophet Muhammad is the only last one - this mean you read Quran also while your heart is sealed by this Cult teachings.

    nothing will benefit you as long you repent from Mirza-parasti - declare him a Kazab Nabi - like Rasool ALLAH said - 30 will come after him - he was mere one of them with all his fake Revelations and false claims - he was none but one like of Musailma Kazab - he and his followers were same like Ahmadis - same Kalama - same prayers - same Quran - but a new Nabi.

    I have no problem with what you believe but I will not let you and AMJ show the world YOURS IS THE TRUE ISLAM and we the real believers digest your false claim. We will prove your religion is fake and your Messiah was a counterfeit and FAKE


  74. Same allegation on Pakistani Muslims for hating and persecuting Ahmadis. And why we refute them or not let them go unchecked? Because they have a sinister agenda to replace our Islam to Mirza's Islam and present themselves to world as enlightened and peaceful Muslims. The objective is if failed to concert them, let NATO forces kill them as Terrorists - that is the ultimate agenda - but the immediate one is to - harm them as much possible for not believing Mirza and declaring them Kafir and stopped them from preaching their Islam in Pakistan and exposing them to the World also. They see real Muslims as the death warrant of their religion. So all is fair in their love and hate war for their survival.

    3M (We will not stop exposing you unless you like Bahis, name yourself only Ahmadis and call your religion Ahmadiyat or any thing else but true Islam. Otherwise, we will keep on exposing your "Truth" and prove it is only a "Falsehood")

  75. Honestly, good luck then. I am not here to argue about all of this (you will say what your saying and I'll keep saying what I'm saying) but I'm okay with disagreeing. I was requesting some sort of respect. Like there is no need to say "Mas" or "Mirza G", even if you wish to speak out against them. Or creating these offensive photoshopped pictures. If not for them, but for others. Basically I just mean that there should be some decency. Anyways that's up to Findings.
    God bless.

  76. @ haleena. Why do you feel this site is spreading hatred. It seems to me that it is more about informing ahmadies about what their leaders are really upto behind close doors. It showing them what the policies are and the way the AMJ conducts itself in private.
    Now many would say it exposes hypocrisies, however if you feel uncomfortable with it then there is no compulsion for you to read it.

    As for persecution in pakistan, the AMJ are milking these opportunities to get into bed with the politicians. This has become Ahmadi propoganda and they are keen to present themselves as victims who are surpressed and oppressed by Mainstream Muslims. It's all become political.

    Surely you can't expect non-Muslims or ghair Ahmadies to show respect to people who they perceive (rightly or wrongly) as insulting to the Holy Prophet saw.

  77. dear findings please remove dean manson solicitors name or any blog containing our name or reference or names of our lawyers directly or indirectly. we will be grateful

  78. Totally agree with Anon 09:25 POV

    We are to defend Islam and Prophet Muhammad's reverence (Namoos e Rasalat).

    We are not here for preaching or conversion campaign.

    We don't hate any Ahmadi for what he/she believes but it is our religious obligation to expose the false claim of their prophet to be a prophet after ALLAH and HIS prophet Muhammad(saw) clearly told - No prophet after Muhammad and Muhammad is last and final Prophet and Messenger of ALLAH.

    If it hurts any Ahmadi, it hurts us more when they do disrespect to ALLAH's verdict and status of our beloved Prophet. It is not the place to quote what Mirza G (G is not out of respect but Ghulam) sacrilegiously said about Prophet Muhammad(saw) and how he attempted to disgrace him and take his position or even claimed to be better than him.

    Presenting all this under the banner of Islam is totally unacceptable and it will be countered at all forums. We still pray despite seeing their stubbornness, arrogance and hatred that ALLAH gives them "Hidaya" like HE gave me.


  79. anon 3M Well if that is how you defend your islam is making a mockery of islam you not doing any good to islam
    As far as your example for basmati rice is concerned
    you have shown your level, of how you take religion

    ALLAH is the only PATENT to religion no human has the right of patenting any religion

    Unfortunately its not your fault you are born with a mafia mentality ,

  80. @ Anon 14th November 2011 18:38..... You brain washed mug!

  81. They want us to believe their Fake Promised Messiah who was born this way - "narrated in his own words";

    “In the third part of Braheen-e-Ahmadiyya(a book that he wrote in the 1880’s), God had named me Mary and as apparent from it, I was nurtured into the qualities of Mary for a couple of years. When a period of two years lapsed then, as stated on page 496 of the 4th volume of Braheen-e-Ahmadiyya, the soul of Jesus was infused in me as it was infused in Mary and, in an allegoric sense, I was stated to be pregnant. Thereafter, after many months not exceeding a period of ten months after this revelation, I was, through a revelation recorded at the end of Braheen-e-Ahmadiyya on page 556, named Jesus and hence I came to be the Son of Mary.”

    (1902 book Kashti Nuh(Noah’s Ark); Roohani Khazain, Volume 19, Page 50; Three In One, Page 109)


  82. Anonymous said...
    anon 3M Well if that is how you defend your islam is making a mockery of islam you not doing any good to islam
    (Have you read the writings of your fake messiah how filthy they are, and how much respect he had shown for ALLAH, Prophet Muhammad & Essa? You will yourself feel shame if you are not biased and will call it real mockery of Islam. When we talk about the fake messiah or corrupt khulfas of him, it is not mockery of Islam- they are not characters of Islam - it is like a corrupt evangelist protesting attack on him and exposing his financial and moral bankruptcy will be considered attack on Christianity. Wake up and come out of this But-parasti(Idol worship) - the Mirza-Parasti)

    As far as your example for basmati rice is concerned
    you have shown your level, of how you take religion
    ALLAH is the only PATENT to religion no human has the right of patenting any religion

    (This was an example to let you understand what is difference between Islam of Muhammad(saw) and counterfeit islam of a false prophet - it was to tell you how Mirza G tried to rob the sanctity of Islam and reverence of Prophet of Islam - I hope you will let your mind THINK by breaking Cult discipline)ALLAH is not shy to give you examples of even mosquito (those Mushriks & Munafiqs had same objection like you)
    Unfortunately its not your fault you are born with a mafia mentality ,
    16 November 2011 22:35

    Only here you are perfectly correct. I like you was born with a mafia mentality and then HE blessed me to be out of this Mirza Dynasty Mafia and gave me freedom from the fraud of TRIPLE C (Chanda Collection Cult) jamaat. My Emaan and my Akhira is saved from this biggest deception on Earth - called - Ahmadiyya Islam - of the most cunning of Kazab Nabis foretold by Rasool ALLAH to come- He was the worst of 30 mentioned by him. ALLAH saved me from ruining my faith, my worldly life and the most important - life hereafter - prepare yourself - for the Grave questions - about Who is your Nabi and there you will be totally confused like you are today - no twisted truth and lame explanations will help you there- you have to chose ONLY ONE NABI - Choice is yours - But no Two Nabis- this hypocrisy will not work.


  83. Ahamdis please take note, I know you don't believe us but when you read your prophet's books and then read The Quran and do your research you will find you are NOT following Islam. 3M is writing some of the scriptures from MGAQ books it's not made up go and cross reference them yourselves. Those days are gone when your cult kept telling you that don't trust those Muslims, it's not those mullahs that are telling you to read your prophets books but ex Ahmadis and also who are stuck within the Ahmadiyyat cult. We are not persecuting you we are merely asking you to please read and do your research and it is up to you. This is not a light matter, why are you afraid to seek knowledge about Ahamadiyyat, please at least open your hearts a little and find the truth.
    I was going to give up asking you as I really though that this is a lost cause, but today I received an e-mail that they have been reading this blog and many things that 3M and others have said does make sense and now is embarking on his own research and this person is waf-e-nau so if he opened his heart a little why can't you. We are merely here to guide you!


  84. Your problem is that you are more interested in other religions than your own beliefs no body wants you to believe anything or any prophet

    Try to defend yourself rather attacking others
    But how could you do that? you have nothing to say in your defence yours ISLAM is self explanatory

    Your language for someone you considered to be a prophet in past is reflective of your faith just because the jummat does not act to your liking because you dont want to pay chanda because you have your own life to live because you want your freedom

  85. Rafiq Hayat - Leave - Why are you disgracing ?

  86. Anonymous 12:49

    May ALLAH bless you for defending Khatme-e-Nabuwat, the reverence of Prophet Muhammad(saw)and ALLAH's command.

    If no logic and no sincere effort to stop them from their attempt to disfigure Islam and present their Kufr as Islam, then the last step is Mubahila from which Mirza G & Mirza Tahir died in misery.

    “In Karachi a JAAHIL (illiterate) has dared to do Mubahila...I am the Head of all the Jamaats worldwide and this is not my job that any Tom, Dick and Harry who challenges for Mubahila,...I HAVE ACCEPTED THIS CHALLENGE OF MUBAHILA ...... I AM SAYING THIS THING OPENLY IN FRONT OF YOU THAT ONLY THIS ONE YEAR THE PERSON WHO IS DOING MUBAHILA WILL BE PROVEN A LIAR.”
    - Mirza Tahir in 1999 U.K. Jalsa Salana speech

    Mirza Tahir suffered an attack of paralysis less than 30 days after accepting the Mubahala.On 20th August, 1999 the news of Mubahala was FIRST TIME printed in Al-Fazl London. On the same day i.e. 20th August, 1999 Mirza Tahir’s tongue failed to deliver the Friday sermon.

    Mirza G had Epidemic Cholera as he had prayed to have if he is a liar against Mubahila with Maulvi Sanaullah.

    This will be the last resort and I will go for that and openly challenge Mirza Masroor for a Mubahila.

    Let ALLAH decide as a last resort when all the logic fails to soften their blackened sealed hearts and their transgression to distort the image of Islam and harm Muslims does not stop.


  87. Watch out for this Ahmadi - Mansoor Ijaz - creating ripples in Pakistan - for "disclosing" in Financial Times - he wrote and delivered a Letter prepared with the consultation of Hussain Haqqani,and expressing views of Zardari to request US to support him to get rid of General Kiyani & ISI head.

    All fine. But why this "agent" had to disclose all this now "for providing this service".

    Mansoor works for AMJ and the rest can be all comprehended how they want to destabilize Pakistan by their negative tactics.

    The following concern year back is proving true. This man to be watched out. Ahmadiyya cult needs to watch out. They (not ordinary Ahmadi) have a nefarious Agenda to harm Pakistan and Muslims to take a revenge for rejecting their false prophet and for declaring them Kafir (as they had 100 years ago declared us).


  88. on Twitter


    Mansoor Ijaz ==>Snake Bites Again #Ahmadiyya #Ahmadi #Cult will leave no chance to harm #Muslims #Pakistan and tarnish the image of #Islam
    4 minutes ago via web


  89. @3M you are certainly a luaghing matter

    Do you really know the meaning of MUBAHILA
    If according to your explanation that is what happened than why is jummat there at all why is it growing every and why do you worry about STOPPING this jummat.
    you have nothing to say other than throwing out venom for your own satisfaction but your helplessness is pretty evident
    on one hand you think you have won MUBAHILA on numerous occasions and on the other you worry and afraid of jummat for disfiguring islam by spreading ahmmadiat

  90. Come on Rafiq Hayat,be brave - Find Findings and do Akhraj Az Jumaat of her and her whole family.You know who she is, but are scared of her.

  91. @Anonymous 20:21

    I least care your "expansion" and this "expansion" may be good to fool Ahmadis to extract more Tehrik-e-Tajdid donations from them but we have no concern about this "expansion". You may again become 20 million like AanJahani Mirza Tahir claimed or 200 million, why 2 Billion Muslims should fear you.

    Our only mission is not let you present AanJahani Mirza G's parody of Islam as Islam and also stop you from ridiculing Muslims and presenting yourselves as better Muslims.These are two causes we have, and we have no hatred or any worry for what you believe. There are 5 Billion non-muslims in the world and you are just a drop in that dark Ocean. So come out of the delusion.

    The best thing about you Ahmadis on the tradition of your founder is - never Retreat - come up with a new "counter-argument" against Truth.

    Go and search your own books to know who was Maulvi Sanaullah and how AanJahani Mirza G accepted his Mubahila and prayed if he is a liar, he may die with either Plague or Epidemic Cholera. If not found, as majority of Ahmadis may not finds as their source of information is only the missionary liars on MTA - they have been fed on your Chanda and their main task is to hide the truth from you and they always distort facts and mix lies with truth so the Triple C (Chanda Collection Cult) jamaat business goes on uninterrupted. If you don't find the Mubahila details about AanJahani Mirza G, then tell me, I will quote you from your books and then go and double check the source for authenticity.

    Foe AanJahani Mirza Tahir, I quoted his Annual Jalsa speech where he accepted the Mubahila. Go and verify the quoted statement and tell me if it is wrong. Also check 20th August, 1999 AlFazal and date of paralyzed attack during friday sermon and how he was rushed to hospital and how miserably he lived and died after this Mubahila.

    Mubahila is just a final resort to stop the Transgressor, otherwise, ALLAH loosens the strings to see how far you can go and how much you can "expand".


  92. This community is on crack! Freaky or what!

    A 'whiteman' well wisher from Skeg.

  93. lol @ the encouragement for rafiq hayat! listen you dodo, how many times, he DOES NOT know who i am! and if he does, why IS HE scared of me? What is there to be scared of, I am just, as Ahmadis tell me daily ' a stupid little girl who doesnt know anything and is angry'. So really, whats holding Raffy boy back? Tell him to come to my house and have it out with me. He can sit down in my front room and we can go through all the documents I have and have a can of coke too! And lol @ 'akhraj' of my family..what have they done??? idiot.

  94. lol@all the losers attacking her points.

    If it's a fact it's a fact. The intent of the blog may be malicious and her character may be weak or bad but that's not that point is it? If there is wrong doing and cheating going on then it should be exposed. Period.

    That said I have to point out that while the Jamaat does all kinds of things that are bad, they never do things like murder people for having different beliefs. Not just once, but often and repeatedly.

    The Jamaat may be corrupt but I have yet to see them encourage their followers to mob up and stone non-Ahmadis. I'm sure Findings will have some sarcastic or angry response to this but as I said above when supporting her- facts are facts. And the fact is: nothing the cult has ever done has been as bad as stuff like this:

  95. Rafiq is desperate to find findings. Findings has exposed him well and proper for all to see.
    Yeah findings, i'm with you on this one.

    Rafiq Hayat is a desperate man if he ever got his dirty hands on you cult girl he would ring your neck on MTA for all to see. Actually he'd get someone else to do his dirty work for him, that's his usual style.


    Mirza Masroor Sahib
    Head of Jamat Ahmadiyya Worldwide

    Janab Mirza Masroor Sahib,

    Further to our challenge to you(which will end on 10th Nov 2011)and your jamat to prove from Quran about your activities to your own members, we muslims like to see your reply in public.

    You and your previous Khalifa sahib both took British Passports by taking OATH on Quran, that you will be faithful to Queen of UK, and same as your members in UK and similarly to other western governments by taking similar oath to their governments.

    Then we see that in legal matters, especially in your time, your administration is forcing people to bring matrimonial matters(specaily) related cases to Dar-ul-Qaza, and this announcements had been made to your members.

    Since then, we see two cases and please explain, what wrong these people did as you punish them and not the culprits.
    1) Mrs Kahloon, seeking finacial help for her and her children, which your Qaza cannot enforce to Mr Kahloon monthly incommings, as the court of country can do.
    2) We see that there was an old case, came to our knowledge, which is Mr Afzaal and his family, and he had stopped the kidnap of his son by taking UK exit order from court, which your Qaza cannot enforce.
    3) Also your jamat expell the son of first Khalifa, but now cannot expell Mr Mirza Fareed.

    Can you explain these three cases, and we do not know, how many others like this are there in your Jamat.

    If you cannot explain yourself, then ask your jamat to post the reply on net on your jamat website main page.

  97. Photos of Mohammedi Begum

    He cannot face truth.

    Challenge to Worldwide Qadanni Sect of Ahmadiyya and Mirza Masroor sahib
    * I will give 10,000 Rs(Pak), if you submit reference from Quran on following matter*
    'Explain from Holy Quran, how you can stop people to go to the court of country. If they do, you punish them and then call it Islam. We all muslims are giving you time(mentioned below) to prove from Quran. If not then, stop calling yourself Muslim, as your activities are insult to QURAN.'

    Defination of Dar-UL-Qaza, from their books, and website,
    ''Department of Justice:

    In order to solve the civil disputes between members of the Jamaat, Hudhoor introduced Darul Qaza (department of justice) in 1925. The judges of this department offer their judgements based on the ordinances of the Holy Quran, sayings and practice of the Apostle of Allah (SAS), and Islamic jurisprudence. As a consequence members do not necessarily have to take their cases before the civilian courts of the country. ''

    Mujid Salam, Pakistan time limit 11.59pm 10th Nov 2011.

    From our FB group, they ran away and are not giving answers. We are in process and have publish this in other medias as well, but no answer yet.

    for more details click the link below

  99. Watch out this Ahmadiyya Cult. They are ruthless in their hate for Muslims and on a special well planned and organized Agenda to harm Pakistan as a REVENGE.


  101. Jamat Ahmadiyya Mirza Masroor might know the Mansoor Ijaz, and thats why he asked for Nafli Roozeh(fast). He did lot of mistakes, now it is time to charge and arresst him. He is keep insulting Holy Quran due to his takbur and this royal family too. He behave like chadaury of village, time is up man, or run, as you people always do

  102. I don't get why everyone has gone off topic? Owner of this Blog, why are you allowing everyone to go off topic? Keep the comments relevant or you will lose direction! I think you are doing an amazing job but comments tie up a post and you are leaving too many loose ends. If they- muslims or these Ahmadis- do not address the topic at hand you should close off comments. Poor Blog Management on your part. Very poor. You could drive this revolution but you are slacking. JUust a few friendly words of advise. Cut comments off.

  103. 20 November 2011 09:09 -- You must be Mirza Masroor chalea.

    This is typical Jamat A maribi style, when they do not have answer due to INSULT OF HOLY QURAN and Ghustaki Rasool(pbuh), they cut off the talk.
    Dear Defeated leader followers, the Comments were relevant and challenge too, Mirza Masroor sahib read Quran first and then make rules --

  104. Dear anon 11:47 you stated that "Chandah is a personal sacrifice of my wealth for something" and implying that its voluntary then why does jamat asks you for your salary and ask you to pay more in accordance with your salary why the fuck do they want to know weather i am student or working

  105. Their voice in US - Fox News - Watch this Mansoor Ijaz - Qadianis' "horse" - in the Game of Chess - they are playing to harm Pakistan and Muslims - for rejecting their Fake Hindi Messiah

  106. please can some one find out who got Tomy Callo out of jail who paid his bail.
    Why has his wife who he beat up got kicked out of the cult

  107. What did tommy, former khuddam president, get arrested for exactly? And when was he released on bail? Give me details- I can find out (not using jamaat contacts but thru people in legal profession). I did this very easily with Naseer khans wife where I have OFFICIAL confirmation she was charged with purgery- give me the details and I can try and find out the info. Inshallah.

  108. Please tell me what court dealt with his bail? And was he ever com't into custody? If so, which prison? Dates? Any idea what the conditions of his bail are?

  109. Nasser Khan was seen kissing tommy kallon on 26:11:11
    So what

  110. Where is Law Society?

  111. RAF is the L society he will find ways to punish an ahmadi firm but will not do anything against adopted son a barrister at law he owes his landlord Zak Hossain, Tony, Anthony, Butt, SRA, Mansoor Khan and many others. Why RAF cannot take action. he pays Jamil Maqbool Ellahi an overstayer £45 per day when other £20 per day. Wholly dishonest he was beaten very badly by ahmadis in germany jalsa and he made PI claim of an accident.